The Psy-Ops War on Preppers: This Has Become a Two-For-the-Price-of-One Crisis

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First of all, where is the headquarters of this “Doomsday Preppers Movement” I’ve been reading about?  And where can I sign up? I didn’t realize there was an organized movement, one deserving of capital letters.  Who is the leader of this “movement”?  I’d like to meet him (or her) immediately!

The propaganda machine is not only going after guns in the wake of the terrible tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School – this has become a two-for-the-price-of-one crisis, allowing the government and media to yet again, demonize preppers.

Psychological Warfare:

Various techniques are used, by any set of groups, and aimed to influence a target audience’s value systems, belief systems, emotions, motives, reasoning, or behavior. It is used to induce confessions or reinforce attitudes and behaviors favorable to the originator’s objectives, and are sometimes combined with black operations or false flag tactics. Target audiences can be governments, organizations, groups, and individuals.

Yesterday the mainstream media began churning out articles about Nancy Lanza, the mother of the shooter, Adam Lanza.  When you read the following quotes, ask yourself: “How many of these comments could describe ME?”

A few descriptive quotes:

  • Nancy was a member of the Doomsday Preppers movement, which believes people should prepare for end of the world. (Riehl World View)
  • According to reports, Nancy Lanza was a so-called ‘prepper’, a part of the survivalist movement which urges individuals to prepare for the breakdown of society by training with weapons and hoarding food and other supplies.  ( The UK Independent)
  • Reports are starting to emerge of the troubled young man and his unusual upbringing.  (Yahoo)
  • Dan Holmes, owner of a landscaping firm who worked on the family’s home, said she was an avid gun collector: ‘She told me she would go target shooting with her kids.’ (UK Daily Mail)
  • Marsha Lanza described Nancy as ‘self-reliant’.( The UK Independent)
  • He was reportedly homeschooled by his mother, a school principal and gun enthusiast, who wasn’t satisfied with the education her son was receiving.. (Yahoo)
  • As America searches for answers, investigators are turning towards Nancy Lanza’s supposed identification as a survivalist.  (Yahoo)
  • Her former sister-in-law Marsha said she had turned her home ‘into a fortress’.  (UK Daily Mail)
  • Mother of Sandy Hook school gunman Adam Lanza was a ‘prepper’ survivalist preparing for economic and social collapse, say reports. ( The UK Independent)
  • Mrs Lanza is thought to have trained her sons, Adam and Ryan to shoot, even taking them to local ranges. ( The UK Independent)
  • ‘Nancy had a survivalist philosophy which is why she was stockpiling guns. She had them for defense. She was stockpiling food. She grew up on a farm in New Hampshire. She was skilled with guns. We talked about preppers and preparing for the economy collapsing.’  (UK Daily Mail)

Gee…they say this stuff like it’s a BAD thing.

Let’s see.

  • Stockpiles (or hoards) food….check.
  • Takes children target shooting….check.
  • Preparing for economic and/or social collapse….check.
  • Serious about home defense….check.
  • Home is well-fortified against criminals….check.
  • Skilled with weapons….check.
  • Survivalist philosophy….check.
  • Self-reliant….check.
  • Believes that we are capable of educating our children at home….check.

Nancy Lanza’s description could apply to nearly any prepper.  Preppers have been cast in an ugly light for quite some time.  We are painted as camo-clad survivalists, clenching a knife in our teeth while unloading an automatic weapon into some real or imagined threat.  After our Rambo-esque rampage, we will crouch in the forest by a campfire, shoveling down an MRE while glaring suspiciously into the dark, a large Katana hunting knife close at hand with which to dispatch the next enemy.

The assault on preppers through the media is becoming more and more focused.  Let’s look at some recent examples.

