NO HESITATION: How a Young Israeli Woman Saved Her Community

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We’ve heard a lot of horrific stories coming out of Israel and Gaza over the past few days. The shocking Hamas-led massacre has all eyes on that part of the world and the violence is far from over. The tragedy of this is the real people – families, elders, and children – who are in harm’s way, targets whether they personally have ever done anything to the enemy or not.

There are many lessons for those of us who want to be prepared for such events. In these stories, you can find hope, resilience, and strategies that could help you learn more about survival. None of these lessons are political, though many seem determined to make it so. What we’re learning from are the stories of real people who experienced something shocking and devastating. Remember, survival is just about surviving.

From what we can see on the news, it seems that most kibbutzes were caught unaware that this attack was different and didn’t have time to launch a proper defense. The extreme brutality and rapid onset of the fast-moving attacks resulted in shock and confusion.

This is something we’ve talked about on this website before. The faster you can process and accept what is happening, the faster you can respond.

How one community survived due to fast thinking and good leadership

One young woman showed remarkable courage and resourcefulness in the face of the attacks. Inbal Lieberman is a 25-year-old woman who has been in charge of security for the Nir Am Kibbutz since last December. Like all young Israelis, she served in the military.  (Some reports have spelled her name Inbar, but I’m going with the spelling on her social media accounts.)

When Lieberman heard the explosions early that fateful Saturday morning, she quickly realized this was very different than the usual rocket sounds. The key to this story – and how she saved her community – is her complete lack of hesitation.

Lieberman didn’t wait for official orders or instructions from higher-ranking officials. She immediately took action. She roused the twelve members of her community who were her standby squad and rushed to the armory to distribute weapons to them. She dispersed them to strategic positions around the kibbutz to set up ambush points for the attackers she expected, though none had arrived.

According to her father, “The electricity went out because of the rockets, and she ordered that the power not be restored so nobody could open the gates to the kibbutz.”

Then they waited.

Over the course of a four-hour battle, the attackers were repelled by the defenders. Inbar killed five attackers, and her team killed another twenty. Nobody in Nir Am died that day, and it is one of the only communities in that area that survived unscathed.

The most important thing to note is that it was all because their leader didn’t wait.

One member of the standby team, Sa’ar Paz, told reporters that Lieberman took immediate action to “give us weapons and send us to different sectors, even though the official instruction she received was to prepare the standby class only.”

His wife, Ilit Paz, told reporters, “They heard the shots and made contact on their own with other members of the standby unit and with Inbal — and they understood that they were told to be on standby. But Inbal made a decision not to wait and be jumped operationally. In fact, the fact that they did it early prevented dozens of casualties.”

A social media post from a member of the kibbutz translates:

“When it’s all over, this woman will receive the Israel Prize. The story of her heroism is a story that will go down in Israeli myth for generations. Inbal is the reason there is one kibbutz in the entire surrounding area that remains unharmed – Nir Am. Lieberman is the first kibbutz woman to understand in the entire State of Israel what’s going on, ran like crazy from house to house, organized the emergency squad, and prepared a work plan to protect the kibbutz and set men in ambush on the kibbutz’s fence. All the terrorists who came to the kibbutz were killed on the fence, 25 terrorists. Hero of Israel,”

I cannot express enough the key to the survival of this community. Inbar Lieberman didn’t wait for orders. She immediately made the choice to fight back and she and her team were prepared to face the attackers before they infiltrated the kibbutz.

It reminds me a little of the survivors of Maui who disobeyed officials and evacuated down a road they were told not to enter.

You are responsible for your own survival. Nobody is coming to save you. Nobody is in your situation, and you must take decisive actions based on what you see for yourself.

What do you think of Lieberman’s actions?

In my opinion, Inbal Lieberman is a hero. Her quick thinking and willingness to act outside of official orders saved her community. I can only hope that word of her actions spreads and others are inspired to do the same.

What do you think of Lieberman’s decision not to wait and to set up ambush points for potential attackers before they arrived? What lessons have you learned about survival from these stories? Are there any other stories of survival you can share?

