Field Trip to Canning Heaven

July 31, 2012
So….there I was driving down the road when I saw the sign.
Much like Alice in Wonderland, what could I do but follow the instructions?
Okay, that was not the exact sign I saw but I couldn’t drive at highway speeds and grab my camera and take a picture without unceremoniously ending up in the ditch.  The sign actually said, 

“Need help canning?  Come to Lehman’s Non-Electric Appliance Store!”
Oh, heck YEAH!!!!
I couldn’t go right that second but made a vow to drive to Lehman’s on the way back.
I’ve long been a fan of Lehman’s mail order company.  I highly recommend it – the products are made in the United States and Canada and many of the suppliers are Mennonite or Amish.  None of the items sold at the store require electricity or batteries – you can get basically anything you want in a people-powered version.
We drove about an hour off our main route to get to Kidron, Ohio, passing several Amish people in buggies on our way.  (We thought that was very cool!)
So after our detour, the Lil One and I arrived at canning heaven, otherwise known as Lehman’s.
She was somewhat less enthusiastic than I but she’s always a good sport. She tolerantly came in with me and had a better time than she expected – I suspect the homemade Pennsylvania Dutch candies helped somewhat, as well as the fudge samples.
We spend a couple of hours in the store.  I found it really nice that there were many hands on examples of the tools.  We were able to grind corn into corn meal, wheat into flour, etc – making me realize I’d have some serious muscle if I were ever required to process my own food to this extent!
Then, we turned the corner that took my breath away – truly – harps playing, angels singing…..
An entire section dedicated to canning and food preservation.  There were food mills, jars, lids, different types of canning systems, various funnels….if you can think about needing it for canning it was there.  If it never even occurred to you that you might need it for canning, that was there too!
I had gone in with the goal of locating a Foley food mill – you know, the little sauce pan with the hand crank?
Instead, I came away with this lovely Roma deluxe fancy-dancy metal food mill.
Later, when I have financially recuperated from the trip, I’m ordering some extra bits and pieces – a screen for seeding berries and an attachment for chunkier bits of vegetables for things like salsa.  Apparently I can chuck an entire apple or tomato into the top, turn the crank and put some muscle into it, and good stuff will be spewed out of one end and yucky stuff for the compost pile will be sent out the other direction.  Trust me, I’ve got a wish list and it is LENGTHY!
Best road trip ever!  I now want to grind the crap out of something!!!!  Lehman’s is worth every second of the drive to Kidron, Ohio!

Daisy Luther

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