A Chinese Container Ship Trapped in the Chesapeake Bay? Sounds Normal to Me.

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The container ship fiasco never really went away. It just quit being mentioned in the news cycle. But, perhaps, here’s one container ship story you weren’t even aware of. There’s a container ship that’s been stuck in the Chesapeake Bay for the past two weeks – and it’s flying the Hong Kong flag.

For those of you who still believe that Hong Kong is its own separate entity, let’s not forget that Hong Kong was returned to China in 1997.

And, for what it’s worth, here’s a highly entertaining and completely unrelated video:


You can see this ship’s current coordinates HERE. (Approximately 37 miles from DC.)

What’s the backstory with this container ship?

March 13, 2022, a container ship, reportedly carrying general cargo, and owned by Evergreen Marine became grounded in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay. The name of the 1096-foot ship is the Ever Forward, and the event took place almost exactly a year (March 23) after the Suez Canal was blocked by another Evergreen Marine container ship, the Ever Given.

To be fair, Evergreen is a Taiwanese company and many point out it is unlikely a Taiwanese company would be a threat to the United States. What’s strange here is that it’s not a Taiwan flag that’s being flown.

The ship left Baltimore’s Seagirt Terminal on the night of March 13, 2022, with the stated intention of traveling to Norfolk, Virginia.

But then, the Ever Forward traveled outside of the Craighill Channel – the shipping lane that ships traveling through the area utilize. Whereas the Craighill Channel is 50’ deep, the Ever Forward ended up going to a location where the water depth is only 25’ – and there, it ended up being grounded.

A perfect location for an accident

The location where the Ever Forward ended up grounding itself poses no obstruction to other cargo ships in the area and happened in such a way that there was no damage to the ship, no injuries were recorded, and no pollution took place. In short, its being grounded really creates no sense of urgency.

The US Coast Guard has stated that they’re not sure why the Ever Forward ran aground. (Surely, the Coast Guard isn’t insinuating they don’t know that big ships can’t travel in shallow waters. Are they referring to something else?)

Though Evergreen Marine is based out of Taiwan, the Ever Forward flies the Hong Kong flag. If you’re looking for a connection between the Chinese company Evergrande and Evergreen, so far, given a cursory glance through the respective companies’ boards of directors HERE and HERE, we can’t find one.

According to NukeMap, an atomic bomb the size of the one we dropped on Nagasaki if air-burst over DC wouldn’t cause any radioactive fallout to reach the Chesapeake Bay where the ship resides. That would be a rather large nuke for one of those missiles, but that is what I mean.

To the best of my knowledge, none of the missiles referenced within the above video are nuclear-capable. They were all cruise missiles chiefly designated for ships. That’s not to say they are the type of missiles that would be used in an attack of this type or that there aren’t EMP weapons that couldn’t be attached to the warheads of one of these missiles.

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It’s probably worth pointing out the research of Dr. Vincent Pry at this point.

Pry has been one of the foremost voices of the EMP threat against the United States for years now. As he stated in 2020, China has been planning an EMP attack against Americans for 25 years now.

A February 12, 2000, article in the official newspaper of the Shanghai Communist Party Central Committee says, “The possession of electromagnetic pulse bombs (missiles) will provide the conditions to completely destroy an aircraft carrier fleet, and the way to complete victory in dealing with aircraft carrier fleets.”

Norfolk is a major US Navy base (Naval Station Norfolk). Just saying.

Also, it wasn’t but two years ago, in March 2020, that China threatened to use EMP weaponry against the US Navy after arguments over the South China Sea.

Interestingly, this is an aspect of warfare that the United States seems to be neglecting and there are even some rather concerning hints we’re seeing here. As Americans, we have to quit living as if we’re immune to foreign aggression on American soil simply because we haven’t seen direct, overt, conventional military strikes since Pearl Harbor.

War is real, and America is not immune.

Is this Chinese container ship positioned to get American politicians to “play ball?”

Perhaps to get America to sit down and shut up in the event of a Taiwanese invasion? Perhaps to get Americans to quit looking for Chinese spies on American soil?

Or is this container ship flying a Hong Kong flag that went out of the designated shipping channel and has been stuck (for reasons that the US Coast Guard can’t figure out) in the Chesapeake Bay 37 miles from DC and only a few miles from Baltimore for two weeks entirely a coincidence?

