What Will Happen to Personal Property in America?

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Housing costs are skyrocketing everywhere. I hear people talking about a “housing shortage,” but there is so much new construction near me I find it hard to believe. In my community, the amount of development has so far outstripped infrastructure that the people on city water have very low pressure because too many homes have been put into the system. There have been thousands of new housing units built, and not one of the old roads has been enlarged to accommodate new traffic.  

And the new development is stupidly expensive. Large, boxy homes on postage-stamp lots sell for over half a million dollars. This isn’t the middle of a large city. Average apartment rents run about $1700/month. 

It’s absolutely insane.  

A real solution to this problem might be something like forbidding huge investment companies from buying up large amounts of properties and then setting prices. Instead, we have people promoting things like pod living, or trying to make it socially acceptable to live in your parents’ basement.

Is this push to make people live on top of each other just greed? Or is some other ideology at work here? Part of me acknowledges that the suburban trap for ever-bigger houses is silly and wasteful. However, I’ve spent my share of time living in low-income, densely occupied urban areas. I’ve had neighbors that stab each other and set things on fire. The cute little pods full of urban professionals only show one part of the densely-living picture. Imagine just one person in a house like that with a substance abuse problem, and the cute little dream-pod turns into a waking nightmare. 

People need choices. 

America was never envisioned as the land run by huge multinational firms. It was supposed to be the land of opportunity, where if you worked hard and played by the rules, you could keep the fruits of your labor. However, with the consolidation of the housing market into the hands of investment firms and the consolidation of farmland into the hands of people like Bill Gates, choices regarding where we live are exactly what we’re losing.

Many governments have confiscated land throughout history. Beginning in the late 1920s, the Soviet Union forced farms to collectivize. Stalin wanted the USSR to become an industrial superpower and saw the independent peasantry as an obstacle. He believed consolidating independent farms into large, centrally managed agricultural operations would lead to vastly more efficient farming practices and would free up more labor for the new factories, which would launch the Soviet Union technologically ahead of Western countries.

Gulags. Where those who resisted theft were sent.

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Did it work the way the Communist leadership envisioned?

Not exactly. First of all, to forcefully take not only the land but a lifestyle itself required murdering the most capable peasants, the kulaks, those good enough at farming to acquire land and wealth. In his book Archipelago of Hope, Gleb Raygorodetsky gives a heartbreaking account of what happened to his grandfather, a successful farmer, during the period of collectivization. 

This pillar of his community refused to hand over his land and various agricultural enterprises. And so the Soviet soldiers hacked him and his sons to death with bayonets in the middle of town, with their female relatives in the front row, forced to watch.  

This kind of scene played out countless times. And while the Soviets did eventually control all the land, they had killed the most knowledgeable farmers, the ones best at actually producing food. In the end, though estimates vary, at least 7 million people died.

The face of the country dramatically changed

Because city dwellers had priority in receiving food rations, many former peasants flocked to the cities to become factory workers. In Nien Chang’s book Life and Death in Shanghai, the author recounts something similar during the Cultural Revolution. City dwellers received a set amount of food, while country dwellers were expected to subsist on whatever they could scavenge. So, naturally, people gravitated toward the cities.  

If you want to turn a nation of independent farmers into a nation of urban dwellers, utterly dependent on a centralized food-distribution system, confiscating the nation’s food and then selectively distributing it will get the job done.  

But Communist groups were not the first ones to confiscate land.

The Enclosure Acts passed in England in the 1700s had a similar effect on the population. Between 1760 and 1870, about one-sixth of England’s land was transferred from public lands into private hands. In medieval England, while only the nobility technically owned land, the peasants were granted all sorts of usage rights, such as grazing, wood-cutting, and fishing. This led to a population relatively dispersed throughout the country.

However, when landowners realized they could make more money with various business ventures by getting people off the land and into factories (owned by those same landowners, of course), they passed laws to make it happen. A mountain of literature describing the filthy factory towns was produced, including Friedrich Engel’s The Condition of the Working Class, which greatly influenced Karl Marx, the father of Communism.

