Tyler Smith of Doomsday Preppers: Apex Predator or Apex Punk?

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If there was ever a case study on why preppers should be prepared to defend their supplies, the upcoming episode of National Geographic’s Doomsday Preppers would provide a perfect example.

“We’re not in it to stockpile. We’re in it to take what you have and there’s nothing you can do to stop us,” Tyler Smith says. “We are your worst nightmare, and we are coming.”

Smith, 29, is the leader of Spartan Survival. The group has more than 80 dues-paying members. Smith founded the organization in 2005 to train and prepare others on survivalism.

On Tuesday night, Smith’s story will be told on the National Geographic Channel survivalist TV show “Doomsday Preppers.” (source)

So, not only would someone with supplies need to worry about everyday commonplace looters, they would need to be concerned about Smith and his band of merry marauders, whose survival plan seems to hinge on overwhelming force against those who have spent years gathering supplies and planning for a secure and peaceful existence.

National Geographic appears to have chosen Smith as a poster boy to give the preparedness-minded a bad name.  I wouldn’t set your DVR for this one – excerpts seem to indicate a show full of bad advice and ill-thought-out “strategies” from someone who refers to himself as “a professional deer hunter”.


He refers to himself as the “apex predator” in his area, based on his home-made body armor and other survival gear.

Most preppers, Smith says, are concerned with marauders taking their supplies. It’s not an unfounded fear, he says.

“We are those people,” he says. “We’ll kick your door in and take your supplies. … We are the marauders.”  (source)

Smith has gotten a lot of bad comments from the prepping community and has responded with this literate response on his Facebook page [Author’s noteSmith’s Facebook page was removed today]:

idk what is worse the people that cant tell the difference between entertainment/tv hype? or the people that are commenting way beyond things I said talking about killing my family and raping my wife and or killing me preemptively I said I would do whatever is necessary to survive and if that means kicking in doors then yes that is the guy I will be. get a fucking life you troll keyboard warrior pieces of shit its reality tv if you thought entertainment wasn’t a possibility swallow your own 12 gauge barrel. Armor was meant to be for tv use only notice my modern plate carrier in pics above. and just so yall know your feeding into another show I have airing and your filling my pockets so for my house payments sake and new truck payment keep talking! if you thought anyone in there right mind would say that for free and not be expecting a reward you all are fools…as for my personal skills I know I can get better i know physical training is a top issue that’s all time consuming objectives and I am definitely working on it. better yet live your live prep and get ready because the end is coming. if you think your morals will survive the end times good luck and watch the whole episode and turn off selective hearing.

Let’s make one thing clear – Smith is not a prepper.  He is not representative of what we do.  He’s an embarrassment to the preparedness community.  He is a thug, plain and simple.  He’s an out-of-shape criminal who is afraid to get caught, so he’s waiting for the breakdown of law and order to commit the crimes he so clearly wishes to perpetrate, without fear of spending time in prison.

Preppers, beware.  Just because someone calls themselves a prepper, doesn’t mean that they have the same morals and values as the rest of us.  Unsavory people like Smith and his Spartan Survival group are out there, and they’re planning to come for our supplies.

This is what we prepare for.  And we’re ready for you, Mr. Smith.

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther

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  • If he shows up at the wrong place, looks like there’s enough meat there to feed a family of five for about a month. Maybe two, if they vary their diet.

    Hmmmmm. Long pig jerky!

      • I’d just love ol’ Marauding Benny to come and kick in my front door when SHTF – I’d melt his tubby ass down for dog food, candles and a good few weeks worth of diesel for the jenny. The last thing that Apex-fat f**k would see would be the inside of my f*****g fuel tank.

        • …I was dumbfounded by this fucking meat balloon coming off ultra hard! I wanted to punch him right in that daggery cheese snout he knows as his mouth,..which is gona get the living shit killed out of him..as soon as he opens it!.lol he really makes it hard for europeans an canadians like myself to respect Americans..which sucks cuz I want to like my neighbors!:)

    • He is nothing but a gat A%$ punk thinking he scares anyone. Wrong . I watched the show. He’s a joke.. go to preppers house. I am pretty sure you won’t make it out. Blow wind somewhere else idiot

    • If ANYONE thinks they can ‘take whatever I have’, come and try. They will find out just how fragile life is, how unprepared for my ‘surprises’, and how quickly I will kill them without a second thought. Rotsa ruck m0ther $uckers!

    • Don’t underestimate this fool or others like him. Do any of you remember the part about him being the leader of “Spartan Survival” and having 80 dues paying, like minded fools behind him?

      He’s actually done us all a favor by bringing to light the reality of the potential dangers brought about by a SHTF event.

      I wouldn’t be the least bit concerned to see this bozo trekking toward my place. Now, if he has 80 others behind him that means we have to break out the long guns and get ready for a busy afternoon. I suspect that somewhere around a 15-20% casualty rate and the survivors will fall back and go look for an easier target. Just make sure your place isn’t that easier target.