Let me know what you’re thinking below.

About Jeff

Jeff Thompson is an avid fisherman who likes to spend time sailing on his boat and reading while at sea.

Jeff Thompson

Jeff Thompson

Jeff Thompson is an avid fisherman who likes to spend time sailing on his boat and reading while at sea.

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  • I can’t pretend to arm chair quarterback this one, but thank you for the eye-opening report! From what I understand of the history of cycles, we are about at the point of a major China-Taiwan conflict. This seems to be just one more manifestation of that cycle, whatever is inside the container and why it’s stuck!

  • Is the new…..woke……coast guard that they have not considered what might be in one of those containers on the ship. Have they even gone on board to run a check and see if there is a atomic footprint there. If not, why have they not removed it? this I find interesting………”Marine is based out of Taiwan, the Ever Forward flies the Hong Kong flag.” If it should go boom, who would the hair sniffer blame……not china I bet….since that would cut out his l0 percent he gets. Get that dam ship out of that area period…..but make that check for atomic weapons FIRST.

    • There could be something on board that we need to urgently know about. Can somebody tell me WHY ARE THEY PROCRASTINATING? WHAT’S THE HOLD UP? WHAT’S WITH THE COAST GUARD? Seems they know about it. but they don’t have a clue as to what’s on board this ship. WHY is that? I would think someone needs to get on there and check it out from to bottom.
      Looks like they are playing the “WE ARE SCARED TO GO ONBOARD” game. OF it might be the “WHAT WE DONT KNOW WON’T HURT US” game…
      What is the job of the Coast Guard nowadays? My husband spent 24 years of his life between the Navy and the Coast Guard, and it used to be to WATCH the waters, and be sure things were safe…
      Today it seems that things are NOT always as they appear or seem to be, ahhhhhh…

      • Or they were ordered not to board the vessel and dutifully and submissively complied (ignoring the national risk – just following orders you know).

  • I don’t know why I subscribe to Steve Quayle I-Guess it reminds me of all the Black world conspiracies out there. There is a reason Steve Quayle does not allow comments on his articles because he is so far out there not even the aliens find him credible.

    • In the current political climate, due diligence is surely warranted.

      Funny; I used to hear a lot about “conspiracy theorists.” Then I started noticing how accurate they were, and how “alternative news websites” usually had the “news” SEVERAL DAYS before CNN and Fox started mentioning it…

  • I suppose no one read the report that the ex CIA man,Robert Steele , wrote concerning the Ever Given.In his report he had proof the ship was remotely controlled and run almost full ahead into the bank by the US Navy with the full approval of the Egyptian Government.This was to delay the ship and search the containers.When they did the search they found over one thousand children, some dead some still alive ,locked in several containers.This was never reported by the Lame Stream News,understandably.
    Oh,by the way they killed him after this came out.Look it up.Now they ran this ship aground in very shallow water so she would be stuck for a while and will have to have some of the boxes removed to lighten her enough to get off.This will give the “White Hats” in our real ,Military time to search the ship.The dumb ass Coast Guard has no Idea how they “missed” the turn in the Channel,Could it be she was remote controlled also.If you don’t think a ship can be remotely controlled,just remember the two destroyers that were sitting ducks and got “T Boned” by remote controlled freighters . The Navy never admitted it but they sure pulled all the “sail by wire”crap out of them and went back to the old way of control.Check it out.

    • I wish I still had faith in some “whitehat” elements of fedgov or the military. Fact is: I have faith that fedgov and the military to do whatever they can to cause the worst possible harm to common Americans. To wit: endless wars, endless false flags, covid and the hell that’s coming.

      Bad guys (corporations and central banks) took down our country a century+ ago. Our fathers, grandfathers and their predecessors allowed this to happen incrementally. Now the common man is gonna live with the results.

  • My immediate thought also when I heard of this one. And thanks for all the details which I had not heard. It also was in my thoughts when all the Chinese cargo ships were/are still(?) stuck outside of the docks in CA. Makes one wonder definitely and why the Military is surveilling American people and not giving this whole cargo ship a thorough check over never ceases to amaze me.

