Who Is Mike Johnson, the New Speaker of the House?

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Last month, Congress was thrown into shambles when the Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy, was ousted from office.  Steve Scalise, Jim Jordan, and Tom Emmer all tried (and failed) to become Speaker.  Finally, this past week, Louisiana Rep. Mike Johnson was voted in.

This month without a speaker put the Republican Party’s dysfunction on stage for the world to see.  The chaos seems to be over for now, but how long will this last?  Do we have reason to believe Johnson will be much different from McCarthy?

It wasn’t easy to get McCarthy installed, to begin with.  It took fifteen ballots last January to get him installed as Speaker.  A messy Speaker election like McCarthy’s had only occurred once since the Civil War.

Is history repeating itself?

It’s worth noting that, in the decades leading up to the Civil War, there were numerous messy appointments to the Speaker of the House, and in many cases, the drama revolved around abolitionists who refused to play politics.  The election of Nathaniel Banks in 1855 was the longest in history, requiring 133 ballots and taking over two months.

In fact, during this time, tensions were running so high over the Speaker election in American politics that a pro-slavery Representative, Albert Rust, physically assaulted one of Banks’ supporters with a cane. This was a year before the more famous caning of Charles Sumner by two South Carolina representatives in the Senate Chamber in 1856.

I suppose we should be happy that our politicians aren’t whacking each other with their canes and walkers.  But that day may come.

The fall of McCarthy

McCarthy had never been very popular despite his adeptness at fundraising.  For the 2021-2022  election cycle, according to Open Secrets, he was the House member who raised the most money.  Approximately 38% of his contributions came from small donors and 36% came from large donors.  But 24% came from “Other,” which may be part of the reason so many conservatives view him as a swamp creature.

His final ouster came about as a result of his compromising with Democrats to avoid a government shutdown.

Government shutdowns are bad. People rely on the federal government.

But the out-of-control spending needs to be addressed.   The Federal Reserve started printing like mad during Covid, and since then, it’s just been one crisis after another.  It’s not unreasonable to think of the federal government as a junkie and politicians like McCarthy as enabling family members who keep trying to patch things over rather than admit the seriousness of the problem.

The eight Republican House Representatives that voted to oust McCarthy all quoted his lack of willingness to demand fiscal responsibility as a reason for their vote.

The battle to be Speaker

After McCarthy’s ouster, Rep. Steve Scalise from Louisiana hoped to be the next Speaker.  In 2017, Scalise was shot when a gunman opened fire on Republicans practicing for an annual charity baseball game.  Like McCarthy, Scalise is an innovative fundraiser.

Looking at Open Secrets data on Steve Scalise, you can see that most of his money in the 2021-2022 election cycle, 79%, came from the “Other” category.  He had relatively small amounts of large or small individual donations.

So what does “Other” mean, anyway?

Well, in Scalise’s case, it might have been Bill Gates.  Campaign finance information dating back to 2016 show him accepting money from Bill Gates.  In more recent years, he has accepted money from anti-Trump billionaire Paul Singer.

But money didn’t help him get elected Speaker of the House. Steve Scalise exited the race when it became clear he wasn’t going to get the required votes.

After Scalise, Rep. Jim Jordan from Ohio attempted to become Speaker.  Jim Jordan is an interesting character; unlike McCarthy and Scalise, he took very little money from large, unspecified groups in his 2021-2022 campaign.  Open Secrets reports that 58% of his donations came from small (under $200) individual donations; 37% came from large individual donations.   Businesses may not love him, but considering that he managed to raise the 8th most funds in that election cycle, obviously, his constituents do.

While the mainstream press regularly refers to Jordan as a pro-Trump, MAGA extremist, the alternative press has shown a different side.  When Jim Jordan found out that IRS agents had been sent to longtime Democrat Matt Taibbi’s home as he testified to Congress about the Twitter Files, his office demanded accountability from the IRS, as Taibbi discusses here.

Furthermore, he headed the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of Federal Government to prevent these kinds of intimidation tactics from happening in the future.