Let’s leave politics out of this and talk about what we’re here on The OP to discuss: survival and preparedness in the face of danger. I look forward to your thoughts in the comments section.


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Daisy Luther is a coffee-swigging, globe-trotting blogger. She is the founder and publisher of three websites.  1) The Organic Prepper, which is about current events, preparedness, self-reliance, and the pursuit of liberty on her website, 2)  The Frugalite, a website with thrifty tips and solutions to help people get a handle on their personal finances without feeling deprived, and 3), an aggregate site where you can find links to all the most important news for those who wish to be prepared. She is widely republished across alternative media and  Daisy is the best-selling author of 5 traditionally published books and runs a small digital publishing company with PDF guides, printables, and courses. You can find her on FacebookPinterest, Gab, MeWe, Parler, Instagram, and Twitter.

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  • Good to hear a positive story of survival!. Think of our homes, our neighborhoods (if you have one), the broader community. They had a border (fence) and trained members. So, to transfer that to our homes, neighborhood, etc, it’s important to understand those components were in place so she (a decisive person in charge) could give directives to others. Got to have that system in place.

  • WTC…. the police and firemen have arrived. All is well, go back to your desks and resume work. Titanic…. the experts are in charge and everything is under control. Go back to your staterooms and get a good night’s sleep.

  • I live in a small midwestern farming community. There no plans in place for our survival at this time. But I know many who are prepared to defend our community if the times demand it. At some point we will have to get better organized for safety’s sake. Not sure how that will work since many are in a state of denial. We shall see.

    • Charles,
      I have put on several courses thru the Red Cross. Standard classes. 1st Aid, CPR (For individuals) and Emergency Preparedness with the added component of “When Help is delayed” for a community such as yours. Think in terms of a tornado, flood, winter storm etc.. No help available for a minimum of 30 minutes.

      The Emergency Preparedness course would be a great “Primer” for the scenario above. Leaders rise and self identify. Any individuals form a military background would add their expertise. A surprising number will have weaponry and expertise should the need arise. Take it from there.

      The Emergency Preparedness exercise will be a great form of insurance for your communities safety going forward.

  • It’s an awesome accomplishment,but at the same time kind of saddening and disappointing.
    I really had thought this was the point of universal conscription– that the entire populace would be capable of defending themselves in this professional and strategic way.

  • She did a great job. A true hero. I wonder what there firearms were that were handed out and why this Kibbutz was prepared with a security team and I did not hear of any others equipped or orginized.

    • I would suggest that the reason was one of those AHA moments. She was trained. She was either awake or awakened by the gunfire. She had the knowledge to RECOGNIZE the noise was NOT fireworks (think the gunfire at Las Vegas) AND was not the “right” sound for gunfire of weapons she was used to. She most likely listened to her gut which said “this is not normal…” she acted. The intruders that attacked her Kibbutz may have been later than those that attacked other kibbutzes. Maybe not. But because she was trained & ready, she acted. All of the places have those teams. BUT if the attackers reached the armories of the other kibbutzes before anyone could get to them, the citizens could do nothing without weapons. Her guardian angel was working overtime.

  • “Hesitation will get you killed.” This brave lady didn’t hesitate and a community was saved from evil, death and destruction. A powerful arrow that needs a prominent location in our own quiver of lessons learned.

  • She’s awesome! Over and over, we see that denial of what your eyes, ears, and brain tells you is about to happen will get you killed. So often we see that doing the right thing starts with accepting that 2+2 = 4.

  • This is like the book Blink. You know your job so well that you can make decisions “In the blink of an eye”. She was well trained and able to THINK. Our children are being taught not to think independently or analyze, but to follow.

    • YES (retired teacher here), it’s called the NEW WORLD ORDER of things. They are brainwashed, programmed and taught to just shut up and do what you are told. Just follow the instructions and get in line…. Sad, but true… They don’t know how to survive. They have no street smarts and have not learned to live in this world as it is now. They can’t add, subtract, multiply or divide except by using their phones or a calculator… Very few could begin to do basic math in their heads…. Yikes!!! They know NOTHING about thinking outside of the box!!!

