The Truth About the “Multicultural” Invasion of Sweden

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By the author of Be Ready for Anything and the online course Bloom Where You’re Planted

Immigration is an issue that causes tempers to flare. Many Americans want our borders to be firmly closed to outsiders, especially if those outsiders are brown. Having lived in and been welcome in another country, and having brought my children to the United States, obviously, I’m pro-immigration.

But only to a point.

We had to jump through a lot of expensive hoops to legally be in the countries where we moved. I don’t think that the hoops should be as expensive as they are, but I definitely believe that some requirements must exist. We can’t allow an unchecked influx to upturn our culture.

Alternatively, many Americans want to welcome any and all refugees and immigrants, forming sanctuary cities – and even sanctuary states – that reject our immigration laws.

The law prohibits state and local police agencies from notifying federal officials in many cases when immigrants potentially subject to deportation are about to be released from custody.

Administration officials argued that the state measures not only hinder their ability to carry out federal law, but also put immigration agents and communities at risk.

The other laws administration officials seek to challenge make it a crime for business ownersto voluntarily help federal agents find and detain undocumented workers, and create a state inspection program for federal immigration detention centers. (source)

During the election, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton said it was our humanitarian obligation to take in refugees.

“We cannot allow terrorists to intimidate us into abandoning our values and humanitarian obligations. Turning away orphans, applying a religious test, discriminating against Muslims, slamming the door on every single Syrian refugee—that’s just not who we are. We are better than that.” (source)

Europe has opened their doors generously but now, they are filled with areas of high risk and looming flashpoints. Let’s take a look at what has happened in Sweden, where unchecked immigration has created a public safety crisis.

Sweden’s migrant problem

Sweden is a Scandinavian country of about 10 million people. The Swedes had a reputation of welcoming immigrants and refugees, but the arrival of 165,000 refugees in one year has caused them to take another look at their policies.

Sweden has been famously known for its welcoming attitude toward refugees and its commitment to family reunification. Until recently, it had the most generous immigration laws in Europe.

In 2014, Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt made a famous speech urging Swedes to “open their hearts” to refugees seeking shelter. A year later, the population of just 10 million welcomed 165,000 asylum seekers to Sweden — more per capita than any other European nation.

The unprecedented number of newcomers has challenged the Swedish economy and has contributed to instability in the country’s historically stable government.  (source)

But a strained welfare system isn’t the only issue with the influx of refugees.

The crime in Malmo and Stockholm has skyrocketed. You can read about it in these articles:

Violence against women has also increased dramatically.

According to the Swedish Crime Survey, compared to 2015, attempted rape against girls 15 – 17 was up 46 percent in 2016.

Rape of teens in that same date and age range is up 19 percent.

Attempted rape of girls under 15 increased 16 percent; rape of young girls in that same age increased by 26 percent.

Rapes against adult women increased by 7 percent.

Around that same time, in 2015, more than 160-thousand people applied for asylum in Sweden from war-torn countries in the Middle East and Africa. (source)

The politically correct laws of Sweden mean that the perpetrators cannot be described to the public, including their ethnicity. The women of Sweden have had to change how they live or risk attack.

In the southern city of Malmö, local media reports there have been four reported gang rapes since November 2017.According to reports, all four happened overnight in the early-morning hours.

As of this posting, there were no arrests, which has left some feeling alarmed.

Here are some women who describe their thoughts on the reports:

  • “I mean, I don’t walk a lot at night.”
  • “I wish it wouldn’t be that way, and I’m terrible about the rapes.”
  • “I know it’s very bad things happening here.”


@PeterSweden71 is a journalist who has been documenting horrific crimes for a few years now. Here are a few of his tweets from JUST ONE DAY, April 19th, 2018.

The fact that much of the crime is committed by migrants in a no-go zone is swept under the rug, which is pointed out in this article in Sputnik News (a Russian government-controlled news agency).

Unsurprisingly, Snopes also rebuts the link between immigrants and increased crime.

Here’s what the police officers have to say about it.

Swedish law enforcement tells a different story.

Peter Springaire, a police officer of 47 years was investigated by prosecutors for “inciting racial hatred” due to his viral post on Facebook.

I’m so fucking tired. What I will write here below is not politically correct. But I don’t give a shit. What I am going to say to you all taxpayers is forbidden to give us state employees…

…Here we go; this i have handled Monday-Friday this week: rape, rape, aggravated rape, överfallsvåldtäkt, extortion, extortion, abuse of justice, illegal threats, violence against police, threats to police, drug law, felony narcotics crime, attempted murder, Rape again, blackmail again and assault.

Suspected perpetrators; Ali Mohamad, mahmod, Mohammed, Mohammed Ali, again, again, again christoffer… what is it true? Yes a Swedish name crept into the outskirts of a drug law, Mohammed, Mahmod Ali, again and again.

