A Venezuelan Explains How (and Why) Criminal Migrants Get to the US

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By Daniela Gonzalez

With the last recent events at the US border and the approach of the authorities’ response (not the ones of the States being affected, but the highest ones), anyone with some degree of common sense would start to ask questions.

How are migrants from Venezuela getting from their country to the US border? Are they walking? if so, how long does it take and how are they equipped for it? If not, how are they getting there? Are they criminals? Are they crossing other borders legally? Is someone funding this?

As a Venezuelan, I hope to answer some of these questions for you.

How do Venezuelans travel to the southern US border?

You may already be aware of the dangerous Darien jungle crossing. It’s a remote area in Panama with no road through it. There is no way to know how many people have perished there. People die not only because the jungle is already a very dangerous place for the untrained. It’s the gangs taking advantage of whomever they find. There are enough horror stories in the media to traumatize anyone for life.

Just as general information: previous to this nightmare of a walk, there were enough borders to cross that is not so easy to go through, even for a regular citizen. However, for some reason, hordes of people carrying suitcases and all sorts of bags just walk through. There are eight (yes, EIGHT) countries to cross by foot to reach the Southern Border of the US. How someone without money can do it, is an unnerving question.

And a much more unnerving one is how criminals do it.

The first leg is over 500 miles (+800km) from Caracas, Venezuela to Cucuta, Colombia. This leg is relatively easy because it is a very beaten path with plenty of bus services.

From Cucuta, the next leg is going to Necocli, Colombia, covering a similar distance. This is a coastal town. They can reach from there to several points at the coastline. From there, the crossing is by foot until the Southern Border through Panama, Honduras, and Mexico.

This is one of the paths they follow, like many migrants trying to cross.

The story of this handicapped migrant is something different. He and his family spent $7000 on the whole journey. How someone decides to use that amount of money to cross one of the most dangerous areas in South America is beyond my common sense.

That money could get someone a small hacienda to live in and have basic needs covered, including a vehicle.

The journey is incredibly dangerous for many reasons.

Another example I cannot understand is the one depicted by this Army defector and his family. Their gear consisted of a camping tent, boots, repellant, and $5000, a product for the sale of their belongings. I haven’t seen that wad of cash that size in my whole life, to be honest. Mentioning the wife that if the bandits kidnap their child, she will be very likely missing, and can’t avoid her being assaulted…

Really? Who is willing to take that risk?

Sure, coming back means a certain death in the regime’s dungeons, but at least Colombia or some other neighboring country offered that couple some sort of stability.

Other people travel with camping stoves and some small light gas canisters. Canned goods, pasta, and rice are usual staples, too. No bottled water because it’s heavy. Most people drink from the rivers. There are no such things as filtering devices, and I haven’t heard of anyone boiling water.

It is terrifying to read things like the plans of people willing to spend the night at the foot of the most dangerous mountain to climb…only to discover that the stench of the rotting bodies was too much to stay there for too long. That’s a nightmare-like situation.

I wasn’t going to write about the HIV-infected gangs, but I reconsidered it to tell the whole entire story. (Warning! the link contains references to sexual violence)

The readers must understand human behavior when there are no consequences or law enforcement forces nearby. And this is the XXI Century. Extrapolate that behavior pattern of a crumbled society, and it can (it DID happen) arise wherever. One more reason to arm everyone to the teeth, if you ask me.

Going through that with a small child…thanks, but no thanks. Putting the family’s safety in the hands of strangers? Too much to lose. I find it hard to justify someone with that amount of money to migrate that way.

You can appreciate in the pictures of this article how some people walk even in slippers. With small children, leaving the country through the illegal trochas. Being robbed, harassed, and sometimes even killed.

Though many are, please do note that not every person coming from Venezuela is a criminal.

But every person is desperate.

The people doing this are causing problems in your country.

I see a pattern here: the unreasonably high murder rate increasing and the violent crimes and home invasions that are happening now in the US, in areas traditionally considered low-crime zones.

It is incredible to see this kind of turmoil in a refugee shelter: Illegals attacking officers to avoid an arrest.

