Prepping Gifts for Mother’s Day 2022

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By the author of The Faithful Prepper and The Prepper’s Guide to Post-Disaster Communications.

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and you don’t want to end up frantically running to the store the night before to pick up a gift card. Do yourself a favor and think of what you’re going to get your momma now.

If you’re confused as to where to start but want to get your mom something prepper-related, we’ve taken a bit of the legwork out of the hunt for you.

Here are some easy prepping gifts for your mom this Mother’s Day…

A kitchen herb garden

There is nothing like adding fresh herbs to your culinary creations. If your mom enjoys cooking, gardening, and using prime ingredients, why not check out this $14 culinary herb pack from Seeds For Generations?

This set of seeds comes with Genovese basil, common chives, cilantro, Italian parsley, mammoth dill, and garden thyme. It’s a perfect way to boost your production abilities, even in an area as small as a back porch, as these are all perfect varieties for containers.

The best part is that you may get to eat some of the food that your momma makes with these herbs as well.


Seeing that we’re living on the brink of nuclear Armageddon once more, why not do something to help keep your momma safe? Potassium iodide tablets on hand are a great means to do just that. Even if it’s not a nuclear strike you’re worried about but instead a cyberattack against a nearby nuclear reactor, these are a good idea to keep on hand.

The problem is that potassium iodide is largely unavailable at the moment. People are buying it up (particularly in Europe) as quickly as it’s being produced. Thankfully, MIRA Safety, creators of the best gas masks in the world, has a good supply in stock at the moment. We highly recommend you pick some up before it’s gone.

(At the very least, pick it up and put it in your preps for your momma.)

Dakota Alert Driveway Alarm

Seeing that we’re liable to see the most violent summer in American history in the next two months, it’s a good idea to know if there’s somebody coming up your driveway. Really, this is a great gift for anyone, but for a mom who lives alone or for parents who live out in the sticks, this gift really excels.

Dakota Alert makes the best driveway alarms that there are, and you can get your momma set up for all of $100 here. This alarm is fitted out with a wireless motion detector capable of spotting motion from 50’ away, is weatherproof, and can send an alert up to a mile away.

There are a number of upgrades available for these units as well over at If you want to help keep your momma safe this coming summer, this is a great means of doing just that.

Eye and ear protection

Did your momma just get her first firearm? Has she recently realized the importance of being able to protect herself, her kids, and/or her grandbabies? There was a massive amount of Americans who became first-time gun buyers after 2020, and your momma just may be one of them.

If this is so, she needs to practice. And to practice safely, she’s going to need eye and ear protection. Here’s a nice combo set that will help to keep her pretty eyes and ears protected as she spends time at the range with her newfound friends.

Wise 60-Serving Food Bucket

Seeing that emergency food supplies across the nation are in short supply and that the Chinese are now sharing information on how to safely engage in cannibalism, why not give your momma what’s currently rarer than a politician not aligned with the World Economic Forum – a food bucket.

These are out of stock everywhere, but we finally found somebody that has them in store. Help your momma still be able to eat. Get her a food bucket.  

(Get your food storage in order as well. Check out our free QUICKSTART Guide to home canning.)

A handgun cleaning kit

Maybe your momma already has eye and ear protection, but there are other components to her new handgun that she doesn’t have yet. What about a cleaning kit? You can’t just not clean your guns after range time.

This little cleaning kit for 9mm (the caliber I’m willing to bet your momma bought) will help her keep her gun in tip-top shape. You get bonus points if you teach her how to use it.

Golden Moon Loose Leaf Tea 9 variety pack

Is your momma A) a tea drinker or B) big into herbal remedies?

If either of these is the case, she very well may enjoy this organic sampler from Golden Moose. You don’t have to worry about anything funky having been sprayed over these loose-leaf teas, and they come in a very aesthetically-pleasing series of little tin containers to boot (presentation is everything, y’all.).

This gift will give your momma 54 servings of tippy earl grey, Darjeeling, vanilla mint, mint medley, detox, masala chai, English breakfast, jasmine, and rooibos tea.

