America’s Trust in the Mainstream Media Hits an ALL-TIME LOW and “Journalists” Are Shocked

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by Robert Wheeler

Given the 24/7 hysterical propaganda coming from mainstream media, it is easy to see how Americans are clueless about current events’ true nature, whether it be politics, COVID, or foreign policy.

But, there is some good news.

For the first time, most Americans do not trust the mainstream media

According to PR firm Edelman’s Annual Trust-Barometer, fewer than half of all Americans trust the mainstream media despite the constant propaganda onslaught. 

Anyone in journalism or media could have told you long ago this would be the case. The dinosaur knowns as Mainstream Media is dying. Before Google conspired with Zuckerberg and other digital giants to crush alternative media, those alternative outlets competed with and beat MSM.

MSM and Big Tech attempted to put a stop to that revolution, but the damage was done. Alternative media gave a large portion of the American people a glimpse of real journalism, and, ever since, MSM has been slowly withering.

Edelman’s “Trust Barometer” shows that Americans’ trust in the media establishment has now hit an all-time low in 2021, falling three more points to 46 percent. For the first time, that figure has dropped below the 50 percent mark.

Social media is taking blows to the chin, with Americans’ trust ranked at only 27% for content found on Facebook, Twitter, and the like.

The lack of faith in the mainstream is not exclusive to America. Across the world, belief in social media is only 35 percent. Globally, only 35 percent of people rank social media as trustworthy for “general news and information.”

Other related information shows that Americans are not happy with journalists or the journalistic profession either. Fifty-six percent of Americans said journalists are “purposely trying to mislead people by saying things they know are false or gross exaggerations.”  Fifty-eight percent agreed that most media outlets were “more concerned with supporting an ideology or political position than informing the public.” This website published an article about how the MSM was goading the public back in 2018.

Strange and not so strange statistics regarding politics and Big Business

One unsurprising statistic is that there is a sharp difference between Biden and Trump supporters when breaking up the political party numbers. Only 18 percent of Trump supporters said the mainstream media was trustworthy, while fifty-seven percent of Democrats said MSM was trustworthy. Ironically, though more than half, 57% is far from an overwhelming majority.

With ties to major corporations and particularly Big Oil, Edelman is not “independent.” These connections were quickly called out by many people online, suggesting the general public may be savvier as to who is behind media outlets than they were before.

The one strange statistic that emerged from this poll (possibly due to the polling firm’s connections mentioned) was that out of Government, Media, NGOs, and Big Business, the only group trusted by most Americans was Big Business. One factor that might explain more trust in Big Business than other institutions is the veritable war on the American economy declared by the ruling class due to COVID and climate hysteria.

Journalists respond to Edelman’s report with a plea to help rebuild the infrastructure

Axios and other “journalists” who responded to Edelman’s 2021 report have seized upon this nugget of trust in Big Business to call on those CEOs to “visibly embrace the news media” to help corporate media outlets.

“Now it’s time for [CEOs] to use the trust they’ve built up to help rebuild our civic infrastructure,” Axios stated.

Axios also wanted these CEOs to reach out to Trump supporters who generally have a much more favorable view of Big Business than Biden’s base. Some, however, are wondering if this might hurt the businesses more than help MSM.

Axios also realized that media distrust was not only an American issue but a global one. Therefore, it was not merely a “function of Donald Trump’s war on ‘fake news.'” But that didn’t stop the “news” site from blaming the audience for daring to put their faith in the journalistic profession. The site even posted links to help worried journalists recognize if they’ve overplayed their hands in their propaganda pieces.

Note: Trust in companies headquartered in the United States fell four points to another all-time low of 51 percent.

Many MSM journalists may be shocked at the lack of trust by Americans

It may be a real eye-opener to many journalists working for mainstream outlets that most of America does not trust them or the corporations they work for. Journalists who are shocked by this seem trapped in their own bubble. After four years of the Russia hoax, “everything is racism” reporting, “largely peaceful” protests immediately turning into “terroristic riots,” Trump supporters know full well they cannot trust MSM. 