And when you realize a pattern like they mention in this article, informing that two cities of the American continent are invaded by the same gang at the same time, is reasonable to start questioning what can be happening.

At the end of this article, there is one of the most significant phrases: ” (…) given the tense relationships between the US and Venezuela…”

How are criminals that should be in Venezuelan prison going to America?

For those of us born in the 80s, the name “Mariel” doesn’t say much. But after a little research, we find out that there is yet another cycle repeating itself: criminals entering massively to the US from a country deeply linked to Eastern foreign powers and with close ties to rogue nations.

If a regular citizen finds difficulties in leaving the country legally through a border (confiscation of little green thingies that uniforms love, for instance), it is hard to understand how criminals that were supposedly in jail in Venezuela end up appearing in places as far as Miami. 

My thoughts?

There are two methods a criminal could bypass the safety measures in a border. One, they are impersonating some of their victims of former crimes with stolen IDs.

As sinister as it sounds, finding someone resembling them and using their IDs to get out of Dodge, mixing up with the crowd crossing is not that hard these days. People disappear in Venezuela regularly without any trace. Leaving a few dead doppelgangers behind and taking their IDs shouldn’t be that hard for someone with the scruples to do.

The migration authorities usually don’t have the means to verify fingerprints in these small border towns, and they issue temporary residence or transit-only permits, knowing that they leave the border soon and won’t stay being a nuisance. On the other hand, there is another option to ponder. If the intention of sending criminals is seriously adopted by any government holding a grip on their ID system, it would not be a problem to re-issue a new identity document with a new name, keeping the same fingerprints and any other biometric data. You have had an article about this on your website before.

Who is behind all this?

The next questions are surely what is in the minds of everyone reading this. Is somebody paying for all this? Or organizing it? And if so, why?

To determine the answer, historical data has to be reviewed. This is not anything new and there is already a precedent that many politicians have tried to sweep under the rug: Castro’s threat of the “Plan Bravo” in the middle 1990s. After all, he already had sent close to 8000 convicts camouflaged as “immigrants” at the beginning of the 1980s.

This news seems to be forgotten now: Venezuelan passports were being sold at the embassy in Iraq (there is an English version in this link) and the much more recent detention of Jihad members in Argentina.

I have seen plenty of videos with interviews of people traveling to the US by foot. I have noticed this: most of them are healthy young men in their 20s and physically fit. Not all of them are going to the shelters to avoid being screened by the migration authorities. On the contrary, very possibly they are lying low and integrating into some sort of network already in place.

In one of those interviews, the man commented something that has been in my head ever since. “The US is going to be very different soon”.

Whether he’s a psychic with a crystal ball, or he attended some type of briefing and he’s on a mission. The impact of so many people roaming on the streets may not look too much. But what will happen when (not “if,” but WHEN) the sleepers attend the call to generate turmoil on a country-wide scale?

Sure, many of you will say, “That’s why we have our 2nd Amendment”.

Trust me, you will hardly find someone to shoot at. They won’t engage in direct conflict. Albeit I’m not a military analyst by any means, their target is very likely infrastructure and psyops on the society. Be very vigilant of water reservoirs.

Violent crime, increasing in number and frequency, could start overnight now.

Do you remember the recent 2019 turmoils in Chile? All of it was organized and executed by the leftist wing. These migrants from countries with regimes that are hostile towards the US should be carefully screened. The consequences could be very high in the near future.

More resources

Some additional information can be found in the following links:

What are your thoughts?

What do you think of the information in this article? Is it surprising or to be expected? What about the harrowing journey? Do you have more information to add?

Let’s discuss it in the comments section.

About Daniela

Daniela Gonzalez is a student of history at the Universidad Central de Venezuela in Caracas.

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor

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  • “ These migrants from countries with regimes that are hostile towards the US should be carefully screened. The consequences could be very high in the near future.”

    This is all part of the plan to bring down the USA. Historically, communism has used class as the wedge to destabilize society and initiate their revolution. The economic strength and social mobility of the USA are, or were, such that class would never be an effective tool, so instead they use race. By importing masses that at best won’t assimilate and at worst are openly hostile, they are paving the way for the destruction of US society.

