The American Elite Want to RATION Food, Power, and Gas for the Rest of Us

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It’s looking more and more like an “us vs. them” nation. A recent poll taken by Rasmussen (RMG Research) on behalf of The Committee to Unleash Prosperity had some alarming findings regarding how the richest 1% of America really feel about the rest of us.

Spoiler: They don’t think highly of us. They couldn’t possibly care less about our struggles. They live in an entirely different world than we do.

What is even more unsettling about the conclusions you will read is that these people are the ones who can afford to contribute to political campaigns and influence policies and legislation in America. We’d like to say that our government is a representative one, but let’s not kid ourselves.

Money talks.

Who are the “American elite?”

The survey defines the “American Elite” as those “having at least one post-graduate degree, earning at least $150,000 annually, and living in high-population density areas (more than 10,000 people per square mile in their zip code).”

President of RMG Research Scott Rasmussen defined the participants as “urban academic elite” who are “extraordinarily influential in government, corporate America, and the philanthropic worlds.” In some categories, the sector is further divvied up by regular elites and Ivy League elites.

So – well-to-do, well-educated city dwellers. Who greatly influence everything.


So what do these people really want to see happening?

More than 60% of Elites who were interviewed for this poll would like to see a crackdown on personal freedom. The rabble needs to be kept in line, you know.

They certainly don’t trust the great unwashed to manage environmental issues voluntarily. “77% of the Elites, including nearly 90% of the Elites who graduated from the top universities,” would like us to face rationing of essential items. They’d like to dole out:

  • Meat
  • Energy
  • Gasoline

In other words, put on a sweater, walk, and eat your bugs, losers.

Two-thirds of them would prefer that educators be in complete control of our children’s curriculum at school, no doubt to brainwash them into going along willingly with their outrageous notions on how things should be.

The Elite would also overwhelmingly like to ban things that they don’t believe we should have access to, such as:

  • Gas stoves
  • Gas-powered cars
  • Air conditioning
  • SUVs
  • “Non-essential” air travel

Stay in your place, peasants. And pipe down about your climate control.

Wait – did I just hear someone say, “Let them eat cake?” Someone should likely tell them how the first person who said that ended up after ticking off the underprivileged.

They see the world totally differently than the rest of us.

The way they view the world is also vastly different than the way we do. These folks say overwhelmingly that they discuss politics daily, whereas only 9% of us peons speak of politics and politicians daily. Perhaps it’s how they keep amplifying their ridiculous beliefs – by being so heavily involved in politics.

But wait, hold on to your halos, angels. There’s more.

  • 70% of Elites and 90% of Ivy-League-educated Elites trust our government  – THIS GOVERNMENT – to do the right thing.
  • 84% of these yahoos believe Joe Biden is doing a great job
  • 90% of the Ivy League crowd holds a favorable opinion of lawyers, lobbyists, union leaders, and journalists.
  • 80% of the Ivy Leaguers say that they’re doing better financially now than before.

There truly are two different Americas right now. And folks, we aren’t in the “fortunate” America.

The PDF concludes with this reminder.

It is important to note that not all members of the Elites are elitists. Some don’t think about politics all that much, and others actively support traditional American values such as individual freedom. Still, given the influence they yield, the overall views of the Elites represent an existential threat to America’s founding ideals of freedom, equality, and self-governance.

Cool. Like maybe 10% of them aren’t in cahoots with the scary ones.

Why it matters

I know a lot of you are rolling your eyes and saying, “I don’t care with they think. It couldn’t possibly affect me less.”

That’s where you’re wrong, my friends.

These people – the American Elite –  are the shot-callers. They’re the ones who rally support for political candidates. They pay for advertising. They run the business world. They are the CEOs and Presidents of massive companies. These companies are the ones that donate funds, support politicians, pay lobbyists, support the “woke” agenda, make lives difficult with arbitrary rules and regulations, and steer the conversations in the media.

They run so much more than just their highly educated mouths.

You should be concerned about how out of touch they are with our everyday realities. Because one of these days, these Ivy League ivory tower snobs will take away your car, your gas appliances, your air conditioning, and your steak if they have their way. And you can be sure they won’t be sweating and starved for protein along with the rest of us.

