NBC News Thinks Getting Microchipped Sounds Super-Convenient

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We’ve written numerous times before about the upcoming push for personal microchips on this website. Thousands of people in Sweden are voluntarily getting “chipped.” Daisy Luther wrote that many Americans wouldn’t be far behind.” And experts have claimed that one day in the not-too-distant future that “everyone” will be microchipped.

And it looks like the push is on. A while back, Brandon Turbeville wrote about the UK’s pro-microchipping coverage. And now, NBC News published a pro-microchipping video, gushing over the “convenience” of having your keys, your money, and your ID all placed in your hand in a device about the size of a grain of rice.

Are we literally at a place in humanity in which carrying a wallet is too much trouble? Heaven help those who feel that way if they ever have to acquire their own food and water.

Imagine the possibilities…of theft.

This would certainly take stealing your wallet to an entirely new level. Would thieves just hack off a person’s hand to gain access to their keys, credit cards, and ID? Or would it be even easier than that?

Considering we now need to carry our passports and credit cards in RFID-blocking wallets because criminals can walk around with scanning devices and steal our unprotected information. Will those with chips need to wear an RFID-blocking glove, ala Michael Jackson?

And how much more information will they put on microchips? Today, it’s your keys, your money, and your identification. Tomorrow will it be GPS trackers placed in children and the elderly? Then trackers in the rest of us because if we don’t have anything to hide, we shouldn’t have anything to worry about?

And how long before your medical information, personal history, and even your social media access will be able to be scanned by interested parties? Newer cell phones already use biometric ID, which could be forcibly used to unlock your devices by authorities or others with bad intent.

Just how far will microchipping go?

What do you think about the idea of having a microchip implanted? What type of information do you think could be placed on these chips? How soon do you foresee being “chipped” becoming mandatory to have a driver’s license, access to medical care, or a bank card?

Will “the system” be content until we’ve all been assimilated, chipped, and physically a part of the great database?

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    • Have you picked up a Bible and read Revelation? The last book of the Bible located in the New Testament. It’s there, there will become a time with NO man (woman) will be allowed to BUY or SELL anything with this MARK. Is this a preview for the MARK? Is it affiliated somehow?
      I do understand it all and do predict that by summer of 2021 we may all or most of us will by then have chips.
      It’s coming and it’s NOT a matter of IF but WHEN b/c the Bible warns us that the time will come, and that wouldn’t be a lie. GOD wanted us prepared NOT to do this, however unfortunately we live in scary uncertain times that are rapidly changing, and people will adapt to the signs of the times and see nothing wrong with it as they will think of this as progress and convenience no doubt. Scripture warns us to be watchman on the wall, be awake, alert, aware of what’s going on around us as well as in the world. Are WE aware totally aware or are WE totally oblivious to what’s going on b/c WE are so bogged down with work, and our daily lives that we’re simply just NOT paying attention to the signs of the times? AHHHHH, just food for thought. Have a good day!

  • While this might seem like a good idea to many, I, on the other hand, will never allow something like this to be placed anywhere in my body. There are people that would like nothing more than total control over the human race, I for one will never support such things. In my humble opinion, I truly believe that this is a precursor to the mark of the beast as is told in the Bible. The Rooster Has Crowed!!!

  • An RFID ring or RFID bracelet would have all the advantages with none of the downsides. The implanting is done to take control away from the user.

    The day anyone in my family is forced to implant a chip is the day we “opt out” with a determined “no”.

  • When that day comes, when it becomes mandatory to drive and live, that is the day I turn into a recluse and live off supplies and the land.

    • DANIELLE, I am with you 100% no maybe more so…I hope you’re serious!!! The day is coming sweetie, it’s just a matter of time. I think by the summer of 2021 we’ll be at that point, maybe a tad sooner or later but at most the end of 2021. Can I move in with you so we can do this together.?..I dread it but I am writer and have known that this was coming since back in 2014 and we are now 5 years closer to this point in time. MANDATORY in all caps dear…TOTAL CONTROL in all caps, GOODBYE TO OUR PRIVACY in all caps!!! Start stocking up if you didn’t do so already, we’ll wish we had food and water at that time. Remember they took the car keys away and now you can just push the button and start the vehicle (I remember those key days) And seriously do you not see a day coming in the near future (our lifetime) when we won’t need to press the button anymore. Enter with the palm of your hand, unlock, move your hand over the curser/sensor/wand etc. and start your vehicle and take off. It’s just a matter of time and state of the art technology…

    • It may even be hailed as a godsend after a whole bunch of S hits the F. People will be lining up to participate. The PTB may even offer to cancel all debts if peeps will take this thing onto their person. It may seem so wonderful that those who refuse to participate will be outlaw because they’re mucking up the system. Utopia! After a bunch of people die first. It could be deemed as necessary to preserve the earth. Ad nauseum. Welcome to my imagination.

  • This sounds like the End Times are coming sooner rather than later. If you have ever read the Left Behind series, this sounds like it.

  • The mark of the beast, mentioned in the book of Revelation, sounds like this. According to the Apostle John, it is to be carried in a person’s hand or forehead, and no one will be allowed to “buy or sell” unless they have the mark.

