Are You Prepared For a “New Normal” of Flashmobs, Revolutionaries and a Lower Standard of Living?

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The protests and riots that engulfed the United States just before the election seem to have calmed down. However, you only need to turn on the news to see that random protests and mob street action are popping up all across the country.

Sometimes, the target of the mob attacks is the police. Sometimes they involve competing militias. (Antifa vs. Proud Boys etc.) Sometimes, they are organized mob violence against innocent bystanders.

It seems like the “new normal” everyone keeps talking about is pretty violent.

Portland has become a battleground between Antifa and the Proud Boys

Antifa members routinely parade around Portland’s streets, exercising control over the territory until police disperse them. Of course, they return later. But the Proud Boys have also chosen Portland as a battleground. They routinely caravan through to confront the tolerant left and engage in physical confrontations with Antifa.

Here is how The Center Square described one of these incidents:

A Sunday showdown between anti-fascists and the Proud Boys in Salem turned into a familiar feud between the police and the ski-masked provocateurs who want them abolished.

The protest that kicked off the afternoon began much like others in Salem as a crowd of anti-fascists, and Black Lives Matter activists huddled around the Capitol building.

. . . . .

Several vehicles in the convoy saw their windows smashed by booing protesters who gathered in the street to block their way. One pickup truck driver attempted to drive through the crowd after gunning the motor. No one appeared to be hurt at the scene.

A few hours later, a coalition of local and state police emerged from the Capitol to declare the event an unlawful assembly, pushing protesters from the area with a line of some 50 officers.

Portland is not the only city where these flashmobs are taking place

This type of thing is becoming more and more prevalent all over the country. A week or so ago, Rochester, New York, saw a mob of Black Lives Matter protesters storm Wegmans, locking nearly 100 customers inside and keeping them hostage for almost an hour.

The Daily Mail reported on the incident, saying:

Black Lives Matter rushed a Rochester supermarket, forcing staff at a supermarket to lock its doors and keep customers locked inside for nearly an hour during a demonstration to mark the one-year anniversary of Daniel Prude’s death.

The staff of Wegmans closed the doors, to prevent the protesters entering, leaving around 100 customers inside on Tuesday.

. . . . .

The protesters blocked the departure of buses from a terminal and then marched up to a branch of the Wegmans supermarket, where staff barricaded shoppers inside.

. . . . .

One of the protesters told Rochester Democrat and Chronicle that Wegmans was symbolic of some of the problems in the city.

Yes, you read that right. Police kill a man. Protesters Become Angry. At Wegmans. Marxism at its finest. (To be clear, this article is not about the death of Daniel Prude or how officers killed him. That is another topic for another article.)

Article published in 2007 predicted all of this

In 2007, The Guardian published an article entitled “Revolution, Flashmobs, and Brain Chips: A Grim Vision Of The Future.” In the article, the authors discussed a Ministry of Defense project that involved painting a picture of the future for “future strategic context.”

The Guardian writes:

Information chips implanted in the brain. Electromagnetic pulse weapons. The middle classes becoming revolutionary, taking on the role of Marx’s proletariat. The population of countries in the Middle East increasing by 132%, while Europe’s drops as fertility falls. “Flashmobs” – groups rapidly mobilized by criminal gangs or terrorists groups.

. . . . .

The 90-page report comments on widely discussed issues such as the growing economic importance of India and China, the militarisation of space, and even what it calls “declining news quality” with the rise of “internet-enabled, citizen-journalists” and pressure to release stories “at the expense of facts”. It includes other, some frightening, some reassuring, potential developments that are not so often discussed.

Concerning the mobs seen on the street currently, the article states:

By 2035, an implantable “information chip” could be wired directly to the brain. A growing pervasiveness of information communications technology will enable states, terrorists or criminals, to mobilise “flashmobs”, challenging security forces to match this potential agility coupled with an ability to concentrate forces quickly in a small area.

Middle-class revolutionaries may seek refuge in ideologies like rigid religion or Marxism

The 2007 article added a population increase and reduction in resources and living standards, “will encourage people to seek the sanctuary provided by more rigid belief systems, including religious orthodoxy and doctrinaire political ideologies, such as popularism and Marxism.”

What we see now is the beginning of a new world where “flashmobs,” constant “revolution,” and “counterrevolution” are the order of the day. Meanwhile, the living standards of the average person reduce with each passing day. People are so desperate they’re stealing food. Forming a resistance to the new system forced upon us is paramount.

But, we also must focus on how we can continue to survive on an individual level.

