The Mandates Are Leaving Europe. Is Freedom Winning?

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Joy reigned in my house this past week as one child’s school lifted its mask mandates. At the same time, frustration ensued when another child was uninvited to an event due to her jab status. My little neck of the country can’t seem to decide if it’s going to ditch restrictions or double down. Situational awareness is vital to prepping, and yet it’s hard to tell what’s going on. 

Maybe if we look at which governments are taking what kind of measures around the world, we will see trends that can better inform us in the United States.  

What mandates do we see in Europe?

Many of the European countries have announced that they will move forward treating Covid as just another endemic disease. Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic have all started lifting Covid-related restrictions, such as limits on gatherings and requiring Covid Passes to enter certain venues. Italy, Finland, Ireland, France, and Lithuania are easing many requirements. 

Most of these countries plan to be as close to “normal” as possible by March. The United Kingdom has lifted work-from-home requirements, mandatory masking, and requiring Covid Passes to enter venues.

Let’s look at some of these countries a little more closely.

Denmark was the first country in the European Union to scrap restrictions. Denmark never tried to mandate the jab, though 78% of the population voluntarily received it. Their government officials have stated that they do not want to force their population to do anything because they do not want to lose the trust of the people. 

Considering that they are letting go of their restrictions, the Danish people’s trust seems well-placed.

On February 3, Sweden also announced that they were ending the use of their Covid Passes. Sweden had been notoriously (or inspiringly, depending on how you look at it) reluctant to shut down when the rest of the world did. How did the Swedes fare? Did they all die for their refusal to place their population on house arrest?

Well, as of February 5, 2022, the Swedes have approximately 1592 deaths per million due to Covid, while the Americans have approximately 2707 deaths per million. Yep, our lockdowns that destroyed small businesses everywhere were totally worth it. . .

And, like the Danes, the Swedes never mandated jabs, though their country achieved over 70% compliance voluntarily. Interestingly, Sweden has not recommended jabs for children. They simply decided the experimental jabs were not worth the risk to children. Like the Danish government, the Swedish government gives the impression that it is genuinely trying to do what’s best for its citizens.  

Meanwhile, the United Kingdom had the second-worst Covid-related death toll in Europe, surpassed only by Russia. Like the United States, the UK has its own influential pharmaceutical giant in its Wellcome Trust. Not surprisingly, the Brits were subjected to much of the same fear-mongering and almost comically overblown death projections we Americans have been. 

We’ve got Tony Fauci; they’ve got Neil Ferguson from the Imperial College, whose models in 2020 have been proven wrong by a factor of about ten. And yet, at the end of January, the Brits decided that Omicron had peaked and that they were ready to open up, too.

Are we seeing minor victories with the dropping of mandates?

While watching these European countries back off from becoming techno-fascist dictatorships cheers me up, it’s too soon to declare victory. Other countries seem hell-bent on forcing their citizens into line, regardless of any genuine health concerns.

The Austrians have just signed into law the world’s strictest mandate so far. The government plans to fine people up to $4000 quarterly until they submit to getting jabbed. To enforce this, police officers travel around and randomly stop people to check their papers. People who cannot produce their papers are fined on the spot.

Germany, with a population of about 85 million, is more similar to the United States in its size and diversity. I was born in Berlin and have had numerous friends and relatives living in Germany for years at a time; the cultural differences between Berlin and Munich are comparable to the differences between New York and Houston. And, like the Americans, about half of the Germans are ready to scrap restrictions, and the other half still think it’s too soon. German leaders, such as the Health Minister, Karl Lauterbach, have been proposing mandates similar to Austria’s, but as of February 8, 2022, Germans still cannot come to an agreement.

But, what about Australia?

The Organic Prepper has already posted articles about Australia’s draconian lockdowns. Looking at the rules as of right now, I still can’t help but think of Footloose and the town that banned dancing. Australia has slightly relaxed some of its rules regarding interstate travel, but almost everything requiring public interaction requires proof of the jab. 

As I said above, many of the European countries are ditching their contact tracing and Covid Pass requirements; I can’t find any reference to the Australians ditching their surveillance measures.

Because that’s really what these measures are. It’s not about health.