Jim Jordan looks like one of those rare politicians who actually believes he is there to serve the American public. The First Amendment does not have a lot of ardent defenders these days, but Jim Jordan seems to be one of them.  This probably explains why so many individuals are willing to support him when the typical political donors are not.

And this lack of support from the professional political class showed itself when, after three ballots, it became clear that Jordan was never going to get enough votes, and he had to call it quits.

After Jordan’s failed bid, Rep. Tom Emmer from Minnesota was nominated to run for Speaker but dropped out in less than a day.

Finally, Mike Johnson from Louisiana was nominated and was able to win enough votes to become the newest Speaker of the House.

Mike Johnson is no fundraising champ. In the 2021-2022 election cycle, he raised less than a tenth of what McCarthy did.  In his early fifties, Johnson is one of Congress’ younger members, which may have helped him.  He was first elected to Congress in December 2016, and perhaps he simply hasn’t been around long enough to piss off important people.

That will change soon, no matter what happens.

What does Johnson believe in?

As soon as he was announced Speaker, typical mainstream outlets went on the attack.  MSNBC called him a “Christian nationalist” who wants to end abortion rights and gay marriage.  The Guardian regards his beliefs as as “Election denier, climate skeptic, anti-abortion.”

None of this is surprising, though it’s worth at least taking a look at Johnson’s actual stances.  I’m not particularly socially conservative myself. I don’t believe in legislating morality.

And while Mike Johnson has definitely come out very strongly against homosexual relationships, his firmest anti-gay statements are more than fifteen years old. Yes, he has called homosexuality sinful and destructive.  So did plenty of other people twenty years ago.

Powerful Republican-turned-Democrat Bill Kristol has made a massive about-face on social issues.  In the 90s, Kristol hosted a conference at Georgetown on curing the homosexual impulse. Despite this, the Democrats seem to have totally forgiven Kristol.

I don’t really agree with Johnson on his hardline social stances, but at the same time, I’m not willing to judge him based solely on statements from fifteen or twenty years ago.  I am more interested in what he wants to do now.

The only big cultural issue Johnson has sponsored recently was the “Stop the Sexualization of Children Act,” which would bar any institution receiving federal funds from exposing children under the age of ten to sexual material.  Critics say this will prevent school children from learning about sexual orientation. Supporters (like myself, and most other parents I know) think kids under the age of ten don’t need to learn about sexual orientation anyway.  I didn’t know the difference between demi-sexual and pansexual as an 8-year-old. Somehow, I made it through childhood.

In a recent interview with Sean Hannity,  Johnson said that while his beliefs on cultural issues have not changed in twenty years, his political priorities have.  He sees the problem with the national debt and the international situation as far more pressing these days.

During his interview with Hannity, Johnson gave the typical neocon talking points regarding our international relations.  We have to be involved in Ukraine and Israel, because if we project weakness, then China will be encouraged to attack Taiwan.  We’ve all heard it before.

Johnson spent a lot of time hearkening back to Reagan, seeming to think that if the US simply carries itself a certain way, our enemies will collapse, like the Soviet Union in the late 80s.

But the US in the 80s was a different country.  We didn’t have the debt we do now.  We still had a lot of manufacturing. We were the world’s most important trading partner.

We can’t project strength that doesn’t exist.  The world watched our humiliating flight from Afghanistan.  The US has domestic problems that seriously need to be addressed, starting with regaining control of our own borders.  Our border chaos hardly makes us look invincible.

Johnson does, at least, seem to understand that the American people are not infinitely wealthy and cannot sponsor everything for everyone all around the world.  His first bill, proposed Monday, would send Israel $14.3 billion in aid, while deducting that same amount of money from the funds Biden proposed to give the IRS through his Inflation Reduction Act.

Johnson’s paying attention to the math.  And he’s forcing some difficult conversations.

“Politicizing national security is a nonstarter,” said White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre after the announcement of Johnson’s bill.