As Selco pointed out, our new normal is survival mode. I highly recommend reading Fabian Ommar’s article “8 Ways To Practice ADVANCED Situational Awareness” for starters. We’re looking at a “new normal,” all right, and it’s about way more than masks and vaccinations.

What are you seeing in your area?

What has changed, if anything, in your area since the Covid response took things to a different level? Are you seeing an uptick in crime, animosity, or poverty? Share your observations in the comments.

About Robert

Robert Wheeler has been quietly researching world events for two decades. After witnessing the global network of NGOs and several ‘Revolutions’ they engineered in a number of different countries, Wheeler began analyzing current events through these lenses.

Robert Wheeler

Robert Wheeler

Robert Wheeler has been quietly researching world events for two decades. After witnessing the global network of NGOs and several 'Revolutions' they engineered in a number of different countries, Wheeler began analyzing current events through these lenses.

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  • Meanwhile in free America I’m taking the grandkids to swim lessons and T ball. Went Easter egg hunting. I’m going camping this weekend. Heading out to the range later to shoot. Wife’s going to get nails done with her mom. My buddy is coming over later this week to build a jeep top remover for him. Most folks got up and went to work, came home and did normal things.

    These places all have things in common.
    They are also exceptions to the rule and were made to harbor such activities. This is not the norm. This is how they want it otherwise it wouldn’t have happened and repeatedly I’ve heard how we’ve all got it wrong.

    Looks like we are all doing pretty good out here in the rest of America though. Even with our differences.

    • “These places all have things in common”

      yeah man, they’re all targets. “where is the crime rate still low? export more welfare cases and parolees there until we get the numbers we need.”

  • The people I feel for are the one’s living in the area where these protests/riots are on-going. While the rest of the country is experiencing a housing market boom, I wonder if those people could sell their homes (at a good price) and get out of there.

    Watching the Chauvin trial, a hung jury or an acquittal could lead to wide spread civil unrest/violence.

    Just read Chicago homicides were up 33% compared to this time last year. Shootings up 40%.

    It was noted after the Mohammad Anwar tragedy, crime, notably carjackings by minors, has been on the increase compared to previous years in the DC metro area.

    As Selco says, think about your circles and what you can positively affect.

    • “Watching the Chauvin trial, a hung jury or an acquittal could lead to wide spread civil unrest/violence”

      should be the other way around.

  • That Rochester incident is being taken very much out of context! The BLM protestors weren’t the ones holding the people in. The grocery store staff did that. This kind of biased reporting isn’t helping matters. Also, the Guardian has a record of mixed factual reporting. Perhaps it would benefit your articles to choose your sources a bit more carefully.

    • The employees locked the doors to prevent injury to their customers and to prevent the Burning Looting Marxists from entering the store and taking merchandise as they’ve been doing for over the last year in Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis, Baltimore, etc.

    • Ok, but it’s unclear how a grocery store clerk has either the authority or the sheer physical strength to keep someone inside a building with many egresses as dictated by the fire code. I know i would hand someone their head before being caged up.

    • The point was that the staff had to lock the doors to keep staff and shoppers safe from a mob that was in a mood to literally tear apart anyone who “triggered” them by being not one of them.
      It takes very little to push a mob over the edge of committing murder, and I’m sure the staff didn’t want to deal with violence directed at them, either.
      Were you there?
      Have you ever seen an angry mob up close and personal?
      Are you willing to let your “sympathy” and “support” be your shield against people who see the color of your skin and see an enemy who is the root cause of all their problems and all the problems of their community? And who have been carefully taught that “fact” for generations? And who have had that “fact” reinforced by the MSM, especially over the last four or five years?
      If so, you’re a fool and will be a dead fool unless you suck up your “white guilt” and learn to act to preserve not only your own safety but the safety of those around you.

      • It’s very polite isn’t it, a mob, a bunch of people with sticks and firebombs that may or may not want to kill you, but probably will destroy millions of dollars of hard earned things, and hurt you. The police response is also very polite, well equipped but exactly the same. It’s like both sides are avoiding the escalation to firearms, one good rifleman could tear a mob apart in a short amount of time, but by some unspoken agreement neither side resorts to using firearms and ending the mobscenity while the common people are crushed under the boots of the mob, or the equally harsh boots of the police response.

        I think both sides want the mob to be there, and the police mob in response, the only people not in on the joke are the shop owners and innocent civilians.

  • The government will blame the economic problems on these so called flash mobs and revolutionaries but make no mistake, the government did this.

    • “The government will blame the economic problems on these so called flash mobs and revolutionaries”

      ? are you kidding? the remaining american citizens will be blamed, because they’re the target.

      been listening to a reading of clauswitz. “war begins with defense.” they’ll push the destruction for all they’re worth and hammer down on anyone defending themselves, ’cause they don’t want war to start.

