The Venezuelan Govt. Is Using Prisoners as a Proxy Force, Then Releasing Them with Fake IDs

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We all know the misbehaviors committed by the de facto rulers of a certain country in South America. The government in Venezuela is releasing prisoners to do their dirty work, then allowing them to head off to parts unknown. I won´t give details but will focus on the consequences instead, as these are going to have an important impact on the life of the country in a matter of a few months.

Governments are using prisoners to attack protests

There are recent experiences with governments releasing and using criminals and prisoners in violent conflicts, like sending them to war (a common practice in formerly communist countries) and attacking peaceful protests unchaining awful shootings against unarmed innocents. In recent weeks, over 100 prisoners were moved from one of the largest jails to another one.

Several interventions have taken place in this manner, something absolutely unusual. Take a look at the arsenal found in just one of the prisons: 170 different weapons and over 1200 cartridges…in a place supposedly controlled by the authorities. Go figure.

Word in the street is that the leaders of the most dangerous gangs have been issued fake IDs, freed, and armed. Officers of every brand have been ordered to NOT proceed against them or their gang members. This means we will see an interesting underground war between both factions this next year.

It’s how the government covers up human rights violations.

There is no need to be a genius or an investigator to understand they are very likely going to work as assault “troops” to suppress demonstrations against the regime. The use of prisoners to attack protests is a serious human rights violation, a series of continuous crimes that the International Criminal Court is investigating. It is a form of intimidation and violence designed to silence dissent.

However, the key issue here of this proxy force is the consequences this will generate. There is no possible way to know exactly who they are and where those criminals will go once they can evade customs controls with new identities.  It is very likely many of them are already in the USA or other countries. I wrote previously about Venezuelan gang members in New York City.

They very probably will keep a low profile until they get used to the new environment of a new country where real freedom exists. They will have to test the waters. Understand the local and regional atmosphere and expand their connections. Very likely with other Spanish-speaking organizations like the cartels.

The use of prisoners to attack protests or in international armed conflicts is not a new phenomenon at all. This tactic was used in the past already, during the year 2017 (and earlier) protests that were sparked by the decision to hold a controversial constitutional “referendum,” just a mimic of a democratic exercise. The whole platform and the database structures are rigged to produce results favorable to the mobsters. That´s why they will refuse international observers with special knowledge and skills, claiming a “sovereign” exercise of democracy.

The United Nations human rights office has called on the Venezuelan government to investigate the incident and hold those responsible accountable. The office has also called for the rulers to stop using prisoners to attack protests.

The use of prisoners to attack protests or in other armed conflicts is a serious threat to democracy, no matter what country you´re in. It is a sign that they are willing to use violence to silence dissent. The international community must implement severe actions and pressure it to stop using prisoners to attack protests.

This is not the only factor in the crisis.

Several other factors contribute to the seriousness of the situation in this region.

  • The prison system in all of Latin America is in a state of real crisis. The prisons are overcrowded, underfunded, and poorly managed. This makes it easy for criminals to smuggle weapons and drugs into the prisons.
  • Many local regimes have a long history of human rights abuses: torture, extrajudicial killings, and extortion, and some of them are even involved with international terrorism while the West looks somewhere else.
  • The Venezuelan economy is barely recovering, very slowly, from a state of collapse. The country is past the (induced) hyperinflation process, but with an iron grip on the spot coin value and exchange ratios, and an unreal monetary policy used to profit those with USDs bought to official rates, there will be no possible development as it is contrary to the goals of the regime. The economy will suffocate and the controls will only weaken it as time passes by.
  • Some things are better. Food shortages have decreased, although specialized work (like mine in the oil industry) and other similar jobs were destroyed by the thousands of positions.
  • Most of the larger companies have fled away, and what was once excellent local production of products like car spare parts, unique in Latin America except for Argentina, is long gone. The draconian “laws” that allow the regimes to seize and confiscate whatever they feel like made many transnational companies cut losses and go to greener pastures.
  • There are some other economic problems with deep roots. This has led to widespread poverty and desperation, which has created a fertile environment for crime and violence in the most vulnerable and poor barrios and cities. The industrial zones in all the major cities that formerly vibrated with activity now look like a scenario of a zombie movie.
  • Societal control via fuel rationing is deeply harming the economy. Without any other excuse than the “economic war against the American Empire,” they allowed all sorts of uniformed forces to control the access to fuel stations, toting loaded and locked AKs. You can imagine the consequences of this already. This is done mostly to avoid mobilization and transport of groups of people. It seems not to be happening in my country but in other regions as well with commie puppet regimes, like Chile.

The businesses that are doing well

The best businesses I see not flourishing, but making a profit good enough for their owners are cattle raising, milk, cheese production, and producing or transforming edibles. However, these face the continuous loss of production in the way of “fees” in the roadblocks. This is something that has existed since the Spaniards’ time, and it´s so deeply rooted in the society that it´s almost to be expected. Refuse to give a bribe, expect a whole spectrum of problems.

