While Everyone’s Distracted, the Dollar Is Dying

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The circus surrounding the arrest of former President Donald Trump may have been a perfectly timed distraction.  Not only are our banks still in a state of collapse despite a  brief government-funded reprieve. Not only is the advent CBDCs looming over us.

The world is rapidly dumping the dollar, and that’s a next-level economic disaster.

This article contains several videos with in-depth information about what you need to know.

What countries are dumping the dollar?

A lengthy list of countries are moving away from using the US dollar, which has long been the reserve currency of the world. The following countries are in the process of reducing their dependency on the dollar.

  • Russia
  • China
  • Iran
  • Brazil
  • Argentina
  • Saudi Arabia
  • UAE
  • India

Sources: TRT World and Tehran Times

This video has a detailed explanation of what’s going on.

The dollar crisis is rapidly unfolding.

Tim Poole suggested that the arrest of Trump was a distraction for the looming dollar collapse:

Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad fame is convinced that it’s over for the dollar and that people need to rapidly take steps to protect the money they currently have in banks. He assures us that the banking crisis is just beginning. This is a longer video but there’s a ton of valuable insight within.

How to protect yourself

I’ve written before about how to protect yourself in this situation.

  1. Stock up on tangible goods like food, medicine, tools, and other supplies you know you’ll need.
  2. Limit the amount of money you keep in each bank account.
  3. Consider investing in physical gold and silver to maintain the value of the extra money you have.

If you want a free consultation about how you would switch some of your savings into gold and silver, I strongly recommend ITM Trading. This is the company that I use, and I trust and strongly recommend them. I find that they are incredibly educational and there’s no pressure whatsoever to make a purchase. Go here to learn more and set up your free strategy session – just talk to them – there’s nothing to lose and a ton of knowledge to gain.

Peter Schiff also seems convinced that people are going to quickly move to gold as the system collapses around our ears.

What happens if we lose reserve currency status?

Former Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs for the U.S. Department of the Treasury Monica Crowley says that if the dollar loses its status we would rapidly face “catastrophic” consequences and the “implosion” of our economic system.

If oil begins to be traded in units other than the petrodollar, we face an almost immediate crisis. According to Crowley, “If that were to end, that would mean the end of the U.S. dollar.”

Emphasizing that the U.S. dollar having the world’s reserve currency status “has been a real privilege,” she expressed: “We’ve abused the privilege by wholly reckless monetary and fiscal policy for so many years, certainly over the last couple of years, which has really devalued the dollar.”

Crowley continued: “On top of that, now you do have this perfect storm of Biden’s weakness, his war on American domestic energy production, the Ukraine war … Because of all of these things, we’ve got America’s enemies, led by China, forming a new economic bloc.”

“If that were to happen, there would be a complete implosion of the global economic system, but certainly the American economic system. And if that were to happen, you’d be looking at sky-high inflation just raging, Weimar Republic kind of inflation. If you think inflation is bad right now, just wait.”“But more importantly, we would lose our economic dominance and we would lose our superpower status,” she noted.

All of this is ramping up.

All the things mentioned in these videos have occurred over the past two weeks, while everyone was (justifiably) outraged or gleeful about the indictment of Trump. Last month we watched the banking system teetering on the brink of disaster. It’s not going to take more than a hard sneeze to send the entire thing crashing down.

What do you think?

Is the US dollar about to lose its status as the world’s reserve currency? Are we watching the end of the petrodollar? Can the banking system withstand it all? Was the arrest of Trump a distraction from a looming economic catastrophe?

Let’s discuss it in the comments.

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Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther is a coffee-swigging, globe-trotting blogger. She is the founder and publisher of three websites.  1) The Organic Prepper, which is about current events, preparedness, self-reliance, and the pursuit of liberty on her website, 2)  The Frugalite, a website with thrifty tips and solutions to help people get a handle on their personal finances without feeling deprived, and 3) PreppersDailyNews.com, an aggregate site where you can find links to all the most important news for those who wish to be prepared. She is widely republished across alternative media and  Daisy is the best-selling author of 5 traditionally published books and runs a small digital publishing company with PDF guides, printables, and courses. You can find her on FacebookPinterest, Gab, MeWe, Parler, Instagram, and Twitter.