The wave of censorship that has been ongoing in this country for years should confirm that the mainstream media is running scared. Of course, discerning readers already knew mainstream media was nothing more than propaganda, and that’s why, even after Big Tech tried to crush it, the alternative media still survives.

What news sources do you trust the most?

It can be hard to know what sources to trust. This article can help you identify whether a source is trustworthy or not.

Are there any news sources that you find to be more trustworthy than others? Which are the sources you absolutely do not believe that other people consider reliable? Let’s talk about news and information in the comments.

About Robert

Robert Wheeler has been quietly researching world events for two decades. After witnessing the global network of NGOs and several ‘Revolutions’ they engineered in a number of different countries, Wheeler began analyzing current events through these lenses.

Picture of Robert Wheeler

Robert Wheeler

Robert Wheeler has been quietly researching world events for two decades. After witnessing the global network of NGOs and several 'Revolutions' they engineered in a number of different countries, Wheeler began analyzing current events through these lenses.

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  • I haven’t trusted MSM reporting for a couple decades now and today simply confirms what I thought on the leading edge of thinking back then, we’re being played for fools by the owners of the MSM and it will stop when the people wake up, which apparently they are. Alt sites are not necessarily better, but they seem to want to get to the bottom of things and just report actual facts, but you still have to watch them or you could end up in a psyop super easy. It all simply points to how messed up our world is and why our Creator is coming back to straighten out mankinds mess of the planet.

    • JESUS CHRIST is the only answer for America and the World. HE is coming soon. ALL Prophecy is being FULFILLED exactly like HIS HOLY WORD says. HE will have THE FINAL say according to HIS PLAN OF HE AGES.

        • Samantha – I don’t think you’re going to have to wait much longer. According to my life long study of the signs of the times we are on the verge of the world falling apart. The state of the world itself confirms this as it has become so wicked. Notice how people are calling good evil now and evil good? He always takes out civilizations that are as He puts it “ripe in iniquity”. Many people can see & feel that a big change is coming – else why are we reading articles on this site by Selco and others that also point out our society is crumbling and how to prepare? Natural disasters have been ramping up and they are going to get much much worse. As a funny meme recently said with Gladys Cravitz peeking out a window “Looking out my window to see which chapter of Revelation we are living today” posted after our area had hurricane winds is going to get very real. Besides physical preparation live close to the Spirit (aka your conscience-that voice inside of you that hopefully still functions) so you can get warned of what you need to do to protect yourself and your family. Even now how many of us are preparing even more the best we can as fast as possible because of that “gut feeling” warning us?

          • Arlene hits the nail on the head as to what is the single most trustworthy news source in my experience–that “still small voice” in my heart.

            Others include Dr Charlie Ward, the Corbett Report, Freedom’s Phoenix (wide variety of interesting subjects, not just politics), Watts Up With That, (news about medical subjects, not politics), Peggy Hall, Children’s Health Defense, sometimes Natural News/ Brighteon, USALife, and references I find on those.

            Natural News/The Health Ranger often tell me things long before other sources, but he sells survival supplies, and sometimes that makes him over-the-top with scaremongering.

        • He is waiting for His time and so that others may believe and accept His salvation. Jesus doesn’t not anyone to perish without accepting him. But we have free will and must believe and accept the only plan of salvation found in Jesus Christ. It will happens in God’s time and in the meantime, I’m sharing the gospel with as many who will listen.

        • He’s been coming for 2000 years. A tad late, but a blink of an eye in humanity! Maybe his robe is hung up at the cleaners and he has nothing else to wear…..?

        • only His mercy…. He wants us all to trust him and rely on him… the longer he waits, the more opportunity people will have to reach out for help. He doesn’t want to lose a single soul.
          I’m not a big Bible person, but I do know the God of Mercy.
          Sorry… couldn’t let your question go unanswered.

