Here’s Why It Doesn’t Matter If North Korea Is Actually a Nuclear Threat

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By Daisy Luther

Those who believe that our own government is perfectly willing to commit an atrocity and then blame it on someone else tend to deny threats when they’re brought up consistently by the media. Let’s take the North Korea nuclear menace, for example.

I’ve been writing about the rising threat from North Korea for a long time and each time I publish a piece about their missile capability or some outrageous offense, it never fails that someone pops up and says, “North Korea doesn’t matter. The government is just making them the bad guy so the US can take military action and the people will support it.”

But in truth, that’s the part that doesn’t matter if you are a firm believer in false flags. Here’s the definition of false flags, if you’re unfamiliar with the concept:

The contemporary term false flag describes covert operations that are designed to deceive in such a way that activities appear as though they are being carried out by entities, groups, or nations other than those who actually planned and executed them…

…Proponents of political or religious ideologies will sometimes use false flag tactics. This can be done to discredit or implicate rival groups, create the appearance of enemies when none exist, or create the illusion of organized and directed persecution. This can be used to gain attention and sympathy from outsiders, in particular the media, or to convince others within the group that their beliefs are under attack and in need of protection. (source)

By now, everybody knows that the governments of the world are playing Game of Thrones and even the shocking brutality in that show is nothing compared to the things that we don’t know about happening right now during this “civilized” era.

Will we get nuked?

If North Korea is being painted as the nuclear wild card – and it is – what we really need to consider is not so much, “Will North Korea nuke us?” as “Will we get nuked?”

You have to read between the lines.

With this much hubbub, it seems like it’s building up to something. It is entirely possible that we could see a nuclear attack occur on American soil.

And here’s why I say North Korea doesn’t actually matter:

When you see that bright flash of light followed by a mushroom cloud on the horizon, will knowing the source of that cloud be the thing that saves your life or will knowing the steps to take to protect yourself be the deciding factor of whether you live or die?

In the heat of the moment (no pun intended), it simply doesn’t matter who is responsible.

Of course, later on, the culprits should be called out and dealt with appropriately. I’m not saying that false flag operations for power and political gain are acceptable. They are heinous and cowardly acts.

But that isn’t the point I’m trying to make. The topic of this article is survival, not blame.

In the midst of an event, the source doesn’t matter.

Every time there is a mass shooting and people begin trotting out the “false flag” plotlines, I urge people who wish to be prepared to look at the occurrence and not the source of it. Here’s why.

If you are crouched behind cover, racking the slide of your concealed carry firearm, will you care if the shooter is a black ops guy or a genuine crazy person in the heat of the moment? Nope. You will be focused on surviving, hopefully being able to take out the target before other people are hurt, and protecting your family. It won’t matter whether you’re in the midst of a false flag operation until later, after the lead is no longer flying.

Do you think the people in the tower on September 11th were saying, “I’ll bet the US government is behind this so they can pass some Draconian legislation” or “We have to get the heck out right now because a plane just hit our building and it’s on fire?”  I’m just guessing here since I don’t personally know any survivors, but my money is on the fact that they were figuring out how to survive the imminent threat.

It’s the same thing with a nuclear strike. During the attack, what matters is accepting the fact that it happened, figuring out what to do, and taking action to survive.

You have to heed the warnings.

This isn’t an exercise to make you live in fear, but instead to make you live with awareness.

If the constant theme is that North Korea is planning to nuke us, but you really doubt that the responsible party will be Kim Jong Un and company, then that leaves you with “someone is planning to nuke us.”

Pay attention to that part and use it to help you get prepared.

It’s just like any other potentially “fake news.” You can nearly always find a grain of truth at the bottom of it.

News over the past week seems to mean that the sky is the limit with regard to the nuclear capability of North Korea. In the middle of the week, the concern was that Alaska, Hawaii, and parts of Canada were at risk. By Friday, however, a successful ICBM launch occurred that experts claimed proved a missile bearing a nuclear warhead could be launched by North Korea and strike as far into the mainland United States as Chicago.

Yesterday, it was reported that the United States had observed “highly unusual” submarine activity.

…what’s most concerning for U.S. security is North Korea’s new “Sinpo-class” ballistic missile submarines (SSBNs). Based on Russian ballistic missile submarines, the Sinpo-class carry North Korea to the next level of submarine warfare. The challenge posed by SSBNs is their disruption of an adversary’s confidence in detecting and destroying nuclear weapons before they can be used. While the U.S. tracks North Korean submarines, sometimes, as in 2010 when a North Korean submarine sank a South Korean corvette, they slip through the net. (source)

This means that coastlines and US naval operations could be at risk.

