The Majority of Americans Believe We’re Right On the Edge of CIVIL WAR

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As the 2020 election approaches and calls to impeach President Trump intensify, conflict and division continue to escalate in the United States.

A new poll confirms what many of us have known for quite some time: tension in the US is increasing, and the likely outcome is civil war.

Most Americans agree that we are becoming more divided.

Before we look at what the poll (which was conducted by the Georgetown Institute of Politics and Public Service) revealed, here is a bit of background:

The Georgetown Institute of Politics and Public Service (GU Politics) Battleground Poll is a national bipartisan survey measuring political opinion and civility among registered voters in the United States.

Initiated in June 1991, and housed at GU Politics since April 2019, the Battleground Polls have gained widespread media recognition as reliable bellwethers of national opinion and voters’ intentions.

The Battleground data projected the outcome of the 1992, 1996, and 2004 presidential race more precisely than any other similar effort in the country, including those of the major TV networks and national newspapers. In addition, Battleground Polls have consistently been major predictors of what is going to happen in approaching Congressional elections. (source)

To see the questionnaire, charts, tables, and analysis, click here.

According to the poll, a majority of Americans believe political, racial, and class divisions are getting worse. “This includes three-quarters or more of men and women; urban, suburban, and rural voters; approximately 7-in-10 or more voters in every age cohort; white, black, and Latinx voters; and nearly two-thirds of voters of all-partisan stripes,” a press release explains.

When voters were asked to rate divisions in America on a scale of 0-100, with 100 being the “edge of a civil war,” the mean response was 67.23.

Significant contradictions within the electorate were exposed by the poll:

Voters broadly agree with the premise that our political culture has become too uncivil and lacks a focus on solutions, and that common ground and compromise should be the goal for political leaders—while at the same time, equal numbers want leaders to “stand up to the other side” and stand up to “powerful special interests.”

These criticisms are not necessarily mutually exclusive, of course, but they do suggest a more complex and nuanced perspective on American politics, and one which goes beyond frustration over a decline in civility alone.

Voters also seem to disagree on the source of the incivility. Majorities of Republicans say Democratic political leaders, social media, large newspapers, CNN, and MSNBC are very responsible for our political division. Meanwhile, majorities of Democrats say Republican political leaders, social media, Fox News, wealthy special interests, and President Trump are very responsible. Independents single out just two actors as very responsible for divisive political discourse – social media and President Trump. (source)

People are troubled by how politicians are behaving.

The majority of those polled (88% agree, 71% of those strongly agree) are concerned and frustrated about the uncivil and rude behavior of many politicians. This concern was shared across the board, but especially so among women, Democrats, and African Americans.

Respondents also largely agreed (84%) that behavior that used to be seen as unacceptable is now accepted as normal behavior.

Politicians are not the only ones who are behaving badly, of course. If you read the comments on websites or social media, you know what I am talking about. Disagreements rapidly escalate into heated arguments. Name-calling and threats are not uncommon.

But when public figures behave badly – arguing and calling each other names on social media as if they are schoolchildren on a playground – it makes me wonder: how much are their actions influencing and empowering others to be obnoxious and rude to each other? Ultimately, we are all responsible for our own actions, of course, but is it too much to ask politicians and other public figures to speak in a respectful and polite manner?

Phrased another way: what happened to grace and class? Civil discourse appears to be a lost art, unfortunately.

Last year, in an article called Uncivil Behavior Is Praised Now and This Is How Civil Wars Start, Daisy wrote,

There’s something brewing in America since the last election and that is a complete lack of civility on all sides of the political spectrum. Uncivil behavior isn’t just widely accepted – it’s praised and cheered on. Hatred of one another is becoming the norm and this is how civil wars begin.

She’s right.

Aren’t we – the people – better humans than most politicians? As a non-voting libertarian, I see anyone who chooses politics as a career as an inherently unethical and immoral person. The reasons I believe this are beyond the scope of this article, but paying close attention to current events and politics for nearly 20 years led me to this conclusion (Daisy’s article Are We Really Free? Maybe It’s Time for a Personal Declaration of Independence aligns with my views).

Just because those who are “in charge” sling mud at each other doesn’t mean the rest of us have to. In fact, it would be in all of our best interests to try to get along, because the government thrives on civil unrest and division – it gives them “reasons” to take away more of our rights – including those covered by the First and Second Amendments (remember, the Second protects the First).

Americans want more compromise and integrity from politicians.

More than eight in 10 voters believe “compromise and common ground should be the goal for political leaders” (87% agree, including 64% strongly agree) and that they are “tired of leaders compromising their values and ideals and want leaders who will stand up to the other side” (84% agree, including 63% strongly agree). This sentiment is more pronounced among Republicans and rural voters than it is among Democrats and independents, as well as suburban and urban voters. Mo Elleithee, Executive Director of the Georgetown Institute of Politics and Public Service, said of this finding:

“Our Civility Poll finds that eighty percent of voters say that they both demand compromise from political leaders, but want political leaders who will stand up to the other side. That creates mixed messages for even the most skilled political leader trying to decide whether to be a fighter or a dealmaker.” (source)

I’d like to take this opportunity to pose a question: Are politicians really “leaders”?

A simple definition of leadership is the art of motivating a group of people to act towards achieving a common goal.

Qualities of good leaders include:

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Confidence
  • Ability to inspire
  • Strong communication and listening skills
  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Ability to empower others
  • Empathy/caring/emotional intelligence
  • Self-control
  • Positive attitude
  • Diplomacy
  • Humility

How many politicians display those qualities? Some politicians may possess a few of them, but overall, those traits are rare in the political realm.

Speaking of leadership qualities, the poll found that Americans are tired of politicians who work for powerful special interests instead of standing up to them (90% agree, including 73% strongly agree). So much for honesty, integrity, caring, and transparency.

Standing up for what is right – even when it requires personal sacrifice and perhaps being unpopular – is a character trait rarely seen in politicians. Is that trait common among citizens? I have no way of measuring that, but I think it is something worth thinking about – and is a quality we all could benefit from nurturing within ourselves and our loved ones. Conformity can be detrimental to society. Often, the right thing to do and the hard thing to do are the same thing. When one person stands up and says “this is wrong” it empowers others to do the same.

Expecting politicians to compromise and stand up for what is right are honorable ideas, but political figures don’t have a very good track record in these areas. Perhaps the rest of us could adhere to those principles, though – we outnumber the political elite, don’t we?

Is there anything we can do to prevent civil war?

