Two Radical “Brave Choices” to Prevent Cancer: Voluntary Mutilation or Clean Living

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Just the mention of the word causes an immediate wave of fear through young and old, rich and poor, men and women.   The disease is no respecter of persons.

How far would you go to lower your risk of cancer?

If you are one of a growing number of women, you might go as far as to have a preventative double mastectomy.

Today the media is applauding the “medical choice” of Angelina Jolie, who has joined celebrities Sharon Osbourne and Miss America contestant Allyn Rose in having both of her healthy breasts removed.  Much is being discussed about her “bravery” in undergoing this procedure “proactively”.

I’m personally appalled by this action, and I know my opinion won’t be a popular one.  Particularly in the case of Angelina Jolie, I am disturbed, because of the influence she has.  She is a beautiful woman, a very popular celebrity, and a UN ambassador.  Her influence is broad – many people respect her activism, and for that reason, I am fearful that many other women will consider this to be a wise course of action.

Mutilating your healthy body by undergoing a series of traumatic, invasive surgeries does not sound like good preventative care to me.  It sounds like a very expensive, self-mutilating reaction to tests that say you “might” have a health issue in the future. No matter what the percentages are that you could develop cancer in the future, the fact remains that you are removing parts of your body that are currently healthy.

Making a decision like this is a matter of personal choice and I am not writing this to deny that Angelina Jolie has the right to opt for this surgery on her own body. I’m writing this because I believe that there are other options that should be explored first. I’m writing this because cancer has become a vehicle of profit.

Breast cancer has become a multi-billion dollar industry, with all of the “Think Pink” products available in stores, the Run for the Cure races, and the celebrity pleas for donations.  An estimated $6 billion per year has been collected from the well-meaning purchasers of all that pink gear and only a small portion of it has actually made its way to the researchers.

Now we can add voluntary surgery to the profit side.  The scare tactics from the “Think Pink” crowd have hysteria over this terrible disease at a fever pitch.  Throw in a few beautiful people having their bodies mutilated “preventively” and easily influenced, frightened women will hop on-board.

All of this has to do with normalizing something that should be anything but normal.  Cancerous tumors growing inside your body should not be a common thing, but these days, it is.

The President’s Cancer Panel, a three-person panel that reports to the U.S. president on the National Cancer Program calculated that 41% of Americans will be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetimes.  If you’re male, the chances are 1 in 2 that you will be diagnosed with some type of cancer, and women have a 1 in 3 chance of hearing the diagnosis.

Global Cancer Statistics for 2011 study names cancer as the #1 killer in the western world and #2 in developing countries.

In 2000, prominent holistic researcher and practitioner Burton Goldberg addressed the US Senate regarding the increased incidence of cancer:

“A century ago, one in 33 people had cancer; today, according to the American Cancer Society (ACS), it is more than one in three, and growing. When I was born in 1926, cancer was the tenth leading cause of death among children – now I am 73 and it is second. No other health topic today has the urgency of cancer because no other health condition is escalating as fast.”

The outlook is not improving, either. Despite the billions spent on cancer research, the World Health Organization predicts that deaths from cancer will DOUBLE by the year 2030.

Big Pharma, Big Agri and Big Business are getting rich off of poisoning Americans.

Instead of having a “preventative surgery” what if we tried to prevent cancer by reducing the exposure to toxins that cause cancer?  Whether or not you have the genetic markers for a disease, there are still many things that you can do to keep that disease from developing that do not include voluntary amputations.

There are steps you can take to limit your exposure to the toxins in our environment that  are proven to cause cancer.  When you do, be prepared for many people to consider your actions extreme. Interestingly enough, some of those very same people are the ones applauding the drastic measures of voluntary double mastectomies. I can’t tell you how many times I have watched people roll their eyes or scoff when I refuse to partake in things that are hazardous.  Somehow, drinking water from my own BPA-free water bottle is considered to be more extreme than someone’s “brave choice” of  having body parts removed.  Somehow, not taking my children to McDonald’s or feeding them hot-dogs and Doritos is “mean”. Making our body care products and cleaning products from wholesome, non-toxic ingredients is “silly”.

People can laugh all they want.  They can consider me dramatic and hysterical.  I am making my own “brave choice” to take care of my family by reducing our exposure to everyday carcinogens.