  • The fake ‘journalist’s’ in the MSM are shocked they are not believed, really? This is a very good indication of how totally deluded these people are. They have absolutely no idea what a lie is and what the truth is. They for the most part may be clueless that they are following their leader ~ the father of lies! But they are following their leader who produces only lies and deception. These truly are perilous times. I tend to think that the majority of people in this nation are clueless as to what is going on ~ and that includes a huge chunk of the people who call themselves Born Again Christians. It is time for the Lord to begin to straighten things out, so He can get the last great harvest of souls on this planet! MARANANTHA, SELAH!

    • The harvest of souls has already begun. After 911 I researched the ‘Feast of Trumpets’ which heralds the beginning of the harvest. That feast has already been held. I don’t remember the references, you will have to search it yourself. The Lord of the harvest will return at the end of the harvest not in the middle. How long will it take? The bible says no man knows that, and we won’t know until it happens.
      As for the MSM, I quit believing in what they say decades ago. I kept watching anyway to see what false info they were spreading but I have since quit watching any news on TV. It isn’t worth my time. I read several alt-news web sites. They aren’t 100% correct but the truth can usually be found if it’s out there.

  • Back in the dawn of time (about 1958) a teacher in ‘problems of democracy’ class asked the class if we believed everything we read in the newspaper. We all answered in the affirmative. He then went on to explain that articles in the paper will, to varying degrees, reflect the attitudes and opinions of the writer and the paper he writes for. He gave examples. From then on I looked for alternative viewpoints in the stories, deliberately reading sources I don’t agree with. I’m called a cynic by a number of my friends and worse by a number of not friends.

  • “Axios also wanted CEOs to reach out to Trump supporters who generally have a much more favorable view of Big Business than Biden’s base.” No one in their right mind trusts globalist big business which generally supports the Democrat party and gave billions to the installation of Biden as their puppet.

  • The MSM are Seditious & Treasonous Propagandists who Must be brought to Tribunal & either Imprisoned for Life at GITMO or EXECUTED!

  • I’ve come to rely on The Epoch Times for news and information. My guess is that they will soon replace the “Legacy media”, and will be known as the single most reliable media. Highly recommended.

  • All Media has slant. Period. You need to read more than one source to get a clear picture. That said MSM has long abandoned journalistic integrity.

    my grand mother told me growing up to only believe half of what you see and a quarter of what you hear. I think this is a good rule. But with MSM I am not sure even 25% is unbiased enough to be truthful.

  • I have stopped watching or listening to any MSM news. Period. Not even the local channels for weather. The bias is so blatant you would have to be brain dead not to see it. Alternative did not prove out to be much better during this whole ridiculous election fiasco. Of the very few sites that I do trust, Organic Prepper is right at the very top. Not alarmist but incredibly accurate and very open when she is not, Daisy is my go to for honest, unbiased reporting. She really showed up the media when it came to the virus. Maybe it her focus on being prepared in any given situation or maybe her logical and balanced assessment of whatever the situation is, she is one sharp cookie.
    Do I trust MSM? Zero percent. Alternative? After this past year, I would say 10 percent.

  • I read The Epoch Times, a newspaper with the tag line of ‘Truth and Tradition’. They describe themselves as old-style journalists who dig in and find the facts. They are frequently at odds with MSM, which says a lot.

  • I only trust CERTAIN Youtube channels such as Peak Prosperity, Peter Schiff, George Gammon, Maneco64, etc. As for internet media, I’m all about Strategic Culture Foundation and Zero Hedge-where many of Daisy’s articles end up! Breitbart is ok but I’ve been disappointed by some of their slavish coverage of the Trump Admin. Unfortunately the last admin was more hype & bluster than reality.

    • I used to read Zero Hedge every day and I read most of the articles. Now I only read it once in a while. All of their good articles come from other sources anyway. I made several comments about factual mistakes in their articles and they banned me from comments so they aren’t all that great.

