NY to Replace Non-Compliant Healthcare Workers with National Guard: Will LEOs Be Replaced Next?

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During an already existing healthcare worker shortage, New York seems to be determined to make a bad situation worse.

New York’s mandate requiring inoculation of all health care workers went into full effect on September 27. New York’s mandate (one of the most strict nationwide) allows no option to test weekly in place of inoculation and no religious exemptions. [source] Along with that mandate comes the very real likelihood that tens of thousands of health care workers could lose their jobs. 

But New York’s governor had a “great idea.” Why not replace the ousted medical staff with National Guard members? Gee. That sounds like an idea that could really catch on and seed troops across the entire country in positions of authority to fill in for the non-compliant.

NY Governor to use National Guard troops to replace fired staff

New York Governor Kathy Hochul signed an executive order on September 27 declaring a statewide emergency to manage predicted shortages. The Governor’s order authorizes state authorities to fill the void with any licensed, out-of-state health care professionals from elsewhere in the U.S. to work in New York. [source]

Reportedly, the state of New York is considering using medically trained National Guard troops to lessen the blow caused by the expected shortages. Furthermore, Hochul will possibly look into “recruiting temporary workers from the Philippines or Ireland.” Some New York hospitals will also employ “emergency staffing plans that they typically reserve for natural disasters,” such as filling vacancies with volunteers, students, and retirees. [source]   

How are New York medical centers dealing with the looming crisis?

Many New York hospitals and medical centers have already let go of staff members refusing the medical procedure. They have also begun to suspend elective medical procedures to lighten the load for short-staffed centers. Furthermore, some have decided not to take patients in need of intensive care from other hospitals.

Northwell, New York’s largest private hospital system, confirmed that it let go “a few hundred employees.” Similarly, Erie County Medical Center Corporation (Buffalo) said roughly 7% of the workforce was on administrative leave for failing to comply with the mandate. Albany Medical Center also reports suspending 204 employees. [source]

Lewis County General Hospital announced it would no longer be delivering babies because too many staff members quit. 

What’s the big deal?

You may be wondering why this is a big deal. Have you stopped to consider that replacing civilian doctors and nurses with military ones could be a lot more coercive a situation?

If one were to end up in a hospital with a broken leg, appendicitis, a panic attack, or any dire emergency, how will they refuse a medical procedure they may not want in a room filled with military soldiers?

The answer? They won’t. 

Will replacing essential workers with soldiers stop in healthcare?

And if that’s not bad enough, consider that there are many other “essential employees” who are mandated to get vaccinated or they’ll lose their jobs. Many first responders such as firemen, police, and paramedics have refused. Some members of the military are suing the Department of Defense over the refusal to allow exemptions for those who have already had Covid. Some Air Force officers are suing President Biden himself over the mandates.

So what happens when hospital workers, police officers, EMTs, and soldiers refuse to comply and get fired, only to replaced by National Guard members who did comply?

Police institutions will dismantle as mandates to comply will either result in resignations or firings. Rising crime rates will likely result in soldiers replacing officers. Fire departments will have similar mandates and see similar staffing issues.

Activating the National Guard is a tacit admission of failure here. Could anybody honestly believe that widespread human rights infringements are good for society? And once the National Guard is in place in institutions across America, how easy would it be for even more draconian policies to be instituted? (Australia, anyone?) Or even martial law?

We’re not saying that’s the plan here. Just that the slope keeps getting a little bit more slippery every day.

How long before all the dissenters have been replaced with compliant soldiers?

Of course, the outcome largely depends upon the nature of the National Guard members filling these positions. There are plenty of people who choose to get the vaccine that don’t agree with forcing it on those who don’t want it. (We just never get to hear from those people because they’re banned from YouTube, Facebook, and the mainstream media. We can’t have them spreading “misinformation,” you know.)

With mandate deadlines quickly approaching across the country and others soon going into effect, what will the outcome be?  What happens when those who disagree with forced medical mandates are replaced by those who are compliant? And when those compliant people are soldiers? Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments.

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Jeff Thompson is an avid fisherman who likes to spend time sailing on his boat and reading while at sea.

Jeff Thompson

Jeff Thompson

Jeff Thompson is an avid fisherman who likes to spend time sailing on his boat and reading while at sea.

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  • Thanks Jeff and Daisy for the article. With the volume of hospital workers needed, what guarantee will there be that hospital staff will be replaced by National Guard medics and may be replaced by medically untrained NG personnel? In addition, it will take a lot of time to train even medical NG staff on the hospital’s systems, software programs, protocols, etc… which are very different than NG’s. It will be a worse time to be in the hospital than what’s been experienced recently. In addition to staff being laid off for not wanting the vaccine, many nurses are choosing nursing in other venues rather than hospitals and won’t go back, so that exacerbates the situation.

    • so if ny is calling in ng from other states, then what happens when THOSE states need their ng to help out in this situation, weather situations, emergency situations of any kind? do they go back home???

      NY shouldnt be allowed to do this – also “calling in philipine or ireland”, do they get visas to work here?

      wow what a f**cking MESS!!!! THIS HAS TO STOP NOW!

      • AGREE, A F***ing MESS, no doubt. HORRIBLE, just disaster after disaster waiting to happen to sick people and those with serious medical issues…This is a situation that I’ve NEVER experienced in my entire life…TRUMP was in charge for 4 years and this NEVER happened on his watch…NO all the sudden we have another POTUS and all of this S*** is taking place…YES somebody needs to STOP it, but the 64 thousand dollar questions is WHO?????????? I guess we need another 1 million man/woman protest in WASHINGTON, D.C. to show them we oppose, we don’t l like this. We will fight for our rights…We are still HUMANS, we are still CITIIZENS of the USA. We pay our taxes. We pay the salaries of these dictators do we NOT????? We still have the Constitution of the USA…Does none of this matter to these people? What is the H*** is going on in this country?????

      • Yes. It has to stop. That will happen when citizens realize it is not up to somebody else –not even the All-Holy Trump– to defend the peoples’ rights. When enough of us ACT–not with violence (the deep state is desperately baiting us–do not be suckered), but with accurate lawsuits, the nonsense will stop.
        Every time too many people comply, they make the restrictions tighter and more destructive. They SAY compliance will end the whole thing — but actions speak louder than words.

        Also join CSPOA and Sheriff Richard Mack.

  • Everyone should take the vaccine. I support the mandates. Yes, the vaccines have killed or disabled some, but saved far more from dying or being disabled by Covid. This is a war. Five million killed in the world, 720,000 Americans, one in 500 Americans. Many soldiers are killed when they go to war. Tragic, but true. So Pearl Harbor happens and we ignore it? Hitler overthrows country after country, murdering millions of civilians, and we say Oh, well. It wasn’t us. Who cares? Universal vaccination would stop the carnage. This is not an appropriate time to say Respect for my civil rights means that I may spread Delta to whomever I may inadvertently do. No, I and millions more say you may not.

    France went through similar, riots in the streets by people demanding their perceived right to spread Delta. France passed mandates and vaccine passports, and the phone line broke down with the millions of people calling to make the vaccine appointments they would rather not have made. But they did, they got the vaccine, and the sky did not fall. I, as well as everyone else, am sick of covid. Vaccine refusers do not have the right to hold the rest of us captive forever. We have rights too.

    • Cia,
      If you have been vaccinated, then why do you feel you are being held hostage? Perhaps, the vaccine isn’t effective for you. If that’s the case, then why should it be mandated for anyone?