Be truly proactive. Commit yourself to your health and the health of your family by identifying the dangers and then go against the current of popular opinion to avoid these perils. Don’t think pink, think green.

  • Purchase organic foods as often as possible.  GMOs and pesticides are proven carcinogens.
  • Load your plate with colorful antioxidants.  Opt for organic versions of foods like berries, colorful veggies, dark chocolate, and coffee, to name a few, are loaded with powerful, cancer-fighting antioxidants.
  • Avoid processed foods. Many of the additives and preservatives featured abundantly in North America are banned in other countries precisely because of the health risks they represent.
  • Avoid artificial sweeteners. Aspartame, for example, is a known carcinogen that breaks down into formaldehyde in the human body.
  • Refuse vaccines. Many vaccines contain mercury, another known carcinogen.  By the age of two, if a child has received all of the recommended vaccines, he or she has received 2,370 times the “allowable safe limit” for mercury (if there is such a thing as a safe level of poison).
  • Maintain a healthy body weight. Obesity has been linked to increased risks of cancers of the esophagus, breast, endometrium, uterus, colon and rectum, kidney, pancreas, thyroid, gallbladder, and possibly other types.
  • Exercise daily.
  • Don’t smoke.
  • Consume alcohol only in moderation.
  • Limit the use of plastic in your home. BPA or Bisphenol-A are petrochemical plastics that are a major component of many water bottles, lines the inside of canned goods, and makes up the hard material of many reusable food containers, including some brands of baby bottles.
  • Select personal care products that do not contain petrochemicals. Many cosmetics and other health and beauty aids contain petrochemicals. The danger of this is their byproduct, 1,4-dioxane, a proven carcinogen.  The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency classifies dioxane as a probable human carcinogen California state law has classified dioxane to cause cancer. Animal studies in rats suggest that the greatest health risk is associated with inhalation of vapors.
  • Opt for natural, biodegradable food grade cleaning products. According to the website Natural Pure Organics, the average household contains up to 25 gallons of toxic materials, most of which are in cleaning products.  When you use these cleaners, they linger in the air and on the surfaces, increasing your exposure to carcinogens as you inhale the toxins into your lungs or absorb them through your skin.

Instead of having a life-altering surgery, take steps to rid your environment of as many cancer-causing toxins as possible.  We are breathing them in, eating them, and rubbing them on our skin. While changing your lifestyle is not a guarantee against cancer, neither is surgery.

Be radical.  Make the “brave choice” of living a clean life and avoiding toxins.

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther is a coffee-swigging, globe-trotting blogger. She is the founder and publisher of three websites.  1) The Organic Prepper, which is about current events, preparedness, self-reliance, and the pursuit of liberty on her website, 2)  The Frugalite, a website with thrifty tips and solutions to help people get a handle on their personal finances without feeling deprived, and 3), an aggregate site where you can find links to all the most important news for those who wish to be prepared. She is widely republished across alternative media and  Daisy is the best-selling author of 5 traditionally published books and runs a small digital publishing company with PDF guides, printables, and courses. You can find her on FacebookPinterest, Gab, MeWe, Parler, Instagram, and Twitter.

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  • My fear is that with all these NWO types, there is always a “double point” to this.

    I fear that someday soon, however long that is, it will end up not being a choice. How long will it be before it turns into something required by insurance. It is probably cheaper to have both breasts removed ahead of time, rather than fight an extended battle with cancer. They want us to not have choices.

    And don’t confuse the costs of breast reconstruction into this. The common woman won’t be offered this as part of the treatment. If you can’t afford reconstruction on your own, then you are screwed. But if you want to live (or at least have it paid for by government mandated healthcare) you will be forced to have the preventative double mastectomy.

    Always remember that with these people, it’s about control.

  • When I was a girl, many decades ago, my family visited my mom’s aunt, who lived far away. The aunt had married a man who’d been married before. This man’s grandchildren lived nearby, so we played together. Their mother had just died young of a fatal, fast progressing breast cancer. The mother’s sister had already died of the same breast cancer. Her own mother died when this woman was a girl from the same breast cancer. Both of her mothers sisters died of this breast cancer. The grandmother had died young from a disease, possibly breast cancer.