We were described last month by emergency manager Valerie Lucus-MacEwen as “socially selfish” – even though the existence of prepared people makes her supplies go further to help the unprepared.  In an editorial meant for other emergency managers, Ms. Lucus-MacEwen arrogantly asserted, “You might wonder why someone like me, who has been in the business of encouraging disaster preparedness for a very long time, is so critical of people who are doing just that. It’s because they are being socially selfish – preparing themselves and the hell with everyone else.  Instead of spending time and energy making changes that would benefit the larger community, in their very narrow focus of loyalty they are more concerned about themselves.”

The National Geographic program Doomsday Preppers also has had a lot to do with the demonization of preppers – it’s a full-court press propaganda attack against preppers.  The program finds the most outrageous examples of preparedness possible and edits to make them look foolish.  An article on the American Preppers Network explains the modus operandi:

The show severely skews Preppers in an effort that can be summed up as “making good television”.  This is evident not only through viewing the show itself, but through the format they have built the show around.  Some highlights of that format include:

  • Featuring one Prepper for 15 minutes only, ensuring that you don’t get too comfortable with them or learn very much about them
  • Requiring each guest to pigeon-hole themselves into one thing they are preparing for – almost always a “doomsday” scenario
  • Creating conflict and drama via their “experts” who review the segment and then condemn or condone what the Prepper has done – all within the context of the “one thing” they’re preparing for

Do you really believe that each of the families on that show only focus on one particular scenario?  No – they are portrayed in a way to marginalize the philosophy of preparedness.  We, as preppers, are a threat to the powers that be.

One participant on the show, David Sarti, learned that his appearance could have serious ramifications.  Mr. Sarti “took one for the team” when, only days after the program aired, however, David Sarti was declared “mentally incompetent”….and his guns were seized.  All of them.  Mr. Sarti, who has no criminal record, is no longer allowed to own guns.  He tells his story here.

Apparently, the constitution no longer applies to those who are categorized as preppers.

The accusation of insanity came after he went to see his cardiologist for some chest pains and shortness of breath.  So far, it sounds sane and rational to me.  The cardiologist, Dr. Andre C. Olivier, whose name and contact information I am delighted to publish, had Mr. Sarti held at the hospital for psychiatric evaluation and broke doctor patient confidentiality by contacting the authorities.

Then it really went to hell on a greased slide.  Mr. Sarti, because of his stay in the psychiatric unit, was then declared “mentally incompetent”.  His very large collection of guns was then stolen removed from his possession.  He is no longer allowed to own weapons.

Earlier this month, Maryland resident Terry Porter had his home descended upon by 150 armed federal agents and local police officers. The raid also included helicopters, SWAT crews, armored vehicles and excavation equipment.

His crimes?  He was known as a prepper, he was unhappy with the reelection of Barack Obama, and he owned guns. He “openly admitted being a prepper.”

So, why all the vilification? Why are preppers the new “boogeymen”?  Why are we being pigeonholed as people who homeschool our kids and turn them into mass murderers of elementary school students?

Simple…because we don’t NEED help.  We do not require the assistance of the government.  We don’t need to line up for 5 hours to wait for a paltry bottle of water and an MRE after a hurricane strikes. We don’t call 911 and hide in a closet waiting for the police to arrive.

Preppers threaten the very existence of all of the social safety nets that are set up.  We can’t be easily manipulated by the offer of a free flu shot and a grocery store gift card in exchange for our weapons.  We think critically and don’t automatically accept the programming of the mainstream media, whose job it is to provide people with the opinions that they should hold.  We don’t shovel in the HFCS-laden genetically modified crap, otherwise known as “food”, killing our brain cells and dumbing us down into cattle to be easily led to slaughter.

We are the last bastion of independent self-reliant thinkers.  And the powers that be are very afraid of those who think for themselves, rather than regurgitating the media-presented party line.

I don’t know why Adam Lanza went on a rampage and killed 26 people last week.  But I do know that it wasn’t because his mother was a homeschooling prepper who stored up food and taught him to fire a gun at a paper target.

