If Americans Have Lost Faith in the Election Process, Does the Outcome Really Mean Anything?

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By the author of Be Ready for Anything and the online course Build a Better Pantry on a Budget

Over the past six years, in particular, confidence in our election process has plummeted. Half the country said that they expected voter fraud in the midterm elections. Only 20% of those polled said they were “very confident” about our elections.

Much of this has to do with our politicians and our media, who cast doubt on close elections before they even happen. They cry foul before the fouls occur. They scream at the top of their lungs that if they lose, somebody cheated.

And despite popular mainstream opinion, it can’t all be blamed on right-wing voters.

Remember 2016?

Remember during the 2020 election when Mrs. Clinton refused to concede to Mr. Trump on election night? To this day, she still swears that the election wasn’t fair, repeatedly calling Trump an “illegitimate president” and saying, “There was a widespread understanding that this election [in 2016] was not on the level. We still don’t know what really happened.”

Despite the fact that the mainstream media blames Republicans and  Trump supporters for the lack of faith Americans feel about the process, going so far as to paint them as a “threat to democracy,” there are other factors at play.


Clinton has also planted that seed and continues to fertilize it with suggestions like the one that Biden should not concede the election under any circumstances in 2020 had the election been called for Trump, and this doozy:

Right wing extremists already have a plan to steal the next presidential election. And they’re not making a secret of it. The right wing-controlled Supreme Court may be poised to rule on giving state legislatures the power to overturn presidential elections.

Clinton did nothing to show her leadership and try and calm things down when riots erupted after she lost the election. Instead, she stood silent, and in that silence is complicity.

This isn’t just a Clinton problem, however. It’s a Democrat problem. In the history of the 2000s, they’ve disputed every single loss.

Then there was the 2020 election.

In the build-up of Trump vs. Biden, the fears of voter suppression, dead people voting, voting machines going haywire, and ballot dumps ran rampant. This was fueled by both sides of the aisle.

After Biden was announced as the winner, it was like an instant replay of the 2016 decision, except for two primary differences: Trump was the one who said that the election was rigged, and supporters didn’t riot throughout the cities of America on Election Night.

This election was so strongly contested that extreme protests did break out on January 6, 2022, when Biden’s election was to be certified by Congress.

Again, there was a major difference. People who participated in that event were called “insurrectionists” and are still, to this day, standing trial. To my knowledge, nobody was prosecuted for the property damage and violence that took part after the 2016 election.

A documentary was made.

A documentary called 2000 Mules was made by Dinesh D’Souza. Here’s the description of the film:

2000 Mules exposes a massive network of coordinated fraud across all five of the states that decided the election. This fraud was more than sufficient to change the outcome. The film uses two types of evidence. The first is geotracking which monitors the cell phone movements of mules or paid criminal traffickers delivering illegal ballots to mail in drop boxes. It’s a new technology used for the first time to bust a very old type of fraud. The second is video evidence, obtained from the official surveillance cameras installed by the states themselves. The film takes you to the scene of the crime, again and again and again. You can actually watch the criminals at work. Finally, the film decisively answers the most important question is who really won the 2020 election? This is a movie that documents the biggest heist in American history. Its goals are to reveal how it happened, who did it, and how to make sure that this never happens again.

Unsurprisingly, the mainstream media quickly began calling it “the debunked conspiracy film” and saying that it, too, was a threat to democracy. Watchdog groups suggested that the documentary might be a “pretext” for more “restrictive voting laws” in the future.

Before the 2022 midterms, polticians and pundits warmed of election tampering.

The most recent midterm election was one of the most hotly contested elections I’ve ever watched. And in the midst of all that were more warnings about election fraud.

Hillary Clinton wrote:

We are witnessing a concerted attempt to destabilize the democratic process and delegitimize our multi-racial democracy, carried out in full view of the American people. As Democrats, it’s not enough to push back one law, one court case or even one election at a time. We need to fundamentally change the way we think about and fight back against this blatant, sweeping effort.

She also concluded (ironically, given her response to her 2016 loss):

“When the people make their voices heard in an election, we should respect the results. These aren’t partisan statements; they’re attributes of a functioning democracy.

Donald Trump said on his Truth Social platform:

Same thing is happening with Voter Fraud as happened in 2020???

Clark County, Nevada, has a corrupt voting system (be careful Adam!), as do many places in our soon to be Third World Country. Arizona even said “by the end of the week!” – They want more time to cheat! Kari Lake MUST win!

They are now saying that about 20% of the so-called Voting Machines in Maricopa County are not counting the Votes that have been placed in the Machine. Only Republican areas? WOW! Kari Lake, Blake Masters, and all others are being greatly harmed by this disaster. Can’t let this happen, AGAIN!!! I believe Attorney General Mark Brnovich is on the case, big time. He has a chance to be the biggest hero of them all, and at the same time save our Country from this Cancer from within!!!

The Democrats that run Pennsylvania have just stated that Pennsylvania may not have a final Vote Count for MANY days, and yet they use these very expensive “machines,” for SPEED. Go to PAPER BALLOTS, SAME DAY VOTING, MUST HAVE VOTER I.D., PROBLEM SOLVED. Also, big money saved!!!

Stacy Abrams of Georgia went so far as to go to court to have her last failed gubernatorial race overturned. She lost her suit, and then she lost again in her rematch against Governor Kemp in 2022.

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Everyone seems convinced the election system is flawed.

The lack of trust in the election process is not just a right-wing thing, a left-wing thing, or a crazy conspiracy theorist thing. It’s the whole damned bird.

