SELCO: What to Do If Unwanted People Show Up at Your Door When the SHTF

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We all have worries about people that will show up at our doorstep when SHTF.

I am thinking here about family members or friends that we know will be problematic when they show up. Either they are complete burdens without any real values in a truly hard situation or they might even possibly be a danger for us.

So what do we do with those folks?

What do they mean to us?

If they are friends, and they are not worth taking in when they show up then they are probably not real friends to you. If they are family then the situation is a bit different, because, for family, it is often worth the effort to try to make something “useful” from them. SHTF makes bonds stronger and more important, and usually there, is no stronger bond than your own blood.

But again, it is the thing of mentality and it may be different in a different part of the world.

What does reality look like?

When it comes to SHTF and what we expect, it almost always looks a bit different than we imagined it.

It is like that with the kind of people we are gonna cooperate and maybe live with when SHTF.

During our physical courses, we have different types of people as students, and often on a course, we have at least one student who is completely different from the majority.

Let’s say we have 5 students who are in good shape, physically in good condition, or skilled.

And then we have at least one who is out of shape or a bit less skilled. Or a student who is stubborn, or wants to play on his own.

And then, since we play a lot with group dynamics, we have students in situations where they are saying to us things like: “We can not finish the task, or be brilliant at the task because of that guy, his poor perfomance (or bad shape, or skills or no will to learn or whatever).”

We as a instructors say to the students, “Then imagine that person is a your father, mother, or that when SHTF your girlfriend shows up at your door with her old aunt. Are you are going to shoot them or learn to operate with them?”.

Almost always, they as a group find a solution to operate as a group, and what is even more important is that person too learns their own value just like their own imperfections.

It is reality.

You will cooperate with people who you love or hate, or people who slow you down, but you will have to manage that somehow. 

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Why are they going to show up?

The first and easiest step in solving this problem of not wanting people on your doorstep is to start from this: “Why will they want to show up?”

  • Do you pose yourself over the years as a secure place to them if something serious happens?
  • Do you “paint” yourself as a person who definitely knows what to do if the world as we know it were to suddenly collapse?
  • Or do you drag that person along by helping to him all his life, even if you clearly know that person does not deserve it, so you know if something really bad happens that person going to look for you immediately?
  • Is it simply a matter of good old lack of OPSEC, because over the years you keep talking to that person that he (or she) needs to get it together and start to prepare because bad things are coming, and you show him how well prepared you are as an example?

Whichever answer might be, if you do not want this person to show up. it is probably best to solve that now, and not when SHTF. If you do not want that person with you now it is time to cut all connections and to make that clear to him.

Keep in mind this simple advice through an example of myself:

I also have some worries about people showing up on my doorstep, but very small worries.


Because as far as they know, I am not prepared, I am scared too, I do not know anything about survival, I follow media, I am brainwashed. When the SHTF, I will be scared, confused, and I will look in all directions for help.

At least all this is the picture that I paint about myself. This is part of being the gray man.

Those who are important to me know my capabilities. Everybody else is probably worried that I might show up on THEIR doorstep, because that’s me, just an ordinary sheep.

“But they WILL show up.”

Yes, I know. This is the real world we are talking about here and of course, some people might still show up.

Friends you like but who are useless, members of the family that are awful but they are family and you are their only help, etc.

By the mere fact that they showing up at your doorstep you are in a situation where you need to decide:

  1.  Are you going to refuse him and make a possible enemy of him, especially if he knows your survival preparations?
  2. Will you accept him and put yourself at risk of possible problems because that person is not reliable, not skilled, dangerous, or because of whatever reason?

Refusing the person might be the solution, but you need to factor in things like how bad situation is around you and how much your personal preparations that person knows about. For example, if there is a complete absence of law and that person knows you are a prepper and have good stuff with you and you refuse him, guess what happens?

That person become your enemy at a time where there is no law, and you have cool stuff with you.

That person becomes your enemy with information about where some good stuff is.

In a drastic situation (complete SHTF), refusing the person who has a lot of info about you may be a situation where you need to “terminate” that person.

During drastic situations, be ready for drastic measures.

In most of the other less drastic situations (collapses, SHTFs) mostly feelings are only things that are going to be hurt, and you should not worry about it if you have kids to feed or more important and closer people then that person who shows up.

On the other hand, accepting the person that you do not really want to have with you wh SHTF, because of whatever reason, may work in your favor if you cover two things in the correct way: group and leadership.

This is another example where you can see how important is to have an organized group when the SHTF, or in other words, you can not be alone.

By accepting a not-so-wanted person inside an already organized group where each member has and knows his duties and responsibilities, you are by default pushing that person to meld into the organization.

If you are alone it is hard to control that person.

And it does not need to be ultra hardcore survivalist group of 15 armed men, that is not necessary.

Just a group of people with already-known skills, duties, and responsibilities…

Do not be alone.

Correct leadership is other thing that will help you a lot when undesirable persons are staying with you.

I am not talking here about democracy. Sorry folks, but real democracy does not work very well in situations like this.

If you are a strong leader of your group, you have the skills to set the rules and to make the people obey the rules. If you do not have those skills, someone else will.

With correct leadership within a group, the person who shows up suddenly and does not want to contribute in the right way can be “pushed” to contribute. 

Strength in numbers

With all the combined things above, you need to keep in mind that when SHTF strength is usually in numbers.

So, even if you think there is no use of some person who shows up on your doorstep, think hard. Is there actually a use for them, and do you have skills and force to implement that use of the person?

I would like to have skilled persons with me when SHTF, but often it is more important to have people that can be trusted (even if they have no skills) so you need to think about it on that way too.

Also, there are many uses of people besides hardcore survival stuff. I survived some of the hardest situations with people whose only skill was to talk, and I appreciated that skill a lot.

What are your thoughts?

We all hate hearing, “If something bad happens, I’m coming to your house.”

But have you considered what you’ll actually do if friends, family members, or neighbors show up looking for help after things go sideways? Has Selco’s advice caused you to rethink your plan? Let’s discuss it in the comments.

About Selco:

Selco survived the Balkan war of the 90s in a city under siege, without electricity, running water, or food distribution. He is currently accepting students for his next physical course here.

In his online works, he gives an inside view of the reality of survival under the harshest conditions. He reviews what works and what doesn’t, tells you the hard lessons he learned, and shares how he prepares today.

He never stopped learning about survival and preparedness since the war. Regardless of what happens, chances are you will never experience extreme situations as Selco did. But you have the chance to learn from him and how he faced death for months.

Real survival is not romantic or idealistic. It is brutal, hard and unfair. Let Selco take you into that world.



Selco survived the Balkan war of the 90s in a city under siege, without electricity, running water, or food distribution. In his online works, he gives an inside view of the reality of survival under the harshest conditions. He reviews what works and what doesn’t, tells you the hard lessons he learned, and shares how he prepares today. He never stopped learning about survival and preparedness since the war. Regardless what happens, chances are you will never experience extreme situations as Selco did. But you have the chance to learn from him and how he faced death for months. Read more of Selco's articles here. Buy his PDF books here. Take advantage of a deep and profound insight into his knowledge by signing up for his unrivaled online course. Real survival is not romantic or idealistic. It is brutal, hard and unfair. Let Selco take you into that world.

