California Is Launching a Creepy “Cradle to Career” Data System to Track EVERYTHING About Children

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Just in case we haven’t provided you with enough creepy dystopian news lately, the nation’s leader in Creepy Dystopia, California, has a brand new program. The “Cradle to Career Data System” will study and document everything about a child born in the state.

But don’t worry, it’s for your children’s own good.

What the heck is the “Cradle to Career Data System”?

Beginning at birth and stalking the child until he or she joins the workforce, California wants to keep on eye on all sorts of demographics and variables. They’ll do this by collecting information from “partner entities.” They’ll use this information, according to the Pasadena Star, to “provide appropriate interventions and supports to address disparities in opportunities and improve outcomes for all students.”

Who are these partner entities, you ask?

The “partner entities” include (but are not limited to) “state entities responsible for elementary and secondary education data, entities responsible for early learning data, segments of public higher education, private colleges and universities, state entities responsible for student financial aid, childcare providers, state labor and workforce development agencies, and state departments administering health and human services programs.” (source)

So, your kid’s teachers, principles, professors, babysitters, and the purveyors of any state services you happen to use will all cough up every detail of your child’s life.

Of course, California just wants to help.

This to me has hints of communist countries who pluck the brightest students from their home and educate them to work for the state. However, the admitted goal is data collection for the folks who make the rules.

Easily the creepiest thing to come out of California since “The Silence of the Lambs” was released into theaters, the “Cradle to Career Data System” aims to collect the ethnic, economic and educational records of every child in the state, track their grades and their progress into early adulthood, and make some form of the data available to policy makers, analysts and activists. (source)

This isn’t a maybe. It’s already passed as a trailer bill (so it didn’t go through the usual legislative process) and has been funded with a budget of $10 million.

The governor’s Office of Planning and Research is now authorized to enter into contracts with “planning facilitators” who will convene advisory groups “comprised of representatives of students, parents, labor, business and industry, equity and social justice organizations, researchers, privacy experts, early education experts, school districts, charter schools, and county offices of education.” (source)

Californians, your children’s privacy is at stake here. They are going to become part of a pile of data that will be used to enact future laws to assure “equity.” But at any time, these records will be there, the life of your child, every time they got sent to the principal’s office, who stands up to authority, who has special skills or talents, what the child’s parents are like. That person’s entire life in one handy file. And pardon me if I don’t believe the data collection will stop once they get a job. Data is king right now, so why give up on a good thing?

We’re already tracked everywhere we go once we’re old enough to have a cellphone or use the internet. But this starts right, as the title of the program points out, at the cradle.

Why are they doing this?

It’s all about “social justice.” Think quotas on steroids.

“Advocates have been demanding data for the people in the Golden State for years,” the Equity Alert explains, to “answer key questions about whether and how our state schools, colleges, universities, and workforce systems are closing racial equity gaps and serving Californians.”

It sounds as if the goal is to go beyond laws that ban discrimination and beyond affirmative action into a brave new world, one in which government bureaucrats tally the economic success of each racial and ethnic group and sub-group and award government funding in an effort to reach “equity.” (source)

Of course, we all know that things like this are actually not equitable, at least not to kids from groups who are not considered to be “at risk.”

There’s no word yet on whether or not parents will be able to opt out on behalf of their offspring.

This certainly normalizes being surveilled.

We’ve written a great deal on this site about the social credit system and the surveillance state in which we live. To me, a program like this seems like just another nail in the coffin of privacy. Don’t think that this will stop at the border of California.

These kids will, from their first moment of awareness, be concerned about their permanent record. That’s an awfully big burden to put on someone who still eats with his fingers and wears pull-ups to bed. These children will spend their entire lives under a microscope, for better or for worse, while some data entry person types their every action of note into their record.

If you want to have a social credit system like the one in China, I guess you’ve got to start early.

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  • As if there weren’t already a million reasons for people to leave California in a hurry, this one is huge. But you’re right, it won’t stop in CA, it’s the future everywhere unless people start pushing back really, really hard. And quite frankly, I think it’s already too late …

  • This type of data analysis will not serve humanity, because it would be used to pigeon-hole you for things the state needs, or where funds should be allocated relative to the fraudulent redistricting that is established for political reasons, in our Crony Capitalist governments.

    Your Social-Security number was the first step in controlling the populace, what this concept they’re pushing means is that you will have even less freedom and liberty than you thought you had now.

    Remember my friends that that type of data analysis will always be used to control us and is always paid for by the controllers regardless of whether it is big business or the state. Call you state representatives and let them know that spending millions on data collection to benefit a few is truly wasteful spending.

  • Reason number 5788653267 NOT to live in Kalifornia!

    How long until homeschooling is banned by the government (again)?

  • Its so they can identify “troublemakers” and start demonizing them at an earlier age. Of course this has been going on for years now everywhere, but now its “legal” (not in God’s eyes).

  • People posting here should research the source docs – it is actually a fact that Californica is only 1 of 8 states in the nation WITHOUT A CURRENT SYSTEM!!!
    This is nearly EVERYWHERE ALREADY!!

    Yes – reason to concerned but NOT because it is unique to California.

    Daisy should research deeper – as should all posters.


  • When is enough, enough? These Satanists want your soul by any means necessary. I’m glad I’m in a position to fight this. I have zero debt, don’t use a credit card, pay cash. When these nobs at retail stores ask me if I have a “rewards” card, I tell them I don’t want my purchases tracked.

    On my computer I have a VPN, use TOR browser, have a good anti-virus and anti anti-Malware. I have no Smart anything, ID, meter on my house, or appliances including TV. In fact, I haven’t had TV for 19 years. I have a landline, no Smart phone or wireless anything. I read books. I drive older cars – 20 years or older.

    If I could I would put a Faraday cage around my house and buy a jammer to stop all wireless radiation, I would. If they want me – they can come and get me. The government and big corporations are our worst enemy.

  • I think this has to do with Bull Gates agenda to find what fits your child’s IQ, character, aptitude to become a usefool idiot, er entity to the State.

    One can be a garbage collector, another one can run robots, stuff like that. Bull Gates thinks that’s a good idea.

    I don’t. I think that’s ENSLAVEMENT.

  • Everyone relax.
    There is nothing to worry about.
    The tech giants in Silicon Valley need more money. They get their lackeys in the CA government to do their bidding to increase their bottom line with big data ideas at the citizens expense.
    Just accept your role as a mindless drone in CA.

  • Sorry but CA isn’t the first. Florida had something similar to this in the 1980’s. Birth data was rolled into the education systems data system and everything about a child was rolled forward as they progressed, either through the school system, or the court systems.

    Start here –
    and branch out your research.

    Also this is nice –

    And if you want to see that actual data collected –

    Have fun!

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