I don’t like to write about problems without offering some ideas for prevention and solutions, but this is a very complex issue. All I can really do is ask people to be more mindful of how they respond to the media and politicians. Ask yourself if what you are reading or hearing is true. Is it based in fact? Or is it exaggeration (or outright lies)? It sure seems like some media outlets, talking heads, and politicians are intentionally trying to instigate division and unrest. Don’t fall for it. In these challenging times, it can be difficult to discern fact from fiction. It is important (now more than ever) to fact-check as much as possible. I see people sharing divisive content on social media that is obviously not based in fact – and sometimes, even satire is shared and discussed as if it were factual information!

Why do people share information that is not based on truth? There are several reasons, but cognitive biases, which are errors in thinking that affect the decisions and judgments we make, play a huge role.

Several years ago, I wrote a series of articles about cognitive biases. In one of those articles, I discussed a psychological trap called confirmation bias, which we all are susceptible to – whether we want to admit it or not:

One of the many cognitive biases that afflict humans, confirmation bias refers to our tendency to search for and favor information that confirms our beliefs while simultaneously ignoring or devaluing information that contradicts our beliefs.

This phenomenon is also called confirmatory bias or myside bias. (source)

In politics, confirmation bias explains, for example, why people with right-wing views read and view right-wing media and why people with left-wing views read and view left-wing media. In general, people both:

  • Want to be exposed to information and opinions that confirm what they already believe.
  • Have a desire to ignore, or not be exposed to, information or opinions that challenge what they already believe.

Confirmation bias permeates political discussions. It is so pervasive that it largely goes unnoticed. We are used to it. It explains why political debates usually end in gridlock:

Think about it: Have you noticed that people don’t want to hear anything negative about a candidate they’ve chosen to support? In many cases, it doesn’t matter what the facts are. Followers will resort to mental gymnastics – complete with cognitive flips and contortions – to justify continued support for their candidate.

In fact, when our deepest convictions are challenged by contradictory evidence, we may experience the “backfire effect.”

Coined by Brendan Nyhan and Jason Reifler, the term backfire effect describes how some individuals, when confronted with evidence that conflicts with their beliefs, come to hold their original position even more strongly.

The more ideological and the more emotion-based a belief is, the more likely it is that contrary evidence will be ineffective.

Confirmation bias has become even more prevalent because just about any belief can be “supported” with information found online.

Collecting evidence doesn’t always resolve confirmation bias: even when two individuals have the same information, the way they interpret it can be biased. (source)

In You Can’t Handle the Truth: How Confirmation Bias Distorts Your Opinions, I listed techniques that may help us avoid letting biases infiltrate our decision-making and belief systems:

  • Be open to new information and other perspectives. Don’t be afraid to test or revise your beliefs.
  • Even if you consider yourself an expert on a topic, approach new information as a beginner would.
  • Ask someone you trust to play devil’s advocate. Ask them to challenge your assumptions.
  • Don’t let a limited amount of past experience (particularly one negative experience) carry too much weight. Be sure to envision the future, not just replay the past.
  • Remind yourself that your intuition is lazy (designed to make predictions quickly, but not always accurately) and does not want to be challenged. Seek and fully evaluate other alternatives before making decisions.
  • When you believe something strongly, but don’t have recent and compelling evidence to support that belief, look for more information.
  • Check your ego.  If you can’t stand to be wrong, you’re going to continue to fall victim to biases. Learn to value truth rather than the need to be right.
  • Look for disagreement. If you’re right, then disagreement will help highlight this and if you’re wrong – it will help you identify why.
  • Ask insightful, open-ended questions. Direct them to people who are not afraid to be honest with you. Be quiet and listen to what they say.
  • Examine conflicting data. Discuss it with people who disagree with you and evaluate the evidence they present.
  • Consider all the viewpoints that you can find – not just the ones that support your current beliefs or ideas.

Cognitive dissonance is another bias that can distort acceptance of reality – and can prevent civil discourse. As I explained in A Tale of Grapes, Politics, Cults, and Aliens: Why People Cling to False Beliefs,

Cognitive dissonance refers to the mental stress or discomfort experienced when we hold two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values at the same time, perform an action that is contradictory to one or more beliefs, ideas or values, or are confronted by new information that conflicts with our existing beliefs, ideas, or values.

It is human nature to dislike being wrong. When we make a mistake, it is hard to admit it.

We resort to mental gymnastics to avoid accepting that our logic – or our belief system itself – is flawed. Lying, denying, and rationalizing are among the tactics we employ to dance around the truth and avoid the discomfort that contradiction creates. We avoid or toss aside information that isn’t consistent with our current beliefs. Emotions trump logic and evidence. Once our minds are made up, it is very difficult to change them.

This is cognitive dissonance. (source)

By looking at our thoughts and actions critically, objectively, and dispassionately, we can avoid making mistakes and be open to changing our minds as new information comes in. We can break the cycle of lying, denying, and rationalizing – if we remain vigilant and open-minded. And, we can engage in civil and productive discussions with those we disagree with – and perhaps create a more peaceful society.

In the conclusion of Uncivil Behavior Is Praised Now and This Is How Civil Wars Start, Daisy wrote,

If people could calmly discuss these differences in philosophy and look for common ground, they just might find some. Instead, people are supporting incivility and enmity.

When people can no longer find that common ground, they become enemies. Battles erupt that lead to wars. We don’t see fellow Americans and human beings. We see masked attackers and shouting aggressors. We see those who support those loudmouths who honestly do not speak for most of us. We need to remember that the folks out there acting badly are the extremes. Most of us are far more middle of the road in our beliefs but you don’t hear much about that from the media.

When uncivil behavior is seen as acceptable, when it is encouraged, it becomes the norm. Then to get attention, the actions must be more and more extreme.

Uncivil actions are the flashpoints for civil wars and we are right on the edge.

Heeding those words of wisdom seems like a smart thing to do.

By the way, I do not deny that there are people who are dangerous and should be treated as such. Yes, there are real issues that are worthy of attention and action (aggressors, thieves, violent people, and the like), but I believe those are more the exception than the norm. Remember, the news usually focuses on the worst – that is what gets ratings, unfortunately.

I’d like to believe that most people are still inherently good. Even those who harbor bad ideas may have good underlying intentions. Asking questions and engaging in calm, constructive conversations might help us retain a bit of peace and avoid civil war.

What do you think?

Is the United States heading for civil war? Are you mentally and physically prepared for such an event? Do you think we – the people – can do things to prevent civil war (or at least reduce its impact)? Please share your thoughts in the comments – and oh – please do so in a civil manner. *wink*

About the Author

Dagny Taggart is the pseudonym of an experienced journalist who needs to maintain anonymity to keep her job in the public eye. Dagny is non-partisan and aims to expose the half-truths, misrepresentations, and blatant lies of the MSM.

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Dagny Taggart

Dagny Taggart is the pseudonym of an experienced journalist who needs to maintain anonymity to keep her job in the public eye. Dagny is non-partisan and aims to expose the half-truths, misrepresentations, and blatant lies of the MSM.

