Black Friday 2018 Video Hall of Shame: Keep in Mind They’re Not Even Hungry

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Well, it’s that time again. Time for our annual Season’s Beatings video roundup. As I like to remind you each year, these folks aren’t even hungry. This year, they’re duking it out over all sorts of things in the Black Friday 2018 Hall of Shame. Seriously, fellow Americans. The rest of the world is looking at us and laughing today.

This year, there’s good news and bad news.

The good news: there was actually less insanity and fewer brawls than there have been in years past.

The bad news? This round-up is shorter than normal. This even led to online complaints from disappointed would-be viewers. In fact, The Guardian pointed out that the folks who watch the videos are are enjoying “economic injustice.”

There has also been backlash of late against the enjoyment of Black Friday fight videos, which some maintain reflect classism. The Daily Dot website, for example, said in a post it would not be sharing viral fight footage.

“But … the core issue of these gross videos being circulated for the consumption of hundreds of thousands of hungry eyes [is that] they’re classist, voyeuristic and self-serving.

“We instead act as aristocracy demanding to be entertained by people who are only trying to provide their families with gifts that, without these Black Friday through Cyber Monday discounts, they might not be able to provide.” (source)

Personally, I see Black Friday as a cautionary tale for preppers, a live-action snippet from some future apocalypse full of hungry people in search of food.

From another standpoint, could the lack of frenzy be a sign that retailers are in trouble this year? Sales were expected to be up by $35 billion, but the total remains to be calculated. The media keeps applauding the economy, but I know of more people who are having money problems than are not having money problems.

Anyway, without further ado…

Here’s your Black Friday 2018 Video Hall of Shame.

Watch these folks fighting over the mystery boxes in the first clip. A few of them emerged victorious, while others end up crouching on the floor, stunned. And don’t miss the moment the big-screen TVs are released at 1:09. At 3:02, a man literally leaps onto the backs of other people to try and grab some kind of prize, and the stampede at 4:46 takes out the cameraperson.

In the next video, it starts out strong as the guy at 0:11 goes underneath the other people to get his large electronic item (presumably a television.) Stay sharp, because at 0:20, the redhead slaps the blonde right in the face. Watch the terrified expressions on the faces of the employees at 0:55 as they open the doors and watch as numerous customers get knocked down from the surge of humanity. The fight over a television begins at 2:13 and spills out into the corridor, lasting another 20 seconds. I’m not quite sure who ended up with it.

This video starts out hot, as a guy punches a girl. The woman on the floor from the original ruckus appears to require first aid of some sort. At 0:30, people run into Target, cheering. And running. Literally running. The only time I ever ran in a store was when I was chasing my errant toddler who was trying to make her escape. Later, you can watch the crowd shove the crap out of each other for no reason that I can figure out.

Here are ten clips of folks beating the snot out of each other in shopping centers across the nation. If the scene at 20 seconds doesn’t look like something out of an episode of The Walking Dead, I don’t know what does. Especially at 1:03 when they start falling on an overturned cart and just keep on going. Watch for the headbutt at 1:34. OUCH.

And we’ll finish off with this clip at some pink store to which I never want to go on a Black Friday. “Honey, you’re going to get trampled if you try and get between them and their sales.”

And that’s a wrap.

Personally, I avoid these kinds of events like the plague. Here are some great Black Friday sales for preppers that you don’t even have to leave your home for.

Well, what do you think? Anything to add to the commentary above regarding the Black Friday 2018 Hall of Shame?

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther is a coffee-swigging, globe-trotting blogger. She is the founder and publisher of three websites.  1) The Organic Prepper, which is about current events, preparedness, self-reliance, and the pursuit of liberty on her website, 2)  The Frugalite, a website with thrifty tips and solutions to help people get a handle on their personal finances without feeling deprived, and 3), an aggregate site where you can find links to all the most important news for those who wish to be prepared. She is widely republished across alternative media and  Daisy is the best-selling author of 5 traditionally published books and runs a small digital publishing company with PDF guides, printables, and courses. You can find her on FacebookPinterest, Gab, MeWe, Parler, Instagram, and Twitter.

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  • The only black Friday shopping I do is the local thrift and dollar stores. While maybe busier than normal, it’s ‘just a normal day’ in our little town. There are even folks singing along with the Christmas music on the radio!