      This vaccine doesn’t stop the spread of anything. Even if everyone was vaccinated, the Delta variant would still exist and still put people in the hospital. What is the next step, more lockdowns of families, entire towns, entire states? Perhaps the right answer is to cut off the food and water supply. Modern science follows the Darwinian model of survival of the fittest. If one can’t survive COVID, then perhaps they aren’t the fittest and don’t deserve to survive at all… Where does this end? Nowhere good.

      The logic of the situation simply doesn’t add up. When the CDC changes the definition of a vaccine, it is no longer a vaccine as we know it. It becomes something else that hasn’t been fully vetted or tested out in the long term.

      The only war we are in concerning COVID is the war against government overreach and tyranny. It is the same war that citizen have filed to fight for centuries, most recently exhibited in the Holocaust and the slaughter of millions at the hands of communist dictators in the Soviet Union and China.

      Freedom and rights require inherent risk. Each of us needs to be able to choose the risk that they are willing to accept. Government mandates remove that choice and moves us all toward a new version of slavery.

      • The vaccine slashes the rate of severe disease, hosp, and death. But those who are vaccinated but vulnerable because of age, comorbidities, etc., can still be infected with covid from the unvaxxed in nearly all cases, even die of it. I read about several people in assisted living facilities who were vaxxed but caught covid from unvaxxed neighbors in the facility, and died of it. If even a vaxxed person is in an enclave with many unvaxxed, he is at greatly increased risk of contracting covid, even dying of it. This of course applies to the medical facilities we are mainly talking about here. Health care staff simply do not have the right to be unvaxxed and continue to be close to patients, most of whom are medically vulnerable. They should not WANT to if they care about their patients’ health and lives. If they don’t care, then good riddance. Maybe those temporary visas for nurses from Ireland and the Philippines could be extended to dozens of other countries and made permanent.

        Those who refuse the vax are also rejecting the right to interact in society. They have the right to reject the vaccine if they stay inside their homes for the duration, no one in, no one out. If they can afford it, have groceries and prescription drugs delivered. If they can’t afford it, I am not willing to support them with my tax dollars. May be time to reconsider the vaccine.

        • Cia, please stop your nonsensical ranting,and listen to yourself. Vaccinated people are in danger from non vac people. That statement defies logic,than again, I suppose that doesn’t matter to you. No, I will NOT be vexed because I’ve got natural antibodies. The science says,check out the CDC on this, that natural immunity is better than the Vax. Go ahead,check it out. Then,go into that corner over there and shut your mouth. Thank you.

        • Antibodies last over a year after COVID-19 infection, according to study

          COVID vaccine antibody levels drop ‘nearly 10-fold’ after about six months

          Follow the science.

          As for whom has the right to interact in society, go hide in your bubble from all things in nature.

          • Those who have naturally aquired immunity also have “memory” T and B cells which will manufacture the needed neutralizing antibodies against all aspects of the virus (which the vaccine does NOT generate) if and / or when another encounter with the virus occurs. The merely vaxxed will have to hope that the generated non-neutralizing antibodies from their last “booster” have not diminished nor “misfire” to allow a greater infection to flourish because the targeted spike has mutated.

            And hope that the fact that their body has generated pure spike protein because of the “vaccine” doesn’t have pathogenic properties of its own.

        • wow, how totalitarian of you. i thought slavery ended in America in the 1860’s. you do not the moral authority to tell me nor any other person what to do. my body, my choice.
          viruses have been around since the beginning and will always be with us. for you to have this much fear (facts evading all reality) is astounding. this virus is in the same family as influenza which used to kill tens of thousands of people each year, but thanks to this wuhan virus now no one dies from anything except wuhan.
          you do not get to dictate who is able to interact in society. but if you are so afraid of this virus you should probably stay in your house and seal it up air tight and never leave. or maybe ask elon to get you on the next rocket to mars.

        • “Those who refuse the vax are also rejecting the right to interact in society. They have the right to reject the vaccine if they stay inside their homes for the duration, no one in, no one out.”

          You work for a drug company, right? You got the shot. Enjoy your ‘protection’ and leave the rest of us alone.

        • I think you have made similar points before, but the truth is you just want to make people comply or you would argue for the right of those people to keep their jobs who have antibodies from covid and can prove it. You may have taken the vaccine but it may be completely non effective for you. You may have no antibodies at all or very few. Does that matter to you? Have you taken an antibody test to make sure you are not capable of killing anybody? Natural immunity is much better and longer lasting but in six months time you will need another vax. Good luck with playing Russian roulette with your body’s immune system, because that is what you are doing every time you get a vax.

        • @Cia Parker,

          You’re free to pollute your own body and risk your own health by accepting relatively untested, experimental medical technologies that have until recently killed most of the test animals subjected to them. With the COVID vaxxes, they simply skipped the animal trials and went straight to humans. We’ll se how that works out in the coming years, but preliminary results aren’t looking so good, a fact to which you seem to be willingly blind.

          What you dismiss as a few vaxx deaths are at least 50k globally, of which at least 15k are in the US alone. In the US, the track record for deaths alone, i.e. ignoring other serious adverse events, over the last 11 months is nearly 100 times the deaths experienced for other vaxxes deployed in any year since CDC started collecting data in VAERS. And that is just the tip of the iceberg, as it is commonly known that adverse event reports made are as little as one to ten percent of actual adverse events experienced in the population.

          Your view on the vaxxes belies an utterly naive trust in the MSM and government narrative. You are seriously underinformed.

          Your worldview on how unvaxxed folks should be treated is nothing less that Maoist or Stalinist. People like you are a menace to society. The flip side of your view that the unvaxxed should not be permitted access to society is that the society you wish to create must be stamped out with all due haste before we all suffer the horrible fate of the world you want ushered in.

        • Cia Parker
          Maybe you should study history a little bit closer. Try the WWII era and Nuremburg trials, what happened to those who used humans as test subjects against their will.

        • The study that was done in Thailand said that the hospital workers that had received the shot carry 250 times the viral load in their nasal passages. One would think that the people in the assisted living facilities were much more likely to have gotten sick because of the people that have had the shot?

          I for years haven’t wanted my tax dollars to support a number of things but I’m told to suck it up and pay.

          If you would pull your head out of the sand for just an instant and do some research you might be able to have something to say besides just regurgitating what you’re hearing on the TV. It’s like yuur reading a script.

    • No… I do NOT have to have the vaccine. This really is getting laughable that you pro-vaxxers are SO terrified that you refuse to acknowledge those of us who HAD covid….who SURVIVED it…and who HAVE natural immunity and antibodies. How do I know? Because I’m tested every 6 weeks and am still positive for antibodies a year later. Take your shot if you want it but leave the rest of us who just want to live life free and UNPOISONED alone. Tamper down your own fear….you’ll be a much happier person. SMDH (What happened to the MY BODY MY CHOICE mantra you people always declare in murdering unborn babies?? LMAO…such hypocrisy.)

    • Your vaccinated and still carry covid. Your vaccinated and aren’t protected from covid. Your vaccinated and can still be hospitalized or die.
      What is it the vaccine does again?
      That’s why you feel the way you do.

      • Exactly right Matt!