Communist groups, however, did not want to simply turn the clock back and let people return to doing their own thing in the country. Marx refers to the “idiocy of rural life” in his Communist Manifesto. He was no William Cobbett or Thomas Jefferson – pastoralists who passionately believed in the virtues of lifestyles tied to land and family. No, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels looked at the slums and thought, we need to plan these better. Marx idealized technological progress; he just thought someone other than the European landowning class needed to organize it.

Sound familiar?

Where are we headed with this philosophy?

I can’t recall leaders or politicians expressly stating that they want to empty out the countryside, but the overwhelming trend of governments, and supra-national organizations like the World Economic Forum, is centralized data collection, regulations, and management, which inevitably leads to urban congregation.

Think about the costs of operating a small business. The larger the business, the more easily it can absorb new regulatory costs. For a long time, a variety of small businesses served the needs of rural areas. But increased regulation over the past few decades has made it more difficult for small businesses to stay profitable; they have a hard time competing with places like Wal-Mart.

And many intelligent, capable people who would be otherwise content to run their own businesses are not content to be a cog in someone else’s machine. They leave smaller towns in the hope of more satisfying work in urban areas, and the rural areas become that much poorer. Thus far, in the United States, we have not seen direct action-forcing people into urban areas. But many, many other forces have been condensing people into cities, whether they particularly want to be there or not.  

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And why would powerful classes want the plebs smashed together in cities, anyway? Why does it matter?  

Well, during the original Industrial Revolution, it was simply part of the “March of Progress,” the path to industrialization. Which really has lengthened the average life span and given most of us in industrialized nations relatively safe, comfortable lives. Most, not all, but most of my relatives were more than happy to trade physically difficult and intellectually uneventful rural life for the comfort and convenience of modern suburban life. Technological advancements and specialization led to that, and if a small percentage of European families got super-rich from industrialization, they dragged a large portion of their country’s population upwards as well.

During various Communist revolutions, people were forced to move to urban areas, and this social movement was enforced by a chunk of the population that really believed in the Communist ideal of a workers’ paradise. The Soviets promoted urban communal living as morally superior to the materialistic American system.

With the huge displaced rural population, they attempted to re-create the village atmosphere in buildings like the Narkomfin building, built in the 1920s and still standing today. Residents had a little personal cell for their own use, and then communal kitchens, laundries, and common areas. It’s not too different from the pod living currently promoted in the U.S.

I grew up in the Captain Planet years.

The generation propagandized as children about evil polluters is the population now being sold on eating bugs and living in pods for the sake of climate change. We’re not being sold so much on a workers’ paradise these days – we’re being sold on cramming together for the sake of the planet.

The original pod living – the gulag.

If it feels like we’re constantly being manipulated, it’s because we are. This happens in myriad ways. But the push to cram the general population together in cities has been a big one, a trend that has been ongoing for a long time. Whether it’s a voraciously greedy landowning class, Communist planners, or the World Economic Forum is beside the point. The urge to dominate and control has always been part of human nature. 

Modern technology just makes us better at it. And the latest round of forced urbanization is particularly troubling because of the Smart Cities Initiative that has been around since the Obama years. The Smart Cities trend sounds nice in a speech, but in reality, amounts to vast amounts of data collection.

For example, highway authorities collect massive amounts of traffic data in hopes of directing people to less crowded routes. And yes, this is extremely convenient. Now, highway departments only look at vehicles, but people carry their phones in vehicles, and that data is available too. And what happens when someone wants to buy that data? For example, when the CDC bought data from the phone companies to see if people were complying with Covid lockdowns?

Data collection can make our lives convenient, but that convenience comes at a cost

The lockdowns in 2020 proved traumatic for children and ineffective in preventing disease spread, but depending on where you lived, you could ignore them to varying degrees. In a smart city, you will not be able to ignore stupid, damaging mandates. You will be forced to comply.

Compliance is the real end game here. Yes, people have been migrating to cities for centuries, and arbitrary rules have always existed. But the black markets and side gigs that go unnoticed have always been in places like New York and Chicago too. In Life and Death in Shanghai, the author talks about the “back door” system that was really the only way to get anything done.   

They will leave you with no escape.

