911 Goes Down Across the Country: Was This a TEST?

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As we inch closer and closer to election day and the potential chaos that will ensue, more and more signs of a destabilization of American society that will have reverberations across the world are coming into view. Pieces of the puzzle that have been put together by writers such as myself, Brandon Turbeville, Whitney Webb, Alan Watt and many others are now seen coming together in real life. We are just a month away from one of the most simulated events in years, the 2020 election.

Both I and Whitney Webb (her articles are a MUST READ) have been writing about the coming chaos that is clearly slated to take place in November if Deep State elements have their way.

But there are more than simple “war games” and simulations taking place right now. What possibly amounts to real-world simulations, attributed to systems outages, have recently developed across the country.

911 down across the country

One such “real world simulation,” (aka test run) was reported in the U.S. Sun on September 28, 2020 in an article entitled, “911 Emergency: 911 Lines Go Down Across The US Sparking Panic As Callers Can’t Get Through To Emergency Services,” where Catherina Gioina reported,

POLICE departments across the country Monday night reported their 911 systems nonoperational – and it’s reportedly due to a Microsoft Office 360 [sic] outage.

“As of 5 p.m., City phones and emails are experiencing intermittent outages related to a larger Microsoft 365 outage,” the City of Redmond, Washington tweeted. “We are hoping the issue is resolved shortly. Sorry for any inconvenience.”

Panic spread across the nation’s police departments as the 911 systems were rendered useless – and left police departments turning to social media to tell residents there were other ways to contact emergency services.

“ATTENTION: The 911 lines are not operational nationwide. This is for phone calls and text messaging,” tweeted the Minneapolis Police Department. “If you need police, fire or emergency medical assistance in Minneapolis, please call” a local number.

“We will advise when this issue is fixed,” it ended.

Similar problems continued for other police departments in the state of Minnesota.

The Minnetonka Police Department tweeted “911 lines are out nationwide. In Minnetonka and Hennepin county, you will need to call” another local number.

Minnesota’s Crystal Police Department instead urged residents to call their local fire station for help instead.

“911 is currently out in Crystal. If you have an emergency please go a fire department,” it tweeted. “They will be staffed with crews. More to follow when info becomes available.”

The issue was likewise felt in Delaware, where the Delaware State Police asked people to call a local number.

“Delaware State Police Dispatch Centers are currently experiencing a state wide interruption in service,” the dispatch center said in a statement. “Anyone attempting to call 911 either by cellphone or landline will experience a busy signal.”

“At this time the issue is being addressed and it is unknown how long the 911 phone service will be unavailable,” the statement continued. “If you need to report an emergency, you are encouraged to text 911 and type your emergency in the message field.”

A number of police departments in Arizona were running into issues with 911 as well.

“POLICE ALERT: 911 lines are down statewide. For emergencies, please call Prescott Valley Police Dispatch at,” the Prescott Valley Police Department tweeted “until further notice.”

Also in Arizona, the Tucson Police Department asked residents to contact a local number as well.

“911 services are down in the City of Tucson. If you need to make an emergency call, dial,” the department tweeted. “We will let you know when 911 is back online.”

Luckily, the Oro Valley Police Department, also in Arizona, said they had solved the issue.

“It’s fixed! 911 is back up for all agencies! We did take this opportunity to test the “Text to 911″ and that did continue to work through this outage,” the department tweeted. “So keep that in mind, it is another way to contact police services.”

Microsoft Office 360’s [sic] outage crashed across the nation Monday evening, forcing the more than 500,000 businesses that use the service to make do while the tech giant addresses the issue.

A Microsoft spokesperson told The Sun: “We’re working to resolve a service interruption impacting a subset of customers performing authentication operations. Visit the Azure Status page for updates.”

CNN, The Hill, and NBC New York among many other outlets reported on the outages also.

Was this an accident or a test?

This outage has many now wondering whether or not someone is preparing for a nationwide emergency services outage in the wake of election chaos. Others are wondering if the United States will experience a massive cyberattack – predictably to be blamed on Russia, China, or Iran – either in the lead up to, during, or shortly after the 2020 elections.

