ABC Uses KY Gun Range Video As Evidence Of Turk Kurd ‘Slaughter In Syria’

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As the Western corporate media becomes apoplectic with rage over the fact that the United States appears to be withdrawing from Northern Syria and the Syrian government is reclaiming territory in the same area, the propaganda coming from those outlets is increasing. Along with catcalls of Syria being “Trump’s Saigon” from war criminals like Susan Rice, MSM is also attempting to frame the narrative of “abandoning the Kurds” in order to pressure the Trump administration into remaining in an unjust and unwinnable war.

Perhaps an act of brazen propaganda or perhaps an oversight, ABC recently ran a propaganda piece regarding the “Slaughter In Syria,” a phrase used to denote Trump’s apparent betrayal of the Military-Industrial Complex and to paint a withdrawal as an act of complicit genocide.

Alongside the report, however, was an accompanying video, that appeared to show the firefight taking place in that “slaughter.” The problem is that this video was apparently taken in 2017 inside the United States at a place called Knob Creek Gun Range, in West Point, Kentucky.

As Becket Adams writes for the Washington Examiner in their article, “ABC News’ ‘Slaughter In Syria’ Footage Appears To Come From A Kentucky Gun Range,’

ABC aired supposedly shocking footage Monday and Sunday purporting to be from the frontline battle between the Syrian Kurds and the invading Turks. The only problem is: The footage appears to come from a nighttime machine gun demonstration at the Knob Creek Gun Range in West Point, Kentucky.

After seeing a comment from Wojciech Pawelczyk, I began making some calls. As of this writing, it appears ABC indeed aired footage recorded in the Kentucky and claimed it was from Syria. The network has since pulled the video.

“We’ve taken down video that aired on World News Tonight Sunday and Good Morning America this morning that appeared to be from the Syrian border immediately after questions were raised about its accuracy,” a network representative told the Washington Examiner. “ABC News regrets the error.”

A representative for the gun range also told the Washington Examiner that they are still investigating ABC’s reporting, adding further that the images aired by the network “look to be” from their Kentucky property.

“As of right now,” the representative added, “it seems to be our footage.”

Note that the sequence and shape of explosions is identical in the following ABC and Kentucky videos, as are some of the features of the terrain amid the explosions. But we might actually be dealing with two different videos of the same Kentucky live-fire event from slightly different angles. In the independent film of the live-fire event in Kentucky, you can clearly see taller objects in the foreground that seem to appear as silhouettes in the ABC footage:

. . . . .

As he spoke, ABC aired footage showing undisclosed gunmen firing tracer bullets at undisclosed targets, causing massive, fiery explosions. Furious stuff indeed.

Earlier, on Sunday, ABC News anchor Tom Llamas also aired the allegedly shocking footage, claiming it showed a fierce Turkish attack on Kurd civilians.

“The situation rapidly spiraling out of control in northern Syria. One week since President Trump ordered U.S. forces out of that region, effectively abandoning America’s allies in the fight against [the Islamic State],” he said.

Llamas then described the video as it aired on-screen.

“This video right here appearing to show Turkey’s military bombing Kurd civilians in a Syrian border town. The Kurds, who fought alongside the U.S. against ISIS. Now, horrific reports of atrocities committed by Turkish-backed fighters on those very allies,” he added.

The intro to the show he anchored,ABC World News Tonight, also claimed of the footage: “A border town, bombarded by Turkey’s military!”

The footage would indeed be stunning were if actually from northern Syria. It would be horrific were it actually to show a Turkish assault on Kurd civilians. But it does not show that. The footage, which appears to be from 2017, shows American gun enthusiasts putting on a terrific pyrotechnic show for an audience in Kentucky. In fact, the Machine Gun Shoot and Military Gun Show, which involves the very popular night shoot, is a bi-annual event at the Kentucky gun range. People love the show. They love it so much, in fact, that they record it and post footage of it to social media.