  • A crazy idea….they are in an area that houses…Little Creek Amphib base…close to Norfolk Naval…largest east coast base… then you have 3 other bases Oceana Air…Dam Neck and Ft.Story.. in VaBch area…a stones throw….
    A modern day Pearl Harbor?
    It would be a total check mate… a few carrier groups eliminated and a harsh blow to Air. Radar wouldnt even pick up an attack…we have a saying…trust is good not trusting is better.

    • Those bases are hundred miles away.
      The ship was going to fast and slid onto the Belvedere shoal.
      American pilot driving and steering the ship at the time.
      All ships in US Waters have an American pilot. Always!

    • how about sending this story to fox news, tucker carlson or someone? THEY will get it out there, then maybe the coast guard will have to “do” something! this should be all over the news!!!

  • “Interestingly, this is an aspect of warfare that the United States seems to be neglecting.” Wouldn’t maintaining OPSEC be the smart thing to do? Does the US really not have hypersonic missiles, laser weapons, EMFs, or things as yet unheard of? Should we just lay all our cards face up on the table? I bet they’re 30 years ahead of the things they let us know about, things so advanced they look like alien technology.

    “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from Magic.”

    • Interesting points Refuge Man (that’s one of my favorite quotes by the way!). The US hasn’t really been neglecting things like this. In the years not long after 9/11, there was a team I’m personally aware of that performed a fairly comprehensive OSINT risk assessment of scenarios exactly like this one, and other similar ocean/water based threats to the US mainland. Launching a low yield nuke, or several of them at the same time, over our country could indeed create an EMP event. The risk potential is very high, and we as a nation are not as prepared as we should be (my opinion). Mostly thanks to corrupt politicians, not because of those who are actually tasked with protecting the nation.

      In the years prior to China’s economic ascension, there was a National Geographic cover story (forgot exactly what year) describing how there are not enough resources on the planet to support China developing into a nation with a standard of living similar to the US. This explains why China has been slowly going around the world and securing valuable resources to support their goals. What they haven’t been able to buy, they seize/take without permission.

      The USA has a lot of resources, including food production capabilities. China wants it. They would have no problem lighting up some EMP devices and coming in afterwards to ‘clean up’ what’s left of our population so they can take over the nation.

      Vincent Pry has been sounding the alarm to Congress every year for many years. They (Congress) continue ignoring the information. If I remember correctly, in one of the most recent reports he presented, he issued a call to action for all Americans to get more actively and directly involved by relentlessly hounding their elected officials to take action.

      That 2020 report can be found here:


      I strongly encourage everyone to find a way to get involved. This is not a sprint, its a marathon.

      • I meant, that the US has EMP weapons. That the grid is not protected from EMP attacks is another thing, and would probably be allowed, so that the Corporate Elite could get filthy rich replacing it, not to mention all the ‘security’ (loss of freedom) measures that could be enacted. I always wondered, why would China attack the US, but you make a valid point. The land, without the people… Good luck with elected officials looking after our best interests. They serve higher powers.

        • Got it….I went back and read your posting again…..and the article……looks like I was reading things too quickly when I had a few minutes. I need to be more careful about that, especially these days. Your point is valid. Agreed, OPSEC is key.

    • I posted a somewhat long reply to your comment Refuge Man. It is apparently being reviewed by a moderator. If it doesn’t show up, I’ll find a way to reword it and re-post it.

    • Nice idea but I don’t believe a govt with Hair Sniffer and The Cackler at the helm even knows what OPSEC is

    • Our technology is years ahead of anyone else’ s but is not talked about. The last time our missile guidance systems were talked about in the mid 1990s Clinton sold them to the Chinese. But I guess that was all in good fun. No repercussions.

  • Evergreen is a Taiwanese company known for its pro-Taiwan independence stance. It has many subsidiaries, including Eva Airline based out of Taiwan. It would be a far stretch to say that a pro-Taiwan company would use its ship to do the works of Chinese communists to attack US. Unless there’s some hard evidences, I think it highly unlikely that Evergreen would be doing such anything willingly and knowingly.

