These Companies Still Support the NRA

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By the author of Be Ready for Anything and the online course Bloom Where You’re Planted

This morning when I was reading the headlines, I came across one that talked about the companies which still supported the NRA after all the ridiculous boycotts that caused other businesses to withdraw their support. I eagerly clicked the link and saw this sub-headline:

Come for the discounts, stay for the opposition to common sense gun laws.


Of course, then I saw that it was ThinkProgress and wasn’t surprised anymore, but I figured I should make my own list that was a bit more positive than their dismal droning, blaming the guiltless NRA instead of the FBI or the other law enforcement agencies that actually WERE at fault for not stopping the school shooting in Florida that took the lives of 17 people on Valentine’s Day.

For more information, read Part 1 and Part 2 of my investigation into the shooting.


*Climbs off soapbox.*

In the article, Josh Israel (any relation to Sheriff Scott Israel?) and Kira Lerner ranted:

After the shooting in Parkland, Florida, the NRA has been the focus of renewed national attention, as the group continues to successfully block any legislation to curb gun violence on the national level. Dallas’ mayor pro tem told the NRA Monday that the group will be “met with opposition” if it holds its scheduled May conference in his city. And over the weekend, hundreds of people gathered outside the group’s Virginia headquarters to hold a vigil and protest.

ThinkProgress asked more than two dozen corporations that offer incentives to NRA members whether they plan to continue their relationships with the gun lobby. A growing number of those companies have ended their relationship with the NRA since this list was initially published. (source)

Anyway, the following companies haven’t caved to pressure and continue to support the NRA. If you get a chance, you can support them in return.

Shots fired.

Many other businesses have severed ties with the NRA or have announced plans to do so.

The NRA denounced those companies in a statement, saying:

“Some corporations have decided to punish NRA membership in a shameful display of political and civic cowardice.

Let it be absolutely clear. The loss of a discount will neither scare nor distract one single NRA member from our mission to stand and defend the individual freedoms that have always made America the greatest nation in the world.” (source)

The companies which have caved to the public pressure of websites like ThinkProgress are:

  • Alamo Rental Cars
  • Allied Van Lines
  • Avis Rental Cars
  • Budget Rental Cars
  • Chubb (they underwrote carry insurance for gun owners)
  • Delta Airlines
  • Enterprise Rental Cars
  • First National Bank of Omaha
  • Hertz Rental Cars
  • LifeLock
  • Lockton (they underwrote carry insurance for gun owners)
  • MetLife
  • National Rental Cars
  • North American Van Lines
  • Republic Bank
  • Securian Financial Group
  • SimpliSafe
  • Starkey Hearing Technologies
  • Symantec (the company that produces Norton Antivirus software)
  • Teledoc
  • TrueCar
  • United Airlines
  • Wild Apricot

ThinkProgress smugly concluded:

In early 2013, weeks after the Sandy Hook shooting, ThinkProgress published a similar list. Since that time, several companies have discontinued their relationships with the pro-gun group.  Following a grassroots pressure campaign led by the global advocacy group, both Best Western and Wyndham hotels stopped offering an NRA discount…

…A similar pressure campaign by a coalition of LGBTQ rights groups and gun violence prevention organizations began pressuring FedEx to do the same in 2016, but has not yet had success. (source)

It’s astonishing to me that the NRA is being publicly crucified, yet none of these people are talking about the failures of the FBI, the Broward County Sheriff’s office, or the local police to follow the laws that are already on the books.

Then again, I guess it isn’t really that astonishing at all. But it certainly demonstrates where their priorities are.

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther is a coffee-swigging, globe-trotting blogger. She is the founder and publisher of three websites.  1) The Organic Prepper, which is about current events, preparedness, self-reliance, and the pursuit of liberty on her website, 2)  The Frugalite, a website with thrifty tips and solutions to help people get a handle on their personal finances without feeling deprived, and 3), an aggregate site where you can find links to all the most important news for those who wish to be prepared. She is widely republished across alternative media and  Daisy is the best-selling author of 5 traditionally published books and runs a small digital publishing company with PDF guides, printables, and courses. You can find her on FacebookPinterest, Gab, MeWe, Parler, Instagram, and Twitter.