In a world of digital identification, vaccine passports, skills passports, centralized digital currency, facial recognition technology, and social credit scores, there will be no more side hustles, no more back doors. With every Industrial Revolution comes another increase in material wealth for certain people, but also an increase in centralized control. Klaus Schwab openly talks about ushering in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. As endless as the possibilities for increased riches are, so are the possibilities for increased coercion.

Situational awareness is vital to prepping. We need to look around us and see our leaders for what they are. Personally, I think this newest Industrial Revolution will only benefit a small amount of already very wealthy people. The current system is trying to push us closer together and strip us of all notions of privacy, freedom, and choice.

We need to opt-out of this system in whatever way we can. Those of us lucky enough to get land while it was relatively cheap need to make it as productive as possible. City dwellers have ways to opt-out, too. Whether it’s homeschooling your kids or even just choosing to fix your own stuff and cook from scratch.  

The above-mentioned methods of control, such as digital IDs and centralized digital currencies, are coming, and they’re coming fast. Find your supportive circles of like-minded friends, and opt-out as much as you can while you can.

What are your thoughts?

Do you expect a push to end personal property in America? If so, how do you think we can protect ourselves and all that we’ve worked for? Share your thoughts in the comments.

About Marie Hawthorne

A lover of novels and cultivator of superb apple pie recipes, Marie spends her free time writing about the world around her.

Marie Hawthorne

Marie Hawthorne

A lover of novels and cultivator of superb apple pie recipes, Marie spends her free time writing about the world around her.

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  • We will lose our property through higher taxes and levys and will be forced to give up because we will not be able to pay. there are corporations now buying up whole neighborhoods then renting them out. Pretty soon there will be nothing to buy….we will all be renters and the government the landlord.

    • I”m seeing that here in rural Texas. It appears the powers to be are bussing in illegals and libtards, building low income housing, and quadrupling property taxes.

    • Yep! I keep telling people that and I get the same response every single time, ” THAT will never happen in California! Prop 13!!”
      Um, ok.

  • One option might be to liquidate assets, pack up, and go somewhere else. I’ve bought 150 acres in the hills of Colombia, 20 minutes from the nearest town. I plan to create a community of homesteaders (preppers) that is food, water, and energy sustainable.
    Or, people can sit and wait for the inevitable.

    • I believe you are correct. The US is looking more and more like the very totalitarian state that it claims it fought against in the revolutionary war.

      • But in TEXAS? Ahhhhh tornado country, maybe some hurricanes in there, high winds too. Lots of people coming over the border into Texas. Flat hand, cactus and more. My daddy was from Corpus Cristi and he moved out years ago…I lived in Del Rio for awhile. I’ve been to Austin and up to Ft. Hood also (son in law in the Army). I know about Texas. Good luck. I would be going to where I would find NONE of these things like into the mountains where is is relatively safer.

      • Contact me. working in a group is always the better way to go. Colombia is a good place. My land is a watershed, the water starts there, doesn’t come from somewhere else. It rains just about every day, for an hour or two, in the afternoons. The area is temperate, heating and cooling not needed.

        • I agree with John. I’ve been to Columbia and although it’s beautiful, if the cartels don’t kill you when SHTF then the locals would take anything from an outsider to save their family.

    • Interesting idea, but you have clearly not spent much time in Latin America, so let me fill you in on some things as a former expat.

      Colombia is rightly known as a 3rd world country. Lots of crime, completely corrupt government, corrupt judicial system, nightmare prison system, mediocre health care, food shortages, COVID regime nonsense, you name it. Oh, and as a gringo living in the mountains of Columbia, you will forever be an OUTSIDER IN A COUNTRY THAT IS NOT YOURS. You will forever be the outsider struggling to understand what the hell is going on. You will be gringo outsiders to all the locals, to all elected officials, courts, governments, and everyone around you. You better hope the local government leaves you alone, but that’s not a given. Representation in your local government? LOL

      Oh and you can kiss your “rights” goodbye at the whim of some corrupt 3rd World politician. Bill of Rights? Yeah right. Freedom of speech? Not if you piss off the wrong corrupt politician. Fair trial? Complete joke in Latin America. Property rights? Not if a giant farming company suddenly wants your land and bribes the right politician.

