The Chauvin Verdict Proved Riots and Intimidation WORK. Expect More of It.

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The verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial prompted the writing of this article. No matter what you think of the officer’s actions, this has been a catalytic action in the insurgency or riots and intimidation that we are witnessing now.

Editor’s Note: I’m the author of the headline, which some may find inflammatory. Let me take a quick moment of Terry’s article to explain what I mean by this. Representative Maxine Waters urged activists to intimidate jurors in the trial. Lawyer Alan Dershowitz said, “Her message was clearly intended to get to the jury: “If you will acquit or if you find the charge less than murder, we will burn down your buildings. We will burn down your businesses. We will attack you. We will do what happened to the witness—blood on their door.”

And then, somehow, Chauvin was found simultaneously guilty of charges that meant he intentionally killed  George Floyd and charges that meant it was accidental or negligent. It seems impossible for a death to be both accidental and intentional, yet here we are. Please note that my commentary has nothing to do with my thoughts on Chauvin’s guilt or innocence, but on the mob scene surrounding the trial, fans flamed by a sitting member of the United States Congress.  ~ Daisy

Make no mistake, we are in the opening salvos of the latest generation of an insurgency to overturn the basic fabric of our society. When an enemy gives you information, it is wise to listen to it. Maybe that is why it is called Intelligence.

A dangerous precedent of intimidation has now been established

As I listened to a round-up of on-the-street interviews with protestors yesterday, one thing became crystal clear. They have determined that their actions over the last year have handed them a victory in the trial outcome. So rather than being satisfied that the system worked, they vow to ramp up their actions, advance their agenda, and move forward harder.

Once a revolutionary gets a taste of victory, it emboldens them and gives them fuel to keep fighting. Arguing whether the revolutionaries are based in reality or debating the merits of their complaints is futile. We are now in a place where if anything occurs against their “side”, the revolutionaries have proof that direct action (riots) works. 

Organizers and higher-ups in this insurgency and their media propagandizers have let it be known their goal is to overthrow the system as it stands by defunding the police and rethinking our system. They are now actively using terms like “Abolition of the Police,” “Reimagine America,” leaving no doubt about their motives.

Comparing the various news sources recently, it was painfully apparent revolutionaries have cover from their allies in the media. One after another, guest and commentator kept on using the language of collective guilt, America being on trial, and goading on the vanguard in the street. 

Protest leaders claim violent and non-violent protests have now been justified

Bryan Llenas, a reporter from FOX News spoke to protesters after the verdict in the Chauvin trial. Below is a portion of that interview:

BRYAN LLENAS: What we’ve been hearing tonight from a lot of the leaders of these protests is a couple of things. One, this one guilty verdict is not going to bring justice. As a matter of fact, the leader of this shut it down New York City group told the crowd that the mission is abolition that means to abolish the police. The solution is abolition. These are the things that the leaders were telling the group.

On top of that, we also spoke to Hawk Newsome, who is a leader of the Greater New York BLM group, who said that this verdict actually justifies the violent and the non-violent protests. He says that it was the violent protests and the rioting that actually helped bring about this verdict. He mentioned the fact that Rodney King as well as others they did not get the justice that they sought. And now they believe that with this threat of rioting and the mixture of violent and nonviolent protests, that this is why they received the result that they did. So there isn’t a celebratory mood here.

So they’re no longer differentiating between a riot and a protest. Now, they’re calling riots “violent protests.”

Recognize the danger of riots. Know what to do and NOT do

Most of these suggestions are common sense stuff. However, I think a constant review of these things is crucial.