  • Well, all we’re concerned with is Ukraine. Remember they have jailed people in their own country prior to this war, we have a border unsecured, and no one cares NO ONE. INFLATION IS THROUGH THE ROOF, and if you listen to any former economic adviser ie art laffer its going to increase. Now in this article there’s a ship in the Chesapeake. Not a word on the news. Wake up people. There’s investigation under way that hunter biden, or the Biden name has Chinese all over their accounts- banking. Not a word. I could go on n on

  • Questions –
    Is the picture at the top of this article from the ships current location in Chesapeake Bay?
    Are there Any remaining containers still on this ship?

    • Great questions. You don’t need to have any containers on a ship to execute what is discussed/shown.

  • I must admit I am the suspicious sort. Since I hail from Virginia, did a career in the Navy, and now live in a neighboring state, it just seems more than co-winkidink to me.

  • We saw direct attackS on multiple locations on 9/11/2001. I won’t waste time discussing the military aspects.

  • Forgot to mention,for up dates,go to ”
    What’s going on with shipping” with Sal Marcogliano,On YOUTUBE.This guy is good.Also you can get good info on “gCaptian.com

  • it could be a lot of reasons, but we do need to look at why groundings are happening frequently in the first place to obtain context. traitors in our government at the highest levels would suggest this is either a test of methods/actions to input into some AI quantum computer simulation to figure out best methods to take out the Norfolk fleet and USN capability there. in any event, when it all lights up we need to ensure we go after all leaders that caused this worldwide mayhem and that they get their just desserts.

  • Nothing would surprise me anymore.
    Even the fact that the authorities haven’t sought to inspect the foreign ship or tried to move it.
    Of course there’s nothing to see here and for some strange reason we’re not gonna even try and look.

  • From what I’ve learned from the grounding of the ship ‘Ever Given’ which blocked the Sues Canal last year, their should be official Pilots who are familiar with the local waters that board these ships when entering these types of channels. Two 1100’ ships from the same company grounding in one year is no coincidence. These are not old rust buckets from the Seventies, these are new and modern and extremely expensive ships which could probably stay in a shipping lane by GPS controlled ‘Auto-pilot’! Because of this ‘Trojan Horse’ possibility, this ship should be seized and the top two or three layers of containers inspected. Every politician should be ‘Badgered’ about this until it is done!

  • Clearly the gov is complicit to have any Other response then to Immediately Secure, Search & Destroy it !! Coast guard is as usless as the so called Border Patrol.

  • “Those bases are hundreds of miles away”

    At cruise missile speeds 4-6 minutes.

    And an EMP device can simply be launched straight up. No travel time required!

    And just like that… it’s 1775.
    No power, no water, no technology.


  • Nothing to see here……….move along……….Nothing to see here……….move along……….
    Bleat…….Bleat……Bleat……go the Sheeple.

  • Was there not a pilot onboard? Pilots familiar with various ports along the Chesapeake Bay and transiting the Bay itself are required by US Maritime Law.

  • Evergreen is a CIA operation. There used tp be an Evergreen aircraft company in Washington State. There is a CIA aviation hangar at Tampa International in FL. where airplanes come and go with no N numbers. The CIA is a country in itself , it has no regulation or control by anyone. It may not even have a budget as it is self financing. No one knows unless they are pretty high up. For all we know they may be controlled by the NWO. Who dares to question it? Who is that stupid. Not I.

  • Nice and convenient Spy set up on DC. area. Are the Microwaves beaming into people’s heads yet?
    CIA should be all over it but they are very busy on the Domestic side going after Granny’s tweets.
    Look for any extra antenna’s or dishes. Looks like a 5G infiltration on our infrastructure.
    Where are Shif and swallwell right now?

    • Thank you for saying that. We were stationed at Little Creek. 15 or so mins ur at Norfolk Naval. 20 and your at Oceana only because of traffic. Our rental apt made us sign a waiver if one of Oceana planes went down….look up and see the pilots eye color.
      People that know the area know this could be a serious threat if that ship has other than noble purposes. Oh well.

  • Norfolk, Va. Naval base; largest Naval military port / base in the world. A grounded enemy ship, perhaps disguised as a cargo or medical or goodwill ship isn’t grounded by accident in such a strategically important location.

    President Biden in July 2021 gave, g a v e, this base, our US Naval base / port to NATO.
    Biden even celebrated the giveaway with a ceremony and banquet.
    Now, take this Golly Gee Wiz foolery of a grounded Chinese ship for what it is. Deliberate.

