Is a Cyber 9/11 Coming?

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Talk of a “Cyber 9/11” has been circulating for years.  With the next presidential election twelve months away now, some folks are predicting that a major cyber event will happen before then, throwing a monkey wrench into the 2024 election process.

What the heck is Cyber 9/11?

What does Cyber 9/11 mean?  Is there a real risk?  What should we be preparing for?

There are two aspects to the Cyber 9/11 concept.  The first is the disaster itself; 9/11 was a catastrophe that ended the lives of over 3000 people in one day.  There are fears that if power grids were hacked or enough damage was done to logistical centers, the ensuing chaos would cause deaths.

Quite memorably, back in 2000, a disgruntled public works employee in Australia hacked into the water treatment system and caused raw sewage to pour into public areas, flooding a Hyatt hotel.  One man acting alone caused a disgusting, expensive mess. Of course security experts are concerned with what a team of angry individuals could do.

The second aspect to a potential Cyber 9/11 is the change in the regulatory landscape that occurred after 9/11 in 2001.  I remember flying as a teenager in the 90s. So many things changed later.  The airport changes were most obvious to regular citizens, but the passage of the Patriot Act in October 2001 was far more consequential.  It dramatically changed the way surveillance was conducted.

Under the Fourth Amendment, private citizens are supposed to be protected from warrantless search and seizures.  The Patriot Act really weakened that. Law enforcement is now allowed to delay the notice of search warrants.  They don’t need nearly as much oversight from judges to conduct phone and internet surveillance.

These Constitution-weakening changes occurred after 9/11 in 2001.

How might our Constitutional rights be altered after a Cyber 9/11?

Centralized powers have made it obvious that they love using calamities to push through changes the public would never otherwise accept.  Winston Churchill was the first person on record to say, “Never let a crisis go to waste,” as he worked to establish the UN in the 1940s, but he was hardly the last.

Understanding this tendency to see crisis as opportunity is absolutely vital to understanding everything else going on today.

So, is a Cyber 9/11 something we should be preparing for?

Some experts believe that a Cyber 9/11 would be difficult to pull off by the known terrorist groups for technical reasons.  And the world is too connected, globally, for most governments to pursue large-scale cyberattacks, even between unfriendly nations.  For people who want to use the internet to harm American society, there are simply better ways to do it.

However, we can’t ignore the fact that cyberattacks have been increasing.  Ask any small business owner. Daisy has mentioned in previous articles that most of this site’s income goes to security.  And I’ve heard similar things from friends that work in fields as diverse as accounting and energy.

These stories from friends align with what security professionals have found, too.  The Information Security Forum is a London-based firm that provides guidance on internet security for many Fortune 500 companies and governments around the world.  They have seen a huge increase in cyberattacks, too, and in June this year, they hosted an Operational Technology Cyber Simulation exercise in Brussels.  This gave industry leaders an opportunity to meet and collaborate, working through a simulation of a cyberattack on a fictitious manufacturing facility

How would governments react to a major cyberattack?

I don’t think a major cyberattack is an unreasonable concern.  I also don’t think it’s unreasonable to ask, if we did have a major cyber event, how would our governments react?

Central banks and governments around the world have been talking an awful lot about implementing CBDCs.  In late June, 130 countries representing 98% of the global economy were exploring CBDCs.  This is despite a lack of interest by average citizens.  During Covid, many people became aware of how China used its social credit system, interconnected with online banking, to enforce compliance.

It’s not just China that people can look to with alarm. When Nigeria’s government tried to impose CBDCs on their citizens, widespread protests erupted.

In the U.S., Republican Senators introduced legislation that would ban the federal government from implementing a CBDC.   Europeans don’t want CBDCs, either.  It has simply become too obvious that CBDCs will be used as a means of control, and politicians have been caught admitting it.

Look at the Rumble pranksters who convinced European Central Bank President Christine LaGarde that she was on the phone with Ukrainian President Vlodymyr Zelensky.  She admits, thinking that she is speaking privately, that CBDCs would be used to control what kind of payments the population would be able to make.

There’s no putting the cat back in that bag.  Politicians and central bankers want total financial control, and they think they have the technology to do it, through CBDCs.  Average citizens worldwide have been making it clear that they would really prefer to have the option of private, decentralized payments through crypto or cash, and so there is a legitimate concern that any upcoming cyberattack (no matter who actually conducts it) could be used to reset financial systems worldwide.

But do they have the technology to pull this off successfully?

Who knows.

We’ve talked before about Ukraine’s Diia app and how, shortly after it launched, they had a massive data breach in which millions of people had their personal information released all over the dark web.