  • Yep, total hero! It’s the same with anything about surviving or handling a situation for yourself or your tribe. It’s like the old saying “when seconds count the police are only minutes away.”

  • This Israeli Kibbutz had a neighborhood militia, and it saved ALL of their lives…… Americans are not this bright and IMHO will deserve to die when they are attacked. It’s called a Darwin award.

      • We DO NOT need to DIE… We need to be taught how to survive. But when the people are elderly or disabled/handicapped then they need to have overseers to help them survive. It’s not gonna happen on their own… We need to be more responsive to those that are NOT able (physically) to help themselves… I am hoping there are some who care in their time of need…

        • Thanks Wandakate for recognizing that the elderly aren’t all “brain dead” because we’ve slowed down physically! I’m a 75 yr. old woman who regularly practices timed “drop & aim” exercises. I don’t assume anything anymore and this article about a brilliantly trained young woman has me thinking…’ maybe I should organize a community protection “ plan with our scattered neighbors.

  • Thankfully she acted and disregarded the “stand-by for further orders,” crap.
    If it was not for the fact she took charge and deployed the security squad, saving lives, I am sure there would of been some desk jocky higher up that would of demoted her for not following orders.

    In other news, Un-confirmed reports of message traffic on social media of a call to Global Day of Jihad tomorrow Friday the 13th.
    What does that even mean, I have no idea.
    But it could be from peaceful pro-Hamas rallies to out right violence and everything in between.
    Regardless, some are saying to stay home and dont go out. Others say that is giving the terrorists what they want.
    If I were living in a major metropolitan area, I think I would think twice about going out on that day. As Selco says, best not to be there in the first place.
    Again, un-confirmed. But things that start out as a rumor on the internet have weird tendencies to manifest themselves in real space. Anyone recall the on yahoo calling on people to storm Area 51?

    • Maybe it means a general day of chaos, just a hellish day of mischief or worse. I agree with Selco. better not to be there in the first place. Is it not always better to be safe than sorry?????

  • Inbar is indeed a hero. The only comment I have is that she and her security team should not have to be issued weapons from an armory. They should have them already at hand for immediate action. Doesn’t Israel trust their own people with weapons? The US still exists after 247 years for one reason…our second amendment.

    • Totally agree, Ron. For this reason, lovers of freedom need to have their firearms within reach at all times. If you are shopping and your weapon is on the nightstand at home – this won’t help you or anyone you’re around.
      Wear it legally!
      1. Know the laws in your state.
      2. Buy firearms and get a Conceal Carry Permit.
      3. Practice. Know your weapon.

      • 1 laws are opinions that folks inflict on folks through up to lethal methods. laws will not save anybody.
        2 no…..never let government folk know that you have defense tools. never.
        3 absolutely correct.

    • The 12 heroes she called upon are standby squad members for a close-knit cooperative, geographically centralized community (kibbutz). They are not full-time guards. This means they access & use weapons only in case of emergency. They are not personalized weapons.

      Weaponry must be readily functional, accessible with full ammo, accounted for, and distributable in full even if some members are not available for any reason. A central leader (in this fortunate case, Inbal Lieberman) must coordinate the alert message from the centralized regional command.

      That leader must interpret the emergency alert, then delegate instructions so that the standby squad members are not running around willy-nilly with no coordination or solid plan in response to the unique nature of the threat. Better if all central leaders had overridden the “standby” message!

      But the centralized command is necessary to issue emergency alerts covering the local region. Because you never know when an attack might come–or what level of danger’s affecting or approaching the surrounding communities.

      The people, united, will not be defeated.

    • That was an interesting comment. The thought also occurred to me. I’m thinking about a Priest who served in our parish who has returned home to Nigeria. The “city fathers” told the community to bring their weapons to the police department for “safety”. Less than 30 days & Boko Haram (the anti Christian terrorist group in that area) attacked the village & the residents were helpless. It does make one wonder.

