Woody Harrelson May Not Be Invited Back to SNL

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Woody Harrelson may not be invited back to Saturday Night Live after his monologue this past weekend, but libertarians and vaccine critics everywhere were delighted. Everyone’s favorite “hippie redneck” blasted Covid vaccines and mandates, and the audience was shocked into silence.

It’s a pretty safe bet that Harrelson didn’t run his actual monologue past producers beforehand. He rambled in the first part of his monologue then, in what seems like improv, stuck the zinger at the end before they could queue up the giant hook and pull him offstage, vaudeville-style.

Watch below. (If you want to skip to his zinger, go to about 5:50.)

Woody may not be everyone’s cup of tea, what with his openness about Marxism, veganism, and marijuana use, but you have to admire his moxie. Taking this opportunity to bring to light on the MSM what many of us have been saying for 3 years is a career-threatening move, but he did it with aplomb.

Harrelson said that in 2019, he “blazed up a fattie” and “read a script” that he summarized like this:

…the biggest drug cartels in the world get together and buy up all the media and all the politicians and force all the people in the world to stay locked in their homes, and people can only come out if they take the cartel’s drugs and keep taking them over and over. I threw the script away. I mean, who was going to believe that crazy idea? Being forced to do drugs? I do that voluntarily all day long.”

The Twitterverse lost its collective mind.

The audience didn’t know what to do, but Twitter was soon ablaze (pardon the pun – I had to do it) with shocked and angry commentary. The tweeted hyperventilation sounded something like, “Waaaah!”

The MSM exploded in response.

And, predictably, the MSM was outraged, as shown by these tweets with screenshots of headlines.

Yeah, yeah. It’s all a “conspiracy theory.” Don’t pay any attention to Woody Harrelson. He’s just a druggie, smoking that thing you all thought should be legal last week.

What do you think?

It’s a pretty safe bet Harrelson won’t be invited on Hollywood live stages any time soon. And he just might find his career in jeopardy for daring to mock the Covid Cult. People don’t like it when someone famous points out that they’ve been swallowing a lie for three years. Extreme cognitive dissonance demands that he be punished because it’s incredibly difficult to accept that a strongly held belief has all been a scam. To have that belief challenged is frightening and disturbing, and often results in anger.

What are your thoughts on Woody Harrelson’s Saturday Night Live monologue? What about the somewhat predictable media response? Is Woody a yay or nay in your movie lineup?

Share your thoughts in the comments.

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther

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  • I dont watch that show but it’s always great start to any morning when I find out that someone isnt scared to speak the truth no matter the back lash. Very proud of him.

  • He risked his career by telling the truth – sticking it to Pfizer and Moderna (who underwrite SNL).
    Similarly, Scott Adams is to be commended for his truth-telling.

  • Go to bed before the air time, but, hey, Go For It Woody! Good to see which side of the fence Lame Stream Media lined up on.

  • Stopped watching it 30 years ago when it was decent. Good for Woody!! Monologue was drifty (too much weed Woody?!). Sorry, but this is where I judge a book by its cover. I pay attention to a person’s appearance when preaching something at me.

    I pay attention to their overall physical appearance like is their skin glowing & healthy or pasty & dead looking? Are their eyes bright & does their spirit seem peaceful or angry & edgy? Do they believe their own speaking points about health, wellness & outlook or are they just a talking head?

    Woody looks great as does his manager (a fit, normal looking guy) so whatever he’s doing seems to be working for him so good for him. It’s about time the actors start speaking up. Obviously he’s invested well & not worrying about having a spine to hurt his future.

  • We are seriously living the book 1984. Every day, the ideas in that book are being put into play in the United States. What Harrelson says is true. Maybe one day we will all realize what a scam the “pandemic” was but the rate we are going, likely not.

  • Kudos to Woody. The responses though show that the majority of people are not interested in the truth. If many more people did what Woody did, perhaps that would start to change.

  • I thought what he said was witty and funny at the same time.
    The reaction from the Twitterverse and MSM is more interesting.
    Taken with the recent studies of how effective or ineffective masks are, natural immunity is better, and a recent UK study showing 92% of COVID deaths, had the jab.
    Then there is the damage the lockdowns did. From the economy, society, education (some children are anywhere from a year to several years behind), mental and physical health.

    The wife and I went out with friends yesterday. We went to a few different stores and then lunch. It was a good time. Some argued we would never get back to “normal.”
    It looked and felt normal to me.

  • Very intelligently worded condemnation. Got them laughing over their mutually agreeable indulgences and slapped in the reality check. Clif High predicted that celebrities would be sharing their informed perspectives i the next week or so. The SNL crowd was all cozy in their like-minded silly place and he nailed them with the real news. In NYC where saying that wrong thing in the wrong way can get you hauled off and dumped in the pokey, he languaged it perfectly. Going to be a fun couple of weeks along with the on-going terror at the hands of the “biggest cartels in the world”. Know thy enemy, whether it is safe to do so or not!.

  • Just wow. The reaction is fascinating. Yes, he went on a bit, and probably has smoked too much, but the part they reacted to was literally a couple of sentences that honestly didn’t sound all that out there to me, which shows how far removed I have become from the SNL “Twitterverse”…
    Instead of being able to laugh it off, or simply acknowledge it as an “edgy” joke, they have gone into brainwashed-offended-angry-cancel mode. Very fascinating! These people are so far up their own behinds they can’t even see what is right in front of them.

