GREAT NEWS! The New COVID Booster Is Here! Hello? HELLO????

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The Empire State Building in New York City was just lit up in blue and cyan, reminding Americans to get our updated Covid booster!


On Sept. 12, President Biden announced that the FDA and CDC have authorized, approved, and recommended the updated Covid booster for everyone 6 months and older.

We mentioned a few weeks ago that the White House planned to roll out a new vaccine for the fall, and it looks like they’re right on track.  This latest booster is supposed to protect against the XBB variants of Omicron.

How do the CDC classifications work?

The CDC has classified the XBB variants as Variants Being Monitored (VBM) at the current time. The most worrisome strains are variants of high consequence (VOHC), then Variants of Concern (VOC), Variants of Interest (VOI), and at the bottom, VBM.

So what does this mean? 

It means even the CDC admits the variants currently making the rounds aren’t particularly dangerous.  In fact, NBC news recently ran an article saying doctors are increasingly having difficulty distinguishing the new variants from a common cold.

But this didn’t stop former Covid czar, Dr. Ashish Jha, from going on The Today Show last week to promote the newest shot.  He compares getting an annual Covid shot to getting an annual flu shot, explaining that since the viruses causing respiratory illness mutate so quickly, they need to produce updated vaccines corresponding to the circulating variant every year.  In fact, he recommends getting your Covid shot along with your annual flu shot.

But should you really?

Now, I’m not a doctor.  Of course, I’m not qualified to argue with Dr. Jha.  But Dr. Vinay Prasad is a hematologist-oncologist and professor in the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics at the University of California San Francisco, and so I would hope his opinion carries some weight.  If you want to watch an informed, entertaining takedown of Dr. Jha’s booster promotion, I strongly recommend Dr. Prasad’s 20-minute video here.


Dr. Prasad focuses on a few key points.  One is that none of Dr. Jha’s statements have any real evidence behind them.  He has no real data to back up his assertion that this round of Covid boosters will work any better than the ones in the past.  Another point of contention is that there are some key differences between the flu shots and Covid shots.  Flu vaccines have never had the catastrophic side effects associated with Covid vaccines.

Why is the US the only country recommending Covid shots for kids?

And Dr. Prasad actually begins his video with a point I’d like to discuss further, which is that the U.S. is the only country pushing these shots on children.  He notes that Germany, Sweden, Denmark, the United Kingdom, and Australia have all restricted the Covid shots to people above the age of 50 unless they have other health issues.

Worldwide, most other countries, as well as the World Health Organization, do not recommend Covid shots to most people under 18.

When Florida’s surgeon general Dr. Joseph Ladapo bucked the CDC’s guidelines and said that healthy people under 65 didn’t really need to worry about Covid anymore, he was excoriated in the press.  But, if you look at other physicians around the world, Dr. Ladapo is not the outlier.  He’s the normal one.

In the United Kingdom, Covid shots are only recommended for people under the age of 65 if they have underlying health conditions of if they are health care workers.

Which is more dangerous, COVID or the vaccine to prevent it?

Now, once again, I’m no medical expert, so I can’t really comment on whether the British or the Americans are more correct.  But Dr. John Campbell is a Senior Lecturer in nursing studies at the University of Cumbria.  He has also been a clinical nurse and nurse tutor for over 30 years.  His instructional books and videos have been used all over the world for decades and so, like Dr. Prasad, I would hope that his opinion carries some weight.

Dr. John Campbell uses Pfizer’s official data to show that the harms from the vaccines are much greater than the hospitalizations that might be prevented.


For example, in the video, he says that for every million doses administered to the 12 to 17 age group, they prevent an estimated 19 to 95 Covid-related hospitalizations.  However, according to Pfizer’s own trial data, those million doses will cause over 1000 adverse reactions.  Administering this to children is just indefensible.

As Dr. Prasad muses, perhaps we are pushing this harder in the U.S. because Pfizer and Moderna are American companies, and the American government is footing the bill.  It doesn’t really matter here if the shots go in our arms or down the drains because Big Pharma will get paid either way.

But Americans are paying attention.

YouTube has made it easy to listen to doctors from around the world.  (For now, anyway.) Social media has made it easy to watch what other countries have done.  We all saw how Sweden never locked down and didn’t really suffer.  We saw how Floridians didn’t all die from Covid.