Countries representing this week’s all crimes: Iraq, Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Somalia, Syria again, Somalia, unknown country, unknown country, Sweden. Half of the suspects we can’t know for sure because they don’t have any valid papers. Which usually means they lie about nationality and identity.

Now we’re just talking örebro municipality. And these crimes occupy our utredningsförmåga to 100 %. (source)

And Springaire isn’t alone. Watch the clip below. A friend in Sweden has confirmed that the English subtitles are indeed accurate. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this video is worth a million.

The people in the video have no interest in listening to the police or abiding by the laws. Their goal is to intimidate and do whatever they please.

A cautionary tale

Before the flurry of frenzied accusations begins, I’m not being a racist to point out the fact that some areas of Sweden have been completely taken over by people who have no interest in assimilating into the culture of their host country. The stories above clearly illustrate this is the truth.

While our population is much larger than that of Sweden, we risk similar issues with a flood of immigrants flocking en masse to condensed areas. This isn’t to say that we should never accept any refugees. We’re a country that was built on immigration. But, we can be compassionate without being foolish.

I’m not talking about building walls and slamming the door in the faces of travelers. I’m not talking about mistreating those from different cultures, and I certainly don’t want to see the United States take part in the same kind of insanity that resulted in the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II.

But we need to ask better questions of those who want to relocate to our country. We must make sure that the people whom we invite in are coming because they’re excited about being Americans. We want to invite people who want to make our country better and stronger.

We don’t want a surge of people who refuse to abide by our laws or who wish to enforce their religious beliefs on others.  Our constitution guarantees us not only the freedom OF religion but also the freedom FROM religion.

Sweden is a cautionary tale. Right now Europe is full of these warnings but many still refuse to heed them.

As the old saying goes, those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.


I was hesitant to write this article because I know that some people will not examine this by the facts presented, but will be outraged that I dared to draw a conclusion that may not be politically correct. I urge you to get past your reflex to accuse me of racism and speak to the facts. Tell me how to avoid a problem like they’re facing in Sweden.

I also know that the result will be chaos in the comments section. Behave yourselves. I will nuke comments with ethnic slurs. I will nuke comments with no point but to talk trash about immigrants from certain parts of the world.

You can complain all you want about me “censoring” you, but this is my website and I won’t tolerate that nonsense. We can participate in a civil discussion without all that. We can discuss the facts and look for solutions. We are intelligent people. Carry on.


Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther is a coffee-swigging, globe-trotting blogger. She is the founder and publisher of three websites.  1) The Organic Prepper, which is about current events, preparedness, self-reliance, and the pursuit of liberty on her website, 2)  The Frugalite, a website with thrifty tips and solutions to help people get a handle on their personal finances without feeling deprived, and 3), an aggregate site where you can find links to all the most important news for those who wish to be prepared. She is widely republished across alternative media and  Daisy is the best-selling author of 5 traditionally published books and runs a small digital publishing company with PDF guides, printables, and courses. You can find her on FacebookPinterest, Gab, MeWe, Parler, Instagram, and Twitter.

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  • Thanks for stating up front that trolls and trash will be controlled.
    These are indeed challenging times for our world.
    May we all make thoughtful (not left knee-jerk nor right knee-jerk) decisions.
    It is not going to be easy and if someone cannot see some validity in an opposing viewpoint then take off the blinders and try to think it through.
    I haven’t found the perfect answer yet.

    • Right knee or left knee? Go [REDACTED]. You ‘centrists’ or ‘moderates’ or ‘I am not of the right-left paradigm’ idiots make me want to puke. The RIGHT has been warning about this collision course for decades now. Enoch Powell’s warning in 1968 was correct, 50th anniversary of that dire warning.

      • Yeah, these centrists are cancer. They just want to make themselves feel good, rather than addressing real problems before they’re at the point of civil war.

        I also lived 8 years outside America in Asia and Africa, but I’m not pro-immigration. Far from it. Experience outside America should inform you that the outside world shouldn’t be imported. We don’t need a little bit of all the world. We don’t need diversity. Not even in small numbers.

        No one has a right to enter another’s home. You wouldn’t let say that only a few Africans have a right to live in your kitchen, but not too many. The same with homelands. Zero immigration. It’s not theirs.

        Also, the USA is not a “Nation of Immgrants” because that phrase was coined in the 1960s. Also the poem on the Statue of Liberty was put on later by a Mayor of New York. It is neither the law, nor an express of the Founding Father’s intent in establishing a new nation for “Ourselves and Our Posterity” alone.