Why not?  The taxpayer foots the bill for the security state. Maybe the security state should be politicized so that the American public can have meaningful effects on policy through their votes.  The non-politicized, unelected Uniparty making all the decisions regarding national security does not have to answer to voters and only serves itself.

We’ll see how Johnson holds up as Speaker.  I like the way he thinks about finances, but this could all change.  J.D. Vance already noted that, while Johnson voted to cut off funding for Ukraine in the past, since becoming Speaker, his stance on that has already softened.

Will Mike Johnson change things?

I would love to think that getting the right people in power politically could change everything, but that’s highly unlikely at this point.  There are simply too many high-stress scenarios worldwide, and no diplomatic solutions have presented themselves.

Daisy wrote the other day about preparing for war.  This is worth a read for everyone, because I think that, before too long, this will be reality, no matter who is in office.

What do you think of Mike Johnson? Like or dislike? Do you have any information to add about him? Let’s discuss it in the comments section.

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A lover of novels and cultivator of superb apple pie recipes, Marie spends her free time writing about the world around her.

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  • OP misses the point, as far as politics go.
    Going back to what we did in the eighties is not only possible but necessary. You point to the Afghanistan withdrawal disaster, that was caused by a weak Biden foreign policy, and say we can’t project strength, Yet just a few years before, Trump did just that. US strength creates a Peaceful world. It has since WW2.
    All the problems we face today, is because of weak presidents like Obama, Biden, both Bush’s, etc. That said, there is nothing that the Speaker of the House can do to change much of anything.
    But what does Politics like this article covers, have to do with a Prepping and survival website? Nothing.
    Maybe writing on the changes of Biden policy on a need for a Southern border wall, or Northern states that are starting to see floods of illegals coming down from the North and thinking we need a Northern wall would be more fitting subjects. Illegals here now are a problem. During SHTF they will be a much greater one.

    • Mike: “That said, there is nothing that the Speaker of the House can do to change much of anything”.
      I respectfully disagree with this statement. Speaker McCarthy became famous to conservatives because he wouldn’t bring anythings that would have been good for the country to a vote. Speaker Johnson can bring more conservative bills to the floor. Now, I must add that whether they pass or not isn’t up to him alone, but getting the bills to the floor is the most important aspect of his job. JMHO, of course.
      Old Duffer

  • Marie, you lost me with this statement: “Government shutdowns are bad. People rely on the federal government.” I can’t think of anyone I know who has really missed the government when it shuts down. Life keeps on going. As for “non-essential” federal employees and those who continue to work, they do get back paid once the can is kicked down the road. So, it ends up being a paid vacation in a sense for those who are not required to report to work. I was career military and supervised a lot of civilians. Both the military and federal employees can generally get letters to send to their creditors, utility companies, etc. requesting an abeyance of some sort while the big wigs hash it out; I am not saying that there aren’t some hiccups in the system, but by and large the world doesn’t stop because the government “shuts down”. Forward thinking government employees should pre-plan for this and have some emergency funds set aside because this happens every year. Wash, rinse, repeat.
    As for Johnson, for me the proof will have to be in the pudding. Time will tell. I’m pretty much as Gerald Celente would say, a ‘political atheist’ at this point as they pretty much all lie and give great photo ops and sound bites. Think you bring up some very good points for consideration in your article.

    • This is true. People really don’t need the federal government. Since social security and welfare are considered “mandatory” programs, those payments are still sent out as well.

      Yes, Yellowstone may be closed, but it isn’t the end of the world.

      • And do you also believe that the Social Security payment and people’s welfare SSI checks are going to continue without fail when the SHTF????? Ahhh, I hope so b/c millions now depend on what they have paid in (i.e. SS) and there will be one heck of a war (with the people) if they should stop sending them. How will they eat, pay their bills and survive if that is ALL that they depend on monthly? Hummm…

        • I hope I’m wrong, WandaKate, but I think if the SHTF, nothing will be done by the government for the people… including sending our retirement checks and/or Social Security. I think it will all stop. Be blessed today

        • Stay on topic, Wandakate. We’re are not talking about SHTF, we are talking about a government shutdown due to lack of a budget. That’s not apples to oranges, that’s apples to Buicks.