    Religion aside, this chip can be used not only to carry our personal information, but can also be used to track a person’s location. I read an article about it a couple of years ago and it said it could also be used to track a person’s health – monitoring heart rate, blood sugar…not a bad thing in and of itself, but it seems that there is potential for abuse if the information contained in the chip is accessed by the wrong parties.

    Why is this something that people feel is necessary? Or desirable? Seems like it’s just one more way for Big Tech and the government to snoop in everyone’s business – they already do too much of that without their knowing how often I go to the bathroom or what I eat for breakfast.

  • I agree with everyone’s choice in the responses, as I sit comfortably in my recliner with favorite coffee. The challenge for me will be decision time when I am not allowed to live in my own paid for home because I cannot pay property tax without a chip or receive lifesaving medical care from a hospital without a chip. So my prep now is for a bug out plan with supplies plus additions to my library of medical books and supplies as well as connections with medical personel. If this prep fails in the “day”, I will be more than ready to enjoy peace and rest in heaven.

  • Whatever happened to the Right to privacy? Not to mention “The Mark of the Beast”. There is no way me, or mine will participate! I just see way to many ways this can be abused. Yes, I understand the convenience. But, NO! Just NO!

  • Did anyone remember or know that microchip can explode and catch on fire when exposed to a microwave? Like the ones you see near red light cameras? What to get rid of someone? Just aim a microwave weapon (yes our government has it) at someone who is microchip! A proper signal can also be sent to cause it to explode. Special Ops are microchip in the U.S. Good way to get rid of them if they are captured. The same thing can happened to those of you who have microchip credit cards, new drivers license, etc. in your pants. That is a hot thought. Microchips have also been known to migrate when implanted.

    I won’t let my animals be microchip nor my family!

  • I believe this will be the mark of the beast.

    With all the flooding in the midwest states that farmers have lost their crops.
    . I feel really bad for the farmers losing all their crops. Time to stock up on food as much you can.
    There are 320 million people in the U.S.

  • This is more than a little disturbing. It aligns eerily with end time prophecy. My heart aches already for those of us with little mouths to feed that resist the chip. Our family has already decided we won’t be chipped.

    Leave prophecy out of it and just think about it logically. I am in CA where we continue to have power outages. When the power grid goes down you are suddenly very aware how dependent we have become on the debit card, because you can’t use it. Networks that transmit the data are down. Now you can’t get food or gas. Imagine your only access to those types of necessary items being implanted in your hand and the network goes down.

    Not to mention… who’s had computer troubles. Why would I want to intergrate my well function body with the very thing that causes me stress and delay on a daily basis.

    Like a lamb to the slaughter.

  • Has anyone seen” The Circle” with Tom Hanks, Emma Watson? VERY SCARY!! As for me no way no how. That’s going too far in my opinion.

  • Being chipped could be slowed down by by enough resistors but it would then be a mandate then law. Logic will be made appealing. Law will look reasonable then enforcement oppressive.
    I want no part of it. All survivalist will look as ridiculous as reality tv can make it. I’m not preparing to go to war. I prep to survive hard times. I live rural because I hate city life. I can visit there when and if I need to. I can shoot a dog on the run with husbands old pistol if they are after my critters. I can still fix some things myself. Strangth since surgery is an issue I’m working on.
    I guess at nearly 73 I’m a pretty independent old broad. I’m old enough to call myself that. I can still dispatch a rattler with a hoe or shovel. Lol I once killed one in my yard when the kids were still little… With a forked stick and a pocket knife. I can still file the contacts on the well pressure switch with my finger nail emery board.
    I still can- water bath or pressure, dehydrate in the sun on screens, freeze flour and beans before storage In bags in buckets or jars with bay leaves tucked in here and there.
    I grow a garden and plant wild edibles and medicinals on the property. I just need to recognise them and know how to use them.
    I have bug in plans and bug out bags. I can grab two bags and easily stay a week in the vehicle, a chair in a hospital with my husband or at a friends home. A 3rd bag and both of us could get by away for a while. The stack of bags and we’re history.

  • As for me and my house. WE will NOT be chipped. Mark of the beast and all that.
    The amount of and type of information that could now go on those “chips” is endless.

  • Microchipping benefits are great…look at the benefits when you put one in your pet. They get lost and when they are found, a quick swipe with a scanner identifies them so they can be reunited with their owner. Except…this is how it works when there is no government involved in the process. Get the govt involved in the process, and as the govt devolves into an authoritarian police state, as our own country is devolving, it becomes a marvelous tool for control of the people. Once access to services are linked to the chip in your body, step out of line? Your access to your bank account is suddenly cut off. You can’t buy food or goods. Health care is cut off. You can’t leave the country or even move around the country. You can essentially be declared a non-person. I’ll wait until the govt collapses and an orderly society is established based on voluntary interactions. Which means I will never voluntarily get myself chipped.

  • It’s an utterly insane idea to allow oneself to be tracked this way. sigh. And I in all seriousness think about how to defeat thermal imaging, drones, automobile GPS, and license cameras.
    But these cretins do it voluntarily….

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