    • IF I saw this fat bastard waddling down my driveway with his fat inbred posse and ugly wife, I wouldn’t be concerned, even if he was wearing hillbilly body armor. I’d just shoot the sloth in the face, he’s too fat to roll out of the way in time. What a moron.

    • He was investigated after the show when neighbors complained. He was not to be in possession of a firearm. What a loser. Lol.

  • Bring it FATBOY if you can make it to my stronhold we will blow your friggin heads off before you get within 1000 yrds and our dogs will feed on your worthless carcass!

  • I’ll be a bit contrarian here, and say that people like Smith are a good thing. He is a reminder of what is out there. The sad thing is that the vast majority of people are not prepared for a crisis, be it the end of the world or just a hurricane. What Smith talks about is exactly what will go through minds or many, many people. I bet a lot of the people that watch that shows, especially in urban and suburban areas, have similar fantasies. Smith, by being a poster child, helps you to visualize a threat, and maybe think differently about various threats, and so may help you be better prepared. After all, in a down grid scenario, your biggest threats maybe your neighbors.

  • I’ve heard that many times from others. They say, ‘when times get tough I will just get your food’….or I hear, ‘that is why I bought a gun. I’ll just take your preps’….

    Keith is right. That thought is common.

    It is also un-American. Americans of past would have tried to carry their weight. Others would have helped. Today, it will be panic when shtf. Lets hope people will be reasonable and will try to carry their weight; but I am losing hope on that.

    • I heard similar comments concerning (way back then) Y2K. I heard one co worker tell her friend that she didn’t need to worry about supplies as she would just take her family and go over to her house! I was shocked at such an attitude, but should not have been. It is not uncommon today for people to have an entitlement mentality. After all, why should you have XYZ, when *I* don’t. It is very sick, but that is what has been taught/brainwashed over the years. We are suffering the consequences of a collapsing culture.

      The idea of a life of thrift and economy from just a few generations back (for me, my grandmother) is unknown today.

      • I don’t think anyone should be surprised by this. When times are tough people will do anything to survive. What this guy doesn’t seem to understand is that he isn’t the only one who will do that. He may find that his survival plan gets him killed. As for the 80 other would-be criminals they would do well to remember that the wicked aren’t the only ones who’ll band together when times are tough. And when the justice system of today ceases to function they may find themselves facing an entirely new and non-permissive judge and jury.

  • Those guys look a little on the MR scale, most likely poor genes from inbreeding
    A pre emptive take down would be a good strategy for goons like that, from about 400meters, they already look a little confused, imagine the looks when their buddy standing next to them suddenly erupts in a pink mist!

  • DP got the goon they were looking for to give preppers a bad name. I concur, if you’re not preparing/stockpiling yourself, you are not a prepper. Period.

    I agree with Keith, too, that folks like this are a good reminder of why you need to be willing to defend your family from folks that crawl out of the shallow end of the gene pool.

  • Could not watch it even if we wanted to. We haven’t had cable, and therefore no television, for about a dozen years. We do not miss it.

    • We have also given up cable and installed a simple t.v. antenna for our viewing needs. For shows like Doomsday Preppers we watch them over the Internet. Heck, many of these Doomsday Prepper shows are posted on You Tube for viewing.

  • Folks like this are why I need to up my defenses. They are NOT preppers in the least, they are just thugs. But a good reminder of what we real preppers will be facing eventually. While I live in a more rural area, there are WAY too many that live here who are of the same mentality. I think the prepared folk outnumber them, but still…

  • These “professional marauders” are the biggest joke i’ve ever seen, his only chance of helping his family to survive is to let them eat him… The practical preppers would give them about 20 months survival time, about the same amount of nutrients a beached wale would render.

  • Prepping means just that, being prepared. Including and up to defenses. Mr ‘Smith’ best you bypass this old paratroopers place.

  • The guy’s a joke. There will be way more dangerous gangs roaming than those clowns. It shows you have to prep for this too.

  • I agree, that guy looks like a pretty goofy, dumpy marauder. The take away from that show is that there are people out there that are like minded to him, but do have a little more on the ball than him. Resolve yourselves to the fact that you will have to deal with that threat eventually. Be ready for that challenge.

  • There have always been peeople like this, and there always will be. Hope he understands how much he has to take to feed the “80” man group he has. Thats even if he makes it to a place where there are preppers to take from.

  • I called the Washington State Militia & got his dumb ass BANNED from their organization.
    That’s right fatty, I did it! Now they know you for the scumbag you truly are.
    Now you have more time to not brush your teeth & bang your sister!

    • Too funny! If that hog can’t take care of his teeth while civilization is flourishing, imagine his halitosis after the collapse. His sister will need noseplugs to tolerate the stench when he’s banging her.

  • I saw that episode this past Tuesday and to be honest, I think I’m done with Doomsday Preppers. This clown was way out there with his ideas of personally delivering his own child – by C-section and that body armor he made was such a joke. And then, to top it all off, he had his cousin actually shoot him with a shot gun to test it out. DP has gone way over the top with this episode.
    I will say that it is more than likely true that there are people out there just waiting for the breakdown of society to commit crimes and that was the ONLY saving grace of this episode of DP – to warn us that they are out there.

