Depravity, Frivolity, and Dissent: Are We Watching the End of an Empire?

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A 40-year-old essay predicted the end of an empire and current events sure make it look like we’re watching it happen in real time. I documented this originally back in 2017 and some of this stuff now seems tame in comparison to the drag shows with stripper poles for children, the hatred between political ideologies, and the extremes of gender theory today in 2022.

I spend a fair bit of time scanning the news every day for my site, Preppers Daily News. And some days, I just have to shake my head as I realize that people are so desperate for…something…that they just keep going to further and further extremes to try and find that elusive thing their lives are missing.

The more I read, the more likeness I see to Sir John Glubb’s essay, The Fate of Empires and Search for Survival. (It’s only 24 pages and you should definitely read it – it’s brilliant.) Sir Glubb wrote this outstanding work when he was 79 years old, after a lifetime of being a soldier, traveling the world, and analyzing history. It’s well worth a read as he goes into detail about the fall of empires past.

The final stage of the end of an empire is the Age of Decadence. Some signs of this age are political dissensions (Antifa, anyone?), an influx of foreigners (Europe, anyone?), the welfare state (America, anyone?), despair (350 million people diagnosed), depravity (see below), and the rise of frivolity as people try to fill lives that have less and less meaning.

Sound familiar?

A synopsis I read makes Glubb’s theory entirely applicable to modern society:

In the age of decadence many people choose to behave in ways that are unsustainable, apparently unaware of the consequences. They indulge in excessive, often conspicuous, consumption. An absurdly wealthy elite emerges, but instead of repelling the masses it is admired and celebrated. Those outside the elite aspire to similar levels of consumption, and are encouraged by the availability of cheap credit. People become convinced that increased consumption is the key to happiness, but in its pursuit they become measurably less happy. As David Morgan says, “you can never get enough of what you don’t need.”

At this point in the life cycle of an empire frivolity, as Glubb calls it, comes to the fore. In order to distract people from what’s really going on, the economy creates diversions. Voyeurism becomes central to culture: the gladiatorial spectacles in decadent Rome are mirrored in today’s ‘reality’ television. People become fixated on celebrity as the genuinely noteworthty become understandably camera shy. These invented celebrities are ‘famous’ just for being famous…

…Debauchery is another recurring theme at the end of empire. Society develops a strangely immature obsession with sex. People drink themselves to the point of unconsciousness and shamelessly collapse in the street. In Roman times, binge drinkers were left to their fate. Today’s debauchery is supervised by the police; its ‘victims’ are taken care of by hard-pressed health care professionals, placing further pressure on the public purse. And, all the while, supermarkets and corporations make a killing selling discounted booze to people barely old enough to buy it. This is our modern-day bread and circuses, with obese citizens literally becoming a burden on the state.

But the small can never satisfy the large. Cheap pleasures fail to compensate for the absence of meaning in so many people’s lives. A hankering for something greater remains…growing numbers are denied access to work; they can find no meaningful involvement in their community, so their potential goes unfulfilled. When people are prevented from fulfilling their potential, they often self-destruct. (source)

By “Empire,” I’m not referring specifically just to the United States in particular, but Western Civilization in general. We’re watching our friends in Europe go down the same path. How can anyone look at the following stories and think that we are all okay and that this is sustainable?

NOTE: The story below isn’t pretty and there is adult content. If you are offended by adult content, take my word for it and do not read on. If you do read on, don’t get mad that you read adult content and complain in the comments. Thanks. DL


Never have America and Europe seen their citizens more at odds. Here in the United States, the last election caused more division than any other in history. Friendships and family relationships ended over who people’s voting choices. Once Trump was inaugurated, things didn’t settle down. There are still groups who want to overthrow the “Trump-Pence regime.” Some students can’t even tolerate the existence of those with opposite beliefs.

The education system doesn’t help. Some professors are actually encouraging violent revolt. Californians are talking about seceding from the United States because Trump won.

In Europe, the UK voted to leave the European Union and Catalonia voted to leave Spain.  People are firmly divided between welcoming immigrants and banishing immigrants.

Chaos is everywhere and there is little middle ground.

Unfathomable crimes

Crimes are becoming more horrific and mind-boggling. A 17-year-old girl was trying to walk home through a “no-go zone” in the UK and was sexually assaulted 3 separate times in one hour. A man in Pennsylvania tried to strangle his girlfriend to death because she changed the passcode to the IPad. A Georgia woman murdered her two toddler sons by putting them in the oven and then video-chatted their father.

A Hollywood fixture has been accused of assaulting and harassing dozens of women, which led thousands of other women to share their horror stories with a #MeToo hashtag on Twitter. I have seen report after report recently of teachers having sex with their high school students.

Premature Sexuality

Sexuality is being introduced to our children far too early, For example, libraries around the country are having “Drag Queen Story Hour.” A picture is worth a thousand words.

What’s the purpose of this? Here’s a quote from a magazine write up entitled “An amazing demon drag queen has entertained children in Michelle Obama’s library” that explains:

Drag Queen Story Hour aims to give young children “glamorous, positive, and unabashedly queer role models,” according to the programme’s website…

…The Drag Queen Story Hour site explains that the event “captures the imagination and play of the gender fluidity of childhood”.

“In spaces like this, kids are able to see people who defy rigid gender restrictions and imagine a world where people can present as they wish, where dress up is real.

The programme “happens regularly in LA, New York, and San Francisco, and events are popping up all over the world!”

I actually don’t have an issue with adults who are drag queens – heck, I sang along at a show in Vegas, and as a libertarian, I believe that consenting adults can do what they want. I have not raised my kids to mistreat others because of their sexuality. They’d be in massive trouble if they did. I did, however, manage to teach them to be kind individuals without taking them to Drag Queen Story Hour when they were 3.

Let me be absolutely clear that while I don’t think Drag Queen Story Hour is an attempt to sexually abuse children, it does lead me to the over-sexualization of kids. I don’t even know the names of all the genders and sexualities that are being claimed and LBGT keeps adding so many initials, I can’t keep up. No wonder kids are confused. I’m confused and I’m a grown-up.

Decades ago, anything on TV before 9 o’clock was pretty innocent. We didn’t have laptops and cell phones that allowed us to learn way too much, way too soon. We didn’t take quizzes on Buzzfeed to see if we were ready to have anal sex that night and we didn’t turn to Teen Vogue to learn about oral sex. These days, Teen Vogue is racier than Cosmo was in the early 80s. How do we protect our children’s innocence in this environment? How do we let them just be kids and find their own ways? Heck, even in Disney movies, everyone’s gotta have a love interest. Why?

Normalization of pedophilia

Children are exposed to far too much, far too young. This makes them ripe targets for pedophiles. Let me be clear on this too. Pedophilia is always, always wrong and extraordinarily harmful to children.

To make matters worse, there is a sick attempt to normalize pedophilia. Salon magazine had published numerous articles with titles like, “I’m a pedophile but I’m not a monster” which has since been deleted due to the public outcry. There are even forums about “moral pedophilia.” Here’s a quote:

Our website is intended to reduce the stigma attached to pedophilia by letting people know that a substantial number of pedophiles DO NOT molest children, and to provide peer support and information about available resources to help virtuous pedophiles remain law-abiding, and lead happy, productive lives.  These are our stories.  There are brief bios of the two founders of the site and collections of other personal stories. (source)

I keep wondering, are the people in charge of media trying to normalize this so that when they inevitably get outed for molesting children, no one will care? Watch this video about the rampant pedophilia in the entertainment industry – and then remember, these are the people who influence the views of the folks who idolize celebrities.

Tony Podesta, the brother of Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, was spotlighted for his incredibly disturbing art collection (all of the original articles about this “art” seems to have been scrubbed from the internet since this was posted) that showed the torture and murder of children. (Here is a shocking post with images found using “Tony and Heather Podesta’s art collection” as a search term.) And who can forget that sick “spirit cooking” scandal during the election? (Don’t worry – NY Mag says it was just a fun dinner.) There are some things we simply cannot unsee.

The mainstream wants to blame the collapse of civilization on Trump, but they ignore the fact that in this administration, more than 1500 pedophilia-related arrests took place in the first full month of his presidency. Just last week, 84 children were rescued from a sex-trafficking ring, with the youngest of those sweet angels only 3 months old. A THREE-MONTH-OLD BABY WAS FOR SALE FOR $600!!!!


