When War Comes Right to Your Door: A First-Hand Account of the Hamas Attacks

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We’ve all seen horrifying images of coordinated attacks that took place in Israel in the early hours yesterday morning. Struggling, crying women being thrown into vehicles and hauled away. Bodies laying on the ground. Missile strikes that look like fireworks before the chaos and smoke erupt from them. Paragliders armed with automatic weapons opening fire as they land.

And in the aftermath, the world began to take sides. The Democratic Socialists of America held a rally in NYC where they “let the swastikas do the talking” and cheered the attack. Some people deny the event even happened, and others think the story is pure propaganda.

Everywhere, everyone has an opinion and that isn’t what this article is about.

This article isn’t meant to get to the deeper geopolitics of an area that has been at war for centuries nor to unravel what is propaganda and what is fact. That’s way above my pay grade. This is about putting a real face on the attack of someone who could be you or me.

I’ve written many times that in the moment, when the attack is occurring, when the hostage-takers or shooters are close enough you can smell their sweat, that survival is about one thing: surviving. It’s not about conspiracies or who is to blame. It’s about keeping yourself and your loved ones alive in that moment and thinking about the details later.


So, let’s step into a firsthand account of that day. Let’s think, as preppers, about how we would respond if an attacking army showed up on our doorstep.

What happened, as told by a dad who was there

Yogev Gamari is a 43-year-old husband and father of three who works as a hairdresser. He lives in a small village called Yesha with his family, including his mother-in-law. He shared his story with the UK Telegraph. Below are some of the excerpts taken from this story, in his own words.

When the family heard the bomb sirens, it was nothing new. They rushed to their safe room, a bomb shelter in their home, and locked themselves in. According to his narrative, this is a common occurrence, and he knows it takes 15 seconds to get everyone safely tucked away. But this particular morning, something was very different.

Within 20 minutes we heard terrorists were in the village. We have a village WhatsApp and people saw them in armoured vehicles shooting at anything that moved. The shooting came closer and closer. There was screaming, there was crying.

The terrorists were moving from one house to another trying to kill us. They knocked on our doors and pretended to be Israeli soldiers. We locked our house. We stayed in our safe room. It has a steel door and very thick bullet-proof walls – it is only this that has kept us safe from death.

He reports that he could hear the deaths all around them as the family huddled in the safe room.

A few of my friends were together – I don’t even know where they were. I was on the phone to one of them and then I could hear shooting and the cry of “help”. And then nothing.

One of my friends was with them. He had a gun and he managed to escape and join other men who were trying to defend our village. He wrote on WhatsApp that they were dead but now I don’t know what has happened to him. There is a lot of confusion…

…There was a party at a kibbutz and many of the younger people from the village were there – it is about a six-minute drive away. There would have been several hundred there and it was one of the first places attacked by the terrorists. I knew a lot of people who were there and I don’t know what has happened to any of them….

…The nearest village to us was taken over by the terrorists. We have just been told that the Israel Defense Forces has won it back. I don’t like to think about what has happened there. Apparently, some of the terrorists are hiding in the area. Until they are caught, we don’t know when we can leave our hiding place.

At the time he shared this report, he and his family had been in their safe room for more than twelve hours. He said that his children, two-year-old twins and a four-year-old boy, were crying and that he didn’t know what to say to them.

How can I explain it? All we can do is wait. And worry. And cry.

Lessons for preppers

I have a pretty vivid imagination and I can’t even begin to fathom the fear and helplessness of Yogev’s situation. In a scenario like that, one armed family can’t do a whole lot to fight back, not with little ones in the line of fire, not against hundreds of heavily armed, brutal men who are out for blood.

This story shows the dire importance of a safe room, something we’ve talked about often on this website. (Here’s how to create your own safe room.) In such a situation, hiding to keep your family safe seems to be the only option. The long, interminable waiting is something that I hadn’t considered. It’s a small thing, but having something to do, and for your children to do, would help some with the horrible stress of such an event.

And finally, being prepared to take a last stand would never be more important than in a scenario such as the one that Yogev describes. Not only would you want to be well-fortified, but you’d also want to have a sheltered area within the shelter for non-combatant family members and as many rounds as you could stash away.

Taking shelter is only a strategy until you’re found. Then, you’d have to make a choice to either fight back or be captured and hope that your enemies have mercy.

What are your thoughts?

Have you ever considered such a Red Dawn scenario happening in your town? Armed men showing up at your door? Your friends and neighbors being slaughtered all around you by an enemy?

Everyone has very strong feelings about this event, either on behalf of Palestine or on behalf of Israel. Some of us feel deeply sorry for the people on both sides – the everyday people who are just trying to live their lives but are at the mercy of ancient conflicts. The one thing that I know for sure is that it will be civilians  – from both sides of the conflict – who never asked to be involved in this who pay the ultimate price.

But instead of the politics of it, let’s focus on what we can learn.

What would you do in such a situation? How could you keep your family safe? What are your thoughts on Yogev’s narrative?

Let’s discuss it in the comments section.

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Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther is a coffee-swigging, globe-trotting blogger. She is the founder and publisher of three websites.  1) The Organic Prepper, which is about current events, preparedness, self-reliance, and the pursuit of liberty on her website, 2)  The Frugalite, a website with thrifty tips and solutions to help people get a handle on their personal finances without feeling deprived, and 3) PreppersDailyNews.com, an aggregate site where you can find links to all the most important news for those who wish to be prepared. She is widely republished across alternative media and  Daisy is the best-selling author of 5 traditionally published books and runs a small digital publishing company with PDF guides, printables, and courses. You can find her on FacebookPinterest, Gab, MeWe, Parler, Instagram, and Twitter.

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  • What is happening in Israel is horrific. What is propaganda and what is true in the first days of war? I believe the story in this article. But more pictures came out from Israel than ever came out in the first days of the Ukraine war. How come Israel’s intelligence failed so drastically?

    We have a major issue with our southern border. Tell me how this couldn’t happen to us? They do want death to Americans. Your article addresses this as what do we need to do for our homes and protect our families?

  • We had a massive fire less than 2 miles from our house. I am by myself with 2 young kids and 15 animals. In that moment I realized I had no evacuation plan for everyone. It took some effort and money, but I have one now. I consider myself very lucky.

    I can’t imagine living at that level of fear and uncertainty each and every day. But I do know not a single citizen of Gaza has a safe room to begin with. The citizens all- and always have been- sitting ducks. I have the luxury of leaving my house close to a fire zone and going elsewhere with my trailer. They don’t.

    • @Tiffany
      The citizens of Gaza have NEVER been targeted by Israel. They only attempt to deal with terrorists who have launched missiles into Israel or otherwise attacked it. That the citizens of Gaza are in harm’s way is directly due to the choice of Hamas to use them as human shields; they WANT civilians to die so they can use it as a grievance against Israel. They put their missile facilities, weapon storage etc within schools, hospitals and in residential areas. Israel always tries to warn the civilians of Gaza of any imminent actions. Even now with all that Hamas has done they are doing this. Please get some education on this that isn’t leftist propaganda.

    • The South has experienced the wrath of the United States just like Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, etc. etc.
      Also, the devastating reconstruction that came afterwards.

      War crimes against Southern civilians is a good book to have.

      The northern states suffered as well
      one of my favorite quotes by general Grant is I’ve got 3 million men in the field and half are fighting the northern states.

      Do you think Biden stolen election do a little study on Lincoln second term.

