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Yeah, yeah. We know. It’s a week into November already, but better late than never, right?

Selco and I are starting a tradition of monthly challenges over on the Survival and Self-Reliance forum to get you motivated and get your prepping, regardless of your level of preparedness. And there are prizes!

Last night, we were up late discussing how we want to really help you and get you moving – and what we could offer in return. Here are the details on this month’s challenge.

The Prep-Every-Day Challenge with Selco and Daisy

The people who are the most prepared are the ones who make preparedness a habit. Sometimes you may not feel like you’re doing much, but if you do just ONE THING each day that…

***Teaches you something
***Produces something
***Practices something
***Prepares something

These baby steps will ALL ADD UP.

And like Survival Santas, Selco and I will be watching and cheering you on.

Don’t feel bad or embarrassed if your steps don’t seem as “advanced” as the folks who’ve been at this for a long time. We all have a starting point: right where we are. Nobody is going to mock you or be anything but supportive because we’re thrilled that you’re doing SOMETHING to get better prepared. (And if they do say unhelpful things, they can fully expect the wrath of Daisy in full Mama Bear mode and a speedy exit. Rudeness isn’t what we’re all about.)

Your steps could be as simple as reading a survival article and making a plan to apply the information to your own situation or as complicated as building a chicken coop from scrap lumber.

It’s a process for every single one of us. You’ve got this!

Does this challenge sound familiar?

If it does, it’s because I did it last year in my Facebook group, Prep Club. Here’s an article I compiled with some of the awesome things people got done during the 2017 challenge.

But having it on Facebook rules out a lot of great folks who don’t participate in social media. And of course, there’s the total lack of privacy there too. We feel like it’s a lot safer to do challenges like this with the cloak of anonymity you’ll have on the forum.

And by the way, PLEASE do not sign up to the forum with your real name. The only thing we need to have is your email address. Don’t use your real name any place on the sign-up form. This adds a layer of protection between members and other members that may have questionable motives. Unlike Facebook, which forces you to use your real name, we encourage you NOT TO DO SO.

Here’s the prize for this challenge

Now, I know we’re getting a late start. It’s a week into November. But for those of you who participate and let us know ONE THING you did to prep every day for the rest of the month, you’ll get a free copy of my PDF book, The Prepper’s Book of Lists.

We’ll go by the honor system for this. I’m not going to go through and check that you’re telling the truth. If someone is that desperate to cheat, it’s on them, not on me.

The Prep-Every-Day Challenge rules

Here are the rules to win your book (and get better prepared.)

  1. Every day, you must check in and let us know what you did to prep. If you can’t get to the computer, you can post the following day and let us know what you did the previous day.
  2. Prepping activities can be anything that makes you more self-reliant or better prepared. Preserving some food, cooking from scratch, making a costume for your kid’s recital? Going to the gun range, attending a field medic course, upgrading your bunker? All of these things practice the skills you need to thrive. Improving your fitness, going hunting – all of it counts!
  3. At the end of the month, I’ll provide instructions for you to get your book!

Easy-peasy, lemon squeezy!!!!

Here’s how to join

Just so you know, you will also be helping Selco and me make our forum a success. We spent a lot of time and money getting it set up to provide a safer spot for preppers to congregate and we would really appreciate your help getting things going.

Go here to join the forum:

Go here to join the challenge.

REMEMBER: DO NOT USE YOUR REAL NAME WHEN YOU JOIN THE FORUM. Please use something anonymous. Our efforts to protect your privacy are in vain if you put your real name or something identifying on the forum.

Are you in?

I hope you’re in! This is a great way to make preparedness a daily habit.

Join Selco and Daisy in the November Prep-Every-Day Challenge and make preparedness a daily habit! (PS: You can win a prize for completing the Challenge!)
Daisy Luther

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