        So what is the purpose of this vaccine again?AUSTRALIA: Melbourne’s Health Minister Says That 95% Of ALL People In Hospitals Are Vaxxed, With 78% Fully Vaxxed, And 17% Partially Vaxxed…

        Posted by Centipede Nation Staff on September 30, 2021 11:29 am


        So much for vaccine-generated herd immunity

        In an Israeli hospital outbreak, 96% vaccination rates (and universal masking) made no difference. And guess who had mild cases? Hint: not the vaccinated. 
        By Alex Berenson


        • Well according to VAERS…there have been almost 3,000 reports of heart problems (as of Sept) called (myocarditis) and (pericarditis) following Covid Vaccines, with another 1,275 cases attributed to Pfizer, another 66 cases from Moderna and 71 cases from Johnson and Johnson.

          Moderna added a “warning label” mandated by the FDA, as well as Pfizer suggesting an increased risk of “heart problems” particularly following the 2nd dose of the vaccine, with the onset of symptoms within a few days after being vaccinated.

          Heart inflammation in 16-24 yr. old people has been discovered since May of this year. There have already been 1,200 cases…and more daily are being brought to light…

          This report was written LAST MONTH (September of 2021). By now October 4, 2021 we know that these number are certainly higher…

          The POLIO vaccines also came out back in the 50’s, and I stood in line to get my vaccine with my grandma b/c I had to have it to go to the 1st grade. Here I am living today with Adult Post Polio Syndrome b/c of that ONE vaccine…I have multiple physical issues b/c of it… FYI, POLIO doesn’t just go away at the age of 18. NO the damage is done in the body and last for the life of the victim.
          Many people have had problems from taking this vaccine and there have been people drying from them…Some will suffer for the rest of their lives b/c of them. Remember they were “fast tracked”. They NEVER did go through the proper testing. They were NEVER proven to be effective were they? SO to get a vaccine or two and the boosters it needs to be the individuals own choice…NOT forced on anyone…MY BODY-MY CHOICE…I am now allergic to vaccines (any of them)…I am exempt and so are many others either my medical reasons, or b/c they have already had Covid, or just b/c they do not want to put the ingredience that are in the vaccines into their system…All VALID reasons to just say NO NO NO !!!

          When we have NO choice, then we are left with NO HOPE!!! Without hope, we become left with nothing at all in life to look forward too…The Vaccines didn’t save anybody! They are being proven to have actually done many people harm and cause their death…Watch FOX news and you will find out what is really happening with them…

      • You left out the part about the vaccine slashing serious cases, hosp, and death by over 90%. So if everyone gets the vaccine, all three of these outcomes are slashed by over 90%, then the problem is solved.

        • Wrong forum…BTW

          Traditional definition is as a preventative to the actual affliction; which this does not provide.

          Way too much peer reviewed data out now showing how the efficacy wanes over time.

          What is the overall survivability rate again…97.9% or better depending on your demographic?

          Natural immunity is being shown as being the “best” of all in terms of long term efficacy…

          For the demographic most vulnerable its a good choice, however you should really look to India as the example for perhaps a better method to knock this down and quickly – 97% to 99% reduction in one province (240 million) in 90 days via two medications.

          Ask me about the three people I personally know from one agency who have had some pretty serious hospitalizations…I don’t believe in coincidence by the way…

          All of the other points you espouse…well they are your personal views and you are welcome to them.

          Please allow me to have mine.

        • No, CIA (clowns in America???), the COVID vaxxes do NOT slash cases, seriousness, or death. In fact, these rise dramatically with the injections. CDC is trying to cover it up by declaring those who got jabbed less than 14 days ago as “unvaxxed.”

          ACTUAL FACTS MATTER. Believing anything the TV talking heads tell you can get you KILLED. The “Delta variant” IS the “vaccine.”

          And ACTUAL clinical experience of doctors with patients includes UNvaxxed patients in close contact with vaxxed who got menstrual problems and other bleeding disorders. I know of a dog who died, not sure about people. Fakebook, ThemTube, etc. cover this up–and that does NOT change reality.

          To the rest of you: people like Cia are either trolls paid to post such stuff–or hypnotized with fear. I watch mainstream Tv for a few minutes now and then over at neighbors’ houses. They are constant cornaporn. It is close to impossible to wake their victims up. But that wake up will happen this winter after a billion vaxxed people die. It simply will not be possible to cover up the truth then.

        • Nope don’t believe American propaganda based on a whole lot of skewing of figures. If you check out the Irish, The Israelis and the British who have very high rates of vaccination you will see any initial positive results ( not counting the serious side effects) were very quickly reversed with deaths rising again. The Delta variant is however less deadly than earlier mutations and many more people have achieved herd immunity since the initial infection, with the virus having already burnt through the weaker part of the population. In India, with only a very low rate of vaccination, around 5 per cent the last i looked, they have achieved a massive drop in deaths. Check out the figures on worldometers.

        • What’s your source for this wonderful data? Is it primary, peer-reviewed research, or mere CDC speculation?

    • You do realize more than 64% of “Delta” deaths in England were vaccinated, right?
      There are thousands of break through cases here in the US.
      This vaccine is an experiment, has not been tested long-term, nobody knows what it will actually do to you. Well, perhaps they do…

      • LOL, perhaps they do….You’re a wise later if you believe they know. Of course they know what went into them…They know they were fast tracked…It was an experiment…How dumbed down are we? There are still many out there that have common sense. Many who are wise and some beyond their years…Many have been educated and have a good gut that will guide them to the right place and alert them when they are making mistakes, true or not? What about caution signs and red flag warnings? Ahhhhhh, now we must be onto something when this happens to us… YES Thousands of cases here in the USA. Many people who are now having heart problems and health issues, organ damage are in hospitals. Many many have actually passed on after getting them…
        They were all fast-tracked. we know that…
        I know full well what the Polio vaccine did to children (now adults) .One injection and the live polio virus was present…I got it at the age of 6. Life has NEVER been the same, NEVER been “normal”…What is it like to be normal, have people now staring at you as a kid. Having people always asking me , what happened to you? My spine is messed up/crooked, my hearing has gotten progressively worse, my left side is 1/2 inch or so shorter than my right side…My life has been this way all these years…It last for a lifetime…How many got polio (like me)? How many may have died from the complications that we don’t know about? Ahhhhh, good question…Keep alert, be aware, be always thinking and be cautious at ALL times please…

    • Your rights end where other people’s rights begin. I’m not talking about the Constitution. I’m talking about the inalienable human right to choose what goes into one’s body.

      You are clearly here to troll. It seems like you only comment on vaccine-related posts.

      • Exactly. Your right to reject the vaccine ends when you spread the disease to someone else. Those who will be infected by you can also say My uninfected body, my choice to keep it that way.

        • cia,
          do you understand anything about viruses? or how they are spread? do you understand anything about the immune system and responses? do you know that there are virus around you everyday?
          natural immunity is better than vaccines.
          you seem intent on forcing others to do what you want. what moral authority do you have to force someone to do what you want? can i force you to consume something that may potentially kill you?
          you do not have a right to not get infected by a virus. you can take precautions to reduce your risk. this vax does not stop you from getting the wuhan virus, follow the science. and it seems like those who are fully vax’d are more susceptible to the delta variant.

        • I might add that my infectious self has been donating convalescent plasma for months now. But I’m sure that doesn’t mean I have naturally acquired antibodies.



          It does. I am freakin’ loaded with enough antibodies to share.

          Carry on.

          • It was thought at the beginning that convalescent plasma could probably be used to treat covid, but it was found about a year ago not to be the case.


            Antibodies from both the vaccine and natural infection fade over time. There may still be humoral protection from B and T cell memory in both cases, but not enough is known about this. But the fact that there were a certain number of covid deaths in Israel in those vaccinated last winter, which stopped in those who got the third dose, which greatly increased antibodies, seems to indicate that any humoral immunity was not sufficient in all cases to prevent serious cases and deaths the way the vaccine, with both antibodies and cellular immunity, did at the beginning.