    Now, the recently dead young mother and her dead sister would have been born in the 20’s or 30’s. their mother and two aunts would have been born around the turn of the 20th century, over a hundred years ago. Organic food was all there was, plastics and synthetics didn’t exist, and no fast food and livestock factory farms back then.

    I do believe that many cancers are preventable with a healthy lifestyle, including organic food, little fast food, staying away from unnecessary chemicals and dangerous synthetics, and an outdoors lifestyle of physical activity.

    But in this family’s case it was a genetic problem. They carried a mutated gene for a rare, deadly breast cancer. I don’t know about Angelina Jolie, but if she carries a similar gene, I can understand why she did this. We just don’t know, so I will not judge.

    • I’m only replying because there is no option to ‘thumbs up’ or ‘agree’ with fifty’s comment.

    • Life in the 19320’s and 30’s was not free from carcinogens. “In the year 1929, almost 30 million pounds of lead arsenate and calcium arsenate were spread across this country’s fields and orchards.” The factories and work place were dangerous places, physically as well as exposure to carcinogens.

      My father made his own toy soldiers during this time, by melting lead and pouring the lead into a mold. He said he also chewed on them. In poverty, my grandmother and father burned creosote bricks to cook their food. My dad is 86. My grandmother lived to 81. Neither got cancer.

      Those who lived in the cities also had their problems. My mother was sent to the local store to buy cracked eggs, and if you wanted a pint of cream, you brought your own container.

      Life was far from bucolic during that time period.

      I will side on “clean food/clean living” for good health. George Burns would disagree.

      I am very sorry to hear that your family has had such a history of breast cancer. It is a sad thing to hear.

      • Thanks for the thoughtful post and the sympathy. But it was not my family per se, it was the first family of my great uncle by marriage. It must have been very difficult for him to see this unfold over the years. I’ve sometimes wondered how my young friend did when grown up. Did she get this breast cancer, too? Did she have pre-emptive surgery?

  • That Angelina chick is just flat out bonkers. Wow.

    Also, fifty’s comment caused me to wonder if a lack of sunshine played a role in yester-year’s cancer even more than nowdays.

    Anti-Tanning Propaganda Takes Lives

    “…your likelihood of developing deadly skin cancer from sun exposure is nowhere near as high as you have been led to believe in the past. The benefits of normalizing your vitamin D levels FAR outweigh any risk you may have from optimal sun exposure.” …

    And, I’m not sure I trust ANYTHING mainstream science has to say about most matters, “a mutated gene for a rare, deadly breast cancer” consider this perspective:

    “… “It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of The New England Journal of Medicine.”

    (Marcia Angell, MD, The New York Review of Books, January 15, 2009)

    The medical cartel rests on cataclysmic fraud, scientific fraud. …”

  • Looks like my comment didn’t go through. I’ll try to leave this bit of info to consider:

    “It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of The New England Journal of Medicine.”

    (Marcia Angell, MD, The New York Review of Books, January 15, 2009)

    – From, The medical cartel: too big to fail, too evil to expose
    by Jon Rappoport

    • Sorry about that, IAM ~ my “spam catcher” always holds things with a link. Your other comment is posted now.

      Thank you for reading and taking the time to share your thoughts!

      Daisy 🙂

  • I have an awful lot of plastic in my kitchen. While I can see how I can get rid of a lot of it, I always find that fresh vegetables in the refrigerator stay crisp in plastic bags (I hate bendy carrots!). If your kitchen is plastic free, how do you keep your vegetables crisp in the fridge?

    • Rebecca –

      Most of my containers are glass, although I do have a few yogurt containers that I will use for sending salads to school with my daughter.

      If you put your carrots in water in a bowl, uncovered, they will stay really crisp and yummy. 🙂


    • You can use the old method of putting your carrots into wet/moist (clean)sand. I use glass jars, both canning and jars–mostly from half sour pickles (I find using canning jars for every day use can cause chipping; I save them for canning)for food refrigerator storage. I also put food in glass bowls with plates as lids. I would recommend that you explore the different ways food was stored over the winter before refrigeration as we know it.

