What To Do About a School System That Has Gone to Cr*p

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Education has gone to heck on a greasy slide.

If you thought the school system was terrible in 2019, in 2020 the whole thing fell right off a cliff. And 2021 is just the pile at the bottom of the hill. Schools closed due to lockdowns and “distance learning” was an unmitigated disaster as parents struggled to keep their kids in the online “classroom” instead of surfing Tik Tok and YouTube. Let’s face it, most of our kids who attend school lost an entire year of their education.

Do not expect this to improve. It’s up to us, the parents, grandparents, and concerned adults.

But the problems started before Covid.

Even before this, the curriculum had changed so dramatically as to be unrecognizable. Getting rid of standardized testing so kids don’t feel bad, revising history even further, teaching kids to be ashamed of their race, confusing them about sex and gender, and instituting a level of “wokeness” that rivals that of the most politically correct celebrities.

Forget, reading, writing, and ‘rithmatic. Let’s get those kiddos indoctrinated and villainize any parent who objects.

You need information and a plan to educate your kids in the months ahead. Go here to get that info.

Here’s what we can do about it.

While homeschooling sounds like the perfect answer, there are a number of reasons it doesn’t work for certain families and I’m not here to push that on anyone. I have one homeschooled kid and one public-schooled kid and both are successful, competent adults.

I know I keep suggesting you guys sign up for the docuseries Endgame and this is another reason why. There’s a detailed segment on this education system (or lack thereof):

  • Oak Norton: This education activist will tell you the shocking truth about what’s going on in the system.
  • Kait and Vernon Evans: These parents have homeschooled all over the world. They’ll talk about whether homeschooling is for you and what to do if you’re in a position where you simply can’t homeschool right now.
  • Ben Greenfield: This fitness expert will help you make sure your kids are active, cared for, and prepared.

If you’ve been feeling frustrated and at your wit’s end with this education clusterflock, know that you are NOT alone and that there ARE answers.

Register now for Endgame. If you register beforehand, it’s free to view. It begins on May 25th, at which point you have to pay to access this essential information.

I’ll be on there too and I’m super excited! Please note they used the least flattering screen capture of me possible on the page and I kinda look like Shrek.

Go to this link to register:  https://www.ro20trk.com/6RNXHT/6JHXF/



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  • “Let’s get those kiddos indoctrinated and villainize any parent who objects.”

    What a terrifying reminder.

  • Home Schooling is the only way forward! My wife is an evaluator and she tells amazing stories about kids flourishing in less constricted environments. I see some of the results myself and it has convinced me that scourge of public educations will be seen in hindsight as the straw that broke the back of out once intelligent and proud republic.

    It is an engineered catastrophe!

  • Dead right. The world is going through big transformations on all aspects. It’s a social revolution. Education will see radical changes in the next decades.

    And yes, it has a lot less to do with CV19 than most people think. The current model was broken long before the pandemic. Just like the rest.

  • Our society needs to give children the freedom to learn and freedom to play so they will grow to appreciate freedom and fight for it as generations past had much more freedom than children today.

    “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.” ~ Ronald Reagan

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