Vampire Science Believes “YOUNG BLOOD” Is the REAL Fountain of Youth

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A clinical trial called “Ambrosia” seeks to discover the long-sought Fountain of Youth – and some scientists believe they’ve found it in the blood of young people.

Unlike most clinical trials, people actually paid to participate instead of the other way around. Patients over the age of 35 ponied up $8000 to take part in the experiment where they get transfusions of young blood, run by Dr. Jesse Karmazin.

People are getting transfusions of “young blood” to slow aging.

Unsurprisingly, the business “experiment” is taking place in Monterrey, California, right on the edge of Silicon Valley.

Ambrosia, the vampiric startup concerned, is run by a 32-year-old doctor called Jesse Karmazin, who bills $8,000 (£6,200) a pop for participation in what he has dubbed a “study”. So far, he has 600 clients, with a median age of 60. The blood is collected from local blood banks, then separated and combined – it takes multiple donors to make one package. (source)

Although the results of the “trial,” which has been ongoing since at least 2017, have not been published, Karmizan is so certain of his science that he intends to open a business selling transfusions of “young blood.” (You know, since charging a participant $8000 to be part of a “study” isn’t a business.)

Dr. Karmazin, who plans to open a business selling young blood, says patients who’ve had it say they feel amazing, and he says he’s seen evidence of reversing the aging process in rats.

“Their brains are younger, their hearts. Their hair, if it was gray, it turns dark again,” he said. (source)

Is anyone reminded of that creepy medieval countess who bathed in the blood of 650 of her serving wenches to remain young? Some say that Elizabeth of Bathory was the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s Dracula. The blood of young people as the fountain of youth is far from a new idea.

Studies going back decades show the regenerative effects of one organism being joined to another. In the 17th century, Robert Boyle – he of Boyle’s Law – suggested “replacing the blood of the old with the blood of the young”. (source)

And Ambrosia isn’t the only vampiristic game around.

Ambrosia has some competition on the East Coast. A society gala in West Palm Beach, Florida took place last year to scare a bunch of 60-somethings into dropping some cash to take part an another “experiment” run by Dr. Dipnarine Maharaj. And by some cash, I mean up to $285,000 apiece.

Then there’s the West Palm Beach symposium, held to recruit participants for a study testing what happens when aging people get infusions of plasma (the fluid part of blood packed with signaling proteins and other molecules but no red or white cells) from young people who’ve taken a drug meant to activate their immune system. Maharaj, a Scottish-trained hematologist and oncologist with a flair for salesmanship, plans to run the 30-patient trial at the private practice he owns in Boynton Beach, Fla.

The study, which he describes as a Phase 1/Phase 2 trial, is a first-in-human test, which means that it is designed to evaluate only whether the experimental therapy is safe. But in his remarks at the symposium, Maharaj didn’t hesitate to make bold promises about what the treatment could do to ameliorate the frailty that results from getting older. (source)

The irony of the so-called “young blood project” being introduced within 250 miles of Ponce De Leon’s Fountain of Youth was not overlooked.

“Hopefully, one day we’ll be able to announce that Florida is truly the fountain of youth,” Maharaj told the crowd inside while he talked up his clinical trial. (source)

Who is getting these blood transfusions?

All sorts of people are apparently jumping on the young blood bandwagon.

“There are pretty much people from most states, people from overseas, people from Europe and Australia,” Dr. Jesse Karmazin said. (source)

According to a report from 2017, two-thirds of the participants in this study are men.

The idea has become faddish in tech circles. While anti-ageing products usually hold more appeal with women, two-thirds of the more than 65 participants who have signed up for this trial are men. Mike Judge’s Silicon Valley sitcom recently parodied the notion, with arch-tech guru Gavin Belson relying on a “blood boy” following him around to donate pints of sticky red at inopportune moments.

That fictionalised account may well be based on the real-life adventures of Peter Thiel, the PayPal founder, who has expressed interest in having transfusions (Gawker even reported that he was spending $40,000 (£31,000) a quarter on regular transfusions from 18-year-olds). He, and various other thinkers who radiate out towards the death-evading “transhumanist” movement, are fascinated by “heterochronic parabiosis” – the sewing together of two animals in order to create a living chimera. (source)

That’s some seriously creepy stuff and I’m sure the things we know are only the tip of the creepy iceberg.