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  • Everything is situational, we have AA had relatives drop in unannounced. The thing to do is keep it to yourself.I have list every friend I had due to ajib I had to do. Wives also,all tough talking cowards. I told my children when they lived with me ,you don’t tell anyone what you are doing, that doesn’t have the need to know. I can’t trust, mother, brothers or sisters,old church friends,all gone.They would not stand their ground. The only one you can believe is someone who would due for you,that’s very few.

  • There are no guarantees that the most prepared prepper will not loose the supply’s or be displaced. It would be wise to assist if possible. Knowledge is Valuable asset.

  • First off, practice OPSEC constantly. Stay gray!! Camouflage the house to make it look destitute. Don’t mow the lawn! Secure any farm animals close to the house to be able to guard them. Make sure you blend in. Don’t shave, wear old work clothes. Always, always be armed and ready to use force if need be.
    If a stranger shows up, be nice, turn them around and get rid of them. With what ever force needed. Don’t give out small care packages of beans and rice, that only identifies you as having supplies. You can’t take care of the world. If family shows up, same thing. My plan will start with “I told you so. I bought you Tess Pennington’s manual for Prep’ers and you ignored it. I told you I would not be able to take care of you and my family. You unfortunately are not welcome. Go home.” If a friend shows up probably the same thing. I’ve already warned all of my family. None of them have taken heed to the warnings. Unfortunately, they are going to be out in the cold, especially those who think EMP’s are fantasy. All of my family, except my son, thinks the government thru FEMA will be there to offer help. My son in law works for a city government, so he has definitely drank the cool aide and feels the local emergency planning will save them. I’ve given a lot of thought to this. I don’t see any other avenue to take.

    • I agree about turning away most people from my door if and when the SHTF. I have told a brother in law he was welcome if and only if he brings food and weapons with him. If an emp strike happens, he will never make the 40 miles on foot anyway and I wouldn’t risk going after them. I would allow some of my neighbors in but they also would have to have assets of food, water, and weapons. I am able to fend off most intruders but I also have to sleep so men that can guard the perimeter are a necessary evil for long term survival.

      • I would not let neigbors inside, they have their own living space, I want privacy. People can talk on porch or outside on benches in dog walking areas. I don’t know if neighbors prep since it is foolish to discuss it with anyone. I am in a retirement community in town house, there is a high rise 5 story apt near for low income seniors. Taking turns to guard area (townhouses) is ideal, but people need to stay in their own place, not answer door to strangers (people will knock on doors randomly in cities and communities) incl. homeless who will increase over time. Have protection ready incase someone tries to get in. No one should discuss prepping with others for any reason unless it is likeminded family members. If local officials come with food handouts then best to get them or others will know u have food stashed. Food stores in my area are well stocked now.

    • I’ll never understand the so-called “preppers” that are laying away absolute gold >>>>> and shouting about it to anyone that’ll listen …

      if you understand the need to prep – put aside your everyday ethics & morals & values to begin to prepare for the ruthlessness that will prevail ….

      • Lol there’s a guy who lives in town who has a fancy new truck with large prepper mottos professionally painted on it so it looks like something dhs would drive. It’s kinda obvious he has money and a bug out bag or two. His wardrobe also reveals his preppings due the verbiage on his t shirts and hats. Makes me wonder if there are prepper groupies like there are groupies.

    • People are waking up, one by one. Someone who starts to grow a brain, and be an adult may be an asset. Strength in numbers.
      But I will do no more charity if SHTF. In the Great Depression, hoboes left signs for other hoboes about where food could be had. I can help a few, but I cannot feed the whole state. I can’t even feed the whole neighborhood. I will offer trade only, and since I have very little, it will be expensive. Very expensive. If all they have to offer is labor, they will be working awful hard for every scrap they get. But I am not likely to survive all by myself, so I will use those people to knit my neighborhood together. We are all more likely to make it that way.

  • Depends, I will help all I can, but if the people at the door are aggressive or threatening, then my shotgun has the answer. If not, then I am all for giving what I can, and helping as many people as possible. Group efforts are essential in times of trouble, as a single person or family is just a target, and they have limited resources to do all that is needed to be done.

    • Helping door knockers even handing out apples/beans, etc is a risk, they will tell friends, come back knowing you have preps. Oren’s comment says it all, handing out small packages of beans, etc. is not good idea, tell them to leave/go home.

  • Extremely helpful article. In all my years of reading about prepping and survival, the articles by SELCO are the best I have ever seen. They are the most direct, most useful and most thought-provoking.

  • I can’t grow my own food where I live. I’m storing food and water but we only have enough for ourselves for a year. I expect to not even answer the door when people show up at the door. Regardless of who they are.

    • Not answering the door is a great answer and an easy one. Always make sure your home is secured so no one can walk in, and have security cameras so you know who is at the door or a way to look without them knowing. If you don’t answer and don’t tell them you won’t help then less likely to have them angry. Better yet if they think you’ve bugged out if they aren’t the type to try and break in. One thing COVID taught us is sometimes there are situations like disease where you are on your own with whomever you live with. Put a “quarantine” sign on the door. Another case might be an EMP where folks can’t get to you if their only transportation is walking. Distance can be a blessing. It’s always been a dilemma whether to warn others, hope they listen and help them prepare thereby damaging your OPSEC or keeping your mouth shut. If you are going to need to help them if they don’t prepare then it’s better to help them prepare ahead of time. A generator and solar panels already do some inadvertent advertising.

      • Yes, I have “official ” looking quarantine signs on hard red plastic that say Bio Hazard Do Not Enter. I plan to hang these across my driveway near the road. I also have old clothes, pots and pans and various other things to use as decoy. I will strew it all over the front yard to make it appear my place has already been looted. I might even break a few windows that are visible and in non essential areas. If all that fails, I hope I can fake a wild eyed look when I open the door and say, ” thank God you’re here! Did you bring any food? I’ve been out for days but too scared to leave. I really need your help!” Most of the freeloaders I know will be halfway down the driveway before I finish. . .

        • Tess, Ive seen a lot of great comments on this site over the years. Your comment has some good ideas I havent seen or thought of. And you made me chuckle. Thanks.

        • If you have the skills, prepare a fake trip wire by your front door or some other access point. Make it easy enough to be seen but not obvious. No one wants to mess with booby trap houses.

        • Maybe some theatrical makeup to make yourself look haggard and/or diseased as well (to go along with your quarantine signs)? 🙂

    • You might want to look into the Kratky method, which is a sort of poor man’s hydroponics. Very cheap to set up. You may not be able to raise all your own food, but you can stretch what you have stored with nutritious food you have grown indoors. Lots of info about it on YouTube.

      Also think about raising rabbits for protein and fur. Very quiet, and can be raised indoors in cages. A good way to add protein to your diet.

