Sweden and Finland: Tips of the Globalist Iceberg?

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The applications tendered by Sweden and Finland to join NATO form a narrow point of focus that has transfixed the world’s attention. The applications are the latest attempts at a steadily-continuing encroachment over the past three decades, since the official dissolution of the Soviet Union back in 1992. Should Ukraine join NATO, it would serve as the coup de grace, marking the crossing of a line that Russia has spelled out in no uncertain terms.

On December 20, 2021, Maria Zakharova, Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, warned that the admission of Ukraine into NATO’s ranks was “unacceptable” and that Russia was concerned about NATO closing in on its borders. Others have said it would lead to war.  

As can be seen on any map that documents the growth of NATO, it has expanded dramatically. Many nations that were once either satellite states, such as Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia, or in the Warsaw Pact Bloc, such as Poland and Romania, are now an active part of NATO. Skeptics dismiss such facts as not being “valid” reasons for Russia to invade Ukraine.

Perhaps the picture is “incomplete” for them. 

Let’s fill in some of the blanks.

Just prior to the Soviet Union’s breakup, a meeting occurred between the U.S. Secretary of State James Baker and Mikhail Gorbachev in Moscow. Here is an excerpt from that meeting, in Baker’s words. Please take note of the highlighted part of the last sentence:

We understand that not only for the Soviet Union but for other European countries as well it is important to have guarantees that if the United States keeps its presence in Germany within the framework of NATO, not an inch of NATO’s present military jurisdiction will spread in an eastern direction.”   

Clearly, George H.W. Bush and all subsequent presidential administrations did not adhere to the promises made…repeatedly…to Gorbachev and the Soviets. Since the Cold War ended, these Eastern European nations joined NATO on these dates:

  • 1999 Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland
  • 2004 Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia
  • 2009 Albania, Croatia
  • 2017 Montenegro
  • 2020 North Macedonia

Fourteen nations in all, and all of them either functioning within the Warsaw Pact or aligned with it. In 1990 (as referenced above) and 1991, repeated assurances were given by the United States that no NATO enlargement would occur. Now look at those countries on the map, and it’s easy to see the point:

The assurances were lies, and the encroachment was incremental and intentional.

The Western Consumer-Marketing “model,” if successful, would have ruined Russia and exploited its natural resources, as the corporations were intent on doing. For almost a decade, they ran rampant, until Putin, a hardline KGB officer and operative, took the reins. Nationalizing all of the big industries, he handed them off to trusted insiders, creating a new oligarchy. Simultaneously, he inserted communist party leaders into ministerial positions in his cabinet and government.

Dividing the power between the oligarchs and party hardliners, he insisted that neither crossed over into the domain of the other. With himself as the “head,” in essence, he created a three-part system of rule over Russia, leaving himself as the sole arbiter with any disputes arising.

The Soviet Union never fell: it merely changed its face and form.

Let’s dig deeper. Viktor Yanukovych served as Ukraine’s president from 2010 until 2014 when he was ousted in a coup d’état by Maidan revolutionaries. Maidan was financed and influenced by none other than George Soros through his NGO, the International Renaissance Foundation (IRF). Soros met with then-U.S. ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt to outline plans for Ukraine’s “transition.”

The coup was orchestrated with behind-the-scenes assistance by Hilary Clinton and Victoria Nuland. Yanukovych fled to Moscow, and shortly thereafter, Artseniy Yatsenuk was installed by the Obama administration. Russia took Crimea in 2014. The reason: Sevastopol. This port city is the naval base of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet, and Russia was not going to allow Ukraine to have it when the “lease” for it expired.

Readers, let there be no misconceptions here. 

While not condoning Russia’s invasion, I understand it completely, meaning the reasons behind it. After World War II, the Nazis were removed from positions of power. Not so in the Soviet Union. As outlined, the oligarchy changed hands, as did the most prominent leaders, but the structure remained intact under the guise of democracy. Now it is one step away from being the USSR again.

For deeper clarification on this, I highly recommend reading any of the works of J. R. Nyquist, especially The Origins of the Fourth World War, as well as the book The Colder War by Marin Katusa. You’ll be amazed at what you find.

The Soviet Union lost 20 million people in World War II. Ukraine had long been the gateway to the USSR, as well as being its “breadbasket,” producing the majority of its grains and agricultural staples. The fertile soil of Ukraine, coupled with its rich supplies of minerals and its access to the Black Sea, made it an area of vital economic importance to the Soviet Union.

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In addition to the economic and agricultural factors mentioned, there are several immediate military problems Ukraine presents for Russia:

1. The Black Sea Fleet, as mentioned earlier, and the strategic location of Sevastopol in relation to the straits of the Bosphorus, controlled by Turkey (located at its city of Istanbul). This channel enables the Russian Fleet to enter the Mediterranean Sea.