And now we can watch other countries quietly restrict the use of the newest shots to their oldest and sickest members and draw our own conclusions.

Despite the best efforts of share-owning politicians, Moderna’s stock plunged after the Pfizer CFO David Denton announced his company projects only 24% of eligible Americans will receive fall booster. And even this low number may be overly optimistic.  Last fall, less than 20% of eligible people received the bivalent booster.

There will be consequences for defiance.

However, this widespread tuning out of establishment voices is bound to have consequences, and a startling one this week was the demonetization of anti-establishment provocateur Russell Brand’s YouTube channel.

Now, we know all about demonetization here at the OP, but Russell Brand’s situation is different.  No one is accusing him of content violations. YouTube demonetized him because of their “creator responsibility policy”, which refers to any offline behavior. Including, apparently, accusations of offline behavior that so far have not been proven. 

I don’t know what actually happened between Russell Brand and those young women. I do know that, in free countries, we’re supposed to assume people are innocent until proven guilty.  Brand is effectively getting sentenced before the trial.

Russell Brand has a lot of defenders right now. While YouTube, publishers, concert venues, and legacy media outlets may have already decided he is guilty, I think the general public is willing to withhold judgment.  Average citizens are starting to recognize that establishment figures are constantly trying to fill our heads with some combination of fear-mongering and bullshit.  They’re starting to make up their own minds.

Here’s a recent experience I had.

I’d like to prove my point by sharing my recent experience at the pediatrician’s office.  Now, I don’t see some enlightened private-practice physician that lets me do whatever I want.  I go to the same kind of big hospital-affiliated practice most other people probably go to.  The kind that, until three years ago, wouldn’t treat patients who deviated from the recommended vaccine schedule.

But in 2021 something funny happened.  I’ve been long known for having notoriously healthy kids.  We’re the family that shows up once a year for sports physicals, and that’s it.  When my pediatrician asked how we were doing in the fall of 2021, I told her that we’d tested positive for Covid over the summer (before any of us, including myself, were even eligible for shots) but hadn’t gotten sick.  She laughed and said that somehow, with my kids, that didn’t surprise her at all.

In 2022, my kids were eligible for the shots, and I was prepared to start arguing if the pediatrician suggested them.  However, not only did the pediatrician not mention them, but the whole doctors’ office had also taken down their comprehensive lists of recommended vaccines.  They just had posters with a few shots mentioned and then a suggestion to refer to the CDC’s website for the full list of recommended vaccines.  They seemed determined to pretend that Covid vaccines for children just didn’t exist.

With the updated booster this year, I wondered what I’d find.  Instead, not only did the pediatrician continue to avoid the subject of Covid vaccines, she didn’t give me the usual speech about other vaccines, either.  She just seemed content that my children, as usual, showed up healthy and well-adjusted.  As a pediatrician should.

There are all sorts of reasons this agenda is being pushed.

There are obviously a variety of reasons behind this latest Covid push.  We’ve already discussed potential lockdowns as we head into the next election cycle.  There are also financial interests and the general interest of politicians and media to keep the public afraid and easier to control.  There may be other reasons, too. I can’t pretend to have an exhaustive list, or great insight into the balance of various powers.  

All I know is that we’re engaged in an obvious struggle.  One side is willing to make up bogus scientific claims and overturn hundreds of years of legal practice to exert control; the other just wants some measure of autonomy over itself.  

But I find it extremely encouraging that seemingly wider groups of people are not buying into the fear-mongering.  Whether it’s genuine concern for the well-being of children or a love of pure scientific truths, more people are simply not complying, and that’s exactly what we need.  

What are your thoughts?

First, let us be clear. We want you to make your own decisions. If you choose to get shots and mask up, that should be your choice. If you choose not to, that should also be your choice.

What do you think about this latest push here in America for the next COVID booster? Why do you think the US is veering away from WHO guidelines and recommending this shot for children? Why do you think our recommendations differ from those of other countries? Will you get the booster or will you avoid it?

Let’s discuss it in the comments section.

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A lover of novels and cultivator of superb apple pie recipes, Marie spends her free time writing about the world around her.

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Marie Hawthorne

A lover of novels and cultivator of superb apple pie recipes, Marie spends her free time writing about the world around her.