  • Die Frage nach den Verursachern empfinde ich als Gehirn Verstopfung. Und hier einzelne Länder oder Politiker verantwortlich machen ist Blödsinn. Emigration war früher ein Akt in dem sich die Betroffenen selbst helfen musste um nicht im eigenen Land enteignet, gefoltert, ermordet zu werden. Hilfe bekamen diese Menschen oft nur durch Menschen die ähnliche Schicksale durchgemacht haben. Heute werden Migranten bezahlt, wie die Schleuserbanden auch. Das Ziel ist nicht ihnen zu helfen sondern sie in den westlichen Staaten als Billiglohnsklaven zum Austausch der eigenen Bevölkerung zu missbrauchen und sie als Soldaten in den Tod gegen andere Menschen und am Ende gegen sich selbst einzusetzen. Die Ursache ist dieses Profit orientierte Ausbeutungssystem an deren Spitze nicht gewählte privatkapitalistische elitäre Milliardäre das sagen haben. Sie schulen ihre politischen Vasallen dafür, nur den Interessen des Kapitals zu dienen. Die Völker sollen Sklaven sein.

    • Translation: I perceive the question of the perpetrators as brain blockage. And blaming individual countries or politicians here is nonsense. Emigration used to be an act in which those affected had to help themselves in order not to be dispossessed, tortured or murdered in their own country. These people often only got help from people who had gone through similar fates. Today, migrants are paid, just like the smuggling gangs. The goal is not to help them, but to abuse them in the Western states as low-wage slaves for the exchange of their own populations and to use them as soldiers in death against other people and in the end against themselves. The cause is this profit-oriented system of exploitation, at the top of which unelected private capitalist elitist billionaires call the shots. They train their political vassals to serve only the interests of capital. The nations are to be slaves.

      • Jurgen, did you ever read or found about the migrants with convicts mixed up that Castro sent to Florida and Jimmy Carter received?

  • Daniela Gonzalez is one brave woman, to write this article. She sounds like she would fit well in the U.S.

    Meanwhile, here in the U.S., we have to deal with not only the illegal immigrants, but with traitors in our government who want to destroy us. Those traitors are not only Democrat, but also Republican (Mitch McConnel is just as much bought off by the CCP as is Joe Biden). It has been reported that some government officials have even met with members of the PLA to discuss the best places to land their troops. Those traitors have wormed their way into top offices of the FBI, CIA, DOJ, Congress, the executive branch, the news media MSM, state governments, in short, we are screwed.

    Noway is correct, that these are connected with communism, the communism that rules many of these countries.

    Despite Putin’s lies, he still reveals himself to be a communist. He is not a conservative nor a Christian. His “negotiated settlement” of his invasion of Ukraine includes the breakup of NATO, the return of all lands previously under Russian control, including all lands from Soviet terror and Tsarist days. How many of you remember that in the Tsarist days, Russia at one time controlled the North American west coast all the way from Alaska to the northern side of the Golden Gate in California? I saw a photo of a billboard in Russia that said, in Russian, “Alaska is ours”. Putin was stupid to mention that demand to Tucker Carlson, because the Chinese now demand the return of Vladivostok to Chinese rule, despite their very close political and military relationship.

    Xi is very open that he is still a communist. The Chinese have smuggled in weapons to be distributed to soldiers when the soldiers arrive. If the reports are to be believed, there are now tens of thousands of Chinese troops among the illegal immigrants. There are possibly enough weapons also for the many thousands of troops that have come in from other countries as well. After all, one shipping container can contain 5000 AK47s + ammo, even a fairly small warehouse can have four containers with enough room left over for a front business to hide the containers. Internal Chinese documents that have been leaked tell that the CCP intends genocide of U.S. population, to replace us with Chinese. Once they are finished with the conquest, that genocide may extend also to all the peoples they and their U.S. traitors have brought in from Venezuela and other countries.

    The question remains is when? When will they activate the many sleeper cells in the U.S.? Will they activate their Central and South American cells first, to take the brunt of the fighting and casualties before activating Chinese troops? At what stage will they activate their nuclear weapons? The leaked documents don’t give us all the details, just the broad outline that they plan to use their nukes, to invade and genocide. That can be as soon as this summer.

