The Breakdown of Society in Venezuela Is “something desperate and dangerous”

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One of the most devastating facts that I recently realized we have to deal with is with the changes in the very fabric of society associated with a collapse of this kind. We are seeing a breakdown of the society we once had and it is turning into something desperate and dangerous.

If the LEOs were a necessity, the possibility of access to a justice system like the one we had before is unlikely.

Not that in Venezuela we were excellent with this, but…in the cities there was some degree of personal security, especially in some high-ranked neighborhood in Caracas. I remember the mayor of Chacao, Irene Saez, gaining huge prestige in this area, as she founded a special police force, with an emphasis on honesty, ethical and moral values. They were among the best-selected personnel in the country during those years.

Vice, violence, and corruption

Unfortunately, that belongs to the past. Vice and corruption is widely spread in the entire society, regardless of the stratus you look at, ranging from the food and medicines dealers in the streets, up to the highest level. You know what I mean.

I don’t want even to imagine what it would be living in a big city with over one or two million people these days. Having being robbed at knife point in my college years, I know that this is an experience that I don’t want to repeat again.

Statistically, the probabilities are much greater, and the modus operandi is now much more violent. If the robbers are drugged enough, they won’t care to shoot anyone in the head just because. They know that any investigation will be overwhelmed by the humongous volume of dead bodies. Just in very special cases will an investigation be done. Resources, both human and material, are scarce.

Workers are scarce now.

A large part of the migrant population has left their kids with their elders, with the grandmothers in their golden years mostly, in order to increase their mobility and chances to find some productive work faster. This means that the labor force in the country has decreased.

A lot of young teachers and professors of all levels of education have left. Not to mention that the number of kids in the schools is less and less. Of course, this is perfect for the current status quo. They intend to re-educate whoever is left, from the shreds of the former society. Those who left are the most reluctant, those who understood the value of freedom, mostly. Those who feel the need to earn a decent life working instead of waiting for some government food card, and that were smart enough to see what was coming.

3 generations of Venezuelans will soon be extinct or gone

And what is this cataclysm coming? I have seen already that they need to generate the extinction of 3 generations, just to control the next coming ones. It happened in Russia already. Happened in Cuba, and in China.

They dream of predation of the resources in South America, and need to wipe out any resistance of their indigenous population before they do that. Too bad for them, this person who writes for you happens to be a member of such population. That won’t be achieved. Our soil is about to be stained with the filthy rotting carcass of the invaders. Happened before, it is about to happen now.

My generation, and that one after me had enough resilience to leave and work in other countries. My precedent generation is slowly dying because of the lack of medicines and proper feeding in their golden years. The generation after me, has been unable to study and progress because it can’t feed itself nor have any access to medical care. Much fewer good paid jobs or housing.

It is a social holocaust.

Do you see now what I mean about the social holocaust these band has generated? Do you think I am exaggerating?

No one deserves that. We did not VOTE for this. Our national identification records was intervened by the Cubans, under Uncle Hugo’s regime, check the facts. Check the news website of those years, between 2003 and 2012-14. The election system, an electronic platform has been hacked and it is not reliable any longer. Smarmatic, the company that was once in charge of our election, has even declared that they can not offer trustable results any longer, and then fled the country in a hurry, because the thugs in power were going to put them in jail.

With crude at $120, it becomes easy to promise an allowance for each mother and her kids. Under 60$ a barrel…well, you are lucky if you can continue sitting in the chair without being killed by a bunch of angry people.

Those stories I read about people in Cuba that worked in the state-owned cement company that stole a couple of spoons each day from the transporting belts, in their pockets, to add some improvements to their homes, have become the day to day now in my Venezuela. Not just with cement, because all the production is controlled by the military, and goes to large buildings that are being built in a hurry, property of the thugs that need to launder as much money as possible.

Venezuela is dying.

Come on people. Anyone who believes that the country is not dying should think seriously in taking a plane and see by themselves. I guarantee a nice welcome committee in the airport. Any foreigner will be seen as a potential spy by the Pretorian guards.