  • “All Media has slant. Period. You need to read more than one source to get a clear picture. That said MSM has long abandoned journalistic integrity.”

    Absolutely agree!

    I’ll go one step further– science is clouded by one’s view of the world, too. You state an hypothesis, then go about trying to prove or disprove it. I call that tunnel vision. The scientific method leads scientists to NOT consider, or at least publish, contradictory evidence outside one’s own or the scientific community’s worldview. It is one of the most bigoted communities I’ve ever experienced.

    • Expanding on the idea of the scientific method, you make an observation, you state a hypothesis to explain what you observed, you build a model to test your hypothesis, and you analyze the results. If the results of the model do not match the observations, then either your model or your hypothesis is incorrect, and you need to come up with a different hypothesis to explain your observations. Those scientists who are truly concerned with finding the truth, will reject their own work and start over.

      The problem comes when you are so wedded to the belief of your hypothesis, you are willing to alter data or otherwise lie about your hypothesis to support your view. It even gets worse when big govt sees a benefit to them in supporting the hypothesis as truth, even when observations strongly contradict the model results. It’s no wonder that anyone with a trace of logic left in their brain rejects the general truthfulness of news people, politicians, and some scientists.,

    • Let’s not forget that research scientists are funded by Corporations, most of whom stand to profit by their findings. It’s very unfortunate.

      “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it.” – Upton Sinclair

  • MSM and their journalist gave up their objectivity and integrity for their corporate narrative and bias.
    And I thought that long before Trump came down the escalator. Anyone recall how Jay Leno was the ONLY late night host to make jokes about Obama? Or Obama’s last press meeting? “Call me!”

    Charles H. Smith pointed out back in 2016 how 90% of the media is controlled by 6 corporations. 5 of which lean hard Left. And then there is Fox (no, I dont watch Fox either).
    I used to (past tense) listen to NPR every day. I could dismiss their bias easily enough and still get the news. Then 2016 happened and since then NPR has gone all in CNN like pundit format. The mental gymnastics they went through to link anything negative to Trump was fantastic (not in the good sense) and nauseating (I did not vote for Trump, and I donated to Tulsi Gabbard campaign).

    As for journalists being surprised the public sees them as not trustworthy? They did it to themselves when they abandoned objectivity and integrity for “journalist activism.” As I stated before, I thought that long before Trump was on the scene.

    While Alt-Media can and does have a degree of their own bias, at least they can and do call out the MSM BS, the narrative they push.
    Journalists like Glenn Greenwald, Matt Taibbi, Catlin Johnstone, Sharyl Attkisson, The Hill’s Rising with Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti. Economic and society commenter Charles H. Smith. Legal analysis by Jonathan Turley.
    Those are just a few.
    But going forward, alt-media is going to be more important than ever.

  • Here is a short list of some of the best alternate media news aggregator websites:

    The history of MSM corruption goes way back. In 1918 the Rockefeller Institute used the US Army’s 1911-created mandatory vaccine program as a way to sell their poorly tested horse vaccine — starting at Ft Riley, Kansas but expanding to several countries … eventually killing some 50m to 100m people worldwide, including more German soldiers than combat did. Because of wartime censorship the first news appeared in newspapers in Spain (not in that war), and so the US government dubbed the disease as the “Spanish Flu” and has maintained that lie to the present day. No MSM newspaper has ever had to guts to tell the truth.

    Another example was the New York Times (Slimes?). In the early 1930s while Joseph Stalin was deliberately starving people by the millions in Ukraine by stealing their crops and sending his thugs door to door to confiscate cooking pots and pans, the NY Times was happily printing garbage reports from Walter Duranty (their “reporter” in Moscow) about the glorious Russian workers’ paradise.

    After FDR has struggled for two years prior to Pearl Harbor to find some way to coerce Japan into a first strike against the US, and set up Pearl Harbor to maximize the damage from that eventual “surprise” attack (best documented in Robert Stinnett’s book “Day of Deceit”), the few researchers of that day who told the truth about FDR’s treachery were demonized without mercy.