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  • Just to make a correction. The USA is not the only country pushing shots on kids. Canada is also pushing shots on everyone… 6 MONTHS and up. 😡

    • In Denmark they are making the flu (covid) and pneumonia shots mandatory. My uncle has cancer, but is still required to take those shots over there.

      • Or what? What happens if he doesn’t??

        We who follow the law and normal social mores were taught to be polite and obey authority (not saying its always right!). We don’t want to rock the boat, cause attention or disapproval. Not sure if it’s my age or impatience with idiocy now, but I’m done.

        Convid the first round challenged us (‘wear the mask, stand here or you can’t shop here’).

        I think this next time around will be different and many will rebel. I being one of them.

        The shots are a hill I will die on.

    • Oh shoot. You know I fact-checked that when I was 90% done with the article and thought I changed it but I guess not. Thank you for the correction!

  • Just an initial note, the US government is no longer covering the cost of the Covid vaccine so it was free of charge to anyone any longer. It has now transitioned to the commercial market to public/private health insurers. It’s still no cost to the insured individual, and to uninsured children through the Vaccines for Children program, but it would be an out of pocket cost to uninsured individuals.

    • Yep my insurance premiums are scheduled for an almost $500 annual increase in 2024. Seems about the costs of two Pfizer shots. None of which I will ever take from those liars and charletons.

  • This is another control issue. The side affects from these are every reason not to get them. I know those whose health is worse since the v@x.

  • I agree that the covid shots are dangerous. I don’t think anyone should get them.

    However, all of the vaccines have killed or disabled many. None has been tested appropriately. See the book Turtles All the Way Down or Vaccines by Dr Richard Moskowitz. All childhood vaccines were only tested against other equivalently dangerous vaccines or the serum with all the excipients like aluminum, but maybe minus the vaccine pathogens. The polio vaccine is the safest, the DT usually safe. Not pertussis, MMR, hep B, flu, Gardasil. My father was paralyzed by a flu vaccine. Lisa Marks Smith was paralyzed for several years by a flu vaccine and was one of a small number to be awarded damages by the kangaroo Vaccine Court. I have MS from a paralyzing reaction to a nercury-containing tetanus booster. My daughter reacted to the hep-B vaccine at birth with autism.

    It is not the case that the Covid vaccine is a dangerous outlier among a field of safe and thoroughly tested vaccines. I only support the DT series after three, polio if it comes back, and Hib and Prevnar for little children who have to be in day care.

    • There is no “safe vaccine”.
      Polio had largely run its course when they initiated the massive program to get the new “vaccine”. Like the COVID shots, it killed and maimed thousands.

      • You are incorrect – polio virus killed and maimed thousands. My dad lost two classmates in the 1950s. And watched their sibling eventually die of it.

      • You are correct. I remember taking the polio vaccine in the early ’60s (1962, I think) when it was introduced in the sugar cube.

      • I agree with Selena. I had a roommate in college crippled by polio. Either used a leg brace and crutches or a wheelchair. Her parents had refused the vaccine for her and she caught polio in an epidemic in Kansas City. She was crippled for life because she had not gotten the vaccine. I was a friend of the vaccine critic Dr Edward Fouad Yazbak. He told me about participating in a vaccine campaign during a polio outbreak in Rhode Island. Many children were crippled in it. He said that as they mass vaccinated many children, the disease was rolled back and stopped. Many did not come back for the second andvthird dose. Polio was terrible and the vaccines stopped it. The serious problem of the simian virus contaminant was overcome and hasn’t been present in many decades. It is probably the safest of the vaccines.

  • If you want to get the jab, get the jab.
    If you want to get the booster, get the booster.
    If you have slight to extreme side effects dont blame the Rx companies. Blame the person in the mirror.
    Now, for those who have been forced to get the Jab or “No Jab? NO JOB!” and have side effects, they should be allowed to sue their employer.
    Otherwise as has it been noted, doctors cannot tell the difference between COVID and the flu or common cold.
    Just as you would for the flu or common cold, stay home, bundle up, lots of homemade chicken noodle soup made with homemade bone stock, tea, juice and binge watch a good series or read some good books.