      Don’t forget a way to purify water and a means of cooking. Solar ovens and “hay boxes” can be very useful. A hay box is just that, a box that is filled with hay, or some other insulating material. First you heat your ingredients for a soup or stew or whatever, to boiling in a pot that has a cover. Once the ingredients have boiled for about ten minutes, cover the pot tightly, remove from the heat source and place it in the hay box. Surround the pot with hay ( or whatever it is you’re using) on all sides. Close the box and ignore it for the rest of the day. After sufficient time has passed, usually about 6-8 hours, depending on what you are cooking, your meal will be ready to eat. The main thing is, don’t peak! Every time you open the hay box you are letting out eat. Again, lots of info on YouTube. I think The Provident Prepper channel has something about it.
      Even folks who live in a tiny apartment in the big city can raise some of their own food, enough to prevent starvation.
      Good luck!

    • I live in a one bdrm townhouse for retirees, you can sprout seeds inside, grow veggies in pots. I sprout lentels, other grow tomatoes or peppers in pots. Agree, don’t open door. if you know them, open window tell them you are busy. If you know they are preppers find out what they want.

      • Laura…good points….there are a lot of videos online of people who are growing veggies inside in common, everyday containers and even using display cases made of glass/plastic and metal frames as indoor greenhouses….

  • My friend Oren is correct about OSPEC, Operational or Operation Security. Whatever you do to gather your supplies, food and or equipment keep it to yourself. Even family members if need be. If you have someone that is family, but you can not trust them 100%, keep your actions to yourself. Why? Because when in need where do you go? You go to the person or persons that can help you. If you need cash you go to your father or mother. If you need a place to stay you go to your father and mother. If you are hungry or hurt beyond your own capabilities; you go to your father and mother. When SHTF, guess who is coming over to your house – that’s right they are.

    Now you may say that is alright, they’re family and family sticks together. That is true, however, what if you have a family member that you can not control, can not trust, is more likely get everyone killed. You have to make that tough decision and cut them loose. You want to incorporate them into the family; but the dire is to great. You will have to tell them you can’t help them. They will have to prove themselves first before you will let them in. It is the extreme form of tough love.

    Another reason not to tell anyone is if just one person knows you have the means to survive the situation they might tell someone else because they know you and they think they can get them in through their association with you. This puts you and your family in danger because they know where you live; but, you don’t know anything about them. Remember, it is a dog eat dog world and people will do anything to put themselves in a better position even if it means betraying you or talking from you what you have saved for.

    When SHTF you need to stay in tune with your surroundings. Don’t go out and advertise that you are doing better than anyone else. All you need is one person to point you out and you are now marked and in jeopardy. If everyone is looking scraggy then you look scraggy. If everyone is looting the stores and nearby homes, make your home look distress and uninviting. Should you have a lot of people hanging out around your home make sure that everyone can become armed in seconds. Make yourself “GRAY” invisible. Blend in with your surroundings don’t look like you have anything of importance on your person or you may become a target. Even then you may become a target.

    Check your surroundings check for the unusual , the out of place. Is there a corner that has a lot of people standing around? If so do you know them. If not why not? You have a lot of people hanging around your home under your protection, make certain you have several look outs to inform you of any danger that may be coming. Remember, no matter how well armed you think you might be; there is someone out there better armed than you with more manpower than you have. You are stationary and they are mobile. They know where you live; you don’t know where they live. Often the scenario is shoot the leadership and take over the rest. Then decide whether or not to destroy the others.

    People in America have been trained to respond to authority. You need to learn when not to respond to authority. Because authority may not be your friend. They might come in to your home and take everything that is not nailed down. Don’t put all your food or equipment in one area where someone can come in and steal it or destroy it. If you do split up your goods, keep it to yourself. It can either save your life or you can use it as a bartering item.

    If someone comes knocking and ask for your help with food, share your supplies or what have you; just tell them, “That’s funny, we were going to come over to your place and see if you can help us.”

  • Here’s my take on this for what it’s worth. First, when the S EVENTUALLY HTF, and IF martial law is declared, EXECUTIVE ORDERS HAVE ALREADY BEEN WRITTEN AND ARE IN PLACE TO Federalize EVERYTHING… that includes you, your guns, your home, your supplies, your family, your bank accounts, your cars, everything! Nothing and no one will be exempt (except the elite). If you own weapons, they will not come for them, but for you. Everything saved up… food, water, ammunition, etc. WILL BE CONFISCATED. So, with that in mind, except for having something on-hand for a natural disaster (i.e. hurricane, earthquake, tornado), WHATS THE POINT in all this genuflecting and discourse about someone coming to your door? If martial law is declared, and the red and blue listed folks are rounded up, the only people coming to your door will be armed police/military/UN personnel. At that point you’ll only have one decision to make… do we go peacefully to whatever fate awaits us, or do we take as many as we can with us before we’re “subdued”? Yes, by all means prepare for natural disasters… but in a true SHTF no holds barred scenario we will not have to worry about playing triage at the front door. To think you’ll be able to keep your supplies under such duress and attack by automatic weaponed armed invaders is not being realistic. Check out the executive orders and U.N. resolutions (that we’ve willingly agreed to) that says your *ss belongs to them. Sorry to be so blunt, but your readers need to face cold reality… it’s not pretty the fate that may await us patriots.

    • Perhaps you give our government too much credit. FEMA is a joke. You are right, there are all these Executive Orders, but whose going to enforce them when the SHTF? They, in the government, are going to be heading home to protect themselves and family. The weasels in Congress have their own bunker to go to. Now it may be that the Chi Comms will be the only army powerful enough to attack us conventionally, as they don’t want all their American assets to glow in the dark.

      We just don’t know what exactly what form the SHTF will take. I know one thing; I have a mountain at my back, I don’t trust anyone, and I’m prepared to the extent I am able to be.

      “Do not go gentle into that good night,
      Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
      Rage, rage against the dying of the light.” Dylan Thomas

      • In the numbers game, the armed citizen comes out ahead. Yes, there will be armed people coming to our doors and trying to take what we have. But there are still many more of us then there are of the police and the military put together. The more of us that don’t cooperate, the better. The better we go “Gray,” the lower priority targets we will be. I don’t trust anyone either and the first time I heard a neighbor say “I know where I’ll be coming if something bad happens,” well, that taught me about OPSEC.

      • Agreed. The nwo will find all the help they need with foreign troops who will have no problem dropping hammers on Americans, unlike American troops. I imagine they will have more than sufficient volunteers from many countries who will all find their graves in America.

      • Jeff, though the Federal government only has EO’s, don’t forget that most States do have Martial Law written into the States Constitutions, and that is a threat we must assess, especially for those of us who unfortunately live in blue States.
        For the last twelve years I’ve been a member of three Citizens Militia groups. All three have splintered due to internal squabbling over leadership, to the point that all three are dysfunctional.
        It also brings up the question of are we going too Gray Man? Because it can be argued that it does make establishing a network more difficult.
        You’re right, we do outnumber the forces that will be used against us by a very large ratio, at least 1000:1 at a minimum, but unless we organize ourselves, we’ll be picked off piecemeal.
        I’ve enough ordinance on hand to equip and arm a squad, but picking and choosing that squad is and continues to be problematic.