    When the Secretary of Defense (James Forrestal) was imprisoned in a government hospital in 1949, he told his brother that he didn’t expect to get out of that hospital alive. After he was thrown out of an upper story window to his death, no newspaper in the country dared print that the “suicide” note found was in a handwriting that didn’t match Forrestal’s at all.

    In 1963 Lee Harvey Oswald was fingered as the 6th floor assassin of JFK (even though he’d been at his job for some five months but the JFK family had only decided on the parade route some four days before the murder — and Oswald was seen (by the building superintendent) calmly eating lunch in the 2nd floor lunchroom a couple of minutes after the shooting. No media of that day covered the history of the CIA’s perfecting the “assassination by patsy” method of eliminating political targets in Latin America since the early 1950s. It was only revealed a couple of years ago when Trump declassified documents that had been kept secret by the CIA that two US Army crypto operators had independently picked up message traffic (TWO WEEKS BEFORE the assassination) that was discussing whether it would be the best strategy to blame the coming murder of JFK on a negro or a communist. When those two crypto operators reported to their superiors what they’d learned, the Joseph Stalin method of imprisonment in a mental hospital destroyed their careers. To this day the MSM agitprop media still regurgitates the bogus Oswald cover story.

    The point of all this is that the MSM media has been lying for TPTB (the powers that be) since long before we were born.


  • I’m insulted by their very existence. I won’t even attempt to have a discussion with anyone who still watches. It’s an insult to my intelligence and theirs. It’s nwo corporate propaganda and deception. I’ll ask them questions to maybe trigger them to do their own research and I’ll answer questions. Not all seeds fell/fall on fertile ground. I don’t remember Jesus ever instructing me to be idol and revive the lies from the town criers. Wasn’t looking to offend, just answering the question.

  • [insert meme with Fry from Fututama declaring, “I’m shocked! Shocked I tell you! Well…not that shocked…”]

  • I don’t trust any media, websites etc.
    Everyone has an agenda.
    I read them all and look for the truth AND why they felt it was important OR what they are trying to distract me from

  • This is NOT the FIRST time Americans have distrusted the Media,

    American distrust is a a peak. After the American Coup.
    When Jackleg stupid reporters that make up stories take over the
    Media WHAT else would they EXPECT.

  • I haven’t watched “the news” in decades ever since I spent a whole day on CSPAN watching either the House or Senate discuss an important bill – only to tune in later that night and see the MSM roll a “clip” that took the whole thing out of context.

    After the “riots” on Jan 6th, my roommate was tuning in to CNN and I tell you I was FUCKING SHOCKED. I mean, I knew Fox was crap but the “tsk tsking” the talking head was doing was nauseating – and I’m being nice. He was LITERALLY saying “tsk tsk” and shaking his head.

    I couldn’t stomach watching it and left the room to play fetch with my cat…

    • One more thing, one can get a clearer idea of what’s being “sold” if one mutes the sound. Try it. Watch without being distracted by the words and music. Works for commercials, too.

  • Who trusts big business? They’re behind all the corrupt politicians, msm & social media. I thought that was obvious.
    But don’t expect anyone to change their ways no matter how shocked they are by the lack of trust anyone has in them. People don’t repent anymore- they Double Down!
    Why? Because they believe that they are righteous in their evil. They are willing to die for their noble cause even if it means the destruction of their own livelihood, you, or me.
    Coz to admit that theyre wrong is failure and they’d rather
    Die & go to hell & drag you along with them rather than admit that. if they can feel Self righteous whilst doing it so much the better.
    That’s how insane they are.

  • Dear Mr. Wheeler;

    Perhaps you could explain to us why ‘most Amerikans’ don’t trust the MSM – yet still listen and parrot everything ‘their’ news tells them?

    You see anything other than maybe 2% who have (or knew all along) this Killer Kovid was a scam to hide the collapse of the US? I don’t. At the stores, I am STILL THE ONLY ONE WHO SHOPS WITHOUT A MASK.