Speaking of “art,” a Slovenian woman just won a prestigious art award for being “in seclusion” with her dogs for 3 months. Of course, for some of us, just hanging with pets sounds awesome, but we don’t hang out with pets like Maja Smrekar does. She breastfed a puppy and fertilized one of her eggs with what she says was a “fat cell” from another of her dogs. Mmm hmm.

This video that documents her “art” is another thing to add to the can’t-ever-unsee-it list. The jury that awarded her the prize said“What is making this artwork so special is the total commitment of the artist.” Apparently, I just don’t understand art. Or commitment. Or what cool people do with their pets.

They’ve had to make laws in numerous states to combat an apparent uptick in bestiality. One guy was arrested for sneaking into a neighbor’s yard and doing it with their donkey. Numerous times. This lady says she’s literally married to her dog. All of these people (Can’t-Unsee Warning) also claim to have romantic relationships with animals.

Bestiality is actually legal in these US states: Hawaii, Kentucky, Nevada, New Mexico, Ohio, Texas, Vermont, West Virginia and Wyoming, and the District of Columbia. Apparently, parties are organized where people can engage in sex acts with animals. Publicly.

Not to be outdone, this gal is done with humanity altogether and says she now is…a cat. I wasn’t sure if this went in the bestiality section or where.

The emptiness of society

Perhaps people should first examine the depravity and frivolity that passes for art and entertainment these days.  A walk in the woods to look at fall leaves will not suffice for much of the population.

People are so desperate for that rush of endorphins that they’re constantly seeking something more and more outrageous to give it to them. Normal things no longer give them that fleeting feeling of joy. Their own lives are so empty that they focus on the lives of people famous for being famous to fill them up.

When society is more interested in reality television than actual reality, how can we expect that same society will be invested in our future?

Have you seen further evidence of this decline? What have you witnessed that supports the theories espoused in The Fate of Empires? Let’s discuss it in the comments.

Originally published in 2017
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  • The title of your post is ” Depravity, Frivolity, and Dissent”. It troubles me that you evidently classify dissent with depravity! Dissent is a very necessary, legitimate part of any democracy. That’s what makes it a democracy rather than a dictatorship. As for frivolity, what have you got against it? I rather like frivolity (laughter, merriment).

      • Well, you do seem to dislike dissent. That’s not all I got from it; it’s all I wanted to comment on, however. Thinking about it, I’m not sure this election is the most divisive in our history. Abraham Lincoln *might* have that honor.

        • I dissented throughout the entire Obama presidency. That said, I did not try to overthrow the government or beat the snot out of his voters. My objection is to the constant disrespect, bias, and violence. We should all be free to have our own opinions without the threat of being brutally assaulted, ostracized, or fired for them. The title referred to the signs in the essay that I cited in the article.

          Thanks for your comments and I hope you have a great weekend. 🙂 I’m off to the pumpkin patch with my kiddos.

        • Perhaps you should read Sir John Glubb’s essay, to which a link has been provided, before you comment. It is he who refers to “civil dissension and the role it plays in the degradation of our society.

    • I believe the Organic Prepper is addressing the extremes. What good is dissent when no one agrees, everyone is offended. There is a famous phrase “divide and conquer.” It weakens us as a society to the point nothing can get accomplished and makes it easy for any corrupt government to take over. Frivolity is a different word from playfulness, fun, laughter, merriment and enjoyment. Frivolity is usually not seen as a positive word, it falls mostly into foolish and senseless behavior.

  • I’ve noticed that the more a society falls into decay, the more obsessed it becomes with sex and sexuality. Even in Germany in the 1920s (before Hitler’s rise) it was full of sex degenerates like trannys acting in theater stages. The more degenerate a society becomes, the more accepting of sexual degenerates it becomes as well. First it was accepting homosexuals as normal, now we’re on to accepting mentally ill trannys. In the final stages it will become accepting of pedophiles of children. There is a direct correlation between sexuality and moral decay.

    • What in the world do you have against a vehicle’s transmission, Tony? Are you a proud automatic driver? Well, I like standards. Oh, you meant to describe a human being with that ill considered epithet? Both homosexuality and transgendered individuals are documented as part of the natural spectrum of human existence. Now, I would agree that we should not accept pedophiles, and I would agree that people should treat each other well, and that society is decaying, but the last three items have nothing to do with the first two.

      As for my sarcastic comment about transmissions, I ask that you educate yourself a bit and correct your nomenclature.

      • People who don’t believe what they see in their own pants are not part of any normal/natural spectrum. They are delusional. It doesn’t matter how many politicians “validate” them in hopes of getting votes, or “ologists” validating their beliefs in exchange 15 minutes of fame or even physicians exploiting them in exchange for the money their insurance company will pay for “affirming” surgeries, hormone therapies and the attendant psychotherapy. Consider: if a man went to his doctor and claimed that he “identified” as only having a left arm, and not a right arm, and that he wanted the offending limb amputated, do you think the doctor would accommodate him? Do you think his insurance company would pay for the procedure? Yet the apparent stranglehold the LGBT community has on our political elites dictates that if that same man went to his doctor, stating that he now “identifies” as female, and wants his plumbing chopped off, the doctor would have no choice but to perform the procedure, and bill the patient’s insurance company which under the Affordable Care Act would be obligated to pay for it.
        Not-so-fun-fact: about 40% of transgenders end up taking their own lives.
        You can state that homosexuality is “normal” and I won’t argue the point, but there is nothing normal about denying an obvious reality, and seeking dangerous hormone treatments and mutilation of healthy body parts in pursuit of an impossible goal…

  • I completely agree with this article – you put words to what I have been feeling but hadn’t been able to say. Thanks for this. What do you recommend I (and others) do to spread light to cast out this darkness?

    • Jlaw, see below:

      Let no man deceive you with vain words: for because of these things cometh the wrath of God upon the children of disobedience. Be not ye therefore partakers with them.
      For ye were sometimes darkness, but now are ye light in the Lord: walk as children of light: (For the fruit of the Spirit is in all goodness and righteousness and truth;) Proving what is acceptable unto the Lord. And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them. For it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret. But all things that are reproved are made manifest by the light: for whatsoever doth make manifest is light. Wherefore he saith, Awake thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light.
      See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise, Redeeming the time, because the days are evil.

      Ephesians 5:6-16

    • Hi, JLaw 🙂

      Making people aware who don’t want to be aware is nearly impossible. The best advice I have is living by example. Whether you are religious or nonreligious, leading a life that is joyful in its simplicity is one of those things that seems to draw others. The people whom you most want to influence? Spend time with them. Invite them for a home cooked meal from your garden or to go apple picking or for a walk in the woods. I believe we can do more by gentle encouragement than by gloomy threats. If you find some lighter prepping articles, those might be good to share with them, but don’t go too hardcore or you’ll scare them away. I hope this helps.

      • Glubb’s essay is excellent – thanks for finding and posting it.

        “Making people aware who don’t want to be aware is nearly impossible.” I’ve tried and tried to get those close to me to open their minds with no success whatsoever. I’ve just now realized that my friends and relatives, living in the conventional perception of reality, are, understandably, anaesthetizing themselves to the fear the ongoing and accelerating death of our civilization. By trying to get them to acknowledge and prepare for that death, all I’m doing is taking away their morphine. Glubbs’ essay implies the death is inevitable, and so maybe trying to take away the morphine is actually unethical.