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  • Well written article! If you are not a conformist, someone blindly following the masses, if you think for yourself and critically size up what’s happening, then you are a threat to the powers that be. It’s a given that they will label all people who prep as “crazies”.

  • Nice bunch of blogs.
    And this article was great!

    … Around certain People, you’ve just Got to shut-up. They just don’t ‘get it’ and Never will.

    That’s what I told my better half, anyway.

    The People who are more responsive and less-inclined to be jack-boot wear’ers? Well, there’s gold in them thar hills.

    Do you think “they”, a.k.a. ‘the others’… will want to kick in our doors before The Wall comes down?

    Will “they” come at us like their fore-fathers came after the Mormons in the early 1900’s? Or the Jews in Germany?

    Or for that matter, is this the beginning of New Salem Witch trials?

    Yikes! Water-boarding is about the same treatment the puritans gave those they thought were witches. Are we next? I mean, torture is ok with a lot of american’ts, this would be an easy step for them, wouldn’t it?

    It seems as if “they” don’t like anybody but themselves.
    That’s Not good.

    Are ‘they’ really That brainwashed, ignorant of history and easily led? The under thirty-five crowd I can understand, but the rest? Yeesh, shouldn’t they know better?

    Those younger than thirty-five likely have no voice, but thankfully many of them are wise to the sucker-play they are being drawn into, thanks to the internet.

    I find myself saying, ‘yeesh’ a lot lately. I hope this whole, ‘the internet is the new Gutenberg Press” works.

  • Comment in Amerikanese: We must seek to prevent this mentality arising in Canada and concentrate our efforts here. It is too late for Amerika. Drawing their ire at this time targets you, and with this warning, me. Are you prepared to withdraw from the internet for your own personal protection, and when? I am when it goes hot down there, and they are very close to that red flag. Targeting preppers and gun owners proves they are ready to go hot and take them on. You warned them, now you may soon have to duck and cover. Bless your heart, its worth the risk of fusion collusion.
    Comment in Canuckian: Good on ya, we want you to stick around, eh.

    • Thank you for the kind words!

      I do try to stick to less controversial topics like healthy food, but sometimes I’ve just gotta say something – this was one of those times. 🙂

      Hope you’re having a nice “snow day” today like we are!

      ~ D

      • Can’t keep a good woman down. I find it interesting that the RCMP wouldn’t allow gold seekers into the Yukon during the Klondike gold rush unless they could pack one years worth of supplies over the Chilkoot pass, on foot. Now a person with a years worth of supplies, a firearm and a desire to seek gold, well, ahem, stammer, he has got to be a terrorist. We are witnessing a paradigm shift on a massive scale. Hang in there but be coqnizant of when to be quiet because it is beginning to smell like an outhouse south of the 49th. That reminds me, I need air fresheners. Fare well.

  • I note that the list of Nancy Lanza’s ‘crimes’ can double as a list of the school’s shortcomings.

    That is to say that the school did NOT have:

    -defenses against deranged criminals
    -plans in place to deal with this type of emergency scenario
    -stores of any defensive weapons to be employed as part of said plans
    -the ability to assure your kids are safer (or better educated) than they are at home

    Where is the outrage over that? AFTER THE FACT, the police were crawling the place with automatic weapons. But what purpose did this serve? The shooter was met with little resistance and as such the entirety of the bloated and offensive ‘government security apparatus’ was foiled by a 20 year old kid with mental problems. THIS is what is behind attacking this kid and his family on any grounds possible. Its not so much that his family practiced prepping, it was that a prepper shot huge and glaring holes in the fantasy stories floated by the government security agenda. The government gets a lot of mileage, in the form of money and authority, out of the idea that it will keep you safe. Anyone that exposes the fraud of these claims will be the recipient of the full force of their angst. And any detail they can spin into some grandiose diversion from these facts, will be hyped to oblivion. Whatever this kid and this family were up to in their free time was going to be spun as bad. It just so happened that they were preppers.

