What Happens to All This Prepping Information If the Website (or the Internet) Goes Down?

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When I started The Organic Prepper wayyyyy back in 2012, I never in a million years expected that it would not only become a popular blog, but a website that became the livelihood of me and several other people.

I got “lucky” when it took off immediately. A week after the website began, the tragedy at Sandy Hook occurred and everyone in the mainstream was bashing preppers as the cause of the shooting. I wrote an article in defense of preppers for my tiny audience of about 200 people. Somehow, a reporter on Yahoo came across it and quoted it. (And we’re not talking about a flattering representation here.)

Suddenly, the week-old Organic Prepper website and I were “on the map.” I received a horrifying barrage of hate mail, fervent wishes that my own children would die in a school shooting, and outright threats from strangers on the internet. It was overwhelming, and to be honest, kind of terrifying.

I wanted to quit.

My mentor at the time put his foot down. He said, “A new blog cannot PAY for publicity like this. Stop reading the comments. Stop reading the emails. Just keep doing what you do and writing what you write.” I got a friend to monitor comments for me and followed his advice.

It turned out, he was right. That horrible negative publicity brought other preppers out of the woodwork to stand behind me and say that I was correct in my assessment and these awful people threatening my family and me should be ashamed. And my website took off from there.

Ten years later…

Now, almost ten years later, we get up to half a million hits a month and we’re one of the biggest preparedness websites on the internet. We have many writers besides just me now, and the site contains thousands of articles.

But 2021 has also been the year that we’ve been hit from every direction by people who want us silenced. We were deemed a “disinformation website” early this summer and dropped by our advertising network. That defunding hit us hard and if we hadn’t had some other streams of income, patriotic sponsors who believe in free speech, and donations from you, our readers, we would have folded.

Since that happened we have worked tirelessly to keep the website going by producing books, courses, and webinars.

But the threat of censorship still looms over our heads. New laws are made on almost a daily basis that could one day subject us to legally sanctioned censorship. We’ve been hacked.  We’ve been threatened. We’ve been plagued in various ways with frozen accounts, banking difficulties, and other technical inconveniences.

Some say that we have ticked off the current administration, previous administrations, the CDC, Fauci, and apparently China.

At the same time, we’ve helped people learn to be more self-reliant in the face of potential food shortages. We’ve provided commentary on the events in the world and shared our own stories. We helped our audience understand what to expect in a world gone mad. Our readers will not have to rely on anyone to save them.

And we’re not done yet, not by any stretch of the imagination.

But all our work could disappear.

But we’re living in a Brave New World in which we could be silenced at any point in time. Ten years of our work could potentially disappear at the click of a mouse. If you’d asked me a year ago whether that would be possible, I’d scoff and say, “Not any time soon!”

But if you asked me that today, I’d tell you something entirely different. I’d tell you that it’s definitely a matter of concern.  I’d say that we’ve published so many warnings that have turned out to be accurate that we could be targeted. I really do hope that I’m overreacting. Unfortunately, it seems like most of the time when I say, “I hope I’m overreacting,” I’m not. That’s because I’m a strong believer in the predictive power of patterns. And the world has seen this before.

This isn’t even to mention the fragility of our infrastructure, something that we’ve witnessed repeatedly this year with rolling blackouts, cyberattacks, and power outages.

In a staff meeting we discussed how to mitigate this possibility, and we came up with a solution based on a suggestion from a reader named Jason.

We’re putting our entire archive on a 32GB USB.

We’ve got 4 people working tirelessly to assemble a digital archive of everything published on The Organic Prepper.

We’re talking about more than 2500 articles, illustrations, and footnotes in case you want to dig deeper into our sources. It’s a goldmine of information. It will be searchable by topic, keyword, author, and year. It will work in any device that accepts USBs, so all you’d need is a tablet of some sort and a solar charger to be able to access everything on the website in the future.

This USB is literally thousands of pages of original content.