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  • I think that this article says alot, however the author fails to mention Ms. Luther’s article noting that 47% of all Socialists and 17% of the entire 330 million of we American believe it is okay to use violence to redistribute the wealth of the top 10% . Back around 2010 a Russian professor said that America was due for a Second Civil War, which played big in their Press. It is my contention that the USA is being destabilized by enemies both inside and outside of the U.S. with the goal of Civil War and the breakup of the U.S. into 4-5 smaller countries. Remember, Obama got the ball rolling as a good little Commie and people like AOC are not letting it stop.

    Thus China and Russia become the only Superpowers.

    • What got the ball rolling in the latter part of the last century to legitimise the balkanisation of nations was Kosovo being vivisected out of Serbia by NATO. This is the plan for places like Dearborn Mi as well as other places like St Paul Mn and etc large concentrations of followers of the demon cult (the demon cult where their deity is called the best of deceivers and commands his followers to steal from, terrorise, rape, and murder all who will not submit to the demon cult). not to mention entire states filled with foreign and domestic enemies like kalifornia, and cities like nyc, chitcago, detoilet, etc that degrade otherwise patriotic states. Get a sizable number of foreign and domestic enemies in your midst and they start a “war of liberation” to take over a portion of your country. At least that’s the way I look at it.

      Dumitru Dudaman had a vision about all this where a civil war, started by communists, was lit inside the US, and when the fedgov back was turned dealing with the seditionists, China and Russia attacked, as well as other nations along our border and from farther away.

      George Washington also had a vision of a great war in America
      the above account is disputed by some but i believe it

  • Contensiousness seems to be a public way of life. Fight, argue, attack, belittle, deny reality…. It looks like a pretty insane world shaping up out there. Police told to stand down when a certain political party or helpless older folks are being attacked.
    I live as peacefully as possible. I don’t fight over politics or religion as long as I can state what I believe I’ll listen to what others have to say. We on both side have some valid points. What I fear is outside trouble makers sturring up trouble. Sometimes I’ll listen rather than talk just for the sake of peace and to really hearing what others have to say.
    It come to more division and violence I’ll look out for me and mine as I’m a caregiver with the responsibility of someone who wouldn’t comprehend what’s going on or what. I’m not where I’m aiming for but I’m working on it. I moved back to my rural 3 acres three years ago with limited resources and dimminishsing help from my spouse with Alzheimer’s. I pray we can hunker down safely if our SHTF is between our own citizens. If it’s lawless maurauders defence will be easier.
    I believe the Biblical admonition is to live peaceably with all men as much as is possible. There is a recognition that it isn’t always possible.
    Still being at peace and doing no harm is my aim.
    If your dog comes killing my chickens or other critters we can discus who burries it. I’ll probably suggest you do it. If I do he will be burried in a garden corner so I can save $ on bone and blood meal. 🙂

  • A great uncle, who happened to be the only president of the Confederacy, had something like this to say about the next civil war; if there is ever to be another civil war, let them be the ones to start it.

    I can’t agree more, let them start it.

    Also, we’ve already done this before and know the price, please don’t make us do it again.

  • “The Majority of Americans Believe We’re Right On the Edge of CIVIL WAR”
    That could be true and the crybaby left had better remember just whoowns most of the guns and ammo.

    • Buzz, violent sounding comments like yours are one of the things that make many people distrust and dislike folks with “right-wing” political views.

  • We are co-owners of a Missouri firearms training, center and indoor/ outdoor gun range on 180 acres of timber and prairie. We have seen a 700% increase in business and membership, but in the past 2 years we have been inundated with requests to train and provide venue for private militia groups who are all prepping for a civil war. Many are ex and active military clusters, but a lot are large extended groups of friends and families who want to be prepared and as active when war breaks out. They are all angry. Motivated and ready and able to die if that is what it will take to cull the ef enemies from this country.

  • “Aren’t we – the people – better humans than most politicians?”

    No. No, we’re not. Don’t you know anything about human nature? The only difference between politicians and people like you and me is that the politicians tend to get caught in their crimes a lot more often because they’re in the public eye a lot more than we are. In fact, people who are *not* politicians can and do get away with committing far worse crimes because they’re so safely out of the public eye; don’t let the hype and hoopla surrounding public figures’ scandals blind you to the inherent wickedness of every last human heart, private and public alike.

    “As a non-voting libertarian, I see anyone who chooses politics as a career as an inherently unethical and immoral person.”

    As a voting individual, I see you as paradoxically both naive and arrogant; how easily you overlook the wickedness bound up in your own heart while spotting it so readily in the politicians! Don’t kid yourself: politicians are inherently neither more nor less ethical than humanity in general; to cite just two examples, I’m sure by now you’ve heard all about Bill Clinton and Donald Trump’s adulterous affairs (both real and rumored), but do you really believe none of the billions of private individuals worldwide has ever committed as much adultery as they have or even more? *Every* last one of us has done things we’d rather not have exposed to public scrutiny; the only difference between politicians and the rest of us is that to survive all the public scrutiny to which they’re subject while in office, they have to be either very good at concealing their misbehavior so they don’t get caught, or very good at brazenly persevering through their public scandals whenever they *do* get caught.

    That you chose a career in an occupation which doesn’t subject its practitioners to so much public scrutiny as those politicians doesn’t make you more ethical or moral than politicians in my eyes at all. If anything, your simplistic collective condemnation of all politicians has me wondering what horrible deeds *you* might be concealing behind all that virtue-signaling. Know what I mean?

    • The entire meaning of the article when right over your head. You must must be very bitter and angry person to attack an author like this, who is trying to explain peaceful ways of getting along in these trying times. May Gods love and mercy surround you.

    • Well said RK. If you don’t even vote you have lost your voice when it comes time to participate in the debate. It’s like blaming your room for being dirty when it’s your responsibility to clean your room in the first place.

      Your points about human nature also are spot on. The Constitution is really a document written as an attempt to corral the worst of human nature with regards to government. The primary difference between the author and a politician is that he/she has little power to be corrupted by (absolute power corrupts absolutely). Even so you do point out that the power he/she does have to influence others with words is being abused…it’s a perfect illustration of the human condition.

      With one side intent on removing an elected President using “whatever means necessary” and the other side realizing finally that the Republic is in danger of falling if the President is removed, that is a perfect recipe for revolution. Another is that neither side has any respect for elections any longer – the left doesn’t care what the results are, and the right believes the left “harvests” and “cheats” which of course they do such that regardless of the 2020 results, both sides will be at each others throats.

      Add one more element – the collapse of our worthless currency – and the world as we know it is over. With civil war the question is not if, it is when, for how long, and how bad will it be.