      • Jeff is correct. I would add that We the People are the government, and there are hundreds of millions of us.

    • Retired Officer: Agree with you, plus it’s best to go down fighting. This is why so many tuned in folks do not prep much, mainly just for weather issues. Knowing gov. will zero in on everyone w/ auto weapons is a deterrent to prepping to the max. Their take” enjoy what time is left”. This also is cold reality.

      • When the MadGuv storm troopers come, they will indeed try to pick off our weapons, especially the best ones. See to it that the Guv does not know what you have. Good to trade weapons with others, give some away, etc.

        • MadGuv already knows what you’ve got. They’ve scanned and indexed every ATF form 4473 since who knows when, so if the fed wants to look up your purchase history they’ve got it at the push of a keystroke. Tie that to your bank accounts and Social Security and they’ve got you hamstrung without even a friendly visit. They can drive you off your land and starve you out, Holomodor style, if they so choose.

    • Those “executive orders” are just words on paper. In a true “SHTF” situation, Federal authority would be virtually non existant outside the big cities, unless you happened to be right next to a key piece of infrastructure.

    • That’s my take on the potential SHTF here in the US as well Former Officer. We’re not dealing with one government entity, but three, Local, State and Federal, any one of which could declare Martial Law. Federally, you’re right, the Executive Orders are already written and all it takes is the right event to enact the EO’s. I’m fairly certain similar contingency plans are in place at the State Level as well (in most of the lower 48 States). Local, not so much, as it will most likely depend upon the community, but larger communities probably do have plans in place.
      Nowhere in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution or Bill of Rights is Martial Law mentioned or alluded to, but most State Constitutions indeed have the provision.
      We could debate all day on whether POTUS is granted that authority (I don’t believe POTUS has that authority personally), but it’s a moot point as the Feds have had no problem with overstepping their authority in the past. By the time the issue is declared Unconstitutional, the damage has already been done.
      Again, you’re 100% correct as it comes down to a decision one has to make. Does one comply, or does one resist? In the end, we’ll either die a lingering death in a relief camp absent the rights and freedoms we once enjoyed, or we can die taking as many of the Tyrants with us when we go.
      We’ve the choice to die a Free person or to die as chattel, and I guarantee our current government views us as chattel.
      Thank you FO, for so eloquently stating a reality we seriously need to think about, and plan for.

    • I’ll stand my ground…and if it’s a losing battle…I’ll burn it to the ground. Scorched earth deprives the bad guys of the booty…grow a pair.

    • Gov. will have to use UN troops, the local police, army guard and reserve units may not be communicating with anyone and hunkered down knowing they may be killed. Some think open border migrants will be recruited for UN troops who need food and housing and a job. Best to go down fighting back anyway. After stores are cleaned out and no food left, then martial law.

  • I’ve already told those I will help, if they can get to my place. All the rest would be looking down the barrel of 12 ga. Those that won’t take no for an answer will be shot.

    If I have to explain my commands more than once or arguing every comman with those I am trying to help they will be put out to where they’ll have to defend for themselves.

    When a man takes command, he does not present himself as a wishy-washy commander. People will follow those who are confident and take no bull shit from the peanut gallery. As commander, if you ask someone to do so-and-so, and they refuse when you know they can do the task, they will also be put out of the SOC, (Self Organized Collective).

    If they believe they are capable of command then they are welcome to step outside and set up their own SOC. When considering an appointment of a second in command you must pick someone who is loyal and who understands the dire nature of your predicament and mirrors your sentiments. Nothing less will do. In situations like this there is no place for a Democratic vote regardless of whether your cohorts like it or not.


  • too many if’s to predict the best way to deal with anything except to have skills. there’s no downside to having them. just a possible downside to sharing that with others, on the otherhand, maybe being known to have them will save your life…

    see, no guarantees about anything.

    one thing i have on hand(probably not enough of though) is plywood and black spraypaint. if you are artistic enough, you can paint above your windows to look like a fire gutted the house and then was boarded up. make sure it’s flat black and not glossy. don’t do it now. wait until you’re sure the shtf.

    crossbows/compound/ long bows are good to keep around too. don’t forget the arrows. they don’t draw(insert joke here) so much attention as booms or cracks of guns a half mile away.

  • You should ask WHY they are showing up at your door? If you can answer that TRUTHFULLY, you can then decide.

    I would not ask ahead of hand and tip my hand. For they would certainly show up at your door when the SHTF.

  • The biggest danger is simply opening the door. Those that plan to take your stuff by force will shoot you the instant you open the door. Or possibly the instant you look out the peep site in the door to see who is there. You can tell when somebody looks out the peep site, most of the time. You need video surveillance to see who is there. I don’t mean the Ring doorbell either; that requires the Internet.

    If they want you gone more than they want your stuff they can always drop mortar bombs on your house from a mile away. Of they can throw a couple of Molotov fire bombs on your roof, use tear gas, flame throwers, rake your house with machine guns, or any other stand off weapon.

    Here is the best book I’ve seen on this subject: Holding Your Ground by Joe Nobody

  • Here’s the one I’m waiting for.
    “We’ve heard that you might have a little extra food.
    We have no food left. We have nothing to eat.
    We were wondering if you might be able to lend us a small amount of something to eat.”

    Well, I sure can’t turn my back and go grab a little something real quick like.
    This story probably doesn’t end well.

    • It is amazing how long people can survive on naturally occurring vegetation, and I’m not talking about the home garden kind.

  • Why are they going to show up at my door?
    1) We live further out from the nearest 10 million+, littoral mega-Sodom than they do.
    2) They know I’ve grown my own vegetables since I was a kid.
    3) We are older than most of them, and are reluctantly the counselor/leaders.
    4) I’m in better shape than most men half my age and I like camping/hiking/outdoorsmanship.
    5) Some of them have never, ever fired a rifle.
    6) They know I would not hesitate to kill an intruder.
    7) I can work on cars, I’m a Ham operator, we can cook and can food, I can sew, I can do electrical and photovoltaic, and I know basic medicine.

    1) I get angry at people sometimes.
    2) I can’t stand to be around people who talk too much.
    3) I will be scared or confused at times.
    4) I do not know it all.
    5) I am not a psychopath without any empathy or remorse, and so might suffer in SHTF because of that.

    I don’t want any permanent live-in guests. Not even my mom (well, maybe especially not my mom).
    Some people we know are on psychiatric medications, and those will likely be unavailable. Nutty people. Can’t live with them and you can’t kill them. Can you?
    Some people have fastidious diet “requirements”. I have to convert them to beans, rice, collards, and eggs. They ain’t no Kombucha tea and gluten-free pizza in SHTF.
    People are scared of everything: a spider bite, a feral hog, a rat snake, a horse, a bee hive, how dark it gets out here, and not being able to get to Facebook.
    People are neurotic about watching certain things on TV. That’s what scares me. I don’t watch it and I may cut the cord…if there is even electricity. My PV system ain’t being used to watch the idiot box.