    • Sorry Ed, but it seems like the government chooses to blame the victims of the mob rather than the mobs themselves.
      Rather than alienate a voting block, it’s much more politically expedient to claim that people who chose to defend their property and personal safety “instigated the violence” by daring to bleed on their attacker’s two hundred dollar sneakers whilst being melanin deficient.
      Like it or not, there is a racially motivated aspect to the majority of these mob scenes, and the hard truth is that the majority of the participants wouldn’t pee on you if your hair was on fire if you’re the “wrong” color.
      Rather than bringing the country closer together and fostering a culture based on acceptance and mutual respect, these ongoing attacks serve only to keep the country divided along racial and cultural lines.
      Why…it almost seems like a deliberate ploy to keep everyone from forming a unified front against a third party who may be manipulating things behind the scenes to further their own agenda.

  • I know of two Easter gatherings, from the News, that turned into gun fights. Wow, what a way to celebrate our Risen Lord/Prince of Peace.

    In our sleepy little Southern town the churches were full, supper was Ham and Greens, with Sweet Potato Pie for dessert.

    Cliff Kincaid has a piece at Renew America.Com site which makes an excellent argument that America is “cooked”, Trump is history, and the only way back is American Revolution 2.0!

    • “the only way back is American Revolution 2.0!”

      … is there a way back from that? it’s a long way down ….

  • We’re seniors. We were renting in a Democrat run city. I had a protest go down a semi-major street just yards from my apartment at 12:30 in the morning. After weeks of chaos in the city, that was my final straw. We took advantage of the low interest rates and bought a house in a small conservative town full of good ‘ole boys and Harleys. The crime rate next to nothing. I finally have a basement for tornado weather, a big back yard I’m growing veggies and herbs in and am looking into raising meat rabbits and quail (we can’t have chickens.) Next on my list 2 big dogs. I’m stocking in home needs and we are working on our water and fuel stocking too. I don’t like the “new normal” out there. Here, our neighbors are neighbors. I keep quiet about my prepper ways, but get to know who surrounds me. I’m feeling a bit more like I’m in the old normal. Not perfect – but closer.

    • Hi Laura, if you happen to see this, assuming that you did some research before you moved, or if anyone else does – what are your thoughts on Kentucky, obviously not the Louisville area. I am reading all your comments about restoration of normalcy and being in towns in the south and mid-west with such envy. I am desperate to get out of PA and run from any blue state – everything I hear and see gets worse by the day, where I am in PA is on a rapid descent to hell. I am a conservative anyway and had been wanting to do more research and find my best option, most likely much further west but now I just want to leave fast, at least get out of this state even if it is not where I ultimately want to go. I am concerned about the Dem governor in KY but KY and TN are my closest options. I am new to this world so I truly appreciate all advice.

      • Don’t overlook WV. Low taxes, pro-Second Amendment government. Concealed carry for 21 and over who are not “prohibited persons” (ex felons, users of illegal drugs, adjudicated mentally impaired, etc.). A concealed carry permit (valid in VA, PA, KY and I think OH also) is a modest fee and WV is a “shall issue” state. About 2 weeks or less for the CC permit to be issued. Yes, a lot of the politicians are (D) but are very pro 2A, and vocally so.

        • Thanks Marc, not adverse to WV I got my dog there and it is a stunningly beautiful state as a side note but I was also concerned about the opioid epidemic there – isn’t WV one of the worst hit states – that is one of the things that has created an urban zombie wasteland in PA which is another factor that I am running at high speed from!

      • I’m actually in a Blue State – Illinois. I have lived here my whole life and I’m not running. The only thing that makes us blue is the Chicago area. The concentration of idiots and/or control there is mind boggling. When I researched places to move to, was a big help. They now have an option on their maps that let you see the crime rate in an area. I avoided all places that were anything but the lowest. Also took advantage of the flood zone maps too. I wanted rural, but not so far that I had to travel forever to a hospital. I decided a population of about 10,000 was perfect for us. I was right. We do have drug addicts here, but the police are on top of it. They have the time since they don’t have a lot of violence and murder to deal with. I have not run into one jerk here. (I may eventually, but they will be far and few between.) My daughter is in St. Louis, Mo and I have been begging her to get out. They finally invested in 10 acres at a fantastic price about 1 1/2 hrs. south. We’re older so we get tax breaks which help here in IL. Missouri taxes are decent. My advice is to just get out of the city areas with high crime rates. If you are going to buy, my gut says to do it soon and take advantage of the one good thing this Covid garbage left us and that’s low interest rates.