  • Just don’t be there: Stay away from crowds. Stay away from protests. Just stay away, especially as evening comes.
  • Resist the urge to share your thoughts and opinions: In this era of 5th gen warfare, you face many more dangers than just physical reprisal. An emboldened enemy will start rolling with the momentum they feel. As well, don’t argue, don’t have bumper stickers on your vehicle, and be more circumspect before publicly sharing any information. Gray is the new black.
  • Be ready for things to erupt, anytime, in any location: Many advise limiting your time in populated areas. Make your ventures to shop or do business as short as possible. If your life does not allow this luxury, situational awareness is key – please be aware of what is going on around you. 
  • Always have an escape plan: Make sure to note entrances, exits, emergency exits, and alternatives, such as windows, non-support walls, etc. Having an escape plan also means practicing safe defensive/offensive driving, leaving space between vehicles, not getting boxed in when possible, and not engaging in aggressive behavior while behind the wheel. This is another aspect of situational awareness that you should constantly work on improving.
  • Realize you will be your own first responder: With budget cuts, the tone of public sentiment, and lack of support from higher-ups, police have their hands full. Officers may be hesitant to get involved in such situations. With no police, EMT/Rescue will be held up, reinforcing the personal first responder concept.
  • Understand that people’s emotions are running very high: Not everyone has dealt with the happenings of the last year well, which has affected their mentality. Violence is a normal response when people feel threatened and scared. It will become more common, especially with the seeds the media sows. Even in the middle of a strong disagreement, keep your wits about you. Don’t get sucked into others’ emotions that can have a bad ending for you.
  • Practice Safe Secs: InfoSec, PerSec, OpSec. Security is your buffer between you and the outside. The less Intelligence available about you, the better off you will be.

The riots are far from over

This turn of events has changed my focus. My follow-up articles will examine everything from the view of a long-term, slow-burn event. Topics will include informal intelligence gathering, passive defense, neighborhood networks, cooperative relationships, and more. 

Here are a few sources of information I highly recommend:

Readers would be wise to mine all of Selco and Toby’s articles on The Organic Prepper and their books, courses, and webinars for every bit of information one can get. Visit their Patreon, Resilience Hub, for even more timely and relevant survival information.

One of my group members, Don Roley, has a book, “Killer Chaos: Surviving the Crazy Years” that I highly recommend. Killer Chaos is a peek into what many of us see right around the corner. Several articles written recently by Michael Bane and John Farnam offer guidance on avoiding inviting trouble into your life. I think this is even more important given the new era we crossed into this week.

In a more direct, immediate sense, some readers will find the articles I’ve written on surviving mobs, being taken hostage, and having medical skills and gear helpful. 

Be smart, stay safe.

Do you think the riots affected the verdict?

Do you think that jurors’ decisions were influenced by riots and intimidation? Do you think that the Chauvin verdict has emboldened activists? Do you expect the riots to continue or even worsen? Do you think we’re going to see more violence and more protests? What are your thoughts about the future? Let’s talk about it in the comments.

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Terry Trahan has been a long-term martial artist and teacher of personal protection, as well as an author for numerous publications. His experiences from being a gang member, enforcer, protection specialist, and bouncer have given his teachings a strong bent towards the practical. Fighting his way out of extreme poverty and some unsavory environs also gives him insight into survival and everyday life not often commented on. He can be contacted at terry.trahan at

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  • I believe Maxine Waters should have been arrested for incitement to violence back when she told people to harass the Trump administration. She for sure ought to be arrested for her incitement to violence regarding the Chauvin trial and Nancy Pelosi vocalized that Waters should not apologize makes her an accomplice in my opinion. There are two systems of justice in this nation. One for the elite and another for us common folk. But be sure of this one thing, God’s Word tells us that the wicked will not go unpunished. They had best repent before that Judgment Day comes.

    • “One for the elite and another for us common folk”

      and who are these “elite”?

      isaiah 60:12 “the nation that will not serve you shall be destroyed”

  • Now that the talking is just about over, it is time to oil up your old boy and make sure his bolt is sliding as smoothly as he should. I am assuming that all those guns sold in the last year and a half are for more than just home defense.

    When we receive that “Call To Arms”, we’ll need all you gun owners to stand up and be counted. We can no longer Go Along to Get Along. We do not have to follow the Jews into the gas chambers because we have over 300 millions guns in this country, and we had all better learn how to use them. CAPICHE ???

  • I live in St. Paul, MN and riots were less than a mile from my doorstep at times. I have a hard time imagining a jury not coming to the conclusion they did given the pressure. Even comments from Waters and others aside, putting myself in the juries shoes I see that you’d know if you gave the mob any less than they demand that the chaos would certainly resume. How do you condemn your community to that fate? I’m sure the jury knew what was riding on their decision from the get go. The community certainly did and I was braced for it.