    • I don’t vote because I believe it is immoral and unethical to impose my personal values on other people.

      But by all means, keep participating in a corrupt and greedy system and see where it gets you. Things are going great so far, right?

      Can you please name one politician that is ethical or moral? Thanks.

      • Dagny – I don’t know where you got the idea that when you vote you “impose (your) personal values on other people.”
        You don’t seem to have a problem writing articles that impose your personal values on other people, and we don’t even get a voice when you write your article, only the possible option to comment afterwards, IF we aren’t “moderated” out of the conversation.

        Voting is not imposing your view on another. It is the civilized world’s way of determining what the majority wants on any given question. It does NOT mean that simply by voting you get what you want, or the other fellow does not. That is primarily why we have a Bill of Rights, and why we are (supposed to be) a Republic, not a Democracy.

        A Democracy is two wolves and a sheep deciding what to have for dinner. For those of you in Rio Linda, that means a pure Democracy is simple mob rule. A Republic respects the rights of the minority and seeks to do the best for all in any given circumstance. Of course, we are no longer a Republic either, the Supreme Court has seen to that, as well as the ‘Federal’ Reserve. But I digress.

        Thinking that you are being “moral and ethical” because you DON’T vote is just plain silly. You might just as well say “war is peace” or “slavery is freedom”. All you have really done is give up your duty as a citizen, yet you still maintain that you deserve all of the “rights” of being one. NOT.

        Being a good citizen is not easy. You have to work at it, educate yourself, take responsibility for your actions and carry the torch of freedom handed to you by so many who came before. Hundreds of thousands have died for our Republic and your right to be a citizen, to vote, to be free. And you throw it away thinking you are “moral and ethical”. Think about it some more, please.

        The question is not whether there is one politician that is ethical or moral. The question is, are you? Are you so perfect that you can cast the first stone?

        Semper Fidelis

        • Writing articles is not imposing your views. It’s sharing your views.
          Voting for a person who will make rules that you must follow whether you agree or not is the actual epitome of imposing your views.

          I don’t draw as hard a line as Dagny, but respect her opinion. Our government is hideously corrupted and it seems that voters keep re-electing the corrupt. Think about the big scandal with Debby Wasserman Schultz at the DNC. And then she was re-elected. Lindsay Graham’s name is synonymous with warmongering and he’s been in Congress for decades. So really, how is this system working out for all of us? And if a socialist is elected president, will you say, “I guess that’s the will of the people, better luck next election?”

          I strongly doubt that you will. Why would you if you do not feel represented? But if that’s what the voters want, then by your argument, you should accept it.

          If it weren’t for imperfect independent journalists casting stones, how do you think we’d know about the corruption?

      • Dagny, if you feel the political system is corrupt then as a citizen YOU not only have the right but the obligation to work for change. Voting is just the start. Becoming involved in a watchdog group, exposing corruption through carefully researched and vetted articles, are other ways to try to make things better, fairer, more honest.

        If you don’t at least vote, then you “don’t have a dog in the hunt” and shouldn’t stand wrapped in your Swiss-like neutrality and take smug pot-shots across your self imposed borders, and then retreat into neutrality when you get caught out.

        Stand up, don’t just take a stance.

        • I am standing up by refusing to participate in a corrupt, immoral system.

          Voters are the ones who are keeping this system going. Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results.

        • Kitty,

          The ONLY thing that will change this system is rivers of blood and oceans of tears.

          “No problem can be solved by the same order of intelligence that created it” – Albert Einstein

          This is why voting is not, and never will be, the answer to America’s current problems.

          Voting is what got us here in the first place. How is more of the same going to give us an opposite result?

      • Dagny,

        I don’t vote because choosing the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil. I’d also note that if voting is what got us to this point in the first place, it really isn’t working out for us as a society.

        Nations are built of borders, language and culture. Our borders are porous, our language has been bastardized to mean whatever anyone wants it to mean, and our culture has been obliterated by 3rd world trash.

        Stick a fork in America…it’s done.

    • The fact that you think politicians are ethical completely boggles the mind. The fact that you think politicians get caught doing their dirty deeds also boggles the mind. How do you think they go into politics poor and leave politics wealthy for the most part? It’s because they sell their favors. They do NOT represent the people at all, yet the people keep going back choosing evil. The lesser of two evils is still evil, as trite as that may sound.

      There is a great deal of blind allegiance to a system that is crushing us all. We need less government but the tentacles of our current government keep expanding and multiplying and it isn’t because of good people who just happen to be in the public eye. It’s because of the people and corporations pulling their strings and ever-tightening the net around us.

    • I find it odd, RK, that my calls for peace bother you so much. Why is that a problem? Why is wanting a more civil society an issue?

  • Well on the one hand, Tulsi seems to embody all of the qualities of leadership listed in the article. On the other hand, I disagree with about 70% of her stance on major issues. The other Democrats fail on almost all of those qualities of leadership, while Trump hits maybe 1/3 of them. On issues, I would closely align with Trump, but positivity, humility and diplomacy are not strengths he possesses. I wish the democratic party had more to offer; there need to be at least 2 viable parties for democracy to be meaningful. Tulsi is very liberal, but not nearly liberal enough for the DNC.

    • I agree with most of what you said, Tim.
      But I do not think it is that Gabbard is liberal enough for the DNC, but that she is not of the Establishment DNC. She quit the DNC position she held in protest of the way the DNC rigged the 2016 nomination in favor of Clinton, stealing it from Sanders.
      I could vote for her.

  • First, we have never had a civil war. The conflict of the 1860s was aggression and capture by Northern states of the South.
    A civil war is two or more sides trying to be “the Government”. The South wanted to leave the “Union”, not take over the government.
    If this divorce had been granted, over three quarters of a million lives would have been saved.
    There is so much more to this than can be explored in a comment.
    It has been said in various ways, “The winner gets to write history” which is why few people know the truth.
    There will only be a real civil war IF the Insider (Deep state) finds it to be in their best interest. Or if they feel they are going to lose significant ground in their march toward oligarchy.
    The worst thing to plague America in the past 100 years is the odious institution known as public schooling.
    Public school is a brain damaging social disease which has no cure. This is why it fits so well in the planks of the communist manifesto.
    Public schools steer a wide path around anything that even resembles historical fact, much less logic.
    Students are now indoctrinated drones…victims of a system that instilled a variable ethos.
    Any civil war will require a plethora of mindless followers.
    And the number grows with each graduating class

    • We have had two civil wars (both before any of my ancestors came to the states)—the first was when the American colonists, who were citizens of England, were attacked by the mother country and ended up breaking away from England where England started the war, and the second when some hot-headed southerners started a war they couldn’t win.

