Do You Believe in “Conspiracy Theories?” An FBI Report Says You’re a Potential Domestic Terrorist

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The FBI has released a 15-page document warning of the dangers of “anti-government, identity-based, and fringe conspiracy theories.” The law enforcement agency says that these are “very likely to motivate some domestic extremists to commit criminal, sometimes violent activity.” The document seems to recommend increased social media and web censorship.

The FBI assesses anti-government, identity-based, and fringe political conspiracy theories very likely motivate some domestic extremists, wholly or in part, to commit criminal and sometimes violent activity. The FBI further assesses in some cases these conspiracy theories very likely encourage the targeting of specific people, places, and organizations, thereby increasing the Iikelihood of violence against these targets. These assessments are made with high confidenced, based on information from other law enforcement agencies, open-source information, court documents, human sources with varying degrees of access and corroboration, and FBI investigations.

One key assumption driving these assessments is that certain conspiracy theory narratives tacitly support or legitimize violent action. The FBI also assumes some, but not all individuals or domestic extremists who hold such beliefs will act on them. The FBI assesses these conspiracy theories very likely will emerge, spread, and evolve in the modem information marketplace, occasionally driving both groups and individual extremists to carry out criminal or violent acts. Indicators that may lead to revised judgements or cause a change in the confidence level assoc iated with this assessment include a lack of conspiracy theory-driven criminal or violent activity in the near to long term or significant efforts by major social media companies and websites to remove, regulate, or counter potentially harmful conspiratorial content.

So what do they consider conspiracy theories? A few of the theories and topics mentioned in the document are QAnon, Pizzagate, the New World Order, various child-sex trafficking ring theories, and racial extremists. Interestingly, there is no specific mention in this document of Antifa and their theories, despite the fact that they’re decidedly anti-government and confirmably violent.

The FBI believes the internet causes anti-government theories to spread.

The internet brings people together in forums, on social media, in private online chatrooms, and via email. The document released by the FBI seems to consider that this is part of the problem.

Although conspiracy theory-driven crime and violence is not a new phenomenon, today’s information environment has changed the way conspiracy theories develop, spread, and evolve. The advent of the Internet and social media has enabled promoters of conspiracy theories to produce and share greater volumes of material via online platforms that larger audiences of consumers can quickly and easily access.

Based on the increased volume and reach of conspiratorial content due to modern communication methods, it is logical to assume that more extremist-minded individuals will be exposed to potentially harmful conspiracy theories, accept ones that are favorable to their views, and possibly carry out criminal or violent actions as a result. The Internet has also enabled a ‘crowd-sourcing’ effect wherein conspiracy theory followers themselves shape a given theory by presenting information that supplements, expands, or localizes its narrative.

The examples above demonstrate how crowd-sourced conspiracy theories can influence which entities extremists choose to target. These examples also substantiate concerns expressed by some researchers who believe a rise of conspiracism, fostered in part by the Internet, may be accompanied by a search for scapegoats-those believed to be the conspirators’ allies, henchmen, or collaborators.

This is worrisome, as censorship of any alternative view is already at an all-time high, with a coordinated purge of alternative media websites from social media outlets and a major search engine. It seems as though this could potentially lead to even more censorship. Maybe that’s what it’s actually for – to give social media outlets even more justification for cracking down on free yet unpopular speech.

How does the FBI define “conspiracy theory?”

The document notes the FBI’s definition of “conspiracy theories.”

Although many conspiracy theories appear benign or inconsequential, others create serious risks. Throughout history, such conspiracy theories have fueled prejudice, witch-hunts, genocide, and acts of terrorism.’ In the context of domestic terrorism, extremists often view the activities of alleged conspirators as an existential threat that can only be stopped through drastic, or even violent means…

…A conspiracy theory is an attempt to explain events or circumstances as the result of a group of actors working in secret to benefit themselves at the expense of othersr. Conspiracy theories typically allege wrongdoing by powerful others (for example, public officials, business executives, scientists) or societally marginalized groups (for example, Muslims, Jews), and are most prevalent among individuals with extreme political viewsg. Some conspiracy theories point to weak circumstantial evidence, but ignore stronger evidence that would refute their claims.

Consequently, they are usually at odds with official or prevailing explanations of events) While a conspiracy theory refers to an allegation that may or may not be true, a conspiracy is a true causal chain of events. Real conspiracies involving illegal, antidemocratic, or harmful activities by high­ level government officials and political elites have been exposed in the past and it has been argued that such plots have encouraged conspiracism in society.

Relying on the premises that nothing happens by accident, nothing is as it seems, and everything is connected, conspiracy theorists tend to view every bad outcome as the result of an intentional decision by an evil actor, dismiss disconfirming evidence as “fabricated” by the conspirators, and connect a wide range of seemingly unrelated occurences to suggest a larger plot. Despite sharing key characteristics and at times featuring similar themes and intersecting plots, conspiracy theories vary greatly in their scope. Some are narrowly focused on a particular event or set of events whereas others suggest broad, expansive narratives that link multiple conspiracies in complex ways to portray a group of evil actors working to manipulate society on a global scale.