This breach was tiny compared to what just happened to the people of India in the recent Aadhaar data breach.

Aadhaar is the Indian program launched to streamline the identification process of Indian citizens.  The program was rolled out in 2009, issuing a unique 12-digit number to each person who registered in exchange for their biometric data/

Before Aadhaar, there was no universal identification program within India, and as you can imagine, this led to widespread abuse and corruption.  Aadhaar claimed to solve that problem.

Within a few years of launching, Aadhaar had become the world’s largest biometric data collection service.  As of 2023, 99% of Indians, or 1.3 billion people, have handed over their fingerprints and iris scans in exchange for access to government services.  The Indian government has boasted that this allows the poorest Indians, many of whom had no official identification beforehand, to receive benefits.

A court ruling in 2018 claimed that the Indian government could demand Aadhaar data, but that private entities such as banks and phone companies could not.  However, despite this court ruling, many educated people within India claim that it was not clear what services would or would not be withheld based on Aadhaar participation.  Instances of fraud have been playing out since its adoption.  It has been used for voter fraud.  And, once you opt-in, there’s no opting out.

Within the past two weeks, India has suffered a massive data breach, with 815 million people having their biometric data and banking information put up for sale on the dark web.

This is the biggest data breach in history.  Eight hundred fifteen million people means that more than 1 in 10 people on planet Earth just had their data stolen.  You can find many, many videos on YouTube of furious Indians talking about the data breach, but Western media has totally ignored this for reasons that are probably obvious.

How am I preparing?

So, after all this, am I preparing for Cyber 9/11?  Am I prepping for the attack itself, or some kind of biometrically linked CBDC to roll out?

General chaos, leading to Thirdworldization, is my pre-2024 election prediction.  There are some power-hungry people individuals who would love to have the whole world living under a global digital system, but I think that forced implementation is more likely to cause chaos than anything else.  These systems are not foolproof and lead to problems wherever they’re tried.

We may not be able to avoid attempts at forced implementation.  But we can prepare by paying attention to our surroundings, becoming more skilled producers rather than consumers, and most of all, developing trusted networks of friends and family in the real world.

For more information on preparing for a cyberattack, check out this article and this one.

What are your thoughts?

Are you expecting a Cyber 9/11? Are you doing anything specific to prepare for it? What do you think the results would be if such an attack occurred in America?

Let’s discuss it in the comments section.

Marie Hawthorne

Marie Hawthorne

A lover of novels and cultivator of superb apple pie recipes, Marie spends her free time writing about the world around her.

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  • we’re in deep trouble! in every respect at this point in time. my hubs has no interest in further preparing for emp, cyber, grid or any kind of attack, but he’ll be the first to bitch loudly about not having this, that, etc!! so what do I do? he says a generator is fine – yeah, til there’s no gas, we have flashlights – til theres no more batteries, we have food – til there’s none left and no way to get any. we have arms to defend – yep til no more ammo, door locks – easy entrance to house – he’s not strengthening any entries, yard deterrents, etc. so basically he’s living in a stupor and thinks I’m CRAZY! what do I do about that mentality? oh well we’re in our 70s…who cares…..sad isnt it?

    • I hear ya. My hubby has caught on a little after convid to not trusting powers that shouldn’t be.
      So I keep sharing everything I read on this site & from the Children’s Health Defense site. He’ll ask about why the grocery bill might’ve been higher or why we are buying lighters, or why I have a bin of back up shoes, socks & hand warmers) in all vehicles, etc. I tell him it’s great to have a back up for another stupid shutdown. He is appreciative in his own way I guess.
      I’ve stopped allowing his disapproval discourage me & just do what I’ve learned (within reason, I am not anywhere that I should be on a lot). I remind him of the woman in Proverbs, she stored up for her house for the winter. He says nothing ;). I would rather do what I feel I need to do than be angry or disgruntled with his denial of reality.
      This digital banking has all been foretold in Revelations so it should be no surprise. ‘They’ have conditioned all of us to push an app, bank cashless, talk to the air, wear a tracking emf device to tell you how you barely moved, inject us with tracking devices so that people will mindlessly fall in line.
      One son works in Sec1 cyber security so I will ask him if he’s aware of anything. I’m concerned about our retirement.

