Venezuela Has Gone Cashless (And That’s Not All)

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Writing about the current situation in my country is becoming increasingly difficult. Just checking my personal chats with all the information I receive is heartbreaking. People I have known my entire life are having a very hard time and are being harassed.

Collecting information from friends and acquaintances has been very hard for me. Writing about it all without feeling the effect has proven to be very challenging. Keeping the cold shadow over my heart at bay when I talk with people is the reason for the delay in my writing.

One of the biggest pieces of news recently is that Venezuela has gone almost completely cashless. But that’s not all.

What happened to the reported economic recovery?

Disinformation. That is what happened.

National cash is gone. Electronic is the only currency accepted. Some exceptions are made in border cities, like San Cristobal. USD or Colombian Pesos are accepted there.

Gini Coefficient is used to measure inequality. Ranging from (1) 0% to (1) 100%: a higher Gini coefficient means greater inequality. According to Gini, Venezuela is around 39. One of the lowest in the region, with a trend towards equity.

This is absolutely laughable.

Why? Two factors. The first one being the absence of reliable data on Venezuela. The World Bank estimates, due to lack of information, the economic chaos, and total absence of transparency, it is quite difficult to trace the data. Even if some data is found, it’s going to be very hard to verify it and can’t be trusted. The latest national survey on living conditions (Encovi) indicates this coefficient at 51, which would rank it as the most unequal in Latin America after Brazil.

What about the cost of essential items?

These are a few of the most recent food prices. Amidst crisis, chaos and a pandemic they have remained relatively the same.

  • Corn meal  |  240 bolivares (VEF)  |  $24.03 USD
  • Small butter bar  |  150 VEF  |  $15.01 USD
  • 1 kg white cheese  |  350 VEF  |  $35.05 USD
  • eggs 18 units  |  350 VEF  |  $35.05 USD
  • TP 4 rolls  |  210 VEF  |  $21.02 USD
  • Soap bar  |  65 VEF  | $6.50 USD
  • Dish washer soap  |  180 VEF  |  $18.02
  • Sugar  |  168 VEF  |  $16.82
  • White wheat flour  |  270 VEF per kilo  |  $27.03 USD
  • Meat  |   200-300 VEF per kilo  |  $20-30 USD

Apparel and other things are more or less at international prices. I suspect the relatively low prices here of these products is because something is generating such distortion. I have found some interesting ties with Turkish products imported by a mysterious company, and being sold online by a famous website. Why buying so far away? Argentina (supposedly ideologically compatible) is much closer and produces sufficient amounts of white wheat flour.

It can’t possibly get worse, can it?

A new level of infamy has been reached.

In February/March of this year effects of sanctions began to show. Fuel production and importation were severely affected. Meanwhile, the rest of the world had plenty of fuel but not the permit to burn it. The local economy was effected immediately. Lock-down was imposed using severe measures such as people being beaten, threatened and imprisoned. The lockdown was actually a way to gain social control.

I put together this video that reveals the turmoil in my hometown because of the fuel crisis. A tense situation at a gas station in the heart of Venezuela arose when officers refused to sell fuel to farmers and producers. Rationing 20 liters per week to the citizens while politicians and others with a badge or uniform get their tanks filled has made people very angry. 

What is coming next?

Spikes in the death rate. And a cover-up.

Hopefully, I am wrong.

Millions of Venezuelans left the country because of the collapsing economy. COVID-19 has forced them to return. Some of them may be infected. Many of those who have returned used “green paths” to do so. Green paths are illegal roads controlled by thugs who charge money and rape and kill migrants

Hotels in Maracaibo and other cities have been seized for mandatory quarantines for those returning to Venezuela. In my hometown hotels like Morichal Largo have been seized for this as well. That state is now the second in infection numbers. Decreed, by force, all mobility is restricted until further notice. Airports, bus stations, ships and all means of transportation are forbidden, until the end of 2020.

This article on UN News states:

According to official figures, since April 6, when the mandatory quarantine for returnees was established, and until July 28, more than 72,517 people had returned to the country through land borders, the majority through the state of Táchira.