      I resent the memory of those southern hot-heads. First, by starting the war, they instigated the correct response of the national government to put down a violent insurrection, the same way the national government put down the armed insurrection of John Brown earlier. Secondly that led to the erroneous conclusion that states don’t have the right to secede from the Union, a question that actually has never been answered.

      Oh I wish those southern hot-heads had waited for diplomacy to take its course instead of bullets.

      Doug’s claim is part of southern revisionism. That revisionism doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.

      The question is, what will come first? Another civil war, or a world war with nukes? With the Democrat party continuing to act as the Trump re-election committee, either could start next year, or shortly after Trump’s re-election. Russia and China together could decide to act when they realize that they won’t get a traitorous Democrat in the White House, or the deep state could instigate violence, or maybe both together. Or it could happen in 2021.

  • It’s getting scary out there. I can agree that some of us seem to have a knack for taking disproportionate amounts of the available resources. I don’t agree that redistribution by force is an acceptable goal. On the other hand do we really need Walmart making 3 million dollars an hour in profits? It does seem more than a bit excessive. Remember the golden rule, he who has the gold makes the rules. So how do they (the Waltons) handle it, put in more self-checkout lanes so they can make even more. What happens when we run out of jobs for people? That is not a hypothetical question. It is happening now. Some of us are just not smart enough for high tech work. Low tech work is being automated away. The unemployed or underpaid are somewhat unwilling to take their kids and go quietly into the night.

    I became a prepper to survive most scenarios but I will have to admit civil war was not something I’ve envisioned over my years of prepping. Nor is it something I will participate in. We the people does not mean we the 3%. I do get tired of the rhetoric. All this dying in a pile of brass is complete and utter bull crap. Sorry but I’m one of those old fart veterans that have seen piles of brass. Think about it, It also means bombed out buildings and your grand daughter getting both of her legs blown off. Do you really. want a war?

    Are you truly surprised that we have a far left? I kind of see it as natural response to a far right. Divide and conquer is a precept of war that goes back into antiquity. Demagoguery is the work of evil and it divides us. United we stand, divided we fall.

    I don’t want to give up my guns as I know there are truly evil things in the world. But please consider, all of those who want us to give up our guns are truly afraid of those who have them. Too many of us (gun owners) have felt a need to repel the invaders or shoot up a church, movie or school. We need to save the Republic. Civil discourse not civil war is the way to do it.

    Remember when the democrats were the working class and the republicans the management? What happened? Times changed, 150 years ago it was the democrats in management and the republicans working. I don’t think it has gone full circle. Somewhere along the line all of our production was sold to China and frankly we are never going to get it back without a full on and worldwide onset back to the stone age.

    A while back I left mainstream political parties. I have family on both sides of the fence. I could not bring
    myself to vote for either of the two criminals running and I too am now a registered libertarian.

    Have you ever wondered if you are actually an unwitting troll for the powers that be? Big Pharma, Big Banking, Big Oil, Big Whatever because the vast majority of us are just the little guys getting screwed by those whose interest is maintaining the status quo and living a life of opulence. Guess what, Donald will gladly let you into Mar A Lago, just cough up the $200,000 initiation feed .Glad I’m getting old and won’t have to put up with this for much longer.

  • “Dagny”,
    I am older than most of the readers and a disabled veteran of too many other peoples wars (opw). I have stated since I retired in 1992 that “we” as a country are being steered/guided to a civil war (no war is “civil”). There is a series of very basic things to remember about war: the winner writes the history books; whatever is shown as the reason to start fighting, turn around and look where “they” do not want you to look; ALWAYS follow the money trail; and finally there is already a new constitution written completely changing the nature of this country and doing away with “God given rights”.
    Facts about how “we” are being trained to think of “the other side” is evident in every newscast on every channel and all news websites. The discourse is following the same themes as what was used for both World Wars and all UN police actions (i.e.: Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Lebanon, etc.). Scroll through the historic news sites for yourselves and educate yourselves. Then look at the education systems (K thru Grad school) and look at the agenda that is being taught. Read the Organic Laws of this country and each State. You might be surprised at how different the laws/statutes/codes are compared to the Organic Laws.
    Instead of not getting involved, get involved within in your community but do it openly and after having educated yourself so that you come from knowledge not opinion or anger.
    What everyone here needs to understand is that we are State citizens and Americans at the same time.
    It is true that where your family came from had made you but you are the same as your neighbor: American. There is not one of us that is 100% anything but American. There is but one race: Human.
    Human you are by being born, American you are by thought and action. Start acting like it.

  • That will be just fine because guess who has almost ALL of the guns and ammunition and I’ll bet it is not those pansy leftist liberals that will make up the first huge wave of voluntary victims.

    • Rufusvondufus, speaking as a liberal prepper (who owns guns and plenty of ammo BTW), I can absolutely guarantee I won’t be a “voluntary victim”. Seems like you, and others like you, are making the classic mistake Sun Tzu warned about – that of underestimating your opponents. You might also want to take a lesson from one of his most important teachings, which is that the most successful commander is one who can overcome his opponents without resorting to force.

      • A “liberal prepper” is not the same as a leftist – not even close. A leftist is one who hates guns, doesn’t own any and is surrounded by armed guards, loves the idea of socialism, doesn’t prep and thinks those who do are crazy, craves POWER over others (by any means), makes emotional pronouncements without a trace of logic, and manipulates others with emotional, illogical stances and beliefs. Shall I name them for you? No, we all know who they are, and that doesn’t seem to be you.

  • “Civil” War is a false alternative!

    Washington DC is a completely independent city-state
    owned by globalist bankers, funded by American taxes
                    and used for worldwide military power.

            Washington DC will never fix America’s problems. 

                    Washington DC  *IS*  America’s problem!

          What if all 50 states seceded at about the same time?
    The resolutions could read something like this: “If at least 30 other states send resolutions of secession to the federal government, then the State of X will from that point on be independent, and no longer under control of the federal government.” That way, the early ones would not be out there, twisting in the wind. The American Empire, like all empires, is about to end.  

    A 50-state secession would be the least destructive, most promising path to that end.  Dump D.C.! 

    Written in 2008, is this an idea whose time has come?

  • Dagny mentions that we should “Consider all the viewpoints that you can find – not just the ones that support your current beliefs or ideas.” But what if your viewpoint is demonstrably superior to all other viewpoints? If that is so, that should be humbling, not a driver of pride.

    While I won’t discuss all of my viewpoint, I’ll focus on interpersonal relationships:

    • Among the admonitions in my viewpoint is “as far as it is within your power, live at peace with all people.” Avoiding conflict is not always “within your power”, but that is still the goal.

    • “Pursue justice.” This is not just living one’s own life in a right way, but try for justice for all people. Sometimes one will make a mistake and push an action that turns out to be unjust, at which point be humble enough to say that he made a mistake, and work to correct it. Part of pursuing justice is not to lie about others or practice any other dishonesty. Further, pursuing justice sometimes requires standing up to injustice.