  • Now that’s guts and TRAINING! She is a vet and has had the training to think on her feet and for her people. Even if she wasn’t actually a ‘leader’ in the military, she knew what her leaders did and how. Same can go for us. We have vets everywhere who have the training. If you have someone in your area then talk to them and ‘war game’ scenarios of best actions and practices for your area. Don’t listen to the ‘authorities’ as they are trying to keep people from panic and chaos. I’ve learned to do the opposite of what the government critters say in most cases.

    We do have a plan for our area. If and when the time comes, we will take down the bridges on all sides of us. There will still be logging roads in and out but you’ll really have to know the area well. There will be fire teams on those roads. We know that we are far enough out that things will go to hell in a hand basket in the big cities LONG before they ever reach us. We have people with HAMS to keep and ear out of whether it is spreading outwards and where the trouble is. We WON’T take those bridges down UNLESS it’s heading our way for sure. Now if they try to come in via the gliders as Hamas did, we have plenty of duck hunters around here as well that can take them out with a quickness.

    This young woman was well prepared unlike the other citizens who were banned from owning firearms and COULDN’T react. I remember watching a video of the terrorists coming in trucks and shooting. I was wondering why in the world the citizens weren’t shooting back and then I remembered that Israel banned private ownership of weapons without a license and those are next to impossible to get. Only 2.6% of the population have them.

    • “If you have someone in your area then talk to them and ‘war game’ scenarios of best actions and practices for your area.”
      That right there!
      Everyone’s particular situation is different.
      Could be rural or urban.
      Seasonal. Someone in lower AZ, NM, or TX are not going to get the kind of winters I get on a regular basis.
      There are some commonalities, like heat for making food or electricity for most peoples needs to not only fill the kettle but flush the toilet.

      I would like to think this young woman and other members of her squad have in fact ‘war game’ prior to this tragic event. Hence they leapt into action and knew prior to hostilities of key points to defend or where most likely to conduct an ambush.
      The difference between this community and others is not only striking but should be used as a lesson learned for others, their communities and future planning.

      One note Squirrel brings up is the use of roads as the most viable means of movement. And I believe him to be correct, most people will take the easiest means possible for movement. Heck, I have wild game that use my paths rather then blazing their own.
      However, I do think there would be a very small minority who would go or have the means to go cross country. But that would also limit their range on a given day and all the more need to either stay out of contact with others, or they might have to resort to stealing for food i.e. stealing a chicken or two, eggs, a lamb. Some people envision masses of MZBs raiding the country side. What they fail to consider is the amount of effort, energy, and logistics to conduct such a campaign. And the law of averages dictates they might be successful in the short term, eventually they will fail on a epic scale that will make them compost.

  • LOVE the key takeaway to not wait for orders!
    I came to that realization after hearing the 9/11 stories of people being told not to evacuate etc. I realized compliance in an emergency can get you killed.
    Also, if you are going to take orders from someone, they better be a quick thinking leader.

  • PLEASE…leave the politics out of this conversation. We’re here to talk about prepping and survival. Not false flags, not corrupt governments, not speculation about how “it never happened,” not cruel comments about how ANY group of people deserves to be murdered. There are other places where you can have these discussions.

    Your comments related to any of this will NOT be approved. Get as mad as you want about it. Unsubscribe. Tell everyone that I’m “censoring” you. I just don’t care. This is my platform, and I’m not obligated to boost your signal here.

    There’s enough ugliness in the world right now without bringing it to my comments section.

    PS: Because some people don’t know how to behave, all comments are being manually approved. Please be patient with any delays to your comment posting. I’m just one person.

    • Most people seem to have either forgotten or never considered what the US Declaration of Independence meant in stating that government derives its just powers from the consent of the governed. Hierarchical organizations, including military, are ultimately an invention of whoever happens to be in control at the time. They constitute self-declared authority, which in my opinion carries no moral weight. Therefore, Lieberman was more than justified in doing what she felt was necessary, chain of command notwithstanding.