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  • It’s all smoke & mirrors. But this is where I just don’t understand that we are supposed to buy gold. For what?

    So I may need gas, here’s a coin, ‘do you have change?’ Or do we just not worry about making change at that point? And then we hope that we can carry enough (or wear a thick enough belt to keep our pants up) to purchase what we may need.

    I agree buying extra staples is the best thing provided we aren’t on vacation or visiting a child when SHTF. I’m not trying to be a smart alec but apparently I need this dumbed down to understand buying gold & silver completely. 🙂

    It seems we will be relying on the fact that everyone we come in contact with to do business with also has had the privilege of having access to gold & silver too.

    • Me too. Since I think Gold is impractical because of the reason(s) you list, I think the barter economy is where I am headed. Like you said, how do you make change for a gold bar?

      • That’s what we are doing, getting bartering items and putting them in bins for future bartering. Easier to barter with silver than gold, making change easier w/silver.

    • We are talking about a complete breakdown of the system here not a two week weather disaster.
      Gold or silver is a long-term store of extra wealth. First comes water then food then personal protection then barter goods and some cash and THEN, if you have cash, invest in precious metals to preserve the value.

      • Wally, I appreciate your comment….spot on. I’m also in the area. I’m an associate of Jim Rawles at Survivalblog.com. I helped him rewrite a couple of chapters in his book Tools For Survival and edited his book as well. I’m listed in his acknowledgement page. Would you like to get together over coffee? Clarette’s Restaurant near the university? I’ll check this site for a response. thanks Wallakt

    • Jennifo,
      You not know the influence of gold in most civilizations. Maybe it will help to save what your own (house); historicially, Gold extinguishes debts! It may help to save your life if you have silver coins (buy medics) and gold coins (just one coin to get that much needed repair on your truck or car or tractor) if the American dollar lost credibility and purchasing power forever.
      REMEMBER THAT FACT: when there was the French Revolution, most of the women lost their husbands, fathers, brothers, grandfathers (heads cut off at the guillotine) and had no resources (no gold, no silver); the only way to get food (eggs, cheese, meat, bread) was to open their legs and offered their vaginas to farmers in exchange for feeding themselves and their children… If women (daughters included) would not prepare, how willing are you to risk your health by getting sexual diseases? Under pressure from crisis and war, mankind is not angelic! If you want to keep your freedom and make your own choices, avoid becoming the new economic debt-ridden slave… It is common sense to get bulk food and heirloom seeds, keep ALL your gold jewelry, the silverware set (knife, forks, etc) and add some spare silver coins to barter instead of being forced to use sex for bartering for the needed emergency. Gold and silver coins are better tools to build a new future than positive thinking. I am always surprised of the naiveté of Americans; “oh, it cannot happen here” way of thinking.

      • Me, spouse and others into retirement, have passed all those items you mentioned onto heirs, daughters, g’ children, or neices (jewelry, silverware, etc) ones I know have, incl myself, and downsized into retirement communities or smaller living quarters. We can grow veg. in pots, I do sprouting also. Canned goods and bartering items are set aside. People need to be armed against intruders and civil unrest. No police or medical help during chaos, when police are home with their family. I will not answer door ringers during civil unrest. Most my neighbors will be gone with extended family they say. Some like us have no family members anywhere near us (far away other coast.

    • Junk silver coins would be very useful for barter.
      Imagine that you need a cavity filled by your dentist. He already has patients offering to give him produce or eggs in exchange for having dental work done. He doesn’t need your sack of potatoes.
      But you have a pre-1965 quarter. Now you can do business!
      Silver coins have a known value, they are easily recognized and easily exchanged. Unlike a sack of spuds, they won’t rot. Silver coins will store their value forever.
      Gold has the same attributes as silver, but are more difficult to trade with, unless you need something like major surgery, or you need to bribe a government official in order to save your life.
      Other items have barter value, too, but silver coins should be part of everyone’s barter strategy.