Because to them, we don’t matter.

We are mere annoyances to be controlled so that we can do the work to provide the services that keep their lives running smoothly. Then, they’re free to think deep thoughts and mutually gratify one another for asserting ridiculous ideas like the ones in this poll.

What are your thoughts on the American Elites? Do you think that they have the power to make things unpleasant for us? Do you think their opinions are harmless? Are you surprised by any of these widely held opinions?

Let’s discuss it in the comments section.

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Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther is a coffee-swigging, globe-trotting blogger. She is the founder and publisher of three websites.  1) The Organic Prepper, which is about current events, preparedness, self-reliance, and the pursuit of liberty on her website, 2)  The Frugalite, a website with thrifty tips and solutions to help people get a handle on their personal finances without feeling deprived, and 3), an aggregate site where you can find links to all the most important news for those who wish to be prepared. She is widely republished across alternative media and  Daisy is the best-selling author of 5 traditionally published books and runs a small digital publishing company with PDF guides, printables, and courses. You can find her on FacebookPinterest, Gab, MeWe, Parler, Instagram, and Twitter.

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  • Time for ALL state national guard units to come together and descend on those rich men north of Richmond and root that evil from our land.

  • There are more of us than there are of them. They will find out soon enough, that they are NOT going to get what they want. RETRIBUTION IS COMING FOR THEM, and they shall pay a high price.

  • Just days ago there were 2500+ global elite in Davos. They got together and stroked each others ego, and talked. And talked.., and.. talked.

    Boy, talk about a target rich environment!

    If I had a hammer, I’d, oh, never mind…

    • “Boy, talk about a target rich environment!”
      The ones we can see are not the true, Top Elite. They are the front men. The ones directing the Population Reduction Agenda, and ‘World Affairs’ are not revealed to the public.

      • Start making a POI list. Others can use the list to find familiars. From there they can do some old fashioned leg work to find the shadows behind the Front Men.

    • Jim would you happen to know if the menus at Davos for the so called elites offered any bug burgers or cockroach casseroles or snail smoothies or chocolate covered ants or pizza topped with caterpillars or cricket sandwiches or grasshopper pie or worm tacos or house fly cake…

      If these people want to start a revolution in eating habits they should lead by example. They should have an insect luau there and film the whole thing so we can see if they are putting our money where their mouth is. Do you think that will ever happen?

  • The HUNGER GAMES is a cautionary tale! We need to learn how to grown hidden pockets of food, because large monoculture will be a target. Learn how to grow a potato plant or a squash in a sunny spot in the woods. This is how people survived the Nazis, by knowing what wild foods to eat, and by learning how to hide things in plain sight.

    • That only works in woods. I see cactus, creosote, etc., as far as the eye can see. The biggest problem is the chem trail spraying is killing the foliage all over the world. A greenhouse is one way to grow food safely. The only way to win is for people not to play the game. I was reading recently where the conscription team for Ukraine went to a man’s house to force him into the military. The man shot through the door killing one of those individuals. Remember that team is gathering men up, but they themselves aren’t going to war. I foresee more individuals choosing to go to prison, then go to war with a lot fewer conscription team members. The same could be said of those coming to take our food and supplies.

  • I think there’s a… possibly natural… stratification… among humans. We’re not that far from the days of Alpha males ruling the pack, tribe, village. Now, instead of brawn, it’s ‘intelligence’ and money that elevate to mandating. And, being psychopaths, willing to do whatever is necessary to achieve the top of the heap and stay there. Humans are motivated by self interest. Sitting in my South American penthouse, do I care about the problems of the poor, or homeless here, or in American cities? Am I one of the ‘Elite’? Hardly. I get about US$60,000 a year from disability, having been wounded in the Vietnam war. I was a corporal, from a middle class, blue collar family. I went to a Junior College, but didn’t take a degree. I live well because Colombia has the lowest cost of living in the Western Hemisphere. I own land because my parents worked, saved and invested, and left my siblings and I a generous inheritance.
    Those in the upper classes are always concerned with ‘the rabble’ taking what they have. We always outnumber them. Those at the top consider us to be no more than livestock, exploitable and expendable. They limit our opportunities in education and employment to prevent us from competing with them and their children. And now that there are more people than ever before, they are actively in progress to reduce our numbers. By non nutritious ‘food’, GMO’s, bio weapons, and environmental toxins. This goes at least as far back as Plato. The true ‘Elite’ are not the top 1%, but the top .001%. They are our defacto Feudal Lords. and they want to get rid of 93% of us.