As well, last night, North Korea undertook a missile launch test from a completely different location, one with a direct line to China. What this tells us is that they may have many different places to launch and that taking out their nuclear headquarters may not be as simple as dropping a bomb on Pyongyang.

According to Park Hwee-rhak, a professor at Seoul’s Kookmin University, the location of the launch “is in mountainous terrain close to the border with China, so it is difficult for the US to hit it with a preemptive strike.” (source)

But that wasn’t the only unsettling news. Jeffrey Lewis wrote for the Daily Beast:

They tested from a surprise location deep inside North Korea, near the Chinese border where it would be hard to strike. And they did it at night when satellites that rely on optical images are useless. (That’s not every satellite, but it is a good number of them.) This looks like a test from an operational missile base. You know that Washington Post report that the missile will “will have advanced from prototype to assembly line” sometime in 2018? Surprise! (source)

According to Lewis, this means that they could have an unknown number of other hidden military bases. That means that taking out Pyongyang wouldn’t get the desired results of shutting down their nuclear program and that attacks could be much more difficult to predict or notice.

This isn’t to say that false flags never occur.

Please don’t take this the wrong way. I am not denying that false flags occur. Some have been so blatant that only the most stubbornly cognitive dissonant people can argue it.

I’m not saying that a nuclear strike will or will not be the work of North Korea, or that it will or will not be a false flag.

What I’m saying is that the warnings about a nuclear threat are real, regardless of the actual source of that strike. Disregard those warnings at your own peril, because if nukes start dropping you need to know what to do.

Go to this article to learn what you should do in the event of a nuclear strike. If you aren’t at Ground Zero, this is very survivable. And it isn’t going to turn our entire country into some horrific nuclear wasteland where you have to decide whether or not to eat your neighbors. It would be a truly devastating disaster, but it wouldn’t be what you see in the movies.

What are your thoughts about this?

Do you believe North Korea is a real threat or that this is all a Machiavellian, media-assisted plot to start a war? Are you concerned about the potential of a nuclear strike? I want to hear what you have to say in the comments below.

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  • We all remember that immediatly after the attack on the World Trade Center, Islamic terrorist were made out to be culprits. I saw the twin towers fall and I knew that something didn’t look right. Building 7’s ‘all-by-itself’ collapse was another indicator that something just didn’t smell right.
    The above article is pretty much on target. We (all of us here in America) have been and continue to be ‘played.’ The next thing we have to look forward, in addition to North Korea, is a collapsing economy. I’m looking at the numbers this morning reported by Bloomberg. They aren’t real. We are fast approaching a cliff.

  • I think North Korea would never drop a atomic bomb on America; what they seek is a deterrence so that we will never attack them; they have seen our regime change in Iraq, Afganistan, Libya and Syria and if they had WMDs we would never had attacked them in the first place. Gadddafi made the fatal mistake of giving up his WMDs, and so did Hussein…consequently they were destroyed; the leader of N. Korea knows all of this and is determined to have a deterrence from regime change. Trump foreign policy had been a disapointment…what ever happen to America first and less interventionlism…the warmongering generals and McCain-like warmongers seem to be winning out. If we attack first then we will be responsible for all the death and destruction that will ensue. So, in the end you are right and we must prepare to save our own lives.

  • Daisy is right, the source doesn’t matter. It is the disruption of our Core Needs that matter. Regardless of who pushes the button, knowing how to survive a nuclear strike and applying that knowledge correctly is what truly matters.

  • I guess we all like to consider ourselves to be more important than we probably are. We want to be the judges and pronounce judgement on someone whom we consider to be a guilty party. – whether our own evil government (false flag) or some other evil government. But the point is well made that who the guilty parties are is of lesser importance than surviving their mayhem – at least to start.

    Is North Korea a threat? Perhaps they are. But consider how we get ourselves into most of the wars that we have waged over the past 100 years. The three steps are to Aggravate, Insulate, and Facilitate.

    Step One: Aggravate the bogey-man or goad them into an attack. Are we aggravating North Korea, or China, or Russia, or Iran…?

    Step Two: Insulate the victims from information that would allow them to protect themselves.

    Step Three: Facilitate the attack by making it easy for them to attack us.