  • I dont think it matters who is speaker of the House, the majority leader in the Senate, or who is sitting in the White House.
    Both the US and the world are undergoing a massive reset on the geopolitical scene and it is too big to change course.
    Some will argue it started with the creation of the Fed in the early 1900s. Others, FDR social programs. Moving off the gold standard in the 1970s.
    Pick a president, any president.
    I dont really care.
    What I do care about is how this reset, not to be confused with the WEF Reset as this reset is beyond the WEFs control, is going to affect the near, mid and long term.

    The world saw the weakness that was US foreign policy with the disastrous withdraw from Afghanistan. Our enemies and friendemies all sought to exploit that weakness.
    Russia invades the Ukraine.
    Russia and China grow closer.
    Mid-East countries pivot to China and the East.
    De-dollarization accelerates.
    And now the tragic Hamas attack in Israel.
    It appears the Biden admin is now calling for cease-fire. Is that weakness? Or good strategy? Only time will tell.

    As I read the news today, it appears there have been a number of failures.
    Major wind companies have canceled 2 big off shore projects for the US.
    Auto-makers are now having to re-think going EV, as sales are not matching expectations, not even close.
    A recent article that did a deep dive into the real costs of a EV, found the end price tag to be closer to $120k to $170k.
    Another study found the US grid would require 50 million miles of new transmission lines to meet the green new deal. That would be enough lines to go around the world at the equator 2,000 times.
    Our Southern border is such a hot mess, even pro-illegal immigration mayors are demanding action. The FBI has testified that the border situation could lead to a terrorist attack here on US soil as over 100 persons on the FBI terror watch list have been apprehended at the border.

    I look at all these things, how I can mitigate the most pain I can so me and mine feel it the least.
    If things go badly, I am not ruling out cyber-attack/physical attack/EMP attack.
    Also a spike in prices of dang near everything if we see $150 to $300 a barrel of oil.
    A reduction in our own personal safety as the social and civil strife here in America, seems to be approaching the boiling point. Note, there is a call for a pro-Palestine rally in cities across the US this Saturday. Lets see what that looks like.
    And possible terrorist attacks here on US soil.

    Stay aware of the situation and keep prepping.

  • I am one person who believes that our nation was founded on Biblical Principles (God’s) – see The Founder’s Bible if you need proof – and getting our nation back to HIS Principles is the only way our nation will ever begin to be healed. Should God decide to delay the Messiah’s return much longer, it will be necessary to heal our nation very quickly, to avert the coming civil war.
    I am retired military, and knowing how Obama, and now Biden, have been so successful in changing our higher echelon Military commanders into liberal, non-patriot milquetoasts, the coming civil war will be the most protracted and bloody war that anyone, alive or dead in this nation, had ever seen or had ever been involved in.
    Pause, and calmly think about that.
    I don’t write this to alarm or dissuade you, but just stating the facts.
    I pray that you will have a blessed day,
    Old Duffer

    • Old Duffer, I read it and could not agree more. The LORD GOD has a time specified to send His son YESHUA (aka JESUS) to planet earth and if we stay the way we are there will be lots of sins to be paid for…
      We are ALL (like it or not) totally accountable to Him… Our most important condition will be our “spiritual” one. The rest will fall by the way side. So, you are right and I hope people will read and heed the fact that they need to have their “spiritual status” in order… After all, ALL of this is nothing more (bottom line) than a spiritual battle between the forces of good and the forces of evil… GOD and His ways and commandments against satan and his ways. GOD will win in the end and satan, the demons, the false Prophet and all who were against GOD, the evil ones will all reap what they have sown…YES, comments are welcomed.