    • Six whites and six blacks on this “jury” can you imagine that jury room and anyone voting acquittal. The fear that certainly existed, especially by the white jurors cannot be rationally dismissed. Chauvin never had a snowballs chance at either a fair trial or a fair jury. Regardless of what you think about the actions of Chauvin and the other cops in this situation it certainly underscores the massive problem that police brutality is out of control because the political idiots running these cities and towns are just fine with this. If Chauvin is guilty of murder then so are the politicians who prepared and approved the police manual calling for neck restraint. Society is also culpable in that their obligation to dump incompetent leaders brings us to the present situation that is only going to worsen.

      • “police brutality is out of control” ???
        My viewpoint isn’t the police out of control, but parents not teaching their children right and wrong. Drug dealing thugs being glorified with gold caskets sets a low bar for youth today, while I pray every night my upstanding, college educated young son who is graduating from police academy next month just survives his chosen profession.

  • It’s now obvious that mob rule works in this country. Chauvin was tried and convicted by MSM. His actual innocence or guilt was irrelevant. The mob demanded he be convicted of any and all charges and so he was. I fully anticipated that; it had been made clear that many cities would burn if that were not the case. And the jurors had to know they would be targets of the mob had they dared acquit him of any charges.

  • These professional rioters serve the same purpose as Mao’s Red Guards did in China’s Cultural Revolution of the late 1970’s. Our “Domestic Enemies” rigged an Election and are now forcing a Communist Revolution upon our Republic. China Joe is just a puppet for a much larger conspiracy. Hate is a great motivator for a mob, thus the constant claims of “Racism” and “White Privilege’s ” ! The author is correct, things will get worse.

  • Good article , good advice . In your opinion where does this end ? We cannot let this continue . We Americans are getting very frustrated with the ” Hold the Line ” theory . I understand the wisdom in avoiding rash choices , but it’s time we start getting some long term strategy going here .

    • “where does this end ?”

      1) when there’s nothing left to loot and no-one left to assault
      2) when the “rioters” are physically oppressed and suppressed.

    • try stop “holding the line” and actually make this a country where everyone has the same opportunities and not that advantages are given to a few and withheld from others simply cuz of the color of their skin or their accent. When this actually becomes a country does allow for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for everyone, then the protests will stop. very simple. Get rid of the systemic racism that exists in this country and the current protest will stop. But then the privileged will be pissed that they have to be equal with everyone and they’ll start protesting. guess it’s just hopeless, cus Americans are unfortunately a very selfish and ‘my tribe’ only community. smh.

      • “When this actually becomes a country does allow for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for everyone, then the protests will stop.”

        the rioters define life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in terms of receiving free stuff and pursuing criminality without consequences. there is no country in the world, nor will there ever be, that can accommodate such demands or the ones who make them without being consumed.

        “Americans are unfortunately a very selfish and ‘my tribe’ only community”


        • That is the lamest retort I’ve heard in a long while. smh. you really don’t understand your fellow American. Try walking a mile in someone else shoes for awhile. come back when you’re actually tried to understand instead of coming with lame rationalizations why you want to continue to discrimante and hold people down or the ultimate have them killed. I’m praying for the scales to be removed from your eyes.

          • “you really don’t understand your fellow American”

            they’re not americans. they’re just here, and they think it’s all about them, and they want the rest of us to hold still while they consume it all.

            “That is the lamest retort I’ve heard in a long while”

            you guys have made yourselves clear, and the remaining citizens have made their decision. they’re not listening to you anymore.

      • It’s obvious that facts and data mean very little to you. The vast majority of blacks are killed by other blacks. Annually, about 20 unarmed blacks are killed by cops according to the Washington Post. Of those 20, maybe 6-10 are unjustified. Blacks commit over 50% of all violent crime even though they are only 13% of the population. When you commit a violent crime, you bring cops to your door.

        What you want is equality of outcome, not opportunity. You want everyone to make the same amount, drive the same cars, have the same homes, etc. You are a socialist/communist/fascist. Your opinions are based on emotions, not facts or logic. I don’t blame you. I blame the generations of race baiters who have brainwashed you and the public schools who indoctrinated you into believing such nonsense. At some point, you need to take responsibility for yourself, which I doubt you are mentally capable of doing without going through some painful soul searching.