    So I don’t believe this is a full blown psy-ops agenda against preppers so much as political opportunism and government wearing the shoe that fits…to stomp on dissent and free will, lest you see things for what they are.

    Good stuff.

    • You people are missing the point entirely. Doesn’t matter that Adam Lanza was crazy, what matters is that if his mother, who was not a survivalist, didn’t have guns 26 people would be alive today. When are you all going to give up on all those cockamamy conspiracy theories, get rid of the fricking guns and cut the death rate in this country, considerably?

      • Did you ever read the story of the school janitor that used dynamite to blow up a school back in 1927? Guns were less restricted then and yet he managed to do more damage and killing than Lanza. No gun was used but guns were available.

      • You give up your guns and your rights o.k. I can’t speak for everyone but as for my family we will keep our guns and try to hold on to what little vestige of freedom we have left. We are not preppers, but, I respect their position. These type of responses from the powers that be and their sheep are exactly the reason why the secessionist movement in my state of Texas and others is growing. Live Free or Die

      • @ted, your line of thinking is vile and false. its simplistic , kind of like you ted. a simpleton. you’re a dangerous man ted. you should be ashamed of yourself.

      • You are dead right, Ted. What will you say at the pearly gates? “That shouldn’t have happened”. Listen to Bubba.

      • Brilliant–he couldn’t have made a bomb and killed lots more, or ran a car into the playground, or used knives and killed a few and injured many, or got a job in the cafeteria and poisoned a large majority?/
        List goes on and on.
        Your point NOT made, Ted..oh, would that be Kennedy returned??

      • Awwww come on….1,000,000 crimes are stopped in their tracks in one year in US because the public defend themselves against criminals with guns….200,000 rapes dont succeed because the women in question are armed..the general public kill twice as many criminals in one year than the cops because they are armed…what stopped the bad guy with the gun..good guys arriving with guns….outlaw guns and only the outlaws will have them..because they arnt about to obey the law…WAKE UP….in a perfect world there would be no guns…..a billion of them are out there….look what happened whe nthey were banned in Australia and the UK..gun crime INCREASED….you are missing the point entirely!!

  • Ms. Daisy, you have developed quite well as a writer. Have tried to reach you several times too see how you are, now I know, still doing what I know you love. Remember sandy hook is another big lie! Merry Christmas All! And be ready!

    • ST ~ I had email problems for quite a while – if you still have my old addy it’s working properly again! I was just thinking of you the other day and hoping you and yours were well! Thank you so much for saying hello!

      ~ D

  • I think the media needs to be very careful coming up with stuff like, it is the mothers falt, we lay the blame at her feet, there is nothing wrong in training your child to shoot guns, hunters do it all over the world. This young man who did this terrible crime, to me is a result of amererica wanting God out of everything. Like for example, schools, heck in wal-mart the workers can’t even say merry Christmas. What I believes needs to happen more than gun controls is that America needs to fall on there faces and repent to God for rejecting Him. Let Him back in our schools and in everything we do. Quit calling evil good and good evil. Sin is sin and its time we as Americans stand up for Holyness, righteousness, and truth. If what we do does not line up with what God gave us to live by, the Bible, then lets either stop doing it or start doing what the bible says. We I am convinced will see things everywhere change, I am tierd of seeing the statement. God bless America, Instead we should be saying, America Bless God. If we continue to reject God and His ways in our country the devil will have more freedom to do what he wants, John 10:10 says that he has come to, steel, kill, and destroy, so either we are letting God or letting the devil, because its either one or the others. I am deeply sorry for the shooting that took place and hope and pray that God will meet each family and help them through. People lets make a difference, by putting God back in our schools, He sees everything and is for sure able to protect us than anything else. Lets let God have America back and let be the one who has the final say so.