    Are we ready? We already know we can’t count on our government.

    Again I salute Daniela Gonzalez.

    • Thanks for your kind comment.
      Actually I don’t believe they would need any violence at all. A few vials is all they will need. Some of us still believe that the recent 2020 events were nothing but a test run that sort of went too far. Or too short?

  • Interesting perspective Daniela and thanks for sharing. You dismiss the 2nd amendment but there will come a time when the violence will get to a point where as you say you wont hardly find anyone to shoot at.

    I beg to differ! Americans have always been excellent hunters and these vile invaders will eventually be run to ground like the prey they are.

    Its what the current liberal regime hopes for actually …

  • I live in a small town – no rash of brown skin murderers or any murders for that matter. Same with my Dad – nope, no brownies misbehavin’. My take, you are stuck where you are because you don’t have the fortitude to leave. Stuck might be a cushy living.. at the moment. The US has plenty of home grown, WHITE, criminals doing all stripes of crime. Don’t try to sweep that under the carpet with this crap. However I do get a good laugh at the scared of their own shadow “republicans/conservatives” talking about how lazy those who walked all those miles. Most, if not all, of those “republicans/conservatives” would not has lasted even 100 miles of walking. Nor would most Americans truth be told.

    • Love that you immediately label the facts as trap and try to compare the importing of criminals into America with citizen crime rates… And we know which group wins that card in America😂 BTW plenty of news lately proving while it may not be your small town YET,it sweeping into them like wildfire. Keep up the pandering to piss poor policy though, shows what you’re truly about.

    • Did 22 year old nursing student Laken Hope Riley deserve to get killed by Jose Antonio Ibarra because she did not have the fortitude to leave? That she was living some cushy living by going to school to become a nurse? Did she deserve to killed by blunt force trauma?
      You sound like an elitist arse.

  • I think, the Vatican organization and the Jewish control group are chosen by our globalists to organize this big replacement project.

  • Yes, I imagine most walk at least some of the way but I wouldn’t be too shocked to find out some were also flown in and dropped off much as drugs are often flown in and air-dropped in remote areas. Want to get someone here without being stopped air would be the way to go. Air could easily skip over long areas of iffy territory too. Just skip up to Mexico from Venezuela. A multinational Army is walking in and being delivered here for someone.

    • Actually, when you realize Manuel Lopez Obrador is nothing else but a weak, sad Narcos puppet, you then realize this can already be happening. The Venezuelan gang has shown total disrespect for laws and international enough times. The only solution is to apply the Noriega-like plan. An extraction. People will flood the streets to help.

  • We just had an illegal murder a student learning to be a nurse. he had been deported multiple times. what we need is confinement for these criminals and prosecution. I have a thought. In Michigan, we have a salt mine. it is nearly a mile deep. one way in. put them down there to dig the salt. they work or they dont get food. No guards down there. if they want to kill themselves then that to will be prosecuted. the time of the penalty for entering illegally is ten years hard labor. the salt mined with only hand tools. require each to produce their weight each day to get their food sent down. After they eat, the lights go out. If they kill someone the sentence is life. If any makes it to the end of their sentence they will tell everyone dont get sent to the salt mines. let it strike terror within the illegal’s After their sentences are up then deport them. I doubt they would come back. biden has given the illegals more benefits and rights than our veterans get. paid for with our tax dollars. he imports crime and destruction. illegals taking jobs and working for cash taking the jobs that our kids had used to get into the workplace. biden is destroying America with each one let in. they are costing billions that they print with inflated dollars that now cost us more to live. time to send them back or lock them up————I, Grampa

  • What do you suppose all the fentanyl is for? There has been far too much for the American drug-abusing public to consume. It is easily weaponized and may go straight into the water reservoirs and be used as air-delivered attacks on large population centers. If you’re not prepared for that you may be in peril.

    • Once the sabotage plans (railroads/power grid/food plants/communications/you name it) starts over this will be a reality, so people can’t even react. They will keep drinking the water and getting worse. I believe this would be more effective in summertime. I second you on this thought. Fentanyl is a weapon.

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