      About the only thing going for it is cheap food — usually. But having spent time in this area, we now see food shortages, riots in the street, and a totally corrupt government.

      If you think leaving the US to reside in a corrupt third world country is a good idea, you need a reality check. Stay in the US, network with like minded people, become self-sufficient and stop complying with tyranny.

      • I didn’t see your comment before. At this point, I would refute everything you’ve said. I’ve been here almost 15 years. It’s not perfect, where is? But there are work arounds. As a gringo, you are viewed as a cash cow. If you have a trusted ‘Front Person’, everything is possible. Things are much calmer here, without the division and tension in the US. There are cities in the US that are far more dangerous than Colombia. By the way, Colombia has the lowest cost of living in the Western Hemisphere, with good infrastructure and availability.

  • The WEF, WHO, Bilderberg Group, Club of Rome et al are the same people; the elite; the soul less. The US Government is the enemy of the people for they are one and the same of the groups above. We are dispensable pawns in this “reset”.
    I am particularly perturbed with those who prefer selective ignorance of the Reset and they are nearly as guilty as the elites themselves for they pretend to sleep with the lions at their door. Ignorance is bliss they think.
    Cities are not a place I would want to be as the full takeover begins for the “sleepers” will be knocking down your door to take your food.
    Daisy I commend you on your articles and deep search for the truth. We need more brave souls like you.

    • The really best thing to do is pray : “2 Chronicles 7:14” read it, its for believing Christian’s to repent, and turn America around. To prove this its been in the past history in the world, where countries DID this and God spared them. Another thing is people have not read the Bible, and are wondering whats going on these days., we are at the last of this age of grace and Jesus is coming very soon, our times was already told to us in the Bible read :2 Thess 2:11,12/ and 2 Tim 3:13 this time has already been fore warned.If you don’t know Jesus as your lord, ask him tonight into your life !

    • “The WEF, WHO, Bilderberg Group, Club of Rome et al are the same people”—Marxist communists. Klaus Schwab gives it away by having a bust of one of his heroes in his office, namely Lenin.

  • There is one thing that is overlooked in all of this. That no matter who the “planners” were their plans ultimately failed. Whether they were from the Founding Fathers to the Communists or the Industrialists of the last century. The current plans will fail also, it is the nature of such plans to fail.

    The coming failure will be catastrophic, because it was a Global plan and not a National one. As the expansiveness of a plan is greater it becomes more likely doomed to failure. To many things must interact, “just so”, in order for it to work, other wise it all comes crashing down. This is bad for them, but some what good for the rest of us.
    So do not let these plans of the Globalist’s and such groups dismay you. They and their plans are doomed from the beginning. Because they do not understand the nature of mankind or that of God. In the end it is only His plan that will work. As He is the only one who knows everything and can account for everything that would derail His plan. We often do not understand His plan or what he allows to occur, but in the end, it all serves His plan.

    • We’ll said Mic! As I read/hear the plans of the global elitists, fear would invade my mind. I would look for solutions, but as you said “this is global and not a national issue”, so there isn’t anywhere else to go. So often now you see people figuring out what the globalists are doing for their evil plans, but no solutions offered. What you said really showed me that fear is not from God and that He is in control, even if it doesn’t seem like it. I must remind myself of that and constantly pray for God’s intervention and for Him to shine the light on the evil that is being perpetrated.

    • Yes, their plans are doomed to fail, just as the plans of conquerors and dictators have always inevitably failed. Someone once told me that if you want to hear God laugh, just tell him your plans. Or if you want to put it in a military context; “No plan survives first contact with the enemy.” All situations are fluid and all plans tend to be rigid – which eventually causes the failures, as the plans cannot adapt quickly enough to changing events.

      Unfortunately it doesn’t matter whether their plans fail or succeed to the millions or even tens of millions of people that wind up dead on the way to the failure? Given that this push seems to be global in scope will the numbers be hundreds of millions, or even a billion? How many lives will be destroyed? We, as preppers, tend to talk about the “big picture” when it comes to world events – how their plans will fail. How God and the human spirit always triumph in the end – as they seem to have done throughout history. But on this road to triumph, how many of us will have to watch our lives, or our children’s lives or even our grandchildren’s lives destroyed? How many friends and family will we have to watch starve, or be killed by the powers that be? How bleak will the future become before the turning point? And how long will it take? I’m pretty sure that I won’t be around to see it.