        Another point is that almost all the “injustice” occurs in big democrat run cities. Democrats created the policies you live under. They killed jobs by taxation and regulation. People, like you, are fairly ignorant and keep voting for the same thing over and over while expecting a different result. That’s the definition of insanity.

        • obviously. chairmanmnobama you’ve drunk the kool-aid. the vast majority of Whites are killed by whites. the vast majority of Asians are killed by Asians. so your little argument of data is pointless.

          Additionally, again you make assumptions, You don’t know my political affiliation (which is independent… I refuse to be beholden to any party as they are both filled w/ corruption and people whose only desire is to retain and grab more power) I vote for the best candidate regardless of political party and measures that will progress the good of society. I don’t want to allow one group to take advantage of another. You appear to not understand even what the real definition of socialist/communist/facsist is. I suggest you go look them up in the dictionary, as one person can’t be all three. duh. smh

          Nope, I’m talking about the playing field actually being even for everyone. not just the privileged few. the schools, the health care, the grocery stores are all at a disproportionate level between wealthy and poor. and unfortunately, folks don’t realize that in reality, it has little to do with color but with caste. We live in a caste society here that is compounded by a racist system. People like you keep voting for people who don’t give a rat’s behind about you cuz you’re just a little peon, and your lack of education and ability to see beyond what Faux news feeds ya to realize you’re voting against your own self-interest. smh . If you know anything about history America has always made some segment of people the lowest caste. The Irish, the Catholics, The Italians, The Eastern Europeans. They’ve all had their turns at being at the bottom of the social rung, until folks woke up and realized, omg, that Irish man is just like me. Well, guess what… That Asian Person, That Black person, The Native American is just like you. Try reading, and actually reading something, besides listening to faux news. Educate yourself on what is really in your best interest instead of the kool aid that is being force-fed to ya.

          Since you don’t know me at all, despite all odds that meant I had to be twice as good to get half the recognition I’ve done quite well, and am extremely respected in my community. I Suggest before you mouth off next time, you take the time to actually think about maybe a real human being might be on the other side of your mean and cruel words. Folks like you are why we are in such a sorry state, that people now look at America and shake their head at how far we have fallen. There once was a time when people actually cared about one another, but you actually had the “Caucasidity” to assume when you know nothing about me that I’m a nonproductive member of society. Sure would love the measure of my productivity and my contribution to society compared to yours. Hope you don’t mind being on the losing end of that comparison. You’re pretty arrogant, but I guess we all know where that came from. How many of your friends are actually a different ethnicity from you, ya…that’s what I thought

          When you can actually have a logical discussion w/o trying to throw out some party BS line, plz come back and let’s actually discuss, how this country is not an equal place for all people. If you think it is, you might want to bring your head out of the faux news beach sand and try really educating yourself and seeing things through some else’s lens. “Others/them” are actually real live people who live breathe, eat, have families, and want only to have an equal opportunity to achieve the American dream. I may have been born Black, I will die Black, but I don’t want to be killed because I’m Black.

          • “I don’t want to be killed because I am Black…”
            I don’t want to be judged by the color of MY skin, either, yet there seems to be a lot of that going on.
            So-called “reverse racism” is as real and evil as racism experienced by people of color around the world. The only difference between the two is that racism against whites is praised and encouraged by the MSM and groups who make their money by vilifying “the blue-eyed” devil”.
            Both are evil, and both diminish the hater.
            Pray all you want for “the scales” to drop off other’s eyes, but be aware of the beam in your own eye while you concern yourself with the speck in someone else’s.
            I’m like everyone else…I want to be judged by my own merits and faults, not by those supposedly endemic in all people of my race.

      • Everybody HAS the same opportunities–only a simpleton or a commie would claim otherwise–you have to WORK for what you want. Whether it’s the necessary education to get yourself to your goal, or just plain old elbow grease, you’re going to have to WORK. It seems to many people nowadays want everything handed to them, and that has never worked anywhere for anyone throughout history. It’s too easy to claim “whitey” has magically kept you away from your goal. Your own poor choices and life decisions have placed you where you are. Smoking pot, or crack, dropping out of school, knocking up as many young women, saddling them with illegitimate children and choosing to commit crimes is what leads many people to their well-deserved outcomes. Stop using drugs, go back to school, and get off of your lazy ass, and you’ll do well in America. Just sayin’…

        • “you have to WORK for what you want”

          and that is why they say america is systemically racist against them. and they’re right.