    I took one of Selco’s courses and most people I know can’t imagine snipers on the rooftops or having to pipe the exhaust from a generator far from the house with a garden hose. Nobody is ready enough around here…

    • Good way to summarize it Homer……ya’ll got water moccasins out there? We’ve found that just telling people those are in your neck of the woods is enough to keep many people away.

  • I am fortunate to live in a small town that is separated from others by national forests and a body of water. This town will most likely come together for protection and survival.

    If I’m wrong about that, I still can’t in good conscience turn away anyone except those who put off an evil vibe. We all leave this world at some time, and I believe in God’s judgement.

    Now, if the government comes to my house, for confiscation or to remove me, that’s a different story. Bullets will fly.

    • Agreed, Duck. There is no point to surviving if it takes losing your humanity. Most people will eventually die when the SHTF, despite everything they’ve done to prepare. When you die, you’ll face God’s judgement, and you’ll be held accountable for all the evil you’ve done just to live another day. Self defense is one thing. Outright murder is another. It is a choice, after all, whether or not to emulate the most corrupt and depraved in our society or contribute kindness and decency in a world that will desperately need it..

  • I am a prepper and have done so on many levels. I have also told four other family members besides my mate, that we will take them in, in a SHTF scenario. I have also told my neighbors that I will not help them because I have already set the stage of who I can support with my prepping.

    If they come calling for help, they WILL BE TURNED AWAY because I have no use for idiots who refuse to understand what is happening around them, meaning why didn’t they take my word for why prepping is how to survive when a bad situation erupts.

    My two neighbors are both going to be in the HURT when it does hit the fan because neither have done a thing to prepare, not food, guns, water, or minor medical supplies. And as much as I could sell some supplies at an exorbitant price, if there is no place to spend the money I receive from that sale, I have at that point only hurt us.

    I will only Take-Out those who come to steal. Remember my friends Holding onto your Resolve in these types of interactions is difficult, but you must be very circumspect in your deliberations of which actions to take. When seconds count and you find you’ve lost your resolve, you will be dead.

    • Lol, why didn’t they TAKE YOUR WORD for it?? Whatever have you done to look more authoritative and accurate than the teevee or Gubbermint? I feed people only tiny bits of truth that I think will help and they can believe. I spend some of my time alert to what unprepared neighbors can do to GET more prepared in a hurry with no stores open.

  • I’ve said this LOUD AND CLEAR-since the clintons handed nuclear dominance over to the chinese-you WILL NOT be coming here, you will NOT be coming here!
    You will NOT be coming here.
    I have to say it like that because my tech experience has saved AT LEAST ONE HOUSE in value for the family-like having a doctor, researcher, or lawyer son/brother. It’s like that for us as I was involved in iOS, the Motorola surfboard modem, SGI computers, 3d gaming cards, etc, so I “saw” a lot over the years. Also have a LOT of recorded hours of closed/private/research business “conferences” (some confabs), back to 1982(Rumsfeld @ Coca-Cola-EXTREMELY interesting tapes-NOT for sale). Yeah, and not only is NO ONE coming to my house, I will already be at a “compound” that most don’t know about, run by the 17a state militia here. I guess my base skills like electrical distro(from my years @ GE) will be handy.

  • The idea of my family getting here prior to SHTF is a nice idea, but not based in reality. It is not like Putin is going to send me a personal text,
    “Hey! 24 hours from now I am going to launch a (sub based SuperEMP/cyber attack on the US grid/tactical nuke) . . . Just FYI!”
    Or I am going to have divine intervention as to when SHTF starts.
    During SHTF or even post, they might be better off staying put than risk the open road.

    As for friends, a lot of them are of similar mind set. More so since the pandemic lockdowns. Quite a few are also former military. So I would take them in gladly. The few who are not, or their spouses are quite handy and not adverse to work. Granted having to do everything manually, they might have to develop some callouses.

    During and after the pandemic lockdowns, more than a few of the neighbor’s either expanded their gardens, or started gardens. I have also noted more than a few have taken up small or even medium livestock. This morning, the one neighbor must be raising chickens. I heard a very young rooster trying his first few crows. Imagine a rooster going through puberty.
    Around here, prepping is just a way of life. We get snow and ice storms that can knock out the power, or keep us snowed in for a few days. Most keep a weeks worth or longer of food on hand. Just the way it is.
    Speaking of snow, we can get our first snow fall as early as the first week in NOV. One year, went deer hunting and it was 2 degrees by the time the sun broke the horizon, and I climbed up into the deer stand. That was a week before Thanksgiving.
    SHTF, and the snow plows are not running, the only way you are going anywhere is by snowshoes or cross country skis.

    The wife and I were talking yesterday afternoon on the possibility of WWIII. Would we see ration cards? Crime? Black markets? Martial Law if things go badly? With a war going on, could the government even enforce Martial law? Some mentioned door to door confiscations of food. Same applies.

    • I think the pandemic was a “heads up” permitted by God, so that people would get into a self-sufficiency mind set, and be better prepared for what is coming.
      Also, one might look at others and gauge how well they would do in a SHTF situation by how they responded to the pandemic. If supply train disruptions and government/media duplicity didn’t wake them up to how fragile our system is and how little we can trust the powers that be, then perhaps they would be a very poor bet to include in one’s survival group.

      • Val,
        Good point of using the lockdowns as a gauge.
        Our friends and neighbors did the social distancing, masking thing for about 5 seconds, realized how futile it was and just went about like normal.
        If we were going into town, we would offer and pick up our elderly neighbors Rx.

        As I said, around here prepping is more normal than not. I think prudent would be a better way of looking at it.

        I think the work from home paradigm was more of an adjustment. But the wife and I early on recognized the need not to be on top of one another. We also had family stay with us for 6 months. Every one could go to their own rooms to get away from each other, and it was not considered a slight. Daily walks also helped.
        Of course, how people react when in a real SHTF crisis is anyone’s guess. Anything short of mushroom clouds on the horizon, for us, it actually could be anti-climatic. Cyber attack on the grid, or EMP, how would we know? After a few days, or the cars all quit might be a hint. I wrote an article about it somewhere around here on TOP.
        There could be a civil war and we might not hear a shot fired in anger. We would still be at the ready. Heck I have a rifle sitting within arms reach as I type this for coy. SHTF, bump it up a notch or two, side arm, fixed blade knife, fully loaded tac-vest within reach that kind of thing.

  • I don’t usually waste my time on these survival blogs because I was one of the original ‘blogsters’ on survival articles and most of it today is just re-hashed bullshit.

    But since Selco is talking about ‘reality’ checks, and his book was pretty good but more from a psychological perspective rather than the down and dirty nitty gritty opsec and prep realities, I’ll take a fast minute to put in my two cents worth–or rather the hundreds of thousands of dollars of your taxes and out of my own pocket for relative and pertinent training and untold hours of empirical experience. Selco had very little control over his overall social system and situation. Soldiers with guns…BIG guns called ALL the reality and existential ‘shots’. When you are restrained by outside forces besides the relative scarcity of supplies and limitations of movement, it’s a different story.