  • Amazing how much this all reminds me of The Hunger Games books. Was that predictive programming or an astute author?
    There are so many more of us plebs than there are elite spoiled fools. If we all get our act together, they can be defeated. God will have His way with them in the end regardless.

    • Suzanne Collins was an astute author. The jig is up, and military recruitment of capable men is at a STANDSTILL. Most that are joining now are useless. The situation is coming to push/shove at the Texas border as we speak. The lamestream media refuses to report it.
      Be ready as the Patriot Minutemen, and keep your powder dry.

  • Ah yes those “elites”. If you keep giving the bratty children so much attention, they will always be the center of it. I believe that our country is in the beginnings of a monumental shift. A time when this nonsense is becoming more of a last ditch effort to maintain control of the majority. It started in Canada, then Dutch farmers, Germany France, multiple countries in South America, now Texas. It’s taken some time, but the “peasants” are waking up and as soon as we all realize how much power we actually wield, these little tyrants will be begging for mercy. Most are not quite wealthy enough to be protected in a SHTF situation and certainly will be silenced with the awakening so they’re going to grasp for as long as they can. But just to ensure we keep our eyes on the ball, be proactive:

  • Zitat:” Sie sehen die Welt anders als der Rest von uns”! Sie füllen sich ja auch die Taschen mit dem was der Rest erbracht hat und das ganz schamlos. Nur der Rest ist die Übergroße Mehrheit die die Milliarden Werte schafft. Und die Elite der Milliardäre ist die Minderheit die unseren Kindern und selbst uns die Zukunft raubt. Das Problem das ich sehe ist: Wieso schaffen wir, die Mehrheit es nicht dieses Problem zu lösen? Sind wir unfähig unseren Reichtum zu verteidigen weil wir Angst haben vor diesen Leuten? Lassen wir uns deshalb ideologisch spalten damit diese Leute unseren Reichtum selbst gegen uns einsetzen? Wie stehen die Bürger der USA die ja als das Imperium sich die Welt zu Untertan macht dazu? ich denke es liegt doch nur an der Mehrheit selbst diese Welt so um zu gestalten das die Mehrheit wirklich was davon hat. Und das in jedem Land. Wenn ich die Meinungen hier lese bin ich mir sicher, das viele Menschen nicht verstehen das sie es sind, die sich wehren müssen und nicht die Politik und das Militär, die stehen doch auf Seiten dieser elitären Minderheit. Ich verstehe nicht das das keiner sehen will.

    • Lieber Jürgen, ich fürchte, wenn man sich die Geschichte anschaut, wollen die meisten Menschen einfach nur leben. Erst wenn dies ernsthaft unter Druck gerät, werden Maßnahmen ergriffen. Die oberen 0,01 % der Elite wollen Macht und üben diese durch Unterdrückung aus. 🙁 Gruß aus NL

  • Part of the problem is they believe in their own intelligence.
    Okay, you have a degree.
    I know of plenty of people with post-graduate degrees that are also very ignorant and more than a few out right dumb outside of their limited area of expertise.
    But they have their degree! They hold it up like some kind of talisman, above the rest of us, that we must bow down to them as they are our betters!
    Not so much.
    Read an article the other day that in order to meet net-zero by 2030, might of been 2035, the average American would have to reduce their quality of life by 85%. So, imagine reducing everything in your life to meet net-zero. No cars. Reduce you home to something like 900sqft. Walk or bicycle everywhere. Eat bugs.
    You think these people are going to volunteer to do that?
    Of course not! They are enlightened! They are entitled to their cars, mansions, real food.
    Sharpen the pitchforks and keep the torches handy!