  • I loved what he said!! I feel the same. I have watched my friends that got the clot shot die. As a matter of fact, one of my friends is dying in the hospital right now from “mysterious” blood clots that keep causing him to have strokes. He has had 10 strokes that we know of so far. If big Pharma was above the board and honest they wouldn’t have had the FDA make them exempt from lawsuit for adverse effects of the drugs. I say GO WOODY!!! I will watch everything (movie, interview ect) you put out.

  • My thoughts are haven’t and won’t watch SNL in years and Harrelson is a stoner and don’t care for him or whatever he has to say which is scripted LOL.

  • Well he’s right BUT, he’s on Epsteins flight logs soooo…. He can’t be trusted. Then again nobody in hollyweird can.

  • Of course the Coolie Cootie Cult is upset, and their reasoning is flawed as usual. The same reason they bought into the Lie from the beginning, and based on the Cognitive Dissonance that Medicine and Science are Infallible. Having spent over 30 years in Health Care, I can swear to the fact that both are very Fallible. It’s not called the “Practice” of Medicine just because it sounds more professional.
    People forget that the history of Vaccines has a track record of failures equal to the successes.
    That’s why it takes years to develop and test a Vaccine. Shortcutting the process was Mistake number #1. Using untried for Vaccine mRNA technology was mistake #2. I could go on down the list of mistakes that were made, but most of us recognize that what was developed doesn’t work to prevent infection, it doesn’t stop the spread of the infection, it doesn’t lessen the severity of the infection, and the two most vulnerable populations, the Elderly and Chronic Infirm, are still dying at the same rate they were prior to receiving their Biden BooBoo. There’s pretty strong evidence that both the vaccine and the endless Boosters, may very well be driving the mutations.
    Ol’ Woody is right. What we’ve experienced for 2+ years sounds very much like a Bad B Movie script.
    Shall we jump further down the rabbit hole? Here we go then. The two biggest drains on any developed nations Health Care Resources are the Elderly and the Chronically Infirm. China has the same problem. It’s just a fact of life that as we age, things begin to break down. I’m not knocking either group, because I belong to both.
    Globalists are very concerned and focused on overpopulation. China is too. So developing a Virus that has high morbidity (everyone gets it), but also has high Mortality for targeted populations, the Elderly and Chronically Ill, isn’t a far jump for certain factions in any nation’s government. To these factions, the end justifies the means, no matter how Unethical, Immoral,, and Sheer Evil their plot is. So a country, China, develops the Virus, with the clandestine support of those in the West, and because they have the very same, in their eyes, problem, they intentionally release the Virud, not just in their country, but across the other developed nations as well. Then to further potentiate their mass Genocide, they develop a Vaccine that doesn’t really work, and if anything, is making the Virus even more lethal to the targeted groups.

    Yeah, it sounds like a bad Michael Crichton script, but if you look at the timeline, the “science” and the facts, many governments, including ours, are deliberately and maliciously Culling their populations.

  • i myself love woody…and LOVED his 5th SNL appearance! As woody ranted, i didnt understand what was controversial! i had NO idea that ‘issues’ with vaxxines remains a conspiracy theory for some, even if just a small minority.
    Bottom line – anyone check the price of ‘pure blood’ for transfusions lately (that is – blood from unvaxxed donors)?
    Maybe there ARE two planets?

  • Just found new respect for (omg) an ACTOR! Good for him. I’ve only seen a few of his movies and was a little too young to be part of the Cheers crowd, but anyone who has the balls to stand in front of the SNL stage and speak the truth is alright in my book.

  • I applaud Woody up one side and down the other!!
    He put truths out there in a thoroughly funny way without pointing specifically to anyone!
    However, as you said, Daisy…people don’t like to accept that they’ve been led down a deceitful path they believed to be necessary and right.
    I love Woody for being so real and honest!
    Hooray for him!

  • Well I guess Woody has worked out the truth. Its about time you see the truth for what it is . Wake up all you sheep! But you won’t and when you all work it out it will be too late. Just watch your mainstream propaganda and get another clot shot.

  • This is Woody’s masterstroke reminder he is a firebrand and dont you forget it. I salute him for being sharp enough to spin in some humor and make a statement all at the same time. Bravo.

  • It’s good to hear the truth for a change. Go Woody!

    To hades with the Covid vaccines. Let’s ramp it up and buy gasoline powered automobiles. The government needs to listen to the people and get out of lives.

  • Of course the script would have been run past the producers. And it received the required results – people who were sane enough to resist a big pharma genocidal crime with media collusion (the truth) are dope smoking nutters, not to be listened to. The twitter and media response is exactly what they wanted.

    • Yeah, I don’t see it that way at all. I have no issue with adults smoking pot and don’t see him as a “nutter.” Most of the people who disagree with them also don’t have problems with legal weed. I’m going to have to agree to disagree. 🙂

  • I enjoyed your article, however I did notice that you, along with the MSM, said that Woody “blasted vaccines” but there was no mention of vaccines, jabs, pokes, or injections in his monologue. He just said “drugs.” But it was most interesting that the media that called out Woody often used some “anti-vaxx” term in their headlines. They were falling over themselves calling out this Hollywierd non-conformist, yet unwittingly gave us more proof that the cartel is controlling the media. They just couldn’t help themselves. If they had just ignored the Twitter storm, it would have been forgotten by the next day. But, here we are discussing it a week later and so many more aware of another “wake up” moment. Who watches SNL these days anyway? No longer funny. Just woke.

  • Ya know, this is America, and everybody is entitled to their opinions. I seriously doubt it will have any effect on his career. He has been a loose nut with “out there” ideas forever.

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