Go here to order your USB: https://learn.theorganicprepper.com/product/the-organic-prepper-usb-archive/

We will begin shipping products on USBs on January 15, 2022. The USBs will be shipped in the order in which they were purchased. We’re loading them ourselves, checking to make sure they work properly, and popping them into an envelope to send to you. We’re putting hundreds of hours into this project and will be putting hundreds more into it once we begin loading and mailing USBs.

Order yours today.

Remember, these products will be shipped out in the order in which the purchases are received. Be among the first to get yours by purchasing over this coming weekend. The $59 offer ends at midnight on Cyber Monday. After that, the price goes up to $99. Once Jan. 1 rolls around, it will only be available at the full price of $199.

Go here to order your USB:


We can’t wait to get all of this information safely in your hands. Be on the lookout because we’ll be changing a lot of things to old-school formats next year to dodge the censors.

We thank you for your support.

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther is a coffee-swigging, globe-trotting blogger. She is the founder and publisher of three websites.  1) The Organic Prepper, which is about current events, preparedness, self-reliance, and the pursuit of liberty on her website, 2)  The Frugalite, a website with thrifty tips and solutions to help people get a handle on their personal finances without feeling deprived, and 3) PreppersDailyNews.com, an aggregate site where you can find links to all the most important news for those who wish to be prepared. She is widely republished across alternative media and  Daisy is the best-selling author of 5 traditionally published books and runs a small digital publishing company with PDF guides, printables, and courses. You can find her on FacebookPinterest, Gab, MeWe, Parler, Instagram, and Twitter.

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  • I was hoping to find your IP address. If your domain is stolen or crashed, we could type that in and up you would come.
    I learned about that from mike Adams, the Health ranger a year ago. His is

    • Some hosting providers don’t allow that access method due to them using a single public WAN IP to host multiple domains / websites. It simple has the web server leverage http headers to filter / direct your browser to website xyz.

      It also tends to decrease security as someone could DDoS that single IP. Thus services like Cloud flare are in demand.

  • Seems like a good deal for anyone wanting that. I however am thinking out of the box and foresee an EMP hitting the grid and it will ALL disappear. NO internet at all and NO computer, nothing that we are used to will be available anymore…NOW I am like you thinking maybe it won’t happen, but it might, it actually probably will happen and yes, it’s just a matter of time!!!
    I hope the people order asap b/c my grandmother told me…there is NO promise of tomorrow!!!

  • The Pope is pushing the new world order hard. Not only is the Pope fallible, he is in fact all fouled up. If Mary were here on earth today, she would tell you that the Pope is a fraud that hates the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Pope is leading the world to hell and most are going willingly along with him to a place that he says doesn’t even exist.

  • Glad to see you’re still here. Your concerns are why I have a houseful of PHYSICAL books, not something that can disappear in a heartbeat. And I’m sure you know what I’m referring to. I’m a retired microbiologist. Before that I was in the electronics industry. About the only things we can rely on will be pre-transistor technology (if that), so most of my ‘power’ tools are backed up by hand tools. And there’s more info about survival on paper here than on my hard drive (I don’t even trust an SSD). But all that can change in a heartbeat, too.

    I’m glad you’ve decided to distribute your info, but on behalf of us retired folks, I’d like to make a couple of observations. First, it’s out of the price range of many of us, and I’ll explain why. Second, it’s a bit impractical, for reasons explained below. The ‘sale’ is a nice gesture, but your timing, at the END of the month when most of our bank accounts are spent, has also put it out of the reach of those of us who might have otherwise taken advantage of the sale. You see, a LOT of us were screwed over by the changes the Social Security Administration implemented a few decades ago. When we were tricked into signing up for the Ponzi scheme, we were told all we’d have to do was pay into it for 40 quarters – 10 years if doing so in one block of time. I’d done that by ’75, though I was still paying into it until ’84. At that point I started a long period of volunteerism, private contracting and a few years of owning my own businesses.