        I think you are exactly right – as best as possible, live as an example…


        • Amen to that, John. I have the same frustration with family and friends. Have been warning them for years to start putting away canned or other storable foods and other goods in anticipation of a day where you can’t buy ANYTHING– regardless of whether it’s a natural disaster, an EMP–solar or manmade, pandemic (real or imagined), man-caused crash of power grids like Texas experienced a couple of years ago or just an economic crash like we are seeing play out today. I thought the toilet paper apocalypse would awaken them, and at the time they were pretty upset about that, but now laugh about it. The news of a coming food shortage is even on msm. Walmart stores are showing big gaps in their canned food sections and the news now tells us that the US is nearly out of diesel fuel, which trucks need to deliver food to stores. Still, none of my extended family, and few of my friends pay any heed. I’ve even copied and pasted stories about the Canadian, Dutch, Polish and other governments threatening farmers if they don’t scale back their vegetable and livestock production with seizure of their farms–to save the planet from “global warming’. Canada now boasts of a giant insect production facility they’ve already got to replace animal protein in the Canadian people’s diets. Yet, family and friends’ eyes glaze over, because they know everything will be “just fine”. I just don’t get it…

  • Wow! That was very eye opening. Yes, something’s contained in here can’t be unseen. However, I feel there is so much truth to what you posted its almost ridiculous. I love how you just put it out there the way you do. I appreciate your work and the information you provide. There is so much going on in our world that it will one day have a breaking point that will be sooner rather than later. I feel as though there is a lot of conditioning that is being sone by the news, media, Hollywood, etc. So that when SHTF it won’t be as shocking when the things they are conditioning us too happen. The more we read and educate myself with the more we are ready to escape society. We are ready for leaving all the nonsense.

  • By profession, I am a technical person. Not surprisingly, most of my posts on this forum have been somewhat technical in nature.

    My real passion though is history. I am in fact a history nerd and I have no apologies for it. That is simply who I am.

    After watching the video that Daisy included and having reading the excellent essay by Sir John Glubb on “The Fate of Empires” I would add the following:

    In addition to the seven traits that he mentions in ‘The Age Of Decadence” (Defensiveness, Pessimism, Materialism, Frivolity, An influx of foreigners, The Welfare State, and A weakening of religion, I find that there is an eighth and final trait.

    The last trait of a society in its final decline is that as a whole it seems to become rude, uncivil, and intolerant. It’s as if there is some kind of collective mind that tells everyone that the whole s**t house is about to burn down any people become selfish and nasty to one another.

    You might call it the final thrashing of the dinosaur’s tail.

    Look around you and decide for yourself if that’s where we are today.

    Steve C.
    Spring, TX

    • Absolutely, the plain upfront hatefulness is really dragging us down. Acting as only themselves are important and worse inflicting their narrow minded opinions on others or else.

      • Did you even read Steve C.’s comment? Did you read Daisy’s article, the Sir John Grubb essay she linked to, and look up all the other links to understand what Daisy is talking about?!

        Who is “hateful” and “dragging us down”? Who is “us”? What does “acting as only themselves” mean? Who “inflicts” their “narrow minded opinions” on you or anyone else? Which of your opinions would you claim is not narrow-minded? How are your comments not “hateful”?

        “Or else” . . . what?

  • If Glubb is right, and it seems so. (Just take a look around) we were started in 1776 so that puts us up at 241 years and it really looks like we got less than a decade.

    I myself, where I shop I see nothing but foreigners that I haven’t seen before . The indigenous race is (since 1776) certainly seems like it is the minority now.

    And recently China just declared its FIRST emperor. So they are a WAR looking for an Emperor – to start one. Everything is inchoate and falling into place.

    If I were you, I would start preparing for survival IMMEDIATELY.

    • China is in the same place as we are, if not worse. They are especially dangerous within the next few years, possibly even this year, in the final gasp of their decadence. The only things holding the country together are the army, police and secret police. Remove the army in a foreign engagement, and the people will rise up against their oppressors—the impoverished village folk against the relatively rich city folk, the city folk against the super rich, and everybody against the corrupt communists—“every man’s sword will be in his brother’s side” (Ezekiel 38:21). The collapse will be internal.

      Both Russian and China look strong from the outside with powerful militaries, but both countries are hollowing out from the inside. If they don’t act now (within the next few years) they will collapse anyways from shrinking populations. The Russians are especially dangerous, because they think they can not only survive a nuclear war, but win by using nukes, so they will use them. They will use them against us.

      What will the U.S. be like after that war? How do we prep for that? There have been some clues among the articles on this blog.

      • Actually I think you have gotten to much fake news from the MSM. Russia seems to understand where they are at,(the fall of Societies) which is why they moved against Ukraine (as a purveyor of all these evils that destroy societies). Ukraine is a cesspool of evil, that is
        slowly destroying Europe and Russia.
        As for using Nukes; they are a last resort against a world wide effort by a small world wide sect of corrupt politicians and operatives, to destroy their country. (They are out to destroy all countries but no one else seems to notice.)
        We would do the same if we were in their shoes, or if we as a nation, were awake to what is really going on.
        It is called an act of self preservation.

        • The US involvement in the Ukraine war is in fact an act of self preservation.
          The US/West lead sanctions against Russia has led to an new emerging parallel monetary system lead by the BRICs. This system challenges the dominant US dollar reserve currency status and the petroldollar. If more nations move to this gold/commodity based monetary system, the dollar crashes and falls as the reserve currency. Poof, we are Venezuela where people weigh cash rather than count it. More efficient.

          Our so called allies are tired of the US using the dollar to push them around. Notice the recent applications of Egypt, Turkey and Saudi Arabia to the BRICs?

          I would not put it past the US to resort to WWIII or even a nuke exchange to maintain the US dollar reserve currency status and the petroldollar. In a nuke exchange it is estimated 34million would die. I would not doubt some top brass yahoo in a underground bunker, would think that was acceptable.

          Looking around, our military is not exactly up to past standards. Recruiting is at a all time low. Military support has been sent to the Ukraine, depleting our domestic stocks. China just might be biding their time to make a go at Taiwan if our military is further weakened. Note, the VA Military Institution went woke and admission fell by 25%.

    • Indigenous race? Um, that would be the Native Americans who we Anglo Saxons killed or put on reservations. Just saying.

      • Um, . . . please dig a little deeper into what the historical facts are, and see the bigger picture. Just sayin’ . . .

      • Balderdash.

        The historical facts do not fit your beliefs.

        But even so: can you name any “folks” in the whole world in the whole of recorded human history who are less guilty and are innocent of what you so casually claim?

      • The so-called “Native” Americans are no more “native” than the Anglo Saxons. Their ancestors migrated here across a land bridge from Asia–which is why many of them look “asian”. They, like we, enslaved one another, slaughtered and robbed one another, and with some tribes, even devoured one another. We forced them out of the lands they occupied, just as they forced other bands and tribes out of the same land when they seized it. There is no civilization that WASN’T founded on wholesale slavery, robbery and murder. Just sayin’…

        • Leonard,
          Yeah, that right there.
          If it were not for the fact he died, Genghis Khan just might of taken Europe.
          How would of that shaped history?
          Some say due to the expansion of his empire (note, he took as much land mass in 30 years as the Roman Empire did but in 500 years), he just may have affected climate change.

  • A nation cannot exist if it does not obey God of the Holy Bible. America was founded by a population of 100% Christians, that number has drastically decreased since. Repent to Jesus before it is too late and God might spare this once great nation.

    • Wow! A post I totally agree with, and I have a good deal of experience along these lines. Daisy, you’ll be shocked that I actually agree with you for once! 🙂

    • “…A nation cannot exist if it does not obey God of the Holy Bible. America was founded by a population of 100% Christians…” – Tim

      Actually no, it wasn’t.

      Not everyone in America at the origins of our nation was a Christian. Not even all of those that we refer to as, ‘the founding fathers’ were Christians.

      There are a number of places in both The Declaration of Independence and in the US Constitution where they reference the almighty. In each instance, they wrote ‘our creator’. If they had intended America to be a Christian nation those are the places where they would have said so, but they didn’t.

      They didn’t refer to Jesus, Jehovah, Mohammed, Buddha, or any other religious leader or symbol. They simply wrote ‘our creator’. That left it open to include all organized religions not just a favored one.

      That makes sense too since the author of our declaration of independence, Thomas Jefferson, was not a Christian. He was a deist.

      James Madison, the man given credit for writing most of our constitution, was also a deist.

      The man that is probably more responsible for inspiring the masses towards independence, Thomas Paine, was a deist.

      Although not one of the founding fathers, Voltaire was also a deist. His writings had significant influence on their thinking. They said so themselves.

      To answer your question before you even ask it, I am a deist.

      Usually, I find that most Christians and Jews don’t even know the difference between an atheist and an agnostic, let alone what a deist is so I rarely mention it to anyone.

      Personally, I think that everyone should be free to believe whatever gives them comfort so long as it doesn’t infringe on anyone else’s right to do the same so I don’t wear my beliefs on my sleeve so-to-speak. I consider a person’s spirituality to be a very private thing.