Regardless of where you stand, it appears that almost everyone believes that our election system is flawed. Both sides agree on this, but the sticking point is that both are accusing the “others” of doing the rigging.

The lack of strong confidence in the country’s ability to conduct an honest election crosses partisan lines. Among Democrats, whose party leaders have been struggling to legislatively protect what they believe to be deteriorating voting rights across the country, 30% say they are very confident in the U.S. election systems overall. Regarding independents, only 1 in 5 consider themselves “very confident” in the nation’s elections.

Even fewer Republicans (13%) are very confident, with a considerable majority (59%) having little faith in the system, responding that they either are “not so confident” or “not confident at all,” a snapshot of growing skepticism…

So here’s my question:

If nobody believes that the results are valid, does it even matter who is said to have won?

Sure, the person who is sworn into whatever office it happens to be will have the temporary power that comes with their new post, but if nobody except their supporters believes that they are there legitimately, how will they ever get things done? Remember “not my president?” That’s escalated to a whole new level because nobody, anywhere, really trusts the system now.

We have many reasons not to feel confident in our election process, our government, and our media. When we don’t trust our elections, we don’t trust each other. The Washington Post reported:

Twenty-eight percent of all voters, including 41 percent of Republicans, said they had little to no faith in the accuracy of this year’s midterm elections.

Political disagreements appear to be seeping into the fabric of everyday life. Fourteen percent of voters said political views revealed a lot about whether someone is a good person, while 34 percent said it revealed a little. Nearly one in five said political disagreements had hurt relationships with friends or family.

“I do agree that the biggest threat is survival of our democracy, but it’s the divisiveness that is creating this threat,” said Ben Johnson, 33, a filmmaker from New Orleans and a Democrat. “It feels like on both sides, people aren’t agreeing on facts anymore. We can’t meet in the middle if we can’t agree on simple facts. You’re not going to be able to move forward and continue as a country if you can’t agree on facts.”

… A majority of voters in both parties identified the opposing party as a “major threat to democracy.”

If we can’t figure out a way to work together, our very existence as a nation is at risk. If we feel like our voices don’t count, what’s to keep us continuing to try? It doesn’t even matter if there are actually shenanigans afoot. If nobody accepts the outcome when their chosen candidate loses, our election process has failed. What’s the point?

I don’t have the answers. I just know that the United States of America we once knew is gone.

What will take its place?

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What do you think?

Do you trust the results of the midterms? What evidence makes you trust or mistrust these results? Do you feel represented? How do we move forward as a country?

Let’s talk about it in the comments.

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Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther is a coffee-swigging, globe-trotting blogger. She is the founder and publisher of three websites.  1) The Organic Prepper, which is about current events, preparedness, self-reliance, and the pursuit of liberty on her website, 2)  The Frugalite, a website with thrifty tips and solutions to help people get a handle on their personal finances without feeling deprived, and 3) PreppersDailyNews.com, an aggregate site where you can find links to all the most important news for those who wish to be prepared. She is widely republished across alternative media and  Daisy is the best-selling author of 5 traditionally published books and runs a small digital publishing company with PDF guides, printables, and courses. You can find her on FacebookPinterest, Gab, MeWe, Parler, Instagram, and Twitter.

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  • Pretty sad when I was working at BlockBuster Video, we had more stringent requirements to get a membership card than the US has for voting.
    If you are required to show valid ID to buy a pack of smokes, a 12er of beer, a powerball ticket, you should be required for voting.
    All the arguments against showing a valid picture ID, are just plain lazy.

    • I agree. I’m pretty sure that allegedly marginalized individuals are required to show ID to receive all the social benefits that are available but somehow it’s too tough for them on election day.

      • In fact, in order to receive EBT and/or Medicaid cards, they DO have to show a state-issued photo ID, and in order to get this, they MUST have a Social Security number, which requires a Birth Certificate be shown to the SS case worker.

        • Leonard,
          Yet, somehow presenting a valid picture ID at a polling station is voter suppression?
          Someone, please, explain that one to me.

      • Jewels,
        I dont think so.
        More to drive the voter suppression, Jim Crow 2.0 propaganda.
        Then some claim that voter fraud is nearly non-existent. Kinda hard to prove a negative.

        But why not put in place measures to ensure our elections are in fact on the up and up, free, fair and secure not only with voter ID, but the voting machines themselves.

        Did someone buy machines that were vulnerable to being hacked? Or did they just buy the machines at the lowest cost and took it at the vendors word they were secure?
        I think there should be random audits of all elections, not only the ballots, but the process in which they are cast (i.e. the machines) and that county, district, what have you, has to turn over all the machines and access to all the documentation that goes with it. If they refuse or if something is amiss, people go to prison with the hard core inmates.

        • For some maybe it’s laziness, but I doubt it. As the others commented, they get IDs for everything else, including their subsidies.

          A few years ago one of our sons had a friend who worked for the DNC in Washington, D.C., who told him that dems are against voter ID mainly because it would prevent felons from voting, and they depend on that vote.

          Cheating is the only thing that makes sense about them being against voter ID requirements. It would make it harder for them to cheat.

  • Personally, knowing that Congress does exactly as The Federal Reserve Central Bank orders them to do, I will never again cast another vote.
    I wash my hands of the Phony bullchit election scam

    • Yep. Exactly.
      Started voting at 17 (my state permitted this for Primary elections).
      Voted for over 30 years.
      I “deregistered” last year. Part of that was what you state, and part of it was the following….
      Kept getting called for jury duty. Called the election board to “deregister”. The gentleman asked, “Are you a stay-at-home-mother?” When I answered in the affirmative, he said, “Well, the “system” knows those of you that are at home, so DOES call on you more often because you are available.” Um, ok….thanks, creepy goverment.