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  • One of those car rental companies should go back to supporting them and win back a monopoly of 2d amendment supporters.

  • What these idiots at ThinkProgress don’t understand that the NRA was founded in 1871, in part, to teach newly freed slaves how to protect themselves with firearms from Southern Democrats. These same Dems still don’t want blacks to defend themselves or anybody else for that matter. I am a life member of both the NRA AND the Gunowners of America. I didn’t join for the discounts. If they want a fight…then they better believe they’ve got one!

  • I love this idea! It’s like a reverse boycott. My only regret is that the list is so short. I suggest one addition. If we choose to support a company based on any cause, the NRA included, then it would be a good idea to give a personal note of thanks to them. It could be submitted via contact form, survey, email, letter, whatever. That way they know where some of their business is coming from.

    Similarly, if we stop doing business with a company, it’s good to know why. It’s why I do shop at Kroger (supports constitutional carry) and don’t shop at Sprouts (supports victim disarmament).

  • Most of the companies on the discontinued list are in the travel industries airline and car rentals. Travel, Insurance and Banks. Most are Multi national corporations. They did not wait for more information on the shooting to be reported which shows poor judgement and ignorance. I think the NRA should give their business to the domestic companies or new and up and coming companies. I am not a member but I don’t like this kind of behavior. It changes my entire view of the companies on the list.

  • It is very frustrating when some sort of tragedy occurs and a bunch of mental midgets come out of the wood work with their special plans to react to said “situation”, with or without all in evidence or information in. Case in point, the lost of life in a Florida school February 2018.

    One state representative demanded that the chief of police resign. In part because this police chief was very critical towards the State Government political representatives and their inability to come up with a viable plan for gun control. Once again these mental midgets turned their gunsights towards the NRA because the NRA is a staunch supporter for the Second Amendment and gun rights for all American People. Then to join the band wagon various companies and corporations decided to disassociate themselves from their association with the NRA. These are useless knee jerk reactions with a heavy reference on “JERK”, and I don’t mean movement either; but, personality.

    The Florida Representative should be recalled. We don’t need that kind of representative in our government making decisions on our behalf. Why? Because he has shown such poor judgement by making a snap judgement. As for the companies and corporations that has disassociated themselves from the NRA, well maybe we should do the same to them. For example: I see from the list above, Delta and United Airlines both have turned their backs on the NRA. How would they like it if people turned their backs on them because of the way they remove people from their airline seats because the Airlines over book their flights. How many people have been dragged off the plane due to over zealous flight attendants that got a little taste of power and decided to exercise said power over the paying passager(s). Then there are the rental car companies like Alamo, Avis, Hertz, Budget, Enterprise and National; perhaps everyone should Rent-a-Wreck. Not only will they save some money; but, put the rest of these companies in their places.

    This leaves us with gun control. Yes we need gun control. But not the kind most people are thinking about. We need to have people properly trained to handle their weapons. They need to be certified, just as if they were driving a car, every few years. we need to put the age to own a AR-15 or any other automatic weapon at 25 years. If you own such a weapon you need to have it registered with the state in which that person lives in. If that person should pass away they can give their weapon to a relative as long as they too meet the requirements such as being certified and complying with the other State and Federal laws.

    An automatic weapon can not be altered in any shape or possible way to make it operate any faster or deadlier than manufactured. There can not be any added accessories to enhance said weapons like silencers or “bump handles”. They must be approved first before being allowed for use by each state. Furthermore, no item or part made or can be made for the use of a weapon can be sold. In short no ghost weapons or parts for any weapons can be sold. We need to close this loop hole. All purchases of any automatic weapons will require a 30 day waiting period and background check through State and Federal data bases. Ammunition can not be sold to anyone unless they have a certification of being properly trained on the use of their weapons. Any they can only purchase no more than three boxes of ammo. Again each purchase is to be documented via computer and sent to the State.

    This is the gun control I feel is required and will save a lot of grief. If this type of gun control passes then anyone with an AR-15 or automatic weapon must comply with the law(s) and register their weapons whether hand made or purchased.