    • Actually this holiday is COMMERCIAL (all about people spending money and being in debt next year)…It’s also TRADITIONAL, (we’ve been doing this for years on end). It’s a PAGAN HOLIDAY ( celebrated by the Pagans of old and had NOTHING to do with the birth of JESUS)…It’s a FAKE holiday simply b/c JESUS CHRIST was “NOT” born in December. It was too cold in the Holy Land for His outside birth. The scriptures tell us that the shepherds were OUT in the fields keeping watch over their flock by night. The shepherds put the animals away in the stalls and indoor barns around the end of October and didn’t let them back out until the early springtime, therefore there were NO animals out that time of year due to the cold and the rain over there. It also tells us that a census was being taken at the time of His birth and they would NOT have been taking an outdoor census in December (it would seriously be too cold), that would be done most likely in the warmer months.
      JESUS was born in the fall of the year in September at the “fall feast” of the LORD, and was born BEFORE the animals were put into the barns for the winter months.

      Furthermore JESUS never commanded us to celebrate His birthday (it’s nowhere to be found in scripture). Instead He instructed us to celebrate His resurrection. He said to his disciples at the “last supper”…”THIS DO IN REMEMBRANCE OF ME?
      This is a holiday that was started by the Emperor Constantine, having NOTHING to do with JESUS or anything remotely Christian.

      So, this is the holiday that we falsely celebrate in honor of “man laws” and NOT God’s laws. It’s about what “we” want. It’s about the greed of “human souls”. It has and never did have ANYTHING to do with the birth of the HOLY CHILD”…

      The Bible even tells us about bringing in the tree from the forest and tying it down and decorating it with gold and silver and we were NEVER instructed to put a tree inside a house. Does mistletoe and a wreath or Santa Claus and Reindeer or elves have anything to do with JESUS? Where do Candy Canes and mounds of presents and shopping till we drop come into the “Christmas” picture? Did all of that have ANYTHING whatsoever to do with the “MIRACLE” birth of the LORD JESUS CHRIST?
      Yes we like it, and yes it is colorful and a generally warm time of the year for the human soul as well as full of family, friends, neighbors etc. but as for celebrating it for the BIRTH of JESUS, that it is NOT!!! It may be be a “Holiday Time”, but it has NOTHING to do with the birth of JESUS. We are “deceived”! Satan must love just how deceived we have become. Every holiday we celebrate has Pagan roots and satan loves it. The more commercial, phony, and fake we become the better he likes it and the happier he becomes. BEWARE deception is wrapped in this holiday but we’re so blinded that we just can’t see it. Literally hundreds know the TRUTH but the other millions don’t know and don’t care !!! JESUS told us in Matthew NOT to be deceived, and we are so much so that we PUT our “stuff” and our “money” above all else, as if they were gods.

      GOD is in heaven on the throne, but satan is the god of this evil world. We MUST decide which one we wish to serve and obey!!!

      • You know a lot about Christianity, but almost nothing about any other faith. Most Pagan religions do not believe in Satan. And the Yule holiday has always been about renewal and rebirth during winter. It was co-opted by the Christians to take over this Pagan celebration and entice non-Christians into that religion. Many religions do celebrate a winter holiday.

        I refuse to participate in the craziness and usually find myself, prepping the leftovers for preservation.

  • What I wonder is after all that how many of those giant TVs are broken in the struggle and and useless to anyone?

  • This is insane. Grown adults are risking their lives over TVs. Not food, not necessities, but TVs. When things get tough in this country, it’s going to be far worse. 🙁

    • YES totally agree crazy and insane over “STUFF” !!! They act like a bunch of idiots, animals even (like male dogs that will fight to the death over a female in heat) … If it’s this bad over all this material “stuff” wonder what it’s gonna be like when the SHTF and they need water, food, heat. OMG I dread the day. It’s gonna be bad. This puts America to shame. No wonder our country is going down almost as fast as the Titanic. We are rapidly becoming a third world country…These people remind me of the knock um out, sock um out wrestlers that fight on tv for money!!! They’re desperate for their stuff (fix)…terrible!

  • How can you watch this stuff and NOT say the phrase “Trailer Park Trash”?
    You don’t see this kind of stuff happening at Tiffany’s now do you?

    I say part of the blame also falls on the stores, who KNOW there will be 200 people wanting that television they whoored the hell out of on the television the past week, yet they only have 2 in stock.

    Agreed, just wait until this fight is for food and water and they bring it to a neighborhood near you!