    Here in the States, it will be a ‘Different’ reality. And it all depends on the level of the SHTF event itself. You’ll notice you hear virtually nothing about Florida and Puerto Rico’s Hurricaine Disaster. That’s because it’s a freaking horrific nightmare and will take years to recover and expectation of normality. And they don’t want recovery expectation smashed and criticized for political purposes in the media. Many persons will never be found.

    I’m working elections lately so no time to elaborate, but just burn these few alternate ‘Reality’ tips into your brain cells for now and maybe if I get a chance I’ll get back with some specifics i see people alluding to.

    1. SHTF Surviving is NOT a way of life. It is only supposed to be Temporary exercise until until ‘Things’ get back to ‘Normal’. In the U.S.A. where we have
    prosperity and abundance by comparison to most everywhere else, and resources for rapid acquisitions of nearly anything imaginable if we can afford it, there should be NO reason why almost anybody cannot make it through something like a massive catastrophic earthquake or Storm or plague. Yes, as pointed out in one of the comments here, The specific kind of ‘prepping’ emphasis is depends on where you live and the extent and type of disaster. Even a huge disaster will have ‘Government’ resources following up on survival assistance. The government here is far more ‘prepared’ for Catastrophic Survival situations than most of the dedicated, die-hard survivalist Preppers. They have numeric manpower superiority, state of the art equipment and logistics. and virtually unlimited supplies of fuel and ammo and etc. that you helped pay for with your taxes!

    So understand what and why you are really ‘prepping’ for. Unless the entire world is ending and soon nobody but ghosts will be inhabiting it, eventually help should be coming if you can hold out for a while. That’s why the G says keep
    at least three days supply of emergency rations. But, of course it should be at least a month.

    2. Exposure level and likelihood location to potential Disasters is probably your most important initial consideration upon which to base other decisions. This is one of my major beefs with all the so-called ‘survival experts’ out there when they write articles about ‘Bugging out’ versus the ignorantly moronic notion of Bugging in. Your demographics are very critical to your odds of getting in deep doo-doo to begin with.

    I won’t get into it at length now., but all you martial arts people out there should know by time you gain some skill level that “…the fight you always win, is the one you never get IN”. Don’t ever try to hunker down and do battle with the Catastrophic situation if you don’t have to? And almost nobody has to stick around and die, if they really care about living.

    If you have any warning at all, especially with Natural Disasters, or civil unrest, or declared wars, ALWAYS have a basic plan to attempt to get out of Dodge before the shoot out begins. Bugging ‘In’ is so stupid that it should be written on a lot of tomb stone epithets of persons who didn’t do it when they had the chance.

    3. Survival Groups are typically Non Sustainable.That’s right. Did an article on that a few years ago. That’s why you really don’t see any lasting totally departed ‘off grid’ groups. They were big for a while in the sixties where govrnment dissidents tried to form their own little self-sustaining communities out in the woods. The average one lasted maybe one winter or two. The reason is our commerical culture and human nature. It’s not ingrained in our subconscious to live like cavemen anymore.

    The only small group efficacy winds up with serious military structures. Which is why the military unit training and psychology exists in the first place.
    These groups would also form naturally in small rural communities where the Sherrifs and LEOs would unite with experienced combat vets and last longer in terms of group viability.

    But for most people LESS is MORE. Yes, it’s beneficial to have ‘more hands on deck’ in troubled times. But people are humans and humans can become animals. Sorry for the ‘real’ reality check. Don’t go starting, or joining, or looking for any ‘Survival Prepping’ groups as a priority. If you are not up to speed as a self-reliant resourceful individual, you wouldn’t do much better in a group

    You want to be able to set yourself up to be able to choose to be almost completely away from groups or integrate safely if you think it’s necessary. Especially if you are elderly, physically disadvantaged, of otherwise limited. They’ll always be ‘people’ to connect with, even after a bad event. You just have to be able to discern a workable relationship up front. Today’s technology can replace much of the need for multiple ‘hands on deck’. If you can afford it.

    And to address directly to topic of this blog, Nobody would ever tell me that they’d be hopping right over to my place in a SHTF scenario. Because my opsec is so tight and refined that it would be impossible to even have that conversation with anyone in the first place.

      • Jay,
        I disagree, respectfully.
        I think this is decades if not longer of hubris on the governments part, could be with the formation of the Fed back in the early 1900s, the Brentwoods accords, or the closing of the gold standard in the 1970s.
        Regardless, fact is, the US is in a panic to keep the USD as THE reserve currency.
        And with the shift from a US/West uni-polar world to a multi-polar world, the US is desperate. I think these chowder heads would rather destroy it all, then give up the US dominance.
        At our and everyone else’s detriment.

        • If you get a chance, grab a book called “Enroute to Global Occupation,” by Gary Kah. He was one of Reagan’s cabinet members and he spells out the plan of the globalists rather well. I think that the globalists would like to have complete control rather than complete destruction. But even if they gain that complete control or something close to it, there is no way it will last. Ultimately the Antichrist will have near complete control over the world for a few years, but the destruction he brings in order to have that control will be unparalleled.

  • every situation is different as every country and cultureand its easy to this guy lived through his ordeal just kuz he is still alive but he did this in another country culture and century….that said he could likly do it again here or maybe not luck is a factor and we all make our own luck by the choices we make and when it comes right down to it you only get 1 mistake and most likly that mistake will be your last mistake in a survival situation ….most folks cant figure it out when its happening and only through hind sight know the what when where and how of there mistake was made which is a life time too late in a survival situation we will all have to preplan every step we make and stop adlibbing at every thing we do because it does not matter either way in every day life ….this is what will get most people killed is a failure to accept the situation for what it is and that it is no more life as normal…..

  • I’ve told people they need to prepare – they think I’m nuts. If you only have enough resources for yourself and family, everyone else has to fend for themselves. Close friends will get a bag of rice and be told “That’s it!”.

  • People who would mooch off of you, probably have a lot of experience at it and will likely have a sob story to jerk your tears. If they haven’t had anything to do with you for years and now all of a sudden you are their best friend, that’s a dead giveaway. Anytime lots of people are involved, even if they are helpful, you can expect that information about your circumstances will leak. You might just ask them what their intentions are and what they have to offer your situation. More than anything though, it’s really necessary that you find out what their understanding of the world crisis situation is and how it relates to that person’s request because that is the entire premise for their showing up on your doorstep. Start by asking them lots of questions. They may decide that it is easier to leave than to answer your questions. You will have to decide for yourself whether or not you believe their answers.
    Men, you are going to have to get smart real fast here as far as females are concerned. American women have had nothing but ridicule, scorn and contempt for all things masculine for decades now. If all of a sudden desperation sets in and females become humble and submissive while asking for your help, well, you better get smart real quick or you will take on a liability that will get you killed.

    • I am an American woman and have never felt or expressed scorn for masculine men. I think such men are wonderful! Truly a gift from the Lord.