    The problem I see with gun control is that it is too easy for people with little or no experience who can purchase a weapon then use it with little or no training for what ever reason they may have. Without accountability or responsibility people will get hurt and killed, certification and training is the key and it doesn’t hamper the Right to Bear Arms.

    • You’re confusing automatic with semi-automatic. In addition, who’s supposed to take care of all this registration and regulation? Government? No, we don’t need them telling us what we can and can’t do. That’s like them telling us what we can and can not say, where and when, in terms of the First Amendment.

      We don’t need them telling us how to accessorize or not accessorize firearms. We don’t need them telling us how long the barrels should be or how many rounds to fit in the magazine. That’s called “infringement.” There’s something about that in the Second Amendment.

      It’s not the job of government to tell us how to exercise our rights. In terms of the high school shooting, until we get a straight answer on just what happened that day, we don’t need government suggesting anything in terms of laws or regulations. As far as I’m concerned, the best way to keep schools safe is to bring a halt to all these active shooter drills. After all, that’s what they used as covered for their live event with cops dressed in body armor doing the trigger pulling. Cruz wasn’t the guy.

      • Joe, Joe, Joe. Thinking like yours is the reason no one come to some sort of understanding. You know as well as I that any semi-automatic weapon can be turned into an automatic weapon with only a few adjustments. As referring to an automatic weapon instead of a semi-automatic was just a typo on my part. My argument still stands, regardless. As for who is to monitor all this fun stuff – YES it would fall on the US Government. Why? Because they are central to the operation of firearm control in this country. Otherwise there would be more and dangerous weapons in the general public. But then I must ask you this – IF NOT THE GOVERNMENT THEN WHO, YOU? I doubt it. It is because they are the government and is held accountable to the citizens of this country namely you and me. It is our job and responsibility to ENSURE that THEY COMPLY TO OUR WISHES!

        You wouldn’t have any Rights at all if it wasn’t for our government and men and women willing to defend her. Instead of digging your heals into the ground and parroting the same BS from the NRA; how about coming up with a solution that the people can stand behind, unless your afraid or have something to hide.

        As for what happened at the DS High School what matters is this, 17 people lost their lives needlessly. An semi-automatic weapon was used and the person that used it was very unstable. So the next question is what can be done to eliminate this situation, if possible? I think my solution is a good and viable one. Everyone that is to own a semi-automatic weapon needs to be certified as stated above with a proper weapons course. It would be at this point and time if the instructor can determine whether or not this particular individual is safe to handle any weapon(s). With the 30 day background check and age limit for semi-automatic weapons at 25, combined with the every four year recertification to own and operate a semi-automatic weapon should help put an end to the BS gun control nuts are demanding. Now you and I know for a fact that this will not end the killing in our schools or in the streets or any where else. If someone is out to cause death and destruction they will find a way and all the little copy cats will soon follow after.

        Would you prefer that the Government continue to create a shortage of ammunition? After all, with no ammo you can’t use your weapon. The Government has already closed down the last lead facility that makes the slugs for all calibers. Or haven’t you noticed that all your ammo is from out of this country?

        So Joe, don’t be a stick in the mud; read and learn to be more proactive and productive instead of being negative, offering little or no solution(s).

  • I live in England and we are appalled by the idea that so many of your citizens have, that the right to bear arms is more important than someone’s right to walk into a school, be educated and live life free from potential terror. We had a terrible school shooting in Scotland some years ago and strict arms laws were set up. We haven’t had a school shooting since. Forget who supports what and what it originally meant to be able to own a gun: think about NOW. would you want to receive a call to say your child was dead? or go to a pop concert and be sprayed with bullets? Love is always more important than the power to hate and kill. You can use that wisely if you choose.

    • That school shooting you’re referring to was dubious. The “shooter” ended up killing himself with two shots to the head. Sorry, this is America. The people from England who wanted to be free came here the first time around. Those accepting of slavery remained behind. I suggest you take a better understanding of our rights before suggesting we end up like where your family chose to remain.

      In America, we will NEVER give up our arms.