      Succeed or fail. The plans of the WEF and other associated groups will cause a remaking of our society and our social systems into something other than it is right now – something that we will likely not even recognize (if we’re still around to see it)

      • LC: So true — the trail of their endeavors against God and the human spirit will be a river of blood. Family, friends, even ourselves. But it’s worth it. He who endures to the end will be saved. We will fight against those powers and wrestle with the principalities, because our quest is right and noble.

  • When people forget God and try to do things their own way, they lose the spirit of liberty that God naturally brings and they become vulnerable to the agenda of those that would enslave them. God gives them over to that agenda and it ultimately destroys them.

  • What are ways to connect with ‘like minded’ people? I know lots of folks who want to leave the cities, and we are in the process of selling our home in the San Francisco Bay Area. I cannot wait time leave this place (we’ve only been in California for 6 years, and are looking to move back to rural Washington State). Yes, I know, Washington is restrictive politically speaking, but when I first visited WA as a native Texan in 1997, I fell in love with Washington.

    We’ve been trying to buy a home on acreage, and as of yesterday, June 5, 2022, have now been out bid / lost out on the 3rd $1M plus property we’ve tried to buy. I’d build a new home, but the lengthy permitting process, construction labor shortage & building material shortages make that not possible on the near future.

    I’d look elsewhere, but severe drought is a serious concern, and I have zero tolerance for anyplace with lengthy spans of hot, humid weather.

    Any Resource Suggestions are appreciated.

    • Stephen,
      Sorry to hear about getting out bidded.

      I look at this map as a guide as to where to consider for drought: https://droughtmonitor.unl.edu/
      No area is immune to drought, but some are less prone than others.
      And some have some hard winters.
      There always is a trade off.

    • Hi Stephen, I’m a fifth generation Washingtonian that lives in Eastern Washington . I would strongly suggest looking at Walla Walla, Washington (major wine country that meets the national forest area.) Also, the Tricities (Richland, Kennewick, and Pasco) might be an option for you. The Yakima Valley, and the Columbia Basin are some of the most productive agriculture land in the world (fruit and grain). For instance a regular wheat farmer in the rest of the world might see 80 bushels of wheat an acre on a good year. The Palouse area sees 130 bushels of wheat an acre if the farmer keeps on top of their crop rotation. The Columbia Basin also has the worlds cheapest electricity because of all of hydroelectric dams on the Columbia river. This is why Amazon, Google, etc have all of their server farms located here. Water is an issue, but the irrigation system in eastern wash is extensive.
      Here’s the thing with the politics…..There is a stark contrast between the west side of the Cascade mountains (Seattle/Tacoma) and the east side of the Cascade mountains (eastern washington). They are really two different states. If I were to drive my Toyota 4×4 with its Iraq and Afghanistan bumper stickers in Seattle, I would minimally get my truck trashed and vandalized. I would probably have a small group of black sweatshirt wearing antifa stormtroopers waiting for me at my truck. In contrast eastern Washington, people honk and give me a thumbs up for my bumper stickers (I spent 3yrs in Afghanistan and 2yrs in Iraq working for the DOD) Eastern Washingtonians are generally self sufficient, help their neighbors, are more interested in the character of someone’s heart and the fruit of their labor than competing with the Jones’. And as for the 2nd amendment, everyone has a concealed permit in eastern Washingtion. (Maybe I should more accurately say, “We have a very high percentage of citizens that carry a firearm.)
      I will leave you with this, most eastern Washingtonians view prepping as “common sense living” and a way of life not something only “tin foil hat” people do.
      If you would like more info, reach out to me through this posting.
      We can arrange to talk on phone.
      K. (DOE…Nuclear Safety Officer)

  • The title say “Personal Property” but then talks about land, roads and cities. Land and buildings are “Real Property”, that’s why its call “Real Estate”. “Personal Property” is things you own other than land and buildings. Things like your clothes, furniture, linens, cooking utensils, electronics, automobiles, pets, etc. You should change the title.