  • One home did have a safe room. An adult and two children found out the safe room wasn’t so safe after all.
    Netanyahu has been on a power grab that didn’t go over well (as well as the never ending land grab). A great way to eliminate those opposed to him becoming a dictator.

    • Like his kicking Christians out of churches in Israel? He is no friend to Christians just like he is no friend to Muslims. I don’t agree with the attack, but knowing that the Ukraine has been selling our weapons on the black market as soon as they arrive; Biden conveniently leaving weapons behind with the withdrawal of our troops; and IDF intelligence just conveniently not seeing what happened? I believe this was a planned event to get us into WWIII. Gaza is considered a concentration camp/open air prison. Israel limits the amount of food and goods allowed in and restricts the leaving of the people there. Israel has been polluting the waters there, cutting down farmers olive trees and throwing people out of their homes. Not to mention randomly killing unarmed people. Don’t tell me the IDF did not know they were collecting weapons which was suppose to have been going on for months? This was not an “attack” but a retaliation. Remember, the IDF bombed a building first in Gaza. Did anyone really believe that there would not be a retaliation for that airstrike?

      • Everything you say is historically in error. From 1948, Israel has been under attack by Arabs. Palestinians are genetically Arabs. The term Palestine was a Roman designation of the land, not the people. Gaza was ceded by Israel to the PA because they said they wanted their own land. Israel provides the aide, food and healthcare that the Palestinian government will not give their own people, while oligarchs like Abbas have wealth taken from his own people. They continue to prove that by their hatred & greed, they are incapable of being self governing. Even the Arabs are tired of them. But they lie as allowed by taquiyya in furtherance of uncivilized behavior, always playing the martyr. Israel did not cut off water indiscriminately but in response to actions from the “Palestinians” who destroyed the self sustaining agriculture started by Israelis who, btw, WERE KICKED OUT OF Gaza… 10,000 Israelis lost their homes in Gaza. Israel did not kick Christian’s out of Churches, but the Palestinians did, then they destroyed those Christian churches. Everything you’ve said is a lie that the people of Israel did, but it has been the people of Gaza, the Palestinian Authority that have been uncivilized towards Israel who’ve tried over and over to help them. It’s they who’ve refused to negotiate for peace and have broken every treaty ever made with them. This latest full scale attack is a prime example of how these people act. Israel has been accused of being colonialists by others. If so, why did she return the Sinai back to Egypt after their war was over. Israel has the right of every sovereign nation to defend herself. She has been under attack since the UN declared her a sovereign nation in 1948. Your type of falsehoods have led to the increase of antisemitism in this country. There are enough problems without irresponsible lies lacking a shred of evidence, making things worse.

      • I agree somethings not adding up
        with drones and quality of cameras We’ve got now and surveillance
        failing to see this comeing goes beyond incompetence.

        Wonder if it was allowed to happen with full knowledge of IDF just like our Pearl Harbor.

    • A few months ago, I committed to not replying to you. But this is different. Only a person with a seared conscience could defend the attack on Israel. In the 20th century, the Jews of the world learned that no one else was going to protect them from annihilation so they’d have to do it themselves – and they have. God bless Israel. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  • One of the videos I watched taken by the terrorists, they moved though a Israel neighborhood completely unopposed with little fear of encountering resistance.
    If this were the situation here, a safe room would be needed.
    Prior to this attack, Israel had some rather strict policies of their citizens being able to buy and carry firearms.
    Israel’s Minister for National Security, Itamar Ben-Gvir announced yesterday, he was relaxing the requirements for Israel citizens to get firearms. Even then, they are still limiting the number of ammunition they can have on hand.

    Contrast that with America and our 2ndA.
    It is a given just about every house around my parts, everyone has at a minimum, a deer rifle, a shotgun for turkey, and some kind of .22LR.
    Some may scoff at the idea of a deer rifle in this kind of situation. But if the guy behind the rifle knows how to shoot vs the spray and pray method, I put my money on the guy with the deer rifle.
    We have a good friend who flies a paraglider. No protection from a long barreled 12ga. An armed paraglider has a limited field of fire to what is to the one side or in front of him.

    • Jarhead, an Israeli told me that they are ‘allowed ‘ 50 rounds of ammo at any one time. They want more,they have to turn in the expended 50. Leave it to a government spokes hole to shut the door once the horses are gone.

    • Our founding fathers knew what they were doing when they created our Constitution. Irks the hell out of me when someone says, “it’s outdated!” or some other idiotic criticism. I fear we’re going to experience here what happened in Israel — Lord knows, the progressives wanted an open border just for that purpose — so now we just have to finish organizing our communities and prepare for it.

      • It is outdated. The founding fathers – and no one knows what they were thinking despite Uncle Clarence and Alito assuming (remember what assume means) – never envisioned the weaponry we have today. Nor the nut cases we have today. If the 2nd amendment “right” is absolute, load me up with grenades, flame throwers, bazookas, tanks, nuclear warheads, and/or any other weapons known to man. Oh yeah, I’m not “allowed” to have any of those. Hence 2nd amendment is not absolute.

        • The Founding Fathers could not of envisioned things like no term limits, lobbying groups, and smartphones, all things that it could be argued have caused more damage and lives than an firearm.
          The Founding Fathers knew advancements in technology were possible as they were witnessing it before them with rifles barrel muskets, advances in ship building and design.

          I agree about the nut cases we have today. They cannot define what a woman is, think there are some 97 different genders, collapse into a sobbing mess if someone uses the “wrong” pronoun, or shoots their way into a school and kills unarmed people to include 3 kids.

  • Any time you follow a program of appeasement it will eventually lead to a confrontation that you have sought to avoid through appeasement.

  • As in Israel/Palestine, the real enemy is the rulers of every nation who are manipulating the people to kill one another, as well as their own militaries to murder foreigners. It is a depopulation agenda.

    The one and only solution to save the planet is for the military to realize that, and to remove the rulers from their positions. I see no other way out.

    5G is a military grade weapon, and the towers can kill targeted individuals or whole areas, targets drop dead. Bioweapons, conventional warfare, famine, you get the picture.

    Perhaps if people begin to attack their own tyrants, their military will join. Here in the US and in other nations, immigrants from nations that have been destroyed due to US sanctions or military actions have breached the US and EU territories and live in posh hotels, thinking that is the luxurious way we all live. When famine hits, there will be conflict everywhere, and martial law with FEMA death camps will be welcomed. That is the enemy’s plans, and the people need to be ready to defy the enemy.

    The real enemies are not the immigrants, they are our rulers and their order-followers. Disobedience kept Lahaina residents alive. The people need to remember that. Perhaps the ones you gave a can of beans to will be the ones fighting beside you.


      • Do you really believe that? And may I ask, how do immigrants groom anybody? Why humor a moron with a common sense question. My bad. You will now get all upset. Obviously you are a frightened, gullible, and clueless little girl. The world is so terrible for those who believe the lies that divide and promote hate. And the hate it promotes is very contagious.

        • If you have no idea how immigrants form grooming gangs, you’ve not been paying attention, or are lying. England has been suffering 20+ years of massive numbers of young girls being forced into this. America has had her own share also. France, Belgium, Holland. All the same story. But as a certain religion doesn’t recognize the individual rights of girls and women, any immigrant of that group who attacks a female feels he has the right to do so, no matter what the age.
          People may get the impression that you approve of this behavior when you deny the existence of such and attack someone who understands the problem. Funny, how you made your argument as a personal attack of the other person instead of debating the issue stated. You are out of line. And I’m no “young, scared, gullible little girl.”