    • Reminds me of a meeting I staffed years ago where one of the presenters, a PhD, walked headlong into a glass door and broke her nose. Her range of ntelligence was on display all over that glass door, fortunately for us it washed off…

    • I get this, but still these urban academia types are the least of our concern. Are incapable of pretty much everything except pay lip service to the circle jerk content of their own cult. No need to fight them, just useful Idiots, cannot possibly make it through a SHTF situation. And on a sidenote not all that are making money are in support of or alike these a-holes. Please do not ever target people because of their income. Judge on their Words and Deeds my friends. Best from the Netherlands

      • They are indoctrinating young minds at colleges and universities to become Marxists.
        I would call that cause for concern.

        • Absolutely. We got where we are today because we were constantly told “don’t make a big deal out of this………”. Then one day it’s a huge deal and almost too late.

          • Well, I would in fact make a big deal out of discussing Indoctrination in all its forms and shapes with young minds. Certain areas of phd/ university education seem biased to and more attractive for marxist worldview anyway. The Indoctrination has happend at home (?) rather than at university level. Starve their influx, starve the system.

            • I agree with teaching young minds at home, early.
              But when you have nearly half of the country who is all in on Marxists, progressive, woke thinking, teachers in public education who are also pushing this narrative, that is a problem.

        • Indoctrination did not work for you, did it? Did not work for me either. Over the last couple of years young minds were the most critical of ‘the narrative’. Thats the ones I met of course, not some stories in MSM. I am still positive on how things will develop.

        • My hubby is in the corporate (albeit smaller environment today than prior) & has to hire engineers for his field so he is in touch with what is coming out of the colleges today. Some are super smart but have very little common sense for practical solution based problem solving.

          He is hearing that companies are now looking away from some degreed candidates because it may indicate some learned bad habits (indoctrination for one) & those candidates may actually be harmful to the working environment. Companies are going back to doing internships/apprenticeships & on the job training & placing trade schools higher in value than traditional 4 year schools.

          ’bout time.

        • Absolutely 100% they are. They are indoctrinating them in grade school as well. Seeing this with my grandchildren that are in public schools. My daughter tried homeschooling for like 1 week and couldn’t hack it.

    • 1stMarineJarHead: there’s a difference between smarts and wisdom. Some of the most foolish statements I have heard or read were made by very smart people.

      These “elites” discussed here tend to be foolish, not wise. As a group, they are also psychopaths. Psychopaths tend to do foolish actions. Read James 5:1–6. Proverbs 28:11 describes them. Connect that with Proverbs 26:12. Translate the two Proverb verses: “A wealthy man is wise in his own eyes, but a lowly man with insight will show what he’s really like.” “Do you see a man wise in his own eyes? There’s more hope for a fool than for him.”

      Then there are the people like who you mention—with advanced degrees, but largely ignorant outside of their area of expertise. Growing up in academia, I’ve seen plenty of that.

  • Elite? Are they really superior in abilities, knowledge, capabilities of any sort? Or are they a creepy, mishmash blend of Diabolical control freaks? Aren’t they Narcissists of many different sorts, Satanic worshipers, pedophiles or other mal adjusted, fringe slime mold minority of humans? Why oh why bestow the complimentary adjective ELITE onto them? They are few & connected, we are many & disjointed. Guerilla warfare always wins. You are powerful if you exclude them from your speech, close your business, actions or thots to THEM, eradicate TV, or internet, channels, & their vendors which endorse them, do NOT comply with their wishes & stay out of their swamps! When your money is spent on their garbage it enriches them. Remove the money they use to terrorize & entrap you!

  • 1. Start making your POI list. You know who on your level put the rules handed down from above (useful idiot).
    2. With alittle research, you’ll be able to identify the CEOs, government autocrats, and fellow travels.
    3. You should identify the true believers, fellow travelers and useful idiots.
    4. The puppet masters are going to be the most difficult to identify because they live in the shadows and pull the strings.

  • This suggests that it would be a good thing if we lived in a democratic republic. Purportedly we do, but it turns out that money buys a lot of things, including vast distortions of how we are governed. It’s a little ironic that the rich don’t seem to know that when the rest of us fail, they will, too.

  • Do not send your children to public school. Homeschool, if at all possible. A requirement in many states is you can home school provided you register them at the public school. Do not do that. Do not tell them anything about your children.