  • Dear Daisy,
    I believe that it will start with the larger companies being slowly “absorbed” by some sort of State-owned Corporations. They will obscure the current property laws with a mist of grey areas and double/triple interpretations. This will be a process engineered to last by decades, so is our children we have to educate on this.
    Be aware.

  • Seems the idea of getting people into big cities backfired during COVID.
    Read more than a few articles of people from the big cities, high tailing it to their “summer” homes in the Hamptons. Guess what else they brought with them: COVID. Yep, one woman from NYC, showed up at the hospital in the Hamptons, and demanded they treat her. Things between the entitled elites and the townies were always a bit tense. Dang near escalated to torches and pitchforks.

    Also saw people buying up property, site unseen (unless it was on the internet) thousands to tens of thousands over asking price out in rural areas.

    Just recently the IRS put out a memo, that NY state lost $19bn in taxes, as those with the means, high incomes, left the state (mostly in and around NYC). Crime, high cost of living and taxes were the top reasons they were leaving. I really had high hopes with the election of Eric Adams as the NYC mayor, being a former and well experienced LEO to address crime. So far, does not look that way. Sad.

    I think it will be interesting to see how the WEF gets all those sub-burbanites to give up their 2,400sqft (national average) McMansions, on postage stamp lots for a family of three (yes, 3), to a smaller carbon footprint, eco-friendly pods. I lived in the sub-burbs a few times. Those people in the burbs were down right hostile, and territorial. Afghanistan was friendly in comparison.

    The 2020 Summer of Love, fiery yet mostly peaceful protests in some cities only reinforced many people’s convictions to leave. With the work from home paradigm that seems to have staying power (read more than a few workers have told their employers to pound sand over return to the office mandates or leave for other companies that maintain the work from home paradigm), this only allows people to continue to work, from a home that has a real backyard.

    • The only problem with the work from home movement is that those people that work from home don’t produce anything tangible. They can design and do accounting, etc. etc. But it takes real people, with real skills, doing real jobs to produce anything – and we seem to be getting shorter and shorter on those people. Engineers can sit at home and design all the roads, or bridges, or factories they like – without skilled labor doing the actual work, nothing gets produced.

      One day all these entitled, pie-in-the-sky people are going to have to recognize this truth. Supermarkets don’t “produce” the food – farmers do. Daytraders might invest in gold – but they don’t mine it. Engineers can design it – but they don’t build it.

      • The Lone Canadian,
        While true, in the short/near term work from home is where it is at. I know a few companies have really embraced it as it lowers their overhead for office space in high rent places like NYC considerably.

        However, read an article recently about increase orders for robots to replace not only blue collar workers, but white collar workers too.

        • And with AI (Personally, there is no Artificial Intelligence, only living beings have intelligence. There is only IP, Improved Programminng.) the white-collar jobs may the first to go.

  • Buy Gold and Silver NOW! While governments issue currency, precious metals are truly the only “money” that the world has ever known. They are untraceable and will be the saving grace for many people when the governments change their currency to the Central Bank’s digital currency.

    • Yes! Buy local and pay cash and your purchase is completely anonymous. Go to your local coin shop, coin club or nearby coin show to buy your gold and silver. Pay cash (required at coin club auctions and coin shows) and nobody knows you have it.

  • The basic idea seems to be that a wealthy few will own everything and everyplace, and those outside these small elite groups will be little more than slaves.

    Technology will make it impossible to be free and private in anything but name.

    We will all exist in a world created by someone else, with malevolent intentions.

    Refusal to comply will mean certain imprisonment or death at the worst, ostracization and denial of whatever small life pleasures exist at the least.

    Sounds like a disaster, and an epic challenge.

    I can’t wait.