      I think there are many women like me out here, but the media only permits the opposite views to be heard. So don’t take the word of the media as gospel. Go by what you know of that individual woman and by her comments and actions in the past, same as you would for anyone.

      • I will repeat with emphasis. Men, considering the day and age we live in and how women have been trained to treat men, a modern woman with a humble, submissive and obedient appearance, asking for your help can be far more dangerous than an armed thug showing up and shooting at your front door.

      • My wife shares your opinion….and I thank God very day for who she is and the skills and knowledge she has. We make an excellent team.

    • Jay,
      I had that once happen to me at a gas station.
      PYT, comes up to me, tears in her eyes. She lost her debit/CC, her phone, she cannot call her boyfriend to come and fill up her gas tank.
      I looked at her point blank and said,
      “Yeah, I have heard that one before. Not buying it.”
      The shock on her face was priceless! Heck, I would of put $10 in her gas tank for that pic!
      Interesting part, she did not refuse or deny my calling her out.

      • Sounds you were dealing with an amateur there. When there are lots of simple men, the amateurs can be careless like that. Or if they are pros, they might just test the waters to see what they can get away with. When serious hard times set in, they aren’t playing games anymore and they may work together. If a man has even the slightest attraction in those situations, he is in an extremely dangerous situation.
        Simper fi

  • You risk any unwanted or unexpected visitor to be a future threat.

    Turn them away and they may hide and wait for you to be outside and then kill you. Or they may decide to set your house on fire.

    Give them some food and they will return over and over until you refuse, and then they will do as above.

    Take them in, and you risk them killing you while you sleep. They may also be scouts for a larger group, then allow the group to enter your home, kill you and use the house supplies for their own base.

    Any unexpected visitor should be seen as a present or future threat, and dealth with accordingly. Any statement they make that may be even a slight threat should be considered a death threat and promptly dealt with.

    My advice on handling unwanted visitors:
    1) dont answer the door
    2) arm yourself
    3) watch your cameras
    4) hold your ballistic shield
    5) be ready for a breakin
    6) deal with any activity by the visitor against your property
    7) watch for confederates/buddies/gang members
    8) dont leave the bodies and blood for the next guy to find. It will only tip him off that there are food and guns here.
    9) Shoot, Shovel, Shut Up

    • Kalbo,
      If they can knock at your door, are you not kinda behind the power curve?
      Should not you and your neighbors have not secured key roads, bridges, access points?
      Have small but roaming patrols?
      Effective command and control?
      Established emergency procedures where at a signal, like those emergency whistles, everyone from young teens to even those in their graying age, come as fast as they can, armed an ready? Kinda like a militia.
      I have dogs. They need to be fed.

  • I was born in Canada and grew up with General Winter, especially the Ice Storm of 1998, was a rude reminder to everybody OUGHT to take care of yourself. Living in a small town surrounded by farms is the best deal, most of the people have gardens, also fruit/nut trees: they go also to farm markets (buying meat, cheese, etc). I paid all the bulk food in another town before moving: grains, beans, nuts, (even in supermarkets) with cash only; no credit card, no debit card and no card with free points/or subscription membership (like C***o) where you could attract attention on your buying habits. Even the freezer and the new bigger was bought in another town. I will not make the job easier for government people to pick up my stuff. Choose wisely your small town (even if it means you rent a quiet apartment and cannot afford a country house) and remain discreet…

  • I don’t present myself as anything more than a potential support warrior. My knowledge is more extensive than that. But, I’m aware that making better promises will lead to a crisis within the crisis, as their planning may lack a key component if I can’t deliver.

    If the person(s) is/are someone I know, then I’ll probably try to help them in both the short run, with food/water/clothes, and long run, with resource access in exchange for labor.

    If not someone I know, then I expect I will act according to how badly SHTF. If the status is total lawlessness, then I will be the monster^. Otherwise, I’ll probably have unhappy mouths to feed. (Yes, it will be a dark solution. No, it won’t result in permanent suffering, unless the duration of the S is longer than the “mouths” lives.)

    ^ – If I think there is a slightly-less-than-moderate chance of restoration of law in the foreseeable future, I won’t give up on my own humanity.

    • MStriker,
      Good post.
      Fact is, dang near everyone should prep to get through the bottle neck and to the other side.
      Everyone should expect for things to go from centralized, far off government to decentralized, local government.
      Everyone should expect local, self-resilient communities, even in urban areas to rural areas to become the norm.
      We should all encourage through education, for others to become independents from dependents of others or the government.
      Of course, the government, or globalists do not like that idea. They lose control.

      • Correct. The globalists do not like the idea of anyone prepping and surviving. And that is why this will not be a small bottleneck situation. The globalists have arranged for it to be a permanent situation, complete with a destroyed food supply and infrastructure collapse.

        • Jay,
          Again, I disagree, respectfully.
          I think the globalists would try to control the food supply (think, Bill Gates buying up farm land), and keep the infrastructure intact.
          Given the choice of having to grow their own food, and sitting in the dark, your average American would jump at an offer like,
          “Hey! We have hotpockets, cheezey poofs, Coke, energy drinks, even a Starbucks, lights, heat/AC annndd we have Wi-fi!!!!”

  • We’ll have loads of people hitting us up as my husband constantly tells them they better be stocking up. They say they’ll just come to our house. He gives them a look and says “If you can get past the pile of bodies at the gate.” They all know he has an FFL manufacturing license with an SOT as well which means the sign on the front gate should be taken seriously “WARNING! This property patrolled by a bitch with dogs and automatic weapons. If you are found here at night, you’ll be found here in the morning.” Granted, we are WAY back in the sticks, or Goldilocks zone, as I call it. Our little community (not a city or town) only has 46 people who have lived here all their lives, unless like myself, they married in. There are no major or big cities anywhere close (google maps sw Arkansas and look for one. Heck, the biggest city in Arkansas is less than 200K so size is relative. We’ll (our community and the tiny town down the road (78 people)and those other tiny towns around us will be on our own more than likely. Good thing is, the vast majority are farmers and ranchers or have other live stock and all garden each year. MOST but not all. It’s the others that will come knocking on people’s doors.

    Keep over-sized clothing for the family so you don’t look out of place with all the others who are losing weight. Always go to food and water distribution places so you don’t look out of place. If your conscience bothers you about taking food you don’t need, give it away to others a tiny bit at a time (a can or two) and to several different people. That way it looks like you are charitable but not loaded with food yourself.

  • I’m goingto have to re-read this, and the comments.
    Curious how the ideas might have changed in four years. (At least in the comments)

  • LET them show up but let them also know they have DUTIES and RESPONSIBILITIES if they show up. Half might leave you after. The other half of other half will leave after a while.

    Congratulations! You gleaned it down to the most useful and will have a hardy group able to weather most anything.

  • Your plans should already be in place. If you are in a secure or fairly secure location, then anyone who you trust enough to be part of your tribe needs to understand a few things: Do not show up empty-handed. Be ready to pitch in with whatever skills you have to offer. Get rid of or camouflage any vehicles or structures which would lead others to believe you have assets.
    Remember no one is coming to save you. You are on your own. Google BANDEKRIEG. Be vigilant, stay gray, and STFU. Bleib ubrig.