  • Some might be happy that, being a Trump ally, he’ll be in a position to effect change if the 2024 election outcome isn’t to Trump’s liking. I’ve often wondered if that wasn’t the entire point of ousting McCarthy, even though Kev was also an ally. Johnson is much more extreme and like Trump’s views on guns, his statements throughout his lifetime should be taken seriously IMO.

  • Well, since the first thing Mr. Johnson did was to hand more money to Israel, he is not about America first. Why didn’t he close our southern border and protect Americans here on American soil?
    Here are some thoughts from Ron Paul about Mr. Johnson:

    1stMarine has a good handle on current things. Butter is now $8.00 a lb for crying out loud! The powers that ought not be are ruining our food supply and making what’s left out of reach financially for many. They are stoking more division with the nonsense that all Muslims are bad (a lie). I am disgusted by various politicians and so-called leaders calling for the extermination of the Palestine people. The beloved Ron DeSantis is one of those blood thirsty goons.

    This country is so corrupt and confused that I am certain it does not matter who is Speaker. Look at what we have for a president for heavens sake! What more proof do you need that we need change-big change? It will almost certainly get worse before it gets better and as Americans we had better get ready to dig in and figure out how to survive it cause it’s coming. Faith in God is the only sure thing. If you know that then you won’t be ruled by fear and making foolish decisions based on fear.

    • Missouri Patriot, you touch on something that I think needs not only said again, but should be put on billboards: Change-BIG Change!
      IT WONT! BE! PRETTY! either.
      Not the warm and fuzzy Hope and Change campaign like slogan, but real change. I get real annoyed with the, “The Devil you know,” types as they are the ones who are not willing to take on change but maintain the status quo. That just gets you more of the same crap, different day, after day, after day, while they complain about it.
      We just might have to embrace the suck for real change to get past the status quo.

      Currently there is a segment of society that is suffering under real food insecurity. Like, skipping meals, going to bed hungry kind of insecurity.
      Then there is a segment who thinks they are suffering as they post tik-tock videos of how hard their life is working a regular 9-5 jobs, having to adhere to industry standards as their multi-color hair does not meet that standard, or having to work as a barista as their degrees in underwater basket weaving is not getting them the $200k jobs they think they deserve. These same people are also still living at home with their parents and having their cell phone bill paid by said parents. They seem to be generally young, pudgy and have soft hands.

      Been seeing this meme running around on the interwebs:
      “Hard men lead to good times. Good times leads to soft men. Soft men lead to hard times.”
      I think we have been seeing a generation or two of soft men.
      Dont want to be excluding anyone, so toss in the women folk too, equally discriminate.
      Not saying everyone, but you know whom I am talking about.

      While in Afghanistan I did meet some very nice Muslims.
      And then there were the ones trying to kill me. I dont hold it against them. They try to kill me, I try to kill them, it is just . . . Business. In the end, who is the better killer? Meh.
      I have some very good Jewish friends.
      And one, related by marriage, who is something of a wanker . . . okay, he is a big wanker.
      All religions have them. All societies have them. All cultures have them. Every town has at least one.
      However, push comes to shove, I will defend my Jewish friends, even the related by marriage wanker.
      That is just me.

  • The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

    MSNBC, CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post etc. All of the standard globalist world government propagandists hate Mike Johnson. They call him extreme far right, Christian Nationalist, hard right conservative, a danger to democracy, part of the MAGA faction the anti-democracy faction, has extreme views, far Christian right, fire breathing conservative, more dangerous than Donald Trump blah, blah, blah – lol.

    In short a Christian patriot is a danger to democracy according to the real danger to democracy the globalist msm jackals who lie, distort and pervert the news 24/7. Always doing the bidding of their puppet masters to brainwash people in to believing in their communist dystopia of a world where you will own nothing and be happy. Their bible is Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto. But their version of a “Dictatorship of the Proletariat” is a “Dictatorship of the Globalists”.

    If we are lucky the two puppets in the white house will get out of the way and Mike Johnson will become president. Their fear of him is palpable.

