“Get Your Flu Shot or You’re Gonna Die!” – As the Hysteria Campaign Gears Up, Here Are Some Amazing NATURAL Flu Remedies and Preventatives

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The scary public relations campaigns pushing Americans to get seasonal flu shots have reached a hysterical fever pitch. Flu and flu-like illnesses include these symptoms lasting up to two weeks: fever with chills, severe body aches, sore throat, deep hacking cough, runny nose, and severe fatigue.

Should you run out and get a flu shot “just in case?” Or is there a perfect combo of natural flu remedies and preventatives waiting just for you?

If you are afraid of the latest flu death stats, we’ve got some tempered news for you – and some ways you can protect yourself and your family from sickness this year.

Fear is a powerful force that drives people in droves to let strangers who don’t actually care, inject thimerosal (a form of mercury) into their blood. Not to mention, the aluminum, egg, human cells, animal DNA and preservatives like MSG and spermicides like Octoxynol 10 (Triton X-100).

If you don’t like the idea of lining up for a jab with ingredients like that getting past your blood-brain barrier, then be on extra guard during the propaganda barrage. Some Big Pharma brain-washing tactics include lying about death stats, lying about real flu cases versus flu-like illnesses, repetition, emotional trolling and language manipulation…

I’m not mitigating the severity of the flu, but I believe there are better ways to give your immune system a better chance.

And here’s why it’s okay to be a little “OCD” about hygiene in today’s world…

Have you noticed that people simply don’t take much care to be hygienic these days? Do you ever go into a public restroom and think…” what the heck kind of bioweapons bomb went off in here??”

What happened? Are people ruder now? Were they not taught manners? Are they more apathetic?

The vaccine Pharma onslaught has conditioned sheeple to abdicate all their health responsibility. Oh well, I got my vaccine…I’ll just leave a mess behind on the toilet seat and not wash my hands. I’ll sneeze on everyone in the airplane. I’ll cough with my mouth agape while I walk down this grocery aisle even though I should be at home. 

So forgive me if I run to the opposite end of the spectrum. I’m overly cautious. It’s actually a mental block that I cannot control. Believe me when I say I mean no disrespect to others struggling with obsessive-compulsive disorder – I count myself among them. Maybe on the mild end of the spectrum but still a significant part of my life, nonetheless. OCD may be a strange way to deal with the world, but it has taught me the value of life, responsibility, safety, and cleanliness.

I don’t care when people make fun of me for doing the following and I recommend you join me:

  • I do not touch railings of any kind
  • I do not grab the door handle when leaving a public bathroom – I use the paper towel I used to dry my hands and toss it in the garbage on my way out the door
  • I wash my hands after everything – using the bathroom, handling change, using my laptop, touching anything in public…
  • I have an ethanol alcohol-based hand-sanitizer – bonus points if it has an essential oil combo in it. Ethanol is essentially like vodka and the safest type of alcohol for personal care
  • I use straws! They are more hygienic since restaurant staff have to grab cups and plates. Staffers are likely to be pushed into coming into work while sick. If that happens I politely leave. I once witnessed a waiter who was hurling in the bathroom in between taking plates to the table…
  • At a restaurant, I use a napkin to pick up salt, ketchup etc 
  • I keep my sleeves rolled up and wash hoodie jackets regularly
  • I’m not above using bleach or antibacterial wipes – I use these things sparingly when there is sickness…
  • I avoid crowded places in fall/winter. Normally, I wouldn’t do this, but I have literally been coughed on and sneezed at more times than I can count

I don’t mind seeming a little persnickety if other folks lack common courtesy. I have not had a real flu since 2008. To me, it’s much more disheartening to see people treating themselves and each other in a haphazard way because of the “vaccine-I’ll-just-go-to-the-doctor-and-pop-this-pill” mindset.

My prevention methods may sound fearful but they make me feel more secure since, hand railings, for instance, are hotbeds for flu germs and none of us can control what other people do.

For more prevention ideas, see: 30 Ways to Reduce Your Risk of Catching the Flu

Flu Preventatives and Remedies

You probably have some of these ingredients on hand already. And if you don’t, they’re all excellent additions to your prepper’s medical kit. The links provided will take you to further information on the recommended product. These are not substitutes for medical advice and medical treatment. These are options that some people find useful to manage symptoms.

