The Stockpile Cafe

The Stockpile Cafe

Daisy Luther

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I wrote a book called The Stockpile Cafe about eating from your pantry for a month with no fresh ingredients. It’s got menus for 7 dinners per week, along with serving suggestions and a shopping list. There are some ideas for thrifty stockpile breakfasts and lunches, too.

The meals are mostly quick to make and nearly all can be translated to cooking over a fire or wood stove. You can make them as healthful and high quality as you want, depending on the quality of the ingredients you purchase. There are a few convenience items, some dehydrated and freeze-dried ingredients, canned goods, and potato flakes.

Many of the meals have vegetarian alternatives. Because the focus is budget-friendly, there are grains at the center of most meals. So if you eat paleo or low carb, this may not be the book for you.

Most recipes feed 4 people and can be easily reduced or doubled (or tripled.) These are all creations that we’ve tried here at Casa de Luther.

Only $6.49!

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Chloe Morgan

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