  • They get turned away and if they don’t go, they will be told to leave while I’m holding a shotgun on them. No third warning, just the backhoe, a deep hole in the back forty and forgotten.

  • This is a topic that has worried me. Partially disabled I am not able to fend off thieves. I will require the skills of others to survive, and if I can pay with food I will do so, as well as offer my skills to others in my neighbourhood.
    But I cannot watch a child starve while I have food. I have prepped extra for them, and never throw out food items that are well out of date but still edible.

  • I have work already on my list! No work no eat! My dog Ruth will not tolerate anyone messing with me and my sidekick, Judge won’t either. But I do have lots of work that need to be done. Workers are welcome!

  • A lot depends upon where one lives and who the neighbors are. I am fortunate to live in a very rural area with no neighbor for nearly two miles on one side and only a half dozen houses within two miles on the other side. My four closest neighbors know that I am somewhat prepared and I know that they are somewhat prepared, but they have never seen the extent of my preps and I have never seen theirs. It is obvious that they raise cattle and garden, and we have helped each other over the years in various ways and have a mutual understanding that we might need to work together in a shtf situation. One has plowed my garden every year with his tractor. One has a small engine repair shop, and we all friendly but stay mostly to ourselves. Three of those four neighbors are cousins. We all know that each of us carries a firearm at all times and we all suspect that the others are well armed without knowing the details. In a crisis, I feel more secure here than most people. I am a day’s walk from the nearest small town and more than a two day’s walk from any larger town or city. I have to drive an hour or more to get to any substantial urban area and longer than that to get to an interstate highway. Our only road through this small cluster of homes that stretch over a 4 mile stretch of that road could easily be blocked by downing trees to secure the area. There is a small mountain and some slightly swampy terrain surrounding where we live that is inhabited by coyotes, armadillos, deer and feral hogs. I believe this is a good place for a prepper to live, and at the same time realize that a prepper can’t survive completely alone and cut off. I say all of that to suggest that people might want to leave urban areas and find a similar stretch of country in which to build a homestead.

    Considering where I live, I do not expect many people to be knocking on my door looking for food or shelter. I have no close family but have been working with a group of a half dozen friends whom I have known for around two decades. They have at least some basic preps and several useful skills, and they know that I prep, although they have no idea of the extent of my stockpile or where exactly it is stored. I feel comfortable helping them and incorporating them into a survival plan or group, although they are scattered over a 20 mile area. They have actually contributed food and other material to my preps, knowing that I have the most secure location to survive a shtf situation, and knowing that they might have to join me here someday. We see each other frequently and like to shoot together at a range set up on one of their properties. I have very few other contacts with other people and am unknown by most people in the nearby small towns that are some 18 miles distant.

  • Matthew 25:8 “And the foolish said unto the wise, GIVE US of your oil; for our lamps are gone out.”
    Matthew 25:9 “But the wise answered, saying, NOT SO; lest there be not enough for us and you: but GO ye rather to them that sell, and BUY FOR YOURSELVES.”
    Matthew 25:10 “And while they went to buy, the bridegroom came; and they that were ready went in with him to the marriage: and the door was shut.” (KJV)


    • Matt: 5:38 “You have heard that it was said, ‘An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth.’ 39 But I say to you, do not resist an evil person; but whoever slaps you on your right cheek, turn the other to him also. 40 If anyone wants to sue you and take your shirt, let him have your coat also. 41 Whoever forces you to go one mile, go with him two. 42 Give to him who asks of you, and do not turn away from him who wants to borrow from you.

      43 “You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ 44 But I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, 45 so that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven; for He causes His sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. 46 For if you love those who love you, what reward do you have? Do not even the tax collectors do the same? 47 If you greet only your brothers, what more are you doing than others? Do not even the Gentiles do the same? 48 Therefore you are to be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect.

      • Perhaps you have the ways and means to save the world? That’s commendable!

        Yet …

        Luke 13:23 “Then said one unto him, Lord, ARE there FEW that be SAVED? And he said unto them,”
        Luke 13:24 “STRIVE TO ENTER in at THE STRAIT GATE: for MANY, I say unto you, will seek to enter in, and SHALL NOT BE ABLE.” (KJV)
        Matthew 7:21 “Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that DOETH THE WILL OF MY FATHER which is in heaven.”
        Matthew 7:22 “MANY will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, HAVE WE NOT PROPHESIED in thy name? and in thy name have CAST OUT DEVILS? and in thy name DONE MANY WONDERFUL WORKS?”
        Matthew 7:23 “And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, YE that WORK INIQUITY.” (KJV)

  • I read articles like these and usually feel lucky. Our “group” has been in existence since 1992, and is multi-generational. Sure, there are kids, but every adult is versed in multiple prepper skills, and are military veterans, and most have been in combat. (Army, Marines) Over those thirty years we have been training, trading and cross training simply as a matter of course. (two mechanics, a surgical PA, two nurses, a veterinarian who is also a vet, and a retired Bird Colonel that now teaches defensive shooting on the side) Naturally they have bugout kits at their homes, but also have matching kits at my place. Firearms and packs. Two sets. (I’m the rural rally point) Sadly, over the years, we’ve had some members die, and happily new members have been born. The Vet has two model T’s (Emp proof, I suspect for their transport, and all of them have electric bicycles with folding solar recharge panels.) And even so, I doubt we have everything down pat, and have surely missed something.

  • In South America a lot of beggars are usually knocking on people´s home. You can imagine how this trend increased itself after the crisis of these last years.
    Trust me, you WILL have people knocking out your door.
    Once SHTF happens, it´s a different topic though. You shouldn´t even be there.

  • Anticipating where nearby bartering may take place in your town/city, after society hits the fan, would be helpful – without helping them take from you. I would send doorknockers to that location.

    You can give a man a fish, or teach him how to fish. Go fish.

  • Lots of newbie survivalists/preppers attempt to convince family and friends that they should should begin prepping, too. What this does is to alert everyone what they have, and these people are likely to mention it to others. Few will actually do anything to prepare themselves. (Although I must say, that the number of those responding has probably improved in the last year, given the world and national situation.)

    Those to whom the newbie prepper has mentioned storing food, however, will definitely remember the conversation, even years later, when times get really tough, and they will come looking for help. If turned away, they will likely become serious security risks. If the world has turned entirely feral, they may well come back with “friends” to help them take the “hoarder’s” storage.

    “The first rule of Prep Club is don’t talk about Prep Club.”

  • Safety in numbers, sure. Not so much. We saw how well people stood up for others’ rights the last two years. You roll the dice whenever you bring in others. If you can get through the first 30 days of chaos, most people will be dead or in camps. Family is your best bet for companions, but it’s still a gamble.

    Remember your best defense is the ability to run away from danger. Make sure you have boltholes and supply caches, and tell no one, unless you are mortally wounded and you want to make a final gift.

    Good luck and God’s blessings to all.

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