  • Um… yeah, not buying the “economically disadvantaged” bit. Our family is considered lower income, and I don’t do black friday, other than a few deals online because we really can’t afford to. Honestly, it doesn’t really cost THAT much more to buy during other times. I have 7 kiddos plus a daughter in law, and i just budget $30-$40 each, which i’m guessing in this $ driven society isn’t enough for a lot of people but it works for us.

    • GOOD 4 U…You are just ONE of the smart ones. You budget and don’t get yourself in debt and wound up paying for everything next year. It’s a traditional holiday anyway and isn’t about the birth of JESUS. But the point is we ARE a money driven society of human souls, and its not for our good but actually detrimental to our well-being. We try to live above our means. We shop till we drop, and we go off to work b/c we owe a lot from what we charged. They say you never miss what you never had.
      Those who “HAVE” want “MORE” and more and more. They will NEVER be satisfied. People give their children way more than they need or deserve, and they grow up to be greedy and don’t appreciate ANYTHING b/c they’ve had everything already !!! Just be happy and live within your means. I am a retired school teacher and I know about spoiled children.

  • i work in retail and, thankfully, this year was as civil as one might expect. However, I was wondering if the apparent lack of violence cited in your article, Daisy, can be attributed to Black Friday’s impact being tempered as it is no longer relegated to one day. Many retailers were opened on Thanksgiving (with crowds ready and waiting to pounce a couple hours before opening). But much of the merchandise was available for the doorbuster pricing online starting at 12:01 am on Thanksgiving, with some of the same pricing being available online as early as Monday of this past week (and let’s not forget the “Pre-Black Friday” sales which began the day after Halloween in earnest). The optimist in me would like to believe we are returning to a more civilized society where the effect of Black Friday is diminished as it evolves from a single day event to multiple days (or the entire month) and that consumers are wising up to the marketing schemes and hype of this “shopping holiday”. But the realist in me understands that it is likely economic concerns in the industry (retail apocalypse?) which simply resulted in retailers offering fewer hot ticket items worth trampling others for.

  • I remember when Black Friday became a thing. Before that, people just began their Christmas shopping the day after Christmas. Then, some marketing company caught the ear of our corrupt presstitutes and the hype began. It began with simple reports that, for most retailers, they reached break-even status for the calendar year the day after Thanksgiving.

    From that simple beginning, corporations pushed this thing until people were utterly indoctrinated, as these videos prove. When one sits back and uses critical thinking, the amount of money saved (if any) by participating in these feeding-frenzy witless buying sprees, compared to simple comparison shopping, is probably under 20%. Even for large purchases like the huge televisions ubiquitous to these hall-of-shame videos, the 20% would hardly be comparable to the risk to life and limb.

  • “they are not even hungry”


    Hunger, Greed, lust just ain’t for the buffet restaurant anymore!!! muhahha.
    Got to get me a flat screen, got to get me another, and another!!!
    Got to make sure I get my Jerry Springer, CNN and my video games full screen @#@$ it.

  • From the Guardian article,
    ” . . . by people who are only trying to provide their families with gifts that, without these Black Friday through Cyber Monday discounts, they might not be able to provide.”

    It is stuff. Generally useless stuff. Plastic pumpkins. Nothing no one actually needs. it is not food, or some other life sustaining item. It is just stuff. Materialistic stuff.

  • I celebrate “black Friday” by staying home, and not putting shoes on for the entire day. Me and my sewing machine… getting projects done. It is not worth the insanity to get out there to save a few $$.

  • Thank goodness I don’t go to the stores on black Friday. I either have to go to work, or I stay home !! Not getting into that madhouse!

  • I and n Canada and Black Friday anis a new marketing trend.

    No pushing or shoving but bigger crowds. Also a huge lack of deals. Kinda non sale at the majority of retailers…

  • Black Friday is best spent at home with family. Let the idiots tear each other apart.
    Actually I did go to a Walmart on Black Friday several years ago, But I went at 3:00 AM. Hardly anyone there. Much like any other day.

  • Think I’ll ever get into that mess? Think again! It’s Amazon and Ebay for me, strictly, and in January, once the crush is done and retailers are clearing their holiday overstocks. Yes, I know about that.

    But I might go for the fun. Like live-action Springer!

  • BWAH HAA HAA That “pink” store is in South Africa, where I live! “Black Friday’ has only been a thing here for about three years.

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