  • Just a comment ” don’t know why Adam Lanza went on a rampage and killed 26 people last week. But I do know that it wasn’t because his mother was a homeschooling prepper who stored up food and taught him to fire a gun at a paper target”. So you think taking a very obviously mentally unstable young man to a gun range and teaching him to shoot is acceptable behavior? You think Adam would have been such a good killing machine if Nancy (may she rot in hell) did not train him to shoot and did not keep her weapons safe?

    • Ulie:

      You certainly have a right to your opinion, just as I do.

      First of all, none of us were present and know what precisely went on in that household.
      Secondly, teaching a respect for weapons through teaching responsible usage is generally the best way to ensure that they are handled safely and wisely.
      Third, autism is rarely the type of issue that causes someone to willfully go out and wreak havoc – in fact, it’s less likely than a so-called “normal” person going out and doing so.
      And finally, your comment about “Nancy (may she rot in hell) tells all about your personal version of humanity. All parents have failings – it doesn’t mean they deserve to be murdered in their beds or “rot in hell”. She, too, was the victim of a crime. But in your narrow minded view, you seem to think she “deserved” it. Do you also think women who wear short skirts deserve to be raped?

      Ulie, take the time to think about these things – you’re blaming a victim for a crime, you’re taking the media’s story at face value and you clearly don’t comprehend autistic behavior.


      • THANK YOU DAISY!! I work in facility that helps treat Autism, and we have been dealing non-stop with that part of the backlash. What he did was wrong, but I will not blame his disabilites, or his mother, every person makes their own decisions in the end, and so far I have seen no proof that he was incopentent to understand right from wrong. So it was ALL him, everyone has tought knocks, its THEIR decision how they deal with it.

  • Forget the other memes the lame stream media are throwing around and stick to this one: false flag attack. They seem to be increasing in frequency and intensity.

  • My immediate thought when I heard about this was actually around survivalists, even before I knew Nancy Lanza was one. It’s a subculture in our country that I believe is doing a great deal of psychic harm. We all have fears. But when we channel those fears into one belief – like the end of the world, or the hostile government who’s going to take away guns, or any of the numerous Fox news conspiracies – what we’re really saying is that we don’t believe in the future.

    It’s inherently selfish to spend one’s energy doing everything one can to ensure the survival of *one*. We should be investing in *all* our children. Survivalists have missed this memo.

    • Can you please site some examples of these “numerous Fox news conspiracies?”
      I will wait anxiously for your list, but I won’t hold my breath.

      It is NOT inherently selfish to prepare for your family should you hit hard times. It is acutally the moral thing to do. Not preparing and needing others to take care of you, when you could have prepared for hard times, is what is inherently selfish. Why should you prepare for hard times, when you could just not prepare and expect someone else will take care of you. Got it! Preparing…bad, requiring others to help you…good. Do you live in a different reality? Just asking.

      I am still struggling to make sense of your post. Nothing about it makes any sense.

  • I have no problem with anyone stockpiling water and food for their ability to prolong their agonizing but inevitable death should this generation experience the “end of the world”. Unless you have a new planet in your back pocket that is complete with a an oxygen supply, food and water, your efforts to live past the rest of us will be the least enjoyable time spent here on earth. I believe it is the preppers’ need for stockpiling ammunition that is the bizarre twist on these so-called survival skills that is the “killer”. Pardon my pun. You see, if your survival depends on killing others than the world in which you will exist will not be worthy of keeping. I am sure that, if around to be interviewed, Nancy Lanza would recant her earlier plans and preparation by stating that her fears of death and her survival prep killed her. I also believe wholeheartedly that she would also change her mind entirely on her facination and admiration of her gun collection. As they say, hindsight is 20/20…just imagine her vision where she stands today.