Daily razzias (riots) are carried out. What I have been told is people are being picked up and put in the patrols for just about any reason. Estadio Monumental de Maturín is prepared to receive COVID-19 patients.

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Nationwide 7+7 quarantine has been imposed.

I am no virologist. But, this 7+7 quarantine seems more like a scheme to me. 7 days of relaxed quarantine, followed by 7 days of radical quarantine. During the quarantine, people can only leave their homes for essential needs. Walking in the streets or even sitting on the front porch of your own home is not permitted.

Much of the information is contradictory, but overall, the conditions of the quarantine shelters are reported to be inadequate, overcrowded, and unsanitary. Keeping the virus from spreading is likely improbable due to these conditions. Access to water is limited, people who have been quarantined have to wait, on the streets, with no personal protective gear or guidance by anyone.

Aid workers have said tests are in short supply. Another concern is the rapid tests being used that come back as a false negative during the early stages of COVID-19. Some of the false negatives could actually be positives, and are now spreading the virus to others.

Is there a little good news?

I have the feeling that many city folks are going to experience a huge change in their personal interactions and daily life. Some may even have to learn a few things the hard way.

Small towns are relatively safe as they need less resources from outside. Less human concentration means less spread of the virus. Cleaner air and water, and overall, a generally healthier environment. Most small towns are surrounded by farms, providing good food sources. This means my parents are safe. For now.

Be safe! Jose

You can now follow me on my twitter account: @m_munck. I will be happy to meet you there, sharing tips, and everything useful to face the challenges of this new post SARSCov2 world.

About Jose

Jose is an upper middle class professional. He is a former worker of the oil state company with a Bachelor’s degree from one of the best national Universities. He has a small 4 members family, plus two cats and a dog. An old but in good shape SUV, a good 150 square meters house in a nice neighborhood, in a small but (formerly) prosperous city with two middle size malls. Jose is a prepper and shares his eyewitness accounts and survival stories from the collapse of his beloved Venezuela. Thanks to your help Jose has gotten his family out of Venezuela. They are currently setting up a new life in another country. Follow Jose on YouTube and gain access to his exclusive content on Patreon. Donations:

J.G. Martinez D

J.G. Martinez D

About Jose Jose is an upper middle class professional. He is a former worker of the oil state company with a Bachelor’s degree from one of the best national Universities. He has a small 4 members family, plus two cats and a dog. An old but in good shape SUV, a good 150 square meters house in a nice neighborhood, in a small but (formerly) prosperous city with two middle size malls. Jose is a prepper and shares his eyewitness accounts and survival stories from the collapse of his beloved Venezuela. Thanks to your help Jose has gotten his family out of Venezuela. They are currently setting up a new life in another country. Follow Jose on YouTube and gain access to his exclusive content on Patreon. Donations:

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  • Man I really appreciate the information flow from you.
    This is the first collapse I’ve seen that only takes electronic. I’ve seen everything go to barter system before for a short time span.
    The prices are about in line with what I would expect.

    • Out on the countryside, where there are no electronic facilities I just read on Twitter that one bag of potatoes was exchanged by several hands of plaintains and a small bag of coffee grains.

  • This story appeared on just this morning:

    US Seizes 4 Iranian Fuel Tankers En Route To Venezuela, Diverts To Houston, 14 Aug 2020

    In retrospect, that was probably predictable. The “double whammy” effect punishes both Iran and Venezuela, both longtime targets of CIA regime change covert operations. (Harry Truman once confessed that his signature which created the CIA was a terrible mistake.)

    The great researcher Jerome Corsi once explained that beginning in the early 1950s, the CIA used Latin America to perfect their “assassination by patsy” method of disposing of local politicians who didn’t agree with US intentions for their countries’ futures. (The patsy on who would take the false blame for a hit would then be murdered before any court case could expose the CIA’s treachery — a method that was perfected by the time of the 1963 JFK assassination.)

    Going back a little farther in history, in 1935 the famous (retired) US Marine General Smedley Butler described his career experience as a hit man for Wall Street in his speech and essay titled “War is a Racket”, the full text of which is about 50 pages long, here:

    He even remarked that he could have taught Al Capone a lesson or two.