            Alaska has been having a hard time with an extremely severe covid outbreak. It’s hospitals have been among the only ones forced to actually implement extreme crisis measures, including triage and denying care. The other day one hospital in Anchorage had only one ICU bed still available, three unvaxxed covid patients in need of it, and one vaxxed Alaskan from a rural area with a different medical crisis. It was decided to give the one bed to an unvaxxed by choice covid patient and the vaxxed man died.

            You always say Let’s discuss it in the comments below. But those who express a view different than yours are trolls apparently by definition? That’s not cen-? I recognize that you have left my comments up most of the time, but I do not deserve to be called a troll. I am very interested in vaccines. If you were to look at my comment history on Disqus, you would see how genuinely interested I am. I am usually very critical of most vaccines, but Covid and the covid vaccine(s) have been different for many reasons. More comparable to the Spanish flu. Here in Missouri, during the Delta crisis in July, hospitals in Springfield were overwhelmed. Many very sick, unvaxxed by choice, people were admitted who were shocked by their having become deathly ill very quickly. They pleaded to be given the vaccine, but it was too late. They urged their family and friends to get the vaccine, before dying. I believe that many people have chosen to join Internet as well as physical groups which then reinforce each others’ beliefs. Until tragedy strikes.

            I do stay home as much as possible. But we have to get groceries today: I’ve been popping homeopathic cocculus combo hoping not to collapse or vomit while at the store. Trying to work myself up to going to the store, which will be an ordeal. I have had long covid since Feb 2020. I have been very sick ever since, with dizziness, sometimes whirling vertigo, nausea, exhaustion, dripping with sweat suddenly out of the blue, tachycardia, and ataxia when I try to walk. I cannot blame anyone for giving me covid, as it occurred at the very beginning. I got two doses of Pfizer in May. I had a reaction to the first with dizziness and a lot of vomiting. But I’m glad I got them. One of my reasons was hoping the vaccine would improve the long covid, as per Akiko Iwasaki. But it didn’t. It now looks as though it improves less than 20% of long covid sufferers. It was just reported that 50% of Chinese recovered from natural covid have suffered from long covid, and a large percentage elsewhere. So there’s that too.

            • You are incorrect about convalescent plasma. That’s where monoclonal antibodies come from. Here is a more recent study. https://www.idsociety.org/covid-19-real-time-learning-network/therapeutics-and-interventions/immunomodulators/

              And I do say we should discuss it, but it seems like you ONLY comment to argue, and ONLY on this topic. When you talk about FORCING your will on others, what do you think the response will be on a website dedicated to personal freedom and self-reliance?

            • Geert Vanden Bossche, DMV, PhD, independent virologist and vaccine expert, formerly employed at GAVI and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

              I am all but an antivaxxer. As a scientist I do not usually appeal to any platform of this kind to make a stand on vaccine-related topics. As a dedicated virologist and vaccine expert I only make an exception when health authorities allow vaccines to be administered in ways that threaten public health, most certainly when scientific evidence is being ignored. The present extremely critical situation forces me to spread this emergency call. As the unprecedented extent of human intervention in the Covid-19-pandemic is now at risk of resulting in a global catastrophe without equal, this call cannot sound loudly and strongly enough.
              As stated, I am not against vaccination. On the contrary, I can assure you that each of the current vaccines have been designed, developed and manufactured by brilliant and competent scientists. However, this type of prophylactic vaccines are completely inappropriate, and even highly dangerous, when used in mass vaccination campaigns during a viral pandemic. Vaccinologists, scientists and clinicians are blinded by the positive short-term effects in individual patients, but don’t seem to bother about the disastrous consequences for global health. Unless I am scientifically proven wrong, it is difficult to understand how current human interventions will prevent circulating variants from turning into a wild monster.

              Racing against the clock, I am completing my scientific manuscript, the publication of which is, unfortunately, likely to come too late given the ever increasing threat from rapidly spreading, highly infectious variants. This is why I decided to already post a summary of my findings as well as my keynote speech at the recent Vaccine Summit in Ohio on LinkedIn. Last Monday, I provided international health organizations, including the WHO, with my analysis of the current pandemic as based on scientifically informed insights in the immune biology of Covid-19. Given the level of emergency, I urged them to consider my concerns and to initiate a debate on the detrimental consequences of further ‘viral immune escape’. For those who are no experts in this field, I am attaching below a more accessible and comprehensible version of the science behind this insidious phenomenon.
              While there is no time to spare, I have not received any feedback thus far. Experts and politicians have remained silent while obviously still eager to talk about relaxing infection prevention rules and ‘springtime freedom’. My statements are based on nothing else but science. They shall only be contradicted by science. While one can barely make any incorrect scientific statements without being criticized by peers, it seems like the elite of scientists who are currently advising our world leaders prefer to stay silent. Sufficient scientific evidence has been brought to the table. Unfortunately, it remains untouched by those who have the power to act. How long can one ignore the problem when there is at present massive evidence that viral immune escape is now threatening humanity? We can hardly say we didn’t know – or were not warned.

              In this agonizing letter I put all of my reputation and credibility at stake. I expect from you, guardians of mankind, at least the same. It is of utmost urgency. Do open the debate. By all means: turn the tide!

              Public health emergency of international concern
              Why mass vaccination amidst a pandemic creates an irrepressible monster

              THE key question is: why does nobody seem to bother about viral immune escape? Let me try to explain this by means of a more easily understood phenomenon: Antimicrobial resistance. One can easily extrapolate this scourge to resistance to our self-made ‘antiviral antibiotics’. Indeed, antibodies (Abs) produced by our own immune system can be considered self-made antiviral antibiotics, regardless of whether they are part of our innate immune system (so-called ‘natural’ Abs’) or elicited in response to specific pathogens (resulting in so-called ‘acquired’ Abs). Natural Abs are not germ-specific whereas acquired Abs are specifically directed at the invading pathogen. At birth, our innate immune system is ‘unexperienced’ but well-established. It protects us from a multitude of pathogens, thereby preventing these pathogens from causing disease. As the innate immune system cannot remember the pathogens it encountered (innate immunity has no so-called ‘immunological memory’), we can only continue to rely on it provided we keep it ‘trained’ well enough. Training is achieved by regular exposure to a myriad of environmental agents, including pathogens. However, as we age, we will increasingly face situations where our innate immunity (often called ‘the first line of immune defense’) is not strong enough to halt the pathogen at the portal of entry (mostly mucosal barriers like respiratory or intestinal epithelia). When this happens, the immune system has to rely on more specialized effectors of our immune system (i.e., antigen-specific Abs and T cells) to fight the pathogen. So, as we grow up, we increasingly mount pathogen-specific immunity, including highly specific Abs. As those have stronger affinity for the pathogen (e.g., virus) and can reach high concentrations, they can quite easily outcompete our natural Abs for binding to the pathogen/virus. It is precisely this type of highly specific, high affinity Abs that current Covid-19 vaccines are inducing. Of course, the noble purpose of these Abs is to protect us against Covid-19. So, why then should there be a major concern using these vaccines to fight Covid-19?

