What is Going On with Hillary Clinton’s Health?

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By Daisy Luther

Not only is Hillary Clinton a liar, a fraud, a scam artist, and an all-around mean and nasty individual, there are growing signs that she might be seriously unwell, and as the stress of the campaign grows, those signs are becoming more obvious to everyone.

By now, you’ve probably seen the funny memes about Hillary Clinton’s bizarre facial tick and coughing fits. You may have also wondered about her strange bouts of hysterical laughter.

Usually, when someone is mentally incompetent, it isn’t always visually obvious. Not so with Hillary Clinton. That woman is either the least photogenic person on the planet, or the crazy just keeps on sneaking out.

Is she just really, really weird, or is something more serious at play here?

I do disagree completely with the classification in the video above that Hillary is on the autism spectrum. Autistic people generally have more empathy and are more sensitive than others – many of the issues autistic people face come from a sensitivity overload.

But Hillary isn’t the only one in the Clinton household who is behaving oddly. During her shining moment at the Democratic National Convention, Bill nodded off in the middle of her acceptance speech.

But that’s not all. He’s lost a dramatic amount of weight and appears gaunt. And he was caught on video when speaking in Iowa. His voice was strained and his hands had an undeniable tremor, leading some to believe he might be suffering from the early stages of Parkinson’s Disease.

Given the high-risk lifestyle Bill Clinton has lived, one has to wonder whether his syphilitic chickens may have come home to roost. And did those chickens also roost in Hillary’s hen house?

What happens if the President is mentally impaired?

It seems pretty obvious that the Clintons are both suffering from neurological issues, and possibly other health issues as well.

What happens if a person who is obviously impaired ends up in the White House? Is mild-mannered Tim Kaine really ready to take the reigns? Is HRC likely to offend world leaders by laughing uncontrollably at them? Will her judgement (already incredibly questionable) be impaired to the point that Americans pay a steep price for a decision made when the elevator isn’t running all the way to the top floor?

If an already morally bankrupt person loses her remaining marbles, doesn’t it scare you to think that she will have the ability to write executive orders, declare war, and speak directly to other world leaders who just might have hair-trigger tempers?

Out of all of the many, many reasons that Hillary Clinton is an unsuitable president, her mysterious health issues may be the most worrisome yet.

What do you think is going on with Hillary Clinton’s health?

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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  • She has NO moral or ethical base, and has to keep all her lies and deceits balanced ……… I PRAY she becomes a babbling VEG but still concious of her FAIL.

    • “What happens when the president is mentally impaired”? I think it’s a prerequisite to be president.

  • Personally, I believe it’s not a physical or mental disorder.
    But rather a SPIRITUAL disorder….
    We’ve seen all the ruthlessness and evil laid waste behind her.
    I propose that the woman is becoming possessed by an entity
    which she’s apparently petitioning to help her in her endeavors.

  • She’s sensitive to loud noises and bright lights. She’s on medication to counter aggression brought on by sudden noises. A key to her illness.

  • Wow! This is fascinating footage. I wondered why we haven’t been hearing more about her health after she had that fall and head injury. I abhor HRC but surely even the liberal media would want to ensure a healthy prez. Nah….

    • That was about 2 yrs ago if I recall. I thought it was initially reported that she might have had a stroke, then they quickly changed that story to her falling, but then all of her appointments were canceled after that for some time. Hard to say, but it does seem that she’s having neurological issues beyond how she uses her brain.

    • Don’t forget what the press did to the American public in the 1944 election. They all knew FDR was on deaths door and hid it. That’s why they canned Wallace and ran Truman as the Democat party didn’t trust Wallace as President. There only concern was keeping the office of the President in Democrat hands. So even if the party knows she won’t live through the term she is their best chance of winning and that is all that matters to them.

  • Thanks for your comment about autism. In an otherwise interesting video it made me cringe to hear the reporter casually link autism with sociopathy.

  • Aug 5, 2016 Clinton Body Count +5 in Just 6 Weeks

    Hillary will stop at nothing to claw her way into the White House; unfortunately, people are dropping dead left and right in her path and, in the case of the last two found dead earlier this week, the mainstream media is pretending not to even notice they are gone…


  • Well, in terms of mental illness, she seems to me as a lot more stable than her direct opponent. And that is a huge euphemism.

  • I think Hillary’s health is most definitely failing. There are a few more videos of bizarre behavior that I have seen as well as the ones you posted. She may be on psychiatric medication. The many known side-effects of these drugs are apparent in some of the videos. The other factor is plain old karma. One cannot live a lie for long without becoming ill. The mind-body connection is something she very likely ignores. She is probably very doctor oriented. I mean you wouldn’t expect her to have any interest in holistic , herbal or other non-mainstream medicine or treatments. Also, I think personally that she is insane no matter what!

  • She is definitely NOT healthy. The fall was a ruse–she had blood clots in her brain causing damage to parts of brain controlling emotions and memory and causing all the fainting spells and double vision that have been reported. Her neurotransmitters are WAY off (like bi-polar), which was most likely before the blood clot problem. She has to be on coumadin (rat poison) and something like Xanax to calm her down when she has to speak. The coughing is most likely from side effects of blood pressure drugs. Add this to her evil, Alinsky-loving
    (his book dedicated to Lucifer and her mentor) soul and we have the recipe for a real horror show.