    • Annie, stop reading left wing propaganda. The majority of preppers are not preparing for the “end of the world” they are preparing so when they (as well as everyone else) cannot afford to eat, they and their family won’t starve to death or have to rely on the government to take care of them. Have you watched the prices of food over the last 4 years? My grocery bill has doubled on just the standard stuff with no extras. Prepping is being prepared for when times get touch, and relying only on ourselves during a crisis of some sort, whether it be a hurricane or loss of emplyment. Good grief woman, educate yourself instead of just repeating the ridiculous garbage you hear.

      You say something here that is absolutely ridiculous to me. You say “if your survival depends on killing others than the world in which you will exist will not be worthy of keeping.” We live in that world right now. If I am at home with my baby girls and three armed me break in to my home to do a home invasion, I should not defend myself or my babies, because if I have to shoot & kill the armed men who broke in WITH GUNS, then the world should no longer be worthy of keeping? Because I have protected my kids and myself from evil doers, the world is not worth keeping? By that logic, would the world be worthy of keeping if I didn’t protect my family and let the intruders kill me and my babies instead? Your comment is troubling to say the least.

      As ridiculous as your comment was, if I was by you and someone criminal started beating your skull in, I would defend you too. Or should I just let him kill you because my goodness, if I have to kill someone to defend another, the world is just not worth keeping.

      Good grief.

  • I see my comment is “awaiting moderation”. I don’t expect to see my post on your website but closed minds and open gunfire go hand-in-hand.

    • Annie –

      All viewpoints are welcome here, as long as they aren’t abusive or threatening. If you haven’t posted here before, the system automatically holds your post in the moderation queue until I can approve it. This is to combat the influx of “spam”.

      Thank you very much for stopping by and sharing your opinion. 🙂


  • You are batshit crazy and the same laws that protect your lunacy allow murderers to own assault rifles. This blog is cringe worthy and I ashamed to be grouped as an American with you

    • i own assault weapons but its not the gun that kills people. its the person. to own a assault weapon you need a class 3 liscence and they are very hard to get as is. but you can buy assault weapons on the black market for 40-50 bucks. if one were to make it harder to get a gun leagally you dont do anything about the true problem and you arent helping anyone by making it hard to get an assault weapon. its still just as easy if not easier to get one illigally for a would be killer

    • What IS an “assault” weapon? To the best of my knowledge there is no actual “assault” gun manufactured. It is a made up term which can be applied to whatever weapon people find most scary.

  • I linked to this site from a news story and truly enjoy the plethora of information on it.
    I do not consider myself a “prepper” or “survivalist”. I consider myself a realist. A very brief history: I was deployed to Somalia in 1993. I saw first hand what happens when society breaks down. I then deployed to Bosnia, where once again I saw how vile hate can destroy entire cities. The people who are going to come on here and spew their hate-filled speech are missing the point. It’s not that we are selfish, crazy, gun obssessed murderous nutjobs. It’s that we love our families. I have 5 beautiful children. If the time comes and society breaks down (Katrina, Ike [which I experienced first hand], Sandy, etc), my family will be taken care of. I am not a selfish person and would gladly offer assistance to others. However, if no one prepares then everyone fails.

    • Great comment Disconnected. I am fully prepared to help others as well. I am not wealthy, so I can only prepare so much. But I am willing to help out those in need as much as I can, just like I do now. The reality is, bad things happen. It is better to be prepared so you can help others, versus being one of those who needs the help. Even if you can’t help a ton, at least we aren’t taking resources from others.

      I actually was able to utilize my preparedness earlier this year. Work was extremely slow and my pay was reduced. Grocery prices have been going up. Instead of getting on food stamps, I just utilized my supplies, as that was the purpose of the supplies and replenished as things improved. I learned how not to waste things to keep for later use (dehydrating veggies that would normally have gotten tossed if unused and use them for soups, etc.) It really helped us when money was beyond tight. I could have easily gotten food stamps, but I knew that there were people out there much needier than I. To me, taking assistance when I could have prepared for myself is just not right. Some people cannot prepare and they need the assistance. Everyone, who is able to, should prepare for hard times so that we can all focus on the needy who were UNABLE to do it for themselves.