      If you are curious, though one of the best explanations of deism is Thomas Paine’s book, “The Age of Reason.”

      May you find your own peace in your own way…

      Steve C.
      Spring, TX

      • Ever hear of Jewdio Christian principals? You are full of dung. 80 percent or more of the signers were Christian. People like you “with find it your own way” is what is fracturing our country. Hope you find your way

        • Much more than 80%, I am not sure if any were not Christians. There were varying degrees of devoutness. Thomas Paine was not and may have been a Deist, but Deists then were not was is considered a Deist today. Paine could not be buried in a Christian cemetery. The rest were Christians, even Thomas Jefferson, who is always presented as Deist.
          In 1788, 7 of the 13 original States had state-supported Churches, which included paying the minister and this did not violate the establishment clause. The final vestige of these state churches ended in 1876. The last state to cease funding a church occurred about 1838, but certain requirements remained.

  • Thank you Daisy for giving the clearest and most vivid reasons for taking Prepping seriously and as if your life depends on it. As you know, prepping will level out those bumps in the road and will even get you and your loved ones thru a hard time. However, the SHTF scenarios many talk about will be even MORE serious because the very people described in your article is completely incapable of handling very difficult conditions with any normalcy. Their mental and hygiene abberations will become greatly magnified and they will seek you out to take care of them. They really feel they DESERVE being entitled! Your resistance will really set them off and you will have to take their life or forfeit yours. If you are not prepared for this; you better get yourself into a better reality.

  • Revelation 9:20-21 describes the prevalent, or prevailing, state of morality near the close of the present age. It was an age that was to be characterized by several widespread human activities: 1. the worship of demons, 2. murder, 3. drugs, 4. sexual immorality, and 5. theft. All in all, I would say it’s an extremely apt description.

  • The “empire” is ending because it is evil. Once upon a time, we were a REPUBLIC, led by wise, logically thinking people who insisted that the people’s government obey the limits placed on it by our constitution. Likewise, they insisted upon that same government being frugal with the people’s tax dollars, and not spend money they didn’t actually have on crap that no one really needed. The people they served were industrious, inventive, hard working and intellectually curious. More importantly, they were a pious people, meaning they understood that A) none of them were the center of the universe because B) they believed in an all powerful and all merciful GOD who they knew was the actual center of the universe.

    The “empire” is evil because it is led by evil. It is so led because the “empire” is populated by people who at best go through the motions of piety and belief. The faith of our fathers and mothers is dead; their children killed it. The result is every vile, insane thing that you see on every glowing screen across America, every day, 24/7.

    The only hope of a revived republic is a renewed piety based upon a new faith. And that faith is already here, based upon a very simple idea:


  • Hi, Daisy.

    Awesome work! I read your article first and then the essay by Sir John Glubb. Quite interesting, to say the least.

    In Glubb’s essay, I noticed the phrase (pg. 13), “streets paved with gold”, which could be a reference to the Holy City of New Jerusalem as described by the Apostle John in Revelation. By this time, I already had a good idea where he was going with his premise and when I saw this, it immediately struck me that the same thing was happening within (to) the Christian “empire.” The Christian Church started in exactly the same way and has proceeded along, generally speaking, the same path as he describes for secular empires, albeit, with a longer timeline. Today, at least in the Christian West, the church is in a vast state of disarray, confusion, and moral decline. Is it any wonder that individuals are leaving it in droves? Will it survive as a viable institution or will it too continue its downward spiral and eventually be taken over by a competing ideology?

    I don’t know. Only time will tell. What is ironic is that, as seen in some of the comments previously posted, there are people who think that only if we return to the “glory days” of the visibly disintegrating “empire”, will we be able to survive at all, let alone prosper. It’s almost as if they have a fixed mindset about the way things SHOULD BE and endlessly repeat the mantra of their doctrine, regardless of the evidence to the contrary. I question if such people actually read and/or understood what Sir John said.

    Nevertheless, said my piece. Thanks for your posting. May you be blessed in your endeavors.

  • When it comes to sex, sexuality, and debauchery; it has always, always been there. The only difference now is that people don’t have the moral discipline to keep it to themselves.

    What 2 people or a group of people do ‘behind closed doors’ isn’t my business. I have no need or desire to know, nor should any child know. But when it is purposely put out there for children and young adults to see, the end result will ‘always’ be immorality, hate, corruption, and the degradation of society as a whole.

    • Human nature hasn’t changed, so yes, to a certain extent, there’s always been an element that engaged in debauchery. Only in collapsing societies does it come out in the open and not only celebrated but forcibly endorsed. God won’t stay His hand forever. Judgment is coming.

  • Too true. As the West collapses, the new superpowers in Eastern Asia (specifically China, but also India, South Korea, Taiwan and Japan), as well as in developing nations in Latin America & Africa, are all starting to take off. China in particular is set to dominate the world stage, with the Chinese Yuan likely to overtake the US dollar.

    While places such as Australia are built upon immigration from and are (in general) accepting of others and their rights without being too ‘in your face’, the US and much of Europe are not places that were designed to handle this flow of people, and rampant consumerism (most notable in the US, as opposed to Europe where action is being taken against over-consumption) is causing companies to destroy the earth of our children for the mass consumption desires of our generation.

    We should turn our back on this rampant consumerism and return to the three Rs – Reduce your waste, Reuse what you can, & Recycle as much as possible. Thanks for this article Daisy.

    • The only “…rampant consumerism…” I see being quashed in Europe is related to farmers being ordered to produce less food and it’s got nothing to do with the Earth.
      The picture may be bigger than the elites merely directing governments of the world to restrict food and energy production out of fears of “Global Warming”. This has already caused starvation in Sri Lanka, and great social unrest from farmers in Europe and Canada. The “Great Reset” is about killing us off and Fentanyl and the Covid vaxx may ACTUALLY be part of the same plan.
      Too, the gay/transgender agenda is likely part of this same ambitious plan dreamed up by ivory tower liberals back in the 1970’s.
      The 1977 book Ecoscience: Population, Resources, Environment by Paul and Anne Ehrlich and Obama’s “Science Czar”, John P. Holdren called for the ELIMINATION of 7/8 of the Earth’s human population. Strict control of all human reproduction would be required. Some of the ways they recommended to achieve this end was mandatory vaccinations that would decrease human beings’ fertility, the lacing of municipal water supplies with similar compounds (coincidentally, many municipal water sources in the US that include treated sewage are nowadays contaminated with estrogen. This can’t be filtered out). What effect this may have is unknown. Compulsory abortion for unapproved pregnancies will be required, and societal ENCOURAGEMENT of homosexuality, as such people don’t reproduce and add to the Earth’s human population burden. My understanding is that anyone going through the full “transition” into the opposite sex will FOREVER be unable to reproduce, even if they manage to “transition” back…
      It ain’t about Mother Earth…

  • Good essay will send out to other like minded folks. Few even retirees are tuned in. Apathy and nihilism prevails, as people focused on constant diversions for entertainment, tethered to electronics and trash TV shows. Little or no hope for America as we fall like Europe, invaded by Muslims with our corrupt leaders (Congress) who enable the left while lining their pockets.

  • Daisy, your “Depravity, Frivolity and Dissent…” article was the top headline reprint (with proper credit given) on Jim Quinn’s yesterday, here:

    It is a bit of a rough and tumble collection of outrageously well informed writers and commenters, with some nice words about you as well. Many of their articles get picked up by, which has a worldwide group of financial and political experts who trust the lamestream propaganda media like a rattlesnake with a “Pet Me” sign on it. I know that has recently reprinted one of your articles, and reprints a lot of them. I think the term “heroine of the alt-media” would not be ill-chosen for you. OK, if you want to blush …. you’re entitled!


  • Exc. essay, saw the video. John Whitehead (Rutherford Inst.) books Battlefield America, Gov of wolves, etc shows this country is gone, without hope. Voting at this point is useless as Congress has sold out to corp. lobby groups pushing globalism/Agenda 21. Even Sessions now is going along. Get house in order and realize Trump won’t be able to “fix this mess”.

  • “I keep wondering, are the people in charge of media trying to normalize this so that when they inevitably get outed for molesting children, no one will care?”

    Bingo. My first thought when I first read of the pedophile rings last year. The MSM will “normalize” pedophilia in time for the huge revelations. Till then they’ll keep a lid on it.