            • LMFAO.. you’ve likely never met a conspiracy theory you didn’t believe. And speaking of “bullies” – I use the term loosely, magats worship the person who likely started the chain of security information that resulted in Hamas attack. Oh Carla, hopefully you have no progeny.

            • Really acts like one, but I suspect he is one of many who will never adapt to civilized behavior as they always attack, conquer, pillage and lay waste to where they go and have done so since the 700’sAD, just like a horde of locusts decimating all in their path. I saw firsthand the atrocities they do but on a vastly smaller scale than what Israel has been subjected to. He and his like are dangerous as they have absolutely no humanity in them at all. They may use bullying while online, but are ruthless otherwise, utilizing anyway they wish regardless of the law, as we see with the politicians who’ve infiltrated our own government. God only knows how many more have walked right in through our porous borders. What’s happening in Israel will happen here as we are “the great satan” labeled by one of the most barbaric groups of people ever to inhabit the earth. (What a supreme irony.) Given all that, we must be prepared to defend ourselves and to live without our modern conveniences. Our days of isolation ended on 9/11 and we still haven’t learned who the enemy really is. Stock up and prepare as your life depends upon it, because it does.

          • The Pakistani grooming gangs who raped and abused thousands of English girls were disgusting. The police didn’t act because they were afraid of being called Islamophobic and maybe losing their jobs.

          • They do not indiscriminately attack any female they attack a female, who is not under the protection of a male
            in their culture such a woman as a prostitute, and or, and I hate to use this term “asking for it.”
            I am not supporting it, but you have to understand their culture. If you’re gonna let them into your country, and the general population did not let them in.

            Take note that excessive immigration is one of God’s judgments.
            A good sermon on the topic is that sermon audio.com find John Weaver in the speakers, and find his sermon, immigration and judgment.

            Immigration is not bad in and of itself. The trouble is too many coming in and destroying the established culture by not assemlating.

            God, in his Law, instructed his people how to treat the immigrants in their land
            Also note that several women in the direct bloodline of Christ immigrated into Israel, but they become part of the Israeli culture or religion.

            Rahab, the harlot, and her family spent the first night after Jericho fell outside the camp
            And rehab is in the bloodline of Christ.

            “Salmon and Rahab were the father and mother of Boaz. Boaz and Ruth were the father and mother of Obed. Obed was the father of Jesse…” Matthew 1:5

            And Ruth was a Mobite.

            • You said, “They do not indiscriminately attack any female they attack a female, who is not under the protection of a male…”

              Then why did they attack the woman with 2 small children, all 3 of whom were under the care of her father, who attempted to negotiate for their safety?

              Why did they attack children?

        • The violence of immigrant gangs in Sweden has gotten so bad they are calling in the military.
          Sweden used to be one of the safest countries in the EU. Now it is one of the most dangerous.
          They have had 11 die in shootings and a wave of bomb attacks.

        • Folks, let’s stop with the personal attacks and emotions
          talk with facts and references and keep the emotions out of it.

  • I served 8 years in the military, as such,the fact I may be killed was always there in one form or another. Not something I dwelled on. BUT, the fact that CIVILLIANS were specifically targeted, taken hostage,killed,and had their bodies dragged through the streets, makes this 63 years young female wanna grab a gun and start taking care of business.

    • I don’t think we need to go overseas to fight. We have enough problems here not only with the invaders. Keep your gun handy because you may be taking care of business on the home front for your own protection.

    • Just what we need, another order-follower. Plenty of you to invade Muslim lands because of 9-11 demolition job which had every politician in DC complicit, and no flag bearing responsibility. So the genius Americans rush to enlist, and go murder foreigners who are defending themselves and their families from foreign invaders= you. By the way, that “culling” enabled more power for the globalists. YOu are too old for that, but Desert Storm and the like were also initiated on fale pretenses- every war the US was involved in was falsely represented by the propaganda press, the fourth branch of the government. cool your damn hot heels, einstein.

      Here is a list of nations that the US attacked, bombed, sabotaged, or attempted to overthrow their government: China-1945-1946, Syria-1949, Korea-1950-1953, China – 1950-1953, Iran-1953, Guatemala -1954, Tibet-1955-1970s, Indoncsia-1958, Cuba -1959, Democratic republic of  Congo-1960-1965,  Iraq-1960-1963, Dominican Republic-1961, Vietnam-1961-1973, Brazil -1974, Belgian Congo-1964, Guatemala-1964, Laos-1964-1973, Dominican Republic- 1965-1966, Peru- 1965, Greece-1967, Guatemala-1967-1969, Cambodia-1969-1970, Chile-1970-1973, Argentina- 1976, Turkey-1980, Poland -1980-1981, El Salvador-1981-1992, Nicaragua-1981-1990, Cambodia-1980-1995, Angola-1980, Lebanon-1982-1984, Grenada-1983-1984, Philippines- 1986, Libya-1986, Iran – 1987-1988, Libya-1989, Panama-1989-1990, Iraq-1991, Kuwait-1991, Somalia-1992-1994, Iraq-1993-1996, Bosnia-1995, Iran-1998, Sudan-1998, Afghanistan-1998, Yugoslavia-Serbia- 1999, Afghanistan -2001, Iraq-2002-2003, Somalia-2006-2007, Iran-2005-present, Libya-2011….



      • Ever hear of the Barbary Pirates? We’ve had attacks upon us since before Thomas Jefferson sent the Marines down to take care of those pirates, who attacked, killed, enslaved and robbed everyone they could find. As far as all your dates, it’s strange how you’ve forgotten to mention all the wars of conquest, looting and pillaging done throughout the world since the 700’s AD. by the very people you are determined to defend by denial or projection. (I’ve seen your other responses.) So, your words give the impression that you hate us. If you live here, I suggest you relocate & take your hatred with you.

          • He’s very typical of his kind. So thoroughly brainwashed and into the type of behavior that appeals to the worst of human nature. Not even the animal kingdoms behave as they do. So to say that they’re worse than animals is an insult to animals. I do wish people would acknowledge this and prepare accordingly as these “people” have no better natures that can be appealed to. No humanity is left…only inhumane monsters.

        • Good response, Anna G.

          Pretty obvious that Michael Lewis Kahn has a strong anti-US bias, and a very selective list of who-did-what.

      • Come on Michael
        Is that as far back as your history study goes?
        The United States was involved in one just war in our entire history. Yes you read that right one just war, and that was the war of 1812 and I don’t know if you’d count the Barbary pirates as a real war, but that was just as well.

        After the invasion of the Southern States things got going pretty quick with the war with Mexico and all the banana wars that bring us up where you started.

        General Smedley Butler’s book war is a racket is a must read for all American patriots.

        You can boil his book down into this statement.
        I made all those countries safe for the oil and fruit companies and all I got was a lousy T-shirt.

        Sometimes I wonder if we’re not modern Chaldeans mentioned in Habakuk.

        And I fully believe that it is a true patriots duty to fully understand the truth of history.

    • As an older vet myself, I completely understand and agree. When SHTF and all he!! breaks loose worse than what we see now, it’s going to be us vets with old school (not this current crap) training that will get things organized and ready to go. Not our “modern” military who can’t figure out which bathroom to use and are the laughing stock of too many stronger countries.

      • Do you check your “facts” before you call BS?