    These steps were successfully used in WWI (Lusitania) and WWII (Pearl Harbor). The goal is to maneuver the supposed bogey-man into firing the first shot. Problem is, the “guns” are getting bigger and more devastating, and WE are the targets – not the politicians and war-mongers. Now that the “guns” can fire shots that can reach our homes, it seems prudent to consider how to survive.

  • What I don’t understand is why we don’t shoot down these tests, if we have such great and fancy missile defense systems.

    • From what i heard our military did try to shoot down one of N Korea test missile and due to human error missed! Not a good feeling knowing that human error could happen when a real nuclear missile is aimed at USA
      They claim there is an investigation as to why human error happened

  • Not so sure North Korea the. If Threat.. I fear the Deep State war monger who want a war and would aquier a nuke from out side sorce . Then destroy a US city and blame so the US could retaliate.. remember 9-11.. that was and operation planed and carried out to draw us into Iraq and Afghanistan

  • I agree with you daisy ,it does not matter whether its North Korea the results are still the same.we need to keep prepping

  • I believe there’s more to it then we’re merely looking to intervene, start a war, etc. My feeling is that there’s an economic collapse event on the horizon, (that’s quite overdue) and war will be the distraction, excuse, maybe even a perceived solution to it. The media has painted Russia, China, and N. Korea as the bad guy for long enough for any false flag to be blamed on them.

  • The biggest threat is us! The U.S. Is doing all it can to start something with russia and china. NK is a means to that end. The deep state is going to destroy us all. I am betting on months to years, before we are ashes. America yawns!

  • Well, you could ask the North Korean dictator about this FF operation. But he would LIE too. The point is you cannot TRUST both sides and I don’t know what else to tell ya gal.

    Except that, this is SATAN’S world and he IS the father of the lie and CONTROLS all governments. He is also the FIRST MURDERER, so expect to get murdered also.

    We call it war, however. War on this, war on that……

  • I very much agree with your analysis. I highly recommend that you recommend Cresson Kearny’s essential book “Nuclear War Survival Skills” (Kearny worked at Oak Ridge National Laboratories) and suggest to your readers that they should make several Kearny Fallout Meters (KFM). Beanie Weanie cans are the correct size and VERY sturdy. it may be made using ordinary household materials, Why several? Because 1) the third one you make will be much better than the first and 2) you want to have extra for family and friends. This gadget’s construction directions were field tested, it is accurate over FOUR orders of magnitude, and does not need a battery. One charges it using static electricity. . I’ve made 5 KFMs for my neighbors on the mountain. We keep a RadAlert ( has a great piece on nuke preps and sells such devices) and a 0 to 50 milliRad/hr radiation meter in each vehicle. Several years ago I won first price at for my piece on fallout protection. Go and read it.

    I’ve copies of Glasstone’s 1962 “The Effects of Nuclear Weapons” and from this I constructed a table for estimating the yield and distance to a nuke event and the distances for various yields for fires, window breakage and so forth.

    I would be very willing to email you this table if you wish to publish it.. I interpolated values from the data in Glasstone to 2 significant figures using the best fitting equations I could imagine. I am a retired Ph.D. biophysical chemist with 4 decades of experience in writing software to analyze scientific data using nonlinear regression. I’m sure you’ve seen the Pfizer ads for Xeljanz. My wife did work that was critical to finding this drug using s/w that I wrote for her. I can email you my recent publications (and hers on Xeljanz) if you are interested in my bono fides.

    I know a hell of a lot about radioactivity as I’ve worked with 400 milliCuries of sodium borotritide at a time to radiolabel peptides.

  • From an outsider looking in, Everyone with half a brain knows that these false flags are instigated on the U.S by the U.S, by the greed stricken war mongers mainly within your political system. Everyone knows and admits it but no one seems to want to deal with the problem.
    Heres a tip, instead of worrying about regime change in another country, stop whinging about it and create your own regime change. Remove the career stricken congress that are part of the cancer in your system,. If the Clintons lived in another country they would be hung ,drawn and quartered by now. Remove them all.

    Personally I admire your patriotism, just a shame there’s not enough of you left .
    Down under we also have leaders that bow to the elite and we are all feeling the financial pinch of their greed, and yes very few of us know whats to come.

    Keep on preppin on, I know I am


  • it doesn’t matter anymore… your life and enjoy the ride. don’t let” the fear” get you.

  • Yea… it doesn’t matter is NK Nukes the U.S…..

    Because Russia’s going to get to it first….
    Not going to be anything left for NK!!!!