  • “Do you think that jurors’ decisions were influenced by riots and intimidation?”

    absolutely. the jurors said “let’s punt this, he’ll be released on appeal.”

  • “Do you expect the riots to continue or even worsen?”

    riots, no. general crime overall, yep. shoplifting less than $950 reduced to cite and release, blacks assaulting whites fully in public, blacks walking out into the streets and blocking the road daring white drivers to hit them – all this was increasing long before these riots started. these people can see that the world they want is in reach and they’re going to go for it.

    “We fight for men and women whose poetry is not yet written, but which will presently be as enviable and as renowned as any.” robert gould shaw, an officer in the union army

  • “Officers may be hesitant to get involved in such situations”

    I fully support police simply withdrawing and sitting this out. the situation is no longer one of law enforcement, it is now civil, to be decided politically in the terms oblm insists upon.

  • It was a no win scenario for the jury, find Chauvin innocent and face the wrath of the people, find Chauvin guilty and face retribution from the police.
    The jurors should definitely move out of the state because the police will be coming for you.

    • Ed, IMO, what you just said about police “coming for” jurors who were just doing their civic duty makes it even more clear that it was right and just that Chauvin was convicted.

      • Civic duty and justice had nothing to do with that banana republic trial. It was a joke, embarrassment and miscarriage of justice of the highest order. The city awarded 27 million to the family during jury selection which right there damned the officer regardless of the facts presented in court. Who would even begin to think a fair trial was possible in Minneapolis. A different venue should have been the least of the requirements. The jury was intimidated from the start. Their addresses and descriptions were already in the hands of BLM and other groups. The media, Maxine Waters and the so called President also should have been nailed to the wall for flapping their gums about inciting riots, threatening the jury and Biden’s statement of he was sure the jury would come to the right decision. The police body cameras showed Chauvin used the training method he was taught and was in the upper shoulder and not neck. Floyd ingested the drugs he had on him before the arrest. The autopsy showed no damage to the neck, trachea or carotid artery. Floyd did this to himself and has also ways been a dangerous, worthless criminal. Just ask the pregnant woman who opened her door to him while he jammed his loaded gun into het belly and threatened to shoot the baby.
        The jury was not even sequestered and the judge just trusted them to not watch tv? Seriously?? How can over one death someone can be charged with three different counts? How the hell does THAT work? Chauvinism was a cop for 19 yrs and his life is done. An appeal? Why bother!! The cop in Ferguson was totally exonerated but had to move out of state and change his name. The family had to leave everything. Do cops make mistakes?..yes they do and the bad ones should not be protected but this insanity of all cops bad who shoot blacks and all blacks good will implode and help destroy anything left of rule of law. The only thing scarier then the acceptance of this trial is the lack of critical thinking skills in the public domain. God help us!!

    • your statement about police coming after juror is exactly why there was a trial in the first place. Police have not held accountable for their actions now for decades. and thus the need for reform. Are you afraid of a group of individuals who have enough power to come after folks who did their civic duty. smh

      • “Police have not held accountable for their actions now for decades”

        the rioters don’t want police held accountable, they want no police so that THEY are not accountable for THEIR actions.

      • Your ignorance is hard to take. Intimidating jurors and witnesses is illegal for a very good reason. It perverts the system of justice. When the rule of law goes, society goes. I believe that’s what you desire. I don’t know why any sane white cop would work in any major democrat run city. The big democrat cities should only hire minority women. Who will you blame when a black female cop kills a gangbanger or other violent criminal? One sacred untouchable killing another.

        Please cite some recent instances where a cop who committed a major crime didn’t get punished or held accountable. You My favorite part of police body cams is that it blows most of the racist narrative out the window. You live in a fantasy world devoid of facts but based on feelings. I don’t blame you for being mad about being born and living in some horrible democrat run city. You should be mad and rightfully so. That won’t stop you from voting for the same morons next election day.

        • “I believe that’s what you desire”

          it is. when the remaining citizens finally grasp that, then it will be possible to clean up all of this.