        Of course, women were “allowed” in the military 40 years ago. I have a friend who is now a retired US Army major, and another who was in for 10-odd years.

        You may want to brush up on your history.

    • Your outrage is part of the plan. Mankind’s enemies want all Islam and all Jews to be destroyed in this conflict. Hence the atrocities. That’s how they get the hate up high enuf for the conflagration Satan is beginning.
      I learned today that this is planned for a long time (supposedly 1871, including world wars 1 and 2–but at the very least, this claim is decades old). With those 2 Abrahamic faiths out of the way, Christians and atheists are next, and then mankind will be ready for the truth and the real god and savior–Lucifer!

      As you can see, it is bloody murder hard not to be taken in.

  • Every house and building in Israel is mandated to have a safe room for obvious reasons, but it’s very expensive to build fortified walls and install a steel door. We couldn’t do it in our house. But it’s also not necessary. We don’t have large groups of armed Muslim terrorists in the US, or drug cartels which attack civilian homes, and should pass laws to make sure it stays that way.

    This may trigger WWIII, or it may end both thanks to the IDF and Israel’s cutting off delivery of all food, water, electricity, and gas to Gaza. Netanyahu has told everyone in Gaza to leave. Caroline Glick said in her Youtube program on Saturday that those who support —-, should try to take them in now. She said every member of Hamas must be physically eliminated. Hezbullah is joining in, as well as many in the West Bank. Iran may have its oil infrastructure destroyed. Very likely Israel and Iran will use their nuclear weapons.

    I think this is already beyond the level of safe rooms. I think it’s approaching the scorched earth level. Everyone who is not part of the IDF should leave the area, if they can.

    Am Israel Chai! May God protect you!

      • Not house to house in residential areas, as happened in Israel. As Selco has said, it’s a good idea for normal people to avoid areas where violent groups are gathering. I just saw an article comparing Gaza to Berlin and Hamas to Nazis. Israel is well aware of the similarities, and what it will have to do. The IDF just announced that it should be able to inform the parents of many of the hostages about the outcome in 48 hours. I’m frantic with worry about them, I’m glad to know it will probably be just two more days. The IDF has called up 300,000 reservists.

        • I agree with the general normal people avoid those areas.
          But we did see some of the BLM and antifa groups moving into affluent areas. Recall the woman was dining out at a out door restaurant, surrounded by BML trying to get her to raise her fist in solidarity?
          She refused and held her ground. Good for her.
          But it also could of gone very, very badly for her.
          I agree with the overall idea of not being there in the first place. No one has any idea of when something like these events can happen or when.

    • We don’t know what kind of armed terrorists are in the US anymore with our porous borders. My bet is they are in sleeper cells and we have no idea because our government is going after the wrong “terrorists”. It is not a good idea to believe we don’t have real terrorists on our soil these days.

    • “We don’t have large groups of armed Muslim terrorists in the US, or drug cartels which attack civilian homes”
      Here on the Texas border the Cartel attack “civilian homes” all the time. Beat my father’s friend and raped his wife who are nearly 80 in their newly built home. Cartel held my neighbors family at gunpoint in his home.

    • @ Cia

      So only newer homes constructed from some time in the 80’s were required to have safe rooms, called a mamad in Hebrew. Older buildings have sometimes been retrofitted to have them or at least a large one for the entire building. Some places still don’t have them; I lived in an old immigrant housing sort of building, built quickly and cheaply to house the massive number of those that needed housing many years ago. We had nothing but the stairway for shelter from a missile attack or earthquake.

      That said, down in southern Israel, people did hide in their safe rooms but the Hamas terrorists set fire to the homes to force them out and then they raped, slaughtered and/or took survivors hostage. So even a safe room does no good when you’re facing genocidal maniacs.

      • Thank you, what you said was interesting. Like with any shelter, nothing is safe if there’s a direct hit.

        Like most people I am beside myself with grief and fury at what was done in Israel. Now the demon babies are scared and want a ceasefire. I don’t think so. I’m glad Netanyahu is in charge. I hope they drive any survivors in Gaza into the desert to live as nomads as their ancestors did. They cannot be permitted to live next to Israel again.

  • And when it comes to your door here in the United States which it has for many, what do you do when the police do not come to help as they should?

    • Shoot until the threat is stopped.
      Secure the area. Secure any firearms from others.
      Call 911.
      Tell them your life is in danger from such and such yahoo. Hang up.
      Make yourself a spot of tea and wait for the police to show up.
      If they do not, put a tarp over the body’ies.
      Go to bed.
      Police still have not shown up, bury the bodies in the compost pile.

    • First off, they’re not coming to help you the supreme court has established they have no duty to protect the individual citizen
      notice in the riots, a few years ago, and even in Ferguson before that, they secure the government buildings and sacrifice a few police cars to the mob.

      They can even be a serious threat to your own security remember in New Orleans after Katrina they went around and rounded up weapons.

      During the Bush administration laws were written that make it legal for the government to come into your house and take all of your food and supplies.
      You won’t be prepping any more or having enough food to see you through disaster you’ll be hoarding and hoarding is a dirty dirty, dirty word.

      And the alphabet agencies, they were supposed to be helping but held supplies back and prevented the common people from rescuing people out of that flood.

      I think a well rounded prepper plan needs to include a chapter and how to deal with LEO and Alphabet agencies.

      When the 2020 riots were going on, an LEO friend was bitching about the people not protecting their cities.
      His town got a threat that riots were coming and I asked him what would happen if I showed up with 100 people ready to play and we blocked the roads took it upon ourselves to arrest people that didn’t live there and if he would come out to stop us he said yeah, I said, what would you do if we sent you back your tail tucked between your legs
      he’d call for reinforcements.
      And then we had a discussion that the people out west would have to neutralized LEO’s before they could take care of the antifa and BLM crowds they were tearing up the cities in those mostly peaceful protest.

      This is God’s judgment folks and it’s going to get blanking ugly I’m afraid.

  • I think such an attack here in the US would meet armed resistance from citizens–including many retired military folks, myself included. I think here the SOBs would focus on hitting schools where there are hundreds of helpless victims, and by the time we heard about it they would have hundreds of hostages. Maybe such tragedies would wake us up to the dangers of an open southern border.

    • Good assessment!
      Was trying to think of other soft targets a large group of terrorists could hit, like a mall on a busy shopping day like Black Friday.
      One problem if citizens attempted to help LEOs is the kind of identity confusion. Who is the good guy and who is the bad? Say there is an incident in your neighborhood and you show up with a tact vest and the bad guys are too.

      • Just remember to shout “Blue, Blue, Blue!”, but you may be just as likely to get shot by the LEO’s. It depends on a lot of factors. Like Selco says, your circles will likely collapse and get real small. Instead of rushing out, you secure you and yours first.

    • People with evil intent will go where they are safe from any harm to themselves – “gun free zones”/schools. I have full faith that our “elected leaders” will focus efforts on disarming legal gun owners, while making sure terrorists are well armed and have all the other equipment – body armor, night vision, comm links, explosives, etc – needed by shipping it to the Ukrainian oligarchs for disposal (+10%) or abandoning it to Islamic terrorist organizations for distribution (+10%) as they see fit.
      I also understand that in the gilded palaces of d.c. that
      $6 BILLION (-10%) is a mere drop in the slop trough of government largesse, but in the rest of the world that amount can buy a lot of hell raising. Between now and the ’24 election keep your eyes open for False Flag attacks and operations by our own Dept ‘O JustUs, Fart Barf ‘N Itch and other “intelligence agencies” to insure the proper candidates are appointed.