    Because everyone else believes ‘their’ news that ‘it’s a law’ because their governor ‘tweeted’ a new law.

    I mean, I know ‘the other news’ cannot be trusted, but certainly ‘my’ news is telling the truth, right?

  • Declared myself a journalism major in the fall of 1973. When I graduated in 1977, the whole field was inundated by Woodward & Bernstein wannabees. There was a lot of scratching to the top of the pile going on at that time. So when my editor wanted me to change my story, I was done with it — almost from the get-go. I reasoned that he would only find someone to replace me who would do his bidding. The competition among journalists has more to do with keeping their job than in discerning the truth. Been a Media watchdog ever since.

    The Editor truly is the gatekeeper … as I was taught by my journalism professors. Journalists are not called Presstitutes for nothing. You can’t tell me they didn’t “know”. Now they are shocked that they’ve been found immoral? They have to know the fodder they load their cannons with is only bullshit. They are okay with the game for a good-sized paycheck.

    Even among those I would consider truer, I will still look askance until a bigger picture emerges. We are not often left to interpret “facts” for ourselves.

  • Love all these alternative options for information! Another great one is AwakenwithJP. JP Sears creates hilarious YT video’s which poke fun at the absurdity happening around us, while pointing out truth. A great way to educate young people.

  • When I was a child, during one of the times that we had a television (that was not very often) the family was watching the news. This around the time when Kennedy was elected. I do not remember if it was before or after, but somewhere in that timeframe.

    Whatever it was that popped up on the TV caused my father to tell us what happened to him when he was a child. Always one to be on the lookout to make a buck, or even fifty cents back then, he was help with the sandbagging of the Mississippi river during the 1927 floods. He could not fill or throw sandbags, of course, but he was fetching drinking water, sandwiches, snacks, tools, and such. He was not trying to make money at any of that. He was just helping because it was a huge flood causing extreme damage.

    However, one of the movie newsreel camera people saw him doing all that and approached him and offered him fifty cents to do a job for him. The job? Catch one of the chickens that was running around in the area, find a small board, wade out into the flood waters, put the chicken on the board and turn it loose.

    My dad did, and the newsreel cameraman filmed the chicken floating down the flooding river.

    Now, in 1927 my father was 9-years old. And this adult, experienced cameraman for a major corporate news outlet, asked him to wade out into the flood. Now, my dad grew up being a very capable person, believe me, but an adult asking him to go out into the flood? Just shows you what the media will do, even back then and before.

    Well, the footage made it to theaters. My father said he saw it. I looked and looked for years after he mentioned that story again during a special on the floods. First, I watched specials like that, that ran old newsreel footage. Never saw that clip. When the internet started having specials like that, and then companies like Youtube provided a place to put up just about any kind of footage anyone had, I looked for it there, any time I saw something about floods on the Mississippi, especially the 1927 one.

    Just a few years ago I finally saw that footage. There was that chicken, in black and white film footage floating down the river on a board. Something happened and I did not manage to get a lock on what site it was or what particular video it was, so I have not been able to find it again. Which does not really matter. The point is that the media, for a very long time, has used every gimmick and trick and deceit they can manage to figure out how to, first, generate income; second, add viewers, listeners, or readers; and thirdly, get across whatever agenda they happen to support. I mean, sending a 9-year old out into fast flowing flood waters. Even if he did agree to do it.

    There have been other things over the years that I discovered, and had some happen to me that has made me distrust the MSM since I was in my early teens and could understand and form those beliefs.

    I imagine most of the readers here have heard the story about Reagan, when he was a sportcaster early in his career, give radio broadcast made-up play by play of a baseball game when the studio lost their news feed from the game. It is looked upon as a funny story about one of our presidents (who I happen to think was a great one). If you think about it though, there were no reperussions, no censure, not big deal made about it when it was discovered. Talk about false news! That report of the baseball game was totally made up for a large portion of the game. Another sign of how MSM has continued their misleading, often outright dishonest, presentation of what is going on in the world.