    Around 1998 I had reason to apply for SSI for an injury back in the 70’s which had now caught up with me. I found out that somewhere back in the late 70’s or early 80’s the SSA had unilaterally CHANGED the terms of our ‘contract’. They would now calculate what they would pay out on our retirement according to what we’d paid into it over the LAST CONTINUOUS 40 quarters, instead of ANY 40 quarters. I’d paid nothing into it during those last 10 years, so my expected payments on retirement dropped from nearly $2,000/month to under $800. Even people my age who WERE paying into it up until they retired, didn’t always pay into it regularly, for one reason or another, so they are getting far less than what they’d expected when they started working in the late 60’s – early 70’s.

    In addition to that, we have been hearing for decades that Social Security is almost ‘broke’. When/if that happens, NOBODY will be getting any retirement checks.

    There are many people in my situation now, who, if they’d been made aware of the changes (which are a violation of basic contract law) would’ve been able to plan ahead had they known. Just making simple, well-chosen investments (aside from the fees brokers charged) would’ve put us far ahead, even with the dilution in worth due to inflation. But most who had ‘regular’ jobs are now looking at unaffordable housing in any large city and have had to go ‘mobile’ (RV’ing) just to survive on what little we’re getting. I’m lucky to have had a very cheap rental situation, but am looking at imminent homelessness because the landlord can’t afford the increasing (and I should add fraudulent) property taxes. That’s a long story but briefly: NO land owner should be paying property taxes even IF they run a _private_ business on it. But states and counties conned us out of the title to our land in the 30’s and unlawfully re-defined and converted them into ‘commercial’ properties so they could tax them. And then they required us to have business ‘licenses’ for anything they considered ‘commercial’ activity on what they consider THEIR land. See annavonreitz.com for more info.

    I lost a previous ‘survival and re-establishment of civilization’ library when a former landlord failed to repair my roof, as promised, while I was out of state and three rainstorms ruined everything I owned. I’m facing the same thing again, this time simply for lack of a place to go, as there’s almost NO available rental housing in my small rural community, much less affordable housing.

    I writing not just to you, but to anybody else who might read this for THEIR consideration, too.

    For YOUR business, I will give you this advice, that you may plan ahead: if you have not already done so, move your data (and business) to any server farm owned by folks that either agree with your principles, or you are at least a part, if not major, owner of. Better yet start your own, since it seems to be a lucrative business these days. And PRINT the info you’ve gathered (even if you have to do it in several volumes), using on demand or in a quantity suitable enough for customers to purchase easily. By that I don’t mean the usual $39.95 or more price others are gouging for a $12.95 equivalent book. I was in the new/used retail book industry and know what they should cost. My customers were not paying ‘keystone’ for the books I sold and I still made enough to pay for the store, gradual increase and wider selection of inventory, and my food, utilities and a rented house.

    I applaud you making your printed books available on Amazon, and for a reasonable price. But I, personally, cannot afford retail anymore, so rely on the off chance of finding what I want at thrift stores now. One day there won’t BE any Amazon, and by extension ANY online book stores. So what we have on our shelves at home when the lights go out will be it. I hope your customers realize we’re running out of time and see the value in your publications before it’s too late. If what happens is what I’m pretty sure WILL happen, I think it’d be a good thing for the world to have your information at hand to read by the light of a fire while waiting for the lights to come back on. Thank you for pursuing your dream and helping so many others.