    From today’s news about seizing those Iranian fuel-loaded tankers, I’d say that Butler’s “War is a Racket” remains as timely as ever.


  • Hi. Thank you for your enlightening yet disheartening piece. Did common folk hold precious metals? What is the situation with using beyond barter? I don’t know much about this area and am curious if it really becomes of any use.
    Thank you

  • Going cashless in the U.S. would be the worst thing for freedom of choice.The citizens of the U.S. must fight this with all of their being.The government will run the cashless society and they will choose what you can and cannot purchase.This is going to be a backdoor ban on what they don’t want us to have.We will have to go back to the barter system to acquire what we need.Vote Trump in 2020.Vote conservative in 2020,’TO SAVE THE REPUBLIC’!

    • It kind of makes you wonder, Anonymous, about this so-called “coin shortage” that we are having in the United States. I suspect it has far less to do with a shortage, and more to do with training stupid sheep to slowly give up cash for a digital system.

      • My husband paid cash at Home Depot. The cashier tried to say that she could not give him change. He reminded her that the change was currency. He gave her currency and she is required by federal coining act to return currency. Funny how she was able to give him the correct change. Remember coins are done by the Treasury and is true currency. This is just a ploy to get people to use cards. No where did he have problems with getting his change back.

        • According to my bank, there is no coin shortage. They are posting that on their Facebook page. We use a small local bank that has never taken a bailout.

  • Some people think I am strange. I personally do not have a debit card. I pay cash. A lot of low income individuals do not have bank accounts either. In San Francisco last year a few businesses were trying to go cashless. The city put a stop to it. That would mean people like me could not shop. It disenfranchises the poor. Don’t get me wrong, I have a bank account. I don’t have a choice since all my funds are federal funds. I am retired army. I choose not to have a card. I also don’t have any credit cards. I did have a Sam’s card, but when they stated that I would have to wear a mask to shop, I closed my account. Remember the rights you keep are the ones you fight for. Losing my business will mean nothing to Sams, but if more people start canceling their memberships then it would make a difference.

    The one thing I am reminded of is the old saying “Gold is the medium of Kings, Sliver is the medium of gentlemen and barter is the medium of peasant”.

    • You forgot to add the final piece- “Debt is the medium of slaves” – which is the realm of the majority these days.

    • Mette, you are not strange. I have the cards but do not use them at all. Went to the bank yesterday to discover they are closed now on Saturdays (for our safety) and a young woman had to help me use the ATM because I didn’t know how. I get a lot of flack but I only owe on the house. Cash only makes me keep my spending within a budget. Eventually, we will be cashless but I hope that is farther off than I am thinking. I will have to hone my bartering skills as I will not get the chip. Thank you for serving.

  • Hong Kong Protests Show Dangers of a Cashless Society
    Many digital payments can be tracked, potentially assisting an authoritarian crackdown. By ANDREA O’SULLIVAN | 7.2.2019




    There are also issues about going cashless I didn’t see discussed above. There are some card companies (MasterCard, eg) that already prohibit your purchasing some items they regard as politically incorrect. Not good.

    I also didn’t see any discussion of what defenses you might have as your purchasing power gets stolen away from you every year by the counterfeiting Federal Reserve machine. Holding precious metals outside of any bank’s vault is one way. Another way is to use a debit card backed by gold bullion in a Swiss vault via

    This was originally just a UK operation, but they opened up services for America only a year or two ago. Sadly, it is probably not available for Venezuela.

    There is an additional way to protect the privacy of a debit (or credit) card by creating a dummy card number for either one-time transactions, or for continuing use for a specific seller, etc There is a learning curve to understand how to use the free service on

    That can provide some great security against your card number(s) being hacked!!!

    There are also barter organizations to consider. Some use physical tokens for local use only. Some are organized via digital technology. Of course the IRS wants their pound of flesh from all such transactions. Sometimes they get it, and sometimes not.