    • Recognize that all people are inherently evil, including and especially oneself. In other words, don’t put too high expectations one oneself nor others, and while one may be disappointed if another betrays one, be neither surprised nor act out of spite with a desire for revenge. After all, we don’t want to admit when we betray ourselves, which happens far more often than others betraying us.

    • Treat others with honor and respect, as if superior to oneself. This is true not only of those with whom one agrees, but also of those with whom he disagrees. Part of treating others with honor and respect is not to impose myself on others without their permission.

    These admonitions are taken directly from my viewpoint. But my viewpoint also warns me that the more I am successful in pursuing these goals, the more some others will hate me. At times, following these rules will leave one as the odd man out, unable to agree with either side of two opposing groups, because one sees the injustice of both groups. Sometimes pursuing justice requires protecting one’s neighbors and oneself from violence: this is the background of the Second Amendment which is in two parts—the first part the responsibility, the second part to provide the tools required to fulfill the responsibility.

    These admonitions come directly from the pages of the Bible. As far as is humanly possible, I try to make the Bible itself my viewpoint, even to the point of disagreeing with my own group where it disagrees with the Bible. My group tries to avoid political involvement, to the point that it sometimes fails to pursue justice. (The group of which I’m a member is not part of the politically active “religious right” while pursuing a very conservative theological stance.) There are many reasons Biblical teachings are superior to all others, and these admonitions concerning interpersonal relations are an example of why they are superior. While I’m ready to listen to all viewpoints, I filter my response through the teachings of the Bible.

  • Just a thought…in the last Civil War in the US was split geographically as much as ideologically. Depending on what state or territory you were from, people could usually judge what your beliefs were on slavery, state’s rights, secession, etc. The actual combat area was also restricted geographically.

    In a contemporary civil war, all that has changed. The Civil War pitted “brother against brother”, but a civil war now would have combatants literally living next door to each other. Or in the same house. How is this likely to play out, especially since more women are likely to be directly involved as combatants in this next conflict.

    Also, the majority of people lived on farms during the 1860’s. Food was locally produced and consumed, and cities were a lot smaller as was the overall population. There were people who starved to death during the blockades of Savannah, Atlanta, New Orleans and from the fighting destroying their crops in rural areas. Sherman’s march to the sea left a swath of destruction in its wake that took effected areas years to recover from.

    Yet, many people don’t think of the consequences of actual war in their own backyard, and this is what I fear in the case of a contemporary war here is the US. The anticipated rescue from “outside” won’t happen… or won’t be enough… and people don’t get that and don’t care so long as they “win” the argument, battle and war.

    • To amend my comment: even though food and other items were produced locally, the war disrupted supply chains. How much worse would it be today?

  • Is this author trying to tell us that we have to compromise with evil? Because, over the years that I have been alive – every single time the so-called right sits down with the diabolically EVIL Communists on the left – and agrees to a ‘compromise’ – the left NEVER follows through on any faux “concessions” that they pretend to make in order to entice the right to give ground on any particular issue.

    Can anyone name a single issue that the Communist Marxist left have shoved down the throats of the American population – not by winning the votes of the majority, where they have repeatedly been rejected by the voters when the voters get a chance to state their opinions – but, by using the increasingly tyrannical, out of control, unaccountable courts where they have installed hard core liberal, leftist, Communist Marxist judges who will nullify the voters and then force their destructive, usually virulently anti-White, anti-Western agendas down upon our nation – where the spineless RINO cucks on the fake right have taken the side of the voting majority and used their political power to roll back, reverse, nullify, or repeal any instance of judicial tyranny?

    When was the last time the GOP came together to impeach and remove from office a single tyrannical leftist judge who had clearly overstepped his authority by overturning the will of the people?

    Look at Donald Trump – and how, during the first 3 years of his administration – every time he has tried to fulfill one of his 2016 campaign promises – bingo, just like clockwork – the diabolically evil Communist Democrats ring up one of their Communist-Marxist liberal judges and the judge issues an injunction to stop Trump from making any headway on what the voters who put him in office expected him to do.

    And, here is the main thing. The current Communist-Marxist-Socialist infested Democrat Party’s entire agenda spells the complete destruction of the United States of America. These people automatically support and promote anything that helps to weaken, undermine, create racial tension, to fan the flames of racial resentment, and they openly call for the physical extinction of the White European majority who’s ancestors founded and built this nation. Endless and relentless anti-White hatred explodes out of the mouths of these Communists on the left – as they arrogantly demand for the White majority to meekly submit to their race replacement / racial displacement / and malicious and premeditated reduction to minority status inside the nation that their people founded and built. And, the left makes no attempt to disguise or camouflage what their plans are, if and when, Whites are reduced to a powerless minority.

    Two major consequences of Whites becoming a minority. The First Amendment right to free speech will be abolished. And, the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms will also be repealed, as these new virulently anti-White coalition of minorities will immediately seek to disarm White men (and women) so as to prevent any future revolution once Whites grow tired of being oppressed and terrorized and bled financially dry by parasitically prone non-whites who intend to feast off of them and to redistribute the fruits of their labor down to the last dime.

    Based on the endless vitriolic hatred spewed at White Americans – I can easily imagine, a minority-majority ruled America – passing laws that prohibit White men and White women from being allowed to marry each other, because in order to stamp out ‘racism’ (which we are constantly told Whites and only Whites are guilty of) measures must be taken and laws must be passed to prohibit and eventually eliminate the birth of White babies, because those White babies will grow up to be ‘racists’.

    So, no, I do not believe there is any compromising with the left. What we need is total and complete geographic separation. That is the best way to avoid a second Civil War.

    • We don’t need this racist screed. If you want to credit whites with building up this nation and civilization, then you have to blame whites as the main instigators in tearing it down. It is whites following the teachings of that self-hating Jew from the 1800s who are the leftists, they include such white luminaries as Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, and in our own country whites like FDR, Clinton, Pelosi, and more.

      It’s not race that built our country, but ideology. Ideology can be shared by all races, all peoples, and mixed races. When they share that ideology, all benefit. Racism has no part of that ideology. It is when that ideology is denied, that this country will fall. Racism denies that ideology.

  • Thank you for a thought provoking article; there’s a lot of book learning in your article which makes sense when you just read it concept by concept. However, sometimes we have to take action to defend ourselves against attack.

    My ancestors came to the country in the late 1600s as indentured servants, working for their freedom on English plantations. My ancestors have fought in every conflict, every war on this American land and all the politicians’ wars in foreign lands. They defended this country and their freedom with their blood. I cannot sit by and watch as enemies, both foreign and domestic, try to destroy the US Constitution.