    • If something like this happens in the US, I expect the same results for the first couple of days until people start to realize what’s going on.

      You have to consider reaction of law-enforcement, National Guard and military and don’t forget reports of the UN already being in Chicago.

      Will they be fighting to restore order, protect motherhood, baseball, and apple pie, or will they be establishing marshal law and a New World order?

      Will this begin at a border town or in 100 to 500 or more towns across the country.

      A good book to have in the library is “total resistance”.

      It was issued to the Swiss population in the 50s.
      Our own General Fertig wrote the forward.

      I’m sure a couple of you know who he is he is the reason MacArthur had to get his feet wet return into the Philippines.
      Fertig fatigue was waiting for him on the beach, with his gorilla army and a brass band.

  • Looking at some of recently released videos, some of the terrorists wore tactical vest but no body armor. They were moving fast and needed to be mobile.
    Most of them were armed with what appeared to be AK-47/74s. I did not see any with an optical sights. Then again, a lot of the shooting was either spray and pray or at very close range.
    The IDF were the only ones with handguns, but they were not using handguns in a firefight.
    Right now there is some question/confusion/rumors of US military weapons left behind in Afghanistan being used in the terrorist attacks. Has yet to be confirmed.

  • One of the concert goers at the rave party said everyone was running for their vehicles, which in turn resulted in a massive traffic jam. As the shooting got closer, people abandoned their vehicles and started running.
    Your vehicle is not a armored car. And be ready to abandon it if the need arises.
    Obviously these people at the rave were not dressed or expecting to have to get the F out, up, fast and in hurry. Just as a reminder, at least wear shoes you could run in if you had to.

  • Isn’t Israel supposed to have the most secure borders in the world?
    Either someone was comletely asleep at the switch, or this was planned.
    This opens up so many other questions.
    Things are going to get “very interesting”.

  • I read the comments. You are all frightened, even knowing that the news media are blatant liars, you know human nature is to be kind, yet you have hatred and think of killing in your fear. Very American. Believe the deceivers, and murder the victims. Instead of helping those whom your military has orphaned or made homeless, or those whose nations your rulers have sanctioned, you want them dead, as you fear they may take some of your excess. I am ashamed to be American when you represent such character. Instead of sharing like your Jesus tells you to, you only consider killing. And the order-followers who have murdered before, brag of their “service” and talk of murdering more. They should be ashamed to having been military, instead of bragging. Murdering for corrupt deceptive politicians and the corporate interests they serve. Idiots. And you praise them like fools.

    • Michael Lewis Kahn: with a name like that, you sound like a self-hating Jew (“Kahn”, a Russian corruption of “Cohen”), just like Lev Davidovich Bronstein (aka Leon Trotsky) and the hundreds of German Jews who joined the Nazi party during World War II. (I’m not Jewish, but I can’t imagine hating my ancestors over which I had no choice.)

      I think that if the majority of Americans knew what “our” government is up to, they would be appalled. I know I am. But this question is not one about politics, rather what would we individually do if faced with this sort of situation.

      I have thought about this situation several times. Right now I live a few hours from the border in an adobe house that is not mine. Putting in a safe room is out of the question. General Chi HaoTian gave a speech that was supposed to be secret, but was smuggled out and translated in which he discussed genocide against Americans. You can read his speech here https://jrnyquist.blog/2019/09/11/the-secret-speech-of-general-chi-haotian/ . I have sources that tell me that northern Mexico is swarming with Chinese. As a result, if there is door-to-door genocide in my neighborhood, I expect it to be Chinese. What would be my reaction? I don’t know. I speak Chinese. Yet part of loving my neighbor as myself, is to protect my neighbor from harm which would require that I shoot the Chinese invader. Instead of just running for my own safety, stay and fight even if it ends up with my death.

      We here in the U.S. still have the Second Amendment. Many in my neighborhood are armed.

      Survival is important. But there are things more important than mere survival. But survival is important in order to fight to victory.

      You accuse us of being “frightened”. What’s wrong with knowing our enemy, his plans then calmly evaluating what is our best response to his actions?

    • Tell you what. Why don’t you come over and we’ll have a discussion. I’ll even provide the food…pork chop sandwiches. So, bring it on.

  • Im sorry to say it for the Israeli people, but welcome to your version of a 9/11 and the engineered chaos to come from it.

    An opportunity was seen by those in power and was exploited accordingly.

  • There is a lot of propaganda coming out from Israel and other outlets. Please don’t believe everything you see and hear. That is always what happens in war. No different in our country either. Give it time and check facts everyone!

  • Two things from the article: the one friend with the gun survived and they didn’t leave. When Yogev Gamari found out militants were killing their neighbors and getting closer they opted to stay put in their safe room. Probably the best choice given the children and safe room. Because us Texans are well armed and have guns at the ready, I would flee with my family since we don’t have a safe room. God bless y’all.

    • Flee where?
      It appears that by time the people realized what was going on, they were surrounded.

      If you think those at the music fest, could just jump in their cars and take off think of the traffic jam and one thing to remember in urban warfare, cars are a bullet magnet

      Depending on the ditch, 2 or three cars taken out on the road would close it down
      large pieces of shrapnel on the road are going to puncture your tires.

      From what we’re told about Israel it is common to see quite a few of their people even in civilian clothes with their weapons and ammunition at all times

      Did nobody in the town have any weapons?

      Those in their homes couldn’t grab their weapons when they heard a lot of gunfire where it shouldn’t be.
      Don’t take this as my being an armchair quarterback, condemning these people for being overrun.
      These are questions that everyone should consider if they’re in the same situation.

      Do you carry a side arm and better weapons, a small pack, and a two way radio in your car no matter where you go?
      Does your family have a plan and training that if in town or in the city and something like this happens, they can act and not react?
      Given that over half of Americans are now officially domestic terrorist, and the government has openly said it wants to take everybody’s weapons away, coupled with reports of many of the people coming over the border not truly being refugees, seeking a better life, preppers who are preppers, indeed should be mentally prepared for an event false flag or otherwise.
      And I much prefer people who are mentally repaired, then those who just got a bunch of stuff and tacticool crap hanging all over them.

      And this wasn’t a home invasion. This was a coordinated attack on a small town that extended, perhaps in a 5 mile radius to include that music festival.
      Perhaps it was larger but I generally wait a few days to start researching things like this and if it covered a 20 mile radius, it wouldn’t change what I’m saying.

      No, remember they’re living within spitting distance of their enemy. Their rules of engagement would be a lot different than ours
      if this happen at the shopping mall our own neighborhood or small town.

      In fact, we saw what happens in our cities and towns when they are invaded.

      if you’ve read this far, this is what I really want to tell you what I really want you to understand
      this world situation is result of all of us turning away from God’s law.

      You may think you are pure as the driven snow and God will put you in a pedestal but you are still a center so none of us need to be smug about this and think that we’re gonna be the one untouched spot like those homes in Hawaii that mysteriously did not burn.

      God will preserve a remnant, but he also allows his children to be killed to serve his purpose. Some of the most faithful or burned at the stake, and if you would read foxes book of martyrs, he will see what real courage is.

      When you get right down to it, both the Palestinians and those occupying the nation, we call Israel do not believe in Christ as God’s Savior and for this, they deserve our prayers to come to the realization of who Christ is and except him as their Lord and Savior.
      And that goes for anybody who does not know Christ.