      • The reason that people emigrated from England to America was so that they could practise their restrictive and repressive Puritan religion. The same adherence to outdated forms of worship (in your case, guns) seems to be dogging your intellectual capacity to see reason. I’m not sure why you say the Dunblane shooting was ‘dubious’. 16 children and 1 teacher died. Are you trying to deny it happened? The only slaves are those who cling to their guns instead of realizing you are a pawn in the NRA money/power game.

  • You did miss one, Amazon still has not dropped the NRA. I use Amazon Smile and just switched my donation from the EFF to the NRA. May not be big, but better than nothing and a very small to send support to the NRA.

  • The NRA has lost its values and has become a lobbying organization with corporate profits in mind (think tobacco industry). There is nothing wrong with gun ownership, its just that the NRA has lost its way. I’m out.

  • It’s funny that you mention Scotland. You do realize they would have kept their freedom and independence if they hadn’t allowed the British to disarm them? Lexington and Concord was the first real attempt of the English to disarm the Americans, and we all know how that turned out. Just because your culture doesn’t believe in preserving the rights of the people to defend themselves against their government doesn’t mean that ours should. You worry about your country and your decision to give your government complete control over your freedoms- and we’ll worry about ours. Besides, you have a higher chance of being struck by lightning in this country than you do being shot in a mass shooting. Hell, you have a better chance of falling to your death. You ask if the children are more important? The answer is yes- but I will not give up my firearm that I USE to protect my child under any circumstances. I have already experienced what happens when you cannot protect yourself or your family against an intruder or attacker, and since then, I have sworn never to be the victim again. That being said, I was trained in the use of each of my firearms, and I have taken many safety courses over the years. I conceal carry everywhere I go, and the people around me are safer for it- despite their not knowing I even have a weapon on my person. What have you done to prepare yourself to protect your family and others? Do you carry a knife on your person? Do you realize more people are intentionally killed by knives than guns? Do a little research. You’d be amazed at what you find.

    • do you know how paranoid you sound?! The murder rate in your country is 32 times that of other developed nations – and guns are making you feel safe?! And the last time I checked , a man in Vegas didn’t randomly throw knives from his hotel window at party goers: he sprayed them with bullets.
      This is barbaric – grow up.

      • And Emma, how many people were bombed in the tube, (the subway)? Each country has its own special problems. When you consider that in America there are well over a million guns in the hands of the general public you must contend with a very few of demented people that take advantage of those that are defenseless, be it at a movie theater, school, or a concert. We are in the throws of overcoming the grief and concern of unbalanced people that manage to get a hold of these weapons and become destructive.

        If you knew that I was packing, (carrying a weapon), how likely are you going to come in where I am and start shooting? What if you went into a room where everyone is packing; do you think these unstable people are going to start something? No! I don’t think so. They are trying to make a statement about themselves and how they see the world.

        The UK has its own special problems, which I will not go into. However, taking a long hard look at our laws, policies, and procedures pertaining to weapons purchase, use and control and improving, changing, or close loopholes is long over due. We live in a country that is based on survival. We face danger today just as we did when founded. Those of us that own a weapon must be held accountable and responsible for our ownership of said weapons, and 99.9% of us do. We try to teach our kids the repercussions of being irresponsible.

        So before calling someone “paranoid” or parrot what you may have heard or seen in print, I would like to suggest to you to look into the NRA and really take the time and see what they are really all about. Yeah, you will find people like Joe in there and you will find that the NRA is a staunch supporter to the 2nd amendment. But you will find that the mass majority of people in the NRA are down to Earth, common sense good people. Also take into consideration, the NRA is a club, a gun club. If everyone took the training that the NRA provides then I really doubt that you will have the problems you now see. Of ALL THE PEOPLE THAT TOOK A WEAPON AND KILLED PEOPLE IN A MASS SHOOTING, NONE OF THEM BELONGED TO THE NRA! That speaks well of the NRA in my book.