    Think outside the box. Can your parents home school one day, could an aunt or uncle do another day. Use a weekend day to teach. It does not have to be 9am to 3pm and 30 hours a week. Most kids with one on one education can achieve more with 16 hours per week.

    • The amount of time spent in school (high school for sure) is such a waste. Our last child did online through our state online courses before convid happened & holy cow. She could get done in 3 hours what she sat through for 8 hours before! What a waste of time for kids.

  • yes all true , but the elite are right,,, when we look around to how the general population are doing on the streets in personal relationships style of living, communcating… no wonder they the elite nobility ” consider the majority of masses as ” the vulgar and profane ” { that is what the majority demonstrate ] at the same time the FAKE elite nobility ie the pedofiles the elite pshycopaths, sociopaths who think and are tought they are… the “only humans on this planet ” they are superintelligent { they get their inspired evil intelligence from satans demons … God of goodness truth ,grace and love please help us all return to goodness and truth ,,, and especially them the demon possesed

  • would have rather seen a hip, woke looking millenial as the example at the beginning of the article instead of the stereotypical old white guy

  • There is no fool like an educated fool.

    Highly educated does not mean highly intelligent and highly educated does not mean you are one of the elite except inside your peer group. Outside of your peer group you are just the Fu….. New Guy and you have to prove to the rest of us you are worth listening to.

    We should all think like scientists. For a scientist all truths in science are conditional. What seems true now for a scientist will be tossed away like an old pair of shoes if a new theory backed by better evidence is presented. Nothing is sacred. Science is not settled. When you hear someone say that then they are being political not scientific.

    In the survey this quote appears
    “More than two-thirds (67%) favor rationing of vital energy and food sources to combat the threat of climate change.”

    The words “combat the threat of climate change” just goes to show you how powerful the globalist/msm brainwashing machine is. If you peel back the layers of nonsense around the words “climate change” you will find all of this is based on the premise that we are undergoing global warming because of excessive amounts of carbon dioxide being released because of human activity. The climate models for this idea are based on assumptions and variables that could just as easily be explained by other climate models with far better explanations than too much carbon dioxide.

    But the other climate models do not require a world government dictatorship that will control everything you say and do to minimize/eliminate your carbon footprint so we can avert a climate apocalypse. The entire world is at stake here. The climate crisis is real. We are all going to die if we don’t do something. Cue somber music score. All we need now is a James Bond movie villain with a thick German accent to make this all work. Would Mr. Klaus Schwab of the WEF please audition for this role. – sarcasm

    What are their solutions. Ban the sale of all gas powered vehicles. We all have to use electric vehicles. Never mind the fact that the electrical grid won’t support that idea. Ban farming and cause mass starvation, Never mind the fact that you are tossing the baby out with the bath water. Get rid of those tanks running on fossil fuels. Replace them with battery powered tanks. Never mind the fact that battle fields do not have charging stations anywhere.

    How about instead offering financial incentives for example tax breaks, for anyone who comes up with new clean energy technology. Forget that idea. Lets just ban all gas powered vehicles and if they can’t afford an EV then “Let Them Ride Bicycles”. – sarcasm

  • It’s the exact same way the ruling local mafia thinks all over South America. Lula Da Silva, the Cuba/Venezuela coalition thugs…they can have a speech, but their actions are oriented towards controlling as much as they can.

  • I don’t care how “elite” they think they are, they’re still quite capable of contracting a case of Covid-82. (Hint, think periodic table).

  • What a joke. This “survey” is a pure propaganda piece. Each and every question is loaded, asking multiple questions or otherwise flawed. Definitions are designed to elicit a specific response. It’s clear that the conclusions were written before the survey was given, an online survey, the very worst and least accurate way to poll. The “survey” is from the Committee to Unleash Prosperity, founded by joke supply siders Steve Forbes and Art Laffer. Daisey wrote an entire article based on this joke of a survey. I used to come here for the serious survival discussion but these days it’s gone so Reich wing bat shit crazy, it’s difficult to get anything of use here. I realize the crazy stuff gets more clicks but really, it has to be better than this.

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