  • I am astonished and disappointed that many articles (including your story) on this site totally ignore the threats from the radical right. Much of the political violence in this country comes from that direction. Please comment on this and state publically and without hesitation that you are not a member of and don’t in any way support altright, or other fascist terror groups.

    • Anyone who has read my website for a period of time knows that I don’t align myself with either of the major political groups. But, if you’re new here, please know that I am a small “l” libertarian. I have always denounced extremists of all types, whether they’re left or right. Currently, I do believe that the Communist groups who are eager to overthrow our republic are the biggest threat, but that doesn’t mean I don’t see the threats from the far right.

      The problem I see in the nation right now is that “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” How we solve this, I don’t know, but I see it happening more and more that when one group marches and demonizes another, that group pushes back. It’s a much bigger problem than just “right vs left.”

    • You are simply wrong. Or at least I hope it’s that simple.

      Do some honest research, please. Watch some “alt news” rather than, or at least alongside, the establishment “news,” and see who tells the truth, when, how often, and why.

      At the very least, honestly admit there’s NOTHING “anti-fascist” about the Communist Antifa. Comparatively speaking, how much crime, violence, personal attacks on others, and violently shutting down opposite (or just not “progressive” enough) speech the “alt-right” do versus Antifa.

      A little honesty goes a very long way.

      And you, nor anyone else, has a right or authority to demand or request of Daisy — or any of the commenters here — to do what you presume to do in the last sentence of your post.

    • What “radical right” is there? Hitler, Miussolini, and their parties were Marxist socialists—leftists. What has amazed me is how much hate that the leftists have that they even murder each other. They and their followers are also liars—everything to the right of the mass murderers Stalin and Mao they call “radical right”. I don’t know of any violence coming from the true right, such as small-L libertarians. All the violence I see is from leftists, such as neo-Nazis, communists, and others of their ilk.

    • So, $2 Billion in damage from rioting in 2019 was done by right wing zealots? I thought BLM and Antifa were both left wing outfits. A couple of fun quotes for your edification:

      “The press should be not only a collective propagandist and a
      collective agitator, but also a collective organizer of the masses.”

      “We can and must write in a language which sows among the masses hate, revulsion, and scorn toward those who disagree with us.”

      “The goal of socialism is communism.”
      Vladimir Lenin
      ‘Nuff said…

  • I am not entirely sure what drew me to your article, but I must say, I am rather impressed with the conveyance of subject matter that was written in a fashion that demonstrates a rare gift of maturity and wisdom, whereby it was appearent you were thoughtful, poingnant without being inflamitory, having commonsense and reasonableness rarely seen in todays scociety.
    Acolades aside, I must confess, that despite a certain familiarity I felt while reading this, I did so while imagining you to be a MAN!
    Before anyone decides to chastise me, in my defense, this is my first time on your site, there does not exist any misogynistic thinking on my part, for as I mentioned regarding that cirtain “familiarity”, as soon as had full gender awareness, it struck me, the familiarity was with my wife and it was her I was thinking of.
    This may well be viewed negatively, but I contend, women like yourself are very rare and very much appreciated by myself.

    That having been said, however off topic or uneccessary, I wanted to add a snippit, aka; My Two Cents, regarding something that was taught me by a very learned man many years ago, about civilizations, cultures, Empires, and Kingdoms. After nearly 50 years of research and study of every known and once prosperous civilization, he felt he had pinpoited the very moment, whereby, the beginning of the end began.
    He stated that just like cancer, it starts at the cellular level, working its way through the entire body decimating the whole. This cellular reference is the foundation of all civilization,…the Family Unit.
    The fall of an empire begins at this level with the degredation of Family Values, unity, and the integrity of each members role within the family. A very remiss level of parenting is present regarding the proper dicipline, education, and moral foundation instilled within children. That a Husband and Wife lacked respect and honor for each other. (Theres something I bet few know how to do). And as was metioned regarding ones role, there is the implicit need to recognize “Headship”, and follow direction from said headship. Another important factor was that this familial headship chain of command, beginning with this seemingly antiquated concept of “Head of household”, be administered with genuine concern for the success and welfare of all.
    The most basic unit in society, the family, is without question, where you look to know which direction the a nation is going!
    He was a professor of Anthropology and History, and it will always stick with me what he said with passionate sincerity, that his observations were not popular among his peers, and yet they could not argue the fact that never has any civilazation, while it was successful, not practice Family Values and be guided by a moral compass.
    I know many will argue this, even beliving all is good because there plenty of stable and strong family units…. oh yea,… answer me this; According to What STANDARDS?
    As I understand, LGBT families along with others have been afforded legitimacy. I find it interesting that forms of this lifestyle were dominant at the end of many a once great civilization…

  • Interesting and insightful! Thanks for such a well thought out article on a view of today’s society with respect to what History has already taught us, but some refuse to learn from, about humans in genera.

  • Dear Fellow Prepper,

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    [email protected]

    PS….I will look for Grubbs 24 page manifesto. Its very interesting. I agree we are living in the “last days” of this system of things. Besides Grubb, The Bible talks about the last days when ” man will be self absorbed, lovers of pleasure, haughty, hard to deal with”….The book of Daniel depicts a statue that represents the 7 or 8 world kingdoms….Rome, Greece, Persia…….at the time of Daniels writing he did not know that the legs would represent the dual kingdoms of the UK and USA….we are now in the weakest part of the statue the feet made up of a mixture of iron and clay. These feet will be destroyed by a huge rock thrown down by God. Then all world gov’t will topple ….replaced by Gods Kingdom…Armageddon will come, and false religion will also be destroyed. After Armageddon Gods kingdom rules over the earth and true peace and security will preside over the earth, restored as a Paradise as it was intended in the book of Genesis…. Yes, Daisy, the end is near as described by Grubb and the worlds events….

  • Awesome article Daisy. I love your ‘Can’t unsee warning’. We’re in the end days for sure. Hang on for a bumpy ride hey! Many thanks.

  • I am not what I would call an “overly” religious person. I do absolutely believe in God, but am not one of those street preachers that approach everyone with a “Have I told you about Jesus?” screech.

    My take on what is happening today is that the “hole” people are trying to fill with – fill in the blank – is because they do not have any God in their lives.

    I have found that life is much more calm and fulfilled when a little time is spent reflecting on God and his beautiful world and what part I might play in it.

  • This gives a good clue as to why Trump was elected, and pretty much explains the “resistance” from our Deep Staters, but what explains the insane hatred from the Democrat side?

  • Why I gave up cable, satilite TV. I don’t stream anything either. I do not miss the box either. If anything it has enriched my life.

    I am not giving up internet and social media though so I see lots still…

    Society has gone crazy…

  • While it sounds like a wonderful set of insights, in fact much of what passes for markers of decay occur throughout an empire’s rise, existence, and then finally at its fall. The distinction seems to be that while most lives are improving as an empire rises, and therefore people ignore the zaniness, they then choose to obsess on it when it’s clear that citizens are beginning to lose ground and the empire is crumbling. We have had horrid messes periodically, experiences which meet these criteria, even before we were an empire. They were merely repeated, not new, during out brief and brutal hegemony. But now those same markers are suddenly perceived differently because the empire really is collapsing. The Emperor has no clothes. Sex, lies, and videotaping.
    So in the Roaring Twenties – just as a for-instance – when alcohol was the illegal drug of choice, when wild parties, sex, violence, crime, etc. abounded, there were protests. They contested different issues, but they still arose and raged. The focus changes, but the markers don’t mean anything until society starts to crumble, at which point people love to insist that those same events have suddenly become significant despite their prior long-term waxing and waning. The only real difference is that social values molt. The Greeks had gay lovers. Nobody thought anything about it. Then along came modern morality, and suddenly that was verboten. And now we are resuming a practice, with modern, tolerant improvements (women are no longer perceived as devoid of any value save reproduction and housekeeping) which somewhat alter our perceptions, but which are in fact identical in concept, if not in particulars.
    I agree that our empire is falling. I regret that. But I doubt that the suggested markers have any meaning other than to make some people feel some sort of religio-social fervor, an “I Told You So” attitude with no real basis in fact.
    Societies are repeatedly full of contrasts. If we could only get rid of people, Earth would be so much better off. I think that this problem may soon be solved, given the vast modern technological enhancements of the tools of war which are developed and deployed by humans whose emotional controls remain back in the stone age.