      • Paranoid? You have no idea what I went through, the horrible things I had to endure, all because I couldn’t defend myself. I didn’t have the physical strength to overtake my attacker, I didn’t have a weapon at my disposal, and I have to live with the consequences of that. There was no one to come to my rescue, no police officer to save me, no government official to create a law that would have protected me in that situation. I didn’t have that luxury. I’m a survivor, not a victim, and I’m determined to protect myself and my family, no matter what anyone says or does to deny me that right. So, no. I’m not paranoid- I’m realistic, I’m trained, I’m a well-armed woman, and I’ll literally give up my life to ensure that no one in my family- my children, husband, no one- has to endure what I went through. I’m grateful to this country and our founding fathers for ensuring that I have that right to protect myself against all attackers- foreign or domestic. So you have no right, in your country filled with its problems, with its knife attacks, high rape rates, and increased rate of robbery for such a small population, to tell me that I’m being paranoid. I truly hope you never have to go through what I did, but if you ever do- you’ll wish you had a gun as well. Because the police can’t always save you in time. Now, have a good day and learn how to protect your family. You may need that training someday.

  • In an attempt to clarify, it should say “more guns in mass shootings”. More people are killed by knives than are killed in mass shootings.

      • The problem with a “requirement” is the same as “common sense” and “mental health.” Who sets the bar and definitions? Government? If government were to require training, government can also limit who owns a firearms based on their level or lack of training. While they largely do it anyway, it’s not the role of government to tell us who can or can not own a firearm.

        I’d suggest keep it voluntary with promoting schools to satisfy the need. The moment you put government in the way, expect infringement on rights. In terms of the Florida event and people panicking over one person, let’s ask, who really did the shooting, before declaring people unfit or incapable.

  • Thanks Daisy, now I know who to support. Ive never shopped at Dick’s, for instance. But I will now. I want to tell the manager there how much I support the company’s courage to get the killer weapon of choice off the floor for sale. There are plenty of other guns that anyone can buy. The AR-15 is strictly for killing people.

    • Linda, you’re certainly welcome to shop where you like, but if you’re going to come on a pro-gun site and espouse nonsensical MSM talking points, you should be prepared for the replies you’ll get.

      I’m willing to bet you’ve never shot one and have no idea of the difference between, say, an AR-15, a 12-gauge shotgun, and a 300 Blackout. If you’re going to discuss it, you’d do well to educate yourself if you expect people to listen.

      FYI, my AR-15 never killed anyone.

      Best wishes,

  • I grow weary hearing how no one needs an AR 15 and all the whole gun control debate. I had seen it reported that there are over 8 million guns in the US. How many of those guns have ever been used in a crime? What is the percentage of AR’s owned legally to crimes committed with one? I don’t know the answers, but I would speculate the percentage of AR’s used in crimes compared to the numbers of guns owned is low. Mental illness is a big cause and broken families and the lack of empathy for others.
    Lawmakers denounce our right to bear arms while they have gun toting security everywhere around them. Take their body guards and put them in our schools. Then see the lawmakers have a change of heart.
    Stop blaming NRA or Pres. Trump. The biggest problem are the illegal guns used by criminals. Why isn’t something done about those people stealing guns or acquiring in nefarious ways? Keep your hands off our guns.

  • I am a 30 year member of the NRA and did not join for any discount. In fact I did not know that we had these discounts. Do these idiots think that our not receiving discounts would cause us to drop our membership? That discounts were more important than our 2nd Amendment rights? E-mails and comments at the bottom of articles are nice, but writing a letter has more impact.

  • I wish more people commenting negatively about firearms & the NRA knew history better.
    Our Fore Fathers deliberately gave us our 2nd Amendment and just because some modern day folks do not like it is not a reason to dismiss it. Those who would do us harm both within & outside our Government know the 2nd Amendment is a brake on the treachery they might cause.
    Any Freedom once relinquished will NEVER be returned!
    Personally, I feel many of these shootings are “False Flags” but due to our biased MSM those thoughts are not allowed to be made public other than by the Alternate Media.
    Until & unless we get Legislators who are not bought & paid for, or a Revolution occurs these outrages will continue. The fact that many shootings/killings are “Drills” that go live should make people aware that its not what they think. It is manufactured killings!
    I am a Law abiding adult and while I live I will always support the 2nd Amendment, just as our Country’s Founders did!

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