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Christmas is on the way, Christmas shopping is underway, and more people have woken up to the realities of needing to prep than anytime before in modern history. The world is a dangerous place and for the recently “awakened” it is very easy to feel as if one is starting from a blank slate.

There’s just so much information! What should you prep? How do you store food? What are some of the potential threats? How do you survive them? If this is where you find yourself (or where a loved one finds themselves), quality information is a great place to start. And what better place to find such than with The Organic Prepper?

We have a wide variety of prepper-related products which cover the full gamut of prepping. From frugal living, to homesteading, to bugging out, to power outages, we have it all. So as you check off people from your Christmas list, consider a little Christmas shopping at The Organic Prepper.

Just what do we have? Well, take a look for yourself…

USB Drive

The Official Archive of the Apocalypse

If you’re predominantly concerned with the censorship of the internet, want a record of actual history, or are simply looking for an off-grid means of survival knowledge, it’s hard to go wrong with The Official Archive of the Apocalypse. This is a USB Drive with 10 years of The Organic Prepper posts chock-full of knowledge on it.

Sooner or later, government censorship is going to start removing voices of freedom from the internet completely. What is allowed to remain online will be heavily rewritten so that history is no longer true. Do you want a record of how things played out for your children to be able to study?

Right now, our Archive thumb drive is on sale for $100. That’s 10 years of content for $10/year at the moment.

But this sale isn’t going to last forever. Make sure you order your USB Archive of the Apocalypse before it’s too late…


One of our main product lines is our fantastic series of eBooks. If you’re shopping for somebody with a Nook, Kindle, or who just is looking for a means to safely store survival knowledge on a USB for easy transit, check out the following titles…

Be Better Prepared in 28 Days

If you know that things are rapidly getting worse and think you have as little time to prepare as possible, this is the eBook you’ll want. Here, Daisy Luther will walk you through what it takes to get as prepared for disaster as possible in as little as 28 days.

Beyond the Prepper Stockpile: Adventure, Adaptability, and Survival in the Modern World

Written after Daisy’s time living abroad in both Mexico and Europe, Beyond the Prepper Stockpile is 94 pages of lessons she learned along the way and how those lessons apply to those who want to survive the modern world.

The Blackout Book

Power outages are a regular threat to millions of Americans. Here, Daisy Luther walks you through the steps of what you can do to prepare for and make it through one of the most common potential disaster situations that Americans face every year. 71 pages of content that was previously published on The Organic Prepper, but which is conveniently organized together in one place for you here.

The Bug Out Book 

Written by Daisy Luther, this book will show you within 83 pages not only what you need to keep at the ready so you can quickly escape disaster, but how to go about with the rebuilding process once you return back home.

Bug Out Boot Camp

Concerned about the physicality of survival after disaster? Then check out Lisa Egan’s Bug Out Boot Camp. Within these 93 pages you’ll learn what it takes to reach your fitness goals as Lisa walks you through science-based research on nutrition, weight loss, sleep, and more.

The Dirty Truth About How to Start Homesteading

2020 taught many the fragility of the world’s supply chains. If you experienced bare grocery store shelves and immediately began thinking about growing your own produce and raising your own meat – but don’t know where to begin – here, Erica Nygaard will show you what it takes.

This is 81 pages of content examining what are some of the steps necessary for getting a food-producing homestead up-and-running.

The Flat Broke Cookbook

Financial difficulties plaguing your family, leaving you wondering how on earth you’re going to keep them fed with delicious and nutritious food? The Flat Broke Cookbook can help. Within these 75 pages, Daisy lays out a series of very inexpensive recipes that can keep your family fed and happy through troubling financial times.

Have Yourself a Thrifty Little Christmas

If you’ve ever wondered how to stretch your dollar further around Christmas, this book will tell you how. It’s 75 pages of content looking at the means of frugally staying involved with decorating, family traditions, gift-giving, and cooking delicious Christmas meals.

Lifestyles of the Flat Broke and Resilient

Written by The Organic Prepper founder, Daisy Luther, here you’ll find 89 pages of content on what it takes to survive true poverty. Whether you’re looking at a foreclosure, repossession, the loss of a job, or some other form of financial crisis, here Daisy will show you what it takes to make it through these types of tough financial times.