Even Google is getting on board the antiaging bandwagon.

The business of promising youth to people who are aging is nothing new. For as long as humans have been in situations where they weren’t constantly fighting for mere survival, many of those humans have tried to delay the inevitable.

But now, with advances in science, it seems that the lines of science fiction and reality are getting blurred. And there’s a lot of money to be made.

…lately, big players and investors have also spotted an opportunity: Google’s parent company has invested heavily in its secretive anti-aging spinout, called Calico. A startup called Celularity last month raised $250 million to try to use postpartum placentas to delay the aging process. And a company called Elysium Health has rallied Nobel Prize winners to sell a $50-per-month supplement aimed at boosting levels of a molecule known as NAD+ that’s hypothesized to play a role in promoting longevity, though not without prompting rebuke from some prominent doctors. (source)

But the question is, are these anti-aging entrepreneurs selling promising therapies or false hope? And if it works, at what cost?

And it isn’t just transfusions, either.

Ethan Huff wrote about something called “vampire facials” on his report on this topic.

It would be a mistake, however, to think that the use of young blood in anti-aging therapy is still in the testing phase. These same reports indicate that the therapy is already being used as part of so-called “vampire facials” to treat wrinkles, as well as joint and tissue injuries.

Platelet-rich plasma, also known as PRP, involves siphoning blood from a patient’s own body, only to apply it topically as a type of healing “serum” to address a variety of health concerns, including the damaging effects of the aging process.

In some cases, “vampire facials” are being applied to patients’ heads in an attempt to regrow hair.

“We can actually use your own blood to stimulate the body,” claims Dr. Hooman Khorasani, who heads the Division of Dermatologic and Cosmetic Surgery at Mount Sinai Health System.

While current research on this particular application is ongoing, Dr. Khorasani says that what’s already been uncovered “looks very positive.”

“There’s still a lot of unknowns and factors we don’t know when we’re actually getting another person’s growth factors and nutrients injected in us,” he admitted. (source)

We’re living in a world where something we would have mocked as the creepiest science fiction is becoming reality.

Is there any actual science behind this?

Actually, there is. Studies from both Harvard and Stanford have indicated some positive results.

A Harvard mouse study in 2014 seems to be what revived interest in sucking the blood out of young people for the use of old people.

In recent years, researchers studying mice found that giving old animals blood from young ones can reverse some signs of aging, and last year one team identified a growth factor in the blood that they think is partly responsible for the antiaging effect on a specific tissue—the heart. Now, that group has shown this same factor can also rejuvenate muscle and the brain.

“This is the first demonstration of a rejuvenation factor” that is naturally produced, declines with age, and reverses aging in multiple tissues, says Harvard University stem cell researcher Amy Wagers. (source)

Other scientists say that the transfusions of youthful blood can help patients suffering from Alzheimer’s.

There has also been encouraging Alzheimer’s research using young blood at Stanford University.

“We found that it was safe and feasible to administer infusions of young plasma weekly,” Dr. Sharon Shaw, an Alzheimer’s researcher at Stanford, said.

Dr. Shaw is a researcher who says they have seen evidence of improvement in functional ability.

“It’s all very exciting that there can be components in blood that can be healing,” Dr. Shaw said. (source)

It’s as interesting as it is creepy. Who wouldn’t donate some of their blood to help out a beloved relative who was fading away from Alzheimer’s?

What could possibly go wrong?

This is a question I ask entirely too much when writing articles about new technology lately. It seems that our “progress” may be outstripping our ethics in many cases. Some of the things I see going wrong?

  • Young people could basically turn into walking blood bags for rich old people who want to live forever.
  • We don’t know if there are any long-term issues with frequent transfusions.
  • New diseases that aren’t yet tested for could be present in the blood of donors.
  • You can have allergic reactions to blood transfusions, even if they are the right type. These reactions can be as minor as some hives or as serious as death from anaphylactic shock.
  • You can have an acute immune hemolytic reaction, which means your body attacks the red blood cells as the enemy. This can result in chest pain, nausea, chills, fever, and lower back pain.
  • Infections can occur at the site of the transfusion.
  • Transfusion-related acute lung injury is a rare, but potentially fatal response to a transfusion. It starts out with a fever and low blood pressure and can permanently damage your lungs.
  • HIV, Hepatitis B and C, West Nile Virus, and Zika can all be passed through a blood transfusion. Although the blood is screened, there is still a slim possibility of something being missed.