              Well, similar to the rules applying to classical antimicrobial antibiotics, it is paramount that our self-made ‘antiviral antibiotics’ are made available in sufficient concentration and are tailored at the specific features of our enemy. This is why in case of bacterial disease it is critical to not only chose the right type of antibiotic (based on the results from an antibiogram) but to also take the antibiotic for long enough (according to the prescription). Failure to comply with these requirements is at risk of granting microbes a chance to survive and hence, may cause the disease to flare up. A very similar mechanism may also apply to viruses, especially to viruses that can easily and rapidly mutate (which is, for example, the case with Coronaviruses); when the pressure exerted by the army’s (read: population’s) immune defense starts to threaten viral replication and transmission, the virus will take on another coat so that it can no longer be easily recognized and, therefore, attacked by the host immune system. The virus is now able to escape immunity (so-called: ‘immune escape’). However, the virus can only rely on this strategy provided it still has room enough to replicate. Viruses, in contrast to the majority of bacteria, must rely on living host cells to replicate. This is why the occurrence of ‘escape mutants’ isn’t too worrisome as long as the likelihood for these variants to rapidly find another host is quite remote. However, that’s not particularly the case during a viral pandemic! During a pandemic, the virus is spreading all over the globe with many subjects shedding and transmitting the virus (even including asymptomatic ‘carriers’). The higher the viral load, the higher the likelihood for the virus to bump into subjects who haven’t been infected yet or who were infected but didn’t develop symptoms. Unless they are sufficiently protected by their innate immune defense (through natural Abs), they will catch Covid-19 disease as they cannot rely on other, i.e., acquired Abs. It has been extensively reported, indeed, that the increase in S (spike)-specific Abs in asymptomatically infected people is rather limited and only short-lived. Furthermore, these Abs have not achieved full maturity. The combination of viral infection on a background of suboptimal Ab maturity and concentration enables the virus to select mutations allowing it to escape the immune pressure. The selection of those mutations preferably occurs in the S protein as this is the viral protein that is responsible for viral infectiousness. As the selected mutations endow the virus with increased infectious capacity, it now becomes much easier for the virus to cause severe disease in infected subjects. The more people develop symptomatic disease, the better the virus can secure its propagation and perpetuation (people who get severe disease will shed more virus and for a longer period of time than asymptomatically infected subjects do). Unfortunately enough, the short-lived rise in S-specific Abs does, however, suffice to bypass people’s innate/natural Ab. Those are put out of business as their affinity for S is lower than the affinity of S-specific Abs. This is to say that with an increasing rate of infection in the population, the number of subjects who get infected while experiencing a momentary increase in S-specific Abs will steadily increase. Consequently, the number of subjects who get infected while experiencing a momentary decrease in their innate immunity will increase. As a result, a steadily increasing number of subjects will become more susceptible to getting severe disease instead of showing only mild symptoms (i.e., limited to the upper respiratory tract) or no symptoms at all. During a pandemic, especially youngsters will be affected by this evolution as their natural Abs are not yet largely suppressed by a panoply of ‘acquired’, antigen-specific Abs. Natural Abs, and natural immunity in general, play a critical role in protecting us from pathogens as they constitute our first line of immune defense. In contrast to acquired immunity, innate immune responses protect against a large spectrum of pathogens (so don’t compromise or sacrifice your innate immune defense!). Because natural Abs and innate immune cells recognize a diversified spectrum of foreign (i.e., non-self) agents (only some of which have pathogenic potential), it’s important, indeed, to keep it sufficiently exposed to environmental challenges. By keeping the innate immune system (which, unfortunately, has no memory!) TRAINED, we can much more easily resist germs which have real pathogenic potential. It has, for example, been reported and scientifically proven that exposure to other, quite harmless Coronaviruses causing a ‘common cold ’ can provide protection, although short-lived, against Covid-19 and its loyal henchmen (i.e., the more infectious variants).

              Suppression of innate immunity, especially in the younger age groups, can, therefore, become very problematic. There can be no doubt that lack of exposure due to stringent containment measures implemented as of the beginning of the pandemic has not been beneficial to keeping people’s innate immune system well trained. As if this was not already heavily compromising innate immune defense in this population segment, there comes yet another force into play that will dramatically enhance morbidity and mortality rates in the younger age groups: MASS VACCINATION of the ELDERLY. The more extensively the latter age group will be vaccinated and hence, protected, the more the virus is forced to continue causing disease in younger age groups. This is only going to be possible provided it escapes to the S-specific Abs that are momentarily raised in previously asymptomatically infected subjects. If the virus manages to do so, it can benefit from the (momentarily) suppressed innate immunity, thereby causing disease in an increasing number of these subjects and ensuring its own propagation. Selecting targeted mutations in the S protein is, therefore, the way to go in order for the virus to enhance its infectiousness in candidates that are prone to getting the disease because of a transient weakness of their innate immune defense.
              But in the meantime, we’re also facing a huge problem in vaccinated people as they’re now more and more confronted with infectious variants displaying a type of S protein that is increasingly different from the S edition comprised within the vaccine (the latter edition originates from the original, much less infectious strain at the beginning of the pandemic). The more variants become infectious (i.e., as a result of blocking access of the virus to the vaccinated segment of the population), the less vaccinal Abs will protect. Already now, lack of protection is leading to viral shedding and transmission in vaccine recipients who are exposed to these more infectious strains (which, by the way, increasingly dominate the field). This is how we are currently turning vaccinees into asymptomatic carriers shedding infectious variants.

              At some point, in a likely very near future, it’s going to become more profitable (in term of ‘return on selection investment’) for the virus to just add another few mutations (maybe just one or two) to the S protein of viral variants (already endowed with multiple mutations enhancing infectiousness) in an attempt to further strengthen its binding to the receptor (ACE-2) expressed on the surface of permissive epithelial cells. This will now allow the new variant to outcompete vaccinal Abs for binding to the ACE receptor. This is to say that at this stage, it would only take very few additional targeted mutations within the viral receptor-binding domain to fully resist S-specific anti-Covid-19 Abs, regardless whether the latter are elicited by the vaccine or by natural infection. At that stage, the virus will, indeed, have managed to gain access to a huge reservoir of subjects who have now become highly susceptible to disease as their S-specific Abs have now become useless in terms of protection but still manage to provide for long-lived suppression of their innate immunity (i.e., natural infection, and especially vaccination, elicit relatively long-lived specific Ab titers). The susceptible reservoir comprises both, vaccinated people and those who’re left with sufficient S-specific Abs due to previous Covid-19 disease). So, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED for Covid-19 but a DISASTROUS SITUATION for all vaccinated subjects and Covid-19 seropositive people as they’ve now lost both, their acquired and innate immune defense against Covid-19 (while highly infectious strains are circulating!). That’s ‘one small step for the virus, one giant catastrophe for mankind’, which is to say that we’ll have whipped up the virus in the younger population up to a level that it now takes little effort for Covid-19 to transform into a highly infectious virus that completely ignores both the innate arm of our immune system as well as the adaptive/acquired one (regardless of whether the acquired Abs resulted from vaccination or natural infection). The effort for the virus is now becoming even more negligible given that many vaccine recipients are now exposed to highly infectious viral variants while having received only a single shot of the vaccine. Hence, they are endowed with Abs that have not yet acquired optimal functionality. There is no need to explain that this is just going to further enhance immune escape. Basically, we’ll very soon be confronted with a super-infectious virus that completely resists our most precious defense mechanism: The human immune system.

              From all of the above, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to imagine how the consequences of the extensive and erroneous human intervention in this pandemic are not going to wipe out large parts of our human population. One could only think of very few other strategies to achieve the same level of efficiency in turning a relatively harmless virus into a bioweapon of mass destruction.