The NEW Interactive Prepper’s Book of Lists

If you’re just starting out with prepping and are wanting to know what to stock from the major categories of prepping (food, protection, medical, hygiene, etc.), then this eBook is a fantastic place to start. Written by the founder of The Organic Prepper, Daisy Luther, here you’ll find top-notch lists which can easily be printed off of a computer for you to take to the store with you.

This is 80 pages of 40+ lists which will help you get prepared for just about whatever disaster may come your way. And the best part? It’s interactive! You can check off the boxes of what you’re squared away on within the eBook!

The Prepper’s Hurricane Survival Guide

Hurricanes are a perennial threat to millions of Americans. Within this 107-page eBook, The Organic Prepper founder, Daisy Luther, walks you through the steps of what it takes to prepare for a hurricane, how to safely evacuate, how to rebuild, and more.

If you live anywhere along the coast, you’re going to want to devour this information.

The Prepper’s Yearbook 

This is 83 pages of content where blogger, prepper, and single-mother Erica Nygaard shows you what it takes to become better prepared for disaster within a year’s span. If you’re concerned about where things are headed and are looking for the blueprints of how you can better mitigate your risk of disaster throughout the course of 365 days, this eBook is for you.

The Seasonal Kitchen Companion

If you’re trying to avoid eating chemical-laced produce and have come to the conclusion that eating with the seasons is one of the best ways your family can do such, here Daisy shows you exactly what it takes to make it through the year without “food boredom” as you eat what is currently being harvested.

At 115 pages, this eBook is filled with content that will not only help you to put delicious meals on the table, but to better ensure they are healthy and inexpensive as well.

The SHTF Anthology

Written by Balkan War survivor Selco Begovic, this is a collection of stories that were previously posted on The Organic Prepper. They’re still available on the site free of charge, but if you’re looking for the means of stowing away Selco’s words on what it took for him to survive a disaster situation, this eBook can help you to do so. 149 pages of content.

SHTF Anthologies 2 

This is 85 pages of content which were originally published up on (and are still available there), written by Balkan War survivor Selco. Here you’ll find stories of what he saw, the people he met, and the lessons he learned of how to survive as he made it through a year of a city that was under military siege.

SHTF Anthology #3

A collection of articles written by Selco, a survivor of the Balkan War of the early 1990s. Here, Selco examines the events of 2020-2021 and how they relate to the Balkan War, what the average prepper can learn from them, and what it takes to stay alive as things grow worse.

These posts are all available on for no charge, but if you’re looking for an easy-to-access offline format for Selco’s advice, you can find it here in this 193-page eBook.

SHTF Survival Stories Volume 1

A collection of stories from Selco regarding some of the terrible things he heard and witnessed durinng the Balkan War, the practical, how-to steps of how he survived, and some of the lessons that a modern prepper can glean from his experiences.

SHTF Survival Stories Vol. 2

A collection of stories from Balkan War survivor, Selco, on the people he met and lessons he learned throughout the war. This is 103 pages of content that is likely to leave you with chills.

SHTF Survival Stories: Memories from the Balkan War Volume 3

More stories and lessons learned throughout the Balkan War by survivor, Selco. Not only are Selco’s stories told within these 105 pages, but the stories of other survivors from the war are at last written here as well. You may be surprised with what you learn.

The Stockpile Café

2020 taught us that there are times when you may be forced to only eat what is already in your house. But do you know how to do that long-term based off of what you have stored in your pantry already? Here, Daisy Luther shows you what it takes to do so. 57 pages worth of content.

The ULTIMATE Survival Gear Handbook

Here, skilled writer Fabian Ommar shows you just what it is that you need to keep in your survival kits at all times so that you have the ability to escape from disaster as quickly as possible with the gear necessary to stay alive. Whether you’re concerned about immediate lockdowns, wildfires, roving bands of armed men, or whatever, this book will teach you what to keep packed at the ready so that you can make a run for it with what you need. 148 pages.