      • I classify all moderates with the left as they too are the problem and normally team up with liberal leftist agendas. Some live near me, once you know their views, you ignore them/ write them off as losers. Those kind will work for the gestapo and turn in preppers and patriots.

    • When your daughter is raped, beaten and the film is posted do let us know what your perfect solution is after weighing all the options.

      Do tell us the alternatives available for a group that will not assimilate and hates your culture. As Sweden, Germany and France have demonstrated the needs of their citizens are secondary to the needs of refugees so elites can signal their superior morality at the expense of the happiness and freedoms of the mere serfs. But Europe and Leftists in particular do not deal in reality or the truth. Only with their vision of utopia.

      So by all means seek the perfect solution while the world burns about yor head and the solution though far from perfect will be forced upon you by others who share neither your values nor beliefs. Procrastinate while you may solve the problem and delay till the problem grows from terrible to inoperable to finally a position where the only solution is the invaders.

      “Moderates” always counsel patience and understanding until the hordes crash through the ramparts and destroy all before them. The Left’s goals are not noble, only ignorant and self seeking. In the end their utopianism always results in rivers of blood while they bray their excuses of “who could have known.”

      People who value freedom do not tolerate cancer, they do not seek the recognition of evil nor the approval of the depraved. Moderation in the defense of liberty is no virtue.

  • Why do people always rush to close the barn door after all the cows have escaped? There were smart people warning us about the dangers of immigration decades ago.

    • Back in the 1800s and earlier we had a lot of empty territory. That is no longer true. Circumstances change. We don’t need people to fill up all that empty land now because it’s not empty anymore.

    • Perhaps the people of Europe are not actually electing these globalist-islamist totalitarians. It’s probable that Europe’s elections have been stolen from the people through fraud and hacking, as has happened in many places in the USA. I advise the people of Europe to demand paper balloting and filmed, monitored counting at every step of every level of election. Squash election fraud and Europeans might yet be able to reclaim their countries.

  • It’s a matter of freedom of association. We should have both the freedom to associate and the freedom not to associate. Some people prefer to live in homogenous societies and some people prefer to live in heterogenous societies. There is no reason we cannot accommodate both.

  • Great article. As someone living in an African country (though I’m American) the truth is that the majority of the eastern countries like Africa are incompatible with American culture and as I’ve seen over and over again, they only want to get money out of America and into thier country to build expensive mansions, own business, and drive expensive cars. So it’s not to become Americans or adopt a better way of life. So many ask me to help them get to my country just for that reason. It does not serve American interests to have people with that mindset there taking advantage of the system. I don’t appreciate it. I hope it doesn’t get like Sweden, but that’s the way it is in third world countries like it or not, it’s actually worse. I read it in the news daily and what’s going on in Sweden is not that bad comparatively. I myself am black American and I’m not racist but the fact is some people’s mentality is very different from what we’re used to and its good to be picky. However I don’t believe we owe the world a free pass into our country. The people who built that country deserves the fruit of thier labors, foreigners must be screened to be sure they can add to it not subtract from it. On a final note it’s funny how westerns are so concerned about being politically correct or called racist, the easterns (such as africans) are in fact some of the most racist people I’ve met. They are not ashamed of the fact that they hate each other based on tribal or political or religious affiliation. So are westerns supposed to be non racists inviting racist people into thier countries? Anyways I will not try to convince anyone if i was racist or not. The facts are observable. Do not be afraid to report

  • My linage is immigrants, as with most Americans.
    My fathers parents came through Ellis Island.
    My mothers from Mexico. But they had PAPERS! I.e. they did everything they were supposed to to migrate.
    So, no, white people are not the only people whom should be allowed to migrate.
    The people who should be allowed to migrate are the ones whom bring a valuable skill set. People who can contribute as active, productive members of society.
    Not criminals.
    Not gang members.
    People who can integrate into American society, respect our laws, our Constitution, and not try to impose their beliefs, be it religious, political, etc. on others.
    Just as I would say of anyone born here in the states.

  • That such a debate is even being had, testifies to how dumbed down Western societies have become. The West is decaying and its societies are in denial of this occurrence. I’m African and l wouldn’t want my kid visiting or residing in America or Europe. It’s incredible what has become of the West!

    There’s a reason for the category, illegal immigrant. Borders define sovereignty and mark out nations. Naturalization, citizenship and indigenousness are all products and gifts of a sovereign state. Border protection, internal security, healthcare, employment, education, good welfare and shelter are all responsibilities of government as minders of societies. Open borders evict sovereignty to completely erase nation states.

    Culture, tradition, common beliefs and heritage describe nation states. They are ‘tribal’ marks by which nation states are recognized and understood. They are the commonalities and patriotic glue that bind these societies, without which the essence of their being become vague and opaque.