    Now, for ANYBODY reading this:

    Expect the internet to go down, sooner than later, or at least be extremely restricted to only ‘approved’ users/carriers, which will probably mean ONLY military and government associated users. Same for the grid. Why do you think the ‘smart meters’ have been forced on us? Even ‘dumb’ meters (and your power) can be turned off at the pole on your street, though it will likely be at the substation to affect entire communities. We’ll be without one or both for at least a few weeks some time in the future, either by design OR by accident of Nature (or man). It depends on how long it will take for people to give up trying to survive without power and water and go to the ‘relocation centers’ if it’s turned off intentionally. If by accident or a natural occurence, it could be much longer – up to years for many parts of the country and the world. It depends mostly on how and where it hits, and what’s left of the infrastructure and industries supporting it. Bootstraping the grid will be most difficult, since the last few administrations have all but killed the coal industry. The hydroelectric facilities will be taken offline automatically to prevent damage from overload, unless an EMP or CME is the cause. In that case, they may be damaged, needing massive repair efforts that will take years due to inability to obtain the repair parts. Nukes could suffer the same fate as Chernobyl or Fukushima.

    THAT is why I rely primarily on books for storing knowledge I don’t already have in my head. I don’t mean simple survival skills – that’s covered in a Boy Scout Handbook or any military field manual on survival. I mean re-establishing or repairing and maintaining what we have today, from water and waste treatment to manufacturing industries. Being able to do things by hand, at small community level scale is one thing, but we will eventually want to do things with machines (and SOME, not all electronic things) again. We will eventually reacquire the means of communication with the world, but under what conditions is largely unknown.

    Until then, we have some time left. And I think Daisy’s info is worth having at hand, but it SHOULD be printed out if at all possible. No, this isn’t paid advertising, just an old guy suggesting using an important survival resource, who wishes he’d copied terabytes of info from other websites before they disappeared. Many aren’t even available at archive.org anymore (if they’d been scanned at all).

    Good luck to all.

  • I have nowhere near had the influence that you have had on prepping, and the entire US and much of the world, Daisy. Still, because I have never had a website like yours, and the one I did have I had to shut down because of lack of money, since I refused to monetize it despite all those that urged me to do so. Everything on the site was free, though I did sell a CD of my stories, which had been financed by someone else. I do not think enough ever sold for him to get his investment back.

    Still, like you, readers of my stories have contacted me in various ways and, jokingly, at least most of them I hope, asked me to quit writing the stories, because the things in them kept coming to pass not long after I would publish a new one.

    And, to a tiny degree, nothing to compare to you and your site, I have had people, certain government agencies, including some foreign ones, put pressure on me to stop writing, not just the stories, the posts on the many forums I was on for many years. I did have to give up going to some of the forums simply for a lack of time, made worse as my health continued to worsen.

    I am back on a few of them, still posting articles, including many that express my opinions about subjects that TPTB, several of the recent administrations, including the current one, even two NGOs, but mostly individuals that total disagree with my opinions, just as they do yours. It does not him me financially the way it does you, but I still watch my back and maintain operational security as well as situational awareness when I am out and about.

    I have had Facebook posts (on other people’s sites) taken down when I expressed my thoughts on the attempts for Civilian Disarmament that are ongoing, as well as one about how Islam is not a religion of peace. It is not only a religion. Not in the sense of the other mainstream religions. It is a system of government, society, business, and many other things, with the religious aspects of it only one part.

    So, I know, to a tiny degree, what you mean and what you are going through. And how much it can hurt at times, especially when someone you trust lets you down, and when people you care about are hurt due to the actions of the people that are doing these things.

    One of my best friends (never met him, except through the internet, emails, and phone calls, but he made it into the friend group a long time ago and best friend group just a few years ago) lost a son to the Wuhan Virus yesterday. The son left behind four daughters, in addition to the other family. I hurt for them, and I hurt for him. I blame TPTB that not just let the Wuhan virus come into being, then get out, and then go around the world, killing millions, but even more importantly to me, scaring people needlessly, and creating situations that are dangerous and unnecessary, to help fulfill a set of agendas that care naught for the human race in general, but only for themselves.

    I have said for years, even when people I care about, trust, and value, disagreed, sometimes strongly, that it is too late to fix things so we can go back to the way things were. That is even more true now. It is too late to fix what is. We can only fix our preps so we, and those that are like us, can survive what is coming, and coming quickly, and be ready to deal with the aftermath and then begin the rebuilding.