      • I don’t know about junk silver Val. When I first learned the benefit of metals I was all about junk silver because it was cheaper than rounds and coins. As time went on I decided to trade it all for rounds and coins. The reason being is simply that if one isn’t somewhat knowledged in metals, you go up to them and offer them junk silver, they’ll be like “you’re offering me 4 quarters for a loaf of bread?”. With them not knowing each has around 5.5 grams of silver. Then try explaining it to them… good luck on getting the bread.

        As for the comments saying this and that about the value of using either gold or silver, obviously you’re not going to offer 1oz gold for a loaf of bread or 1oz silver to have a tooth pulled. How about having a supply of fractional gold and larger weights as well as silver?

        • @JonseyT I think you nailed it – while junk silver may have some value among like-minded folks, a 1 oz silver Eagle looks a lot better and is clearly marked to the metal content.

          For bulk wealth storage I have 1 oz gold and 10 oz silver but for barter / trade I have 1/10 oz and 1/4 oz gold and lots of 1 oz silver.

          For those who say that it won’t be practical, I agree. But ask yourself this – when everything has gone sideways, will it be better to have some metals or not have some metals.

    • You are missing the point. You are thinking to small.
      They are not probably going to be used for small items during SHTF(probably bartering will be the thing). But they still might for larger purchases,(things that would cost you thousands or tens of thousands of dollars, if anyone was still taking dollars).
      Good luck trying to Barter for something valuable. Let alone trying to transport 20 tons, of say Corn, to market to trade for a years supply of other stuff; especially if horses, mules or oxen pulling wagons is all that is available to haul stuff. A few Gold coins is a lot easier to transport.
      plus no one person will want 20 tons of corn, so you will be making tons of much smaller barter transactions to get rid of it. Then there is the spoilage factor of produce that will kick in over time. So the longer it take to transport it and sell it, means it might rot before you can barter it all away.

      Gold has always been used to secure larger amounts of wealth. Governments and the rich still do so today.
      However, Silver has often been used for everyday trading or as currency. Historically Copper was also used as a trade currency.
      Paper money, Crypto and such, have no value in themselves.
      Precious metals and stones do. They always will have value as jewelry components. But most regular people won’t know how to recognize platinum from other metals or a diamond from cubic zirconium. So since some of these items can not be easily authenticated during SGTF, they will have little value as a trade item.
      Most people will recognize gold, silver or copper.

      How will a Family of four buy a pack mule train or a set of horses to use to transport themselves after all the vehicles quit running? Or a set of plow animals to plow fields with? Some Gold or a lot of Silver.

      • Gold and silver are only worth something once Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Physiological needs are met.
        You have some shiny coins.
        I have a dozen eggs and the means of production.
        You tell me my dozen eggs are worth one silver coin. I say they are worth 10 of those coins.
        We disagree.
        You keep your coins. I keep my eggs.
        I can eat my eggs.
        You have an empty stomach.
        After 5 days, you come back and offer 5 silver coins. I say now the cost is 20 silver coins. Supply vs demand. Free market.
        You pay me 20 silver coins or go home hungry.
        Which will it be.
        It is not like you are going to hump it all the way to the grocery stor- oh! Wait. It has been looted and burned down. And there is shooting in the streets.
        Oh, and dont get any funny ideas. I am open carrying a long gun, and a handgun. So is the wife.

    • You don’t buy gold and silver to use during the collapse. You buy them to carry some wealth to the other side of the collapse. During the collapse (which has already started) you will need to do what the rapidly changing situation requires.

      The only thing we know for certain is that in a couple of years a US dollar will be more useful as toilet paper than it is to buy anything. Even when it’s a trillion dollar bill.

      • “paper” dollars are really cloth and would clog your toilets! Think of them as firewood.

      • that guy: what other side? things will not return the way it was before collapse. By then dictatorship and tight control w/ digital transactions ongoing everyone will be monitored 24/7 and gold, silver will be outlawed. Foreign troops will move people into “smart cities” people will stay where assigned.

        • When silver and gold are outlawed, I will be an outlaw. And no-one will move me into any kind of containment, nor assign me a place to stay while I still draw breath and have the use of my right index finger.