  • Theres is a key point that set it up for success…listening. Many hear but few listen. She ‘heard’ these rockets had a different ‘sound’ and it caused her to probably think..somethings not right and jumped to action.
    Those kids at that music fest heard the sirens and heard the bombs in the distance…at which point you go…dont think its part of the music and think its off in the distance and wont hurt you.
    People tend to stand and gawk when stuff happens…trying to film on phones…those few seconds might make difference between life and death.
    Tooo many are in their own zones and have zero awareness of situations or surroundings.
    Observation skills are not only sight limited but also involve hearing and Leiberman ‘heard’ it. Even the sound of a water glass breaking can tell you..opps it slipped or was thrown down with force.
    Those are skills that need to be refined.

    • “Tooo many are in their own zones and have zero awareness of situations or surroundings.”
      That right there!
      I noted once in a comment about hearing shots taken in the distance. One or two shots: A hunter taking a shot at game and maybe the second was a follow up shot, the first was a miss, or the second was a kill shot to put the game down.
      Then I heard 5 shots taken from my one Amish neighbor. That was him sighting in his rifle.
      Same goes for my dogs barking. There is a difference between their barking at the cat and when the UPS or FedEx stop at the end of the drive.
      If and when something sounds off and that little voice in your head says something is not right, listen to it!

      • In our neighborhood, we always give other neighbors a heads-up when we’re practicing/hunting/sighting.

        Just being a good neighbor.

      • I live in Italy and when at a restaurant watch families glued to cell phones…mom on watching a soccer on tic tic tic or insta and no one interacts nor aware of whats going around them. Waiter brings dishes and might ask what goes where…they look up with that look of a deer in your headlights at 2am. DUHHH!! Clueless. Play a game.. suddenly tell everyone at the table…’head to the door’…’why?’ ‘whats going on ?’ By the time you explain theres danger …sh.. happens.
        I just dont get it…I almost envy them that can live in their own moment world oblivious.

    • Absolutely! Think back to Las Vegas Music gathering where the sniper attacked from the hotel. Fortunately for those people there were a good number of young Marines there from the Marine Base down in Ca. THEY recognized the gunshot sounds & acted to protect & help the people around them. Had they not been there the numbers of victims definitely would have been higher.
      Training, Preparedness, just don’t happen by accident.

      • Those military also recognized that that was no sniper, rather someone with a belt-fed 30 cal machine gun. Many active and retired military made that connection and commented on that. There were at least two of them.


  • I very much admire this brave, clear-thinking woman! She has set an incredible example for the rest of us. 🙂

  • What do you think of Lieberman’s decision not to wait and to set up ambush points for potential attackers before they arrived? Inbal Rabin-Liberman courageously proved that situational awareness is invaluable to preserve life and prevail against adversaries.

  • Inbal Lieberman did everything right including ignoring instructions from higher-ranking officials. She was also prepared with weapons to protect her community. When it comes to an immediate threat to your safety you are the one best qualified to decide what needs to be done not someone miles away.

    • “Inbal Lieberman did everything right including ignoring instructions from higher-ranking officials.”
      I think that is part of the problem in today’s society. Most want someone else to tell them what to do, rather than take charge of the situation and give the orders themselves.
      Compare and contrast the school shootings in Uvalde TX and the Nashville TN one.
      During the battle of Stalingrad in WWII, at first the Russian’s tried a top down, centralized strategy. It did not work. What they found that worked the best was localized, Company and Platoon level strategy. There was a over all strategy, beat the Germans. But the daily fighting was commanded by the what would be the Company Commander or Platoon Leader.
      I believe Inbal Lieberman would of been a Platoon Leader, not waiting for further orders, taking charge, reading the situation as it was in her AOO and planning/acting accordingly. Not waiting for orders from some yahoo hundred of miles away who are trying to figure out what is going on.
      Good on her!

  • Love the comments and loved hearing this young woman’s incredible story!
    Her bravery at 25 was exceptional, but also she listened to the Holy Spirit to prepare for an attack. Israel must allow their citizens to have weapons. No word on what kind of weapons, but most likely Israeli uzis. Long guns are a necessity. Killing 25 terrorists with a security force of 12 led by a 25 year old woman is a story that will go down in infamy!