              It’s certainly also worth mentioning that mutations in the S protein (i.e., exactly the same protein that is subject to selection of escape mutations) are known to enable Coronaviruses to cross species barriers. This is to say that the risk that vaccine-mediated immune escape could allow the virus to jump to other animal species, especially industrial livestock (e.g., pig and poultry farms), is not negligible. These species are already known to host several different Coronaviruses and are usually housed in farms with high stocking density. Similar to the situation with influenza virus, these species could than serve as an additional reservoir for SARS-COVID-2 virus.

              As pathogens have co-evolved with the host immune system, natural pandemics of acute self-limiting viral infections have been shaped such as to take a toll on human lives that is not higher than strictly required. Due to human intervention, the course of this pandemic has been thoroughly disturbed as of the very beginning. Widespread and stringent infection prevention measures combined with mass vaccination campaigns using inadequate vaccines will undoubtedly lead to a situation where the pandemic is getting increasingly ‘out of control’.

              Paradoxically, the only intervention that could offer a perspective to end this pandemic (other than to let it run its disastrous course) is …VACCINATION. Of course, the type of vaccines to be used would be completely different from conventional vaccines in that they’re not inducing the usual suspects, i.e., B and T cells, but NK cells. There is, indeed, compelling scientific evidence that these cells play a key role in facilitating complete elimination of Covid-19 at an early stage of infection in asymptomatically infected subjects. NK cells are part of the cellular arm of our innate immune system and, alike natural Abs, they are capable of recognizing and attacking a broad and diversified spectrum of pathogenic agents. There is a sound scientific rationale to assume that it is possible to ‘prime’ NK cells in ways for them to recognize and kill Coronaviruses at large (include all their variants) at an early stage of infection. NK cells have increasingly been described to be endowed with the capacity to acquire immunological memory. By educating these cells in ways that enable them to durably recognize and target Coronavirus-infected cells, our immune system could be perfectly armed for a targeted attack to the universe of Coronaviruses prior to exposure. As NK cell-based immune defense provides sterilizing immunity and allows for broad-spectrum and fast protection, it is reasonable to assume that harnessing our innate immune cells is going to be the only type of human intervention left to halt the dangerous spread of highly infectious Covid-19 variants.

              If we, human beings, are committed to perpetuating our species, we have no choice left but to eradicate these highly infectious viral variants. This will, indeed, require large vaccination campaigns. However, NK cell-based vaccines will primarily enable our natural immunity to be better prepared (memory!) and to induce herd immunity (which is exactly the opposite of what current Covid-19 vaccines do as those increasingly turn vaccine recipients into asymptomatic carriers who are shedding virus). So, there is not one second left for gears to be switched and to replace the current killer vaccines by life-saving vaccines.
              I am appealing to the WHO and all stakeholders involved, no matter their conviction, to immediately declare such action as THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT public health emergency of international concern.


    • Sorry, but your comment “Yes, the vaccines have killed or disabled some, but saved far more from dying or being disabled by Covid” is NOT correct. You are sadly uninformed.

      Senator Ron Johnson Presented On The Floor Of The Senate Data Out Of England And Israel Showing The Numbers Of Vaccinated That Are Dying Compared To The Unvaccinated…


    • The numbers that the gov’t (and the organizations in bed with them) keep spouting are not even accurate. At least in the U.S., all the numbers are inflated because hospitals get extra gov’t money for every covid death. This has been documented a million times over by now. I don’t know why people keep insisting on believing this crap. People aren’t dying of covid. They are dying of pre-existing conditions that have been exacerbated by covid, which could also happen with influenza, rhinovirus, other coronaviruses, or what everyone just calls the “common cold.” It’s not the virus that kills. It’s the underlying conditions, poor immune function, and a hundred other things that can go wrong in the human body. This is a fact of life. Everyone dies. Get over it. Live your life to the fullest before YOU die, because you don’t get a second chance.

    • Y’all apparently don’t know that Covid has a 99% Survival rate. I got that from crunching the numbers on the government site. Sorry this is not one of those “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few” kind of thing.
      also you must not know that the the so called vaccine does not operate as traditional immunizations do. This one only lessens your symptoms. It does not stop your from contraction nor spreading Covid. I got that from a molecular biologist in my area.

    • Universal vaccination is a ruse to hornswoggle citizens into complying with PTB’s satanic agenda:
      1) the vax doesn’t work very well at stopping disease and may be a contributing factor in the proliferation of delta,
      2) the percentages of death or serious injury from the vax so far appears to be equivalent to that of the disease they are supposedly trying to treat,
      3) the political system pushing compliance has proven untrustworthy, hostile to traditional American values, likely controlled by the Chinese government, and it uses totalitarian methods to enforce compliance selectively while allowing highly placed officials and illegal border jumpers to avoid the jab,
      4) the administration’s front man Fauci has a demonstrated history of funding “gain of function” biowarfare research of corona viruses since at least 2007, and is the holder of patents on both the engineered virus and the vax,
      5) the international controllers of current events have publically stated their intent to reduce world population by 90% by 2030.

      I took the J&J vax in April and didn’t die, but from what I’ve learned over the last several months, I don’t intend to take any boosters due to the risks to both my body and soul.

  • It’s all a bluff. 70,000 workers short a only 14,000 NG . Then they could only use NG that are medically trained , so a NG who works as a nurse will be activated, pulled from their nurses job and placed in another nurse job ? Oh and all at lower NG pay ? It’ll never happen ,at least at any scale .

  • Wait till the malpractices start.
    They aren’t certified by the state to practice. So how’s that work?
    Wait till the military forget their patients aren’t and talk to them crazy. Lol

    So anytime ANY place doesn’t agree with the king the kings men will just swoop in and take over huh?

    I’m sure most of the military medical have their hearts in the right place and will do their best but it doesn’t negate the larger picture.

    • Even worse than using National Guard doctors and nurses is that they want to import doctors from the Philippines and Ireland. This isn’t a medical emergency caused by the virus. This is a medical emergency caused by the politicization of the virus. Doctors and nurses who have already had Covid should not be fired for not taking the vaccine. They are the real heroes of this pandemic. They have antibodies and are immune and should be the ones you rely on the most to treat the highest risk patients. The left doesn’t care how bad this gets because their goal isn’t to eliminate Covid 19, it is to eliminate capitalism

  • My wife is a officer in the NG.
    She is not in the medical field, but her and other NG are professionals.
    Will the NG be in all care giving practice for patients? As I understand it, some of those who refuse the jab are support staff. May not seem like a big deal, but the nurses are short staffed as it is. Take away that support and the system gets even more stressed than as it is.
    Still, will take some time to spin everyone up and where things are and how things are done in a given setting.
    Also, as I understand it, a lot of nurses are burnt out. They have a spouse who’s income can support them, or they have been putting in OT and have a healthy savings account.

    Side note: Wife’s unit got a memo calling for volunteers to serve as school bus drivers.

    • Perfect example of what I’m saying. The king ordered The People quit/retired and now the kings men are being used in their place in this case to drive school buses.
      In other words the king believes The People can’t create a large enough issue that he can’t fix with the military or other resources.

      I’m not against the military and for those that don’t know I pulled 20. 12 active 8 guard and for the most part it should go ok with the exceptions I mentioned.

      Using the military in a crisis is the norm. This “crisis” is not a normal created thing from weather or an attack from an outside force. It’s a man made created thing from the politics caused by trying to force things that aren’t working that should have never happened.


  • What happens to the companies that employ those guard members? They will have to fill that staff shortage and hold the position for the Guard member until they return (who knows when that will be).