      • Same here Jennifo. My hubby too. He goes back and forth on being appreciative and saying nothing going to happen. Now my brother and sister in law have moved in, which my sister in law is very wasteful and wants to throw out all of my prepping items and stored food. I am praying she does not do this when I leave out of the country next week. My brother is not here to control her, as he’s back on the road in his semi truck, trying to eke out a living. (hence them moving in with us and our 22 year old autistic son) .
        She’s using up all my toilet paper, etc like she’s eating it or something. I made a comment this morning that she needs to buy her own TP and that we have a septic and to keep that in mind. Have also had to tell her that if she touches any of my prep stuff I will throw her out. My peace patience tolerance and love are gone. I have been in fight or flight mode for over 3 years and my anxiety is at an all time high. Hence me leaving out of the country for a vacation I have been planning for over a year.
        And it’s not just my sister in law, but my husband, my son, my brother, my neighbors. They all think I am nutso and mean. I truly believe that there is going to be an EMP that will take down grids and that is how the digital currency , marital law, etc will be ushered in.
        Am I prepped for all that? Absolutely not. What I did do was talk to some nice folks at ITM trading (Daisy recommends them) , try to pay down my debts and pay off the vehicles at least and credit cards, put my money in local credit union, practicing with the preps when I can and going through preps monthly to rotate. I am now working on mental health because mine has been suffering due to preppers fatigue and there’s always some fresh new BS to deal with daily in my household due to many personalities that are not preppers or patriots.

    • TK there is one Soul-lution to many problems
      Written in a very Good Book ,i too live with a woman who lives as if all is not going to happen as WE see and Hear EVil is two steps away
      PSALM 91
      Study it pray it live it
      And this quote is very REAL
      Make the the Call

    • TK hello. I no longer have a spouse. Am also in my 70’s. I do however understand you and to be with a man that is NOT on the same page as you and does NOT see eye to eye with you is SAD!!!! We also had our differences. I divorced him 22 yrs. ago and am living alone. NOT at all happy with not having a companion/best friend/lover but that is how it is now… Just know I do understand what you are going through and it’s not easy… Much better if two people are on the same page. Blessings b/c you will need all of the preps you can gather. But you are so right when it runs out and you can’t find more then what? Think about oxygen, water or prescription drugs. Many will die b/c they don’t any longer have what they need.

  • Cooperation is the key, when no one complies, then they can’t work their scam. Be prepared, but resist participating in any mass government edict’s.

  • Ted Koppel’s book Lights Out in regards to a possible cyber attack on the US grid is now a few years old.
    On one hand I would like to think since the book was written, both the public and private sectors that run various electrical grids would of stepped up their cyber security.
    On the other, it is not until after the fact of an attack or even something as simple as a software upgrade (the NE power outage of 2003) and a down tree limb.

    Despite declaring the Southern border is secure many times over by DHS director Mayorkas, the FBI and the Border Patrol have apprehended over 100 persons on the FBI terrorism watch list. The possibility of a physical attack on the grid cannot be ruled out.

    As for CBDC, yeah, they sound like a dream come true for all those central bankers, governments etc.
    Could also be a big FU! by the people.
    Concerning CBDC and the grid, I was in a local gas station getting a 12ver when the credit/debt card processing system went down. The store employee announced what had happened, they could not process any card transactions but could take cash. By dump blind luck, I had a $20 in my wallet. Skip past half a dozen people to the front of the line.
    Point being, in the short term of a grid down situation, cash maybe king. For a very short term.
    Once the rioting/loot starts, all bets are off.

    • Yes this is how they’ll do it.

      An attack on the power grid would cause total chaos and they don’t want that – but take out the global credit system and wait a few weeks for the cash to run out, and that will manufacture consent for a universal basic income, payable in a CBDC and requiring you to take their digital ID.

      They will stampede humanity into their cybergulag by offering to save us from the crisis they have caused.

  • One Second After ,a four book series
    My fellow Americans is a WAR GAMED set of Books
    War games ,our Fedcoat government practices the EMP
    Practices how fast the panic of the mass’s in real time due to the
    Real EVENTS they make daily
    As the practice So must ONE PEOPLE
    Psalm 91
    Read it ,pray it study it
    Make The Call

  • The small telecom company in our rural area was just cyber attacked. Our internet was out for 3 days. It only serves about 2500 customers, so this was rather shocking. They said they can’t comment further because “it’s being investigated by authorities”.

  • I think there are many cyber attacks daily, people just don’t hear about it. When something goes haywire it is most likely an attack of some sort. Many companies will blame human error rather than admit what’s really going on (I’m talking about you Federal Reserve). Just know, they aren’t going to stop. And all this stuff we have on our phones and digital….happens every day folks, every day.

    • The number of cyberattacks every day is mind numbing. Most companies, especially in the US, don’t report actual attacks – unless there has been some publicized aspect of a specific attack.