    Because those that are causing this, in their arrogance, will not survive it the way they envision, with themselves as the iron-fisted, no velvet glove, totalitarian rulers of the world and master of the slaves they intend for the 10% or so other survivors to be to serve them.

    I am doing what I can to prepare myself, my family, my friends, and putting together information that I intend to be available as much as 300 or more years in the future when the recovery is nearly complete and people begin to rebuild society and civilization, if it has not occurred sooner. A time when we will be able to head for the stars so Earth will not be the only location where humans can live and thrive. And not be dependent on one planet to ensure our survival.

    Very few people believe that I am doing what I say. Many do not think it possible. I do, so, I do.

    And Daisy, the information and inspiration you have provided is all part of that. I am putting off some things so I could order the thumb drive now, which is the best I can do at the moment, as much as I would like to help more.

    So, stay strong, do not lose hope, believe in yourself and what you are doing. Because you are doing a great deal. Already have and if the rest of us that look to you for advice, guidance, and information, have anything to say about it, you will be able to continue to do so.

    Just some of my rambling opinions.

    • Hey, I also think it’s too late to fix all this mess. And I, sadly, think it’s going to get worse. I would also like to save and gather information of all types, should I save them on pendrives, notebooks or hard drives?

  • 2 plus years ago I told my new wife certian things need to be written down on recipe cards . Like your mom or grandma had divide them like they did bread fruit, etc. We started with THE MOST IMPORTANTNATURAL MEDS AND HERBS. I seen China poisoning the over the counter 10 years ago I knew satan works in decades not days. When things went south I went to scratch and dent stores bought aspirin and cold meds they may be out dated but I check them alot and they all still work. I learned natural meds and tinquirs for colds pain etc I had her write down the main story behind how to use each herb the identification of plants comes easy after you see the main ways to identify them how to boil or seap teas roots to be used green or dried I researched blood cleaners and congestion. Since those are the two most get . I made up a couple quarts of black salve , thats amazing, and easy to make
    Then we wrote down best ways to store foods pre canning jars we lived thousands of years before canning jars dried food is much lighter then canned you lose some nutrients but it makes a turd. We have taught our bodies to eat only when our bodies say to instead of eating so you don’t get hungry. We use our survival foods at least once a week to know how to make them and how we like them. Number one is sugar and caffeine. Im low blood sugar which took alot longer then if your not. If web goes down have a notebook about where you meet if you are separated and have your supplies there also. I wish that bugging in worked but those patriots bugging in will be the first houses taken out by your enemy. Emp shield will get you killed you better be able to walk not drive this ain’t a snow storm this is escape and evade. If its winter better have wool its still warm wet and you won’t be able to have a fire most of the time so what you wear better keep you warm. These survival sites will get you killed when you are being hunted.

    • I wish I could. But we are probably going to be over 10,000 pages just with the content itself. As well, we were concerned about privacy and the possibility of incorrect information. So in the end, we opted not to include the comments

  • What a marvelous, selfless act in making your decades-long labor of love available to your readers in a protected private format; USB.
    I can think of few folks who would allow their baby (site info) to be entrusted to their readers, with no requirement that all future customers would be referred back to you, as opposed to simply passing along to others the contents of their USB.
    Let’s hope all who order the USB do the right thing when asked for more than one or two items in future. That would be the appropriate way to pay you back for your generosity and trust. NjW

  • If the site were to go down, you could possibly send articles via email. Not the best thing to use, but it might keep us all in the loop. There are a few sites I frequent that keep subscriber emails on a list to send info out in case something happens to their site. And in at least two cases over the years they have been used to report the problems.

  • You should get used to it. Complete blackout of your electrical circuits. You should start planning your life around NO electricity.

    Gas-powered stoves, diesel engines, horses, donkeys, possible gas generators but you’ll have no access to gas.

    Your magic is to be PREPARED.

  • Perhaps simple instructions on how to download and file the articles published in 2022 and beyond so that we can continue to download articles?