    In the last 12 years I have been persecuted for being a Christian, having a belief in Jesus Christ; it is getting worse every year. I don’t force my beliefs on anyone but there are others who want to force their beliefs on me. The US Constitution preserves my right to worship as I desire; but the liberals are both ignoring and attacking the Constitution specifically the Bill of Rights. Liberal politicians are trying to destroy the 2nd amendment by passing restrictive laws on guns and ammunition. I could go on and on how the liberals are also attacking the 4th, 5th, 6th and now even the 12th concerning the elector vote. Hillary wants to “SHRED”the document completely. I am being forced to actively defend my rights against those who are trying to take them away.

    Seminole Wind said “It is my contention that the USA is being destabilized by enemies both inside and outside of the U.S. with the goal of Civil War and the breakup of the U.S. into 4-5 smaller countries.” Any student of history can see this happening over and over again. We could have a great discussion about this comment.

    Also Mark’s comment “With one side intent on removing an elected President using “whatever means necessary” and the other side realizing finally that the Republic is in danger of falling if the President is removed, that is a perfect recipe for revolution.” We cannot just sit and watch while our country and our freedom are destroyed.

    Also, Jan’s comments about our educational system being destroyed. It has gotten to the point where children can’t write in cursive, cannot balance a checkbook and teachers demonstrate how lesbians make love.

    We are not warmongers; we do not want a civil war. I would rather have polite conversation to preserve my rights, but gangs, Antifa, BLM, and socialists won’t have discussions, they violently attack anyone not in their groups. There are many Americans, especially naturalized citizens, who will defend our rights and our country from those who want to destroy it , while others watch and pray we win.

    • i agree, like you I have been persecuted for my religious beliefs. our Constitution is being ignored by the courts, legislators, the leftist media and a majority the liberals. our civil rights are being stripped from us. freedom of speech is only for certain speech; the right to protect yourself and loved ones is infringed upon everywhere; our persons, houses, papers and effects are not secured against unreasonable searches and seizures. leftists have since the current president won the election been lying and the complicit media are not doing their job to investigate. our children are indoctrinated at school into a socialist mindset, which I had to counter every day when they got home. I attempt to engage others in debate on a variety of subjects but usually declined, and I tell them I will take either side. they don’t want debate they just want me to stop speaking. I do not hold the political opinion of anyone against them, but it tells me whom i can trust if and when the feces hit the rotating oscillator.

  • I used to think the idea of a civil war in the US was a Rambowannabe fantasy.
    After the 2016 elections, while I would not say it is likely, I would say it is not outside the realm of real possibility.
    How would something like that play out is a real WAG.
    Who has the guns?
    Who has the money to provide for guns and ammo?
    Where is the fuel coming from?
    Who is supplying the fuel?
    Where is the food and water coming from?
    Who is supplying the food and water?
    Who controls what ground?
    Comms? If the power is out?
    Where does the military, LE, and NG come into all this?

    • In the end it’s going to come down to the makers vs. the takers. Since the makers are rural and the takers are urban, we can safely assume that every major city in the US is going to die out. The Military, L.E., and whatever passes for a provisional government will be impotent to do anything. Who’s going to protect and defend their families while they’re off goose stepping around the country? They just don’t have the numbers to impose their will on 300 million people. It will get real ugly real fast.

      Glad to see you’ve admitted to yourself that it “could” happen. That’s a step in the right direction.

      • Did it ever occur to you that those on the liberal left with money, may escape to some other country, then use their monies to send guns, ammo, food, aid to those remaining (antifa, Resist, et all) to fight?
        How many times in history have we seen some other 3rd party lend aid in money, material, even intelligence to a group to fight a common enemy, without getting their hands bloody?
        Has it ever occurred to you your 300 million number may not be accurate? Even if it was, how many are of actual fighting condition, and not too young or old and feeble to carry full combat load out, on a 12 mile forced march?

          • Did you mean, “lure”?

            And how do you “lure” a key bridge, POL storage facility, or port to you that 12 miles away?

            • Yes, I can’t spell.

              I’ve been thinking of a modern day civil war as some combination of individuals and militia and radical groups and LEOs vs the same on the other side. If it comes down to taking out infrastructure then it could be as bad as a grid down situation. If it gets this bad then I think we can count on being invaded.

        • How many armies in the past, and even into the present, carry and are expected to carry what our marines call “full combat load”? How many expect the same levels of comfort provided by our load? Does a platoon need a BAR to be effective? What about body armor? Most snipers depend on stealth to keep from getting hit, not body armor. What about the weight of the weapons? Selco mentioned that a quality .22 LR in the hands of a skilled shooter can achieve more than you expect, and its weight can be less than even an AR15. .22 LRs are deadly up to 300 yards, and have been known to kill at up to a mile, how many battlefield situations involving riflemen deal with ranges exceeding 100 yards?

          In the past, armies depended on foraging for their supplies. That is still true of guerrilla forces today. Deprive a guerrilla force of a supporting civilian population, and it will die. With the civilian support the guerilla force can be an effective fighting force even when traveling lightly. Neither does the guerilla force need everyone to be in top physical shape.

          I’m also reminded of the battle of Baltimore during the war of 1812: the British wanted to “punish” Baltimore for sending out fleets of privateers that were seriously affecting British commerce. They tried to invade from the sea first, but a little fort with a big flag stopped them (a song was written about that). When the British tried to attack from the land side, the citizens of Baltimore set up three lines of defense: the first two of military age ready to fight. The British regulars drove them back. The third line of defense were a bunch of old codgers in their 60s and 70s, they were not supposed to see the battle, but they were veterans of the Revolutionary War, and they drove the British regulars back.

          The U.S. has the third largest population of any country in the world. with the highest percentage of people who have been in combat. The Chinese army looks impressive on paper, but none are combat veterans, their main training is dealing with unarmed civilian populations. The Russians will have their hands tied up with Europe, their main attack in America will be their nukes taking out our nukes and nuking some major cities, then leaving it to the Chinese and Latin Americans to put boots on the ground. Add up our civilian population, add up that half are armed and know how to shoot, that a sizable percentage have been in combat, any battle will be bloody with many casualties on both sides, but by a long shot, most will not need to be able to carry a full combat load out on a 12 mile forced march to be an effective fighting force.

          A final note, if there’s a civil war, we already know which side most combat veterans will take, the unanswered questions are which side will our active military take, and which side LEOs will take?

        • I try not to concern myself too much with things outside my knowledge or control. I know that I will fight, and it doesn’t matter if the entire world is against me. My cause is just and my heart is pure. They can only kill me once, right?

          That having been said, I think you put too much stock in physical prowess. Yes it’s a great thing to be in top shape. In a world of IED’s, ambush and snipers, just how much difference is that extra muscle mass going to make? It won’t stop a bullet.