  • MIXING THE RACES NEVER worked out in any country,BUT american’s are for the most part.. are WAY TO STUPID to figure that out,BUT ITS IN THEIR BIBLE,to bad their education was to poor and they can’t read.. or understand anything read to them..THEN to add injury to the mix ,THERES NO MEN to reel it in,just momma’s boy’s who have never seen a man,womens lib made sure of that…AMERICANS have set the stage for INVASION,and being taken over by RUSSIA AND CHINA,your next war you’ll lose hands down,and be taken over….

    • Can you provide the Scriptural reference admonishing us to not mix “the races”? Though I’ve read the entire King James Bible from cover to cover, I surely didn’t retain EVERYTHING I read–and can’t remember seeing this verse…

      • It’s NOT in there. God told the Israelites not to marry “others” but that is NOT what the poster meant at all.

      • “Can you provide the Scriptural reference admonishing us to not mix ‘the races’?”

        well lots actually. ezra 9, nehemiah 13, hosea 7, etc. but it doesn’t mean quite what Arizona says. see, Arizona sees the bible as god’s word to believers, while for jews the old testament is written by jews about jews and for jews and is meant for them alone. in judaism jews are the human beings, the living souls, the breath of god himself, and everyone else is not – everyone else is a talking animal. so the admonitions are for jews not to mix themselves with the herds – what the herds do with each is of no concern to judaism.

        • @ ant7

          That is totally not the view of the bible held by Jews. I have no idea where you came up with that but it is not at all the case.

          • -Ani,
            ant7/gman/whatever he goes by, is the resident antisemitic racist.
            I would point out a truly disgusting, hateful post he posted earlier, but it appears to have been deleted.
            As it well should.

  • I think he was guilty of at least Murder in the 3rd Degree. As for Murder in the 2nd, I think the term intentional us the key. By kneeling on his neck , he intentionally was trying to keep him down and to stop him from moving. Unfortunately, if someone is fighting to breathe, the body is going to move. So we come back to intention. By kneeling on his neck for 9 minutes, he should have known that it was possible to kill him. Cops need to be held accountable for their actions. Otherwise they are above the law. And fear for their life is not a reasonable reason to shoot first. They are cops, not private citizens. Its like the military, you can’t fire until fired upon. Too many cops pull their guns to “handle” a situation. They need to learn to recognize a situation and follow the force continuum. Firing your gun is the last step.

  • The POLICE men will all be given a trial. That’s more than Mr. Floyd got. I don’t agree with “Defunding the police” the police need all the tools they can get to interdict and to directly address crimes. Chauvin managed to place a blazing white spotlight on police behavior. As anything like this ever happened before? You better believe it. What happened? THERE were NO civilian witnesses and that made all the difference. Maybe you all missed the report of a State Trooper killing a 16-year-old middle-class long hair White kid who pointed his AIR-SOFT pistol at the officer when the officer came to the house in broad daylight when a neighbor called for police after seeing this teen with a knife in his hand as well as a pistol. There were no other people being directly threatened by this teen until the cop appeared and approached as the teen “pointed his pistol” at the officer- the cop did what he has been repeated trained to do. No witnesses. In dealing with Black or other non-whites, police officers are always walking on “egg shells” but there’s a series of White middle and lower working class whites being shot to death by over zealous cops. Could this Chauvin & Floyd case been avoided? I think so, but that’s all over now. If you really followed the details both drug-user Floyd and Mr. Chauvin had been part of the security “bouncer” crew at a local club where many attractive women worked. SPECULATION suggested they actually knew each other. I have known police men that have lost their positions for far less than what Chauvin was charged with. The policeman I know can still work in law enforcement but not for the city where he got in trouble for a racial and armed exchange where NO ONE was injured only vehicles. Will Chauvin serve his full sentence? I doubt it. Will the Left be angry? Yes. But I guess that by then there will be OTHER issues to protest.

    • “That’s more than Mr. Floyd got”

      floyd 1) did drugs to the point where he damaged his heart, and 2) committed crimes requiring his arrest, and 3) fought the police until his body failed. if he had 1) avoided drugs or 2) not committed crimes or 3) not fought the police, he would have been fine. as it is, what happened to him is what he did to himself.