    • If for no other reason than to learn there are people like him out there I will continue to watch Doomsday Preppers. I don’t take much of it seriously but I do get ideas from the show. The other prepper family in Costa Rica (in the same episode) was well worth watching.
      As for the fat slob being shot he really wasn’t. If you watch closely you will see the shotgun wasn’t pointed at him directly but at an angle so only his fake body armor would be hit. And…to top it off that was a blank shell, not a loaded one. Watch and you will see nothing but a flame come out of the barrel with absolutely no recoil. If that had been a loaded shell there would have been some recoil, especially for a 12 gauge.

      • The family that moved to Costa Rica was definitely worth watching. Good people and I feel bad that they were stuck on that episode with that white trash juggalo heifer. I’m looking into what kind of aquap

          • best thing is be able to provide for your self by what you can make and store, not what you buy and store now and in post apocalyptic times.
            2 years of stored food was the standard in the old days.
            make sure you cycle your supply trowing them away is inefficient for your budget that you can spend elsewhere.
            homesteading, permaculture river cottage/gardening series books vids, there are several that are very educational on how to grow food in a small space.
            any knowledge on edible plants agriculture techniques, husbandry of animals is vital if you want to be of the grid.

            great idea to grow fresh protein and veggies in your basement, indoors you do need to have allot of power to provide for all your calories tho
            Depending on the amount of fish, you want to watch your air too in a enclosed space.

  • Also do not have cable, but the quotes from various articles and this guy’s Facebook are disgusting enough. Darwin Awards meets Doomsday Preppers? It’s sad that National Geographic has to sink to a level previously reserved for trashy morning talk shows. Teaching yourself how to do a C-section from YouTube? Haha. We can hope that his wife learned how to do a vasectomy online….. 🙂

    This guy may be in it for the 15 minutes, and he’s definitely appalling, but I doubt he’s unique. I can think of several guys in the small town where I live who I’ve heard prattle on about how if things get worse, their guns are all they need. Most of them are probably just spewing hot air, but they could still cause harm if they were to follow through.

  • I find it funny because he’s just painted a huge target on his back, and the backs of his family and friends. If SHTF he should know that there will be an army of people to take him out first! I honestly feel sorry for him to sell out the safety of his family for a house and truck payment.

  • This guy and his minions are some deep woods, the hills have eyes, hillbilly’s. I can almost hear him say ”I likes it when they run!!!” Prepping means hoping for the best while preparing for the worst. These goons would definitely be on the worst list. What does it say for the rest of them, that this guy is the leader? The sad truth is he is not alone in his mindset and that makes this group very dangerous. Regardless of what a joke they may appear as on TV, the message is they will stop at nothing to take what they want because they feel they are more entitled than the rest of us. Prepared not scared Mr. Smith, we expect to fight every inbred knuckle dragging neanderthal who thinks (using that term loosely) as you do.

  • This guy is why you keep a close mouth about your preps. But also, this show is determined to show preppers at their worst, always has been, and everyone knows this. Why people keep signing up to make an idiot out of themselves for shock value is beyond me.

  • Well all I’m planning to do is make the gate to the property require you to solve a math problem to get in. That should hold him off. It truly is sad to see that there are still people like this in our country in this day and age. I have to agree with the above poster though it is good to see how the slow ones think so that we are reminded that they are out there.

  • I didn’t have an opportunity to catch the show but the one thing that is missing from the conversation on this and another site is competition. Competition from other looters/marauders is probably going to thin his ranks enough to dissolve his merry little band

  • Look up the origin of the term “Fired”. That’s when the population of a town got rid of low life scum by burning down their homes.

  • Darn it is too late, the idiot has bred his illgotten geans to progeny. Animals like this are not human, not to be treated as humans, and given no quarter and no mercy like humans. He is a pitiful wretch and waste of flesh.

  • I live within 20 miles of this guy and though I don’t know him and his merry band I am kind of glad this group came to light. I watched the show and read all the on line comments I could find…2hours worth…and if I didn’t think he was so dangerous to himself and those around him I would feel sorry for him. He implied on his Facebook page that we should all get “lives ” and didn’t we realize most of his antics were done for “entertainment ” value. I think this guy TOTALLY believed EVERYTHING he was espousing. I hope that with all the comments this guy has received this groomer and his friends will realize his childish beliefs (unfortunately acted out by adults) are in NO way indicative of mature “preppers ” trying to prepare for the safety and security of those they love.

    On a more cruel note buddy it looks like you have periodontal disease and you ‘ll be in a hell of a mess when the SHTF with loose, missing teeth and and green infected gums.

    • If you live near him, you should look into how he was allowed to acquire firearms. They have sufficient evidence to seize his weapons

  • We aren’t worried about this fat guy and his fat, out of shape friends. The bigger they are the easier they are to hit at longer ranges.

    Come And Take It! If you can….

  • Stupid ignorant fat crackers! He did all this for money, so he’s a poser. And as far as being an “apex” predator, Army cooks could wipe him out, none the less Rangers! Bye bye pig skin.