  • YES, what I first suspected and when I saw the picture of the missiles I”m glad you pointed that out. For years there are videos of what our enemies can do to us with uninspected shipping containers and was one of my greatest fears. A super-quick surprise attack in our OWN backyards. Now, to me, this cannot happen with the help of our OWN(?) government which I suspect has always been betraying US since day one. And I leave you with this message been saying for a while. YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN!

  • its taiwan,
    dumb captain did not read depth chart,
    same stupid mistake as his brother did in suez canal.

  • I’m becoming more and more disillusioned at the clickbait articles being presented here on what used to be a decent prepper site. Daisy, you need to rethink the direction you’ve let things drift.

  • Never trust China, if this was a U.S container ship in a major Chinese harbor near a Chinese naval base for this link of time Chinese authorities would already have been aboard the ship investigating

  • Well, I don’t think it’s loaded with Barbie dolls! This could be China’s Trojan Horse. I feel as if something wicked this way comes.

  • About a month ago I saw a large container ship refused entry to Honolulu Harbor. Coast Guard ships refused its progress, and it turned around three times, before finally steaming south east.

  • On one hand I get the “be aware of all potential threats” but on the other it seems like the site has slipped into fear factor. This is my main preparedness site because it tends to remain balanced and out of the gloom & doom or fear for fear’s sake type of posts. Lately it feels less grounded and following along with the crazy train.

    • If you’re preparing – you must fear something! To ignore an unknown as the ship is foolish. Better view all the angles and be prepared for “no surprises “

  • It’s hard to read the comments. If it’s still stuck they know what’s on it. If you think all world leaders aren’t together you never will

    • If it’s like the Evergreen ship that got ran into the bank in the Suez Canal,they did know what they had in at least several containers,(read my post above),and they wanted them opened in a bad way,find Robert David Steele’s report on the Ever Givin and you will see why.By the way the CIA murdered him after he published it on the internet.He “died of covid” in the Hospital,right.Also Hillery is involved with Evergreen big time,the Ever Given’s call sign is HRC,go figure.

  • I live in Baltimore county and there hasn’t been a single word about this on the local news. Something will happen and it’ll be “all over but the cryin” as my dad would say.

  • Is this ship stuck very close to Bay Bridge? I noticed an Evergreen ship very close to Bay Bridge a couple weeks ago.I noticed it as we were crossing over…

  • Hi Jeff, what we all MUST NEVER forget is the FACT that there are NO “coincidences”. As for all of the “events” taking place in our world these days, ALL of them have been planned by satan and his “sub-human” worshipers, and ALLOWED by GOD ALMIGHTY. GOD told ANYONE WHO READS HIS WORD, EVERYTHING THAT IS HAPPENING, and EVERYTHING THAT <> HAPPEN. Even though satan KNOWS his final fate, I doubt that he has told ANY of those “sub-human” entities what their fates are. We MUST ask ourselves, how many groups or individuals has satan “promised” the world or its riches to since ADAM AND EVE? Furthermore, HOW MUCH PAIN, SUFFERING, AND DEATH have resulted from those lies? The FACT REMAINS that ONLY satan (through anti-christ) will be ALLOWED TO RULE THE ENTIRE WORLD FOR A TIME. During this time, (sooner than people think) ALL HELL WILL BREAK OUT ON PLANET EARTH. We are experiencing a SMALL TASTE of this now. IT <> GET MUCH WORSE!!! The fact remains, that unless we have a FIRM FOUNDATION IN OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST, THERE REMAINS LITTLE HOPE FOR HUMANITIES SOULS. Satan is the CHEIF OF ALL LIES, and ANYONE BELEIVING THOSE LIES, <<>> SUFFER THE SAME ETERNAL FATE AS THEIR “king” satan. STAY FOCUSED ON THE LORD JESUS, AND satan WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO STEAL YOUR SOUL. LOVE FOREVER, DAVIS EDWARD MAAS

  • How many similarly flagged container ships are sitting off the west coast now? Any in the Gulf of Mexico? 3 or 4 well placed EMP bursts over the continent could take out the entire country. It’s time the Coast Guard hauls that ship out of the Chesapeake.


  • ok time to update this news…..whats happening now? as for the question on the ships sitting offshore elsewhere…..whats happening with the supply backup, ships still out there, still backing up????

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