  • The timing of a cyber attack could easily be dependent on whether the attacker is a false flag predator (like the longtime US deep state) or a foreign government. A foreign government might likely prefer to maximize the damage by waiting until US cash is made worthless and electricity-dependent CBDCs have become the primary currency of the ex-constitutional serfdom. That way a nationwide power outage shuts down most of the economy instantly (excepting the few with barter and precious metals capabilities). Even crypto currencies would be shut down until (or if) power is restored.

    If on the other hand the string-puller behind the scenes is the US deep state in order to create a crisis to justify whatever their newest tyrannical plans (including really abusive legislation) of the moment might be … such timing could be wildly different. In case there are any doubts about the US history of false flag operations (some which were blocked, but more were sadly carried out) a sampling of such history comes to mind.

    After the disaster at the Bay of Pigs in Cuba, the US Joint Chiefs of Staff signed off on Operation Northwoods. It was a plan to attack multiple civilian targets in the southeastern US to be blamed on Fidel Castro. The plan was to use those attacks as justification for a full-scale military invasion of Cuba. Instead … JFK squashed that plan and the deep state hated his guts for that and for several other reasons. We all know how that turned out.

    In 1967 the USS Liberty was attacked by Israel with a plan to blame the attack on Arabs. Lyndon Johnson was criminally guilty of blocking any attempt to rescue that ship. One of the results was that 34 American sailors on board died during that fight but enough others survived to tell the world of Israel’s treachery.

    When the 9/11 operation was committed … there were multiple examples of treachery. WTC 7 was never hit by any plane and went down many hours later that Monday afternoon. It came down exactly inside its own footprint … exactly the result one would expect if a trained group of explosive experts took a couple of months to carefully select, place, and electrically time the explosives to do that job — not something any aircraft (especially since none hit that building) could have possibly accomplished. There were even reports that some news of 9/11 was being broadcast in the UK sometimes a few minutes before some events actually happened.

    After the federal Murrah building in Oklahoma City was bombed and some of the vertical steel girders were cut, the federal government did everything possible to put the sole blame on Timothy McVeigh, and even interfered with the grand jury’s investigation into any other perpetrators — even to the extent of replacing the grand jury foreman (who I met some years later). A major problem was that within a few weeks of that bombing I listened over shortwave to retired Brigadier General Benton Partin (who had been a munitions development specialist for the US Air Force) explain that the slow speed explosive effect of the ammonium nitrate in McVeigh’s truck could not possibly have cut those vertical steel girders in the Murrah building. He explained that a high speed military explosive had to have been used. His analysis is easy to find online today.

    There are several other examples of government deceit (often to justify dragging our country into various foreign wars) that don’t exactly fit the false flag “model” but which are equally disgusting — and which have never been allowed an honest presentation in any public school history books. From the completely faked Gulf of Tonkin incident to justify getting into the Vietnam War all the way back to lying to Congress to justify the 1898 Spanish American War … government deceit is a longtime currency of that realm.

    The point of all this history is to make it clear that it’s probably not possible to predict the timing of a cyber attack given the wildly different motives of the possible perpetrators. That leaves us with the prospect of prepping for such possibilities given our limited resources, knowledge, and the likelihood of zero advance warning of such attacks.


  • The Third Terrorist, a book by Jayna Davis, is very interesting reading for those interested in the Oklahoma City terrorist attack. You might be surprised what you learn.

  • Cyber attacks by person or persons is one form of chaos but systemic failure of the internet is a whole another beast. As time passes, the likelihood of a systemwide failure due to an unknown is more and more likely. The internet is a giant, almost organic, beast that woks in ways that have become more and more complex. The law of averages is working against us.
    How to prepare? Learn how to use radio to communicate. Learn how to entertain yourself without the use of the internet or phone. Learn skills such as food production, medical self-help, and building trades.
    As stated in the article, become a producer instead of a consumer and when the failure happens it will have a lessened impact on you and your loved ones.
    Stay safe and be prepared.

  • I have some enlightening concepts for everyone here. Humanoids are extremely adaptable and ingenious creatures. You say… So what? They just banned x, y, z whatever, life will never be the same. True, but it will just morph. History and experience show us that there will always be an alternative. Remember reading about Prohibition of alcohol in the early 1920’s? How did that work out? The desire for alcohol just went underground, for 10 years. Oh, how about that war on drugs that started 40+ years ago? Yep, wiped out all the drugs….right? How about that war on terror? Yep, wiped that out too. Wake up everyone. Humanoids will circumvent anything if the need arises. It is a survival mechanism programmed into our genes. It does not mean it will be easy nor pleasant. It is human nature to achieve that which we desire despite obstacles, difficulties and absurd, immoral controlling entities that seek to perpetrate their insanities upon OUR world. The answer? DO NOT COMPLY!

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