  • The rise and fall of so many empires throughout history has been documented in many places, but here is a very recent short version description of that process from Charles Hugh Smith:

    There are stories from ancient Rome about when their empire could finally no longer pay the bills for some legions stationed in the Far East, they were simply abandoned — in place. That’s a creepy thought given that the US empire has somewhere between 800 and a thousand military bases scattered around the planet — while many foreign countries are losing confidence in the US dollar and have stopped buying US Treasury bonds and are stocking up with gold purchases.

    Since the Columbus discoveries of the New World, country after country (Portugal, Spain, France, England, etc) each in sequence took their turn of managing their money as the world’s reserve currency, and all of them eventually ruined it. In more modern times, the average lifetime of such currencies is about 40 years, From the time that Nixon in 1971 stiffed foreign nations who were asking to exchange their US dollars for American gold is about 48 years today, during which time the US government blatantly under-reports the extent of currency debasement — which is running about 10% per year (in contrast to BLS lies of 2%). See this website for the real effects of dollar debasement, year by year, in major US cities.

    Things which can’t possibly go on forever … won’t.

    There was a reason why in 1787 after the discarding of the Articles of Confederation in Philadelphia when Benjamin Franklin was asked by a lady what the Convention had brought forth. Franklin replied, “A republic, if you can keep it.” Franklin was well aware of how ancient Rome’s republic died — as has almost every such republic in history.

    There is much talk in financial circles today about a global financial reset, something to make the 1930s Great Depression seem like a walk in the park. That’s not inconsistent with the concept of empire collapse.


  • Well done. I think our possible demise was accelerated by outside forces, as Yuri Bezmenov stated in his interviews in the 1980s….To bad no one was listening. The attitude “it will never happen to us” expedited our decline, along with the efforts of the democrat party and republicans like Senator McCain, Romney, and Paul Ryan.

  • Mother nature has made men with one of “It”, and women with one of “those”, it is the preachers, and the prudes of the world, who have made the use of those two “things” naughty, dirty, sinful, etc.

    The phrase “a fate worse than death ” in describing rape is an indication of the perverted thinking of much of the world.
    For it certainly is NOT worse than death , and it would take a depraved, and distorted viewpoint to describe it as such.
    Many Muslim girls are genetically mutilated, and some die, in an actual attempt to thwart Mother Nature, and deprive the girls from ever enjoying the potential pleasure that is to be derived from sex.
    Imagine that, and it is, primarily, women who conduct the butchering process on the little girls.
    Shame on any woman who would participate in such a barbaric act.
    They also, often, participate in the stoning of a woman who has been found engaging in the sex act with someone who is not judged “suitable” to the mob.
    Has the world parked their good senses at the door, and are now allowing their most prurient feelings to take it’s place?
    Take the matter of a woman’s breasts, for instance. Instead of a source of life giving nourishment for her child they have become an emblem of sexuality, that has been promoted as such by our movies, and provocative photos.
    Displaying her nipples uncovered, as any man may do, without thought, is considered sensational, and is worthy of extensive comment within today’s society.
    That “wardrobe malfunction” at the Super Bowl halftime show is still talked about.
    And yet nearly the entire breast may be exposed wearing a Bikini, but don’t you dare show that nipple. The whole situation is ridiculous in the mind of any sensible person. In conclusion, there is nothing depraved about enjoying most aspects of sex.
    And we are not serving our young people well by not openly discussing the subject with them, at an age before they are likely to begin engaging in same.
    All the anti-abortion folks should be most enthusiastic about such a program, for if each young man were imbued with the importance of using a condom, or girls were allowed to have access to “the pill”, before they begin to engage in sex, it would practically eliminate the aborting of thousands of fetuses, as happens today.

    • You’re just plain blowing hot air. There historically, in Western Christian cultures, have been very, very rare abortions. The shame and stigma of extra-marital sex kept those numbers down. It was the early Christians in the debauched and waning Roman Empire who rescued babies left out to die after birth, and taught whole populations to value and respect each other, marriage, the marriage bed, and children. “Free sex,” presuming chemical “birth control” in the late 1950s through to today, including “legalizing” the in-utero murdering of “unwanted” babies, that has propelled abortion to the shameful numbers of today — and the creeping acceptance of murdering seconds-before-birth babies, and soon outright infanticide. Aren’t we the advanced, progressive society? The Greeks and the Romans did it, after all, right?

      And so, are you unaware of what happened when Christianity finally came on the scene, and why it happened, and what was its overall result? You prefer to go back to the ways women and children were treated before Christianity? Why?

      Are human beings just “animals” equal to platypuses, rabbits, wolverines, or bonobos? If you believe so, then why aren’t we only excited about sex when females go into estrus? Why do human women have no estrus cycle, and why are human women capable of conceiving at almost all times, while among the other mammals – and almost all other multi-celled animals, excepting bacteria, algae, single-celled organisms and “communities” of them, such as jellyfish – cannot, but are limited to the female’s estrus cycle? Why aren’t human beings stimulated exclusively by their sense of smell as almost all other multi-celled animals are? Why does no other animal put a sexual value on mammary glands of females as anything other than nourishment of young? Why do human beings have buttocks instead of sitting pads like chimps and baboons and some other monkeys? Why is there such sexual dimorphism between human men and women? Why is it that in all cultures, in all places, human sexual activity has been strictly regulated and monitored, and violations often punished with banishment from the tribe or death? Why, even among primal tribes, are women’s mammary glands regarded as pleasure points during sex? Do you believe that because many primal, tropical tribes don’t cover up women’s breasts that means they are not sexualized in the tribe’s customs and mores? And, again, generally, how are women treated in those tribes? Do they have even a modicum of the freedoms and respect they have in Western, Christian cultures?

      How many other non-Western cultures do you know of that treat children as sexual objects for adults? And how does that work out? Are those cultures superior to our Western Christianized cultures, or desirable to either replace or add to them? Why or why not, in your view?

      Why would you bring human beings down to the status of other animals, yet expect them to copulate and welcome copulation from anyone any time? That’s not normal or permitted in any animals with the possible exception of bonobos. Why do you believe rape is not egregious?

      Why do you not respect the personal boundaries each human being has an innate, inalienable right to, such that your eyes have no right to see what someone else does not wish you to see, or touch what someone else does not want you to touch? Exactly what is the social advantage, or personal, or psychological, or emotional advantage, of “free sex”? How’d that work out for the hippies in the 1960s and 1970s? Just because there are birth control pills and condoms that makes “free sex” desirable? Why? To what end, exactly?

      Why is it the historical record that when sexuality is exploited as you want it to be cultures and civilizations suicide themselves, over and over again, regardless of religious mores, either positive or negative toward it, if it’s so good and natural?

      Do you believe common decency does not include men and women being circumspect and respectful in their attitudes, clothing, behavior, and sexuality? If not, why not?

      What’s in it for me, most other people, and the children if this civilization and culture does what you want?

      Exactly why is uninhibited sexuality good? Why do you think there is even the freedom and ability to advocate such things in this particular Western culture? Do other non-Western, non-Christian cultures advocate what you are? How’s that work, realistically, for any that do? Do they confirm or “prove the rule” in their contradiction and defiance of it, or show a realistically better way?

      Why are they eager to come to our “restrictive,” “puritanical” cultures when they are afforded the opportunity, do you think? What makes theirs the preferable cultures, yet they want to enter into ours? Do you think that if our mores were freer yet, the immigrants would more readily assimilate into ours, and not abuse our women? Or should we accept their attitudes toward rape, and just “get with it”? Have you listened to their reasons for raping our women?

      Is there anything in the Daisy’s article, and the referenced paper by Sir John Glubb, that is not accurate and truthful on this subject? If you think so, please say why.

      Have you ever read, or seen the video of Dr. Camille Paglia (you can find her excellent observations and warnings on YouTube, just plug into the search window “camille paglia on the decline of civilization,” and you have a smorgasbord of some of the best videos of her taking on the consequences of the degeneracy you advocate; especially see this one: ), warning of the very things and their historically inevitable consequences this article and Sir Glubb warn about? You might look up the videos of her excellent, and impassioned, talks on this.