      In most post, I will ask people to go to sermonaudio.com find Pastor John Weaver in the speakers and listen to his sermon series how God destroys nations, and as this event has happened in Israel also find his sermon series on who is Israel and jews and Christianity.

      And as far as dealing with these evil people that are ruling the world and evil people in the world he’s got a great series on imprecatory prayer.

      Did you know when you pray the Lord’s prayer when you say the words Thy will be done on earth is it is in heaven” you are praying for the destruction of the wicked and for God’s Law to be paramount on earth.

      If you’re going to pray, imprecatory prayer against the evil people, pray that their hearts are turned and never take delight in the destruction.

      • After reading deeper into the comments, I see the Israeli people have been disarmed by their own government.

        For those wanting the same to happen to the American citizens:

        quod erat demonstrandum

  • Yogev did everything right and saved his family in his safe room. Given the same situation but no safe room and no weapons because of Israel’s restrictions on gun ownership. I suspect Yogev trying to outrun the terrorists by fleeing with his family would have ended tragically.

    Here in the US we certainly have imported plenty of terrorists and common criminals thanks to Biden’s open borders. So far 8 million plus illegals and soon to be 10 million illegals by the end of Biden’s term. How many of these illegals expecting to be staying in luxury hotels eating culturally appropriate food all for free, will end up living in a less than Beverly Hills life style and then turn to crime. Terrorists and criminal gangs breaking down your door to rob and murder you and your family should be treated with extreme measures. Unless of course you are a democrat and trust that criminals will not harm you and your family as long as you do everything they say.

    The savage attacks on unarmed men, women and children by Hamas in Israel on October 7, 2023 was terrible. The first victims were young people at a music festival 3 miles from the Gaza border. These are the acts of barbarians.

    But who let the barbarians through the gates? That is the real question. Israel is surrounded by countries with terrorists who want to murder them. For protection Israel has a technically advanced border wall that is suppose to be monitored 24/7 for terrorist incursions. Some how in broad daylight Hamas breached this wall with tractors and explosives and entered Israel on motorcycles, vans and on foot in a surprise attack that caught Israel completely by surprise. Hamas also attacked by air and by sea. Given the sophistication of their border wall and the expertise of their intelligence organizations such as Mossad it is not possible for such a massive well planned coordinated attack from a poor third world nation to catch a first world technologically advanced country like Israel by surprise.

    Prime minister Netanyahu was on trial for corruption and being protested by hundreds of thousands of Israelis for his attempts to change the Supreme Court. Now that he has this war with Hamas, Netanyahu has gone from villain to hero. Biden likewise gets to distract people from his many political disasters and get some hero points. Military arms companies will most certainly benefit. Hamas is calling for other countries to join their fight. If this war was started on purpose by enabling Hamas to commit an Israel 9/11 then Netanyahu should be tried for treason. The US trying to fight proxy wars on two fronts tells me an economic collapse here would get conveniently blamed on these wars and the bankers who are the real cause of the economic collapse would escape blame.

    “The security barrier between Israel and the Gaza Strip took more than three years to build. Israel unveiled the 40-mile barrier in 2021 as a technologically advanced mix of 20-foot fence, radar systems and underground sensors.

    Then-Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz said the mix of steel and concrete barrier placed an “iron wall” around Gaza and would protect Israelis in the south from Hamas.”

    “This war was forced upon us by a horrendous enemy,” Netanyahu says

    What you need to know about Hamas air, land and sea attack on Israel
    By Isabel Debre, The Associated Press Oct 7, 05:26 PM

    …The eruption of violence comes at a difficult time for Israel, which is facing the biggest protests in its history over Netanyahu’s proposal to weaken the Supreme Court while he is on trial for corruption.

    The protest movement, which accuses Netanyahu of making a power grab, has bitterly divided Israeli society…

    • Blaming Netanyahu for the attack is wrong.
      God chooses all leaders of nations, and that includes Netanyahu for such a time as these.

      • Your ignorance of the Bible is appalling. Did God choose Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Mao Tse-tung, Pol Pot, Idi Amin. Lenin, all of whom were murderous dictators who murdered millions of people?

        Iran has been identified as the country that has been funding Hamas and gave them the green light for this attack on Israel. Did God choose the leader of Iran?

        I do not blame Netanyahu. Hamas is responsible and the people who support them. I simply raised questions and present the obvious evidence of his failure to protect the people of Israel. When he says “”This war was forced upon us” it sounds too much like projection. What chance do preppers have or ordinary citizens when their borders are not secure?

        For those who are interested the below video by an Israeli woman maybe of interest. This woman was formerly in the Israeli military. She was in the “IDF 25 years ago, in the intelligence forces.”

        Israel-Hamas War: An update & the tough questions

        Efrat Fenigson – Oct. 7th, 2023: An update from Israel-Hamas war which started this morning.

        • The answer is yes. God chose every world ruler according to your holy book.

          Rom 13:1  Every person must be subject to the governing authorities, for no authority exists except by God’s permission. The existing authorities have been established by God, 

          1Pe 2:13  For the Lord’s sake submit yourselves to every human authority: whether to the king as supreme, 
          1Pe 2:14  or to governors who are sent by him to punish those who do wrong and to praise those who do right. 

          Horus/Jehovah/Allah/Satan all one and the same. And if you want to say that Jesus is God, then Jesus is Satan also. Obviously an evil deceiving entity is in charge.

        • No, she is spot on but should have included scripture references.

          And we can do without personal attacks here.

          All those people you mentioned in the countries were indeed used by God for a specific purpose, and were or will be destroyed when he’s done with them.

          I noticed the good old USA did make your list.
          With that handle you’re using you should take time and study our founding documents. Read what the people who wrote those documents were reading going back to the 1500s.
          And compare what we started out as to what we’ve become.
          Sadly, we threw God out of our government because He is nowhere to be found in the articles of confederation and definitely is not in our constitution.

          Some good reading on this at mission to israel.com

          Daniel 2:21
          “And he changeth the times and the seasons: he removeth kings, and setteth up kings: he giveth wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding:“

          God also allows evil nations to become strong, and uses them as his sword to judge his people.

          Habakkuk 1
          6 “For, lo, I raise up the Chaldeans, that bitter and hasty nation, which shall march through the breadth of the land, to possess the dwellingplaces that are not their’s.“

          Find my other post and listen to the sermons I suggested.
          Add “where we are and how we got here” to the list.

          Psalm 33
          “16 There is no king saved by the multitude of an host: a mighty man is not delivered by much strength.

          17 An horse is a vain thing for safety: neither shall he deliver any by his great strength.

          18 Behold, the eye of the Lord is upon them that fear him, upon them that hope in his mercy;

          19 To deliver their soul from death, and to keep them alive in famine.”

          • Thank You Brutus and Michael Lewis Kahn I stand corrected. Sort of. And my apologies to Sophie.

            What does God really say according to the Bible is a discussion that could go on for centuries and has. The Bible is full of contradictory statements that cannot be resolved logically because they are just plain contradictory. A thing cannot be and not be. And yet people call themselves Christians and say they believe in the bible. Well not really the whole bible, just the parts of the bible they like and they ignore the rest. I would say this applies to very religion. How many different versions of the bible are there? How many different Christian religions are there? The bible is either God’s word or it is not God’s word?