Crime Inc. has taken over, because plenty of good people have left. Don’t you believe me? I have seen videos of LOTS of Arab-looking guys in fancy restaurants and discos, in white Toyotas without plates (highly illegal there) surrounded by a bunch of prepaid-looking night shift sex workers, both males and females. While before it was normal to see your average goofy college student crowd looking for some fun, the crowds now are Chinese and Arab, full-grown men…with lots of girls and young men in tight clothes. Why are there no women in these crowds other than the ones they hire? Perhaps they are back in their countries…while these guys are on duty as an invading army in MY country?

I will leave that question open.

Food and medicine traffickers (the most despicable criminals, to me) have increased their power. They pay the gangsters to protect them. Working undercover they supply to all size of business, promoting the inflation even in dollars. There is no reason for something costing $7 one day should reach $10-12 the next week. This has not happened even in the countries devastated by war.

Things are not much better in rural parts of Venezuela.

Out of the cities, where the farms are, things are not much better, neither. The problem with drug consumption and trafficking has undermined the society foundations, even our country people that always enjoyed of appreciation given their honesty, rectitude and correct behavior, values that came to have great value, after generations of civil war in the last half of the 1800s, and the discipline of the later dictatorships that ruled with an iron fist, where criminals were used as labor slave force.

The impact of drugs and other deviations in the regular life standards in small, rural communities is devastating, because the younger generations refuse to work in the fields, preferring the easy way in order to sustain their vices: trafficking whatever they can.

The poorest farmer communities have been contaminated with drug user’s hutches, with tragedies like junkies killing their entire families in drug-induced paranoia attacks. I worked all over the country, and I could see when there was weekly and daily newspapers (most of them have been closed and/or censored by the ruling mafia) how this increased in the last 15 or 20 years.

This all seems to be by design.

I don’t have any doubt that it was some sort of a silent politics, approved and encouraged to the higher levels, to weaken even more our former social fabric. This breakdown of society is by design.

A confirmation of this, at least for me, is to promise (promise only because was never provided) to single moms with a monthly allowance for every kid they have. Encouraging woman to procreate like there is no tomorrow, without the means to sustain that pile of children, is asking for trouble. I

t is to set a terrible weight over the shoulders of next generations of society. This is true for every society, in every economy no matter how strong it is, or how old that society is becoming. Of course we all know what kind of criminals that bunch of commies are.

Remedies? Solutions? Sure. Restrain the procreation possibilities to two of them, for a single mom. After the third pregnancy, sterilization mandatory by minor protection law. Encouraging single moms to work from home, providing healthcare and feeding if they have a home able to host one orphan or abandoned child. Social workers should know better that I do, and I know this has been a relative success in other countries. Our culture has still a strong moral, and respect for the matriarchal order. Aunts and grandmas have a definite role in our society as a mother’s substitute.

Society is becoming more volatile.

There is a huge resentment against the ruling mafia, I can tell for sure. And a deep fear, but this is exactly the part that makes the situation so volatile and dangerous.

This is all over the place, and they are slowly deploying National Guards all over the country because they know it is the only way to contain the pressure. Former facilities of the state-owned oil company have been conceded to military personnel. This happened in Iraq too under Saddam, as far as I know. Not surprising. A couple of years later, they were asking for rendition to the coalition troops.

In order to improve the personal security in small communities, strong actions should be taken. Of course, LEOs will have to feel the support of the community. Unless they have some kind of privileges that don’t want to lose, they will have to do their jobs so their place in the community itself does not end by…replacing them, so to speak.

Those who use drugs, or need alcohol, and can’t be useful to the community as a working member, will face the worst time of their lives: detox by lack of substance. I have listened to some stories about gangs entirely drugged before storming a farm. This is no joke. 4 guys, each with a well-positioned arrow sticking from their chests, legs or arms can still be a threat if they’re high enough, if they are allowed to get closer.

Those officers reading perhaps would like to share their experiences. However, defending ourselves is a one way ticket and must be carefully addressed. With some luck, homes may not be harmed if the possibility of being very well defended is made evident. And I like silent weapons because of the intrinsic message they offer: if there is no sound, nobody is alarmed…and nobody is going to look for the trespasser, neither.

Thanks for your support fellows, and your encouraging comments.

Be safe, and may the good Lord bless you all.