    • We’re planning a couple of different things for next year’s content: a monthly printed copy and an annual USB.

  • Last week a blog I go to frequently was blocked on Google. About five years ago I got an account at Yandex.com, a Russian search engine, which is much better in every way than Google or Duck Duck Go. I opened it to search for the website and found it immediately.

    You might consider going to an old-fashioned print magazine if necessary. I just ordered your archive and would subscribe to your magazine.

  • This is why as with the Mercola and other sites, you have PDF versions linked to every article. Go further and make the PDFs available on an FTP server or cloud site. Open access.

  • The mention of using the Yandex browser above has special relevance here. The question was raised about how to download TOP articles. I just ran a test. I pulled up this article … INCLUDING all the comments and the ads … in the Yandex browser I’ve been using for several years because among other features it has a superb “Save webpage to PDF” feature. It even reliably preserves the embedded links in articles such as the $59 order link for Daisy’s 32GB flash drive with her massive articles archive.

    That leaves you with the options of archiving such articles on your computing gadgetry, on external hard drives or flash drives, as well as printing out copies. That leaves you free to make your best judgments as to which options to use for routine retrieval, for simple grid down situations, for deliberate grid down attacks, or for short term or INCH [I’m never coming home] type bug-out possibilities.

    A couple other features that the free-to-download Yandex has. It has a very good built-in language translator so for any website in the world that you can pull up, you can translate it into English in a few seconds. It also has a trainable global news gathering service called Zen that you can semi-fine-tune to your preferences although any time you change your hard drive or change your computing gadgetry you have to start that training of Zen over again. I confirmed that’s the case with a conversation with Yandex support in Russia.

    But if for no other reason, the free-to-use Yandex’s ablity to save Daisy’s articles (including all the embedded links, comments and ads) to PDF format is worth gold.


  • I see that just this evening, Daisy, you’ve disclosed a decision not to include the comments in your 32GB flash drive of articles from day one of TOP through the present. While it’s not my place to second guess your reasons, it does open up some new questions. Some of those comments from your wonderful community of writers and readers are incredibly valuable, some more so to some people and some less so to others. As always, just as there is occasional justification to question various authors’ statements from time to time, the same can be said about some of the comments. My thoughts are that readers should always be willing to double-check statements from either paid authors or unpaid commenters with equal enthusiasm.

    Given that perspective, there will be some readers who will want to use your 32GB flash drive (1) as a Table of Contents (or an index) to find materials of the greatest interest to them, and if possible, (2) to use those articles to find the comments online (while still available) that they will want to archive.

    That raises some questions:

    1. In what order will the articles be organized? In the chronological order they originally appeared online? In some subject matter grouping unrelated to that chronological order? Or in some order that a book-style index might suggest?

    2. Will the complete URL for each article on that flash drive be included so that the reader can more easily track down the relevant comments of personal interest to archive them while they are still online?

    3. And if that complete URL will be included, in what format will the articles be preserved on that flash drive? Some formats are a lot easier to bundle additions onto than others. A heads-up on knowing that format can smooth the archiving process.

    4. Can you estimate the likely amount of unused space remaining on that 32GB flash drive once the existing articles are archived? Determining that unused space could help a decision to copy the entire contents over to a larger flash drive (since those prices have come way down in recent years) to make room for the saved comments as well — whether such comments can be stored adjacent to their articles or (better) tacked onto the end of their relevant articles.

    As an example of motivation, this evening I stumbled across a 2020 comment I had made but lost track of … that I regard personally as incredibly valuable. This was that excerpt:

    “You’ve learned that the freebie website privacy.com is a great way to protect your charge cards from being hacked by generating temporary card numbers for either one-time or many times use for selected purchase transactions. It can also contribute strongly to keeping purchases private that you must keep private (like ghost gun parts, eg.)”

    That’s just one tiny example (of thousands) that might be highly relevant for some people, but maybe not others. An inability to locate and archive such materials of great interest to self-chosen persons would be a terrible loss.