    This will just add to the shortage of employees………There are not enough Guard members to fill every critical job out there so the govt will have to come to the conclusion that this is a failed policy

  • The National Guard isn’t mandated to get the jab until June, 2022. So, how will God Empress Dr. Hoechul justify firing medical personnel who refused the genetic therapy, with National Guard who aren’t required to be vaxxxinated yet?

    (Luciferianism intensifies)

    • Salty, and other Christians, I hope you find the video I watched last night, of a Greek priest-monk, speaking in Greek, with English closed caption on what happened to him as a Christian when he got the first jab. He felt ashamed of his priesthood, lost all joy in religious things and going into holy places felt just like walking into any ordinary room. He felt Satan “hugging” him. Demons speaking to exorcists said they “owned” people who got the jab because it contains fetal blood. Satanic ceremonies in America were mentioned.
      He struggled. G-d told him not to get the second jab. So he will not. His joy in worship returned. He will end up free of the demon.
      There is a solution to everything.
      Research the health interventions you can do when your neighbors get sick. Ordinary people will have a chance to save Life this year. Be ready.

  • Active duty navy here that is refusing vaccine at 18+ years in and I will walk now if they make me. Happy to go now before it comes to pulling us shore duty sailors for things like this. I agree with this article to an extent. Yes having soldiers in your doctors office would intimidate many. But I don’t think we have enough qualified National guardsmen to fill all of these vacancies. Surely not enough medically trained or fire fighter trained or whatever other specialty across this entire country. I don’t like where this is going but I do believe the only way we stop this is by standing up and saying no even if it means what this article says. I don’t think they can enact it for that long either. These people have jobs and families to get to. Sure they know they can mobilize but typically it’s not for a long term or longer than a deployment. We shall see.

  • I’m vaccinated, but I totally support the right to choose. I chose for myself, not because I think it’s a save all, but because I’m all my daughter has and if I can have a percentage chance of catching it and having reduced symptoms, I’ll take that. I can’t afford to be sick.
    But the mandates ? Those are evil itself.
    I have family and close friends in both sides of the divide. I support all of their rights to choose.
    Putting the guard into civilian roles scares the crap out of me. Eventually there won’t be enough healthcare workers, teachers, police, firemen, etc.
    Something has to give eventually. Hopefully some of these lawsuits will go through and become precedent to stop the madness.

  • Somebody needs to tell Gov. Holcum that military doctors are NOT trained for civilian work. They’re medical training is not even recognized by the State of New York . They are trained to treat combat wounds and that’s pretty much it. Even the VA does NOT use military doctors or nurses for that reason. What if there is a mistake made? Who is the patient gonna sue for malpractice? Politicians need to get their head out of their a$$ess and stop using the military to solve their screwups.

    • So, NG member here and you couldn’t be more wrong. Doctors and nurses in the service have to have a medical license for the state where they practice and serve. Also, few of them are full time, meaning they keep separate, private practice when not on duty. What you don’t know about the military or the NG is alot. My docs treat everything from earaches to sucking chest wounds. Just please go home with your ignorance.

  • The only thing that surprises me is that anybody here would be surprised. Mandatory vaccines for healthcare workers, and probably other public-facing workers, were always a likely scenario. And with such a big military as the USA has, that any gaps would be filled with military was also to be expected.

    The time to insist on having a smaller military, to remove the temptation of using them for other domestic purposes, was a few years ago. Now the only thing that can be done is deal with the situation as it is. The only practical suggestion I can think of is familiarising yourself with standard military rules and procedures so you have a good understanding of who you may be dealing with, if it comes to that.

  • Here in Communist Canada our Dicktator has all ready had 250000 Chinese troops training up north. With the emergency health orders acts Chairman Trudeau and our provincial premiers (like your governors if not familiar with Canada politics) can call in foreign troops, seize our property, prevent us from freely travelling across Canada etc etc. In Alberta our provincial premier Premier Sell Out Kenney is now getting in military nurses to help out hospitals as unvaxxed nurses and doctors who were heros during the intial covid waves are now thrown out of jobs as part of the ongoing war against the unvaxxed. In other words yes this is happening embedding the military into civilian life and I just pray our military will stand up for freedom rather than tyranny. Wondering how the States will view a Communist Canada full of Chinese troops just across the border.

  • New Yorkers–and Patriots and danger-decliners everywhere–need to learn the difference between a MANDATE and a LAW. And then they need to SUE. Sue, sue, sue. Sue this wicked murderous, oath-breaking governor PERSONALLY, right down to her UNDERWEAR! They need to hire a lawyer who WINS his/her cases. (A losing case can hurt your cause).

    Several successful cases (maybe even one) and this oath-breaking nonsense will STOP.

  • Another twist here in NY is travel nurses . Hospitals are short staffed nurses so they use travel nurses to fill open spots . A travel nurse has airfare, meals and hotels all paid for , plus can make 40k per month , with a two month commitment of 60-70 hours a week . So 80 grand in two months , this has lead to NY nurses quitting to become travel nurses, and “ traveling sometimes across town or an hour or so down the thruway .

    Now you only have to work a few months a year ,leading to more shortages of nurses.

  • A large number of LEOs and medical workers are also in the National Guard or Reserves if they had prior service. So what are they going to do if the NG members get red-pilled and refuse the jab?

    Not to mention that the number of NG members that may have training is MUCH smaller than the potential “retires” / “fires” / or other “essential workers” – if they aren’t already holding down those civilian jobs and having the NG as a side gig, which is looking at the top paragraph backwards.

  • What if the National Guard troops are unvaccinated?
    Quite the conundrum.
    Personally, I don’t think it’s legal for the governess to order HG troops to do this.

      • Unfortunately, I can only add an edit function if I require a log-in with a legit email address. Since a lot of folks like to post anonymously, I have chosen not to do that. Sorry!

  • The use of qualified National Guard medical personnel is an overhyped idea for public consumption. The reality is that qualified National Guard doctors and nurses are probably already working somewhere as a doctor or nurse. Governors forcing Guard members to work at some understaffed ‘Hospital A’ simply means that wherever the Doctor or Nurse normally works, i.e. ‘Hospital B’, will now be understaffed. This is a big shell game. Plus, the Guard in any particular state doesn’t have thousands of Qualified Doctors, Nurses, and other medical specialties. They have some, a few. And you can’t replace a fired Trauma Surgeon with a National Guard Anesthesioligist. Medical specialties are not interchangeable. The whole idea of solving this self-induced problem by ‘calling in the National Guard’ is absurd.

  • Good article.
    My husband’s hospice nurse quit here because of vaxx requirements. I agree with choice but I sure missed her when a need arose and a nurse from the city was sent out, got lost…. I had to walk out to the pavement and talk her in. He passed while I was out playing guide to the lost nurse. Our dem state has some of the most stringent covid requirements.
    Needless to say that didn’t change my attitude on this subject. It made me wonder how many people are negatively affected by mandatory vaxx demands on folks. It wouldn’t have saved my husband but it hurt that he was alone when I wanted so much to stay with him.
    The nurse that quit is a single mother with three children. It couldn’t have been an easy choice.

  • I notice they pay Aboriginee kids in Australia $500 per jab, but in New Zealand the mass murdering and mass poisoning witch Ardhern only gives the children some extra food, after lockdowns to starve their families into submission. Teachers already complaining they are having to now feed the children 3 times per day, all because of the lockdowns. Cheaper than $500 each. I

  • To begin with, no one elected that witch to be Gov. The NY legislature never passed an law that I am aware of mandating the jabs. So what Hochul is doing IS NOT LAW. Then the question arises as to how she has the authority to tell private healthcare facilities to fire/replace workers refusing the jabs? Its a power grab, yet another one, by some little tyrant governor that will succeed if not strongly opposed.