  • I refused any and all of the shots for the Wuhan virus. When I explained to my primary care physician she told me all her information was that the shots were safe. I asked here where she got her information. Through the medical press. I said I got mine through a large number of MSM compared to non-MSM sources. I was happy to start sending her some of the sources I used. She quit pushing the shots not long after that.

    I wound up with a very mild case of the Wuhan virus (doctor’s words) and would have been in and out of the hospital in two days except for a bad case of pneumonia, to which I am very susceptible. I have been tested for the Wuhan and variants several times since and have been negative each time. The strain I got was apparently one of those that provided strong natural protection against pretty much all of the others up to this point.

    I had a resource in Wuhan at the time of the escape of the virus from the weapons lab at the facility in which Fausi was tightly involved. My friend saw first hand the track that the virus took and it was not from the wet market, it was to the wet market.

    I had heard about the theft of the virus by three Chinese students working at the Canadian viral lab just shortly after it occurred, and saw the then official reports of the theft and the transport of the specimens to the Wuhan lab. Weapons lab initially and then everything started being rewritten.

    My friend saw apartment building doors welded shut after the majority of residents were rounded up and forced inside. A few hours later each one of those apartment buildings burned to the ground with no attempt to put out the fire for most of them. He could not confirm if that was always the case.

    He was picked up and detained a few weeks into the event, but, happily, a group that helps people get out of China to Hong Kong was able to extract him. He came back to the states for a while. I do not know where he is now, but I knew him years ago and just before this all became known he contacted three of us that used to all talk to him and each other several years ago. I trusted him then and I trusted him during the event. Because he was only one of several sources that were saying the same things, until they were silenced.

    Every piece of research I have done, except that provided by the MSM and government agencies has pointed to a widespread movement by members of our government, some NGOs, elements of the medical and pharmaceutical businesses, and not a few individuals to de-populate the world, especially the US.

    Yep. It is tin-foil hat/aluminum-foil hat, conspiracy theory time according to the MSM and others. Only, I do not think it is a theory. I believe it to be a fact. And just one of several others that are all leading to a biblical Armageddon in the not-too-distant future. I do not think that those powers will ultimately win, but I do think that billions of innocent people will die some horrible deaths during the fights against it.

    And now, back to the question. No, I do not plan to get any of the new shots. I have already talked to my pharmacist about it. He did not get the shots before, and though he would not make an official comment about those coming up, I had a strong belief that he would not get these new ones, either.

    Daisy, if this puts the site at risk, take it down.

    Just my opinion.

    • Jerry D Young, the Chinese communists are no different from the Nazis when it comes to dealing with dissidents, useless eaters and deplorables as Hillary called her dissidents. Actually the political idea of left and right when it comes to describing Nazis, communists and fascists is more cosmetic than real.

      Welding the doors of dissidents in their apartment buildings and then burning the buildings to the ground is classic Nazi. The current batch of Nazis/communists in the US aka democrat party leaders, every day inch closer and closer to the full blown murderous fascists they accuse everyone else who disagrees with them of being.

      • I agree completely. Especially about the artificial – but convenient to leftists – distinction between communists and fascists.

        • Thank You Carla. It is also interesting that in many ways their followers have the same characteristics. Blind belief in a Utopian ideology who’s only morality is the achievement of that utopia by any means possible. A cult of personality/dictator who can do no wrong. Government power centralized under one party rule. Government control of all of the news media. Censorship of any dissenting ideas in books, magazines, speech etc. Compromise and open debate are scorned and ridiculed. Schools that only teach students the government approved curriculum that promotes the Utopian ideology and one party rule. A list of official government approved scapegoats that are blamed for all problems. Utopia can only be achieved if they obey the great leader. A horse wearing blinders while pulling a cart full of party leaders would be an appropriate description of the followers of the communist/democrat party.

  • NO vaccines for 20 years. NEVER any mRNA Kill Shots, and NEVER will. Here in Colombia, mandatory medical interventions are against the Constitution.

  • Come on Marie. Don’t you believe in Dr Fauci science. You sound like one of those people who think for themselves. You probably asked yourself when the COVID pandemic first started why are we spending all of this money to fight a virus we created. Or to be more exact Dr. Fauci and his Chinese communist friends created with the help of US tax payer money.