    The very concept and essence of democracy ceases to exist in the absence of a nation state. The virtues of democracy flow through the veins of patriotism and patriotism of itself, is a permanent resident of the nation state.

    Question is, when did the West lose its mind to stop knowing this???

  • I’ve been to Sweden numerous times and returning soon. In fact, we frequently spend time in Örebro that was mentioned in the article. I have a few points to make.

    I’ve walked the streets of Sweden at all times of night. Something amazing you will find there are men and women alike alone walking or riding bikes, either commuting or for recreation. I felt 10x safer there than I ever would on the streets of America. Apparently they felt a degree of safety as well.

    I’ve seen many references to a dramatic increase in rape and attributing it to an influx of immigration/refugees. The fact is actually that Swedish government changed the definition of rape and how charges are counted. They still pale in comparison to US figures.

    The vast majority of Swedes are sympathetic towards refugees, but as with anywhere, you can always find those that will support bias opinions as seen here. Most are still very supportive of offering help to displaced families and realize the urgent need to do so. This is true even considering the burden that has been placed on them due to countries like the US (who has helped in creating this crisis) not stepping up.

    You mentioned in the article that we should accept immigrants who are eager to assimilate to our culture. There was a specific reference to not allowing those who wish to force their religion on us. Two points to stress here. I am American and when I look at America, I see a culture structured by diversity. People don’t bat an eye at Americans who hang on to their Irish, French, German, especially Italian heritage. Everything from language and cuisine to displaying their flags at their homes and businesses. The same respect would not be shown to those of Middle-Eastern heritage. As for religion, I am an atheist. While I am not forced to be Christian, there is a political party who attempts to govern this country by basing laws on “Christian morals.” That IS forcing your religion on the people. It is the only religion I have seen anyone here attempt to force on others and until that changes, referencing it is either a means of propaganda or a result of it.

    Finally, no-one owns this country or any other land on the face of this planet. This isn’t your land, nor is it mine. Whether you were born here or have “papers” issued by a government should have no bearing on your right to be here or anywhere else. Your God didn’t create borders and Jesus wouldn’t approve of turning your back on those in need. It’s all there in the bible.

    • An avowed atheist invoking the Bible and rebuking others based upon Jesus’ teachings. How about that. You sound confused to me.

    • Well, I live in Örebro and can say you’re right, or rather you were right, because unfortunately Sweden is rapidly changing and it’s getting worse for every day here. Gone are the days (or nights) when you could walk the streets without being afraid even in a small town as Örebro. In Malmö, Stockholm and Göteborg I’d strongly advice against walking alone at night especially if you’re a woman.

  • Dr. Michael Savage has been discussing this for years. A country is defined by its borders, language and culture (his words, not mine). Without these three elements, a nation will neither thrive nor survive.

  • Thank-you for saying what no one is willing to say. There is real danger in immigration of people who basically want to import their countries ideals and religion with them. I want to see our religious freedoms and equality prevail. Rape of women and girls is not okay and I am worried about what will happen to my daughters’ safety from individuals who believe they have the right to take what they want. Current immegration trends are worrisome. I don’t believe all immigrants/refugees for this concerning trend. But sadly some do..

  • Daisy is absolutely right. America has no room for those who don’t want to assimilate into the life in America, but instead, want to change our lifestyle to theirs. I am all in favor of a cessation of immigration from Muslim countries until such time as those who seek to enter this countr y are properly and completely vetted. I, for one, do not want this country turned into a “Little Somalia” or some such Muslim enclave.

  • The founding fathers intent..good point. Their intent or concept established in 1790 was that foreigners must reside in the US for 2 years and in their state of residence for 1 to become a citizen. Others immigration laws weren’t established until years later, largely towards the end of the 1800’s. It seems their vision is much different than your own.

  • Islam is a political movement for conquering the world which masquerades as a religion.

    Islamists include individuals of ALL races in every continent in the world (except perhaps Antarctica).

    To point out problems with uncontrolled immigration is totally unrelated to race issues. If someone wanted to stand on their blind political-correctness and criticize this article, the stone they ought to hurl your way is xenophobia, the unreasonable fear of foreigners.

    Even if someone were to cry “xenophobia!” at this article, an easy defense is that the fear is entirely reasonable, backed up by statistics, news reports, anecdotal evidence and a plethora of videos. Since the fear is based upon good sense rather than being unreasonable, xenophobia is not at play in this article.

    Overall, based upon many other news reports I’ve read, this article is restrained and mild compared to what needs to be made public. Daisy, I congratulate you on your courage to face the possibility of censorship by the repressive left. Repression by “progressives” of freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and freedom of choice is becoming all too common lately.

  • because im an american i can say this:

    none of this is an eye opener for me


    i learned everything i need to know about islam on 911

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