2020 Prepper Health and Fitness Challenge: Day 3

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by Daisy Luther

Today we’re going to keep up with yesterday’s challenge by drinking a glass of water before we drink any other beverage. It’s a super-easy habit that we’re going to build on.

The goal with this challenge, as I mentioned, is to create better habits that support our goals. It’s not about getting rid of every bad habit in one day. It’s about adding good habits in a way that is simple and time-efficient.

How much do you move in a day?

A lot of us overestimate how active we really are. Particularly if we have sedentary jobs we probably aren’t moving our bodies the recommended hour per day.

If you’re just starting out, an hour probably sounds pretty overwhelming. Don’t let this scare you – if you are sedentary, this is a goal, not a starting point.

Today’s challenge? What I want you to do today is track your regular movement. (You don’t need to go out and buy an expensive pedometer for this. Remember those phone apps I recommended on Day One?)

You need to see what your starting point is before you can make plans to improve this. Be sure to document your steps in an average day. Write this down with your other fitness starting points.

My own starting point

As a person who sits on her butt typing on a keyboard most of the day, adding movement has been a real challenge for me. At the age of 50, the weekend warrior stuff just leaves me aching and in pain for an entire week, so it’s important to make movement a daily thing.

This has become far easier for me now that I am gallivanting through Europe without a car.  I carry home my groceries so I end up going to the store almost every day.

That sounds wonderfully athletic, like I’m super-fit. But if you had asked me to do this 6 months ago, it would have been impossible. Before I left on this journey, my joints hurt all the time. My back hurt if I carried things. I wasn’t in shape because I was in constant pain. In fact, I had some serious misgivings about heading off to explore the world in the shape I was in, but I decided to go for it and modify my activities based on what I could handle.

I started out huffing and puffing up and down the hills of Athens, Greece. But the option was to move or starve – I had to get food. So I began my “hunting and gathering” trips, as I like to call them, starting with a bakery and a juice shop around the corner from my apartment there. The return trip had a small hill that left me winded.

However, within two weeks, that small hill was less of a problem. I began going further afield. I walked all over Athens and just took a cab back when I went too far to get home under my own steam. I didn’t kill myself. I just went a little, tiny bit further each day. I took an occasional day off for rest but most days I went exploring.

We’ll talk about this more tomorrow.

For now, how many steps do you take in a day?

How much are you moving your body? This is an important starting point metric, so take the time to track it today.

Use a free app for your phone, a Fitbit, or some other tracking method to figure this out. Don’t just guess – you’re probably shockingly inaccurate. I know I certainly was.

You can share your steps here for accountability or keep it private in your notebook.

And wherever you are? Don’t be discouraged. Remember, this is your starting point. It’s only your ending point if you drop out of the challenge.

Daisy Luther

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Daisy Luther

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