    • Replying to my other comment before I get the sh** about stopping voting. We HAVE had interactions with local politicians and school board (expensive attorneys over several years). I’ve put our money where my mouth is, tried, gotten black-balled, etc. Our “conservative” suburban city and “conservative” politicians are everything but now that they’ve bought out most farmers. The city voted to build THREE new schools during a recession! (Probably because 1/4 of the 25K pop. city is EMPLOYED by the schools, local, and county governments.) So, I HAVE tried voting, meetings, attorneys, etc. I have not sat on my a** as some comments seem to claim people do. I am so GD mad anymore, I want nothing to do with anyone and used to be pretty social 🙁

  • What I struggle with is Election Day has turned into Election Week. America was sold a line of Bull$h!t when every county USA bought into electronic voting machines to the tune of millions of dollars per precinct with tax payer money. We were told how much faster and more accurate ballot counting would be. I’m still waiting for the level of efficiency they were supposed to bring.

    • I was the election judge in our precinct in rural Texas when it went to electronic voting. I tried to raise my concerns about it at the meeting where the County Clerk made the announcement, but I was simply given the swamp smirk. No input was requested before the decision was made; it was presented to us as a done-deal. The C.C., had just switched parties (from Dem to Rep) but hadn’t switched her politics. If you want to make changes, yes, of course start at the lowest level, but don’t expect anything different than the national establishment. By all means, fight for right, just don’t be naive going in.

  • “biggest heist in american history”…..yep, but apparently no one cares enough to do something about it! and so it goes on……elections now are a sham, totally irrelevant, and doesnt matter who gets elected, it wont be because they were elected honestly by the american people! here we are headed to another presidential election, and I’ll guarantee the farm that the same thing will happen then as in 2020…..IF we ever GET to 2024….at the rate the left is destroying this country, the congress and people sitting back on their asses and doing NOTHING, we may not even see 2024……the USA is dead…..

    • Before you condemn “…everyone for sitting back on their asses…” (And where ELSE would they sit?) Think about what YOU are doing about it. Did you go into a polling place and punch somebody in the nose? I bet you didn’t. What CAN be done? We know marching around in MAGA hats with Trump banners and American flags inside “The Peoples House” will land you in prison, held indefinitely and without bail. So, kt, what do YOU recommend we do? Write our Congress Critter? Call our lawyer? Write a Letter to The Left Wing Editor? What?

      • What to do? Visit your local courthouse and find out how ballots are counted. What evidence exists in YOUR county for fraud? Talk to your neighbors about it. Understand the 501c(3) scam that President Johnson suckered the country into so as to shut up churches. This nation was BORN in the churches. From ancient times in Israel, there was a fellowship meal after the main weekly service, and people would chat about all kinds of things, including politics. Restore this in your church or find other opportunities to shoot the breeze with neighbors including politics.
        Join CSPOA Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Assn, and learn how to back up your local sheriff upholding his Oath to uphold the Constitution.
        No nation has come back from degradation as serious as we see in the USA–but many have TRANSFORMED into a renewed civilization. Rome did that more than once. That is USA only hope. Many see that our renewed USA must be MUCH MORE LOCAL. Quit fussing over the Commander in chief and start worrying about your school boards and city and county officials.
        See? There’s PLENTY you can do besides whining at home on your behind and all by your lonesome.

  • If you don’t live in Florida then you don’t live in a Free State with REAL Elections – you live in the USSA with All of the Commies & NAZIs both Demonrats & Repugnantkins who HATE YOU & will KILL YOU for a Buck from Pfizer, China, George Soros, WEF, Banksters, Foreign “Investors” & the Military Industrial Complex. The Entire USSA is Corrupt & Rotten to the Core. It’s a Sad state of affairs. Pray to GOD for Salvation. Cheers.

    • So paper ballots and double ID checks in Idaho do not constitute a real election? How about the fact that there is no Dem holding statewide office here or no Dem in a federal office from here? Florida is not the only free state.

  • this was when I realized, regardless of the winner, we the people are the real losers of an election.

    From Justia:
    “In the 2000 election between Republican candidate George W. Bush and Democrat candidate Al Gore, Florida reported that Bush had won the state by 1,784 votes. (All of the state’s electors are assigned to the winning candidate.) Since this margin was less than one-half of one percent, Florida law required an automatic machine recount. Two days later, the machine recount showed that Bush’s margin of victory had shrunk to 327 votes. In this situation, a candidate may request a manual recount under Florida state law. Gore requested a manual recount in the four traditionally Democrat-leaning counties of Volusia, Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade.

    While the counties began to comply with this request, they became concerned that they could not meet the state deadline for certifying election returns to the Florida Secretary of State within seven days of the election. The Florida court upheld the deadline but allowed the counties to amend their returns and found that the Secretary of State could use the amended returns. Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade Counties missed the seven-day deadline. Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris required counties seeking to make a late filing to submit a written explanation for why it was necessary. She found that none of the explanations met the criteria that she had imposed on herself for determining whether late filings would be admitted. Harris thus certified Bush the winner of the election in Florida after receiving overseas absentee ballots.

    A few weeks later, Gore’s campaign obtained an order from the Florida Supreme Court for a statewide manual recount. On the next day, December 9, the U.S. Supreme Court ordered a stay of the recount. Writing for the five-Justice majority, Antonin Scalia argued that the votes that were ordered to be counted were not legally cast, and thus a recount could cause irreparable harm to Bush and the legitimacy of the democratic process. The dissenters felt that not ordering a recount would undermine the legitimacy of the democratic process and that the Court should be careful about taking actions that could determine the result of an election, which lay outside the judicial power.”