The idea of living forever has been around – well – forever. And so far, it has been but a dream. But it seems like lately interest is sparking up again.

The advances of science are incredible in many ways. The ethics of this seem to be a line that moves wherever the scientists want it to go. And if you think overpopulation and shortages of resources are issues now, imagine if we disturbed the natural order of things by extending life for decades longer.

What do you think about this vampire science?

Do you think the blood of young people can stop or slow aging? Would you ever get a young blood transfusion to feel or look younger? Has science gone too far yet again?

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  • I suspect many missing children being kidnapped are being sold to harvest from. The TV series Manifest, is using something similar as their plot line. I have no doubt that there are many on both sides of the political aisle that are heavily invested in illegal pharmaceuticals, which is the reason that certain republicans didn’t vote for the wall.
    “Cannot buy or sell” with normal hard currency which has been forecasted for over 3000 years.

    The Adrenochrome (C9H9NO3) compound is synthesized by the oxidation of adrenaline, harvested from the blood from the pineal gland of children.

    (The most sacred part of the brain called the “Eye of Horus” also known as our “third eye”. A tiny pine cone that is in charge of producing serotonin derivative melatonin that has to deal with our hormones that affect the modulation of sleep/wake patterns, including our seasonal functions.The pineal gland is essentially the portal between the physical and spiritual world for humans)

    The Adrenochrome (C9H9NO3) compound is synthesized by the oxidation of adrenaline, harvested from the blood from the pineal gland of children.

  • The Bible says life is in the blood. It did not say youthfool blood. It just said blood. So, yours is as good as any.

    So, therefore, eat healthily. That same book gives you the instructions.

  • Perhaps there is an important thing to remember about all these people who are trying to live forever. After a certain number of years (80 to 100 or so), everyone is dead. It’s a 100% certainty, and fiddling with other people’s blood isn’t going to save them. But letting our morals and ethics slide into the abyss can result in societal issues that can drastically shorten the lives of all of us – whether our blood is useful to the elite or not.

  • Sheri—- I was thinking the same thing with these children going missing and the Pizza Gate and the Pedophiles as in ther hearing of the movie star’s and the dirt bags in Wash. mostly in the dem party. The way that Trump is having them rounding up all those slime-balls and sending them to Gitmo. Hillary was one among the others. As a ret. nurse they are so wrong in their thinking. Stupid elites, and they dare call us stupid.-what a laugh.

  • I want to say I hope all these goofballs get all sorts of bloodborne diseases, but that’s not PC (or polite) LOL!

    This does not surprise me in the least, but I do find it repulsive. I’d like to live a little longer for sure, but not at any price, much less this. We’d all like more time. But if my time comes tomorrow, I’m happy that I lived my best life (with many mistakes) without doing anything so bizarre.

    Extrapolate this to the abortion industry, in vitro fertilization (which is a blessing for couples who need that help but is way open to abuse).

    I don’t worry for myself, but for my children and granchildren, and further generations…

  • Is this, yet, another post on the influence of the Oxford Fabians?

    Quotes from the above article, “Studies from both Harvard and Stanford” and ““experiment” is taking place in Monterrey, California, right on the edge of Silicon Valley.”.
    And, from Wikipedia, “Stanford University or simply Stanford is an American private research university in Palo Alto, California. Stanford is in proximity to Silicon Valley,”. Also, “SRI International (SRI) is …“The organization was founded as the Stanford Research Institute. SRI formally separated from Stanford University in 1970 and became known as SRI International in 1977.”.

    Then, is this the same Stanford that is related to the Travistock Institute that is related to the Fabian Socialist Oxford group whose members included H.G. Wells, George Orwell and Huxley?