    Just how many medically trained and proficient NG personnel do you think is out there? My opinion is not many. So how will they ever fold in to replace trained and competent nurses and doctors who have been shown the door because they exercised a personal choice about a medical procedure, and declined it? These are the same people lauded as heroes not many months ago and how some power-hungry witch has labeled them a “health risk”! “My body, my choice”, remember? Radical feminists were just in D.C. shouting it.

    To take away a person’s ability to earn a living because they choose not to submit to a (mostly) untested, controversial, experimental medical treatment is unconstitutional, unethical, UN-American, and I think illegal. Yes, experimental. No COVID serum has received FDA approval that is available in the United States. Its was a ‘bait and switch’ move intended to mislead the willfully ignorant.

  • Ironically, some of the NG mobilized to do this will no doubt be unvaxxed medical pros who were fired and who are NG members (NG vaxx cutoff is in 2022). Same job, far lower pay.

    Hochul is insane to think she can recruit sufficient talent from elsewhere in a reasonable time. It’s hard enough in a “normal” environment, let alone a so-called pandemic where 25% of the eligible professions are precluded based on vaxx status alone.

  • Cia
    You should check out Sweden. I personally know people that live there. They never masked and never shut down and they follow the same spike that every other country did but now they have zero covid deaths. Zero. No masks. No lock down. And a less than 50% shot rate.

    This is exactly what a vaccine developer said we needed to do. He said that by masking, locking down and releasing a “vac” we were creating a monster with new variations that would pop up.

    Let’s look at some quotes from some doctors and scientists…. Same degrees and qualifications as the ones your listening to just without any financial interest in the shot:

    “ Vaccines for other coronaviruses have never been approved for humans, and data generated in the development of coronavirus vaccines designed to elicit neutralizing antibodies show that they may worsen COVID-19 disease via antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) and Th2 immunopathology, regardless of the vaccine platform and delivery method [9-11]. Vaccine-driven disease enhancement in animals vaccinated against SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV is known to occur following viral challenge, and has been attributed to immune complexes and Fc-mediated viral capture by macrophages, which augment T-cell activation and inflammation [11-13].”

    Maybe all the elderly people in the assisted-living died from the shot ????
    “ With few exceptions, SARS-CoV-2 vaccine trials excluded the elderly [16-19], making it impossible to identify the occurrence of post-vaccination eosinophilia and enhanced inflammation in elderly people. Studies of SARS-CoV vaccines showed that immunized elderly mice were at particularly high risk of life-threatening Th2 immunopathology [9,20]. Despite this evidence and the extremely limited data on safety and efficacy of SARS-CoV-2 vaccines in the elderly, mass-vaccination campaigns have focused on this age group from the start. Most trials also excluded pregnant and lactating volunteers, as well as those with chronic and serious conditions such as tuberculosis, hepatitis C, autoimmunity, coagulopathies, cancer, and immune suppression [16-29], although these recipients are now being offered the vaccine under the premise of safety.”

    “ not a single study has examined the duration of Spike production in humans following vaccination. Under the cautionary principle, it is parsimonious to consider vaccine-induced Spike synthesis could cause clinical signs of severe COVID-19, and erroneously be counted as new cases of SARS-CoV-2 infections. If so, the true adverse effects of the current global vaccination strategy may never be recognized unless studies specifically examine this question. There is already non-causal evidence of temporary or sustained increases138 in COVID-19 deaths following vaccination in some countries (Fig. 1) and in light of Spike’s pathogenicity, these deaths must be studied in depth to determine whether they are related to vaccination.”

    “ Some adverse reactions, including blood-clotting disorders, have already been reported in healthy and young vaccinated people. These cases led to the suspension or cancellation of the use of adenoviral vectorized ChAdOx1-nCov-19 and Janssen vaccinesin some countries. It has now been proposed that vaccination with ChAdOx1-nCov-19 can result in immune thrombotic thrombocytopenia (VITT) mediated by platelet-activating antibodies against Platelet factor-4, which clinically mimics autoimmune heparin-induced thrombocytopenia [29]. Unfortunately, the risk was overlooked when authorizing these vaccines, although adenovirus-induced thrombocytopenia has been known for more than a decade, and has been a consistent event with adenoviral vectors [30].”

    “ There is a lack of scientific justification for subjecting healthy children to experimental vaccines, given that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that they have a 99.997% survival rate if infected with SARS-CoV-2. Not only is COVID-19 irrelevant as a threat to this age group, but there is no reliable evidence to support vaccine efficacy or effectiveness in this population or to rule out harmful side effects of these experimental vaccines. In this sense, when physicians advise patients on the elective administration of COVID-19 vaccination, there is a great need to better understand the benefits and risk of administration, particularly in understudied groups.”

    “ In conclusion, in the context of the rushed emergency-use-authorization of SARS-CoV-2 vaccines, and the current gaps in our understanding of their safety, the following questions must be raised:

    Is it known whether cross-reactive antibodies from previous coronavirus infections or vaccine206 induced antibodies may influence the risk of unintended pathogenesis following vaccination with COVID-19?
    Has the specific risk of ADE, immunopathology, autoimmunity, and serious adverse reactions been clearly disclosed to vaccine recipients to meet the medical ethics standard of patient understanding for informed consent? If not, what are the reasons, and how could it be implemented?
    What is the rationale for administering the vaccine to every individual when the risk of dying from COVID-19 is not equal across age groups and clinical conditions and when the phase 3 trials excluded the elderly, children and frequent specific conditions?
    What are the legal rights of patients if they are harmed by a SARS-CoV-2 vaccine? Who will cover the costs of medical treatment? If claims were to be settled with public money, has the public been made aware that the vaccine manufacturers have been granted immunity, and their responsibility to compensate those harmed by the vaccine has been transferred to the tax-payers?
    In the context of these concerns, we propose halting mass-vaccination and opening an urgent pluralistic, critical, and scientifically-based dialogue on SARS-CoV-2 vaccination among scientists, medical doctors, international health agencies, regulatory authorities, governments, and vaccine developers. This is the only way to bridge the current gap between scientific evidence and public health policy regarding the SARS-CoV-2 vaccines. We are convinced that humanity deserves a deeper understanding of the risks than what is currently touted as the official position. An open scientific dialogue is urgent and indispensable to avoid erosion of public confidence in science and public health and to ensure that the WHO and national health authorities protect the interests of humanity during the current pandemic. Returning public health policy to evidence-based medicine, relying on a careful evaluation of the relevant scientific research, is urgent. It is imperative to follow the science.

    Conflict of Interest Statement

    The authors declare that the research was conducted in the absence of any commercial or financial relationships that could be construed as a potential conflict of interest.”

  • They did a trial run on this in Kansas at the first part of the pandemic when there was very little need. Perhaps it was to work out the kinks or maybe it was for optics. They comandeered an empty grocery store and the Kansas National Guard used it to package up grocery allotments for distribution. Kansas was gifted with a globalist governor in a fraudulent election and she worked closely with a globalist mayor lady to make this happen.

  • ” the state of New York is considering using medically trained National Guard troops to lessen the blow caused by the expected shortages. ”

    Are there even enough of them? There are 15,000 guard troops for all of New York State. How many medical companies? Their Wiki page says one. What’s that? 250 max. For the whole state. Not gonna happen.

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