    One of the benchmarks that I use when evaluating a news or other information source is the look closely at the adjectives that they use in the story. The adverbs as well, but it is the adjectives for the most part that are the very observable indicators of the bias of the reporter or person presenting the information.

    News does not need very many adjectives. Adjectives are pretty much (though certainly not always) opinions of the person saying or writing them. It is not always the news person you might be seeing or hearing, as many of them are just reading something given to them. When it is the person presenting the news or information you are seeing, hearing, or reading that is putting those adjectives into the report, it is their opinion they are giving.

    Pretty much any given news element can be spun in several different ways, using the same information words, but adding different adjectives. Sometimes they are added as a short string of words, but are still equivalent to an adjective. (Look up what an adjective is. Better to decide yourself than take my word for it.)

    An example:

    President Trump signed the Crime Reduction and Victim Assistance bill into law today.

    MSM reporter’s adjective laden ‘news’:
    The heartless President Trump signed the highly racist, so-called Crime Reduction and Victim Assistance contemptible legislation today.

    Now, which one sounds familiar from the days Donald Trump was president?

    Just my opinion.

  • M=m3 Manipulation = Money x Media x Manpower.
    I have warned about the media monopoly for well over 40 years. Now the time has come. The people get the government they deserve.
    Birth control today, gun control tomorrow, mind control the day after, then the ruling elite can rest.

  • Sorry, but don’t bother me with fewer than half. That just tells me we are as divided as ever. Something we already know.

  • Why am I not surprised ! John Swinton of the New York News said this in a speech before The American Press Association back in1914 . ” T here is no such things an independent press in America , not a man among you dares utter his honest opinion . We are tools and vassels of the rich behind the scenes , we are tools and vessals fo the rich behind the scenes . We are marionettes . These men pull the strings and we dance . Our time , our talents , outlives and our capacities are all property of these men . We are intellectual prostitutes ” .
    So the question still begs , ” what has changed ? Whether Biden is a puppet of the Chinese regime or the Silicon Valley Kleptocrats , it does not matter , 1984 has now arrived . The burning of the books and the rewriting of history will begin nd the burning at stake of the political y in correct will ensue !
    May God help us and soon we will not be able to call on Him anymore !

  • MSM parent companies see their MSM properties as loss leaders. The cost of projecting the narrative deferential to the MSM’s parent. News re-writers “journalists” losing credibility is of no more consequence then Crazy Eddie hawking his used cars.

  • The fawning over Xiden at the White House pressers is sickening. I call on conservative reporters to join in, and go over the top with hideous questions. What kind of dog food goes Xiden feed his dogs? What is Hunters favorite dog food? What is Dr Xidens favorite dog food? And any more hideous questions, do this for a week or two to really highlight what is going on.

  • I’m surprised the numbers are so high… I thought that MSM’s numbers were just slightly higher than the congress creeps, MSM’s being in the low teens while DC’s numbers are in the single digits, at least that’s where my opinion(s) lay.

    I too only trust basically The Epoch Times, THIS site, SurvivalBlog, View from the Porch,, the Burning Platform and American Partisan (and a few others) for truthful up-to-date-news. Never check any MSM site or cnn or other alphabet-fabricated-news-story sites.

  • Never had a ‘social media’ account in the past…seemed like a big waste of time. But in the last year, we’ve canceled our DISH TV and refuse to any longer watch what passes for news on the big media outlets, and now have a GAB account.


  • MSM-journalists are generally known as The Scum of the Universe, but now they are shocked to find that out? How can that be? Even used car salesmen are paragons of virtue compared to those dregs.
    And try as hard as you might, you cannot even find sports-journalists that are more despised than these MSM-Rachel Maddow clones…

    • Actually, the ads shown on this website are based on YOUR browsing history. I suggest the use an incognito browser for “certain kinds” of searches.

      Wishing you the very best.

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