      • I would try to hold out a little longer, although taxes are high in PA, it’s best to look closely before you jump. I would try to find a law tax or no income tax state, but usually the main thing is job opportunities.
        Be ready for a good job, make money if you can, but be ready to move on.
        Safety for you and possibly family will be the main thing. The bigger the city, the more job opportunities, but the more things can happen.
        Maybe think about the military services, although don’t go there expecting safety and stability, but some people make a good career.
        Right now, don’t go into police work, just because it’s really being trashed by the media and even government leadership.
        That may change, but no one knows what’s next.

  • The Apocalypse, with an Anti-pope becoming the revealed Anti-christ in Rome, will make our troubles seem small……and I’m a traditional Catholic.

  • There is a prophet in 2006 that prophesied this and a whole lot more. Most prophets paint that everything will just magically turn around. My suggestion is to review anything and everything you can find on John Paul Jackson and prepare. Secondly, if you’re not thinking about repentance or getting right with the Lord regarding your pet sins now is the time. Everyone should have a coming to Jesus meeting. We really haven’t seen anything yet. Sadly most people won’t repent until it’s too late. Very difficult days ahead for everyone in America. Especially for those who refuse to repent and disregard John Paul’s prophecies.

  • you talked about portland and salem as if they were the same…not so. over 50 miles apart and beset by different problems.
    what they have in common is that a majority of residents are liberals. the proud boys and similars mostly come from the rural, conservative areas of the state. they caravan in to confront their opposites. that’s really asking for trouble.
    what you don’t see is liberals caravaning to rural towns to confront the proud boys.
    respecting turf would help a lot.

  • Here in Idaho I am surrounded by preppers. This past weekend the neighborhood had a huge block party and Easter egg hunt. Not a masked face in the bunch. We are all ready for what’s coming. We’ll be damned if we’ll accept a Chinese style social control system aka the vaccine passport and will be putting the pressure on our governor to do what Florida and now Texas has done.

  • These ideas are especially good for Soviet Unamerica: San Franshitsco, Shitcago, Los Assholes, Shitattle, Pottyland, St. Poois, The Big Crapple, Peetroit, Shatlanta, etc. If You live or work near Communist Shitties, Cunties or even live in a Soviet State of Demonism then You are Responsible for Your Predicament & You have to ask Yourself – Should I Move? YES MOVE NOW! Cheers!

    • “San Franshitsco, Shitcago, Los Assholes, Shitattle, Pottyland, St. Poois, The Big Crapple, Peetroit, Shatlanta”

      all used to be great american cities. do you think the ones who did this will stop there? no, they won’t, because you are the target and the more damage they cause before they get to you the weaker you’ll be.

      • Try asking what makes a cancerous tumor grow. The simple answer is that it cannot behave otherwise.

        You are right to believe that these hate drenched vermin will try to spread out to new areas. We The People must be ready to deliver some “chemo”. And please, let’s not blah blah blah about how we should vote our problems away. Politicians, as a rule, are weak kneed cowards with their finger in the wind, who will fold like lawn chairs at the first hint of mob violence

        • “these hate drenched vermin”

          THEY are not the problem. the ones behind them, supporting and protecting and promoting them, are.

    • TheTruthBurns:

      What a singularly unhelpful comment viewed through a lens so narrow as to cause myopia. You do realize that decent people live in all the places you so rudely described? That many of us have loved ones there? That in this economy giving up a job with a sure salary to move someplace that you, personally, approve of, is an unwise decision? That we have kids in school, elders who don’t want to leave their homes, jobs, hospitals or medical facilities for the chronically ill? People may be upsidedown in their mortgages, leaving them unable to just pick up and go.

      You try to provide a simple answer for an incredibly complex problem and you dismiss the fact that most Americans actually live in cities because that’s where they can make a living. Despite my appreciation for some well-placed profanity, all you did was bitch like a teenage boy saying his first swear words in public (giggle snicker) without providing anything truly actionable. I hope that you and those of your bitter ilk don’t make good people feel even more overwhelmed, panicked, and outgunned than they must already feel when facing the pressures described in this article.

      My friends, this is a perfect example of an utterly useless comment that will do nothing to help you become better prepared.

      • Thank you for that Daisy. I’ve noticed in comment sections around the web that some prepper types or conservatives are sneering and looking down on anyone who doesn’t happen to live out in their “preppers paradise”.