    It’s worth remembering that one of the huge causes of our American Revolution was over the British prohibition on the colonial currency we had created and were depending on — because the British were not providing enough money for us to survive. When they learned of our colonial money, they quickly banned it — which created a horrendous financial depression here. That was a strong motivator for our Revolution — much stronger than the piddly small tea tax that the British had temporarily suspended … so the East India Company could compete with John Hancock’s lower cost of tea he “smuggled” in for colonial markets. Depending on any government’s historians for the “official” government school history is an ongoing disaster.


    • Hi Lewis!
      Thank you for all the links to those very interesting articles. I have a MasterCard and have never had a limitation on items that I can purchase. Could you provide a few specific examples of prohibited items? Thanks!

  • Daisy, you’ve done it again, and by that I mean hitting the ball completely out of the park. Kudos. I think, if Democrats take the Senate, hold the House and take the Presidency a cashless society will be but one of the programs they push to end the American experiment and place us firmly under their increasingly
    Socialist/Communist thumbs. Think passing the National Popular Vote act to end run the Electoral College, admitting Washington, DC as a State with it’s accompanying 2 Democrat Senators and host of Democrat Congresspersons, packing the Supreme Court so none of their new “laws” will be declared unconstitutional, naming the squad of 4 to important cabinet posts, granting amnesty, citizenship and the right to vote to illegal aliens, requiring a National ID chip to be inserted with mandatory vaccinations. And that doesn’t begin to cover the damage they’d do to our economy with their “combat global warming” and “social justice” plans.

  • While the U.S. Federal Government is rumored to be investigating something like Bitcoin for the Federal Treasury, I expect some of the more ‘progressive’ States to try it first (my bet would be on California). How well it succeeds there may encourage or discourage a Federal version (which would include free Federal Debit cards).

  • Just Wow! It’s so hard to write things that close to home. So thanks for taking the time and mentally pushing through to write this for us.
    Personally im not looking forward to us here in Australia going cash free. Signs are already around, some big change stores won’t accept cash covid19 spread being the issue. In regards to the American coin shortages, I don’t believe what they are telling America’s to be true . I’ve been looking into buying silver coins. And there is so many American coins and currency available I was shocked.
    I hope we never go cash less, it is a way to track what we are spending and where. It also puts those who have less in a harder position, like those that pay cash at op shops , or trading post items , road side produce sellers . Sending blessings your way for you and your country and a small donation to your PayPal xxxxx

    • Dear Vi,
      Thanks, and I will keep writing until my last breath, even after my country is free. It´s a pleasure to inform people all over the world about what is happening, and provide them some guidance to allow improve their preparedness level.
      Your generosity couldn´t have come in a better moment.

  • How heartbreaking Jose! It is absolutely sickening to think that somebodies are actually using a whole sovereign nation to conduct such a heartless experiment in controlling a once-prosperous people.

    The Chinese, et al, have now been used to such for generations. But for other countries, it is such a shock to experience the utter callousness of authorities who are bank-rolled by the PTB in taking a people down. Satanic. Demonic. What other kinds of description can there be?

    Thank you for your selfless, tireless and diligent reporting Jose. We are warned and hopefully it is not too late to reverse the course of things for the ol’ US of A.

    • Dear Debbers,

      Thanks for your comment.

      America has to come together, North and south. Center is undeveloped and impoverished, and doesn´t has too much to offer, but the South is a different fur animal. Mexico is in a really bad path, and can´t be counted as an ally, but just bringing the companies using raw materia from China back to the Americas, much closer to the commodities source would change dramatically the forces balance.

  • If there is a silver (and gold) lining, is that cashless may pave the way for a return of precious metals being used in daily life. That could work as a catalyst for other developments.

    • Dear Mr. Magniloquent

      Back in the period 1936-1950s when we were the United States of Venezuela our currency was the stronger of almost all of the American continent. And it was silver. However, many of those were gotten out of the country to be melt and sold in the silver market. Hopefully some day we will have silver currency again and prosecute those trying to steal it.

  • Hi J.G. Martinez,

    Is there any website or YouTube videos in Spanish you can refer me to. That are speaking out on Venezuela and how they are comparing it to what is happening here in The United States.



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