    • As far as how to organize the articles, I suggest you look at how the books are organized at http://www.survivorlibrary.com/library-download.html All folders are “top level” folders, i.e. contain no sub-folders. This means all subjects can be read at one time, no drilling down and backing out. No, not my site.

      I have copied all Daisy’s articles for about 4 years now, with the comments. I have organized them, along with articles from other sources, using the folder organization described above.

      I copy the article title, body of article, less top graphic and bottom disclaimers plus comments into a MS Word doc. I save the word doc as a PDF. I check back for a few days for new comments and paste any into the word doc saving each time to the PDF. After comments stop I just delete the word doc.

      I back all these, and much more, to USB thumb drives and to USB external hard drives all of which which I keep in a Faraday cage.

      Lewis, your comments are always well thought out and a joy to read, as are others.

  • bill, that survivorlibrary link you suggested gave me some heart-throb moments. Coming from homesteading ancestors in pre-electric times, the collection of downloadable PDF versions of that early literature was fascinating to me. Their system works well for technology that was fairly settled long ago. Now contrast that with the present dilemma. TOP articles often cover changing, conflicting, and frequently updated topics. It’s not unusual for TOP articles to originate several years ago, and after the initial flurry of comments, to rest in peace for some time, and then years later with updates in news, technology, politics, etc., those articles are brought back for fresh attention and updates and sometimes corrections in the comments.

    Your methodology allows for adding those updates into your personal protected archives. In contrast, archive.org (which trashed Dr. Joseph Mercola’s lifetime of research articles they had on file), while it has diligently been archiving TOP articles, it has always refused to include any of the comments — whether originals or updates over the years. Archive.org is notable for multiple reasons: (1) they pretend to be the internet’s library, (2) as a non-profit they embed money solicitations at the top of every web page of TOP articles I saw, (3) they refuse to archive any comments, old or recent, to those articles, and (4) they are politically unreliable, based on their total destruction of Dr. Mercola’s lifetime of work there.

    I went to Archive.org to see if they were archiving TOP articles (at least for now) and including the comments (absolutely not). So for the moment, the way that you, bill, are preserving both the TOP articles (including those vital comments with occasional updates and sometimes corrections) off-line and Faraday-protected is a system I wish I had emulated instead of merely archiving the article URLs (at risk of dying from political suppression or long term power outages or multiple gadget crashes), excepting a few chosen printouts.

    Daisy’s dilemma is two-fold. The flash drive system, including future years additions (without comments as proposed) guarantees that no articles transmitted that way are allowed to include any updates or corrections. The second gotcha is the vulnerability of her list of domain names. Unless a parallel network of websites that can’t be politically squashed can be created or accessed, the TOP library (for downloading) remains at risk. I see some names like odysee, substack, and brighteon being used for such purposes. I also see some early efforts to create blockchain-based platforms as well which seem to have international resiliance, but I claim no expertise in those areas.

    It’s not my place to be the busy-body to tell Daisy what to do. All I can do is try to make sense of the apparent landscape of possible opportunities and minefields, and perhaps share those observations in hopes that our community might benefit.


  • Just pre-ordered the USB myself. I know the tools and how to ‘web crawl’ any website to download offline, but instead wanted to support this wonderful website.
    Thank you Daisy & team!

  • I would imagine for every one hate mail you gained ten or twenty new viewers, maybe many more. Good on you.

    The next round of attack will likely be delistings from DNS’s.

    At the rate we’re going, we’ll be back to BBS’s over packet radio or via the QO-100 satellite by mid-2022…

    Keep the faith.

  • Daisy,

    I’ve received my USB but there’s an issue and no customer service email to address it to. What type USB Is this? I usually can use my USB 3 card reader to read any but this one is too thick to fit in standard micro SD slots. It’s rather frustrating. As it is, I spent $$ on something that is perfectly useless.

  • You Need More Than Food to Survive

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