EPIC Nano water pitcher

This is one of the coolest water filter pitchers on the market. It filters out everything. EVERYTHING. Bacteria and cysts are the easy boogers. With an EPIC Nano, your momma will be drinking water devoid of viruses, microplastics, pesticides, chlorine, and just about anything else bad that you can think of.

If you want your momma to have the ability to drink pure water but don’t have the money to drop on a Berkey Filter for her, a $60 EPIC Nano is a gift that she’ll not only enjoy but will help to up her prepper game as well.

A manual coffee grinder

If you don’t want your momma to hurt you, you keep her well-supplied with coffee. If the grid goes down, her electric bean-grinder may be ancient history. To keep her in a steady supply of bean juice, she would then need some type of manual coffee grinder.

Here’s one we really like. Not only is it functional, but it has great reviews and looks amazing. At $40, you’ll be able to show your momma how much you love her, keep her morning brew supplied once the power goes out, and give her a conversation starter to show her friends when they come over.

Disaster Coffee

I’ve found that coffee is truly never a bad gift. People always want/need it, and much like beer, people enjoy experimenting with different brews. We covered Disaster Coffee here before at The Organic Prepper and how they’re one of the most pro-American coffee companies in existence.

Give her a bag of bourbon-barrel-aged, medium-roast, Guatemalan coffee from these guys, along with her manual coffee grinder.

She’ll love it.

A Tervis

Your momma is going to need something to keep her coffee in as she’s on the run around town. A Tervis is a great way to do so. This travel mug will keep beverages hot or cold for up to 60 hours and will help to ensure that your momma always has a container she can hold liquid in nearby should she have to take The Long Walk Home.


I’ve yet to meet a momma that didn’t love candles. They change the ambiance of a room, they smell good, and they help provide light if the power goes out as well. With summertime fast approaching, check out this beach cottage scented candle from Bass Pro Shops.

It’ll help you to win the favorite child award (or to retain it, like me. Take that, siblings!).

What are your thoughts on the best prepping gifts for Mother’s Day? 

We prep to take care of the people that we love. You still want to gift things to loved ones that they’ll enjoy as well, though. We think that with the above list, you’ll be able to do just that.

What are your thoughts? Are there other good prepper gifts for Mother’s Day? Let us know what you’re thinking in the comments below.

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  • I told my son to tell my hubby to get me a farmstand from Lettuce Grow 🙂 can’t think of a better gift than being able to grow your own produce and provide food for the family!

  • A water filter is a particularly good one, because clean water is about the most essential thing, in spite of that few people think about it, and also, it doesn’t matter if your mom isn’t into prepping, it’s still easy to convince her it’s a good gift.

    • For those of us who can only afford Brita, they have 6 month long lasting filters now. We bought ours at Sam’s Club, and I wish we’d bought more, because they’re out of them. At least at the Sam’s where we shop.

  • Aden has written another incredible article on one of the very best prepping sites there is and has ever been. I love this dynamic duo. Of course, I am a little biased because my product was mentioned in the list but sincerely, you guys are doing amazing work here at The Organic Prepper.

  • For Mother’s Day a few years back my hubby got me a Daisy bb gun and target, and I thought it was great! We have had lots of fun plinking around in the backyard on beautiful summer nights, and it’s a nice little backup for small game if it were ever needed. And we all, including the kids, have lots of experience shooting it!

  • Hmmmmm……
    – Herb Garden……..Already have a full size garden and plenty of herb plants.
    – Thyrosafe…….Have some already…..I’m a prepper……hello.
    – Driveway Alarm……I have a 4 camera security system.
    – Ear & Eye Protection…..She has matching Purple (she doesn’t do pink) eyewear and ear muffs.
    – Food Bucket……I can always need more food.
    – Gun cleaning kit……Already have for her .38 special.

    What I am getting her. A Strikeman, dry fire laser practice system with 4 extra laser bullets. Ammo for .38 special ain’t cheap nowadays. Plus she can practice shooting in the house (think intruder entering the bedroom and her gun is in the nightstand……ready…….go….)

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