    • The first PM–precious metal–to get is “junk silver” = old well-circulated dimes, quarters, half-dollars, dollars, pre-1965 real silver. They will be easier to barter with than silver rounds or bars from who-knows mint; or gold. After you have a month’s worth of junk silver, get silver rounds and bars or gold coins, and by then you should know enuf about the subject to make further choices.

    • Gold and silver would be good for two things.
      1. To pay for a ride out of this country.
      2. As a means to retain wealth AFTER the economy starts to recover decades from now.
      Since I dont ever see a “recovery” happening in the United Socialists States of Amerika might as well leave now. Pick a country that will go unscathed during the global collapse and demonic war on whats left.

  • Take a look at this article…..https://www.cnbc.com/amp/2023/03/15/long-awaited-fed-digital-payment-system-to-launch-in-july.html

    CBDC to come? A very distinct possibility with the way events are going pretty much on a daily basis. We can’t keep up with the news much less how fast things seem to be accelerating.

    My take, evil and intentional. Power and control is what this is about. Yes, we can stock up. Not sure how gold and silver are going to help. This will be bartering. People will be angry. The American dream has to do with what we can own. Unrest is on the horizon.

  • This is how “they” always planned to pay off the national debt….devalue the dollar, pay it off at 20-30-40 cents on the dollar, bring in a new fiat currency, rebuild it all domestically as tCanada-US-Mexic becomes the North American Alliance, since its heading that way anyway. That whole area has way too much capability, resources, economyto stay down for long. Other blocks will form elsewhere. China is eying easter siberia for resources andAfrica, ME and SE Asia for neocolonialism. Preppers will be fine, Todd and Buffy wont, thier facade will shatter…..eh.

  • It’s worse than a distraction it’s a deception. Jesus warned us about the end of the age And said do not be deceived in Mathew 24. Revelation 6:2 talks about a rider on a white horse ( pretending to be good guy when he is the first of 21 judgments)deception. It says he had a bow( in Greek the word is toxin where we get our word toxin, a toxic weapon) who claims credit for operation warp speed? It says he was given a crown (Corona is crown)during who’s president term did it come to light) And he whent forth concurring and to concur (present tense and future tense) Trump will be back but the deception will be greater than the first time

    • I couldn’t agree more Private Dave. I’ve always been appalled at the way people worship Trump. Seems to be people don’t believe or understand he is a freemason who is, at minimum, in debt to the Rockefellers for his failed Taj Mahal casino in Vegas. Keep in mind people, HE’S AN ACTOR playing a role. You don’t get on TV without bending to Hollywood’s rules-which is a topic for a whole other conversation.

      • Your blinded by your TDS. Orange man bad! If Trump is a “team player” then why does the “team”(Democrats) hate him so much?
        Answer=He isnt part of the team.
        Question, how do you know what to believe? Answer= Believe the opposite of what the media and democrats tell you.
        Democrats/Media; “Trump is bad” You believe the opposite, Trump is good!

  • Have a little gold on hand but have more silver, seems silver would be easier to work with. Barter your skills, know your neighbors, and all the while stock up on your supplies. Never stop prepping.

  • Trumps arrest was a distraction from the dollar collapse as well as the tik tok bill, which if it passes, will legalize censorship and criminalize free speech. Much worse than the so called patriot act.

  • I’d rather have a bucket of rusty old nails than a bucket of gold coins. I can melt the nails and make new nails or turn it into a hammer head, what can I do with gold? Can I make jewelry? Sure. Who’s going to trade me food for a pair of earrings?

  • “Peter Schiff also seems convinced that people are going to quickly move to COLD as the system collapses around our ears.”

    I think this should be GOLD?

    Christians: Be sure you are saved and not just think you are.

    • Maybe ammo would be good for small trades , but for larger ones it will not. Ammo also has a “spoilage” factor. It goes ” bad” and will not work if not properly maintained. Plus things will not stay “Mad Max” forever and so ammo may not be in big demand. What will you do then?