          That 300 million number is actually low. More like 360 million. And I’m not talking about active combatant numbers here. I’m talking civilian population. Those people still need to be under control. That’s the point of the exercise in the first place, ain’t it? If you’re a little Eichmann, you can’t just have people running amok doing whatever the hell they want to, can you? That’s what I’m talking about. Keeping a civilian population of almost 400 million people under your thumb WHILE trying to prosecute a war AND keeping your own family out of harm’s way is simply not feasible. It didn’t work for Uncle Sam in Vietnam, and it will be even more disastrous here at home. You back people into a corner and you can count on them fighting well above their weight. I know I do. Mercy just won’t be on the table at all.

          And just to be clear, a great many things occur to me on a daily basis. You don’t know me well enough to make assumptions about what I know or am capable of doing. It would be nice if we did know each other that well. When the rubber meets the road, I think you’ll find we’re pretty much on the same page in theory if not in practice.

          We all hope that day never comes, but it always does…eventually. The bill comes due.

  • After the newest interview of Edward Snowden by Joe Rogan, I’ve been thinking a lot about his statement regarding his quandary over becoming a whistleblower. “I would be just lighting a match and burning my life to the ground.” Worth the 2.5 hours of listening time.

    This discussion is not about becoming a whistleblower but it is the same quandary. People are lighting up divisive matches in what they say and in their behavior. We need to keep blowing out those matches before one of them burns our nation down. No matter what our views, the more cool, calm and collected people there are the better. However, we prep on.

    • Debbers, I absolutely agree with you. I pray that the people in our country with cooler, calmer heads will prevail but I continue to prep in case they don’t.

    • Prayer is definitely needed. The wrath of man does not accomplish any good. Our Constitution is the best document in history for governance. As James Madison pointed out, it works very well with people who know how to govern/control themselves. As people become corrupted, they will have corrupted leaders. I believe corruptness does not trickle down to the general populous but rather the more lawless a people become, the more they will tolerate lawless leaders. This is my observation, as an armchair historian. If people want a free lunch, they will find people to give them a free lunch. This is where things have become so absurd on their face. Material things are not free. Freedom is a spiritual concept where moral courage is honored and even expected among all the citizenry. If a population does not cherish truth as necessary for the common good, then they will have liars to rule them. The lights will go out when evil begins to outstrip the good. That is the logical outcome of our present paradigm.

  • Dagny, my reading of the actual study results you refer to in this article was that a majority of the people surveyed believed that our country was 2/3 of the way to the edge of civil war. That is not the same thing as “right on the edge” of it. Assuming my reading of that study was correct, your article’s title is, IMHO, inaccurate and incendiary and should be changed. However, I feel that the main text of your article was excellent.

    • Zabeth,
      I dunno.
      I got what Dagny was saying and coincided with the study. And I actually read the study on a different site prior to Dagny’s post/article. Perhaps that is the difference?

      • 1stMarineJarHead, I read the actual study results too. I also read the press release from the group that did the study, the title of which states “NEW POLL: Voters Find Political Divisions So Bad, Believe U.S. Is Two-Thirds Of The Way To “Edge Of A Civil War”, which can be found at: Interestingly, the Republican Analysis by Ed Goeas and Brian Nienaber of this October 2019 poll data as compared to a similar poll done in April 2019 shows that the polled voters actually felt that the country is a bit LESS close to the edge of a “civil war” now than it was back in April of this year (70.77 percent of the way to the edge of civil war in April but down to 67.23 percent of the way to the edge of civil war in October). Of course, it is terrible that the polled voters feel that there is any such significant political division in our country at all, even if they did feel it has lessened slightly in the past six months. Also, I take great issue with Dagny’s remark early in her article that “the likely outcome is civil war”. No where in the poll results I saw did it say that the likely outcome of our current political divisions is “civil war”. That appears to be her personal opinion not something the pollsters concluded. I think it is very important for everyone to remember that there have been many other times in the history of our relatively young country that the populace has been bitterly divided about political and social issues. There have even been incidents in the past where physical brawls took place in Congress over political disputes. Yet our nation has always weathered those storms. I believe we will weather this one as well. BTW, thank you for your military service to our country!

  • Sorry, did not mean to double post. The above comment was a first draft that got accidentally posted. The final version appears below.

  • I have my doubts there will be a civil war anytime soon. In order for people to take to the streets they need to be cold and hungry.
    The people are too fat and entertained to get off their hippobottomasses and go outside and look at the real world. The real world for most is in a blue light screen.

    • @JRS,
      Now that is a great observation!
      Flip side, take away the blue light screen and how many will scream, “THE INTERNET IS A BASIC HUMAN RIGHT!!!” while they clutch their smartphones, rock back and forth and mumble, “it is ok . . . it will come back . . . it is ok . . . it will come back . . . cat videos . . .”

  • While I WHOLE HEARTEDLY agree with the profound wisdom of this Article, I’m still SERIOUSLY discouraged by the preponderance of “SELFISHNESS”, “anger” & “meanness” that I’m encountering, both in the PRINT & T.V. MEDIA, as well as in the SOCIAL MEDIA.

    These types of qualities of character basically demean & denigrate about 90% of your TRUTH in this article…AND!…What leads to (& what the extremists SEEK), violence BOTH of statement as well as physicality!

    AND!! The GROWING negative impact that the EXTREMISTS (BOTH seek, as well as instigate), are developing within the youth Community…WHILE at the same time…they’re are being stimulated through false ideology spewed out in the Universities these last 50+- years!

    And LASTLY, I am convinced that one MUST develop a TRUE KNOWLEDGE of BOTH the past, AND the present History of Communism, Marxism, & socialism! For, ALL 3 are failed systems, due to being established without Godliness!

    WHICH I personally believe is the MOST SIGNIFICANTLY EFFECTIVE factor for TRULY developing a stable & fully functioning, PRODUCTIVE Nation! “If God be FOR us, WHO can be against us”!

  • Our president is exposing the corruption in our government and he appears to be running the country quite efficiently.

  • Hyperbole raises ratings and ratings drive advertising revenues and thus profits. That, in a nutshell, is why virtually all media outlets have spurred the growth of divisiveness and lack of civility. It is hard to find unbiased sources of information, upon which you can form a rational, fact-based opinion but don’t give up. Learn to think for yourself and you’ll be able to filter out the biased slant of media outlets.

    This was a good article and so was Daisy’s on this topic. I think it’s more a matter of when than if we will have another civil war, and I think that has been the goal of the closet communists and socialists that have infiltrated our institutions since the 1920’s.

  • We aren’t, this is being pushed by our elites out of pure desperation. They are losing control of us and access to thier lucrative ill gotten gains.

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