  • I believe that both Bill and Hillary have fried their brains on drugs. Both have unusual mannerisms for their age as I am a Senior Citizen and I know many people their age with no problems. Bill was known as a drug user prior to becoming President. Best guess is they continued the use of drugs, not unlike Obama’s use of drugs prior to the Whitehouse. Once an addict, always an addict.

    I don’t think Hillary is mentally and physically to be President based on your article and the videos. Thanks for posting.

  • I think she damaged her brain talking on cell phones. I believe phones and wifi have a lot to do with just how nuts so many people are going these days.

  • There are some pictures of a large, dark spot on her tongue. There are a few videos of her head-bobbing spasms (on at least two occasions I have seen on video), and multiple coughing fits serious enough so she was late to one of the early debates, and I read the station showing one debate or press conference held the commercial break long enough for her to calm her coughing fit (but no bias there I am sure…). She does seem unwell.

    There is speculation about the tongue spot being either a scar from some removal (cancerous taste buds, infection) or an electric shock treatment using a node on the tongue. Some say the dark spot is too big for the small electrical pulse needed for treatment. Seizures or spasms could be epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, or Parkinson’s, though Parkinson’s creeps up over a long time. Definitely needs to be addressed in public though, but not one “journalist” has had the nerve to bring it up.

  • God in Heaven. Is this our reward. I have been told by some people that she is noting more than a puppet brought to life puppet, also; as her spouse is. Are the puppet masters those of the elite group. And, if you have studied any historic references …you will know what I am saying. It truly scared to my soul to watch and hear what was transpiring when I thought..I would was watching a remake of exorcist and Mr. Clinton playing with balloons. And, now the Dem. machine (I can’t even say Democrat anymore). We are in a world of POOP, folks. Can, and will some of us be so stupid that we don’t want to see the facts. I realize that I am using movie metaphors…but, the Matrix is another movie that I think of. I also realize that there are a (more than I like to admit) of people that don’t want change…why? possibly they will lose their way of life if their medical, food stamps, and money cease to exist But, a lot of good decent (trying to be responsible, independent people are struggling to take care of their families (without the government). I had posted a Trump/Spence sign on my driveway by mailbox. A group of (whoever) destroyed the sign. Wrote horrible very foul graffiti on the top pavement of my street that I live on. Also, they defaced the speed limits with filthy language cursing Trump that we the little people who really pay the bills to have to replace the tar and road sign. And, this is probably nothing compared to what some people are experiencing because they are speaking up. I have talked with numerous people…we will vote TRUMP, but because of dictatorial people provoking these individuals to use whatever methods available to them…we will still cast our votes (although quietly) with TRUMP. What a shame that we have submitted to this.

  • Daisy Luther and all who commented here are full of shit!
    You are idiots running scared that Trump is being beat by a girl so you make up things like he does every day.
    When Hillary becomes President what will you say and/ do…follow Trump’s suggestion to have her killed by 2nd ammendment people?
    Get a life!

    • Well, it looks like the Jigg is up.

      Are you so utterly blinded by your cognitive dissonance that you think someone like me, a single mother who has been independent for many years, is terrified of a woman running the show? I’d be thrilled if the woman running the show wasn’t an embarrassment to both women and Americans everywhere.

      You need to read some of this information with an open mind, but I know you won’t. By the way, I have never endorsed Trump or anyone else in this race. But I think Hillary Clinton, sick or well, is the most terrifying thing that has ever happened to America. She’ll be worse than Obama if she manages to manipulate herself into office.

      • I was a single mother and a better example than apparently you are.
        Definitely open minded and about Hillary’s age.
        Don’t forget to teach your kid(s) to be just like Trump…totally mentally impaired Robert!
        You are closed minded and have a lot to learn.
        Start by doing detailed research before opening your mouth.

        • I’m sure you are a fine example, but the issue is that you’re jumping to conclusions and making wild guesses without even knowing me. I don’t care about Hillary’s age. I care about the fact that she seems to be seriously ill and that her character is horrifying. She’s responsible for many deaths, she has been unable to keep tabs on national security, and she lies – frequently. This is not pro-Trump. This is anti-Clinton.

  • Hillary Clinton’s health is deteriorating fast. Mrs Clinton presents with someone who has congestive heart failure: The chronic coughing. The fainting spells. The blood clots are also part of her congestive heart failure. Essentially, she’s medically fragile. Not fit for the office of President of the United States. Doctors currently treated her are either completely compromised or evil. No sane doctor would tell this woman she’s fit to run for the highest office in the world.

    Keep in mind back in 2008, BEFORE she suffered her 2012 concussion, she had fainting spells. Hence, this shows a medical history of syncope, rooted in heart failure. The syncope then led to a fall, which led to her suffering a head injury, which now has caused seizures. She is a total medical mess. She should immediately step down. Most likely, these mentally ill corrupt doctors who are treating and covering up her multiple health issues are injecting her with Diazepam @ 10mg, IM injection along with frequent PRN doses of Provigil to balance the sedation of Diazepam, which is used to control breakthrough seizure activity. She’s a real mess. She needs medical attention. She can’t lead this country. Her condition will not improve. It will only get worse.

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