2. Ukraine is flat: an entire nation that is practically a plain. The terrain leaves Russia (its immediate neighbor) vulnerable to an incursion by armored units and infantry.

3. Should Ukraine join NATO, the U.S. would certainly place nuclear missiles there.

4. Ukrainian factories produced ICBMs (Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles) for the USSR, and those factories (as well as its twenty-six known biological laboratory facilities) are capable of producing weapons for NATO, should Ukraine join it.

Try and picture things if the scenario was reversed.

Would the United States tolerate the Chinese or Russians placing military bases and nuclear missiles in Mexico and Canada? Back in the 1960s, the answer was a definitive “no,” as proven with the Cuban missile crisis, when President Kennedy told the Soviets to remove the missiles or the U.S. would go to war with them.

That was sixty years ago, and it’s doubtful whether the current administration would take such a stance. Kennedy was a Democrat, but he was more conservative than the (so-called) Republicans in office today. The country was different. It wasn’t morally defunct or teetering on the verge of bankruptcy. 

The U.S. GDP was not dependent upon consumer spending for 80% of its economy. The United States had a sense of itself and a purpose.

Now, we have almost become what the Soviet Union was, in the seemingly inexorable “march toward globalism” and the “new world order” that the politicians are simply drooling to take us into. They want a compliant, obedient, servile citizenry with no morals or backbones to question the degradations visited upon them daily, along with the removal of their basic rights. Those rights, remember, were merely enumerated and written into the Constitution; they are our rights as one nation under God.

Is Russia “justified” in its actions? 

I submit to you that there is no clear-cut right or wrong in this scenario because Russia’s actions were based on perception and (demonstrable) threats at its back door. Ukraine is another matter entirely, with complexities so vast that it will require another article. In this grand game, Ukraine is merely another “chess piece” to be used by the West in its ongoing attempt to create another vassal state, another compliant European nation in its repertoire. To what end, you may ask?

To an end-state of a global, one-world government: a complete surveillance state where every aspect of human life is under control.

George Orwell wrote of this in “1984”: “If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.”

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Russia has thrown its conscripts, foreign fighters, and second to third-rate tanks into this invasion. The Russians are master chess players, and this has been their opening move. Their response to Finland and Sweden’s intentions to join NATO was simply to deploy nuclear Iskander missiles to the Finnish border. Turkey has denied their entry, and, more than the “Kurdish terrorist” excuse, this was probably due to its ongoing desire to not create conflicts with Russia.  

Turkey learned valuable “lessons” when the Russians shot down one of its fighter aircraft during the “Arab Spring” revolutions against Bashar Assad’s-run Syria a few years ago. 

Little did most people know that ISIS was stealing crude oil and shuttling it across the border by trucks, selling it to Turkey…the funds going right into the pockets of Erdogan and his brother. Do you see? 

Yesterday, they funded terrorists, and today, they denounce them.

All a matter of perception. The perception of the State is always the “correct” one, and “two plus two sometimes equals five” if the State declares it to be so, to further paraphrase Orwell. Under the tips of that iceberg, we see many nations, all of them arrayed against Russia. As mentioned earlier, this piece does not “glorify” Russia, but it presents facts that are omitted or avoided by the mainstream media. Free human society is akin to the Titanic.  

The “iceberg” is Globalism, an ominous tool that is being used to usher in a global totalitarian “government,” one that rules the entire world…forever.

All of the lies of the mainstream media that parrot the absurdities of the politicians are still not enough to obfuscate the truth. Gasoline prices? Why not simply put out an Executive Order placing a moratorium on all federal and state taxes at the gas pumps?

Ahh, but that just wouldn’t do, now, would it? 

In the end, all of this could’ve been avoided with diplomacy. Such problems arise, however, when states are run by politicians and not by statesmen.

Russia believes in exercising a “first-strike” policy regarding nuclear missiles when they feel threatened. The most sickening part of the whole equation is that the fates and lives of billions will be decided by a few hundred maniacs who will escape the destruction as they hunker down inside of bunkers, stockpiled and supplied on your dime and mine, the faithful taxpayers. 

Hopefully, it won’t come to that, but probability places us long past the tipping point.

Knowing the truth can enable you to make better decisions for yourself and your family. Understanding the causes of warfare is equally important to understanding the war itself. Do your research. Readers on this site are intelligent, informed, and they take the initiative for themselves and their families. That is the key: to be a self-sufficient, God-fearing nation that does the right thing in the face of adversity for itself and others. I offer you my personal truism:

Adversity doesn’t build character: it reveals it.