    Here’s a great video from a great Christian Dr. Steve Turley, who almost daily puts out positive conservative news videos you will like.
    Liberal Media FREAKS OUT over MAGA Mike Johnson!!!

    • If Mike Johnson is such a great MAGA then why is his first act as Speaker to give more money to Israel when we are being invaded across our open southern borders? Do you know we give Israel something like $10M a day already (American taxpayer money) and have for years? Do you understand the Balfour declaration and what it meant to the Palestinians? Why do we support this?

      The thirst for these people’s blood is sickening. Lesley Graham, Nikki Haley, Ron DeSantis among others call for their extermination almost daily. Those folks are also puppets for globalists. There are so many puppets they cannot be counted anymore.
      Mike Johnson is yet another puppet for the powers that ought not be. There is no person living that as president of this country will ever make it truly American again. The two party system is a joke that gives folks something to fight over while the globalists advance their goals. They aren’t even that quiet about it anymore because people are getting numb to their BS. Tell a lie often enough and it becomes truth.

      The lying main stream media only publishes what their masters tell them to publish. There is zero truth in them today. One would be a lot further ahead to not even bother to watch/listen to them.
      Big change is needed and it will be uncomfortable. Embrace the suck. There is no other choice short of Jesus’s return. The America we once knew is dead. I say that while I love being an American born in America to American parents!
      I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else but I also see the reality of the times.
      Change is a coming whether the masses like it or not!

      • As a fellow Believer, I really wish you wouldn’t use the name of Jesus in the same comment with anti-Semitism.

        • Anti-Semitism? Who said anything about hating Jews? Just because I don’t believe we should be giving Israel more of our taxpayer monies quantifies your name calling? Wow.

      • Good questions Missouri Patriot

        “If Mike Johnson is such a great MAGA then why is his first act as Speaker to give more money to Israel?”

        Ecclesiastes 3:
        1. To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven
        2 . A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted

        Israel’s need is immediate and action can be taken immediately to help Israel.

        The border problem is not so easily solved. Mike Johnson answers these questions about the border problem and how to help Israel in the below video. You can skip to time stamp 4:10 for the border discussion

        Speaker Johnson Appears on Fox Business’ Kudlow

        “Do you understand the Balfour declaration and what it meant to the Palestinians? Why do we support this?”

        Balfour Declaration
        United Kingdom [1917]

        “Balfour Declaration, (November 2, 1917), statement of British support for “the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people.”

        The crux of this question is who has the rightful claim to this land. The Palestinians or the Jews. This question is answered in the below video. You can skip to time stamp 00:44 for the answer. In short this land belonged to the Jews dating back to 1300 BCE over a 1000 years before the land was renamed Palestine by the Romans as an insult to Jews for rebelling against the Romans approximately 130 CE. The revolt was called The Bar Kochba Revolt.

        Here’s THE TRUTH About the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (A Comprehensive History)

        Ben Shapiro June 5, 2023

        “Lesley Graham, Nikki Haley, Ron DeSantis among others call for their extermination almost daily. ”

        For someone who says about the “lying main stream media” that “One would be a lot further ahead to not even bother to watch/listen to them.” it seems strange that you came to this conclusion. The media portrayal of these protesters constantly accusing Israel of genocide and the Unites States supporting it is a perversion of the truth. Perhaps you should take a long break from the news media in general. None of the politicians you list are calling for genocide.

        Hamas openly calls for the genocide of Jews. It is in their charter. Hamas governs Palestine and was elected by the people of Palestine. Protesters say Palestine is occupied by Israel and that is why Hamas attacked as a form of resistance. A lie. All Jews left Palestine in 2005 and Palestine governs itself. How can Jews be occupying Palestine if there are no Jews there? Anti-Israel protesters says Israel is an apartheid state. Another lie. Palestine is an apartheid state which does not allow Jews to live there. Twenty per cent of the people in Israel are Arab with the same citizenship rights that all Israeli citizens have. They have their own political party. There is even an Arab judge on the Israeli Supreme Court.