      @ Daisy, I just stumbled on this site and I am really enjoying all the information. I have added it to my favorites. Keep up the good work!

      • Thank you very much, Jen – your kind words are very appreciated as is your input.

        I had a similar experience using my stockpiles after a job loss several years ago – it was going to be 8-12 weeks before my first unemployment payment arrived and without my well-stocked pantry we would have had to seek assistance also. The pantry saw us through about 6 tight months until I found employment again. That was a lesson I’ll never forget and confirmed my commitment to preparedness!



  • Daisy – love your blog, I am glad I stumbled across it!

    I also echo what the writer “Disconnected” says. We have seen what happens when society breaks down, it is unfortunate that it does bring out the worse in people, with a few moments of goodness to take hope in.

    Like “Disconnected”, it is always better to prepare for the worse but hope for the best. I don’t think being prepared makes one an “extremest”, just smart!

  • the idea of people using psycological warfare against you is rediculous. just because there is speculatin in it doesnt mean they are trying to declare war on you get out and live a little even if the world ends we are all screwed so whats the use of being a liberal prepper in the first place

  • Spot on. Couldn’t say it better.
    If you’re serious about who wa the first one ‘out of the box’ into limelight as a perpper, it might be me.
    I’ve been a prepper since Basic Training in 1972.
    I was featured in a Playboy interview in 2009, about 2012.
    Been on much more since, but irelevant.
    BTW, survivalists will ‘take’ your beans, preppers will trade you beans for labor.

  • Please try to be a little more honest in your writing. You cast Terry Porter as a victim who was targeted because of his political beliefs. The guy was a convicted felon who was illegally possessing firearms – something you completely failed to mention. Certainly 150 officers was overkill, but it’s not as if Porter was a saint. He was breaking the law and he knew it.

    • There was no dishonesty. There was NO justifiable reason to even send the SWAT team to his home. Being a prepper is NOT against the law. He had no warrant out on him or anything. His felony was 10+ year prior. To do the search in the first place, they needed probable cause. What was the probable cause? He was a prepper. Because he admitted he was a prepper, they used that to search his home for guns that, admittedly, he wasn’t supposed to have.

      The police cannot just search your home. We have rights in this country. They are supposed to have probable cause. Last time I checked, there is nothing illegal about prepping. So why the search? I didn’t know that the police can just send a swat team to search your home because over a decade ago you had a felony. Paying for your crime is not enough? He isn’t even on probation. There was no reason to search his home. But oh no, they heard prepper and he had a felony over a decade ago. 150 officers to do the search…the man is dangerous.

      The ONLY reason they were even there was because he admitted he was a prepper. Had he not admitted he was a prepper, they would not have searched him. Why would they search his home? Do they send 150 officers to search every persons’ home who had a felony over a decade ago? Nope, they don’t.

  • My personal thoughts are guns do not kill people, people kill people.
    They never sent a gun to prison! When guns are outlawed, only outlaws
    will have guns

  • It is a greatest paradox where the so called advanced nation USA still
    doesnt bother to ban on owning weapons by individuals. When u have a big police force probably the highest in ratio to the population where is the
    need for individuals to own guns for their personal safety. It reflects that
    the majority of the population feel they are insecure. Or if guns are banned, then probably the crime rate will fall down drastically and in which case the citizens may not require such a big police force. Obama shud not bend to the dictates of arms industry instead he along with his senators shud strive to make the nation a peace loving nation and not crime loaded nation.
    k.gopu from India

  • those that don’t remember history are doomed to repeat it…. The last time civilization fell was the end of the roman empire what followed was hundeds of years of chaos where the strong took from the weak and did it using force. If you think that cannot happen again then I think you are fooling yourself, civilizations rise and fall throughout history, we as a country and a world are actively trying to take folks independence away and make them relevant on the government for their well being. All well and good until the fateful day that the government is not there to give you a handout.

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