      And she’s not someone you could class as anywhere close to being a Christian or a conformist.

      Nudie colonies are limited in their popularity not because they aren’t allowed to be popular, but because most people don’t want to parade themselves to other people indiscriminately, nor want others to parade themselves without being invited to, and most people respect children enough to shield them from inappropriate adult sexuality. Swinging isn’t as popular as it could be not because people are too prudish, but because most people understand what “marriage” means, and what respect between husband and wife means. Adultery isn’t nearly as popular as free-love or “open marriage” advocates try to claim and wish it would be, because, again, most people understand what “respect” and “honor” mean, and those high character virtues mean more than the alternative in their lives and relationships.

      I’ve known some adulterers and marriage swingers, and none of their marriages were either pleasant or permanent, and the consequences to their lives and their children’s lives were decidedly unpleasant. So much heartbreak and destruction. For what?

      And I’m not aware of any non-Western and/or primal tribe where infidelity in marriage is encouraged or tolerated. Don’t you think there are good reasons for that, from the very time of the start of recorded history down to our own age? Do you think people from ages past just weren’t as “enlightened” about these things as you think we should be?

      If women’s breasts and nipples weren’t so important as sexual stimulants, and therefore should be judiciously and circumspectly covered in public, properly hidden from your eyes, you wouldn’t be so obsessed with them.

  • Good article. Have to say though,as an Englishman,that you American folks think there are ‘ no go’ areas in the UK.That is a total myth.

    • Odd, your saying that. When we lived in Windsor (back in the 90s), a friend took me to a fabric store in an Asian neighborhood in Slough. The hostility of the women in the store was palpable. My husband, who worked in Slough, took a walk every day during his lunch hour. One of his co-workers saw him in the Asian area and warned him to stay away from there. He said “they don’t like it”. I can’t imagine what it must be like now.

  • I read the article about a boy named Desmond Napoles. My heart hurts for this little 11 year old boy, and it makes me sick to my stomach thinking about his innocence being stolen. His mother allows him to perform in a gay male club as a drag queen. He strips and dances while adult men are cheering him on and tipping him in dollar bills. His parents see absolutely nothing wrong with it. The authorities in New York see nothing wrong with it. They decided not to press charges.

    I clicked on the link to his Instagram account (provided in the article below), and read some of the comments. I’m in complete disbelief. Everyone is cheering him on. I could just cry. This is the epitome of depravity.

  • We’re past the last thrashings of the dinosaur’s tail at this point. I know the original article was posted last year – the situation is exponentially worse today. Just a few months ago – (CONTENT WARNING)- I read an article online from a newspaper in India that a group of men, angry at their neighbors, stole a pregnant goat and raped it to death. It sounds so bizarre and evil that it is hard to believe it actually happened, but it apparently did and this was from the paper’s police blotter. TEOTW can’t come quickly enough for me. Maranatha!

  • It was true then, and it is even more true (truer?) now.
    Collapses start slowly, then suddenly.
    The only question is when.

  • I do not disagree with your narrative, though I do believe you began in the midst of a major issue. There are a couple of ways I could begin this, and I will begin with the simplest and finish with the complex. Since my high school days in the latter 1960s, I have heard that America was going the way of Ancient Rome and I did not believe it until I connected the dots. Rome was destroyed twice, once the Republic and once the Western Empire. The Republic was destroyed by the 1). inability of the Senate to make the difficult but necessary decisions. The government was riddled with 2). corruption. 3). a loss of traditional values, which were not unlike that of the Founding Fathers of America. They worshipped the traditional pantheon ad we worship God, but faith was the same. 4), they lost the ability to control their borders.

  • I will say the Ancient Romans, both Republic and Empire lasted from 753 BC to AD 476. The United States went to the greatest nation the world had ever known and the world’s largest creditor nation in the 1960s to the world’s largest debtor nation sometime by 2000 to 2010. This was no accident. There are at least 4 government actions in the 1960s that put us on the path to self destruct.

  • Well written article.

    One disagreement, the rot can’t be isolated to one generation. The video blamed the baby-boomers. But the rot started out long before.

    I’m a baby-boomer, but I also listened to my elders.

    My grandfathers lamented that in their youths that the churches mostly traded being nice to each other for contending for the truth. Without the truth, what defines being nice?

    My grandfathers already saw the fruit of much of the destruction of the economic order with the rise of the amoral super rich in the generation previous to theirs.

    But my grandfathers’ generation mostly held onto Christian morality. This is the reason that generation’s “proletariat” didn’t rise up and establish a “dictatorship of the proletariat” to the amazement of Marxists like Hitler and his fellow fascists who expected them to follow Marxist theory. But they did lay the seeds for an out-of-control federal government.

    After the deprivations of the Great Depression and World War II, my father’s generation dove headlong into consumerism, and the mainstreaming of smut magazines like Playboy. While most didn’t practice perversions like swinging, they were voyeurs of such perversions. Many of my father’s generation supported their sons’ refusal to go to Vietnam. While many of my father’s generation were taken aback by the sex and drugs of many in my generation, others led my generation into it.

    Basically, what I’m saying is that one can’t point to any particular moment, nor even to one generation, as to when the final stage of an empire’s collapse started.

    There are still people in our country who are like me, who have never smoked a joint, never dropped acid or other drugs, had sex only within marriage, and contend for absolute truth. Not only in my generation, but also in my children’s generation. If our country is to be saved, it’s through people like us. People like us are those who read blogs like Daisy’s and see the truth of what she says. Keep up the good work.

  • None of this is new, Mapplethorpe, Leigh Bowrey, and that guy who put crucifixes in urine all came out of the 80’s. People were throwing fits then because the national endowment for the arts was subsidising “depraved” art. A large number of marriages from the early 1900’s would be called pedophilia today but at that time marrying young was a normal occurrence. Anybody remember Jerry Lee Lewis marrying his 13 year old cousin? (For the record I am not defending pedophilia, just pointing out how the definition has changed.) I feel like people have always been sick and twisted, Marquis De Sade was born in 1740, and he was a sick f¥¢*. The only thing that is new is the media overload that bombards us 24/7/365 and it’s relentless need for content. All these things have been happening forever, we just didn’t hear about them. It’s not right, it is certainly depraved but it is nothing new.

    • While the indecent and debauched behavior “is nothing new,” and “has always been with us,” the point is precisely that society and culture was able to keep it small and relatively harmless.

      The point is precisely that today it is out in the open and thrown in our faces “24/7/365” by elements our society has allowed to grow and metastasize. We have thrown off the old mores and morals that protected us and our children, that allowed our civilization to grow and improve and achieve wonderful and beautiful things. We (collectively) believed, since we had advanced so far, that we don’t need those things anymore.

      There’s much more to it than that, of course. But this is the story in a nutshell. There are very good, time-tested reasons for the mores, morals, ethics, and cultivation of particular relational behaviors in our society, and within a century, we cast them aside, and that left us open to the worst in our human nature.

      And the point is, precisely, now that we have unleashed ourselves and found out how horrible and bloodthirsty and destructive of everything good and beautiful and rational it is, what do we do about it, since it seems only a few of us see it and understand it, while the rest seem literally hell-bent on destroying what it has taken millennia to build?

      Will we allow ourselves to be honest about what has and is happening, and courageous enough to effect the needed changes back to what prospers, respects, and protects and strengthens us all?

  • This is a terrifying article. And thank you. How about updating it from 2017 to 2019. I’d like your thoughts now.

  • AMEN!!! Depravity, Frivolity, and Dissent! Just a little goes a long way. I agree that everything has gone to the extreme. Unfortunately, some people feel these are positive virtues. Again, just a little goes a long way, too much is destructive. Similar to having a little drink vs. getting blasted into a black out or unconsciousness.

  • Many countries are degrading at a rapid pace. I personally believe a lot of it is lack of personal accountability for actions, lack of education, selflessness, open hostility towards anyone that doesn’t agree with you, blindly following corrupt leaders because they are your “party”, close mindedness and no acceptance of anyone a little different. There are some wonderful people of all religious views, all nationalities, conservatives and liberals. Extreme beliefs especially associated with non- tolerant behavior is never helpful. If nothing else the reason many whites are so terrified of immigrants might be they remember coming here to a country already inhabited by many thousand natives and proceeded to commit genocide. Murder is not very Christian.
    I am white and Christian. I find the manipulation of Christian teachings to justify non-Christian behavior reprehensible. Our country has become a poster child for rudeness, gullible followers, lack of compassion, and basic stupidity. I miss the good ol’ days of compromise, country before party, personal accountability, a healthy middle class, people before corporations, less corruption and being able to go out in the world without being shot. Let the attacking begin.