  • Elderberry Syrup – start using this right now. You may feel a little pep the next day because that’s how powerful of an immune booster this beautiful berry is. It really is Nature’s Flu Shot – as in, put this in a shot glass and enjoy!
  • Hydrogen Peroxide in the ear – This is a nurse’s trick. I don’t know why it works but it does. With an ear syringe, take up half-hydrogen peroxide (no stronger than 3%) and half pure water. Gently place in the ear and leave it till the foaming stops. I have prevented many acute illnesses this way. Never use peroxide undiluted.
  • Fire Cider – You just gotta’ try it to believe it.
  • Colloidal Silver – Don’t depend on colloidal silver to prevent stomach flu. But it is said to boost the immune system and I believe it shortens the duration of colds and flu. You can take for maintenance before the flu strikes. Sovereign Silver is great for maintenance, prevention, and acute problems.
  • Vitamin C – Did you know that during acute illnesses you can take as much vitamin C as needed and stop when you start getting loose stools? Yes, some people have taken up to 25,000mg before they get to that point. And it shortens colds and flu. Vitamin C deficiency is still a problem today. We get just barely enough from our diet to prevent scurvy, but bleeding gums are now thought to be an early symptom of scurvy.
  • Zinc – Zinc is another flu-fighter that we seem to be deficient in. Combined with the other remedies it is a powerful anti-viral force. Ionic zinc is a great choice – have a little food in your stomach first.
  • Ancient Essential Oil Combo – This essential oil combo includes clove oil, lemon oil, cinnamon bark oil, eucalyptus radiata oil, rosemary oil. It is rumored to have prevented Bubonic Plague in the Dark Ages. I have used this to help prevent flu for 10 years now.
  • Licorice Tea – Licorice is a powerful anti-viral and is great for replenishing exhausted adrenals. Drink it anytime!
  • Raw Honey – Try some manuka honey or just raw honey anytime you want a pick-me-up. Use it in your teas or remedies. Don’t believe any nonsense that it’s a sugar and therefore, you should avoid it. This is a powerful remedy used for millennia. If it was good enough for kings, queens, and pharaohs, then you should have the right to enjoy this remedy, too! Manuka honey so powerful, that it kills anything scientists throw at it in, including MRSA.
  • Ginger teaHow to make it.
  • Eucalyptus Shower Bombs – Nothing quite so soothing! Easy and affordable to make – these make great stocking stuffers too.

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Don’t overlook homeopathic flu treatments!

Oscillococcinum Homeopathic Medicine – Homeopathy to the rescue! It sounds incredible, but homeopathy has never let me down. It’s a big part of my health regime. I take a variety of homeopathics at the first sign of food poisoning, joint pain, gas, monthly moodiness, spider bites, work exhaustion, allergies and more.

Homeopathy works on the principle of “like cures like.” A little bit of a substance that causes the same symptoms of food poisoning for instance, is placed in water and diluted and succussed – that means rigorously shaken. Imagine paint mixers – that’s the kind of shaking we are talking about. Then some of that water is placed into another vessel of water and this process of dilution and succussing repeats until the end product is energetically powerful. Succussion is also known as potentization. You will see different potencies on homeopathics like 6x or 30c.

But no part of the original substance is left at all in the end product. The FDA wants you to believe that homeopathics are both worthless and dangerous – but both of those things can’t be true. Maybe the FDA targets homeopathics because people swear by them so much.

Oscillococcinum is the best known homeopathic combo for preventing and shortening flu-like symptoms.

The best part is that you can snag one of these boxes right from your local pharmacy chain. Walgreen has them for sure. They look like this:



Stay hydrated!

If the flu comes your way be sure to take care of yourself in the usual way with plenty of hydration. I want to leave you with one last remedy: drink hot water with lemon and honey.

It may not seem like much but when you feel like a ghost, this simple drink will bring you back to life!

How do you prevent and treat the flu?

How do you deal with the flu in your house? What’s your favorite flu remedy or flu prevention technique? Let us know in the comments below!


Meadow Clark

Meadow Clark

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  • Great article! Thank you!

    Re: I use straws! They are more hygienic since restaurant staff have to grab cups and plates. Staffers are likely to be pushed into coming into work while sick.

    I worked as a waitress for five years. Good advice!

  • My husband was a dentist for 40 years and he never got the flu or colds…he had a stomach virus one time. He said that he rinsed his mouth with listerine after seeing each patient and he thought it might have kept him from getting sick. I keep a small bottle of listerine in my vehicle and rinse my mouth after being in public. Also, Manuka honey in ginger tea might help. Thank you.

  • For someone that professes to be a long term prepper I’m shocked that the author didn’t mention the #1 (by far) prevention for the flu virus – vitamin D3. There have been studies conducted that show vitamin D3 has as good, or better, capability in preventing the flu than any of the vaccines marketed to date. Just a little critical thinking would seem to confirm the role vitamin D3 has in preventing the flu as D3 is made in the body by exposure to sunlight. Flu season is typically during the winter months when people’s exposure to the sun is at its lowest. I have had a policy of keeping at least 3 months worth of D3 on hand and have been taking high dose (10,000 IU’s/day or about 250 mcg/day) vitamin D3 for over 20 years. During that time I have not had the flu even once.

    • There are lots of articles on this site about the wonderful benefits of Vitamin D. This article is by a different author and she is pointing out her favorite remedies and preventatives. Thanks for bringing up Vitamin D!