The fact that the disruption in communications is being attributed to a Microsoft outage is telling also. For those who may not have had the chance to read Whitney Webb’s article, “How Government and Media Are Prepping America for a Failed 2020 Election,” Webb has a section titled “Conflict of interest-ridden Microsoft “defends democracy” where she writes of Microsoft’s actual danger to democracy. She writes,

Last year saw the tech behemoth Microsoft join the effort to blame foreign state actors, specifically Iran, for cyberattacks against the U.S. This helped to bolster assertions that had largely originated with a handful of U.S. intelligence officials and hawkish, neoconservative-aligned think tanks as media reports on Microsoft’s related claims treated the company as an independent private sector observer.

Yet, as MintPress investigations have revealed, Microsoft has clear conflicts of interest with respect to election interference. Its “Defending Democracy” program has spawned tools like “NewsGuard” and “ElectionGuard” that it claims will help protect U.S. democracy, but — upon closer examination — instead have the opposite effect.

Last January, MintPress exposed NewsGuard’s neoconservative backers and how special interest groups were backing the program in an effort to censor independent journalism under the guise of the fight against “fake news.” Subsequent investigations revealed the risk that Microsoft’s ElectionGuard poses to U.S. voting machines, which it claims to make more secure and how the platform was developed by companies closely tied to the Pentagon’s infamous research branch DARPA and Israeli military intelligence Unit 8200.

ElecionGuard software has since been adopted by numerous voting machine manufacturers and is slated to be used in some Democratic Primary votes. Notably, the push for the adoption of ElectionGuard software has been spearheaded by the recently created Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), which is the federal agency tasked with overseeing election security and is headed by Christopher Krebs, a former high level Microsoft executive.

In recent months, Microsoft has also been at the center of claims that Iran attempted to hack U.S. presidential campaigns ahead of 2020 as well as claims that Iran plans to target the U.S. power grid and other critical infrastructure with cyberattacks.

Last October, Microsoft penned a blog post discussing a “threat group” it named Phosphorus that they “believe originates from Iran and is linked to the Iranian government.” The post went on to claim that Phosphorus attempted to target a U.S. presidential campaign, which later media reports claimed was President Trump’s re-election campaign. Microsoft concluded that the attempt was “not technically sophisticated” and ultimately unsuccessful, but felt compelled to disclose it and link it to Iran’s government.

Though it provided no evidence for the hack or its reasons for “believing” that the attack originated from Iran, media reports treated Microsoft’s declaration as proof that Iran had begun actively meddling in the 2020 election. Headlines such as “Iranian Hackers Target Trump Campaign as 2020 Threats Mount,” “Iran-linked Hackers Target Trump 2020 Campaign, Microsoft says”, “Microsoft: Iran government-linked hacker targeted 2020 presidential campaign” and “Microsoft Says Iranians Tried To Hack U.S. Presidential Campaign,” were blasted across the front pages of American media. None of the reports scrutinized Microsoft’s claims or noted the clear conflict of interest Microsoft had in making such claims due to its efforts to see its own ElectionGuard Software adopted nationwide.

Media reports also left out the fact that Microsoft is a major government contractor for the U.S. intelligence community and the Pentagon. Notably, the Trump campaign, which Microsoft said was the target of this attack, was later identified as the only major presidential campaign using Microsoft’s “AccountGuard” software, part of its dubious “Defending Democracy” program that also spawned NewsGuard and ElectionGuard. AccountGuard claims to protect campaign-linked emails and data from hackers.

Microsoft surfaced not long after, again claiming that Iran was maliciously targeting the United States’ civilian infrastructure. This subsequent claim was first published by Wired and later covered by other outlets. Those reports cite a single person, Microsoft security researcher Ned Moran, who claimed that an Iran-backed hacking group called APT33 was targeting the U.S. “physical control systems used in electric utilities, manufacturing, and oil refineries.”

“They’re trying to deliver messages to their adversaries and trying to compel and change their adversaries’ behavior,” Moran told Wired. Moran also stated that “Microsoft hasn’t seen direct evidence of APT33 carrying out a disruptive cyberattack rather than mere espionage or reconnaissance, it’s seen incidents where the group has at least laid the groundwork for those attacks.”

The truth is that the nationwide outage could indeed be a result of a failure of Microsoft system and the timing could indeed have been a coincidence. Given the fact that there have been so many simulations of the events of 2020 and, particularly the 2020 elections, however, it is well worth paying attention to. It is also dangerous to assume anything so critically important as nationwide emergency services momentarily disappearing is a coincidence, especially this year.

