Ice Fishing: Here’s How to Do It Safely

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by Modern Refugee

In cold climates, like where I live, frozen bodies of water are a yearly occurrence. These frozen bodies of water open up new resources that are not available for a good majority of the year. However, going on the ice can be a hazard if not done correctly. Living near ice my whole life, I have learned how to exercise caution and utilize the ice as a great resource.

I feel many preppers in cold climates overlook ice as a resource. I made a video on ice safety, sharing all I know about venturing out on the ice. I also discuss the most common way people utilize the ice: Ice Fishing. 

Native peoples, explorers, and pioneers all used the ice for travel and resources. If we look back at the old ways, we can see resources that could assist us in bad times and help us venture forward.

Current events suggest we should be looking at options for food acquisition.

Getting food may not always be as easy as heading to the store. Just the other day, Robert Wheeler wrote about the supply chain collapse and the faltering economy.

…Money that was once spent on luxuries such as eating out or going to the movies, entertainment, etc. is now being spent on necessities.

The price of everything will continue to rise.

This is, of course, due to the fact that many good jobs were sent overseas already before the COVID mandates took hold but also because the lockdowns and fearmongering of media outlets have now driven many of the businesses that were left into extinction.

Unemployed people and business owners who no longer own their businesses are faced with rising costs for the items they need and have no money left over for the items they want, something that has driven many more people to steal food and other necessities in an alarming trend. (source)

It’s becoming more important than ever to be able to acquire or produce our own food. Hunting, farming, gardening, raising livestock, trapping, and foraging are all important elements. And, if you live in the right climate, ice fishing might be another skill to add to your arsenal.

Have you ever gone ice fishing?

Have you been ice fishing? Do you live in a climate where it’s possible? Share your tips and questions in the comments.

Ice Fishing: Here\'s How to Do It Safely
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