    I must have been drunk in November 2020, because I broke my word and after a 20 year retirement voted. I remember feeling sickened. Not from the results, but because I knew better. I became emotionally vested against the crime family elite that were in your face with their reprehensible behavior, and knew better.

    Now, I’m 2 years older and 2 years wiser.

    I will never cast a vote again. Abstaining from the whole process and withholding my voting,..? Well, at least m not contributing to the system by participating. You can confiscate my property through taxation and currency debasement , but you won’t get my soul.

  • We know exactly what happened in the 2020 Election. Did the author of this piece even look at the movie, “2000 Mules” by Dinesh D’souza where he showed the actual ballot harvesting and ballot box stuffing? And you don’t think this didn’t happen during the mid-term election a week ago where the DemonRats believing they had hoodwinked enough Americans that no one would bother to question the problems that showed up during this election, such as taking a week to count the ballots, or that voting machines went down and other just as outlandish supposed problems.
    Of course we no longer trust elections. It is because of this: “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” It will be hard to take when you realize that a man who had a stroke and cannot put together a cogent sentence was elected to the Senate in Pennsylvania. There are not that many stupid people in Fetterman’s state. This can only be viewed as ballot harvesting and fraud.
    How about Kari Lake in Arizona and her opponent Katie Hobbs who is about the stupidest person to run for a public office are running neck and neck? We aren’t buying it. Kari Lake is a smart firebrand who would make Arizona a state to be reckoned with, while Hobbs is so stupid she can barely answer questions put to her about the border, or the illegals crossing it or for that matter, the economy. Do you really think that Arizonans don’t know who would be their best governor? Neck and Neck my rear end. There is no way in hell Hobbs has garnered that many votes.

    • Obviously, I watched the movie. Did you not see my use of quotation marks throughout the article?

      Please work on your reading comprehension, because you completely missed the thesis of this essay.

      • Are you the moderator that reviews the comments before they are published, or is that Thrive? I have a comment I made that is still pending that I replied “here” to Rumplestiltskin. I read thrives Q+A’s but nothing. My reply was written on November 13 and I would like to know how to delete comments. Do I have to sign up with Thrive to get my profile with email?

        • It says, “Thank you, Bunyan ! Your comment has been submitted for this post. If at any point in time you want to make changes or delete your comment, contact us.” Who is “us.” You or Thrive?

        • It’s me! I was sleeping on the job – kidding – just plain old sleeping. Just getting to comments for the morning ????

    • Hey, watch the Charlie Kirk Show on YouTube to see what is most likely happening in the Kari Lake, Blake Masters races. Fascinating to see how the Dems are manipulating the ballot DROPS. Looks like there really is no logical way for Kari to lose, but Blake’s might be close.

    • It’s the Dems plan. Stupid people are forced into power in this party on purpose and told what to do and what to think. There are outsiders we see and hear on occasion that control even Nancy.

      The Democrat party just figured out how to “enslave” people w/out actually doing it like old times. Slavery never ended for them. Joe Biden is a slave. Fetterman is a slave. Hobbs is a slave. The MSM are full of slaves. The Black Caucus in the Dem party are slaves. Barack Obama was a slave as Potus, and still is a slave.

      If any of them act out against the Dem policies, they will be removed. That’s why they become faithful to the Demonic Party.

      i.e.’s: If MSNBC, CNN, even local news journalists around the country, stopped reporting the CBS, ABC, NBC devil’s advocates’ “talking points” that always support the left, people would lose their jobs and not be able to support their families. They would be fired instantly. So, they are enslaved.

      Black Caucus: if any members decided to one day support Pro-Life causes, they’d be disciplined or immediately removed. Yet, many of the Black Caucus members purport to be worshipers of Jesus Christ.

      Barack Obama: Then Pres. Obama tried passing ideas, one was a budget, from his own group in Congress and the Dem party members didn’t even give him a second look. And if Conservatives called out “Obama care,” disapproving of it, during his terms, they were called racist. Yet, Obama-care was the same “junk” they were pushing when it was called Hillary-care. Were they calling us women-haters back then? Probably. So, Obama’s color of his skin has ushered in modern-day slavery. He’s a useful tool to demonize the opposing party.

      As for Fetterman, Hobb’s, Biden, and many others, they don’t have the intelligence to think for themselves. Biden, literally, is a talking head for everything politics, since his brain is wired that way from decades of political dealings. Remember when he debated Trump and did a really good job, surprised many? B/c his main Neuro Pathways are like the main highways in this country. We know which one to use to get to a very distant place the quickest way. Biden’s brain is equipped for politicking and getting what he/they want.

      The dumb kids in class (high school), have found a way to be “popular” and don’t have a clue how to run an administration, so they pit one against the other, divide and conquer, to disrupt the masses from seeing their ignorance.

      It’s not going to get better. The wicked need to rule and divide this nation and remove God even more, and insert their “nasty” ways, brazenly corrupting the minds of our children in schools, as if they have the right, and so on and so on…

      When it gets to the point the left cannot be beat due to their incessant cheating, lies, and deceit, and the world is crumbling w/ no return, He will Come. Because Jesus Christ will be the only One to put them in their place.

      Just be sure you’re on the right side of God, studying Him daily. Jesus was crucified and resurrected at the age of 33. The year 2000 never intended for the return of Jesus Christ. The “2000 years” since He suffered, then resurrected and became our Eternal Father is what to focus on.