  • All a part of the “New Normal”, that they are pushing upon us.
    This somewhat misses the point, this is not a USA problem, it is a Western civilization problem.

    We tend to have Tunnel vision in looking at this stuff and let me remind you, that it was all happening in Europe, (Antifa Riots, Muslin immigration, sexual diversity or perversion, etc), long before it started here.

    Most of this done to create divisions, divisions that will divide us and thus cause the fall of a Nation,( in this case the World). It is about creating a GLOBAL reset. So a new GLOBAL society and power structure can take over.
    Yes, these problems are here in the US, but if we fail to see them as global in nature, we miss a big part of the picture.
    A lot of people expect that if some thing happened in the US , that other Nations would come to our aid (or invade us). Some think they can run from the problem locally, by fleeing to another country. But as it is a global thing, that removes all possible outside help, probable invasions and fleeing abroad to ” safety”.
    Getting the right perspective on this, really changes the narrative.
    It should change how you look at prepping also.

  • I couldn’t agree more with you and I look forward to reading Sir John Glubb’s book. What you wrote applies to Europe as well (I write from Italy), unfortunately; the children’s sexualisation is undeniable just looking at the clothes for young girls, not even teenagers, sold by the average stores (a petite woman can wear them: the designs are the same) and role models are celebrities who are not talented at all, but are chosen to convey the elite’s messages.

  • Daisy,
    Are we in the “End Times?” I hate bringing Biblical quotes and prophecies into the conversation, because not everyone follows Christian Theology, and the fact that there are so many denominations, each with their own set of beliefs that differ from the core of Christian belief in the teachings of Christ concerning the End Times. So I’ll refrain from using Theology in this discussion.
    The dissipation of morals, the redefinition of words, right becomes wrong and wrong becomes right, as well as other indicators, some you mention and some you don’t, all point to a coming collapse. Half the country is perfectly fine with accepting a Demented Fascist Demagogue (Biden) in office, a not insignificant portion of the other half is ready to take up arms to fight the Authoritarian Regime currently ruling the country. The fact that half the country is embracing this Fascism is a frightening concept to grasp. The truth though, is that we lost our Republic a long time ago, and our Forefathers watched it happen. Power now rests solely with the Federal Government, and woe to the State that tries to exercise anything more than a vestige of Indepenence.
    Being neither a Democrat, Republican or a Libertarian, I’m deeply disturbed and at times despondent over what I’m witnessing. I have no crystal ball to predict at what point we’ll snap, but it’s certainly possible that the coming complete collapse of the Supply Chain might very well be the breaking point. The fact that the current President, and a complicit majority of Congress are the individuals responsible for this disaster, is hollow knowledge, even though it’s satisfying to know who to blame when it happens. Another potential trigger may be the Midterm Elections. No honest and observant person can ignore the shenanigans that occurred during Election 2020. The vote was manipulated, I’ve very little doubt. The question is really down more to whether or not there was enough fraud to effect the vote. It was not, as some claim, the safest, most secure election in US History. Only a complete Idiot would believe that. If those same shenanigans, or new ones occur in Election 2022, that may well trigger massive unrest as well.
    Never forget that the current Regime has already threatened to use military force against the citizens of this country on at least two occasions, and that is something that should have everyone’s hackles up. No President has ever threatened that, and that was beyond unacceptable. In the eyes of this Conservative Constitutionalist, that statement effectively voids this President. He is no longer President, he’s a Despot, and needs removed from Office.
    Concerning Sodomy, I’ve had a similar opinion to yours. What two consenting adults do behind closed doors is their business not mine, but don’t get in my face and tell me it’s normal, because it’s not normal in any way, shape or form. As for Trannny movement, those people are Mentally Ill and encouraging their Psychosis is not how they should be treated.
    Back in the 80’s, I told my wife, that the LGBT crowd would embrace and attempt to normalize Pedophilia. She told me “No Way” and that I was nuts to suggest they would do that. I hate to say I was right, but here we are, and they’re even going so far as to ditch the Pedophile word in favor of “Minor Attracted Person,” as if that redefinition makes Child Molestation more palatable to the populace (Personally, I believe Pedophiles should be shot, no exceptions).
    Thanks to the Democrat’s, Thanksgiving may be very lean with little to be thankful for (once Diesel runs out mid November) for a lot of us. Whether the country can survive intact until Christmas, remains to be seen. The collapse of the Supply Chain may very well doom us.
    My advice is if you don’t own a gun, you’d best buy at least one ASAP, and learn to shoot it. Buy as much ammo as you can afford, and stockpile it. Try to buy privately if possible (to avoid Federal Form #4473), in some State’s, Private sales are required to go through an FFL holders. Any gun is better than no gun at all, so even a Hi-Point pistol or pistol caliber carbine, cheap as they are, is better than nothing. Your firearm, may be required to defend yourself and your family from what evils will come.

    Apologies for being such a Doom and Gloomer. I’m a firm believer in Murphy’s Law, that “whatever can go wrong, will go wrong, and at the worst possible moment.” I also adhere to O’Tooles comment on Murphy’s Law. That is, “Murphy was an Optimist.”

    Lock and Load my friends, and keep your powder dry.

  • Get the point but I think the news from 2017 should have been updated to reflect the current state of affairs. Why post old news from 5 years ago… it has gotten much worse.

  • Another blast from the past article.
    All the more relevant today than when it was first written.

    Bemused Berserker’s October 31, 2022 post is pretty spot on.
    I did read an article yesterday about a small town in Oregon where parents are pulling their children out of their local public school over the school’s woke indoctrination. The children are going to private schools or home schooling. If I had children K-12, I would too!
    It has been noted in studies that schools that focus on wokeism, those children fall behind in reading, writing and math.

    As a country we seem to be forming up two different societies running in parallel where the two never meet. Like to say we can agree to disagree and politely ignore each other, but something tells me that is not going to happen. The small town in Oregon, the Oregon governor pushed that kind of indoctrination into the school system. Some colleges are mandating the same as graduation requirements.

  • Wow, another Conspiracy Theory in 2017 that has come true! Imagine that! For the Bible based readers that are paying attention, the United States is an Empire that will fall in the end times, we have become morally corrupt by glorifying homosexuality which in fact is a mental disorder. Although there are other things happening this is the # 1 abomination. That is my opinion. Think what you will. Thank you, Daisy, for staying true to the cause, no matter what others may think.

  • “Let me be absolutely clear that while I don’t think Drag Queen Story Hour is an attempt to sexually abuse children, it does lead me to the over-sexualization of kids.”

    Oversexualization of kids IS SEXUAL ABUSE OF CHILDREN!!!!!!!

  • Can I suggest a book I recently read by Jonathan Cahn–“The Return of the Gods”, speaks about some of what you are sharing.

  • “Crimes are becoming more horrific and mind-boggling. […] Have you seen further evidence of this decline?”

    Seems that few are talking about the greatest crime in all of history, dwarfing (& perhaps, explaining?) the ones in Daisy’s article:

    ‘CV19 AI Bioweapon from Infection to Injection -Karen Kingston’

    “We are at war, and we are being deceived. We are loving the technology that is going to end up exterminating us.”…

    Those cows you posted a link to. ‘Nearly 2 in 10 cows injected with mRNA vaccine DIE almost instantly’ – that’s, us.

  • First. Quit using PayPal. Seriously. Just quit.
    Second. It’s part of satans plan to demoralize people…thereby trying to sully GODs creation.
    Third & last. Godless people (no, not the hypocrite wanna be Sunday only religious) have a hole in their being and they refuse to consider morality as guided by GOD is the missing element.

  • Enjoyed your article very much. I have a BA in History, emphasis on the Far East. The rise and fall of the various Chinese dynasties mirrors your thesis. The various dynasties were started by strongmen, generals and such. Over the decades, the ruling family became weak and was overthrown, starting the cycle again. The fall was, however, brought about more often by the rigidity and ritualization of society.

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