Why Was Trump’s EO About Federal Cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructure Deleted?

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By Jeff Thompson

Back in 2018, The Organic Prepper posted a piece on how to make your own Faraday cage – a device to protect sensitive electronics from the damage caused by an EMP. We’ve made a recent discovery due to that article while compiling our USB Archive. Within that piece, we posted a link to President Trump’s May 2018 Executive Order 13800 titled “Strengthening the Cybersecurity of Federal Networks and Critical Infrastructure.”

This executive order was one of the first actionable steps the American people have really seen our government take in order to protect the nation against the effects of an electromagnetic pulse. EMP, while it has increased its number of students thanks to the likes of William Forstchen, still is not a word that many (if not most) Americans are cognizant of.

Is it because of this that we haven’t seen this be more of a talking point within the MSM?

Now, consider the following:

  • We know that within one year of an EMP attack on US soil, 90% of Americans would be dead due to starvation, thirst, disease, accidents, fire, and violence. The 2009 EMP Commission Report confirmed this.
  • We know that General Chi Haotian, former defense minister of China, has stated America needs to be “cleaned up.” He was referring to mass American death. I highly recommend reading the entire original speech.
  • We know that Chinese container ships mysteriously “went dark” last month. Automatic Identification System (AIS) signals are typically broadcast out from every ship to aid in traffic control/rescues/etc. In December 2021, there was a mysterious 85% drop in AIS signals from Chinese container ships.
  • We know that China has developed EMP-strike capability via disguised container ships. We also know that there are fears these weapons could be used against the US.
  • We also know that this is a valid threat potential, as in July 2013, a North Korean freighter was found in the Gulf of Mexico with missiles in its hold easily capable of being fitted with EMP-strike capability. To come to a better understanding of how valid a threat potential this is, I recommend reading the above-linked PDF in full.
  • We know that we have a serious cargo ship problem backed up off of our coasts. Cargo ships are waiting their turn to finally come into port. This has been going on for months now as the sight of container ships milling off the coast in large quantities has become commonplace.
  • We know that China has recently urged its citizens to begin stockpiling food for this winter. Allegedly, this was due to supply chain issues.
  • We know that China has recently accumulated more than half of the world’s grain supply.
  • A recent book release stated that one of America’s top generals recently had men only take orders from him rather than to follow orders from the then President Trump, and that this very same general also called a Chinese general to state he would warn China ahead of time if he felt America was going to attack China.
  • We know that China is practicing taking down the first American ships outfitted against nuclear, biological, and chemical warfare.
  • We know that the US Marine Corps has recently changed their training plans so that Marine units can operate with zero logistical support whatsoever. In short, this is training for how to operate behind enemy lines with no incoming food, ammo, water, gear – anything.
  • We know that the US Army, Air Force, and Navy have recently started a crash course on learning how to navigate without GPS capability.
  • We know that Japan recently warned the US of an impending attack by China against Americans.

Is this all just coincidence?

All that being said (and we could easily cover much more), it feels as if an EMP attack against America is a very valid threat, does it not? Perhaps these are all nothing more than a collection of EMP-related coincidences?

And here’s where things get interesting…

Remember that link to Trump’s Executive Order we mentioned above? EO 13800? The EO that was specifically designed to help protect Americans against the threat of an EMP?

EO 13800 has been removed.

You can no longer find the link on WhiteHouse.gov, where it has sat for years. Check for yourself.

What happened here? Why was the link removed? Was that particular EO rescinded? If so, why? With all of the very blatant threats of an EMP attack against US soil, why would now be the time to retract an EO used to protect against an EMP?

Keep in mind that the host of other executive orders are still available for one’s perusal on the site. It’s not as if all of them has been taken down. Just EO 13800 “Strengthening the Cybersecurity of Federal Networks and Critical Infrastructure.” Surely, even to the current administration, this particular executive order is inoffensive and nonpartisan, and overall, good for the American people.

To read the original EO 13800, check this link here.

What gives? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

About Jeff

Jeff Thompson is an avid fisherman who likes to spend time sailing on his boat and reading while at sea.

Jeff Thompson

Jeff Thompson

Jeff Thompson is an avid fisherman who likes to spend time sailing on his boat and reading while at sea.

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  • I am going to go with nothing in a grand like conspiracy, but more like if it was a good idea, and had President Trump’s name on it, they would memory hole it.

    Having said that, tomorrow someone will EMP the US.

    • “Having said that, tomorrow someone will EMP the US.”


      well, since they’ve been able to do it since “2013” but haven’t done it yet, there doesn’t seem to be much call to do it now.