  • I am new to this board, but I am glad I found this post. I realize that DP is out to make preppers look crazy and try to humiliate them for the sake of entertainment but Tyler Smith made me so angry last night I almost went through my TV. I also live not too far from this asshole. Now I have at least one person I know to shoot on site should that day ever come.

  • hahahhahaha you all are idiots…and we are coming so be prepared….preemptively take me out….ohhhh Washington state militia banned me who gives a rats ass that sites a bunch of worthless tactical douche bags good look key board warriors good luck.

    • He’s got a pretty little mouth… He looks like the guy who was butt raped in Deliverance….squeal like a pig!

      Tyler “weeeeeeeeee”


      Tyler “WEEEEEEEeeeeeeeee”.

      I love his comment “tactical douchebag”. Coming from the guy who wears camo at all times. I’m sure the greater Washington area is real scared of a bunch of inbreed’s running around with a baseball bat. I’m sure if someone is capable of running 2 MPH they could get away from this guy. Fat fuck.

    • Please come for me fat boy,I live in berkyville Texas at 112 county road.ask anyone for Jt l,’ll leave the light on,see you soon

  • Oh God, I hope Marauder 2-1 is joking. I am going to assume he is because the DP Apex Jackhole can’t even be that stupid to come on here and make himself look like an even bigger idiot than he already has. Just in in case stupidity on that level does exist, open your eyes jackhole, you have absolutely no idea what you are getting yourself into. You may score off some poor unprepared souls, but sooner or later you will come upon a real prepper. Someone who has truly “prepared” for asses like you. You and your inbred friends will soil themselves at the first sign of that, as Kulafarmer so eloquently put it, pink mist spraying in your face. If it wasn’t for the fact that you have a family, I would actually think it is laughable how fast and hard you would go down. But I hate to see some dumb fools family suffer because of the idiot that can’t provide for them. Do your families a favor, get your fat ass friends and group together to prep, you ass.
    In regards to DP, I have yet to get myself to watch that crap. I just can’t do it.

  • The point made above not to underestimate ANYONE, no matter their physical condition or apparent lack of intellectual ability, is valid. The best shot I know is a little old lady.

    Generally speaking though, the more dangerous you are, the less you feel the need to advertise the fact.

  • Sad person. That is all that I could think of when watching the show. He’d have a heart attack coming up my driveway. Running and kicking in the front door? Hell, we will open the front door while we are calling a paramedic. (She lives down the street). I sure he will need one after that strenous activity. I’ve got to wonder….does the wife know how to cook with freeze dried foods since obviously you don’t use them now. It IS a learning curve! Stealing my chickens? You will need to catch them first, and the rooster hates having his ladies upset. Does this man have any clue what it takes to start, nurture, and harvest food?
    Tyler-get thyself to a good gym. Read the Bible daily. Give of yourself to a charitable organization. God did not deliberately make you nutty.

  • …makes me wonder who owns National Geographic now…they seem a bit desperate in their attempts to scare the pants off US or make being prepared look useless.

    …or maybe they sell preparedness stuff as a sideline cause all this does is make people become even more prepared

    …gangs of fat thugs??? No Problem. Even I have something for that.

  • He is so fat the dogs would hear him coming from a mile away. No worries. He who cannot control his energy intake cannot control anything. Fucking loser.

  • I have never seen this show Doomsday Preppers but have heard about it. Some real Moron spounting off his mouth about stealing and killing us people who prep for our own safety. Where does this fool live at ? I know there are going to be a lot of people like that when the SHTF. All Obama and his Regime doings. We all know that and millions of people are preparing for it. If you really want to know what is really happening go to Alex Jones site http://www.infowars.com and listen to his radio show. His show runs 24/7 because he is trying to let everybody here what he has to say no matter what time of day they tune in. He has Whistleblowers come on and tell what they know. You can beleive every word he has to say. He cares about people and he has 3 children who will have no future with the way things are going if we do not Impeach Obama soon. Things are happening fast. People are waking up though but not enough. Some people just don’t want to wake up. They have been dumbdowned intentionally with the Elites having all these poisons put in the foods supply. All processed food has poison in them. I am sure a lot of you already know that. There is a site you can go to that will show you what products it is-www.COVVHA.net/listofgmos. For the ones of you thhat don’t know look this up. We all can’t always eat Organic completely but we eat as much of it as we can afford. Just cut down on processed foods that will help a lot. Alex’s show has people all over the world listening to him. People call in all over the world to Thank him for opening there eyes and informing them. Liberal’s like Racheal Maddow on TV says don’t listen to Alex Jones because he is telling the truth about everything. My sister won’t even listen to me. There is no help for her. So I just do not want to see Obama destroy this great Country we have here in the United States. They can kill me but they cannot take my Soul. My Soul belongs to Jesus Christ . Obama will have his own army come around and knock down peoples doors just like this fool said. They will not be knocking at no doors. You need to be informed about what is going on so please listen to Alex Jones Show and at least listen and see if you want to continue to listen for yourself. God helps those that helps themselves and it sounds like most of the people on here are the people I am talking about. Stay well informed about what is happening and stock up on Food, Guns and Ammo.We have been listening to Alex for 3 years now and we are well informed with everything that is going on.Do it for yourself and your Family .