        Israel has agreed to a two state solution with Palestine repeatedly but the offer has always been rejected. The protesters saying “From the river to the sea Palestine will be free” is a call for the extermination of the state of Israel. This is what Hamas a terrorist organization, wants

        If Hamas laid down their weapons and simply lived in peace all of this violence would end. If the Israelis laid down their weapons. It would be a holocaust for all of Israel not just the people near the border.

        I find it strange that so many democrats in the party that says they are for diversity, equity and inclusion openly reject inclusion of Jews after the Hamas attack. There was a cease fire in place before October 7, 2023, Hamas violated it and savagely murdered many Jewish civilians, men, women, children, anyone they could find including Americans. And they even took hostages. And as soon as they got back across the border there is a call for another ceasefire. What exactly is Israel suppose to do about it?

        If you are still wondering who are the good guys in this conflict consider the fact that not a single Arab nation is offering to accept Palestine refugees. Not a single one. Why is that? Maybe it is because nobody there trusts Hamas.

        “Mike Johnson is yet another puppet for the powers that ought not be.”

        I think you are passing judgment too quickly, I may be wrong about him. But he has pissed off all the right people, so he looks promising, But time will tell. His actions on the border as you mentioned earlier and the budget are key.

        “The two party system is a joke”

        I tend to agree. The republican party and the democrat party system is more like the dumb and dumber party system. The battle inside the republican party now is a battle between the RINOs (republicans in name only. But they are really democrats.) and patriots. Donald Trump has awakened hope in patriots for a real change in this country. Watch Steve Turley’s YouTube channel I mentioned earlier to see what I mean. Don’t give up on this country, there is still hope.

        • But the bottom line on resettling the Jews in Palestine was that it was a man-created deal. Palestine was not the current state of Israel. Israel has been taking Palestinian lands by force ever since they arrived pretty much. There were some Jewish settlements in 1947. Now, today there are basically two areas that Palestinians remain. The Gaza strip which is pretty much an open air concentration camp and the West Bank.
          Go here and view the map:
          While you’re there take a gander at the true numbers of dead Palestinians.
          There is a big difference between Zionists and Jewish people. Back in 1947 the Zionists sent 700,000 Palestinians to refugee camps. Sure sounds like a two state solution eh?
          Palestinians don’t hate Jews. They hate Zionists. That may be in their charter.
          How do you figure all Jews left Palestine in 2005? How can that be when the only place left for Palestinians are the Gaza Strip and the West Bank? The rest is occupied by Israel (Zionists).
          Don’t confuse Jews with Zionists. I’m just saying there is always more to it than meets the eye.

  • The claim that we shouldn’t legislate morality is false and dangerous. Morality is legislated everyday. Every law is a moral judgement. For example, laws against murder are moral legislation. It’s a false assumption that laws are morally neutral. It’s just a matter of which side’s morals will become law. What people usually mean when they say “we shouldn’t legislate morality” is “keep your religious beliefs away from me”. Nobody ever suggested we become a theocracy but there was a time when a majority of Americans agreed upon the ethics that are taught in Christianity and Judaism. But then came the people who sought to destroy our country, our families, our institutions and taught new generations to become their foot soldiers. And their first place to attack was the moral fabric that held us together whiles still allowing us to worship or not worship as we see fit. You are seeing our country degrade more and more as people reject the moral standards that once made our country safe and prosperous.

  • judging from peoples comments currently its a typical MK Ultra working worldwide. Deception and Destabilizing! Covid was a good example as a brain refresher for prepping.. then Ukraine/Russia or was it the other way round, if looking at history.. which ones history do we look at? Now Hammas attack on poor Israel?.. not Israel attack on poor Gaza? Who was behind 911 after all and for what gain? Communism=Capitalism in the new world order supported by all WEF and deceived partners.. “we didn’t start the fire, it was always burning since the worlds been turning ”
    Billy Joel song, i believe there should be an updated version 🙂 Satanists rule the world, no stopping this, only GOD can.

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