So, does this definition mean that anyone who disagrees with the official story about anything is a dangerous conspiracy theorist?

What theories are the FBI worried about?

The FBI document mentions numerous arrests, some of which were not widely publicized. The document also provided a list of conspiracy theories that they find particularly worrisome in Appendix B.

The conspiracy theories referenced in this intelligence bulletin have been categorized as anti­ government, identity-based, or fringe political because they assert secretive, malevolent acts either by an allegedly hostile and tyrannical federal government, by racial, religious, or social minority groups, or by political opponents.


(U) NWO: A group of international elites controls governments, industry, and media organizations, instigates major wars, carries out secret staged events, and manipulates economies with the goal of establishing global rule.

(U) UN: The UN is being used by an evil global cabal to erode American sovereignty, strip away individual liberties, and bring foreign troops to American soil in order to replace democracy with global tyranny.”

(U) False Flags: The official story surrounding a given terrorist attack or mass shooting is a lie; the event was staged or conducted by the government to justify encroachments on civil liberties.


(U) Zionist Occupied Government: Jewish agents secretly control the governments of Western states and are conspiring to achieve world domination.

(U) Islamberg: The small Muslim community near Hancock, New York known as Islamberg is a terrorist training camp; its residents, who pose as peaceful Muslims, are in fact Islamic radicals operating as a terrorist sleeper cell.

Fringe Political

(U) Pizzagate: High ranking democratic officials are or were involved in a child sex trafficking ring centered at the Comet Ping Pong pizza restaurant in Washington, DC.’

(U) QAnon: An anonymous government official known as “Q” posts classified information online to reveal a covert effort, led by President Trump, to dismantle a conspiracy involving “deep state” actors and global elites allegedly engaged in an international child sex trafficking ring.’

The thing one might find particularly ironic is that the arrest of Jeffrey Epstein has brought out a massive amount of information about…well…child sex trafficking and global elite pedophiles. (See this article, this article, this one, and this one.)

Why the FBI believes conspiracy theorists are violent

Beginning on page 2 of the document, the FBI cites numerous cases of violence based on conspiracy theories.

The FBI assesses anti-government, identity-based, and fringe political conspiracy theories very likely motivate some domestic extremists, wholly or in part, to engage in criminal or violent activity. This assessment is based on events in which individuals committed crimes, plotted attacks, or successfully carried out deadly violence and who – either before or after their arrests -attributed their actions to their conspiratorial beliefs. These events include instances in which the perpetrators intended to kill groups identified by such theories as hostile and malevolent, or to simply carry out dangerous, unlawful acts in an effort to draw attention to or expose a perceived conspiracy.

Most people who question the status quo would not be surprised if this document is just the beginning of a crackdown on anyone who refuses to accept the mainstream explanations because they might “engage in criminal or violent activity.”

While some of the theories mentioned are pretty far-fetched, the First Amendment protects free speech – and that includes conspiracy theories. Most people who believe that there are pedophiles in our government or who question the official reports of heinous events will never become violent. But now, it appears they may become targets of suspicion based on their thought crimes.

And when this FBI report is combined with the recently introduced Threat Assessment, Prevention, and Safety Act of 2019, which focuses on developing “a national strategy to prevent targeted violence through behavioral threat assessment and management, and for other purposes,” it certainly could make critical thinkers a little bit nervous.

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther

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  • Scary. This is 1984, Minority Report and The Manchurian Candidate all rolled into one. Oh, know, did I just think that out loud?

  • I think you sum it up quite well: Critical thinkers might get nervous.

    Granted there are some theories out there that any rational thinking person can easily examine, find the flaws and dismiss it as tin foil.

    But some people will just believe anything that is on the internet, or rely on questionable or biased sources, never giving thought to the possible agenda those sources may have.

  • List of conspiracy theories:

    So many to think about.

    10 Government Conspiracy Theories Revealed to Be True:
    – repeat or two.

    This sounds like bomma years again where they try to demonize the right side at all costs.

    But, I suppose this hits both sides, are you a terrorist ??

    I have issues with, might belive:
    1.1 Black helicopters
    1.2 Chemtrails -evidence enough if you look.
    1.6 Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17
    2.1 Deepwater Horizon
    3 Deaths and disappearances
    **4.1 New World Order -proven true
    4.2 Denver Airport
    4.3 George Soros -ancient jerk.. true.
    4.4 Freemasonry
    6.7 Islam <- truth there : )
    8.2 False flag operations -proven true in some instances
    8.5 Clintons -funny funny, Guilty.