  • I would add oil of oregano and olive leaf powder to this list. Both are available in capsule form and are potent anti-virals among other things. Just get a good quality product and organic if you can.
    You can also diffuse essentials oils to knock germs out of the air!

    • I just make my food my medicine for prevention. Has worked for me and my siblings since 1958. Never had a vaccine for Flu, Pneumonia, etc., and never had Covid by any variant name. Never missed a day of work, school, or any other appointed activity.

  • Activated Charcoal works wonderfully as a treatment once you feel sick or as a preventative.

    Cooked garlic is great too!! As soon as you feel sick saute a whole “bulb” yes a lot is necessary not just a cloves worth. Put it on rice or on toast with butter and you will much better in the morning.

  • Every morning I drink, maybe an once, of morning pee. Your own immune system is the best Doctor. My last flu shot was in 2004. I don’t get what’s going around.

  • If I feel like I am getting a cold or flu recognized by feeling what I call a little puny, I induce a faux fever.
    I eat cayenne pepper on my meals and also eat hot peppers or hot salsa until I get a bead of sweat on my forehead. Inducing a faux fever artificially raises the bodies normal temperature which kills the bacteria or virus that causes illness. I maintain the fever for 5-10 minutes as that is all it takes to kill the bacteria or virus in the body. 10 minutes is better to be sure that the parasites are dead. Virus and bacteria can multiply by the trillions very quickly. A small colony of a few hundred can multiply exponentially into trillions in a very short period of time. This is why you get the cold/flu for a week or so as the immune system takes that long to kill the parasites that cause the disease. When you get vomiting and diarrhea, that is your body getting rid of the dead bacteria/virus corpses your body perceives as a waste, detrimental to the health of the body.
    Bacteria is one of the primary causes of cancer. Cancer is a fungus caused by bacteria and an acidic body. Most disease is caused by an acidic body hence why drinking apple cider vinegar is such an amazing cure all for a host of disease!
    I totally concur on the use of Vitamin D3 which needs to be taken with vitamin K2 to assimilate more of the D3. A pinch of black pepper taken at the same time also helps the body assimilate more of the afore mentioned. Our bodies do not assimilate 100% of all vitamins/minerals etc. that we take/eat.
    Note that more is not always better! Do the research on safe limits!
    I have not had the flu in over 33 years! I am a independent researcher that has read over 2 million pages of research from all over the planet. Note that you should always consult your Doctor before
    trying any protocol. Especially if you are taking pharmaceutical drugs!

  • I don’t agree with having to dilute 3% hydrogen peroxide. I’ve been using it undiluted peroxide for years. In fact, just yesterday. Just don’t get it on your fingers, or it’ll burn.

    If you mix peroxide with water, the fizzing might be from the reaction to the water, since there are impurities in the water. You would not only compromise the effectiveness of the peroxide, but fool yourself into thinking a lot of germs are being killed.

  • I gotcha BEAT! When at my favorite diner, I PURELL the salt, pepper and tabasco containers FIRST before using….all the other things you mentioned I have been doing for years. Haven’t had a flu shot in years; haven’t had flu in YEARS. One other thing: TAKE VITAMIN C, at least 8K MG, EVERY DAY!1

  • lots of good ideas here.
    i would like to add that peroxide foams because, among other things, it is a protein agitator. so, the foaming you might see means protein–perhaps the coating on bacteria, or other proteins present, is being destroyed.
    usually, an alert immune system is just what you want. but what effect does that have on a flu like the world-wide killer of 1918? that flu did much of its damage to young, healthy persons who had a strong immune system. some of these folks ended up dying in the cytokine storm with which their bodies over-fought the influenza virus.
    there is flu vaccine available without the mercury preservative. and while it may be said to be only 36% effective, that would reduce chances of contracting the flu by over 1/3rd.
    i think i’ll use all the ways i can, including the good advice above and the flu shot to help me stay well.

  • I don’t think you are being OCD to avoid touching objects found in public venues, after many other people have handled these objects. I use public transportation, and my rule is to wash my hands as soon afterwards as possible, and to not touch my face until I have done so. I really understand why ladies wore gloves in the old days. I carry hand wipes, and I also have stopped being shy about wearing a surgical mask in the subway just like the Japanese tourists do. As for the current state of public restrooms, I attribute their horrendous condition to mentally ill homeless and to a flood of third world immigrants who frankly don’t know how to use toilets and don’t know about germs and sanitation.

  • All good remedies. Consumer Reports had a recent article on natural cures. Needless to say, they didn’t like tumeric, apple cider vinegar, chelation, chiropractors, detoxes and cleanses, glucosamine/chondrotin, homeopathy, iodine (except in salt), naturopathy, omega-3s, probiotics, saw palmetto, xylitol, or zinc supplements. They claim you are better off not taking vitamin supplements or herbs and just consult your doctor (which has almost zero training in nutrition).

    I will NOT be renewing my subscription!

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