So, some food for thought for you, O.P. Readers. 

Study, plan, and prep as if there is no tomorrow, and pray without ceasing. It’ll all come together if we make it do so. I look forward to your comments and questions. Keep fighting the good fight. J.J. out!  

What are your thoughts?

What do you think about Finland and Sweden joining NATO? Do you think it has a deeper meaning? Share your opinions in the comments.

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Jeremiah Johnson is the nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the U.S. Army Special Forces.  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith and a Master Herbalist.  He graduated from the Special Forces course at SERE (survival, evasion, resistance, and escape) School, and is an expert in small unit tactics, survival, and disaster-preparedness.  He lives in a cabin in the Rocky Mountains of Western Montana.

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  • Ukraine is not part of Russia. It was conquered by Catherine of Russia in the 1700’s. Ukrainians initially welcomed the Germans in WWII, because the Russians were worse. And the Russians are worse today.

    • And Russia wasn’t a part of Russia until the Rus conquered it way back when. What’s your point, chief?

    • Ukraine isn’t part of Russia today. It was in the past, and the way things are going, parts of it are looking like there are many chances they will be part of Russia in the future. Actually, Crimea is part of Russia today, for practically all intents and purposes. Frontiers change in wars. I’m anti-war, but I’m also pro-accepting realities on the ground.

  • NATO was born out of Nazi Germany and is evil to its core.It has repeatedly violated the agreement it signed with Russia not to expand eastward.NATO needs to be disbanded,torn into a billion pieces,scattered to the wind,never to be seen again,and all of it’s partner nations returned to sovereignty.

  • Thanks for the article, Mr. Johnson. It was gratifying to hear someone from your community saying publicly what many are saying behind closed doors. I have many military and ex-military acquaintances. I have heard some say exactly what you say here but many are simply parroting the same MSM crap. Thanks for your honesty.

    • Thank you, Miss Joanna. Glad you liked the article. Sorry I couldn’t comment sooner.


    • I’m sure Doug is a smart guy, but clearly also a Big Army, military industrial complex spokesman/talking head, DC think tank lurker and K Street loiterer. Why would I want to consider what he says? I can be sure its “war…yessss”…

      • For the so-called mind readers, perhaps actually exploring the Colonel’s views would enlighten people. Finally, “Every man has a right to his opinion, but no man has a right to be wrong in his facts.” — Bernard Baruch

    • The general has very good points coming from his knowledge of military strategy and civilian leaders.

  • The US, EU, WHO, WEF and NATO are working closely together to create the New World Order and Russia and China, who are maintaining a Nationalist position are being vilified because they are standing in the globalist way. They are refusing to give up their sovereignty and are willing to go to war to protect their borders.

    America began guzzling the globalist Kool-aid during the GH Bush administration and it went into high gear with Clinton, GW Bush and Obama. It got a short reprieve with Trump but now it is on steroids again with the combined efforts of Biden, McConnell, Pelosi, Gates, Soros and the Military Industrial Complex.

  • EXCELLENT!! You explained this complex issue very well. I appreciate it and will send it forward. Thank you 😉

  • Fair enough. I made assumptions.

    I looked at a few of the videos on the page you linked.

    His take on the war in Ukraine is different enough to notable, although I wonder where he is getting his Intelligence from regarding status of Ukrainian forces.

    Still, my overall assessment of him hasn’t changed much just because he is being paid by a conservative news network to say things they like, versus any number of other retired officers paid by liberal news sites to say things they like. Same coin, different side.

    I have no reason to believe him, or to think that he is actively in the military intelligence loop when it comes to Ukraine. He was an Adviser to Trump, I’m sure his security clearance is still active, but is he still chain of custody on current intel?

    Do you know if he is, and if so, how?

  • Lol

    What, are you him?

    Seems like you just want clicks at this point.

    Generating interest in this one guy…

    If I want to know about him, I’ll ask around around, I’m sure I can find someone he sat across from in some conference or another, or maybe even someone who served with or around him, he’s a different branch but same timeframe as me. Like they say, its a small world.

    Either way, I’m not gonna click your links anymore.

    If you have an opinion on him or his thoughts, I might be interested in that. Depends on who you are. And it takes time to figure out from comments whether someone has a past (or present) that would make me interested in what they have to say, when the subject is national policy, or National Security level topics, domestic or foreign.


    • Marc is a civilian, and did not have the privilege and honor to serve in the U.S. Armed Forces. Marc does not own any links and tries to direct people to patriots who care deeply about America. Marc first heard Colonel Macgregor interviewed by Tucker Carlson and realized that Colonel Macgregor was not part of the Military Industrial Complex. Thank you for your service in the U.S. Military. Shalom!