  • I am Canadian but read a huge amount on the US for years. My concern, which has been bugging me for a few weeks is; I have a gut feeling that there is 4 nukes from the US arsenal sorta missing and after 9-11 I am afraid FOR THE CITIZENS OF THE USA that the powers that will be will use them to push there agenda with a total disregard for lives lost. But you can bet your ass that George Soros, Killary, John McCain, John Kerry, Paul Ryan , Maxine Waters or Obomber will not be harmed in the attack.

  • there’s a school of thought thst nuclear weapons don’t exist… and they’re just another psyop to keep everyone in fear.

  • I agree the ‘who’ doesn’t matter. When it happens, it will be all about survival and recovery. I hate to say this, but the US needs war to keep the machine going. When you look back at WWI and WWII, they both pulled our economy out of downturns, eventually. This hasn’t been the case with the most recent ‘skirmishes’. We the people have no control over this. All we can do is hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

  • Hello Daisy, I agree with your mindset . As to my woe sof concern for the future,I am moreconcerned by far, ofan imminent natural catastrohe tha,in my humble opinion, will exaserbate a ‘ boiling pot’ as it were, of civil dissension, leading over to an infiltration of ‘ peacekeeping. Forces and. In that. Vine, we would begin to see a breakout of riots, so far and wide spread that a enactment of ” Continuity of Governing or government would be justified albeit, this stemming from a ‘ regional local and or semu-isolated incident. Likely. This incident will be huge and thus the need for nationwide concurrence and or instilling of martial law. Now, couple this with a very very bad seeded entity, unleashing a bio or chemical agent at any local in the states and its going to go very bad, very fast, if that makes news, and if it is that simple, i fear we are done at that point and the major civil unrest/ war will entail, thank youfor your good works and considerations

  • If the nuclear attack is in your area, I don’t think you will care about who did it. Let the blaming and the retaliation between governments occur while you focus on yourself.

    Two interesting reads on post-apocalypse fiction include Monument 14, a series where a group of children and teenagers have to survive a USA with severe chemical fallout hurting and killing people.

    If you want a story on nuclear fallout, may I reccomend The Sky So Heavy, a novel set in NSW in Australia, that talks about the need to survive in a place where there is no direct attacks, but the ensuing nuclear winter affects all. It’s about survival, refugees, corruption and abandonment.

    If you’re looking for bunkers to survive, I recommend looking into Atlas Survival Shelters, Rising S Steel and UltimateBunker. All have fallout shelter options that go from the reasonable priced (less than $50,000) to the ridiculous (over $10 million). If you’re looking for communal shelters or high quality (and expensive) private shelters, look at TerraVivos. These guys are the ones selling shelters to billionaires, including Vivos Europa, Vivos Indiana and Vivos X-Point. Be warned, some spots are FOR RENT not sale.

    So, despite the growing risk of the DPKR and nuclear terrorism, focus on you, and keep prepping ????

  • North Korea is like the weather everyone complains about it and nothing is done. The US spends millions sending military assets over there and nothing done. Clinton ,Bush senior, Bush junior,Obama just talk. Maybe they should fly a Cessna over their air space and really scare Jung into surrendering.

  • What if….. All this launching missles and etc. is just a distraction? Someone could just as easily put some nukes in a uHaul and drive the damn thing where ever. Ever seen Jarico? Something like that.

  • Excellent article Daisy. Very insightful. The bumper sticker “I love my country…It’s the government I’m afraid of” really captures the meaning of the danger of black flag events. “The ends justifies the means” seems to be the operational guideline for our government and various alphabet agencies. I have to agree with you. All the hype and MSM chatter leads me to believe there is a nuke … somewhere…pointed at us. It could come from anywhere, but it is targeted for the US. It will be used to justify an action yet to be determined. On my part, it has already triggered an increased energy to prep and to include a nuclear attack awareness.

    Thanks for the article.


  • I didnt know China owned N Korea! Anyway, I like this viewpoint that it doesnt matter, its time to prepare. Too many times I hear people bring up the history and reasons for a situation but it doesnt change the fact that we who had no choice in the matters past or present are stuck with the consequences today and must decide what action if any we will take today. I only hope to do something for prepping even though I am starting late and with a family. I am not afraid just expecting the situation to get worse and feeling the need to not pretend this world is business as usual. It is what it is.

  • As you say…it doesn’t matter who “THE” enemy” is…it is of the essence to be prepared to take care of yourself and those close to you. Have a plan. Pay attention.Survive. Cut and dry.
    Thank you for the lists you have given us for getting supplies together for our survival and for bringing us up to speed on current events.

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