This is something that maybe sooner or later will expand, once the societal contract the fabric imposes is cracked and no longer works. Things will have to be much more different to get to that point, though.

Maybe none of us will see it happening in our region.

It’s like a zombie apocalypse.

That being said, I have been watching a TV show that I had been unwilling to analyze for quite some time. It was a popular one, though I can´t understand how people so dumb as to not use an off-road full-body motorcycle, for example, or a riot full-body armor to avoid dying in horrendous ways were able to survive for so long.

I did find this interesting: the real hazard is not the infection itself. It´s the consequences on the remaining surviving population.

It´s the actions they have, their reactions to what happens, and how they assume their commitment to the society they belong.

I feel that so much drama, the main reason why I never took those series so seriously to begin with, can be seen in a new light. You slash with a machete a whole bunch of sick creatures that would kill and devour you in a moment, and then at night you sit (in the open field, go figure) next to a campfire and talk about your “feelings”?

Would people do that in real life?

Personally, I believe that they wouldn´t. Much less out in an open field. They would drink until oblivion in a very well-secured room. There are so many more important things to do that you would see how fast the time goes by.

The real enemy is the human condition.

It took me some more episodes to realize that, in an outstanding parallelism with what we are living down here, the real enemy is the human condition.

Resumed in greed, hate, despotism, and selfishness.

Sadly, we can consider now a perfect example of how these negative traits can lead to the downfall of a society. Maybe a slow one, but a meaningful downfall. It´s not only the engineered process designed to make the economy crumble at a global scale.

The ones holding the guns and controlling the resources don´t give a dang about the ones that have nothing. That´s the reality, one of the hidden messages this type of show tries to transmit.

Whatever the hypothetical situation is, the same twisted pattern appears.

The manipulation of the societies using desperation, fear, and terror.

Those who never had control of anything related to their own lives suddenly become despotic warlords with a thirst for revenge, stomping even on hundreds of thousands of innocents with nothing to see in their pathetic lives.

The punks in the streets are not going to be as much of a problem as the unbelievable greed and disrespect for the human life the ones who released them exhibit. Because if they did something like that, they would proceed with all sorts of aberrations.

Most people will put self-interest first.

In the face of a very complex array of problems, most people will put their own interests first. I know about that. I had to buy groceries in the black market for “fellow coworkers” with a connection. Should I not have had a 2nd job, we would have starved. I listened to those who stayed put in 2018 how they ran at the sound of a motorcycle to avoid getting robbed at gunpoint in the streets. Local laws were issued in some cities to prohibit two men on a motorcycle at different hours of the day, as many of the crimes were under this scheme. Go figure.

This is what ultimately leads to the downfall of societies, generating massive migrations and a whole set of consequences.

We are living in a time where greed, hate, and selfishness are all too common, and basic values are overlooked and mocked up.

We need to be careful not to let these negative traits control us.

No matter whether the disaster is hypothetical, like a zombie plague, or painfully real, like the engineered destruction of a rich country to work as a beachhead for the enemies of the American Continent democracies.

The real enemies of societies are the greedy mobsters who will do everything to keep in power, SHTF or not.

The ones with a grip over the institutions will have to be carefully elected by the communities they try to rule. Based on ethics, values, and morals.

Otherwise, everybody could end up facing a very shady and sad fate.

Stay tuned, and keep safe!

What are your thoughts about the use of these prisoners?

What do you think about prisoners being released to control the population? What about the fact that they’re being given the means to leave the country afterward? Do you think some of these criminals are the ones making an entrance through our Southern border? How can we prevent similar despotism here as we go down a similar path to collapse?

Let’s discuss it in the comments section.

About Jose

Jose is an upper middle class professional. He is a former worker of the oil state company with a Bachelor’s degree from one of the best national Universities. He has an old but in good shape SUV, a good 150 square meters house in a nice neighborhood, in a small but (formerly) prosperous city with two middle size malls. Jose is a prepper and shares his eyewitness accounts and survival stories from the collapse of his beloved Venezuela. Jose and his younger kid are currently back in Venezuela, after the intention of setting up a new life in another country didn’t  go well. The SARSCOV2 re-shaped the labor market and South American economy so he decided to give it a try to homestead in the mountains, and make a living as best as possible. But this time in his own land, and surrounded by family, friends and acquaintances, with all the gear and equipment collected, as the initial plan was.