    • Alex Jones!!!!! Recommending him for “real” information is as bad as telling people to follow the marauder on Doomsday Preppers. SMH…

  • Tyler I am assuming you are also Marauder. First, let me apologize for some of my ruder remarks above. That being said why are you so angry with everyone? You went on national Tv and threatened the LIVES and security of a bunch of innocent people who have done NOTHING to you and you’re supprised when they get angry with you? I expect that this whole ordeal has ended up being your worst nightmare. I ‘m sure this was not the response you expected. But whats done is done. Do what Stealth Spaniel suggested. Remember you angered a lot of people…or as we used to say “you started it “. It ‘s time to think of your family you are being monitored by a lot of people…at best LE…at worst who knows? Everyone knows your face but you don’t know ANY of the people you threatened. I could pass you at the Buckley post office or any one of the bars between Bonney Lake and Enumclaw and you wouldn’t look twice at me. It ‘s time to stand down, man up and if you want to “prep ” do it like a man.

  • Guy is a punk, armor is a joke. I’m still laughing. Big boy better figure out way to cover his entire body in armor that withstands more than bird shot. Friggin loser. This is the scum you prep to defend against. Not all that hard against mental midgets like this putz.

  • This fool wants to kick in my door and steal my goods, by all means let him try. A 14 year old could stop him with a shotgun full of bird shot. He has body armor, wonderful…always wanted some of that, nice of him to deliver it to me, don’t ya think? Just aim for above the collarbone or even better, below the belt. At the best you will at least mark his face so others will be able to recognize him…and if you fire below the belt not only has he lost interest in anything but getting out of the doorway he just kicked in, you have just taken him out of the gene pool for good…and I can see nothing wrong with that. At this point his face is now known to every prepper in the country…smooth move there Ex-lax. In the event of an actual SHTF event, it would be shoot on sight for this guy…and I see nothing wrong with that either.


  • There are preppers out there that don’t place defense near the top of their list, or they’re unrealistic thinking they can barter or share with others. THOSE are the people that this guy will most likely target and succeed.

    His rate of survival however, will largely depend upon how long he targets these types of preppers. Cause all it’s going to take is him coming up against someone who planned for a serious DEFENSE, and he’ll be toast.

  • That smith guy says he’s making money from us watching and commenting on their show. To make him go away lets stop talking about him and DON’T watch any more of those stupid shows.

  • Punisher, you’re my hero.

    Marauder 2-1- I’d like to invite you to Las Vegas. Specifically, the old Sloan Gravel Pit just south of the M Casino. There, in that pit, fatboy, maybe you can show me how to bust a move.

  • Normally I wouldn’t make fun of another fat guy. However, this jerk off needs to stop worrying about the end of the world — which may or may not happen in the next few years — and start worrying about Type 2 Diabetes, which is a certainty in this guy’s case. Even if it was just for TV, his a schtik about performing a C-section was froghteningly moronic.

  • I used o wonder about my neighbors. Now I wonder about how there going to taste. Tyler looks like he’s fattened up on drive thru. Yum Yum. Tyler Smith with freeze dried fava beans and a nice Chianti.

  • I think its funny that he talks so big and tough… Ive met him IRL and was friends with his “wife” they are not married. He talks a big game… but if he was a real man he would find a real job and real ways to protect his family other than taking what others have fought so hard for.

  • You Fat Pig! We will hunt you down!!! Take what you have and we will make your children slaves and you can keep that pig you call a wife!Your fat body will hang in our cooler too feed our hogs for months!!! And Iam sure your Pig of a wife will die after you botch gutting her delivering your stinking spawn! surgery!!LOL LOL you dont have to tell the world you are retarded! The only thing bad about you is your Breath!!!If the hogs dont eat your bones your slave kids will gather them and fill the lower end of dirt road on north forty gate entrance. There a spot holding water..
    Your friend in the surviving Game!
    PS: (____*____)= kiss that!

  • I think you all are full of s—t. there are over 500 nuclear power plants with holding tanks with spent fuel in them. if the world collapses the way you dumb-ss say, there will be no one take care of them. the water in them will evaporate away and the fuel will burn at over 2000 degrees. if it burns a hole in the ground to water it will explode. if you think it can’t, just study Chernobyl, it almost hit the water table and would have wiped out most of Europe. and this don’t even take into consideration the power plants reactors that take YEARS to shut down. you guys are wasting your time, within days of there being no one running these systems they will be spewing radiation and with over 500 plants in the world some will explode. we have made this an extinction event when this civilization collapse.

  • I am not a prepper, but I served in the Army, and I know how to handle myself. Tyler, if he is serious, is gravely deluded in the estimation of his own abilities, and this will get him, his family, and his friends killed or victimized. I hope that he is just acting in order to draw attention to the plight that all of us, preppers included, will face in the event of a civil catastrophe.