For those looking for a more comprehensive approach to various aspects of prepping – or perhaps for those who learn better from a course structure, check out some of the various courses offered here by the prepping pros at The Organic Prepper…

BLOOM Where You’re Planted ($100)

It doesn’t matter where you are at currently, and if you’re not an a secluded 100-acre farm with running water nearby. The Organic Prepper founder, Daisy Luther, can teach you what it takes to prep with what you have, where you are it. In other words, she can teach you how to bloom where you are planted.

This course contains video, written, and interactive content which covers how to craft a plan for storage, food, water, networking, bugging out, weather, self-reliance, special needs, and analyzing what the most likely disasters are in your area.

Dozens of downloads are available with the course as well which can easily be printed off as well to assist you along your prepping journey.

Build a Better Pantry on a Budget ($59.95)

The events of the past two years have taught many the importance of having a fully stocked pantry, but have you been left wondering if there wasn’t a way you could be doing such better? Within this course, The Organic Prepper founder, Daisy Luther, will show you how you can build a pantry to be proud of, will help you to weather disaster, and all without breaking the bank.

This 21-lesson course will take you through the entire process of building such a food storage system, and the course can be completed at your own pace. Every three days a new lesson will be sent your way full of thought exercises, videos, written information, and printables.

SELCO: SHTF Boot Camp ($199.49)

Created by Balkan War survivor, Selco Begovic, here you’ll learn what you actually need to know in order to survive a violent disaster situation. Selco covers urban and rural survival skills, how you can prepare for disaster before it ever happens, what first aid looks like when there are no medical facilities, and how one should deal with violence in these types of disaster situations as well.

Selco: One Year in Hell ($199.49)

After living for a year in a city under siege during the Balkan War of the early 1990s, Selco learned a thing or two about what it takes to survive, as well as what a true violent disaster scenario actually entails. Here, Selco shows you the signs which come before these types of disasters, how life changes afterwards, what it takes to stay clean and healthy during these events, and how life begins to come back to “normal” after the violence stops.

Selco: Civil Unrest and Riots ($29.95)

Have the summer of 2020 on the brain? Did you watch enough of America burning throughout the past two years to realize it’s probably wise to figure out what it takes to survive civil unrest and riots? Here, Balkan War survivor, Selco Begovic, shows you what to do before a protest happens, how to escape them, and how to survive in the midst of them.

History Lessons From Selco: The Anatomy of a Slow-Burning SHTF ($29.95)

This is a brief interview between The Organic Prepper founder, Daisy Luther, and Balkan War survivor, Selco, as they examine the effects of COVID on American society, tips for surviving a SHTF situation that’s not exactly the apocalypse but is gradually getting there.

eBook Bundles

If you’re looking for a deal and are interested in more than one of our eBooks we have to offer, check out some of our eBook bundles that we offer below. These are a great way to lay aside from knowledge in a cost-friendly way.

Here are some of what we have to offer…

The Pantry Bundle Plus ($99.95)

  • The Stockpile Café
  • The Seasonal Kitchen Companion
  • The Flat Broke Cookbook
  • And more!

The Cookbook Bundle ($24.95)

  • The Stockpile Café
  • The Seasonal Kitchen Companion
  • The Flat Broke Cookbook

SELCO’s SHTF Anthology Series and SHTF Survival Stories ($49.95)

  • Vol 1-3 of SHTF Survival Stories
  • Vol 1-3 of SHTF Anthology

Prepper’s 10 Book Bundle ($79.49)

  • The Bug Out Book
  • The Blackout Book
  • The Prepper’s Yearbook
  • The Ultimate Survival Gear Handbook
  • SHTF Survival Stories 1-2
  • The Hurricane Survival Guide
  • The Stockpile Café
  • Bug Out Boot Camp
  • The Dirty Truth About How to Start Homesteading

SHTF Stories 1,2, and 3 ($24.95)

SHTF Anthologies 1, 2, and 3 ($24.95)

Wrapping it up (and putting a bow on it)

The Organic Prepper strives to be your first-line source of top-tier prepper knowledge. Literally just about anything you could ever want to know within the world of prepping has been covered within our articles, and our online store has the information you need in order to make wise and informed decisions when it comes to disaster preparedness.

So, check out what we have to offer and consider picking up a few eBooks to gift to both the new or experienced prepper within your life.

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