  • Full disclosure: I did not read all the comments before doing this post, so my thoughts may have already been expressed.

    I believe the incident illustrates very well how a prepper family, team, group, or any other set of people. It was not just the quick response by the lieutenant, though that seems to be getting the most attention.

    However, as in preppping to deal wit may types of life threatening events, attacks just one of them, a whole series of actions were obviously done well before the attack.

    Good protective methods were put into place. In this case the wall. The planning and training was done to ensure that not only was the wall ready, people with the correct training were available and sent to the wall to defend it.

    Which was possible because more training and exercises had been done, as well as suitable weapons acquired, along with ammunition and LBE. (Personally I would want group members to have their weapons rather than having to be distributed from a set location. Their country, their rules.)

    The ready squad was not the only group of people armed. Many of the settlers were also armed and stood ready to help (and may have) if the ready force had not stopped the murderers at the wall. (Good job people!)

    Not stated anywhere that I saw, but I am almost positive that the kibbutz had water stored or a good source of it, with many of the residents also having taken steps themselves to have food and water for a many day siege. When a kibbutz’ are constructed they invariably contain safe areas for the population with a group of people assigned to protect them.

    This meant that there was absolute immediate need to make sure that water was available, it was safe, and the same with food. Those that would, or might need to, join the fighting knew that their families were as safe as possible so they could maintain their attention on the task they were assigned. Not just keeping the terrorists out of the kibbutz, but killing them if possible.

    Information was sent to the higher authorities to keep them informed of what was happening in their sector so decisions could be made by the higher level staff knowing the information they were getting was as accurate and complete as possible.

    No immediate life saving assistance needed to be sent to that kibbutz, so it could be used where t was needed.

    It was essentially a government affiliated local militia operation. One that was well trained, well equipped, very well led, with the populace being protected also trained, equipped, and led so everyone could do their assigned tasks knowing others were doing the other tasks required to prevent injury or death to themselves, family, and friends.

    Yep, definitily a great prepper training example rom real life.

    Just my opinion.

  • Just goes to show you, bucking orders is usually the best route to take. God bless this young woman. She was able to make decisions based on situational awareness and critical thinking.

    • FOLLOWING orders is usually the best path to take, which is why that’s so popular. One clue that this was NOT such a time for Inbal (but note that her juniors DID follow orders and that was part of what saved them) was the word “standby.” They were to standby and await orders. In other words, this situation was surprising, different and the higher-ups were clueless as yet. She was on the ground, accurately informed and acted accordingly.
      ~~~~A somewhat similar situation was mentioned above where 9/11 people were told “do not evacuate.” You ever hear something like that, realize that we do not worry about “evacuate” during a normal workday. If the notion comes up even as “do not evacuate,” that is a very strong suggestion that you should do exactly that, in an orderly fashion.”

  • Any head of household in any Opsec status in any country … particularly here in the states needs to react with the exact same alacrity this brave human did!

    She decided to not be a victim to her country NOR its invaders and that was the difference between life and death period.

    Her tactical brilliance is to be lauded and emulated no matter what side she is on.

    Bravo Inbal!

  • Kudos to the young woman for her bravery and heroism!
    She is a real life “Wonder Woman” of her kibbutz. Bravo!
    I personally know of a family that six of nine members survived the Communist Khmer Rouge’s killing fields of Cambodia. Though their story is not like the Israeli woman, it is a different survival level. Find it on Amazon, if you are interested.
    Go West! A Memoir for My Sons: Our Family Journey and Khmer Rouge Life Experiences
    OR email for a FREE PDF copy at [email protected]

  • With complete respect – She has More Balls than the Israeli Government. Bless her & her fellow residents for having courage in the face of Terror & exterminating those Demonic Pieces of Shit! Glad they survived.

  • Glad to see a useful discussion minus the politics and conspiracy theories! Anyway, yes, she certainly saved the day and many lives. This was the only community that the terrorists attacked that wasn’t slaughtered. Looking at what happened here and what they did right is a useful endeavor. Number one seems to have been a well trained person in charge of security who could tell that something out of the ordinary missile attacks was occurring and ignored the orders to stand by for instructions. She listened to her spidey sense and this saved the kibbutz.