  • This guy is a piece of shit! He is too lazy to prep his own preps! Not to mention his Mickey Mouse body armour would be shattered after 15+ rnds dumped on to the same spot. Not to mention you start to murauder with your 20 hi ligand your going to make enemies really fast. You need 8 to 1 odds when attacking an urban environment. You will be all alone in 10 months of murodding! Every 5 preps you attack you will loose at least 1,2,6 men! I know u will fail! Your a moron!

  • I wonder if he is on the government dole collecting money for disability or something? He has plenty of time to fantasize of how to operate on his wife and use his heavy weapons to test his warrior armor. I guess thinking as a marauder if I wanted to be one he is good for one thing….BACON!

  • The 15 acres they are on was recently being rented by my household. We were still living there when they first filmed on the property. We were informed by Smith and the landowner that we had no rights as the renters to prevent having over a dozen armed individuals camping on the property, potentially for days, with no preparations for sanitation. Instead they attempted to demand access to the house and power. They set up a door in the field to practice home invasions. Smith and his band proceeded to make threats, I.E. stating loudly near the house “We should just shoot them and get it over with” and telling us they would take possession of the property “by any means necessary”. All the while they circled the house with rifles which were kept pointed at our home, allowed their dog to harass my ducks and geese, blocked the driveway and drove their trucks through a seasonal wetland. We felt no option but to move out (there are also a lot of safety issues with the house that the owner failed to address and it was becoming apparent that he no intention of doing so.) As we were in the process moving out Smith and his cronies took turns, showing up every few hours to see/ask if we were out yet. Smith asked one member of our household if we had left anything valuable behind.

    • I don’t know your circumstances so please don’t think I am being critical of you, but if someone has threatened my life on my property [or rented premises] and has the capability of doing so, then he would be dead, no ifs ands or buts. My state has the Castle Doctrine, but I don’t know about Washington State.

  • I missed the show last week, and I managed to see a re-run of it last night. I have to say, I think I like this guy. It’s kind of a relief knowing he’s what I would need to defend against.

    Also I noticed his “80 dues paying members” comment. So if SHTF how do you feed all those people without doing actual work, like prepping (judging by his weight issue, I’m willing to bet he gets government assistance of some sort for a “disability” that he pretends to have) The number of people in his group + food consumption + water consumption = disaster. I would say that his group will break down almost immediately. In-fighting will occur about the distribution of food and water. People will talk and conspire against him, especially after his first failure (post SHTF failure, not the series of failures he calls his life)

    Oh not to mention what he is doing is completely illegal, pay attention to what he says and what he is doing… He is planning in advance to bring harm to innocent families, his countrymen. Tyler Smith is a traitor and a potential terrorist, I pray God shows his soul the same mercy he plans to show fellow countrymen.

  • Absolute scum! The only thing this fat slob, sleaze bag, did by running his mouth on the show is –

    1. He exposed himself to law enforcement that he intends on using weapons for an unlawful purpose. (take his guns, lock his fat ass up)

    2. Exposed his face and his families on national TV. (what a fool, now he has a bulls eye on his fat ass for other like minded losers)

    3. Threatened the entire prepper nation. (probably earning himself endless enemies again, what a moron)

    4. Solidified the fact that he is a part of the problem and not the solution. (He is absolute garbage! I believe in helping … not hurting)

    5. Validated the fact that he is not a prepper, he is a slime bag criminal! (he is looking for a reason to be a thief and harm people)

    6. If survival was a pie eating contest, I’d be worried. Fortunately it’s not. lol

    Prepping is the art of being prepared for anything. Staying alive and well to rebuild and help your community if necessary. This losers mentality is against all that is good in the prepper mentality.

    Hopefully law enforcement or a therapist helps his poor soul, before he does something foolish.

  • I loved his “operation room” not only was that the most in adequate O.R. but that he hadn’t stocked blood white or whole.what if the mother needs an antibiotic but the baby is allergic,now what tubby you and your dumb ass crew killed and robbed the family that had a OBGY,so ur lazy family could have another can of beans. And as for his shitty wife what kind of sick mother would allow her husband to openly say that basically murder of kids is ok. Side note i bet anything that his fat ass tried to join any military service and was rejected.

  • I am actually more concerned about folks that actually have the ability and skills to do what this buffoon boasts of doing. This clown and his circus wouldn’t last very long in our neck of the woods. I peg his IQ in the single digits and his ability to do what he fantasizes of doing even lower than that. However I am happy he awoke me to the fact that in a bad scenario that there will be lots of people unprepared and with no conscience or morals and they will do anything to get food, water and ammo. Just reinforces my belief that prepping goes beyond the basics and we all need to come up with cohesive defensive minded plans for scum like this.

  • Although this clown doesn’t scare anyone what you should understand is that if there should be a doomsday there will be many people like him that could come together and pose a very potential risk. Although there are many of us armed, trained, and ready if a large force of lets say 100 armed thugs came a callin it could make for a nightmare for all concerned. remember previous proper planning prevents piss poor performance.