  • When I checked this morning to see if archive.org had saved snapshots of that EO, it generated this report:

    Saved 231 times between May 11, 2017 and January 6, 2022.

    So why was that EO deletion from the White House website done so recently?

    If the gang in charge at the White House were merely going about deleting anything that ever had Trump’s name on it, that would be one thing. But this deletion seems to be more tightly targeted. Back in July of 2021 the WEF crowd of globalist thugs ran a simulation (called Cyber Polygon) of a monumental grid shutdown. Recall there is a history of such simulations being followed by the real event — the Fall 2019 simulation of a huge pandemic followed by Covid-19 hitting our shores only a few months later in the Spring of 2020 is just one example.

    If this latest deletion is preliminary to a grid attack as a follow-on to Cyber Polygon, we certainly could never expect the perpetrators to volunteer us any advance warning.


  • Here are a couple of links about that EO from May 12, 2021:




    That EO appears to address the quality and security of software affecting anything delivered to the federal government. It in no way appears to address the possibility of a nationwide grid-down event.


  • *Sigh* This is just dumb.

    Whitehouse.gov is a website that serves the American people and the current occupant, Joe Biden. It’s so people can see what’s going on with the current president. It’s not historical; it’s more informational of what’s going on NOW. It is not an archive of every executive order that’s still in effect. As you no doubt know, presidents are free to rescind or keep the executive orders of their predecessors. That is why if you looked at the White House website during Trump’s “reign” you wouldn’t find any of the previous EOs of Obama, Bush, Clinton, etc. — even if the EOs passed Trump’s muster and were kept in place.

    So that’s the reason this isn’t found on the White House website. BUT, the order is still in place and is still good. Has not been rescinded, although a lot of other very bad policies and harebrained, halfwitted nonsense EOs were. The place this is archived is on the Federal Register. That is where all EOs, federal administrative notices and rules etc. are kept. This order was signed in May 2017, not May 2018 as the article states, so you’d have to look at this on the FR for EOs signed by Trump in 2017. Here, if you don’t believe me:


    I agree, this order is important and beneficial, which is why President Biden no doubt has left it in place. I suppose even a broken clock is correct twice a day.

    So why the sudden rush to think there’s some conspiracy, when there’s not?

    You really do need to do better research and check more sources before you foul the conspiracy water further.


    An Attorney

  • In my opinion, Biden has sold the U.S out to China. He is doing everything in his power to make things easier for China to walk in and take over. I pray that I am wrong but it doesn’t look like it to me.

  • Most likely the Chinese and/or maybe the Russians would rather have North Korea, Iran, or Issis launch such an EMP attack in order to have deniability for the European Globalists and to avoid nuclear retaliation from US forces. The Chinese may be testing the procedures and technology before covertly iproviding it and nstructing one of these other groups on how to use and deliver an EMP strike. It would be devistating but small pockets of us would survive in well armed agriculturally minded rural communities. We would, however, be impotent on the world stage and be relegated to a less than third world economy. Such a strike would lead to the immediate Bosnification of what would be left of America and would open America up to foreign occupation and control. Perhaps this is what the globalist/socialists want because so many Americans seem to be resisting their plans for the “Great Reset” and an EMP strike would remove that obstacle. To inflict the greatest chaos, launching an EMP attack would have the best results during times when most Americans are away from home and most unprepared. Black Friday, New Year’s Eve, Christmas, Independence Day, or Election Day would be good choices for times for an EMP to inflict the most damage, chaos, and violence in America. It is even possible that some of our political leaders would be complicit, either through intent or through stupidity, with any EMP strike on America that might occur. This should be seen as one of our greatest threats.

  • The United States has invited China into our universities and our most sensitive research projects. They are buying up our farm land and control part of our meat packing plants. We have welcomed them with open arms. The cobra will strike us at the most opportune time and way to accomplish their goals. EMP is only one of many vulnerabilities.

    Just finished reading The Real Anthony Fauci which you can download from Amazon Kindle for $2.99.

    I probably knew two thirds of the material already, but learned enough to make it worth my time. We need to scrap most of our government bureaucracies and start over. Per the book, they are criminals who need to be eradicated. Their greed and power plays killed many.

    Who is left in government we can trust? Very few. We need to be prepared as best we can for EMPs, more plagues, and attacks on our freedoms. Ultimately we can only trust the Lord. He is our buckler and shield.

    Thanks to those who share useful info on protecting our homes and families.

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