This isn’t the first time major media corporations have posted incorrect video/audio reports regarding the Syrian crisis. In 2017, CNN was caught faking statements coming from a Syrian witness who was talking of starvation. CNN, however, changed the quotes to read that he was afraid of Assad’s bombs. CNN was also famous for the “Syrian Danny” fiasco where a firefight was coordinated with CNN producers in order to make it appear that democracy-loving peaceful protesters were being murdered by the Syrian government. This propaganda piece was only topped in comedic value by “Gay Girl In Damascus” of NPR fame, which later turned out to be a straight man in England.

You can enjoy some of the Knob Creek Videos here below if you like. You may also feel good in the knowledge that no Kurds were abandoned during the making of these videos:

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  • The video error aside, Trump’s cold-blooded abandonment of our Kurdish allies is an atrocity. Let’s not ignore that just because the MSM is up to its usual tricks.

    • The news is that the Kurds made a protection deal with Syrian forces … Really, President Trump ought to propose and promote the formation of a Kurdistan state which is what the Kurds were promised at the end of World War 1 when the Ottoman Empire was broken up. Iraq, Iran, Syria, Turkey and other nations were carved out of the Ottoman Empire. But Kurdistan never came to be.

    • Let’s not overlook the point that Trump was suckered into putting boots on the ground in Syria in the first place by a lying, corrupt intelligence apparatus claiming Assad used chemical weapons on his own people…complete with fake “evidence”.

      This was in the first year of his Presidency when he was still figuring out who he could trust. It’s pretty obvious now that he (nor the American People) can trust the CIA, FBI, or anyone else in the intelligence community.

      I don’t blame him at all for wanting to undo a bad move that was made based on treasonous disinformation from within the CIA.

      The real problem in all of this is having Turkey in NATO. They are no friend or ally of either the U.S. or Europe, and should be expelled from NATO forthwith. The matter of 50 tactical nuclear weapons being housed in Incirlik AFB along with American troops is also highly problematic.

      It would seem that there’s no end to the number of “usual tricks” you are willing to ignore.

  • Lying national media aside, Trump is right to remove American troops from the region. Killing each other has been a way of life in the Middle East for centuries. Our presence only seems to slow down things a bit at the expense of U.S. lives and treasure. With the expansion of our own energy production, we have no vital national interest there. It is time to let them do what they do best, and hope WE have learned a lesson in minding our own business!

    • True, as far as it goes. We have no business there.
      But neither do Russia or Turkey. Or any of the rest of them.

      • I agree! In the process of trying to train even Kurds in the area. Our Men and Women have to watch everyone around them. There have been MANY times our on soldiers have been shot in the back while trying to help (Afganistan, Jordan, Iraqi, Syria, ect). It’s past time to get Out.

  • As conservatives we need to hurt these liars where it will hurt bad. In the pocket book. Boycott all those that support and advertise on those stations. AND we need to voice why we are boycotting.

  • Since we live in a litigation-happy society, can’t we sue SOMEBODY for all of these lies that the media keeps perpetrating on us? How is it that the MSM keeps getting away with misleading, misrepresenting, misreporting, and out and out lying to us about important issues? When it comes to governmental policies and officials, shouldn’t twisting and lying about the facts in order to shape public opinion and influence election results be treated as treason?
    Freedom of speech and information should only apply to the truth as it is, not what you want it to be.

  • Did ABC knowingly post the KY video as coming from Syria?
    Or did they get duped?
    I think both are real possibilities.
    Regardless, it is ABC responsibility to do due diligence to verify their reporting and the supporting material (i.e. the video).
    But that sense of responsibility in MSM has gone right out the window. Try to point that out, and they cry the victim.

    As for Syria and the Kurds, I dont like the idea of abandoning them. But at the same time, I would like to see our troops out of the region entirely. Same goes for Afghanistan and probably half a dozen other places in the world.
    Saying that, then get attacked for being a “Nationalist!” “Abandoning our allies!” “Isolationist!”

    • I’m right with you on this one, Marine! It always sticks in my craw when we leave friends in a lurch in a war zone. It just ain’t the American way. But as you said, we should never have gone in in the first place. That having been said, I’m inclined to accept the judgment of our Commander In Chief. He gets the daily intelligence reports (however bogus or truthful they may be…separate issue) and we don’t.

      Semper Fi to you, sir.

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