    In regards to comments about why she had to distribute guns to her team from a central armory and they weren’t already carrying them; I don’t know for sure but probably they all already had handguns. In Israel, if you get a gun permit it’s for only one gun generally. Living in the Gaza envelope they would have been considered to live and work in a dangerous locale so they likely already have owned a gun. But a handgun is a lot easier to carry on you at work etc so that’s probably what they all owned. She would have been distributing rifles that were owned by the kibbutz and locked up. Again I don’t know for sure but probably this was the case. And obviously they were facing terrorists armed with rifles and it’s much more effective and safer to be able to shoot back with a rifle and from a longer distance away than with a handgun.

  • Bad ars! Respect. I’d like to think I’d be heroically exercising my rights, but I’d probably not know what to do honestly. Her training came instinctively & instantly & that’s pretty damn awesome.

    I am praying my remaining kids serving aren’t pulled into this.

  • This is probably a good place to talk about the bad things that happen too often to people with guns even though their intentions are good.

    People with guns not practicing the rules of firearms safety often end up shooting friendlies or themselves, Why is that? Consider what would happen if you are in your home at night and you wake up to the sounds of a break in. Your children are down the hallway and you grab your firearm and you make your way towards your children to make sure they are safe. You have your gun up ready to shoot any intruder and your finger is on the trigger, perhaps with thoughts of Rambo running through your mind. You are still not fully awake and you trip over some children’s toys left in the hallway. Your hand squeezes automatically and you have just fired your gun unintentionally. Who have you just shot? One of your children, your wife? Yourself? If the bullet goes through the wall of your house have you just shot your neighbor? What did you do wrong?

    Once you placed your finger on the trigger any kind of shock to your body will cause your hand to squeeze reflexively and fire the gun. Tripping, a sudden loud noise, someone grabbing you etc. If you were practicing the rules of firearms safety you would have at worse stumbled. But then recovered and continued down the hallway, checked on your children and the rest of the house and most likely the day would have ended with no more problems.

    What are the rules of firearms safety? While there are more rules than I have listed below and rules are often placed in different order. I consider the below rules the most important in order of importance. If the hypothetical parent in my story above had followed just the first three rules of firearms safety I listed below then there would have been no accidental gun shooting.

    The Rules of Firearms Safety

    ALWAYS Keep The Gun Pointed In A Safe Direction unless you intend to shoot at some thing.

    ALWAYS Keep Your Finger Off The Trigger Until you have made the decision to shoot.

    Know your target and what is beyond it.

    Treat every gun as if it is loaded until you personally verify it is not.

    Make sure your gun works with the ammunition you will be using to defend yourself. Defensive ammo can be very unreliable in some guns. If you cannot shoot 100 rounds in your gun with no problems with that ammo then do not use that ammo or perhaps get a more reliable gun.

    Know what to do when your gun malfunctions. You pull the trigger you hear a click and nothing happens. Now what do you do? The gun fires once you pull the trigger again and nothing happens. But you see the action is open. What do you do?

    Make sure you can take your gun apart and clean it and put it back together.

    Get some formal training where you actually fire your gun and have to reload your gun several times.

    • Good post John!

      I’d like to add the home defense plan include proper hiding places for those you do not want in the fight.
      Also, strict instructions, such as if this door opens, and I have an identified myself outside of it you shoot.

      Also, you need to practice clearing your house while looking and actually pointing your finger in the direction of the hiding places so you always know the location as bullets can go through several walls.

      If you’re only tools a hammer, everything will be treated like a nail.
      Same with guns they are a tool, and do a particular job well and others not so good.
      if you have several hiding places or live in an apartment or with houses close together your best bet is a shotgun.

      Number 2 shot gives a good balance between doing what needs to be done to the intruder and not penetrating walls too badly. However, it will do a number on somebody immediately on the other side of the wall or door if you’re close, but not harm anybody on the other side of the next wall.

      If clearing the house will be a team effort, you must practice together and have definite and concise means of communication.