      Good day, my friend.

  • Daisy, thank you for writing this one! It sickens me this is happening AGAIN. I knew it would & it will happen again because they have gotten away with it. What sickens me more is that 3 of my kids have sworn an oath to defend this great country (yes it is great & flawed) against foreign invaders & DOMESTIC invaders as well. We know all too well there are probably more domestic than foreign at this point! I am proud & humbled they are doing so but it is NOT what it used to mean.

  • As a Pennsylvania resident who listens to local talk radio in northeast PA, I personally heard many callers saying they voted for Fetterman because he was not endorsed BY TRUMP. I am registered Republican and can honestly say that I feel Trumps choices such as Oz and Mastriano were not the the choices of most of us and although I still voted for them, it wasn’t enough. Too many people hate Trump just for being Trump, despite his great policies that were great for America. As long as he stays in the news, I think it’ll hurt election turnouts, not that I don’t believe fraud is also rampant.

    • Lakeside Joe,
      I have been reading more than a few postmortems analysis saying the same.
      Has Trump jumped the shark?
      Would it be better for the GOP in general if he just went quietly away?
      Than again, would it not be better if some of these much older, establishment politicians (on either side of the isle) just retired?

    • That just utterly baffles me. People ‘voting’ for that idiot. Your state will be destroyed with that guy, why would anyone support him just out of hate for Trump? That’s like drinking poison to hurt your enemy. Suicidal.

    • There are two types of people in this world–followers and leaders. Followers have a hard time following a true leader and changing, as well. Thus, Democrat politicians follow others like Karl Marx, or (you fill in the blank…there are many). Trump supporters do not follow Trump, they lead him. Trump is the follower. He has found intelligent, and many God-Loving constituents that have made him a leader.

      Rush Limbaugh was a follower of God, as are many of the voices in the Republican/Conservative Party. So, even for many in this party that support Donald Trump, they may not worship God, or even believe in Him, but ironically, even they follow His Commandments in treating people with kindness. Everything the Democrat party does not do, but pretend well.

      The Democrat Party is a facade. The Conservatives are real. The Democrat Party temporarily uses God to make many people follow them for political expedience, gain, but then teach/corrupt/indoctrinate our children, and have been doing so for a long, long time to boost their votes.

      The Conservatives want to follow the Constitution/Declaration of Independence, which puts God “and” the Law of Nature, which is under God, and conserve “We The People” as the Kings and Queens of that Constitution; thus, We follow one another in this great country, in support, to uphold the morals and values that are Christlike. In the meantime, the Dems are acting Lenin/Stalin/Hitlerlike.

      Always remember: Dems aren’t godless, they’re ungodly, b/c they do worship someone–Satan. And yes, Lucifer means something like Angel of Light…well, like many, even Judas, he has fallen, and is become…the angel of darkness.

  • In Brazil tens of thousands of people are still taking to the street because they believe that a socialist/communist stole their election. Here in FUSA, yawn just another stolen election and there’s nothing to see here citizen so just move on. “They” have become so confident that the people here will not rise up that they no longer hide their corrupt actions. They are wrong. Karma is a b*tch and there will eventually be a price to pay. Historically Americans have been slow to anger and even slower to act upon their anger, but trust me there is going to be a reckoning in this world and the next.

  • I have the utmost confidence that our system is utterly broken and corruption is rampant. In my own county, there is proof that the sheriff and county commissioner cheated in the last election. I managed to get my ballot in at the last minute but I know it doesn’t matter in the least. I may as well have used it as toilet paper.

  • How is it that India,which has double the legal age voters and no early voting, can show up in person,vote on the day of the election,can get all of those votes hand counted in five hours and announce the winners,as where the U.S. has early voting,same day voting,the fastest vote tabulators in the world,vote tabulators that can be rigged through a program inserted by someone using a USB jump drive or the internet because the tabulators are equipped with wifi and or bluetooth and take days to find out who the winners are?Does anyone else smell the stench of election fraud in the U.S.?Time to get rid of mail-in voting,(exceptions for the infirmed and out of country military) and go back to election day Amish voting,on water marked secure paper ballots ONLY and hand count every ballot directly after the polls close.If India can do this,the U.S. can get votes counted in about half the time. WAKE THE HELL UP PEOPLE.OUR VOTES ARE BEING STOLEN FROM US AND HAVE BEEN FOR DECADES! Free and fair elections don’t include machines.

    • Actually, I saw a video where the CEO of Dominion was showing a group of election officials in Chicago how to use the “Adjudicator” program that comes with their machines. You open the ballot on which “…the voter mis-marked…” and correct it for him. Now he didn’t say you could use this program to change the vote, but it was obvious you could…

  • The 2020 General Election has received so much attention that the following get overlooked:
    • The 2020 Democratic Primary was rigged; Joe was not actually picked by Democrat voters.
    • The 2022 Primaries were also rigged; precious few challengers ousted incumbents.
    • The running theme of the most recent election is not that of one party cheating, but instead incumbency protection.