            According to God we have free will and God is love. And yet God supposedly appoints the leaders of all nations even murderous dictators like Hitler.

            Brutus says to “take time and study our founding documents.” But clearly our founding documents say our leaders are chosen by the people not God.

            And how exactly do rational God fearing people establish a government where all of the leaders are chosen by God? Do we all just vote and whoever wins, it must be God’s will. What if the person cheated? Or as Stalin was suppose to have said it doesn’t matter how people vote it only matters who counts the votes. Are the leaders who win that way appointed by God? And if God appointed our leaders are we suppose to obey them. Are you people calling for the “Divine right of kings” to be reestablished. How medieval of you.

            And If our leaders have turned “away from God’s law” are we still suppose to obey them? After all our leaders are appointed by God. But if we try and overthrow them are we going against God’s will? So what does the bible say about that.

            Hebrews 13:17 Obey them that have the rule over you, and submit yourselves:

            If God was for Hitler how can we be against Hitler. We should just obey him. Please feel free to replace the name Hitler with any other leader’s name like Biden for example.’

            And finally

            Hosea 8:4
            They have set up kings, but not by me: they have made princes, and I knew it not

            This Bible passage says God does not choose all of our leaders.

            So to Brutus, Michael Lewis Kahn and Sophie I will say in a nicer way. You are wrong,

  • I read about the saferoom article, and a safe room might seem a good idea, there is one flaw….fire. I lived in a forest area one time and the massive fires were not even close butr the smoke made you run. Two years ago where i live there was another massive fire, and even though it was still a mile away the smoke was such that the car was loaded to leave….i read the part of the man and family in his saferoom, i saw on newssites that many homes were set fire to…..so saferoom is a little tricky….it would cost a lot to make it fireproof….inside a saferoom witrh the house burning around you is not my idea of survival….so i do not know…a shotgun might be a better choice for the poor….

    To be attacted by a group is shit, and unless the group is hindered so you can shoot some it there is a good chance you lose…still, never tried…..still to run is wiser…

    In Europe there are so many of the sort Hamas is, we are not surrounded but infiltrated here, and there are outbursts of violence that doe not reach the international news….anyone heard of the war in France (2020) in Dijon? For four days the police left parts of Dijon because a north African gang had a fight with Chechen gang…..they came from several counties, heavely armed, no arrest were made…) same shit between Kurds and North africans in Liege Belgium in 2021 , machine guns on the streets, mass shooting by north African with AK47 in 2011, also Liege…..made the law on outlawing antique firearms pass that year….you see the logic? …if you live there you are at the mercy of sadists that enjoy other people in agony….that is what it is…

    it ois on you tube if you use key search words…chechen dijon …wikipedia calls it riots, see the footage, riots do not have machine guns and kids with 44 magnum revolvers…

    What happend in Israel can and will happen in Europe, all the ingredients are here…

    So war is on my doorstep, and there is very little one can do. Get gun, get food, get car and …yeah, and….best get mean i think, there are no easy ways out of this…

    this world could have been a good place for all in, but greed and non reflective ideoligy make a mess out of anything….

    Good luck people, wherever you are. it is a test to see who will be living on this planet for the next 1000 years…we get a small part of that to enjoy if we can….

  • An “intelligence failure” by Israel allowed Hamas to attack? Didn’t we hear that phrase after 9/11? This is most assuredly a false flag. For more learning I recommend “All Wars Are Banker Wars” by Michael Rivero.

  • Gotta admit I’m a little appalled (but not terribly surprised) by some of the comments. This topic was broached by Daisy as a way to discuss and contemplate how you might handle an attack such as this at your own home. Instead far too many used it as a soapbox to preach their political beliefs, delve into conspiracy theories about a country they really know little about personally and label it a “false flag” attack and worse.

    But in regards to what Daisy posted this for, people should take in that in southern Israel in the communities attacked, everyone has a safe room due to decades of missile attacks by Gaza. In some cases that helped. In others the terrorists set fire to the homes to drive people out of their safe rooms and then killed them. In some cases they breached the rooms and slaughtered the occupants.

    The music festival, ironically dedicated to “peace with our neighbors “ , was attended by a huge number of teenagers and 20 somethings. It was held in the desert not far from Gaza. They were totally unprepared for this attack. There wasn’t a lot of concealment possibilities. Some climbed into dumpsters to hide but Hamas shot them at point blank range. They threw a grenade into one with 20 young people hiding and then shot them all. They shot those who climbed into trees. At least 260 died, some were taken hostage and many are still missing (probably dead).

    I think that considering what has happened is a valid activity. This happened in southern Israel which is used to missile attacks. This didn’t happen here in the US where we haven’t experienced this sort of thing. So maybe step back from the politics you really don’t understand and the online posts by those with an ax to grind and use it for the purpose Daisy posted it for.

    • I appreciate your clarity and voice of reason. There are a few on here who won’t listen to the truth, but for the rest of us – thank you.

    • Ms T the “citizens as cannon fodder” in your article link is certainly true.
      Our borders are wide open borders thanks to Biden. As the war continues I fully expect massive terror attacks in retaliation for our support of Israel. Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah and every other terrorist group knows the easiest way to enter the US is to just walk across the border. Hiding in your safe room or calling 911 is just not going to work. You are your first responder. Prepare to fight. For those who support Biden please buy a box of chalk and carry it with you everywhere you go.

  • A safe room is only going to work effectively if it is a fireproof one. And only in a house or a barn or somewhere there one can have room to build on or have one installed. Apartments, mobile homes, campers/trailers, condos, townhouses and anyone in a tiny house or a cabin would have NO room to have on and no one in any high-rise complex. So, adding all of that up all over the USA would amount to literally thousands of people… Just a thought. But yes, good if it’s fireproof and there is room for one of them…People that are that evil/cruel and mean have NO MERCY, NO COMPASSION and NO FEELINGS, They are brutal and are out to kill…They are trained and programmed and brainwashed by satan to do their evil deeds…

  • Knowing of the history or rapes and beheadings of captives I’d prefer taking the offensive and risk death fighting them. They exagerate, outright lie, are unspeakably cold and cruel, and respect no one including many of their own people. I used to teach English as a second language. I listened to what they said and it was frightful. In this offensive they beheaded babies in their beds, raped young women next to the dead bodies of their friends, and openly went after nonmilitary civilians on purpose. They killed 260 people at a Peace Concert.

  • https://www.timesofisrael.com/testimonies-from-beeri-massacre-expose-deep-trauma-predating-israels-creation/

    In this article it describes what happened at a kibbutz which was attacked. They burned the families out of their safe rooms or just burned them alive as they hid. Some had guns but were overwhelmed. They slaughtered the 20 soldiers who flew in. I don’t want to discourage people from taking measures such as safe rooms but really hope for a reality check for those who smugly think they’ve got it under control and will just hunker down in their safe room and blow the bad guys away.

    • I appreciate your comments to this article. They are logical, lucid and without fault.

      I have skin in this game, as a close friend of mine, who happens to be a Hasidic Jew father of 10, his entire family has been to my farm several time for vacation and have started their own homestead, of which I’m mentoring them on. He has a son (seminary) and he has been activated by his IDF unit. He also has a newly married daughter and are both in Tel Aviv. The stories Dovid was recounting to me last night of babies skulls smashed against walls and babies beheaded in the kibbutz of your article and others I’ve read today confirmed his stories.

      Safe rooms became tombs to many Jews of the southern kibbutz’s. The government took these folks guns and told them to build a safe room.