        • Colleen G.
          Just wanted to point out that the sneering superiority isn’t limited to the “conservatives” and “preppers”.
          Many people feel threatened enough on a personal level that the only logical thing to do is to leave their homes and jobs for what they hope will be a safer environment. That’s sad, on a bunch of levels, and unfortunately has been repeated throughout human history by those who have found themselves targeted.
          Probably one of the better known instances of people feeling the need to flee ahead of targeted violence was the Jewish people who fled Nazi Germany. Many people who died later in the camps felt that because they were German citizens, the government wouldn’t allow them to be killed, and never realized until it was too late to run that the government was behind the attacks by what was painted as “extremists”.
          It really makes anyone who has studied history wonder just what exactly is happening here, there are so many similarities between our current circumstances and the rise of Hitler’s Third Reich.

  • “Are You Prepared For a ‘New Normal’ of Flashmobs, Revolutionaries and a Lower Standard of Living?”

    (laugh) that’s the ONE thing most preppers never dreamed of, but looks like the venezuela scenario will be the apocalypse. from elsewhere, “right now the only thing worse than for it all to collapse would be for it all to not collapse”, and that’s what we’re getting.

    sorry guys, looks like you won’t be able to parade in the streets and be the law with your xyz-15’s quite yet.

  • “rigid religion or Marxism”

    marxism is religion – it’s the religion for the cattle. meanwhile “the party is the people” and they’ll be living in their millennium, sitting like effendi and eating.

  • “our new normal is survival mode”

    playing nothing but defense means you’ve already lost. “the left” loves it when you play defense, because then they’re free to act as they please.

  • The dirty little un secret is that antifa will never ever EVER dare poke their noses outside their blue cesspool “safe spaces”. Notice how they NEVER march through any area that has anything more than say 30 or 40 % Trump voters, because they know we’re free men and women and we will not ever be punching bags for these feral hate monkeys. any fight where we the people live would end very badly for them, and as mentally ill as they are, they’re totally stupid.

    So instead, they stay in “woke” cesspools like Portland, and terrorize all the Biden voters there. Because even though those folks agree with at least half of what antifa wants, they are the only targets available. And since these blockheads keep voting for politicians who are the feckless imbeciles who let antifa run riot in the first place, its like they keep asking to get attacked by these Bolshevik bigots

    There’s such balance in nature, don’t you think?

  • I find your use of the term ‘Marxist’ confusing and unhelpful. I realize it’s just a ‘red-flag’ word but we need to get past the habit of demonizing other people. The ‘left’ have been played by the oligarchs and they’ve been encouraged in violence and rage. Having Antifa and BLM face off with the Proud Boys is part of an old strategy called ‘divide and conquer’.

    The sooner we get past ‘left’ and ‘right’ and realize that this is all in service to a corporate kleptocracy that owns the politicians on both sides the sooner we can learn to resist effectively. The best thing we can do right now is to reach out to the people in our families and communities who don’t share our political views and try to find common ground.

    • Good comment except for the ‘both sides.’ There is only one major party composed of Dems and Repubs. The others don’t get enough votes to count. Don’t start thinking that government could be good if only we elected someone else. Governments are always evil but some government is necessary. The constitution was meant to restrain government but we no longer go by the constitution.

      • Good point David. That was what I was trying to express. The illusion is that there is a difference between the two. TPTB try to keep us at each others throats so we don’t wake up to their BS and start working together.

  • We’re not seeing this in our community of roughly 180K. There’s been episodes 120+ miles away, but locally, it appears that folks just want to get on with the day to day issues we all face. If there’s a local chapter of ANTIFA/BLM, they’re being very quiet about what they’re up to.
    Still, I don’t leave the house unarmed, or even go outside without my gun on.
    I still strongly believe we’re on the precipice of Civil War, and that it will follow the actions of the current regime.

  • Ever notice how most of this *stuff* happens in blue/liberal cities?
    Do you think they realize that if they tried this *stuff* in a red/conservative town they would get their heads handed to them?

  • What Robert fails to mention Daisy is there is real genuine silver lining to this Urban deterioration. This reality requires two truths to understand.

    Current US civilization socially and economically needs to decouple from the one world government process. The only path forward to that goal is decentralization! With decentralization comes community and takes power from the central.

    For the socialist bent Idiocracy to really grok that that, the Urban environment needs to crash and burn like it never has before. When such a reality shift occurs the idiocracy can learn to change their reality and thus gain their power and sovereignty!

  • Maybe the information in the brain chip will include the understanding that the ultimate power is adhering to moral standards.

    • absolutely. and the chip will make sure you understand that you need to adhere to THEIR moral standards, otherwise you have no business existing on THEIR planet.

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