  • In 2004 the Dems in shock of a loss to Bush decided by 2005 to cheat out the system, and were very public that the voting system would be rigged for Dems 2005 going forward. In 2008, vote rigging for Obama, the use of mass hypnosis techniques with help from the CIA (using proven in Brazil techniques), the promotion of an illegal to even to run as a Candidate for President (whom we now know was a Kenyan born Indonesian, and Barry looks like his Subud Cult maternal grandfather/
    Never mind Barry Soetoro of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in DC voted in DC for Barack Obama , and also voted in person in Chicago as Barack Obama for Barack Obama in 2012, — (I posted the screen capture of the Barry Soetoro voter registration at the time, and it is still up on the internet at this time)–
    so let me emphasize, since at least 2008 the fix in vote rigging for Dems (be it Philadelphia or elsewhere around the nation) was in. Since then, tallies of 160% of the actual voters of the precincts for Democrat candidates were and are still blown off.
    Now in 2020 and 2022, we are expected to include every ballot, counterfeit or improperly filled out – not signed – mickey mouse signed or illegal alien filled to be part of the vote counts if they are Democrat. Only those who might double vote Republican are to be arrested and prosecuted, if they do bother any remote form of enforcement.
    Election integrity at the Statewide and National scales is GONE. Unless those who tamper the elections are tried and executed en masse for Treason, which is never going to happen, those who control the count will evermore control the outcome of who does and does not assume political office at the Federal and State levels anymore, regardless of the vote…they change vote at whim by direct alteration by many means, and often almost openly in the sense of if you follow ballots on an hourly basis and watch the steal results. It is so unmistakable, Secretaries of State should be prosecuted samd sent to prison for allowing the felonies to be legitimized by them.
    Soon it will be everything that is voted for that can be open fraud changed before the public, just like Stalin achieved by 1939 in Russia. And if you think differently, these counters just might reply to you: Shto to?
    Funny, those who call you Nazis support real Nazis in Ukraine, and those who hate Russians are themselves the New Russian Communist Soviets in the USA and somehow falsely call themselves the real patriots? Ironic.

  • Actually it remains to be seen if that is the case:
    In 2008 42.9% of the voting age population did not vote.
    In 2012 it was a high point of 46.2%, but in 2016, it was only 45.2 % that did not vote and in 2020 it was only 38% that did not vote.
    Starting in 2016, the numbers of eligible adults NOT voting dropped, not increased. So the numbers of people voting increased.
    That would indicate just the opposite of the current mantra of “voters losing faith in Elections”. Now they may believe that they are flawed, that they are corrupted, but they are still voting. So they have not lost enough “faith” in Elections, to no longer vote. Actually the numbers of voters have increased.

    Now I would agree that it should be that 95+% of voting age adults that should be voting. In Singapore, where voting is compulsory, turnout at the 2020 general election was 95.81%, the highest since 1997 where it was 95.91%.

    I would also agree that the current system in many places is terribly flawed and corrupt.( I personally believe that some corruption is always present in any election). But large scale corruption has not been legally proven. Only Conspiracy theories exist as to large scale corruption.

    These theories may have been Psychological operations, run by our enemies to spread mis-information and distrust of our elections.
    If the goal was to create deep political divisions and distrust it succeeded.
    The Jan 6 event, probably being a manipulated event, to increase the tensions and the level of distrust in the general population, the government and even within the Political parties themselves.

    Take nothing, no source as truth, until you research it yourself. Even Innocent people can get caught up by one of the many propaganda machines. Don’t be one of them.

  • The voting hasn’t meant anything to me for years, I just do it out of habit. It’s a UNIPARTY, the voting has little to do with results.

  • Your vote has the most impact at your local level, either city or county. Locally is where you can meet your candidates. Locally is where your tax money gets spent and projects get approved or tossed out. Locally is where the issues that impact you personally are decided. While I do like it when my political party controls the national scheme of things, it’s at the county level where my vote actually matters. Local elections are often won or lost by a few votes and every vote is important AT THE LOCAL LEVEL. Who you elected for city council, or for County Supervisor, or your local School Board is going to matter. Locally is where you can speak up, show up, and make a difference. I’ll never meet a President, but I have met my District’s Supervisor. Focus on ‘local’ and you will find your voice is heard and you can make a difference. Real change in government starts at the bottom, not at the top, and how you vote matters -locally. Just my opinion.

    • In some states, like my own, 49% of the population is on welfare, the schools are the worst in the country–which I think is the plan–ignorant, poorly-educated people can’t survive without govt cheese, and so will ALWAYS vote Democrat, regardless of how much harm Dems do. Welfare recipients are glad to see taxes go up–it means a bigger foodstamp allotment. They certainly don’t pay taxes. Gun control? They can’t afford one, or are convicted felons and can’t own them anyway. When they need cash for drugs, cigarettes or tattoos, they offer to let others use their EBT cards to “buy” groceries in exchange for half the value of the purchase in cash. I’ve had several people approach me in the store with this very offer, and a place at which I was once employed had a guy working there that openly offered this service to everyone in the office. Voting will NEVER fix this…

  • I’m Arizona born and raised. I’m so fed up and disgusted that I can hardly put words together. The media is doing a fine job of causing strife and misinformation as usual. One thing I can say for sure is that Katie Hobbs should of stepped down from her job as Secretary of State before running for Governor. And she wouldn’t even debate Kari Lake. How sad is that!?? And the ridiculous vote counting taking DAYS. Unnecessary and ridiculous. I FEEL like it’s all a corrupt lost cause in my state and my USA. But despite my feelings I will never give up the fight for my state and country!

    • Arizonagirl,
      What was with the not debating thing?
      If you are so weak, you cannot even debate your opponent, what does that say about you?
      And people still voted for Hobbs . . . really?

      • 1stMarineJarhead I totally agree with you! I think Hobbs knew That Lake would toss her under the table in 5 minutes. Well waiting patiently to see the outcome. Hopefully some time this month. I’m only half kidding. Have a good weekend. I always appreciate your comments on this platform!????

        • Arizonagirl,

          “Hi. Goodnight everybody.”

