All Hell Has Broken Loose In Chile: VIDEOS

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The S has hit the F in Chile.

Citizens are protesting economic inequalities in the country. The protests began after the government raised metro prices, which appears to have been the final straw for the people.

It sure looks like martial law has been imposed there, in response to civil unrest.

This is a developing story. The reasons for the protests are complicated – we are looking into it and will have the details soon, but for now – take a look at some of these videos from Twitter:

Dagny Taggart

Dagny Taggart

Dagny Taggart is the pseudonym of an experienced journalist who needs to maintain anonymity to keep her job in the public eye. Dagny is non-partisan and aims to expose the half-truths, misrepresentations, and blatant lies of the MSM.

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  • What perfectly worthless article.
    It gives no real indication as to the true causes of all these protests, except something about raising bus-fares of some such excuse.
    My suspicion is the real truth is something else.
    How about the socialists and other leftists are trying to stir up trouble in what is mostly a right-wing conservative country.

    • She said at the very beginning of the article that she was going to investigate it further and get back to us can’t you read!!

    • David – there’s no need to be rude.

      We want to give you accurate information – not just guesses. Our first task was to tell you, “Hey, this is happening and here’s what it looks like.” Our second is to reach out to all our sources and find the truth. That can’t be done in a matter of minutes. As opposed to the mainstream media, we actually want to find the facts instead of reporting only the propaganda.

      • In cases such these, that the United States should intervine, they don’t. It looks like they only intervine when it’s about their ego.

        The world would be helped a lot if this could change.

      • Oh no…is that where he relocated to? The poor man! To go from one shtf situation to another! Hope he’s well.

        • No, he isn’t there but I believe he has family or friends there. And he is near enough to get the actual information.

          • Thanks Daisy! While it’s a relief to know Jose is safe, I’m sorry to hear that his people are in the middle of this. Please tell him that we’re praying for their safety.

  • From what I read this weekend, the govt says the people are rioting and destroying property over a $.04 increase in subway fares. The people have said that the govt, specifically the military, is doing the property damage. There was some footage to support this. In addition, a utility company high rise was set on fire but there were those that stated it began in a stairwell that was only accessible by employees. The govt controls the narrative so it’s hard to tell what the truth is. The populace does not have access to guns, tho. It’s certainly a shitstorm no matter who is behind it.

  • So sad… I pray for these people’s safety.

    That’s the big difference between the US and other countries…the subway fares go up, we complain loudly and write funny songs about Charlie being trapped on the train until he pays the difference in the fare, but ultimately we just fork over the cash because we have it.
    Other places, a 17¢ increase is enough of a financial hardship to trigger a meltdown enveloping the entire country.

    We are still incredibly lucky here in the US…we should be appreciative of what we have.

    • Was there a series of rate hikes and this one just sent everyone over the top? There’s got to be a whole lot more behind this story. Latin America is certainly an easy target for socialist agent provocateurs. As we have seen in Venezuela and now appears to be spreading. Some Brazilians friends from close to the border between Brazil and Venezuela said that 4000 people per day were pouring over the border and the government had to stop the flow because they couldn’t keep track of them all.

      Hmmm … Lotsa people on the move these past five years.

      • Civil unrest in Hong Kong, Holland, Paris, Barcelona, Beirut, Iraq, Algeria, Liberia, Guinea, Indonesia, Haiti, Mexico.

        Copy Cat Movement?

  • I’m a bit surprised to see the comments that Chileans do not have guns. What’s up with that? As I recall reading online, unless things have changed, they are allowed 9mm and smaller calibers, they just have to pass mega background checks and they have to endure boku regulations up the yin yang . The last time I read about the culture of Chile, hunting is a popular pastime down there, can’t do that without guns.

  • As noted in the first video, “Salaries aren’t enough…we fight with our hands.”

    Salaries aren’t enough…what happens when you look to the government to provide you with STUFF, and they take away your right to protest and arm yourself.

    What happens when you live in a socialist country…and in the U.S., just look who’s running for POTUS, with all that “free” STUFF!

  • There were also a reported one million “remainers” that took to the streets in London this last few days. I’ll stick by what I said three years ago. There will be no Brexit unless the Square Mile wants it. And they don’t appear to want the damage a Brexit would cause them. I think Parliament will keep postponing it, or take another referendum that will show the results they want. Constant harping about shortages of cheap necessary goods, as the result of a possible Brexit, will help sway the referendum vote to “remain”. Governments don’t control the narrative…banks do. And this situation is worldwide.

  • Wow. Thank you for posting this Daisy. Not only does it highlight the situation in Chile today, but the person tweeting about it points out how the people are NOT armed, and the government is shooting them down. Tyrants and murderers!

  • Oh my! The whole world is an chaos but this was perhaps the worst I’ve seen so far. Military on the streets and they still vandalize like that have to be organized and directed by some.
    I have hard to respect protestors who destroys their own cities and creates mayhem.

    Thanks for the overview

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