Omicron was mild, and it’s past its peak. South Africa was the first country to detect Omicron. It was named by the World Health Organization on November 26, 2021. And by the end of December, South Africa’s Ministerial Advisory Committee recommended ditching all of their remaining Covid restrictions, such as quarantining and contact tracing.   

South Africa had an intense spike in cases with Omicron, but their death rate never skyrocketed. The rest of the world should be looking at South Africa as a bellwether. First to have a spike in cases, first to watch the cases drop off, first to end restrictions. We should all be so reasonable.

However, the American mainstream media does not seem to want to admit we’re done with Covid yet. 

What is going on?

There are strange things afoot in the medical world. Death rates have been up. When the head of a life insurance company in Indiana said that claims went up 40% among working-age people, that was big news. There seems to be a wide range of ailments that are suddenly spiking. There’s no one new cause of death for all these young people. It has been clear that the deaths were not from Covid, and insisting on masks and lockdowns (which even Johns Hopkins has admitted didn’t really help anyway) is indefensible at this point.  

So, what do we do? We seem to be at a crossroads. The federal government shows no interest in backing down. On the one hand, even blue states such as New York and New Jersey have grown sick of the constantly changing mandates, all of which have proven useless against Omicron. The health care workers I’ve known that wanted everyone jabbed or else barred from civil society six months ago (and I knew a few of those) have become curiously silent. On the other, Biden and his “experts” still ask people to hang on for “just a few more weeks.”

A similar scene plays out in Canada.

Though governors of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Quebec have all announced ending restrictions, Trudeau, as of February 9, is still trying to convince his public that vaccine mandates are the best way to avoid further restrictions. 

Within the European Union, many countries, most notably the small ones with a great deal of trust and social cohesion, are ready to ditch restrictions. The EU itself wants to extend the use of the Covid Passes for another year.   As Omicron peaks across the Continent, their reasons for this year-long extension are nonexistent.

(If you’re looking to keep your family fed in the event of a lockdown, check out our free QUICKSTART Guide on building a food pantry here.)

What has happened to free speech?

Most tellingly, on February 8, 2022, the United States Department of Homeland Security issued a bulletin that equates questioning the Covid narrative with domestic terrorism. No adult capable of critical thinking can possibly think any of these government actions have anything to do with public health anymore. The more time goes by, the more all the events of the last two years point to the United States government, the Canadian government, and the EU attempting to implement surveillance states.   

So, worldwide, we have governments getting more oppressive and populations getting less compliant by the day. This sort of tension has never ended well. If people start getting hungry, which may very well happen with all the supply chain issues, we may begin to see something like the French Revolution start to play out.

The thought that that might happen on American soil turns my stomach, but lots of stomach-turning things have happened throughout history, and we are no different from people living during the times of the Civil War, the French Revolution, or the Bolshevik Revolution. Anything is possible.

People are fed up with these mandates.

And yet it’s not inevitable, either. Peaceful noncompliance may very well force Trudeau’s hand in the end. If you want to be a dictator, you need people willing to enforce your arbitrary rules, and he may not be able to find enough of them. The same goes for the US.

The Canadian trucker rally continues to inspire. Within the next two weeks, truckers around the world from Norway to New Zealand are planning similar protests. This may be the last chance for freedom-lovers to make ourselves heard. I’ve seen signs from protests that say, “Farmers Grow It, Truckers Haul It.” The protestors know that, without them, things fall apart.  

Most of us cannot change policies or influence politicians…

But the little choices we make everyday matter. Do we report heterodox-thinking friends, family, and coworkers the way DHS wants us to? Or do we support each other? Do we “just go with the flow,” or do we continue to speak out about infringements on our rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? Do we spend our time zoning out in front of a screen or learning skills that will help us become assets to our communities?  

I see no easy way out of the mess we’re in. Either we slide along into what the Davos crowd wants, where we “own nothing and are happy,” or we brace ourselves for shortages as protests continue. Free societies have not been the norm throughout history. The norm, since the time of the ancient Sumerians, has been strongman leaders. The norm is trying really, really hard to reassert itself, and we need to resist it if we want to retain our rights and freedoms. We need to be able to keep our spirits up in the face of shortages, frustrations, and inconveniences. I firmly believe that if we freedom-lovers continue to support each other and keep our communities strong, we may avert sliding into medical-technical tyranny. The time to consciously choose a side is now.