    • I don’t even think we’ll be private in name anymore. Getting “off” the web and becoming untraceable is nearly impossible if you own anything of value (except maybe gold/silver), because our things have to be registered .
      Still, I agree — the challenge will be epic to survive the malevolent PTBs and their insidious plans. I cannot wait either. Come what may. 😉

  • You will own NOTHING, you’ll be happy–or we’ll load you onto a boxcar, never to be seen or heard from again…

    • I do wish I could be a fly on the wall to watch and laugh when the 18-35 year old woke generation is forced into gulag camps, government controlled apartments, forced labor and their lives will make 1950’s eastern Europe and the former USSR look like a paradise. They look down on us old folks as ignorant, uninformed fools but we were smart enough to build, create and enjoy America, its freedoms and joy when it was at its apex. They have decided to destroy what we built and trade Capitalism for socialism/communism and I pray their lives will be nothing misery, sorrow, pain and suffering which they so rightfully deserve as I will be long gone.

      • I honestly don’t know any 18 to 35 year olds who think all old folks are benighted ignorant fools.

        Just kids, sure they think they know everything but thats the human condition. By the time they are 50 they will begin to realize just how little they will ever know.

        As far as the generations that built America, even the youngest can claim that title, it’s still being built. It might not be what WE want to see being built, we might even hate it. But if you are close to my age, you have to have realized we will soon be worm food. If the next generations can’t make it work, that’s on us. Sure sure, you raised your kids right, and I’m sure you were the hardest working, pluckiest, flag waving freedom fighter to ever stand tall in the sunshine of these fields of waving amber grain.

        Doesn’t matter. We can’t control the future. And if we had the power to truly influence the future, well, we would be THEM. The elites we hate for their arrogance and power.

        The articles here make the future sound like a hellscape, and I’m not saying thays wrong.

        I just think things happen in cycles, and if hard times make hard people then a few generations from now maybe the US (in whatever configuration it exists) will be full of some hard, hard folks.

        WE are the soft people made soft by easy living.

        Or he’ll, maybe that’s just me.

        • Misreading the River,
          Looking around society, we have become so soft, not knowing real hardship, we can become ridiculous to the point of having emotional melt downs over the use or misuse of pronouns.
          And that is not limited to any age group.

          I am old enough to remember when we used to say,
          “Sticks and stones can break my bones, but names will never hurt me!”
          Now, some professor says or points out a fact in debate on a college campus, and students and other professors demand that professor to be fired. Some will even go so far to claim what the professor said equates to violence.

          Looking at the reports of expected reduced crop yields, skyrocketing inflation, namely food and fuel, we just might experience real hardship where the bigger concern will be what is to eat than pronoun usage.
          Especially if and when real violence occurs at the grocery store.

          • First, thank you for your service to this great country, and providing the freedom we enjoy today.
            We have the same mindset about how things used to be when we were growing up, and realize how most of that is being destroyed daily.

    • Leonard,
      Are you the kind to go gently into the night . . . and be happy?

      Or the kind to rage against the dying of the light?

      Just a question.

  • This article is spot on. Stalin’s Holodomor in the 1930s Ukraine nearly did Russia in. Where I live in a small city in Montana, I see history being repeated. The city council loves stack-and-pack housing. Large yards are discouraged by allowing owners to build a small apartment on the property to alleviate the housing crisis. West coasters are moving here with pockets full of money to pay $25,000 to $50,000 over the already high asking price. Apartment buildings are going up as fast as they can be built with rents no locals can afford.

    What no one seems to care about is water. There is a sizable aquifer under the city, but for how long? We are in a moderate drought with water usage increasing due to population growth.

    Homelessness is becoming a big problem. Homeless encampments are growing. City infrastructure, like roads and water treatment, are neglected. The city would love to see cars gone and everyone on bikes or city busses. And the city is well onboard with Agenda 2030. I see the city self-destructing because they are following the path of Seattle, San Francisco, and Portland. Liberal Communists never seem to learn…

    • Jeff M,
      Your situation in a small town in MT is not the first I have heard.
      Brandon Smith of Alt-Market noted the same about his city council. Him and some of the other non-West Coast transplants are/were running for council to get their city back on track.

      However, if I lived in town, city of any kind, I would be riding a bike, but that has more to do with prices at the pump than anything else.

  • WHO will they send to take your property?? the police and military..INSTEAD OF BEING COWARDS,remember these devils KILL CHILDREN,,get your neighbors together and AMBUSH THEM,the minute they come into your area..OR JUST LAY DOWN AND DIE LIKE COWARDS…just remember the LORD hates cowards,YOU won’t be getting into heaven…NO COWARDS ALLOWED..go read your BIBLE,the LORD hates cowards…

  • The fact that communist countries depend on capitalist countries to exist and thrive (in their lies) should tell you what leeches this philosophy has become – a virus and blight on mankind.