  • For everyone who believes what the bought and paid for,lying,fake news media is saying about the situation in Ukraine,I want you to go to Youtube and watch the videos from Patrick Lancaster.

  • US/NATO will continue “poking the bear” until they get what they want: a global conflagration that allows them, after their apocalypse, to “build back better” — with the elites owning everything and the rest of us doomed to servitude.

    Instead, the few who somehow survive will be living in Stone Age 2.0.

  • No need to thank me for my service. I didn’t do much.

    I looked around, and found this: https://smallwarsjournal.com/jrnl/art/the-world-is-on-fire-where-is-the-us-army-updated

    Colonel Douglas sounding not so doveish, and oddly predicting the use of switchblade drones in Ukraine…

    Have to wonder if he was consulting for a few German arms manufacturers at the time of this writing.

    None of these guys are Patriotic swamp drainers. They don’t care about you or me. Don’t trust them.

    • That was a good article from 2014, thanks. Colonel Macgregor is refreshingly honest compared to many retired officers that are interviewed on Fox News and other outlets. He is a “voice of reason” who is ignored by many in the Military Industrial Complex and on Capitol Hill.

  • I have no idea what is happening in Ukraine.

    Am I just unable to filter out the BS?

    Open source can be useful, there are folks I listen to that are open source aggregators.

    I just think anything I’m allowed to know is a product of the propaganda battle space. I suppose I filter it all out of an abundance of caution.

  • I see no evidence that Russia is still in any way a communist country. As churches close in the U.S. and Europe, they open up in Russia. After the Soviet Union fell, Jeffrey Sachs — who now haunts the Vatican — advised the drunken Boris Yeltsin and oversaw the looting of Russian state assets that enriched his co-ethnic oligarchs both in Russia and the West. Putin jailed some of them; the rest fled to the West or to Israel. The West made noises about being friends with Russia after the fall of the U.S.S.R. but proved otherwise by its actions. So, Putin is right to regard NATO expansion as a threat and to put a stop to it by any means necessary.

    Russia is the last great nationalist country. I don’t include China because it is serving a laboratory for the social credit scores and surveillance regime that the globalists want to impose on all of us. China is too tied in with major Western corporations to be truly independent for the time being.

    The politicians who are standing up to globalism today include Assad in Syria, Orban in Hungary, Lopez Obrador in Mexico, Lukashenko in Belarus, Vucic in Croatia, to name a few. Lukashenko is regarded as a dictator by the West. But you have to be tough to deal with subversion both within and outside your country when you are under attack by globalists.

  • No sense entering my thoughts or comments as nothing I post or comment on passes the site moderators.

    Really, I’ve begun to question what the point in maintaining my subscription.

    Good Luck to everyone and hope you all have success in your future ventures.

  • Meh. Putin said what he wanted in his initial press conference: the properties of the former Soviet Union back under his control. This isn’t about protecting his borders. It’s about rebuilding old glory. As for Ukraine, I find it notable that those who lived under Soviet rule would rather die than live under it again. That alone speaks volumes to me.

  • De facto, Finns do not need Nato, but Nato do need Finland. How? To do nuclear strike to Murmansk and St Petersburg area. And after that? Well, after that Finns take several nuclear strikes and it is end of Finlan. Of cource, their political elite is fleeing long before to Usa or New Zeeland.

    • Good comment.

      If you were Latvian, I would say great comment.

      If you were Lithuanian, I would obviously be suspicious, and never have replied.

  • This is “partially” correct. The Ukraine as they were being led down the primrose path were delusion thinking they could threaten with NATO membership and nuclear capability and new aggression against the Dombas and not provoke Russia.

    Which is exactly what the US terrorist state wanted. They still think they are the great super power and can dispose of those who get in their way no matter how big. After personally looking at this issue for a year a shift occurred behind the scenes almost overnight and the only speculation that continues to hold weight is China pitching Putin on the win win of not only putting a power mad puppet like Zalensky on notice that their tactics would not only be not tolerated,


    The guaranteed sanction insanity of the Whitehouse and theft of sovereign funds would at this perfect watershed moment divide the world on use of the reserve currency. Russia had to move resources to afford this operation and China and other BRICS allies would get oil and gas at an affordable rate to keep the banks rolling.

    the Rouble is stronger now than it ever has been and the divisive wedge in world between the untrusty dollar and gold and commodity based BRICS GDP is the honey pot to pay huge benefits down the road.

    Brandon doesnt think abuse the Reserve Currency will eventually result in losing the reserve currency.

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