When do you think it will end?

What will it take for the mandates to disappear in the US? When do you think this time of tyranny and “othering” will end? Let’s talk about it in the comments.

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Joanna has been homeschooling three children since 2012. In 2014, she moved to the High Plains of Colorado. She and her children began a little homestead, gardening and raising chickens for eggs and meat. One animal led to another, and these days they have livestock guardian dogs, chickens, geese, ducks, alpacas, goats, pigs, and one very spoiled cat.

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  • If the non-vaccinated have to show a negative Covid test, why don’t the vaccinated? They can be carriers and spreaders too.

    • Exactly! We always knew, and the data now shows even the most fanatic Fauci Cool-Aid drinker, the shots do not prevent COVID infection OR spread. In some cases, the so-called vaxxed, end up a super spreaders since they carry more viral load before symptoms manifest.

      Continued vax requirements, “passports” and negative test requirements, given today’s conditions and what we now KNOW – are all about discriminating against, and intimidating everyone into compliance.

    • It is not about the vax but about the qr-tyranny, at least in europe. Bit this probably goes for the rest as well. The EU wants all our personal data into one app; medicatie, social, educational, financial, etc. They are devoloping such an app, but propably they have one ready to use. This app is only temporary because Apple and google have software installed on your phone already (check!). The phone will be replacement by a chip from our friend bill gates. In the mean time we are fucked up by all contradictory, fear inducing information. Throw away your smartphone as this is their spy device. White we still have a choise. (Excuse my English as this is not my first language). Ps. I love this website

    • 100% TRUE, yes. The vaccines did them NO good, none whatsoever. They can still get covid. Just b/c they got vaccinated doesn’t mean they are good to go and free forever from not catching covid or even a variant!!! Who is kidding who?

    • My friend, please don’t try to think about it reasonably and logically. Doing so will result in a massive headache. I know from experience.

  • Is freedom winning?
    Well I guess that depends upon you definition of Freedom. I have never considered most of the rest of the World as ” Free”. Maybe most of the world is returning to a more normal state of bondage ; well yes, I think that might be correct.
    The same is happening here in the States, to most in bondage to their governments. They are moving towards getting back to their normal level of bondage.
    Where as some of live in States that were mostly free to start with and remained mostly free throughout this whole mess.
    But even in them, there is a long way to go before one could really call us really ” Free”.

    Time for some of you to open your eyes and see what chains are still upon us, the ones that we have allowed to bind us, in the name of the “Freedom”. Freedom that is much less than what the Founding Father’s foresaw for themselves and for us.

  • Small countries it’s easier I guess cause America is so divided now on everything. It’s a bit more complex with states having the right to govern themselves.
    Outside of workplaces there ain’t many mandates here. We’ve been living normal as possible for a long time. Wear it if ya want get jabbed if ya want but mind your own.
    Even Walmart dropped theirs for the employees.
    Attitudes are so much different it’s like we ain’t even in the same country from state to state.
    Some of y’all lost your minds snitching on others during all this.
    A lot of folks gonna find themselves on the wrong side of history taking folks jobs, slandering, beating others up, having them beat up and/or arrested, medical folks lying to The People and all kinds of other things.

  • I would venture to say a resounding “NO!!!” to the question in the headline, “Is freedom winning?” Don’t forget the snarky announcement by that dweeb and born-and-bred eugenicist Bill Gates as he announced, “And when the next pandemic happens, it WILL get peoples’ attention.” (Ok, I’m paraphrasing, not quoting.)

    Isn’t it funny that over the centuries, there have been but a very few pandemics, all of them caused by traceable activities on the part of people, yet suddenly, here in the 21st century, we’re suddenly experiencing wave after wave of new pandemics, all of which (so far) haven’t actually BEEN pandemics, but instead media-created false emergencies? When will people wake up to this?

  • The next engineered “crisis” is coming. This one proved too useful to not orchestrate others that can be leveraged.

    Be prepared to see through the lies.