      • ya know there were a bunch of folks who had heart trouble and diabietes and lots of medical problems. If they had taken better care of themselves they would be alive today. Who am I talking about? ….oh yeah the folks in the twin towers…..they obviously killed themselves. Just like Mr Flyod…. that is if I use your logic. smh

  • I believe that the jury was intimidated. Maybe from within. I feel sorry for Kyle Rittenhouse, he will not receive a fair trial. Chauvin didn’t kill the criminal Floyd. Floyd killed himself by his drug use. I’m an old woman and I believe war is coming.

  • Yes, I think the jury was intimidated. But wait until the mob figures out that Chauvin will do probably 24 years not the 40 they were promised,

  • Good read Terry. Your points as to what NOT to do are right on IMO.
    Don Roley’s book looks pretty interesting.
    Lawlessness will get worse. The powers that be will continue to foment divide and use race to do so.
    I can’t blame any LEO for stepping back now especially those in the metro areas.
    This set a terrible precedent but it hardly matters. We have not had a justice system for some time now.

  • (1) Any inciting violence or threatening should be held accountable, i.e. punished appropriately for it.

    (2) Cops should be held accountable for murder, it’s nice to see it happen but it’s way too rare. Same goes for political leaders for whom it’s even more rare.

    (3) Cops who shoot whites, blacks, or any other race or group should be treated equally. It shouldn’t matter if you shoot some schizophrenic homeless guy or the president, it should be treated and punished equally. Nobody is better or more important than anybody else.

    Until we have real equality and police and politicians don’t get special rights we don’t get, they’ll continue to be extremely unpopular and rightfully so.

    • “should be treated equally”

      oblm says that equality is actually white supremacy (and they’re right). how would you answer that?

  • LET’S DO IT. !! Disband the police in New York,Portland Seattle, L.A. Chicago and anywhere else they want cops out. DO IT Dont just stand there running your mouth off. DO IT !!

  • I’ve lived in the Mpls hood since 2010 and can get around the block by myself. Yesterday I started to walk the dogs, but only got 3 houses down when the ruff on the back of my neck stuck out. Danger! It wasn’t even after dark, but we had to turn back. The dogs also notice the crazy energy and are on edge. Time to sell out and move on, this town isn’t safe anymore.

  • If we are to become “grays”, not protest, not let our opinions surface…. they win!!!

    I understand not being where the monsters are but we need to defend our freedoms – otherwise…..they win!!!

    • There is a time and a place to share your opinions. In the middle of a dangerous situation or mob is NOT the place.

  • Question…, what’s going to happen the next time we are all divided by a court case like this, and one group says, “We’re gonna riot if he’s found guilty” and the other side says,”Well, we’re gonna riot if he’s found not guilty”? Everybody loses! The citizens, the business owners, everyone will suffer! We can NOT be controlled in this nation by thugs and criminals that want to destroy lives and property that honest law abiding citizens have worked hard all of their lives to build. It must be stopped by force if necessary!!

  • The precedent is dangerous in quite a few ways least of all the line in the sand the non liberal half of the country is forced to examine.

    There are laws for us that dont apply to them. We are little more than a tin plated party dictated dictatorship. The paradigm for the cops has been changed and the paradigm for the libertarian-conservative has been changed. The storm to come from this isnt even on the horizon but no one will want to deal with it when it arrives.

    • you’re right there are laws that apply for those in power and laws that don’t apply for those, not in power. That has to stop. Equality for all. It’s a shame the country has one set of rules for a certain part of our society and the rest aren’t protected at all. Systemic racism has got to end. and until it does, it’s not gonna be peaceful. might as well either help your fellow neighbors achieve equality or watch it all be destroyed cuz someone doesn’t want to give up their privilege. it’s pretty simple. Equality or nothing. you can be on the wrong or right side of history. it’s your choice. Ain’t nobody trying to take nothing of yours, just asking for equal opportunity. If you choose to be silent, then you are complacent and equally as guilty as the flag toting white supremacist. It really is at the point of equality for all or equality for no one. Not hard to understand.

      • plainfolk: stop your yapping about systematic racism. The most racist people in this country are white and black leftists, like the Marxists who run BLM and many top Democrats. They’re the ones who claim that voter ID is racist because blacks are too dumb to get IDs.