J.G. Martinez D

J.G. Martinez D

About Jose Jose is an upper middle class professional. He is a former worker of the oil state company with a Bachelor’s degree from one of the best national Universities. He has a small 4 members family, plus two cats and a dog. An old but in good shape SUV, a good 150 square meters house in a nice neighborhood, in a small but (formerly) prosperous city with two middle size malls. Jose is a prepper and shares his eyewitness accounts and survival stories from the collapse of his beloved Venezuela. Thanks to your help Jose has gotten his family out of Venezuela. They are currently setting up a new life in another country. Follow Jose on YouTube and gain access to his exclusive content on Patreon. Donations:

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  • I thought One Belt One Road China, the predatory loan shark country, offered to continue helping financially down there? And didn’t Turkey, one of those countries with outstanding freedom of the press laws, and a non violator of human rights, just offer Maduro a boat load of money to help pay for infrastructure? I mean, yeah there’s that little caveat at the end about Turkey building a Mosque down there too, but it’s a “small one”, as part of the agreement, but what’s not to like about the future of Venezuela?

  • The author of this junk blog, is always ranting and raving incoherent rubbish about Venezuela, but failing to mention why they have gotten into this situation in the first place.
    Very simple, decades of CIA meddling, where the objective is to steal Venezuelas’ oil.

    • I am the author of this articles. There is no need to be disrespectful. My goal is to assist to those who believe that in their near future their lives could be affected by a collapse like what we have to go through.
      Your opinion is just that, and anyone mature enough will take it with a grain of salt.

      I am sorry to learn that it sounds like incoherent rubbish. You’re invited, though, to AVOID wasting your (surely) precious time.

      My nephews, under 10 years old, arrived not too much time ago to the city where we are located now. They are under the proper weight and height for their age. Younger kid is past 7 years and he can’t read yet. My own kid, after being a healthy chubby boy, arrived as thin as I never had seen him before. Is this what sounds like rubbish to you?

      I don’t know which agency was operating there. I’d wish to know, though. More likely Russian and Chinese.

      If you consider this a junk blog…why did you bother to write a comment?. Grow up dude. We are under serious prepping here.
      Go ride a turtle now.

  • Venezuela has been suffered for years under strangling US sanctions not because they are socialist ( hell they’ve always been socialist) but because for the first time since the 1973 US oil crisis the US is now exporting oil instead of keeping it. US big oil has been exporting oil for profit since 2015 and is now a competitor to Venezuela ???????? a long time friend and ally. The US via Iraq and Saudi Arabia ???????? are tyrannically trying to force Venezuela into abject destitution and suffering into political collapse and a lackey regime change so Big Oil can make profits so big it would make an honest thief blush. The big pro capitalist retailers in the country are withholding goods from market to boost profits and create scarcity to change the government by increasing evil ???? suffering of the common people. All in the name of more money.

    • So true, the writer on this blog seems to be willfully ignorant and deliberately disregarding the facts as to why Venezuela is this dire predicament.

      • The writer of this article is actually FROM VENEZUELA. Why do you feel that you know the facts better than he does?

        • Really, Who Says??

          This can’t be true, because this guy is a feckless fool, and willfully ignorant of American hegemony controlling Venezuela.

      • And, according to all your supposed wisdom and knowledge…why is my country (where I lived my entire live and know much better than someone who just knows what is available in the internet) in such predicament?…and please don’t tell anything predictable like “you voted for it” or some other infantile arguments.

        You attack the messenger, but don’t provide a single evidence about your statements.

        And by the way Daisy has sufficient evidence that I am writing about my experiences.

    • I am sorry, but this is not entirely true. I was there, and I know what is happening much better. The companies that produced basic goods, those you call “big pro capitalist retailers”, have been financially strangled with the currency control exchange, or were simply confiscated and are no longer under production, if you do a little research you would have seen a very good example in the Kellogg’s cereal company. The MILITARY and criminal gangs called “colectivos” (regular criminal gangs that are allow to operate freely to maintain the social control through fear). The scarcity is product of the greed of some people with power, and criminals. When Uncle Hugo was alive, the scarcity was not severe. It is the RATIONING scheme and the food production chain confiscation the main issue. Hardly the USA has anything to see with that.

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