You may be completely on your own in the event of an emergency.

Writers on this website have assured you frequently that in the event of a crisis, you may find yourself completely on your own. Selco and Jose have both shared stories confirming this in their own writings.  Just recently, a woman in Kenosha, Wisconsin came to the same conclusion during the riots there – nobody was coming to help.

If things go sideways, you’d better be prepared to handle the situation on your own because help may not be on the way.

What’s your opinion on yesterday’s system crash? Was the widespread outage of emergency services and communications just a fluke? Or do you think it’s a test for something more insidious? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Robert Wheeler

Robert Wheeler

Robert Wheeler has been quietly researching world events for two decades. After witnessing the global network of NGOs and several 'Revolutions' they engineered in a number of different countries, Wheeler began analyzing current events through these lenses.

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  • No accident.
    It was a test. If you aren’t worried, then you are comatose.
    Stop up on supplies. Toilet paper, cleaning products, canned goods, instant milk, medical supplies, etc.
    Do you want to be that person caught in a mob or insurrection because you just needed one last thing?

  • I don’t think it was an accident or a fluke that 911 services went down. And all across the country?? Nope it was a test. Microsoft is involved in it also?? Ha, I believe that it was a test for something much more insidious.

  • Who knows what these psychopaths are planning. They may very well intend to do something that involves turning off 911 as part of it.

  • This nationwide 911 collapse REEKS of deep state beta testing. For what specifically?
    Answer… Nothing good.
    Been telling folks NOT to let their guard down, get complacent or get lazy as we draw ever nearer to election time. Supply shortages are still ongoing but nobody in media is talking about it any more… But people know.
    Went to Kroger Saturday morning and many shelves were empty or variety and choices considerably more limited. A TON of people there shopping too. Clerks even said it was unusual… Folks are quietly stocking up. They feel it in their gut too…
    Hyper-vigilance can burn you out. But stay focused people, do things in smaller bites if need be. But get it done.
    If democrats are successful in attacking the system as they promise, commerce and transport are gonna get hammered…. Right in time for the holidays, which i think the left simply considers an added bonus.
    If you can, start ordering Christmas gifts NOW…. Get your Thanksgiving and Christmas turkeys and/or meats now, and deep freeze em.
    Does the above sound paranoid? Perhaps… But like many, i got the feeling that October will be the last month of even moderate normalcy that we will see for awhile. Better to be topped off and ready than not….
    The left and the deep state are going for broke now, last ditch effort. And it’s gonna get messy…

    • AK Johnny 1, I agree Oct will be the last normal-ish month for years, and we better prep now while we can. I just found some elderberry jelly–good for immune system. Considering where my limited funds will be needed most while I can still get almost anything. I got a hand wringer for laundry in case electricity goes out. Looking for Appalachian survival and hand tools kind of living.
      There will be so much that we have forgotten. Good neighbors may make a huge difference. BE a good neighbor now, so you have friends when it may be life or death.

  • I live snuggled in the mountains of western North Carolina and nothing happened here. I could use my computer as well as text on my phone…SOOOOOO hope it stays that way.

    • The Appalachian Redoubt is the place to be! I lived in Asheville NC years ago before it went ProgreSSive.
      I’m now in the GA mtns. It’s another world living here. All the best.

  • While I have ZERO love for, or faith in Microsoft, I think this was a glitch. Our systems here at work took a dive yesterday too, and we are in no way associated with LEO, EMS, .gov, etc. Just some suckers that rely on Microsoft enterprise software… There are more than enough things to be paranoid about, I dont believe this is one of them. Microsoft has been bug ridden for decades, that their system took a massive dump should come as no surprise to anyone that has used a computer since about 1990…

  • Some random thoughts

    Microsoft has long been a sneaky dishonest weasel of a company. Even back in the DOS days, Bill Gates stole code from another developer to tweak for his MS-DOS product, and then had to pay them off later. Even in the Windows 95 days there was a hidden feature that allowed NSA snooping on your activities. That was kept a dark secret from even Microsoft’s internal security director, who when he learned of it was so disgusted that he resigned from the company. Gates’ latest monstrosity has been his global eugenics efforts to cripple and/or murder people (including children) with deadly vaccines for huge profits — for which his projects have been ejected from multiple third world countries. It’s apparently our turn next if his plan for a poorly tested vaccine comes with a micro-chip for tracking whatever you do for the rest of your life — trashing your 4th amendment rights (and a lot more — like the Nuremberg Code rights) forever. The electrical engineer who developed that micro-chip for Gates was horrified when he later learned of Gates’ intended use for it.