  • It looked to me like the young man was trying to get his 15 minutes of fame. I think he’s literally insane to put himself out there like that. He lives in rural area. Someone local may determine that if there is ever a threat, he will be a threat to their family’s safety so he is a threat NOW – so why not put an end to the threat before it comes through the door and kills my family? The young man made it very clear that he and his gang are prepared to kill. If I was him I would be very concerned that i didn’t make some local good old boys nervous and afraid for their families safety because they live within 10 miles of him. I just thought the whole episode was nuts.

  • On a more legal note, Tyler Smith just admitted on national television that he and his gang are plotting to commit capital murder – to kill people during the course of a robbery or burglary. This guy is very dangerous and very stupid.

  • Bring it fat boy you will make a bigger target avd you should also learn how to do a lap band surgery on yourself you need it.

  • It just goes to show how easily white trash punks can buy guns. He’s going to take my stores and there’s nothing I can do about it??? Good luck with that. We just had a felon running around our neighborhood the other week. The cops were afraid we would shoot him before they could catch him. Lucky for him the cops found him the next morning. I don’t think fat boy would share the same fate. If he brings 80 of his fag boyfriends to our neighborhood he better remember one thing. A good supply of body bags.

  • Unfortunatley, there is a real element to this type of thinking. I have a long extensive history of military training, and one of the first things you learn is movement is life. If you go back through military training lessons all the way back to “the art of war” to hunker down or try to hold a fort is the worst idea ever. Even if you are very well prepared, the one thing you will never defeat is the test of time. Im not saying what he is openly planning is right, but like i said, unfortunately, if it is the difference between my family starving or your family starving, the choice is obvious. One way or another, the “bunker” you are hiding in will more than likely become your tomb, especially if you run across someone like me and some of the members I would be with, even if it meant welding the lid shut on your “bunker” and letting you die down there, just to come back later to open it and take what we need, a time capsule of sorts. Just being honest. Trying to hunker down will be the death of you and your family, especially if word travels that you are there. Movement, blending in, making aliances….you need to think more native american and less 15th century…. I promise you, it will be your doom.

    • I do not necessarily disagree with what you are saying, but at the Alamo something like 300 men held off over 5000 Mexican soldiers for quite a time. Yes, they eventually died, but not without terrible cost to the Mexicans. Will marauders be that serious about taking a bunker that they would suffer those kinds of casualties to accomplish it? I think not. But I would add that to have an entrance that could be sealed from the outside is lunacy, especially without providing some sort of escape exits, and firing ports to cover the entrance. Plus making it hard to locate would be an advantage.
      Being mobile has it’s disadvantages, too. The locals may well have erected armed roadblocks to prevent movement, hostile or otherwise. Movement draws attention, and unless you are in an armored vehicle, that could be your doom as well.
      I do firmly agree making alliances is vital to survival. To be alone, by yourself or as a family unit, is to die.

  • Is NatGeo trying to make Prepping, and Preppers, look like being prepared is practiced mainly by the mentally deficient? If so, they succeeded with honors, providing Tyler Smith as a representative of the Prepping fringe, bordering on being a person afflicted with lower than average intelligence levels. I actually got angry enough to register with the NatGeo Community, just so I could express my opinion that NatGeo is intentionally trying to make prepping look foolish. Being prepared is an inherent trait of humanity, in order to help insure survival during times of crises. Are you sugggesting we should be dependent on our government to provide shelter, food, and protection? Do you remember what happened during Hurricane Katrina? Our government doesn’t even have the resources to protect their own people, let alone the general public. Besides, based on its track record, would you want obama’s government covering your behind? A simple infrastructure hiccup during times of prosperity, can generate chaos, and anarchy, remember the New York power blackout? A riot can erupt at any time, with very little provacation. Do you remember the Los Angeles Riots? Where were the police, then? They were hiding…..They had to virtually declare Martial Law, and bring in the National Guard. Even with their presence, the animals rioting continued to loot, assault, & kill.

    I actually like this show, it shows differing opinions of various people’s plans, and presents issues that I never really thought about, but am glad to now know. Sometimes I feel disappointed with the people that have been shown, but for the most part, there are some real concerned people, that only have the safety of their families, or their small group of like minded people, that are merely trying to help increase their odds. We live in troubled times, it wouldn’t take but a short period of time, before the unprepared will do anything they can to feed their families. They will become agressive and try and take from people that had the common sense to stock up, in the event something catastrophic occurs, that necessitates using proven survival techniques. in order to protect, feed, and shelter your family…..

    But seriously, Tyler Smith? You have got to be kidding. I am beginning to believe NatGeo included him in the series to either stir people up, or make them think preppers are idiots…..

    Tyler, you think you are such a bad a s s? You are more than welcome to try out a live fire exercise at my home. Lets see how much you think you are going to be able to “take” from me, & my family. We are all well trained in survival techniques, & I’m willing to bet I am way better armed than you, and your merry band of idiots, and we are infinitely better shots. We compete with firearms, and practice frequently, with all the varying disciplines of firearms, and other weaponry. I would be willing to put my family up against yours, anytime. Based on your appearance, and vocabulary, you would be an easy target…..