      It is ironic that the plastic industry, kept me clothed and fed from my birth until about eight years ago! The plastic industry is a two edge sword. Not so long ago, hospitals sterilized via autoclave, items for reuse. Now there is concern for our health due to the properties of the plastic.

  • My mother and her siblings were born from 1916 through 1936. They lived on top of a hill overlooking a river valley. There was an electric plant that spewed out a thick cloud of gunk day and night. There was also a coke(by product of steel making very toxic) facility and steel mills down the river. The trucks would dump the hot steaming coke onto a growing mountain that burned constantly(at night it was glowing red). As a little girl, I would go into the grape arbor to pick and eat the concord grapes. There was always a thick white powder over the grape leaves and fruit. These were obviously carcinogenic toxins. My grandfather died of heart disease at a young age, and my grandmother, my mother, and every sibling but one died of cancer in their later years. It was a very dangerous time to live before the EPA imposed strict regulations on smoke stack emissions. However, those regulations were part of the downfall of the steel industry. I am sorry for a family whose genetics have caused such devastation, but this is the exception rather than the rule. Daisy, I say Amen sister and say on. Common sense must prevail. Knowledge dispels fear.

  • The test that Angelina Jolie took to check her genetics is a very expensive one and I am not sure covered by all insurance. The average person may not be able to afford it.

  • Doctor’s are starting to think that the polio epidemics of the 1940’s and 1950’s may have been caused by the high number of tonsillectomies done in the 1920’, 30’s and 40’s. They have discovered that the only area of the body that can synthesize the antibody to poliomyelitis is the tonsils. If you don’t have tonsils you can’t fight off polio.

    “I also pointed out that the medical profession’s love affair with routine tonsillectomies was also a factor. At the time, around 1910’ish, doctors decided that these things which now seemed to get so pussy, were obviously no used, so should be whipped out. And while we’re at it, why not take them out before they became a problem. In America, by the 1950’s, every year, 2.2 million babies were born. Guess what, 2 million tonsils were also removed. What a wonderful industry this was too. But what they didn’t realise was that anyone without tonsils had a 600% greater chance of getting paralytic polio, because the tonsils are the primary defence of the body against polio virus.”–Hilary Butler


    • Man is arrogant. The medical cartel also thought that the appendix was useless, the only important healing method was allopathic medicine and contrived laws to implement their position, that cholesterol was bad, the industrial waste called fluoride was good for your teeth, and a host of other “healthcare tactics.” Buyer beware.

  • I am glad I am not the only one who feels this way also. Reminds me of a saying that cancer cannot grow in an acidic body.

  • I would say that surgery should always be approached with caution. Even when it is neccessary, surgery is always dangerous, even when it is “routine”. For years, appendix were also removed as they were thought to serve no purpose. Now doctors are finding out that, a healthy appendix contains an extraordinary amount of healthy gut bacteria and actually aids in keeping the gut in good shape. That doesn’t mean if your appendix becomes infected that you don’t have it removed. Common sense needs to rule the decision. Surgery should be the LAST option, after you have tried diet, therapy, massage, and excercise.
    I think that Angelina Jolie must have been very terrified to go straight into surgery.

  • Daisy, THANK YOU so much for voicing your thoughts. I’m appalled at how many people are applauding Jolie’s insanity. Glad to see you’re not one of them.

  • I think she is nuts too. She also wants to have her ovaries removed so she can’t get ovarian cancer. People died younger and from things we cure now 100 years ago. Cancer also could not be diagnosed like it is now, I think it’s absolutly crazy to cut off body parts over fear. Being proactive makes more sense. Breast examines and regular pap smears.

  • also has a good article on why he believes Angelina is promoting radical healthy breast removal. Apparently it has to do with the patent of the supposed breast cancer gene. I truly think that Angelina is just a regular old sell out to big pharma because
    of what else money in her pocket. Let us not forget that she attended the G20 summit with the rest of the elite recently. I do not believe she had her breasts removed, I believe she had her 20 year old implants removed and replaced, further if she had leakage the operation would of been more serious and require things like draining tubes. Angelina is an actress, she was given a script, she is acting, it fit in perfectly with her need to exchange old implants 4 new. By the way let’s also not forget all the money her and Brad need to maintain their Malibu mansion (where the locals dislike them, even their rich neighbors), why? BECAUSE THEY HAVE ARMED PATROLS on the public beach in front of their mansion who harass
    anyone who tries to use the public beach in front of their home! Not to mention the cost of maintaining the huge winery and estate in France. They need lots of money folks, because they spend thousands like we spend 20’s!