    Not going through the rest.

    • I remember “black helicopters”. I saw them several times from a distance doing what appeared to be normal military exercises. Once one flew along the bayside waterfront so close that it completely filled the view of my seven power binoculars, and its description exactly fit the description of the conspiracy theorists. At that time the government was denying that they existed. Rush Limbaugh made fun of those who claimed to have seen one (I stopped listening to Rush Limbaugh, that was the last straw). So who do I believe, the government or my own two lying eyes? I did not believe the conspiracy theories.

      Watching that helicopter fly along the waterfront angered me, because I knew the government was lying to deny their existence. One more nail in my distrust of the government.

      The “black helicopters”? A few months later they were used in rescue operations in the North Bay. Only then was it admitted that they were Blackhawk helicopters. While the mystery of the black helicopters was cleared up, my mistrust of the government remains.

      Because of this and so many other obvious lies from government officials, I now don’t believe anything that a government official says unless there’s third party, independent verification. Even third party verification is questioned if 1) there are questions about the independence of the third party and 2) the facts that I can observe don’t match the claims.

      • My WIFE & I were out in yard LAST summer (WEST TN) 6-7 BLACK helicopters flew over traveling WEST, I tried to grad my video camera, I think I have one …. on YOU TUBE.

    • EXCELLENT STUFF, I can’t help these “STUPID” ( (I always say call them out for what/who.. they ARE) “people” ie. DEMONcRATS ARE FORCING a new CIVIL WAR, I’m afraid.

    • I think Brave New World by Aldous Huxley is also used. By writing Animal Farm, Orwell seems to exonerate himself. In AF, he uses various animals to portray human nature when the will to absolute power raises it’s ugly head. Brave New World is a playbook for manipulation and conditioning of the populous by the State through technology.

  • Yes, exactly. This FBI report is clearly an attack on the first amendment and an excuse for more “nongovernmental” censorship on social media. Ironically, any attempts to counter its implications will most likely support the opinions expressed in it.

  • Is it that you believe they are wrong or just not completely right in lumping everyone in?
    As a law enforcement officer I can tell you that it’s not totally wrong but per the usual things get lumped in and it’s to be taken with a grain of salt. We don’t follow these “reports” anymore than the SPLCs reports because everyone has an agenda.

  • I suspect the FBI will soon crack down on anyone spreading a conspiracy theory about a former FBI Director, two of his top deputies (one deputy’s wife being employed by Fusion GPS) and a couple of agents plotting to remove a lawfully elected president because they liked Hillary better. Such a theory is clearly ridiculous, as no one in J. Edgar Hoover’s beloved FBI would ever do such a thing and believing or even suspecting they might is CLEARLY a crime. Perhaps a CAPITAL crime…

    Oh, yeah–and building seven fell neatly into it’s own footprint out of sympathy for the twin towers…

  • So Ironic when the FBI is still covering up the greatest conspiracy in US history….the Failed Bloodless Coup of President Trump 2016-2019.

    When does Comey get indicted?

  • Golly – Operation Mockingbird on steroids!

    The Deep State still controls the FBI…NOT ONE leftist group was mentioned.

  • The FBI and certainly the CIA are major players in many of the events they’re now trying to call “conspiracy theories.” So now that their involvement in nefarious events is being exposed almost daily, sometimes even by the MSM, they have to try to cover their tracks by proclaiming what they’re doing to be fringe theories. They’re running scared because more and more people are finally catching on to their formerly hidden activities.

    • That’s what I was thinking. The conspirators are losing their grip. It’s an attempt to schmear the population with suspicion and doubt. Putting us in a doubting position where we question our sanity and ability to reason with slush words like may, might, could — its a demoralizing tactic.. Ideas rock boats. Obviously, the Deeps are getting a little seasick in our present mode of free speech, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, RTBA, etc.

      We still have the Constitution as a baseline and the citizenry must be diligent in standing firm without being intimidated by the arrogance of power.

      I’m so grateful that critical thinking is still alive — especially on Daisy’s website. How do they take down a firmly free people? By putting them on the slippery slope of doubt.

      • Debbers, I love your comment….but critical thinking is something that has gone the wayside much like common sense. I hate to ‘generalize’, but I work with mostly ppl younger than myself, and most of them couldn’t fight their way out of a paper bag without mr. googlepants. Not an original thought in the bunch, no deviation from exactly what the ‘rules’ say. no motivation to do or think outside of the box. Scary stuff.

        • Agreed. So many of the younger set are definitely logic challenged and very vulnerable to propaganda. They don’t seem to know any better. Their behavior reflects the belief that life has always been this way and that the older set is clueless. We are most definitely feeling the kickbacks of our affluent society.

          How to fix it? I’m afeerd its too broken.