          This is the new generally accepted coverall salutation here in Pa. We had used to use proper and time appropriate greetings. Our new senator has confidently showed the commonwealth by his example while debating a nonresident doctor from Turkey for an open senate seat, that by streamlining both greetings and goodbyes into one homogeneous salutation, a person is better able get down to the business of blabbering in circles pointlessly.

          I imagine Hobbs saw our debate and concluded that she couldn’t beat Festernecks performance and in the spirit of party solidarity acquiesced.

          • I just wonder how many people who cast their vote for Fetterman during early voting would’ve still voted for him had they seen The debate beforehand.

  • Marshall Township, Michigan, required photo ID and checked it twice at two separate stations. Whitmer did not fare well. I do not like that me ballot went into a machine with no feedback that it was accurately recording my vote. I have low confidence in the integrity once the ballot left my hands.

  • midterms are a lie – dems are suppressing the reality because their fake reality would never last without lies – their end will be no mercy as they reap what they sowed so they should smile now all the want because there will be hell to pay when their lies and crimes finally catch up to them. For now, they are fanning the coals that will burn them decisively.

  • The biggest problem right now is that no one in authority wants to fix this voting problem. The children in DC certainly like what’s going on. All the state legislatures can write all the laws they want, but if the Demonrats won’t obey the law and no one will enforce it, there’s not much that can be done.

    I don’t vote. Haven’t since 2007. What’s the sense when your ballot gets thrown away or the electronic vote gets flipped in the machine? I look at it this way: it’s an illegitimate government and I won’t obey the phony laws they enact.

    The Republic is lost. We now have a democracy where 51% decides what’s going to happen to the other 49%. I predict this winter there will be a triple plandemic, lockdowns, and forced incarcerations into camps for those in the alt media and those who won’t comply with government edicts. And there will be no 2024 election. Elections are over. The Communists now run the government and your life. Live Free or Die!

    • We have a democracy where 40% decide what 60% will have to do. The 40% are steered by lying media and other mechanisms, such that ultimately .001% decide what everybody will have to do.
      And of course there will be elections–almost half the nation still believes them and this shuts people up. Not all, but enough.

  • We no longer have an election process.
    We have a SELECTION process.
    Not that this is really new.
    Can anyone guess who is behind this?
    (Yes, that was a rhetorical question.)

  • Hey, watch the Charlie Kirk Show on YouTube to see what is most likely REALLY happening in the Kari Lake, Blake Masters races. https://www.youtube.com/c/RealCharlieKirk
    Fascinating to see how the Dems are manipulating the ballot DROPS (and coordinating with Big Media to control the narrative). Looks like there really is no logical way for Kari to lose, but Blake’s race might be close.

    If you live in AZ or Nevada, find out if you can help “CURE” ballots. Curing ballots means they contact voters where signature or date are missing from the outside envelope in order to FIX the ballot and make it countable. This is where shenanigans can happen. YOU can make a difference.

  • IMHO, I believe I know who the fraudsters are. But being able to prove one way or another is out of my reach for the most of it. We can follow all the evidence and careful lines of reasoning but in the end, those malicious, rancorous folk who have intentions for the rest of us are driving us all to insanity. It seems to be narrowing down to a couple of things: A complete demoralization of the citizenry and enough confusion to make us vulnerable for a call by every branch of our government for a vote “No confidence” in our present system to that sinister world body on our shores called the United Nations. Could be dragged out for another couple of years to allow for all the drama to convince folks that this is an expedient move. Or — it could move like rapid lightening before any commoners know what is happening. Dunno. But this scenario seems to be driving the trend as we are all occupied with the details.

    Time to lament is appropriate. But battening down the hatches is a wise occupation right now.

  • It is hard for me to even go and vote anymore. This is the first election that I have sat out in my life and I’m 74 years old. What’s the need? the vote counters decide the election anyway.

  • Yes, I trusted “Florida’s” midterms results and verified that my “Florida” mail-in ballot was received and counted, and felt represented. The way to move forward as a country is to prepare for unprecedented fiscal events, domestic and geopolitical turmoil, and ensure that your faith in Jesus is your most important “prep.”

  • Expecting Mark Brnovich to come to the rescue and save us from fraud in Arizona is that he’s a “Never Trumper RINO.” And partially responsible for the fraud in 2020 and in 2022. It’s not just Democrats. There are Republicans that are in on the fix and they hate Donald Trump for exposing them.

  • I do not trust electronic voting machines, PERIOD! Too easy to tamper when they are supposed to be efficient why is there a DELAY?

    We all know why, as someone mentioned, how much do they know they have to CHEAT to win?

  • i think that the MSM had a very large part to play in all of this. remember when they were all predicting a Red Wave. well it was to lead the repubs into thinking it was in the bag so why should i go out and vote, one vote won’t matter.
    multiply that one vote by one hundred million others who thought the same way and we have got what we have now.
    we were duped and we have no one else to blame but ourselves. i voted.

    • Well there SHOULD have been a Red wave. WHO votes ‘thank you may I have another’ after these last 2 years??!!! Idiots who deserve what’s coming. Unfortunately the rest of us will be collateral damage & THAT angers me.

      Maybe this is happening (& I DO believe everything does happen for a reason) to allow more power back to the states in the branches to facilitate more change locally (which I believe this fiasco pretty much did in most cases). Other than AZ & NV that’s a sh*# show.