      Most Preppers don’t seem to have a long term plan of survival. SHTF will last from a few months to maybe 5 years. After that things will start rebuilding.
      Once they start rebuilding your prepper supplies will have little value as barter items. Of what is left of your preps may be old or possibly unusable or just no longer needed.
      If you decide to relocate in or near a town, once SHTF is over; How will you buy a home or land? with old Ammo? I don’t think so.
      Try Gold or Silver, unless indentured servitude in order to pay for the property you want, fits into your chosen lifestyle or mindset.
      Most Prepper’s would be to independent for that to work out.

      So really what is your long term plan for after SHTF is over? Did you dream that everything would go back to ” normal’ on its own? That some government or group is going to come in and magically make it all “normal” again? Get real.
      Think again and plan accordingly.

      • I shot surplus ammo from the 1950s. Still went bang.
        Prepper supplies are get you through the bottle neck. Then if everything has collapsed, you then start with the basics by growing your own food. Things that you can control. Small circles. Work with the neighbors, and community to make sure everyone has enough to eat to prevent from things getting stupid and people start shooting each other.
        If SHTF, and there was a Mad Max period, why would I need to buy a house? If our JIT/BAU system fails, trucking stop delivering food to grocery stores, Rx supplies stop, there just might be a mass die off. That happens, I could just walk into a house if the owners have left or died.
        You might want to think again and plan accordingly.

  • The Duran has a good blog on the Saudi and Japanese reshuffling alliances to BRICS and abdicating the dollar, and shows how it is 100% the result of the Biden Administration’s ineptitude in handling its international obligations. Seems the Vicki Nuland neocon bully strategy only goes so far with big league nations we rely on to coexist in this world. The DNC policy of elevating incompetent insiders through fraudulent elections seems to be their only talent. And that one trick pony is getting tired…

    As for preps, I have a little bit of PM’s around here, but ammo, liquor and canned food will be hot commodities in the coming years. An ounce of gold will buy you a nice suit and dinner at a fancy restaurant, same as in Babylon or Rome, but I’ve already got a couple suits and don’t need to head downtown to eat steak – my neighbors have it growing on the hoof.

  • Its been said that gold and silver are God’s currency, as its been around since the beginning of time. We believe that having some REAL currency in your preps will be valuable once the SHTF. For those of you concerned about making change for a piece of gold or silver, that is why we purchased both junk silver (quarters, nickles and dimes minted prior to 1965) and old copper pennies (minted prior to 1982). We also have one ounce silver coins and rounds. While rounds are less expensive and have the same value as coins, coins (minted by a particular government-like the American Silver Eagle) are more recognized by most people who have a clue about silver. Furthermore, we didn’t start purchasing silver until we had what we felt was a sufficient amount of food and ammo for our needs. It’s also nieve to believe everyone else will have access to gold and silver. Most people won’t know what hit them when the SHTF.

  • Yep, the Trump indictment was nothing more than a distraction from all the other things going on not only here in America, but globally.
    Inflation went up again last month. Not as much as expected, but it still went up.
    Big Tech is laying off thousands, and in some cases tens of thousands. A recession is just around the corner according to some, but the Biden admin would have you believe the economy is strong as hell! A record number of people are now have to work two jobs to make ends meet. You dont see it much as MSM is doing everything to burry the news, but record number of people, even surpassing COVID era records, are using food banks.
    I too am not convinced the banking crisis is over. SVB was heavily invested in ESG loans that went bad, and a number of other banks did the same.
    OPEC+ just gave the US the middle finger with the surprise announcement of supply cuts starting in May and going till the end of this year.
    The Biden admin wanted to re-fill the Strategic Reserve that they drew down on for the mid-terms (currently at 1983 levels), but now if they do, they will be paying $80 or more to do so. Note, Trump wanted to re-fill the reserve back when oil was $40 and from domestic oil producers, but the Dems block him.
    14 some countries are applying to join the BRICS. Some are now also joining or at least engaging with the SCO, pivoting away from the US.
    The US is on the decline, has been for awhile some would argue, but I would say the decline has accelerated with the Biden admin. No other admin in US history has done more damage to this country than the Biden admin.