    • Afterall we know there were the military games in China in the fall of 19 after which supposedly many soldiers went home with sicknesses.. then a short while later covid was worldwide.. I have seen the speculation multiple times that the military games ’19 were the seeding event to spread round 1…

      Also there was credible news that the most recent lockdowns in various Chinese provinces were not truly due to covid but due to the ‘dual pandemic’ of covid and hemoragic fever. Then all news on that subject disappeared as far as i saw. Until now the dots connected.

      Why wouldn’t the olympic games be the seeding event to spread round 2.

    • The only thing that has been “followed to the letter” in this entire Plannedemic, has been the script written during Event 201 and distributed to all of Klaus’ School for Young Tyrants graduates.

  • Watching the sudden narrative pivot by those very same people who declared or demanded lockdowns, mask mandates (some are still forcing mask mandates on kids despite them being the lowest at risk group), distance learning, the jab etc. all trying to say, “Oh, no! That was never me!”
    It has been fun to watch!
    The Stuff Yourself Nacho Bowl was a gross display of the rich and powerful not wearing masks.
    I seem to recall more than a few politicians who demanded mask mandates, and the not even following their own demands.
    Even when we had a mask mandate, we refused to comply. No one said anything to us. No cops were called. Heck the cheese lady was very cheerful and helpful despite the grocery store mandating all their employees masked. I even carried on a short conversation with a woman (masked) wearing a Stranger Things shirt, if she thought this season would be the last and if Hop is still alive.
    Now that our governor has done a COVID 180 pivot and ended the mask mandate, see people in the stores wondering what was the point of it all?
    Politics, power and money.
    The upside in all this, shows how the so-called TPTB power is but an illusion. Here in the US, states could tell DC to pound sand and not lockdown, or enact various mandates. Once the court ruled Biden’s “No jab, no job!” edict unlawful, many big companies reversed their positions.
    Myself and my wife and I know of others who just would not comply.
    All you have to do is just say, “No.”

  • My neighbor literally told me that by not being vaxxed, I am giving it to little kids. He said a lot of other ignorant msm based bs to the point that I am not sure I will answer the phone the next time he calls. He is an extremely liberal democrat. We try to be decent neighbors and help our fellow man out (plowing, fixing, ect) but we are going to have to restrict some of it because I don’t need a headache or high blood pressure.

  • Freedom? Winning? Freedom is when you have no government and no one trying to dominate you. Freedom is for hermits and tiny groups who live in deeply remote places and leave each other alone. The Chinese people consider themselves free and by that definition the rest of us are running amok.
    No governed people is ever free or wants to be. Someone always takes the lead, it’s our nature.

  • It’s been 2 years since the start of the WuFlu Panic Porn. My wife and I did something a tad different than most folks. We ignored EVERYTHING the Government Weenies & Marxist Media said.
    * We didn’t close our Mom & Pop Shop down for “15 days to stop the spread.”
    * We didn’t wear masks (Face Diapers), EVER.
    * We didn’t ritually bathe in sanitizer.
    * We didn’t Social Distance.
    * We’ve NEVER been tested for WuFlu.
    * We’re NOT VAXXED and never will be.

    The best part…….We’ve NEVER BEEN SICK. Not one single day.
    I see people everyday at my office (not like the 1000’s of people/hour WalMart does) but still, why didn’t I or my wife ever get sick?
    Here are some of things we DID do.
    Early on(and continue to do) we took extra Vitamin D3, Zinc, Vitamin C in addition to our daily Multivitamin. Then we added Turmeric, Quercetin and Melatonin. We also got prescriptions for HCQ and Ivermectin but we’ve never had to use it. We also went outside as much as possible (mostly to our garden and tend our chickens).
    If more people would have ignored the Government Weenies/Marxist Media……I think things would be far better off.

    • VERY GOOD, kudos to the two of you. I have not been sick with a cold, flu, or virus since 2007 in Florida. I did wear a mask for part of the time, I did wash my hands and the distance not so much, just life as normal as possible. I like it that we are able to go against the grain. Thinking out of the box is a GOOD thing. Not many are able to think that clearly and do that. Mostly we just seem to have sheeple out there who are merely followers. They follow in the traffic. YOU can spot them driving on the roads/interstates. They are the ones in the right lanes (the far right). They are the drivers that are stuck behind the 18 wheelers. They don’t dare pass and keep up with the traffic that is “moving on ahead” and going on passing others to get to the destination. NO, they are the followers (like sheep), they tend to get in line and that is where they will be 3-4 redlights ahead or 3-4 miles back you can still find them all there like sheep in line…OMG!!! Well, it takes all kinds doesn’t it? SO happy you didn’t catch it all this time, me either. It all boils down to the condition of our IMMUNE system. Mine is excellent, thankfully. I don’t plan to make any changes. Life is okay so far! Stay awake, aware, alert and just watch for the signs of the times.