    Bring it on…..

  • I consider Tyler Smith to be an apex douche bag, and have doubts about him being brave enough to lead a marauding unit. More likely he would send his drug tweeking friend [yes, I can tell by watching him]in first to get killed. If he didn’t, the rinky dink armor he built won’t cover enough of his important parts to keep him alive, even if it did work. Notice he wasn’t confident enough in it to have his friend fire a direct shot with a rifled slug from the 12 gauge at him. He speaks of our military guys carrying 75+ pounds of armor and supplies and says he needs to get in shape. Spot on, there. He’s already carrying at least 100 pounds of fat armor already. Even if he made the armor big enough to cover himself, I doubt he could waddle fast enough to evade a shot to a non-covered area. When he is down, he can be dealt with as appropriate.
    I feel sorry for his wife, but she is just as low life trash as he to have spawned with him, and to consider letting this idiot do a c-section on her because he read how to do it in books??? I hope he has a stash of baby formula, because mama isn’t going to be around to breast feed the baby. Sad thing is, he is teaching his children to be just as worthless as he is.
    I noted something his friend Chris said, he likes to hang around with him because he is always shooting and emphasis here, blowing up stuff. Sounds like the ATF, FBI, or DHS should plan on visiting him soon and checking out his explosive stock, as well as checking for the meth lab likely to be on premises. I’d bet he and his friend already have felony convictions that should disbar them from having firearms.
    Sounds like what they have planed could be construed as criminal conspiracy which is a felony. No matter. He and his buddies will quickly discover that stealing supplies from armed and alert preppers will not be as easy as they so stupidly think.
    Thank you, NatGeo, for reminding those of us who are legitimately preparing for disaster that there are those who are prepping to steal our supplies. I have long been aware people like this exist, but some may not have known. Forewarned is forearmed.

  • i kinda thought it was a good idea but than it just became plain stupid i mean learning how to do a c section of youtube hahaha wow and when he decided to shoot him self

  • When nothing happens, your going to look back at your life wasted and regret time, money spent for nothing. Think about all of the people who are making a good life for themselves being happy, taking vacations etc. Don’t prep for something that will never happen. Prep for things that have happened and will happen again. If for some reason a fictional scenario ever happened…. no one on this show is prepared for it. When placed in an actual crises you will all panic, because none of you have ever been in a actual hostile situation. None of you have combat training, military, or police training. Your all just “playing dress up”

  • Honestly, it makes me wonder if he’s been watching the walking dead too much? That show seems to celebrate marauders.regardless he has some serious issues in his head he needs to work out.

  • Preper = what this word means to me ! being prepared for when the SHTF , food , shelter, & a means to protect it from a piece of shit like this. there will be lots of this type trying to move in on someone who stored & preped, hopefully you all are storing guns & ammo too . I know of a few things that will scramble ol doeboy in his homade armour suit. protect our 2nd amendment ! its part of preping.

  • This jackass punk Tyler Smith is a felon and cannot even own a firearm. He was just arrested for illegal possession of a firearm by a felon. Now he is prepping for a jail cell.

  • Yeah… okay this idiot thinks he can attack me. I am ex special forces and have some similarly trained friends in my community. If he were to attack me I have a couple semi-automatic rifles to shoot at him with and my entire perimeter is monitored by motion sensors. I also have a small helicopter which I can use to nail him right back. Given that his idea of body armour leaves to many vital organs exposed and will slow him down far to much he’s what I call an easy picking. One shot to his neck, then on to the next guy. If that fails and he gets close all I care about is putting the weapons on the helicopter and getting out of there, I can always deal with food later. He thinks I can’t bug out and come back for him he will be in for a surprise. My few buddies could kill everyone in his compound thingy (not defensible), without a doubt. Actually we would probably hit his compound before he got to the farm, torch his fields then slowly kill off his belligerent family. He fights me he dies.

  • a person with an army looking hair cut and a neon yellowish/green workmen vest on looking kinda like him but with muscles instead of fat walked by about 1:30 today! Wonder if he got out of prison/jail? The person that walked by didn’t look frightening to me just like that home invader to me!

  • He’s a G-Man plain and simple. They pay him a pittance to act a fool and skew and world view of preppers. It’s an age old tactic.

  • This reminds me of when I was deployed to the middle east is 2003. In an odd turn of events, I found the loudest, rudest, toughest smack talkers…when the first fire fights began were the ones who actually ran away…LITERALLY, they ran away. While little “skeeter-wings nobody” stood up like a stud. Its one thing to have delusions of grandeur in your mind, its another thing when your reality clashes with actual reality. I have to say it now: Whatever YOU do, DO NOT go cannibal. Do your homework and you will find you are sealing your own horrid death if you eat another human (I don’t just mean spiritually, I mean physically). That is universal and applies to all species when it comes to disease. I appreciate this article and the mind-set some people entertain, it helps when I evaluate my own plans. Thank you for sharing.

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