    What can we do?
    As Selco points out, it is only the small circles that you can have any degree of control or influence.
    I would say, invest in the basics:

    Food – if you can small livestock. Gardens. A well stocked pantry.
    Water – if you can, have a independent well. Stock up on bottled water. Some means of water purification or filtration.
    Shelter – Do what you can to improve your home. Quality clothing, shoes, boots, socks, wet and cold weather gear. Heating and the means to cook if the grid is down.
    Security – Not just the things that go bang, but medical supplies, physical fitness (heck, even walking a mile or more every day), mental fitness.

    Hey, has anyone else seen news articles in the past few weeks about young, military aged men from China, coming across our unsecure southern border?

  • Just read an article, small businesses are filing for bankruptcy surpassing 2020 COVID levels.
    So, the Biden admin claiming of a surge of small business opening, that would be a lie.

  • My modest precious metals is just a hedge against total loss of our dollar, I think of it as insurance. I hope never to have to try and use it, but I’d certainly rather have it than not.
    I think the plan is to roll in a CDBC version of fiat and lock us all into that, which can effectively be a means of total control for the masses.This is being rolled out globally, not just here. I quite like the idea of a privacy cryptocurrency, definitely not a government controlled one, but my guess is that they will try to ban all other forms of crypto, which will create a black market there for the select few in the know (not me).
    My focus is on being debt free and having tangible assets and a defendable home that is as self-sufficient as possible…

  • I’ve read through every single comment on this page, but have a question that I’ve been noodling in my head for awhile. WHAT TO DO WITH EXTRA CASH I HAVE NOW? For starts, I have plenty of gold (both coins and jewelry) and silver (coins and jewelry); I’m stocked on food (enough for 10 people to last a minimum of 6 months); heirloom seeds for food; ammo and personal protection out the ying-yang; water and huge amounts of filters plus a 20,000 gallon pool; I know how to and have the materials to make my own soap, lye, cheese and butter, and the list goes on. BTW, please don’t think I’m bragging. I’m just laying out what I have after many, many years of prepping.

    So I feel like I’m pretty prepared for SHTF. The issue is that, with the banking crises we’ve already faced, with more to come, I’ve pulled all my extra fiat money out of my bank accounts. I’ll keep some of it for as long as paper dollars are still usable, but…

    What do I buy with the rest of my extra paper money? It’s not enough to buy land with, but is still a bunch. Is anyone else in this situation? I know I’m not the only one! I simply can’t come up with something else I can reasonably buy that I need or is worth the money I’d pay for it. Just buying more of what I already have isn’t worthwhile. So seriously, can anyone come up with ideas for me?

    Grateful for your help!

    • You can do like me; go to a currency exchange shop and ask for some Reals banknotes (Brazil) and especially most for Yuan banknotes (100, 200) since China has bought tons of gold for backing its currency and , with Operation Sandman, most countres will trade with Yuan (now called by some: Petro-Yuan). You can profit from the hyperinflation this way for the coming years…

    • Hi, Mike. A community garden might be worth the investment. You said you don’t have enough for the land, so you could find a partner, and invest in setting it up. Bring your immediate community together and publicly GROW FOOD. There are lessons to be shared here, and opportunities beyond the yard. If your neighborhood goes down, so will you, eventually. It’s alright to have your private setup at home, which you will need to SECURE–as in security–anyway. It’s better to know who your neighbors are, and to educate everyone. You will work better as a small army when a crisis hits, and be able to reach out if a zombie shows up at your door. If you were to get sick–man down, someone might be able to step in and help you. I wish you fantastic luck on your adventures. Advice was free, and tips are optional, but appreciated. Cheri A. Hensley

    • Mike,
      Buy land. Buy city/county tax foreclosure properties for cash. Consider investing in an operating grain store, farm to table business, dairy, cattle ranch or farm business. Pay off your kids debt so their not slaves in the coming storm. Pay off your property taxes immediately when due. Prepay as many bills as possible and get paper receipts. Get a mobile Echoflow solar powered generator & sell energy. Set up a stock pond to sell fish. Hope these ideas help.

  • Paper money wears out. But i believe that regular coins will still be useful. I want to barter with someone but they don’t need/want anything I have.
    But if I can hand them some of the coins I have saved in old plastic jars they could use those to exchange with someone else.
    I think they will, in effect, be ‘tokens’ and the ‘value’ will be determined in local areas.
    It would broaden the choices for us all.