    You are right. The next election coming up means they need more fraudulent mail in ballots to win again. Hey it worked before. Controlling people with fear and force is the modus operandi of all criminal organizations. Perhaps in this latest COVID scaremonger cycle they will trick enough people to get their wish. Donald Trump is the biggest threat to their power base. Their desperation and fear of him is obvious. The up coming election will require a massive non stop blitzkrieg of lies, distortions and innuendos from the globalist controlled msm jackals/democrat party against Trump and anyone else who does not agree with the democrat party line.

    Thank You Marie Hawthorne for this excellent and well researched article.

    BTW: According to the babylonbee, Pope Francis Says Getting the Covid Vaccine Will Now Be Required To Enter Heaven.

  • Nope, nope, and nope. Pound sand you ridiculous wannabe dictatorial buffoons. And to you Doctors whom refused to give ivermectin and hydroxicloroquine, you should have your medical license revoked for violating your Hippocratic oath, you murderous bastards.

  • I didn’t see any examples of the “over 1000 adverse reactions” mentioned. I, being over 65 and no longer in excellent health (genetics, not poor habits), will definitely get the booster, as well as the flu and rsv vaccines. The alternative, if/when exposed, even if wearing a mask and having a good immune system, is possible hospitalization, and death. I’m not quite ready to die yet. Maybe in 2 or 3 decades.

    • Please do share any adverse reactions here, because they won’t be shared in very many other places for anyone to know about them. There will also be zero recourse for you in the event that it doesn’t go well, so very best of luck to you.

    • Eric, Just curious has any medical provider suggested any measures that improve your health in spite of genetics? Are there activities you are still able to enjoy?

    • If you want to see adverse reactions just look at all the professional athletes who have collapsed on the field since the shots were “mandated”. I personally know 2 seemingly healthy people who died in their sleep with no cause. A kid in my son’s class (age 12) had a blood clot in his knee (within a month of getting the covid shot) and had to have surgery. My doctor’s son had a friend who had multiple blood clots after getting the shot and was not doing well last I heard. A friend’s dad died during heart surgery (considered routine) and my friends exact words were “his heart basically exploded” and he’s convinced it was damage from the shot. I still don’t exactly know what happened as it was fairly recent and not something I want to ask. My friend got the shot and wasn’t against it initially so I was shocked when he said he thought it was from the shot. My son’s pediatrician died in 2021 after “complications” from the covid shot. I don’t exactly know what those complications were but I was extremely saddened by his death. He was the Dr I found who would not force my son to be vaccinated in order to be a patient. We were fired from his first pediatrician. Yes, fired when my son was just 2 months old. That was my first taste of mistreatment for going against the grain, so to speak. There are too many things here to be considered a coincidence. I’ll also add that we have a close friend who just turned 65 and got the covid shot with boosters and has gotten covid 4 times, once hospitalized and he’s what you’d consider excellent health. This is just my personal experience but then you’ll have others say they know no one with any issues. My husband knew 1 person who died of Covid but he was a pro body builder and already had heart issues from long term steroid use.

  • Bawahahahahahaha. If you get this newest “Vaccine”…sorry…’re beyond any help. I’ll hang an “I Was An IDIOT” sign on your gravestone.
    As for me, I’ll do the same thing I did for WuFlu 1.0…….Totally ignore the Government Weenies. WuFlu 2 Electric Bugaloo is just another Government Engineered Population Reduction Device.

    • We all got the coof last Christmastime; jab or no. I was dragging for weeks afterwards, before finally getting back to normal. My (fully vaxx’ed) sister in law informs us she has the WuFlu now, poor girl. Of course she’s also claimed to have pancreatic cancer, only to have it miraculously disappear a month later? She’s a psychologist, there may be a connection.

      As for the “no jab, no job” mandate, that’s how I was corralled into the vaccine line last time (J&J clot shot, fortunately no bad effects). Retired now, so they can’t use that stick on me. Guess they’ll have to close my bank account this time like Trudeau did to the truckers. BTW did their bank access ever get un-frozen?

  • great post Marie. Our household are pure bloods, except for my autistic 22 year old son who literally snuck out to CVS and got jabbed without telling me. I’ve been warning anyone who’d listen since these death jabs came out that they were harmful. Most of our household are critical thinkers and it kinda ticked me off big time when Trump did that operation warp speed mess. I dont care whose saying to get jabbed, boosted, whatever, I ain’t doing it.

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