      On that note, I’ll plug ham radio
      get your tech license at a minimum
      and this is one of the best deals out there.

      You’ll need what’s called chirp software, free download, to program them
      These radios are capable of transmitting on some of the frequencies which do not require a license.

  • I poked around on the internet yesterday about Israeli gun ownership. I have a CCW. In the Peoples Republic of Kalifornia (at least in my county), it would be easier to get a CCW than in Israel. (Of course, Democrats are trying to make more problems for CCW holders now.)

    The PR concerning this incident wants to focus on this courageous woman. I certainly wouldn’t want to cast shade on her efforts and quick thinking. The issue I have is why EVERY ADULT in a kibbutz so close to the Gaza Strip didn’t have their own personal weapons in their homes, loaded, and ready to go. They could have rallied within a couple of minutes to repel the animals attacking the kibbutz and made short work of them.

    This Israeli civilian passivity is hard to explain, given Jews’ history. “Never again!” is a meaningless slogan unless Jews have the means to make that happen.

  • The key take away from this story is the importance of having weapons immediately available at all times.
    Not locked up safely in some closet.

    Note she had to go get the weapons out of a locked up location –
    they were not already in everybody’s hands.

    Add to that the time it takes to suit up.

    The fact that this community was successful in repelling the invaders should not imply that the other ones didn’t react just as quickly.

    It could be that for whatever reason they couldn’t get to the weapons or did not have a defensible position.

    If even 10% of the population had their rifles and a belt, or chest rig, and the rest a side arm and a spare mag or two it would’ve been a completely different outcome.

    Especially out at that music festival.

    And those key points she distributed the people to –
    I bet they were pre-selected, and everybody knew where to go before hand.
    That’s how our individual defensive plan must be. everybody has an assigned spot unless the situation is unfolding in a manner that requires Plan B.

  • In the past, farmers lived in villages, and went out to their fields. The villages were usually surrounded by a defensive barrier, usually a wall. The modern American practice with each house all on its lonesome on its own property is a modern practice, and this story shows one reason why.

    Right now I live in an older suburb with each house on about an acre of land. As I walk around the neighborhood, I notice how undefensible is this neighborhood. There’s nothing to stop a crowd of people from coming between the houses. With each house limited to a single family, the population density is quite low. I do not see how we could mount a defense as did this young woman.

    People may need to reassess how they set up their living quarters.

  • I am surprised her dog, looks like a Malinois, didn’t take out a few. That breed is amazing as security detail I hear. But also sweet as can be. Ask me how I know? I was just was adopted by one… at the local humane society. lol.

  • Recent history (Maui Fires) SHOULD have taught us that WE are responsible for our own lives! We need to be ready and able to go against authorities in order to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Remain alert and know the area that we are in.

    Carry some form of weapon ( I have tasers both at my doors and in my vehicle, a pellet pistol in my jeep, Pellet rifle in my house, pepper spray at doors and in my vehicle, and an air horn in my jeep and at both doors) I’d really like a pistol, but in order to get one, I’d have to let authorities know about it, and fear confiscation if martial law is enacted.

    If we aren’t at home, we should always have some form of protection and maps (NOT GPS!) and know how to read them. I carry a large atlas of both Oregon (where both I and one daughter live) and California (where another daughter lives) in my jeep at all times. I also have a USA atlas in case I’m somewhere else (unlikely!)


  • Is anybody else having trouble with protonmail? I have beend wondering why I wasn’t seeing Daisy in my Inbox (I have come through freedom’s Phoenix). I just discovered dozens and dozens of OP posts in my span since August. I am outraged since I open OP every day. I also found dozens of Allan Stevo, of Project Pureblood and other politically incorrect things.
    If protonmail is censoring, I need another email.

  • Inbal Lieberman is an Israeli HEROINE! What she did took critical thinking and explosive action on her part. She did not waste a moment. Would that we could all have such a brave, caring, skilled and responsive individual living in our communities willing to take the risk of alerting all to danger and the orchestrating the immediate response that was needed. May God bless her richly!

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