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Picture of J.G. Martinez D

J.G. Martinez D

About Jose Jose is an upper middle class professional. He is a former worker of the oil state company with a Bachelor’s degree from one of the best national Universities. He has a small 4 members family, plus two cats and a dog. An old but in good shape SUV, a good 150 square meters house in a nice neighborhood, in a small but (formerly) prosperous city with two middle size malls. Jose is a prepper and shares his eyewitness accounts and survival stories from the collapse of his beloved Venezuela. Thanks to your help Jose has gotten his family out of Venezuela. They are currently setting up a new life in another country. Follow Jose on YouTube and gain access to his exclusive content on Patreon. Donations:

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  • Die Politik von Venezuela kann man kritisieren. Sie ist aber das Ergebnis der US Politik, die sich in die inneren Angelegenheiten nicht nur von Venezuela einmischt um das Land zu destabilisieren. Nicht nur Venezuela hat genau von dieser Terrorpolitik der USA gelernt. Und nun werfen wir es der Regierung in Venezuela vor?! Das nenne ich dann wirklich mal Geschichtsvergessliche Doppelmoral!

    Venezuela’s politics can be criticized. But it is the result of US policy that interferes in the internal affairs of not only Venezuela in order to destabilize the country. It’s not just Venezuela that has learned from this US terror policy. And now we’re blaming the government in Venezuela?! That’s what I really call double standards that forget history!

    • Jürgen, there you go with a blame-America-first rant. But is it really America’s fault? Or have we been infiltrated by an anti-American force that has been taking over more and more of the U.S.?

      In 1932 the majority of the U.S. voters were tricked by a smooth talking liar to get him into office as president. (José, sound familiar?) He promised to get us out of an economic depression, instead he made it much worse. When the rest of the world was recovering from that depression, the U.S. continued wallowing in it thanks to that administration. His goal was not to help the U.S., rather to break the will of the people. He gave every sign of being a communist sympathizer, if not a secret communist himself. He recognized Russia when it was ruled by the mass murderer Stalin. He promoted people in his administration who were known communists. All communists swore fealty to the communist party that ruled from Moscow.

      Communist agents controlled by Moscow infiltrated later administrations as well. Possibly the most well-known and influential was Henry Kissinger. Others have been elected to high offices, sometimes through fraudulent elections.

      At its very beginning, the CIA was infiltrated with communist agents under the control of the Soviet KGB who sometimes did actions without the knowledge and permission of the U.S. government. Those actions were certainly hidden from the American public.

      The ancient Greeks said “Those whom the gods wish to destroy, they make mad first.” That the American public is largely blind to the danger that faces us can only be attributed to a type of madness. What will it take to wake the American public up? Or will we be destroyed?

      Jürgen, you blame America first. But upon deeper inspection, is it America, or Moscow? With the American public also victims?

      • thank you Jose for another eye opener
        its a mad world..
        Milei embraced by Zilensky and Israel pretending to be good like the US (not) while Russia is bad again.. and its all a bunch of lies if you think about it from all sides. Communists were created by Judaism and the so called right wing is now them (the leftist right..).. topsy turvy as they say.
        Moscow or Washington they all have the phallic obelisk to bow down to, pointing to the Vatican’s Jesuit order whether you like it or not.. prepare, its all pear shaped and going no where. “take heed not to be deceived” is a strong message in the bible, maybe someone should have a look at this..

      • R.O., you seem to disagree with Jürgen Karsten and then everything you say is exactly his complaint. One of the things I am maddest at the Deep State in USA for is besmirching MY name by the murderous and cruel things they have done as “America” or “Washington.

    • Sorry Mr. Jurgen. The US could have done something, indeed, but Juan Guaido stopped the armed intervention, acting like the commie undercover agent he was.
      The only ones I see interfering, stealing our resources with financial and logistic structures facilitated by Russia, China, Iran and Turkey are the bus driver’s gang, Herr Jurgen.
      The US as the rest of the world looks to some other place while the violent gang scaped unharmed after killing over 120 people and throwing in jail anyone who dares to challenge them, and laugh while doing so.

  • Prisoners as political proxies is an ingenious idea but an old and deadly one. This is one instance someone has nuth’n to lose and everything to gain.

    When man created GODvernment it would be one of his worst deadly sins as history has shown. Trust another human and you lose everything – to him.

    • My take is they should be in the 4 or 5K already. Spread that number between different gangs and “independent” delinquents. Maybe even some special agents too for sabotage and undercover actions, like financing turmoils and professional agitators.
      Psychos, serial rapists, murderers, hitmen and every single species of criminals you can imagine.
      With brand new IDs, as clean and “innocent” as toddlers in a kindergarden classroom.
      Just like when Castro sent the Mariel jail scumbags to Florida back in the early 80s as “refugees” and laughed after that in public.


    • Dear Arizona,
      I doubt anyone is looking for “killing Russian people”.
      Putin is doing a very good job in that area, indeed. Specially in the “I’m a politician/wealthy entrepreneur and will kill myself because I hate my life” sector. How many years has been Uncle Vlad ruling already? Still exists anyone out there believing they are “democrats”?
      BTW there is much more affordable land in Brazil and Argentina, and much closer than the Russian extensions. No need to steal anything from anyone: those countries would be very happy to cut good exporting deals with the USA.
      The truth about the labs will come out some day.
      In the meanwhile we need to use our own criteria with the little intel we have available, and lots of common sense.
      Stay safe and thanks for sharing your valued insights.

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