  • Impeccable evidence the FBI – among others – should be abolished in its entirety and replaced with Armed Citizens: an unlisted force to be called to duty by the local Sheriff or Governor through the local Sheriff !!!

    The US Marshals Service needs to be expanded and replace all these socialist degenerates with Federal power and total lack of patriotism who think failing their Oath of Office is priority one of their duty !!!

  • Shhhhh! “They’re” listening….

    Don’t know about anyone else, but I’m in biiig trouble if I’m being surveilled.

    Or maybe it’s just a way to scare people away from getting “alternative” information on various topics that goes against the “official” narrative pushed by MSM.

    Oops! That’s a “conspiracy theory”, isn’t it?

    • Miss Kitty, I firmly believe I am on some ‘list’ somewhere, just because as a mature person, I have no filters. I call it like I see it anymore.

  • If there is any group that is dangerous to the people it’s the FBI, at least the upper echelon.
    There is a list online of past conspiracy theories that are actually fact.
    As well as government “facts” that are actually BS.

  • Noting an item in Anti – Gov. Section: NWO, I have a book done in 1945, touting this Title: Preliminary Draft of a World Constitution. This book, written by Socialists of the time, coincided with the advent of the United Nations. The FBI article, is an attempt to chill conversation, as the Internet of things is moving beyond the “wetland operators” ability to control. Chill is a low level action word.
    Thanks you for your work and in return, a book for you, that will validate many points. This just one – The United Nations, was created, and is handled by the CFR. The FBI & State Department both are aware and covering. The book: The Creature From Jekyll Island 5th edition – Author: Griffin – ISBN#: 978-0-9112986-45-6.
    LT Robert K. Powell GDO ( ret. )
    13790 S Mueller RD
    Orregon City, OR 97045

  • Well, I guess this puts all folks who still have a mind and can think for themselves on a ‘list’. As I mentioned in reply to Debbers, critical thinking and common sense are sorely lacking these days.

  • The FBI is not worried that some extremist may act on it, they are worried that the spread of conspiracy theories threatens not the general population but it threatens the legitimacy of an increasingly totalitarian govt. It is the typical response of authoritarian govts to crack down on any dissent.

  • Here are just a few of the many older covered-up examples of US government treachery — none of which does the utterly shameless Snopes-quoting Wikipedia whitewashing machine acknowledge as real:

    Faked terror at the OKC Murrah building

    (On a personal note, I remember hearing retired USAF munitions General Partin explain over shortwave how only high speed military explosives could have possibly cut through the vertical steel girders in the Murrah building — which would have been impossible for the slow speed explosives of ammonium nitrate in the far-away truck on the street.)

    The Pearl Harbor plot

    The 1918 “Spanish Flu” lie to cover-up a horrible Rockefeller Institute to military vaccine gone wrong

    The US Army crypto operators who intercepted JFK assassination planning communications two weeks before the hit — kept classified by the CIA until Trump declassified this in 2017

    The murder of America’s first Secretary of Defense, James Forrestal, in 1949


  • From what I was told, the term “conspiracy theorist” was coined by the “deep state” to smear those who found that the “official story” concerning the Kennedy assassination didn’t make sense. And there have been many, many events since where the official stories don’t add up. Strangely, so many of those events involve mass shootings where the “shooter” conveniently ends up dead before he can talk about it. Sweep the inconvenient details under the rug. So now here’s another document from the “deep state” decrying “conspiracy theorists”.

    Now here’s a conspiracy theory that we all should react to, AGW, Anthropogenic Global Warming. The truth is, the opposite is happening with the cold, storms and rains decreasing crops world-wide. It’s not global warming, it’s global cooling. Preppers who can should be looking at growing as much of their own food as possible. In good years, there’s only a small surplus of food. In bad years, people will go hungry. This is documented on youtube and brighteon as well as other sites under the name “Adapt 2030”. Others are also trying to warn us. The “official story” still wants us to believe that this is the hottest year ever.

  • FBI. Federal Bureau of Incompetents. This group of fools, starting with Mueller and Comey, et al, have done such a good job of finding real terrorists and protecting the public. Did you know that when the Draw Mohammed contest was going on, the FBI was actually encouranging the terrorists to shoot Pam Geller and others? What this country has become defies belief.

  • Using the definition “conspiracy theorists tend to view every bad outcome as the result of an intentional decision by an evil actor, dismiss disconfirming evidence as “fabricated” by the conspirators,”

    Does the use of the ever prevalent “fake news” make POTUS a conspiracy theorist?

  • IT just BLOWS ME AWAY! Conspiracy ORIGINALLY was as “WE” became aware OF the dirty stuff…” OUR SO-CALLED LAW ENFORCEMENT” agencies…ie. F.B.I. C.I.A. to name TWO, were and HAD BEEN LYING to “us”. They have PURPOSELY SPUN it to the OPPOSITE.. question EVERYTHING !

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