      I applaud enthusiastically your posts. Keep them coming.

  • A few things,
    Seeing more videos some posted by Hamas. Shooting a dog, then going into a families home and lighting the walls on fire. The dog was the most resistance the terrorists encountered.

    Not sure if it is a local building thing or economics, but nearly all the residential homes are single story. Here in the US, especially modern construction, I see a lot of two floor homes. Elevated position could provide a tactical advantage. Also, tape range cards to the back of pictures near a given window (H/T Matt in OK). Granted most modern construction is vinyl siding, Tyvek, ply-wood, insulation, two-x-fours and sheet rock. Probably should consider putting sand bags or the like under and on either side of windows and doors.

    Comms. How do you communicate with other family members in the house if some are upstairs and some down? There are a few manufactures of electronic ear muffs with built in short range radio comms.

    Clothing, tactical gear all varies. I have seen a few with tactical vests, but none seem to be wearing body armor.

    Still have yet to see any optics on their fire arms. Again, most of the shooting is either spray and pray or at very close range. A few videos shots taken at PBR.

    Reports of a lot of atrocities being committed. On one hand I would not put it past them, seeing the video of what appears to be either a dead woman or she is passed out. But they were sitting and spitting on her. On the other, fog of war, lets see if some reports are in fact accurate or if rumor. Anyone recall the famous “The Ghost of Kiev?”

    This morning I had a dental appointment. While in the truck, tuned into NPR. Interestingly they are referring Hamas as “militants,” and not terrorists.

    There have been a number of people on the FBI terrorist watch list caught at our un-secure Southern border.
    As a result, never say never that [the Hamas terrorist attacks] could not happen here in the US.

    • @ 1st marine


      This link is to an article verifying the presence of 40 dead babies, some decapitated, murdered by Hamas in just one Israeli Kibbutz. Is that enough for you? It’s real. Over 1,000 confirmed killed already. The atrocities are very real and beyond belief. Watch the Ben Shapiro show from yesterday.

      Re houses. The houses you are seeing in southern Israel
      are different than in many other parts of the country. They are on a kibbutz; tend to be small and simple design. In other parts of the country it’s very urban and tall buildings are the norm. Construction is concrete.

      • Woefully, the Psalm 137:9 recounts the deeds of the Babylonians (modern day Iraq and Iran) committing the exact same atrocities against infants. Some things never change.

  • Just want to add a few more things for now, in response to some of the comments posted here. So yes, the atrocities are real and horrific. Hamas is actually quite proud of their brutality and have posted some of the carnage online. They’ve posted murders, beheadings and all manner of atrocities.

    So why was the population caught so unaware? Besides it being early in the morning on the Sabbath and a Jewish holiday, with most stuff closed down for the day, there were other factors. In the southern Gaza envelope, the kibbutzim and other communities are well used to missile attacks. These attacks have happened regularly for years; everyone knows the drill. Siren sounds head to the shelter/safe room. But what happened Saturday was totally different. This truly hasn’t happened at this sort of scale before in modern times in Israel. To have several thousand homicidal maniacs armed with rifles and other weapons descend en mass at the same time on numerous targets is unprecedented. The safe rooms that work well for missile attacks failed here. Plus Hamas launched over 3000 missiles at the same time as a distraction so the IDF was torn between dealing with that plus the calls for help from so many communities. And Hamas targeted the local military bases as well which slowed down the response considerably.

    Add to this they weren’t dealing with a meth head trying to break into your house to steal something to sell. They were dealing with thousands of armed jihadists, intent on killing as many Jews as possible while raping, mutilating and kidnapping. So this was somewhat outside the usual. The IDF definitely wasn’t prepared for this. The people in the communities weren’t at all. They were desperately calling for help which mostly never came in time; the available troops were too few.

    So what can you learn from this? It really happened. It could happen where you live. Essentially it was a WROL situation for hours. If this happens to you, you’re on your own. It also goes to show how prepping for one situation or maybe two can be a total failure if something else happens. So prepping for social unrest won’t help if you get hit by a tornado. Here they knew how to handle missile attacks but not a horde of men intent on murdering babies and women and the elderly.

    • Thank You Ani for all of your helpful comments, The failure of the Israeli intelligence organizations is pretty glaring. This attack was in broad daylight. You would think Israel would have drones watching the border from the air and seeing thousands of armed men massing on the border.

      The 1973 Yom Kippur War was also a surprise attack and lessons were supposedly learned to prevent a repeat of that disaster. Apparently not. Hopefully Israel will be better prepared next time.

      See the video by Efrat Fenigson a former Israeli soldier I referenced earlier for her thoughts about the invasion.

      WROL means Without Rule of Law I assume.

      • @ John
        Yes, WROL means without rule of law. Watched the video you linked; interesting. Thanks.

        Yes, I don’t understand the glaring failures of the IDF and security. What I’ve been able to glean so far is that a large number of soldiers had been sent to Judea/Samaria (aka West Bank) because that’s been a hot spot recently. Plus it was Shabbat and Simchat Torah so as many soldiers as possible had gone home to their families. So troop numbers in the Gaza area were way down. Not good although I understand the reasons.

        Then Hamas managed through the use of drones and explosives to disable monitoring on the fence- details of that I don’t know. They also may have used drones with explosives to attack an intelligence unit facility that monitors the fence. Then they let loose thousands of missiles into Israel and under cover of that they broke through the fence in aprox 80 spots. This is what I’ve been able to glean so far. Lots of meticulous planning went into this plus lots of drones, explosives, weapons etc. It’s highly unlikely Hamas did this on their own; definitely speaks to Iranian involvement, planning and supplies. I get the sense that they succeeded beyond their wildest dreams; the failure of Israeli intelligence and military (early on) was that serious.

        The Yom Kippur war was not completely a surprise. It was clear that other countries were mobilizing for an attack. The government made the serious mistake of not taking pre-emptive steps to engage the attackers before they could enter Israel- evidently they were worried about this bothering the US and others so they waited which then resulted in an attack, thousands of deaths of soldiers and nearly the loss of the country.

        I think in other countries such as the US we can learn a lot from this. Considering how we would handle an attack at our home or community. Recognizing that we can’t necessarily depend on anyone coming to rescue us. Thinking through different scenarios; the residents of the communities that were attacked were great at handling missile attacks as were their homes but were totally destroyed by facing a different threat.

        • Thank You Ani. WROL already exists to a degree in many democrat run cities and will only get worse unless there is a major change in government and real patriots take back their country.

          A big concern for all preppers as the US descends into more lawlessness is that the government will effectively repeal the second amendment to stop “senseless gun violence” leaving Americans defenseless like the Israelis were when Hamas attacked them.

  • Since time immemorial, the Abrahamic religions have been a persistent source of hate and bloodshed. Now, in real-time, the world can see how vicious both Jews and Muslims can be when engaged in senseless real estate and ideological wars. In short order, majority Christian nations may enter the fray, with hands as blood-stained as the rest. Only by abandoning religious hysteria can human society progress into a peaceful future.

  • Not taking sides, just observing, still appalled at the killings of young people and babies. How could anyone do this? Maybe someone who has lost their own young and babies. Hatred has no reason. In 2014, Israel invaded Gaza, I’m sure as a response to provocation. Israelis don’t say, ‘I’m bored, let’s mess with Gaza’. 2,251 Gazans died, 551 of them children. The pain goes back and forth.

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