    H.G. Wells wrote “War of the World”, where Aliens drink human blood, and “Food of the Gods”. ‘Aliens’ may refer to the elite class, while “In the ancient Greek myths, AMBROSIA is sometimes the food or drink of the Greek GODS, often depicted as conferring longevity or immortality upon whoever consumed it”. In “The Time Machine” he wrote his idea of one class eating the dumbed down class.

    Is the elite class after centuries of inbreeding perhaps having trouble with aliments such as Hemophilia? Has the technologic ‘intellect’ detached itself from the emotional body that it is looking for the “ghost in the machine”? Are abortions being farmed for stem cells and so on?

    I dunno. It’s beyond my chattel room-temperature I.Q..

    Just saying, why is this article on ‘Organic Prepper’? Will there be an upcoming Cannibal recipe cookbook?

    Ps. “Transubstantiation is the change of the bread and wine into the body and blood of C****t”.
    Didn’t biblical people live for centuries, six hundred to a thousand years?

    • It’s on here because I found it interesting. It’s thought-provoking and rather dystopian. I figured others might be interested in it too. 🙂

      • Daisy,

        Thank you for your reply. First and foremost, it’s your blog, if you think it’s interesting, then so be it.

        From a literary perspective I wonder about the source of some OP posts* that I perceive as Socialistic, ie. “synonyms: left-wing · Fabian · syndicalist · utopian socialist … “.
        From Wikipedia, Utopian and dystopian fiction,
        “Another very important figure in Dystopian Literature is H.G. Wells, whose work The Time Machine (1895) is also widely accepted as one of the best prototypes for dystopian literature.”.

        Organic Prepper presents different viewpoints which is good. I prefer Selco’s writings since they show what Socialism leads to. The sad part is Bosnia and the breakup of the artificially created Yugoslav Federation did not have to happen as it did.

        Enjoy your blog.

        *Sorry, no time for a list now.

        • You’re welcome, John, and thank you for the kind words. I’m absolutely not a socialist – I’m more of a libertarian than anything, for the record. 🙂

  • This phenomenon is directly related to the baby boomer generation reaching the end of their lives. One should have been surprised if there wasn’t someone out there selling snake oil elixirs with the promise of extending life…and emptying the pockets of wealthy boomers.

    The truth is that our lifetime, whether it is 50 or 60 or a 100 years is just a “blink of an eye” in the bigger scheme of things. Wishing your life to be longer is like wishing your penis to be bigger…Its an easily understandable desire, but rather pointless. What is important is whether or not you can find meaning in your life, not how long you were able to suck air. A longer life (or penis) won’t do anything to bring meaning to your life.

    Our existence as individuals is bounded by our birth and our death, but our existence as a family, a people, extends for as far as progeny can continue to successfully compete and bring forth another generation.

    My father recently passed away. We were close and he was the single biggest influence on my life. When I was a young man he would laugh as he advised me and say “I know what you are going through because I already live it…”. Half of my dna came directly from him, so in a very real sense, I am him, or at least a part of him. He also is me, because half of my dna is his. When you think about this it is easy to see that my father’s body may have reached the end of its viability, but he is not gone. He lives on through me and through my children and grand children. This is where our concerns for longevity should be focused…On the survival of our genetic heritage, not on whether we as individuals live a few years longer.


  • Firstly, if one person is paying X dollars for a pint of blood or plasma, then X dollars should be split between the donor of that fluid and the phlebotomist. Secondly, the ‘researcher’ who gets rich by looking for a certain result will find that result no matter how many lies have to be told along the way, so every bit of this research is tainted.
    Last but not least, any idiot who thinks that he should extend his life by exploiting others has a life that isn’t worth living in the first place.
    If this method worked, GHWBush would still be alive today. Give it up, rich folks, and try for quality, not quantity. You won’t regret it.

  • My belief is that G-d is so much higher than little man and he will reward them for their efforts to cheat His system . He will not be mocked and His creation rules will stand . Aging is the process and only a fool would try to defeat it . Trust in G-d not man . If we are in Him we will one day receive a new body .

  • Another reason why the political elite are so desperate to keep the Southern border unsecured. An unlimited supply of trafficked children that can be allowed to vanish without a trace. Now I understand what Q meant when he posted: “Why are the children of Haiti in such high demand?”

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