    So would unburdened-with-ethics Microsoft intentionally participate in a “test” of a 911 outage, or could this be a software blooper for which Microsoft has long been infamous for? Probably there’s no way to tell — either would not be contrary to their history.

    Regarding Whitney Webb: I strongly agree that her research and articles are a priority read. They often show up on websites that Google blacklists — a bit like Gmail blacklists Daisy’s TheOrganicPrepper.com articles when you click on any of her TOP articles from inside Gmail — and Google blots out the entire left side half of all pages in those articles, even though they haven’t bothered with Frugalite articles … so far. Come to think of it — being on Google’s blacklist might be regarded as a badge of honor…

    When I ran a search on Whitney Webb’s articles, I found this site pretty useful as an in-order archive:



  • It is Microsquish.
    Over there, something like that is called a “feature.”
    Dont worry, they will send out a patch to fix it sometime-ish.

    Otherwise, okay??
    IF you plan and prep to NOT be dependent on 911, no big deal.
    Just ask any small business owners or residents in some of the larger cities where riots, looting, and arson has become common. They have had the unfortunate reality that calling 911 is absolutely no guarantee anyone is coming in a timely manner or at all and those people are on their own.

    Meanwhile, train, prep and keep calm and carry on.

  • There were solar wind storm conditions present from about 6pm UTC 27 Sep until about 6am UTC where the KP index was between 5-6. After that it remained unsettled and returned to level 5 between 9-12 pm 28 Sep. Perhaps that was a contributing factor.

  • Today I get this strange thing in my e-mail box that purports to be connected to Microsoft 365. It was some Discussion group connected to the apt. complex I live in. They were ‘inviting’ me to join. I did not take the bair b/c it is not something I go in for. Suspect if it is real, it is just another one of those gossip sites for those with too much time on their hands. Think it weird that I got it the same day that Microsoft 365 crashes the 911 emergency service. (That’s their story and they are sticking to it!) And it probably IS a drill.

  • We Texans are on vacation in Bahamas. We lost power last night for about an hour and few hours later got notified that our town lost power from 1:30 in the morning until 7 am today. Thought that was weird, then I read your article…

    • Update: the following day upon arrival at the Miami immigration office run by Customs Border Patrol their entire computer system was down.

  • I can’t decide if the source of this failure was folks from Mars, Venus, or perhaps even Jupiter. Or even some other galaxy. So many possibilities.
    The ironic thing is that when you can’t call the police, there are likely fewer police shootings. And if you can’t call an ambulance, it will take longer to get to the hospital, delaying the opportunity for doctors to make things worse or even kill you. But not accessing the fire department is a worry. They actually provide a useful service. Usually.
    All in all, humans are a damaged species, and the organizations they create reflect those powerful flaws. On the other hand, humans are an almost unique species (not ignoring the various other hominids which got wiped out – by us? – over time. And some humans can be really thoughtful, interesting and just plain nice individuals. So I probably shouldn’t give up on them yet…. though I mostly have.

  • My lil brother an avid stargazer is convinced WW3 has already started, satellite warfare is already in full swing and satellites are being torched daily, the entire US telecommunications system could go dark at any moment.

    Then again he’s only got over 50 years experience watching the skies for satellites, meteors, stars and planets, he’s said he’s “never seen anything like it”.

  • Now, I don’t know who is messing around with the emergency grid,if anyone is, I do know that if anything crazy happens just before,on or after the election,whoever it is, they need to know that Americans are a trigger hair away to rocking the Glock and AR. Be it Microsoft,the Pentagon,Iran,Israel,China,Russia,or friggin space aliens, they need to think very carefully about what they plan to do.

  • TPTB will shut down all communications during the next false flag. They don’t want us talking to each other. Have a designated meeting place somewhere safe for when your cell phone doesn’t work

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