        For example, among conservative Christians, a mixed marriage is one between a Christian and a non-Christian. If both husband and wife are Christians, it doesn’t matter if one is white and the other black.

        That attitude spills over into society as a whole. There’s only one human race. If you’d only take off your racist eyeglasses, you’d then recognize that racists on both the left and right are but a fringe, the center isn’t racist and the system follows the center.

        What’s worrisome is that the fringes are also the noisy ones and will attack the center, forcing the center to defend themselves, thereby radicalizing the center. Then we’ll have civil war that will ruin things for everyone.

        Are you part of the fringe, or the center?

  • There can be no doubt that the verdict in the Chauvin trial was based on nothing more than fear and intimidation. Whether or not he was guilty of one of the three crimes of which he was convicted (as noted, how can you accidently kill someone while at the same time doing it on purpose?) the verdict was a foregone conclusion. No sane juror would have voted to acquit knowing that the mob was waiting outside to kill them

    But we must be reassured that none of the protests or violent protests or rioting would be occurring if the relevant governments didn’t want it to happen. They could have stopped this early last summer if they had wanted to, so we can only believe that stirring up racial hatred is their goal.
    The swamp doesn’t only exist in DC.

  • ***The Chauvin Verdict Proved Riots and Intimidation WORK. Expect More of It.***
    Unfortunately your headline is 100% accurate.

  • If the premise of your article was true, there would have been a lot more convictions versus the singular trial to which you refer. As in any profession, there are bad apples – politician, banker, insurance agent, LE, fireman, programmer, journalist – the list goes on and on.
    Take heart, SCOTUS could still “save him”. Regardless, he’s a marked man and IMHO, for good reason.

  • NO, what worked is you didn’t warn them they’ll be shot if they do any destruction in your town or city then carry it out when they did come to your town and tried to do that.

    That’s what worked because you wouldn’t defend your town.


  • Yes, Daisy…

    They will continue to follow the communist blueprint…

    *Divide the people

    *Create appearance of popular support

    *Neutralize the opposition by sowing hate & scorn toward those who disagree. Continually embarrass, discredit & degrade critics…label opposition as fascists, nazis, anti-semites & White supremacists. Repeated association will become fact in the public mind.

    *Precipitate mob violence & mass demonstrations by getting people into the streets to provoke quarrels & manufactured tensions. When police step in to restore order, their chant is “police brutality”…

  • “Abolition of the Police”

    this is misleading. what they want is to abolish local police who are answerable to their local citizens and replace them with a centralized kgb controlled by the “The People”. just like they did in the soviet union.

  • Sorry, guys:
    Chauvin was found guilty because he WAS guilty. There was never any good reason for him to kneel on Floyd’s neck for almost ten minutes. Floyd was handcuffed and on the ground. There were other cops there to back Chauvin up. I’ve checked with LEOS in my area…SOP in a situation like that is to cuff ’em and stuff ’em (into the cruiser) where they can’t hurt themselves or others.
    This was a clear cut case of excessive force. Floyd may have been “known to authorities” and was probably under the influence of narcotics, but he also was not known as a violent offender. He didn’t deserve to die for allegedly trying to pass a fake twenty dollar bill.
    Where a person’s only tool is a hammer, every problem becomes a nail. Better oversight and training and more accountability is needed in many PD’s.

  • Don’t really understand this racism stuff. I work with several black fellas and have for quite a while.

    Anyway, one of them came up to me and stated “You know, you owe me big time.”

    “For what? ” I sez.

    Him: “You know why. For enslaving the black man.”

    Me: “But my great great grandpappy fought for the Union Army. He fought to free the slaves.”

    Him: “Don’t bring your ancestors into this. That was a long time ago.”

  • The killer cop was found guilty in a COURT OF LAW! The killer cop had no fear of cameras filming him, it was so easy and natural to kill a black man in Plain view.

    your making up that the protest let to his conviction you are WRONG, try another story line

    • “your making up that the protest let to his conviction you are WRONG”

      everyone saw what was going on, and at least one of the jurors admitted to being intimidated. no-one is listening to this spin of “he was found guilty!” anymore.

      I doubt he’ll be freed on appeal, but if he is will you accept that?

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