    If they succeed in destroying America and the West they’ll take the whole world with it. Whether they know this or not I don’t know but someone with a lot of hate, envy, and COVETS does not have any sense left.

  • Honestly for us poor people it doesn’t matter because poor people don’t own anything anyway. So it makes no difference to us if they come take land from the rich. I used to own a home. But due to health problems I ended up on disability and couldn’t afford to keep it. Now with rent so high I cabt even afford to have my own apartment anymore an I live with my son. After working for almost 40 years this is how I ended up. WITH NOTHING!

    • Richard,

      I’m sorry to read of your troubles. Truly I am.

      “So it makes no difference to us if they come take land from the rich. I used to own a home. But due to health problems I ended up on disability and couldn’t afford to keep it.”

      I keep a close watch on comments across the net for certain phrases in article bodies and participating comments. Your statement above, while unique to you, is coming up more often. And surprisingly more on prepping boards.

      Your statement is scary, particularly to me, because it’s emotional. And Bolsheviks need emotions high to gin up class envy/warfare. “The rich” who is that? Bill gates?.. Me?

      I’m sorry you’re going through tough times. But, please, retaliatory measures of “taking from the rich” through land confiscation won’t improve your or anyone else’s financial position.

  • Distinguish between the horrifying PLANS of the not-so-elites, and what is actually happening. Tens of millions of us know what is going on and refuse to comply.

    • LadyLifeGrows,
      I like your spirit and grit!
      While I agree, there are a whole lot of us who look at this whole, “You will own nothing, and be happy,” in abject horror, we also have a whole lot who think this is a good idea and would embrace it gladly.

      Just read an article about young immigrants coming from social authoritarian countries like Venezuela, Cuba, Hong Kong and North Korea, going to US high schools to warn of the dangers of social authoritarianism.
      I am sure they will be shouted down as hate speech or something.

  • You do not own your property even now. Check your deed. It will say “Tenant”. All land in the USA was used as collateral for the money that the Federal Reserve lends back to us. The Fed, is of course, really the Bank of England.

  • Saw on Monkey Werx’s channel last night that Deagel has adjusted their world population forecast by country.

    Good news!

    China and the USA aren’t going to lose 50+% of their population each! Bad news, USA,UK,Ireland and a few others will lose a predicted ~60+% of their population as of this years numbers by 2025. China will have a nominal % change of ~.05% as well the same as Russia.

    So maybe they’ll take possession of property with nobody around to pay the taxes?

    • Some say China will be the ones around to pay the taxes. They are running out of resources and need America’s natural resources for their massive population. This won’t be the USA anymore. It will be China-2.
      It is sad/heartbreaking/unnerving/unthinkable that they [the PTBs who create the Deagle report] have the [de-]population plans for America. I wonder how they’re going to accomplish such a feat of getting rid of nearly 2/3 of us.

      • “I wonder how they’re going to accomplish such a feat of getting rid of nearly 2/3 of us.”

        Complacency, lack of prepping, ignorance of monetary mechanics, lethargic attitudes, lack of intestinal fortitude.

        There’s an old saying amongst Alaskan guides: “ Alaska don’t need bears to kill people. People do an excellent job of killing themselves by way of stupidity.”

        Same thing goes with the above quote from your post.

    • Quote
      “they’ll take possession of property with nobody around to pay the taxes?”
      (exactly) burn california & other states, land not livable ( now “they” have it.you own nothing, no house, no vehicle maybe, no where to work.)

  • housing shortage; no kidding “how do you shelter over a MILLION ILLEGALS. you give them a house.plus the LEGAL families from Europe give them a house.

  • my 2 cents, burned out ,no where to live,job might be gone,total loss on income ,bank takes property,insurance wont pay ,fire was arson. not covered or flooded property didn’t have flood ins. you loose it all..govt comes in takes it because its useless land. no water lines, wells would be contaminated , no power lines.roads all destroyed, easy way to TAKE WHAT you did own.

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