  • I am so sick and tired of both the Canadian and U.S. governments taking about their 70%, or 80% compliance rate as if that means that people agreed with them and support their dictates/mandates. COMPLIANCE DOES NOT EQUAL CONSENT!

    To put it very crudely: A rapist can get compliance from a woman – but that does not in any way mean that she consents! Holding a gun to somebody’s head to get them to comply is the antithesis of consent. Threatening peoples jobs, homes, children, and way of life does NOT equate to informed consent. Informed consent would mean that people got to hear the truth, and that opposing views and opinions would not be censored or repressed by the government and MSM. By continuing to stand up in public and claim that they are in the right, just because of the vaccination rates they have, shows nothing more than the fact that these governments are criminal.

  • Freedom returns when those responsible have been tried, convicted, and punished for their crimes against humanity, and in addition to the very public carrying out of their punishments (I suggest non-stop television coverage), the power to do any of this again is taken away from whatever little government is allowed to exist. None of this happened because the people wanted it, voted for it, or ever said “yes” when asked. It happened because people allowed other people the ability to rule over them, when NOBODY has that moral right…ever. It happened because once a group of people had the exclusive legal right to steal, lie, murder, destroy, etc. another group of powerful business interests purchased that power and exploited it to their own ends (murder, massive profits, and mass accumulation of more power). Pretending that any of this will end if the mandates are ALL dropped, is to ignore the reality that this plannedemic was simply the first step in the horror show they have planned.

  • Removing mask mandates is not enough. Informed medical consent must be restored, and all vaccine mandates, passports, and QR-codes eliminated.

    Allow doctors and medical professionals the freedom to once again treat their individual patients as they see fit, without restriction, threats, or censorship.

    Restore availability of well-proven-safe, inexpensive, effective early treatments and preventatives.

    Cancel the Emergency Use Authorization of the experimental pharma products.

  • I write this on Feb 14, when the Constitutional Law Group sent hundreds of people visiting their county prosecutors office with evidence of Crimes Against Humanity, asking them to investigate Fraudci, Ralph Baric, CDC, NIAID, FDA and other prominent names for knowing mass murder. 984 people signed up; likely far fewer actually went–but this will grow. Justice IS coming.

    Today’s Del Bigtree Highwire showed rousing speeches in Canada’s parliament for lifting the mandates–to thunderous applause. Hundreds of people carrying fuel cans defied (illegal) orders not to assist the truckers “They can’t arrest all of us.” Then he showed Jen Psaki claiming that Biden’s administration was never for mandates–that was the previous administration. They ARE distancing themselves from the dishonor of it all, tho they remain true to form in lying about the whole thing.

    Freedom comes from responsibility and citizenship. We rebuild the USA county by county. Look up Constitutional Law group and Constitutional Sheriff and start to do YOUR duty. It is not up to some politician–not even Trump, if you believe in him–to do the citizens’ duty for them.

  • The minority of people are fed up with mandates. Hopefully your kids, once adults, will get the straight truth that the minority who refused to practice common sense and get vaccinated are the reason their health care costs are so high and/or health care is hard to come by. Then again, the globe may benefit from the minorities choices as the minority may no longer be on this side of dirt. You have read what COVID can do to pregnant women? I am waiting with bated breath for the southern states to charge unvaxxed women who have stillbirths with murder. Seems only fair.

    • LMAO! The vaxxed will be on the other side of the dirt long before those of us who have had covid and survived and have natural immunity….but you go on being a lemming and living in your dark little world. *eye roll*

    • The majority of Americans think we need to accept that COVID is here to stay, we need to learn to live with it and move on with our lives.
      The impacts of the lockdowns/mandates, from pre-screening for things like cancer, to the increases in drug and alcohol abuse, the fact that elementary kid now are more likely to be obese by the time they are 30yrs old, education lost especially in minority groups will lead to future increase in income inequality, young children having difficulty making connections to people who are masked, the levels of mental health from social isolation, all these things and more have done more damage than COVID itself.