  • Oh and please look into turmeric as a cancer fighter also on
    it should be consumed regularity and also b12 is very important. It is worth everyone’s while to purchase the book cheap on amazon (I always buy used) “Is it B12” B12 FIGHTS CANCER
    especially breast cancer!

  • I have Breast Cancer. I am 49. I eat organic foods when I can. Cancer does not run in my family. I have always been health conscious, healthy and active. Lots of fruit and vegetables. I do not smoke or drink alcohol. They caught my cancer early. I had all the genetic tests done and if I would have had the genetic mutation I would have had a double mastectomy. Even though they removed my cancer my quality of life has suffered greatly and will continue to do so. The hormone suppressing drugs have damaged my liver and my kidneys, my cholesterol is through the roof, my joints and muscles ache all the time, I now have osteoporosis and have to have yearly Reclast injections. I also had the recent pleasure of Shingles which is common in cancer patients. If I choose to not take the medicine my cancer can return. The cancer cells had escaped into my blood stream before the surgery. I have 4 more years of this poison to go. I now take 6 prescription medications. I have constant headaches. My life and health have been ruined by Breast Cancer. I was diagnosed early, before a tumor even started. It was immediately invasive. Please don’t continue telling people that diet will save them. It didn’t save me. I personally think there is no way to avoid the toxins in our environment. Just limit them. I believe all women should have mammograms starting at 25. Every 5 years after that. Every year after 48. The amount of young women with cancer has greatly increased. My cancer was only detectable after a biopsy. Had I waited until I found a lump I would not have survived the cancer. The cancer gene is actually not common. So no one, including the aforementioned celebrity is promoting surgery. If you have it and have a strong family history you will get it. And you DO NOT want it.

    • Dear Anonymous:

      I am very sorry to hear of your battle. Thank you so much for sharing your story for another perspective on the situation.



  • On April 15th, the doctors verified the lump in my breast; I have had all of the test, next week I have to undergo a biopsy. I am 31 years old, I am already battling systemic lupus (SLE), fibromyalgia, degenerative arthritis (in ALL of my joints) and all of the pain inducing complications that these conditions bring with them. I am also the mother of 2 children and the wife of a terrified husband–he sees me fight to live every day and now he is terrified that this is going to be one thing that I cannot beat. He is terrified that he will bury the partner that has been by his side everyday since he was 14. Even if this mass/lump/whatever turns out to not be malignant, we know that I will have to be tested every 3 to 6 months to see if the time bomb in my breast has decided if it is a good time to try and kill me. If voluntarily taking off my breast–which are not little A, B, C cups, but are 40DD’s–then guess what; THEY ARE GONE! Unless you have sat up in the night, in the silence and have gone over every moment that you might not have. Unless you have waited and worried, then do not judge other’s decisions for how to save or prolong their life. It is not your place to judge their decisions. In addition, I live in rural Alabama,we organically raise our meat and grow vegetables from our own gardens using our own natural fertilizers. I have never smoked and am not a drinker; life is not a fair game–do not judge me or anyone else for trying to stack the deck in our favor, when nature is stacking it against us.

    • JBE, you have my sympathy and thoughts. I know it is little consolation. But good luck to you. I would never judge your decisions to try and save yourself or to do the best for your family. May you do well.

  • Angelina Jolie is a member of the CFR.
    Remember the whole Kony 2012 thing? She kept saying something must be done… send in the military to get Kony… so she was basically calling for the people of that country to get carpet-bombed to get rid of a guy that had already been missing for years and presumed dead.
    So… ‘m not buying that she ever went in for surgery… she has access to the elites’ high end medicine… stem cells and all. I would like to know how many $millions she got paid to promote that $5000 genetic test. You see, the US patent office has been selling patents on specific genes. So this test that Jolie is promoting would ordinarily be a $400 test, but since the gene is patented, it is now far more expensive.
    Same thing with Michael Douglas and his claims that his throat cancer could have been prevented by the multi-shot HPV vaccine… how much did he get paid for that?

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