    • I think that’s a Very Smart Idea To Use Old Coins. Just be sure to “date” them all, as pre-1965 Dimes, quarters, Halves and whole dollar coins contain 90% silver!

      AND, 1981 Pennies and older ones, are 95% Copper! The newer ones “sound like” they’re aluminum!

  • What do you think? One issue to analyze in 2023 will be the looming “Debt-Ceiling” crisis. Will the hyper-partisan Congress and White House cause the US to default on its debt? Unprecedented fiscal events are coming to America. Please ensure you are “spiritually prepped” with Jesus to persevere, Shalom.

  • Yes, the dollar is in decline. Not much I can do about that. Investing in precious metals requires capital I do not have, so I’ve not but services to offer.

  • A little over four years ago a UK-based company that operates a charge card system (backed by gold bullion in a Swiss vault) opened up access to America with an announcement at the International Boat Show in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. US account holders could purchase rights to as much gold bullion as they could afford. The mastercard they received when they opened their account could be used to spend as much … or as little … as any vendor that could work with charge cards might need. That was a brilliant solution to solve the money divisibility problem that carrying around chunks or slices of gold created … or that carrying around quantities of any other valuable commodity creates. This is the GlintPay.com website (in the English language version) as of today:


    As with any charge card system, it does require the same electric power that any other charge card needs to operate. It would go down as long as any power outage might last.

    We also know that governments are obsessively monopolistic. Whether it’s the US government bankrupting private first class mail competitors with lawsuits (as was done in the 1830s) or whether it’s communist China outright banning the crypto currency Bitcoin today (a competitor to the central government’s potential monopoly crypto), it’s the same intolerance of competitors around the world. It’s probably a good guess that digital money-obsessed governments will try to destroy such charge card competitors like GlintPay.

    Of the several thousand cryptos in existence only Bitcoin has a unique feature that so far prevents the US SEC from regulating it. That feature is the inability to prove the identity of the person or organization responsible for its creation. There have been multiple claims as to who the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto really is, or was. But without such proof the SEC has no person or organization to hold accountable. But knowing the disgusting history of government monopolies it’s a good bet that the US government isn’t about to give up.

    Bitcoin use does have a stiff learning curve on the part of both buyers and sellers in order to maintain true privacy … so that could be expected to minimize opportunities for its use.

    There are also many centuries of historical use of all kinds of commodities for money substitutes such as grains, salt, alcohol, chocolate, etc, etc, none of which require refrigeration but hold their easily divisible value.

    It would appear that with governments having the power to mandate tax payments only in digital money … the use of cryptos and commodity-based money substitutes might be expected to be used in parallel for some other purchases and sales … just as local barter exchanges might also operate — especially where services could be offered.


  • A Strong Relationship Knowledge of The Lord Jesus Christ, and then, Food, Water, Shelter, Personal Protection; and everything else is secondary.

    “JUNK SILVER” to promote “change” for expenditures. That “Junk” status relates to 90% Silver Content In PRE-1965 Dimes, Quarters, Halves & Whole Dollar Coins. Save the Bullion Silver For Large Purchases or “emergencies.”

    Gold is great, if you have it, but NOT A NECESSITY. Think “Junk” Silver, first! Acquire that and go from there. Ammunition will be a Very Good Barter Item. As will Coffee…

    Daisy, The US DOLLAR HAS BEEN WORTHLESS SINCE It was Removed from the Gold/Silver Standard. FIAT Currency Is Financial Alchemy… creating worth out of the thin air! We Really Needed This To happen to the US Economy, problematic and terrorizing as it may become. Willingly Participating in The Banksters’ THEFT IS Against All Morality!

  • Every country that has gone through a currency devaluation or collapse, simply grab something else to back it and print a different money. That’s all we’re going to do the federal reserves gonna come out with a digital dollar and we’re all supposed to use that. More than likely people start using Canadian dollars pesos or even the euro.. This guy has been falling since Richard Nixon was elected president

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