  • “Australia” doesn’t have draconian lockdowns. Of the states, Western Australia, South Australia, Northern Territory and Victoria did and still do. New South Wales and Tasmania did, but have lifted many. Queensland, where I live,had some, but many have been lifted. QR codes are no longer required for retail shops. Vaccination status is still required for cafés, pubs, restaurants, cinemas etc, but there are exemptions so, life as normal.

  • The only way any will win is if they not only get these mandates and laws stopped, but they must remove the pols that have put them in place. And I mean all of them, because if you don’t, they’re like cancer, they’ll come back even worse and destroy you.

  • The Absolute Right of Informed Consent
    Edwin Vieira, Jr., holds four degrees from Harvard: A.B. (Harvard College), A.M. and Ph.D. (Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences), and J.D. (Harvard Law School). For more than thirty years he has practiced law, with emphasis on constitutional issues. In the Supreme Court of the United States he successfully argued or briefed the cases leading to the landmark decisions.
    The evident problem right now is that all too few Americans seem ready and willing to call a spade a spade—bluntly put, to recognize that, with respect to “Covid-19”, this country is not dealing with “science” at all, unless it be the science of criminology. Indeed, if Dostoevsky were writing a novel about the present “pandemic”, he would be compelled to entitle it, not Crime and Punishment, but Crime without Punishment, inasmuch as the perpetration of serious offenses by rogue public officials, attended by no fear of exposure let alone punishment, is endemic to Washington, D.C., and all too many of the States as well. It is against that “pandemic” that Americans need a “vaccination” which will open their eyes, clear their minds, and steel their wills. For if that “pandemic” is not soon eradicated, this country’s doom is assured.

  • Corporations (pharmaceutical , tech, industrial, etc) merged with government=fascism. America and the E.U., Canada, Australia, and other nations are under fascist rule and been for sometime, some more dictatorial than others. Several Canadian provinces are dropping mandates. I got together w/ a small group this morn. we discussed the truckers convoy going to D.C. next month, we concluded majority of Americans will never understand anything about globalism/agenda2030/and these bioweapons depopulation agendas ongoing. Most live in their own tiny world of their own, lacking left brain function/critical thinking skills.

  • Freedom is not winning as long as those who thought it was OK to oppress and tyrannize the people are not held fully accountable, removed from office, and charged with any crimes against humanity in which there is ample evidence to support.

  • “At the same time, frustration ensued when another child was uninvited to an event due to her jab status.”

    As you should expect. People are free to decide who they want to associate with based on the health hazards they perceive. Or would you like to be told that you are not free to uninvite somebody if they decided to bring with them something you perceive as a health hazard, such as a bagful of cockroaches? Would you like to be lectured in such a case about the healthiness of cockroaches on the spot and have the pushy unwanted invitee insisting on staying, or would you prefer to exercise your freedom of choice and educate yourself on the matter in your own time in your own way, if you so chose?

    Freedom cuts every F single way, and don’t you ever forget it. If you think it cuts only one way, then it is not freedom.

  • Although I agree with the majority of the burden of the article it is entirely untrue, and a easily disprovable lie for the article to state that the UK has “second-worst Covid-related death toll in Europe,”.

    Never mind the vastly different classifications of a Covid 19 death across Europe, and that a measure of overall excess deaths does not quantify the % of death caused by the lockdown measures, the UK has far from the highest measurement of Covid 19 deaths or excess deaths within Europe. Also using yahoo news as a reference for the UK having the second worse Covid deaths in Europe is laughable. Only the statistically illiterate would refer to overall Covid 19 deaths by country without accounting for relative population, a more credible measurement is Covid 19 deaths per million of population, as described by Stastista or in the FT, free to read “Coronavirus tracker: the latest figures as countries fight the Covid-19 resurgence”

    As you can see Statista gives the UK 27th highest Covid deaths worldwide, and the 18th highest in Europe , not 2nd stated in the article. The FT gives similar results, with the UK having the 12th highest % increase in overall mortality in Europe.

    A credible reference

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