  • For 44 years (since I first started voting), I’ve wondered if my vote counted beyond local elections. Now, I’m not even sure my vote counts locally, largely due to Colorado’s Mail In Voting. I can’t think of a process even less secure than Mail In (other than electronic that know one’s allowed to review the software on).
    It’s so obvious it boggles the mind, and even more obvious when the power’s that be LIE through their teeth trying to convince us its secure. They think we’re stupid, and for the most part, many of our fellow citizens are.

    I feel we lost our Republic in 2020, and 2022’s manipulated results convinces me I’m right.

  • I will never again legitimize this illegitimate system.
    We should ALL abstain from voting. This country is already in civil war, it just hasn’t gone hot yet… but it will whether you vote or not.

  • These past 4 years have certainly proved a few things to me.
    1. The DNC and GOP are just the two wings of the same diseased ridden bird. And Trump was/is no exception.
    2. I have exactly zero faith in my fellow citizens to stand up for themselves and our country against the obvious tyranny we are all living under.
    3. Voting is just an illusion. If voting mattered that much, trust, they would allow us to participate. In short, elections 100% rigged and ALWAYS have been. They ALL know it.
    4. Most of what we “learned” in school is a flat out lie.
    5. Our government is corrupt to the core in ways the average person cannot comprehend.
    6. The only faith I have is my personal relationship with God. I trust that no matter what, I’m gonna be okay.

    So no, I’m never voting again. No more campaign donations and volunteering.
    Let the chips fall where they may idaf anymore. Like all other great empires, they rise….and they fall. American WILL be no different.
    This is not retreat, this is acccepting reality and knowing theres no chance for a peaceful end to this mess.

  • The biggest evidence of fraud is the lamestream media constantly harping Conservative doubts “despite no evidence.” There is overwhelming evidence, so this claim means censorship. It means “we don’t allow any evidence to be aired.” This is even more serious than hiding the miscounting of votes. It means profound fraud exists before the voter even sees his ballot: hiding facts about those running for office.
    As to the overwhelming evidence, there are 66 other comments as I type this. Anybody who bothers to look will find dozens of examples.
    Trust can only be restored by earning it. We need real audits like the 2020 Arizona full forensic audits in every state and county until we are consistently getting it right.

  • Americans haven’t lost faith in our elections. That’s why about 160 million of us voted in the last presidential election. Several states had record midterm voter turnout this year.

    • Yes, William Tell, many of us are voting. I saw a breakdown of voting in several counties in Wisconsin in 2020, over 100% registered voters voted, at least one county over 200% turnout. I haven’t seen the numbers for this year’s mid-terms yet, how many counties will have similar turnouts? With those numbers voting, we really have faith in our elections.

    • There’s a town in New Hampshire that has a total population of under 700 people (including kids under 18). 1500 townspeople “voted” in the midterms. How the hell isn’t that cheating.

  • For me, voting is pro-forma. Ever since I spent a few hours in the library, copying obits of a group I knew tends to Democrats, then I spent some time in city hall and counted about 76 of them having voted in what was a close race. All those who registered, registered Democrat. Furthermore, there was evidence that this was an inside job at city hall. This was more than 40 years ago in San Francisco. I now have no faith in the election process.

    This country is under God’s judgment. War may come to our shores as soon as 2023. This last election may not matter much because our country will be devastated. Communist China, together with communist Russia, plan to attack us with nuclear weapons, then invasion. Then what will rise out of the ashes? Defectors from those communist countries have tried to warn us, but our political class has ignored them. Instead, the politicians seem trying to goad China and Russia to attack us, similar to how FDR goaded Japan to attack Pearl Harbor.

    There are factors that indicate that this may be the Democrats swan song. A war will kill far more Democrats than conservatives because Democrats tend to concentrate themselves into the large cities that make good targets for nukes. Democrats have taken the jab at a far higher rate than conservatives, which, if researchers are correct, is a slow acting poison that will kill. Even massive fraud won’t be able to compensate for missing voters.

  • If you don’t vote, you for sure won’t matter. Get out and vote every election. And remember, you aren’t the only one voting and sometimes the other side really does have more voters. But if you don’t vote, they have one more than if you do vote

    • The only way Marxists can win ANY election is by cheating.
      Pennsylvania just “elected” a vegetable for Senate. A human vegetable. But hey, America “elected” a vegetable for President in 2020 and look at the “great” results. In two years…..America is now a third-world nation.

  • Thank God I live in the Free-State of Florida. After the 2000 Election disaster, Florida totally changed it’s election laws and processes. Now when have an election….we vote, count the votes and have the results in by around Midnight. No magical boxes of mystery ballots, no machines crapping out just in GOP strongholds, no waiting and watching as Marxist/Democrats slowly & magically eat into & then beat the GOP candidates leads.
    How did DeSantis & Rubio kick Marxist’s Ass??? Simple…..we had a REAL Election and not some sham, hide the pickle, Shitshow, rigged election.
    I’m just sitting here, waiting for the for the “National Divorce” to start.

  • Daisy, the Republicans worked with the Democrats for most of my life and gave in to them on every issue. That is why we are in such a mess. Working together will hold the country together, you are right about that but it won’t be a country I would want to live in. In fact it will be unlivable for most people.

  • The morning after the 3 am ballot drops in the 2020 election, the Texas Republican GOP wouldn’t take my calls (At the time I was a Republican Precinct Chairwoman. The only person who answered was Catherine Engelbrecht at “True the Vote”. Asking her how I could help, she said “clean up your local voter roles”. Fast forward today, Catherine and Gregg Phillips were released last week from prison over their documentary “2000 Mules” showing how ballot trafficking was done & proving election data was sent to China. They were put in prison and released last week after not giving up a confidential informant. God help us all.

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